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Chapter 37 – Gift

       The next hour, Zhuo Yue was pinned down by Fang Mingyan on the desk, thoroughly discussing the issue of who should marry whom. Under the man’s skilful hands, his eyes welled up with arousal, and he was allowed to ejaculate until he finally cried and begged for mercy. Fang Mingyan knew he had been busy with work lately, so after a little training, he stopped his hands, took him to shower, and tucked him into bed wrapped in a soft, warm blanket.

       The matter of signing the contract was over, and he never mentioned it again.

       In the following days, both of them were very busy. Zhuo Yue’s new drama “So I Love You” in which he starred, was about to premiere nationwide, and he spent most of the month flying around for promotional activities. Fang Mingyan was busy acquiring a cutting-edge film and television company and had been working long hours. They could only stay in touch through phone calls. Sometimes, Zhuo Yue would send him text messages during breaks or short videos, sharing delicious food, fun things, beautiful scenes, and other small things that interested him, providing brief relaxation for Fang Mingyan’s tense and weary nerves.

       Fenglan also extended a symbol of peace to that company, intending to compete with Huasheng, and the multi-party involvement made the acquisition process tumultuous. When the finalized proposal was eventually settled after repeated negotiations that night, it was already two o’clock in the morning. Fang Mingyan navigated past his secretary, who had fallen asleep on the desk, walked through the corridor, and brewed a cup of coffee in the pantry. The pantry’s mounted TV was still on, and an interview was being replayed inside. The camera switched to focus on the quiet man sitting next to the director as the host directed a question towards him.

       He took the phone and smiled.

       It was as if a warm breeze had sprung up out of nowhere, dyed with the fragrance of flowers and carrying the chirping of birds. It was clean, clear, beautiful and natural. He just spoke slowly, his warm lips opening and closing, and his black eyes shining brightly.

       Fang Mingyan held the cup in one hand and put the other in his pocket. He looked at Zhuo Yue on the screen and gently curved the corners of his lips.

       The secretary, who hurriedly jogged over, said with a frightened face, “Chairman Fang, if you want to drink coffee, just call me.”

       “It’s okay. You can take a rest.” He finished his coffee and walked out. “It’s nice to come to the pantry once in a while, it puts you in a pleasant mood.”

       The secretary looked at the pantry in confusion, then at his back in confusion, and scratched her head in confusion. What was there to enjoy about this place? Was the boss confused because he stayed up late?

       After finishing the promotion of the new drama, Zhuo Yue saw the news that Huasheng successfully acquired the film and television company on the plane back to K City, and he laughed out loud with joy. Even though he was not around, Fang Mingyan rarely mentioned his hard work to him, but he could imagine the hard work the man put into it. He wanted to celebrate well, so after getting off the plane, he disguised himself and took Lin Hui to the mall to buy gifts.

       He lowered the brim of his hat and wore sunglasses to avoid the crowd carefully. He then quietly slipped into Tower A of the Golden Eagle Building and went straight to the Montblanc counter. Zhuo Yue knew that Fang Mingyan was used to using this brand of signature pen, and he secretly hoped that men would think of him when using it. So he picked a limited edition model with a black base and silver stripes. He watched the clerk package it delicately and put it carefully in Lin Hui’s bag. Then, he happily went downstairs.

       As luck would have it, when he walked out of the counter, he was recognised by several girls who came to shop. “Ah, my God! It’s Zhuo Yue!”

       “Look, it’s Zhuo Yue himself!”

       The girl’s screams and the gesture of taking out her mobile phone to take pictures and watch instantly attracted more people’s attention.

       Zhuo Yue’s popularity has reached a new high after several dramas, and he would get into trouble if he exposed his identity in public. He took the pen handed over by one of the girls and whispered, “I’m here today for a private trip. Please don’t make any noise, okay?” Then he signed autographs for several girls and met their requests for photos. The girls were so excited that they nodded repeatedly.

       However, things developed beyond his expectations. Apparently, one of the girls had uploaded a photo online. When Zhuo Yue and Lin Hui’s elevator arrived at the underground parking lot, they were blocked inside by a crowd of fans gathered at the entrance. The elevator, designed to hold eleven people, was overloaded, causing it to emit warning sounds. Lin Hui shouted, “Get out! If you keep pushing, there will be an accident!” while spreading his arms to shield Zhuo Yue. Those in front heard and tried to retreat, but those in the back continued to push forward. Zhuo Yue saw a girl near him being squeezed against the elevator door, her arm still outside, crying out in pain. He reached out to help her, but as soon as he did, it triggered a wave of excited screams. Several hands grabbed his arm, pulling it in different directions, making him lurch to one side. Panicked, he tried to pull his arm back, but the fans held on tightly, their nails digging into his flesh, causing sharp pain.

       The scene was very chaotic for a while.

       Fortunately, the building’s security personnel arrived in time to maintain order and disperse the gathered fans. They escorted Zhuo Yue to the VIP lounge and immediately called a doctor. Although there were no injuries, the scratches and bruises on his right arm were still very obvious. Zhuo Yue knew he couldn’t hide them, so he had to send a text message to Fang Mingyan, emphasizing that he was safe now and was not injured.

       The reply came quickly.

       “Go home, immediately.”


       On the way back to Hanguan, Zhuo Yue felt very uneasy. When he stood in front of Fang Mingyan and was gazed at by those eyes as deep as the abyss, he lowered his head even more nervously. He secretly glanced at Lin Hui beside him, who was also stiff and did not even dare to take a breath.

       Low air pressure throughout the house indicated that the homeowner was in an extremely bad mood. The man sat on the sofa and left them both alone for a while before slowly speaking, “Lin Hui, didn’t I say that all his itineraries must be reported to me?” There was a strong sense of oppression in his calm tone, which made him feel uncomfortable, and Zhuo Yue became nervous unconsciously.

       “Yes, you did.” Lin Hui admitted guiltily, “Chairman Fang, it was my fault that I didn’t think well enough to take Yue ge to a public place, so he got hurt.”

       “I forced him to go.” Seeing that he was taking all the blame on himself, Zhuo Yue couldn’t help but interject. But when he met Fang Mingyan’s gaze, he immediately lost a lot of confidence, and his voice became softer and softer, “I just wanted to buy something, but I didn’t expect to be recognised… I was wrong…” He said, like a radio that had run out of batteries, and then completely stopped talking. His eyes trembled, and he lowered his head.

       “Are you finished?” The man looked at him calmly and asked.

       Zhuo Yue nodded stiffly.

       “Wait for me on the fourth floor.” The brief commanding tone carried a sense of oppression that could not be disobeyed. Zhuo Yue took a deep look at Lin Hui and went upstairs silently.

       Fang Mingyan’s eyes slowly swept across Lin Hui, who was standing in front of him, and he said unhurriedly, “The reason why I put you next to him is because you have a very good character; you put artists first, you are responsible and… It’s very good that you have a brotherly relationship with him, but as an assistant, blindly obeying the artist’s inappropriate demands almost led to serious consequences,” he said with a frown. “And I will never allow him to keep a negligent assistant.”

       Lin Hui’s heart trembled. In fact, he still felt waves of lingering fear. If today’s situation hadn’t been controlled in time, not only could Zhuo Yue’s arm have been scratched or even broken by the fans, but the elevator might also have collapsed from the excessive weight. Not anticipating these serious consequences was indeed his negligence. Bowing his head, he spoke with guilt, “Chairman Fang, I promise this won’t happen again. Could you please give me another chance?”

       He couldn’t bear it. Zhuo Yue was truly an easygoing artist who had always been kind to him. Even on tough sets, he always made sure to save a portion of whatever he was eating for Lin Hui. When he heard that Lin Hui’s mother was in poor health, he specially asked someone to bring back traditional Chinese medicine from another place as a gift. Lin Hui was wholeheartedly devoted to him and absolutely did not want to work with any other artist. Therefore, his plea was sincere and earnest.

       “I can give you a chance.” Fang Mingyan looked at him and said, “If you can give a reasonable explanation for bringing artists into public places without permission today.”

       Lin Hui swallowed, glanced upstairs with some embarrassment, and said nothing.

       The man smiled lightly, “I’ll give you a minute to think about it.”

       In terms of psychological warfare, Lin Hui was no match for Fang Mingyan. When he was frightened, he panicked and silently recited “Yue ge, I’m sorry to you” three times, finally reluctantly admitting all the causes and consequences. While explaining, “The packaging box of the gift was crowded by fans, Yue ge asked me to re-wrap it tomorrow, so he asked me to hide it from you for the time being…” while taking out the crumpled gift from the bag.

       Fang Mingyan took the cardboard box with a gentle warmth in his eyes.

       He knew what was inside. Not long after the mall elevator blockage incident occurred, Fang Mingyan received a call from Tang Can and made a detailed report on when Zhuo Yue arrived at the mall, what he bought, and his injuries.

       But he didn’t expect that this gift was meant for him.

       The silver flower, carefully folded on the black outer packaging, had already fallen off, and the box was crushed and deformed, looking quite pitiful. He unwrapped it, held the pen in his hand for a moment, and said, “I’ll keep this. Make sure nothing like this ever happens again, understood?”

       Lin Hui nodded hurriedly and said, “I will definitely put Yue ge’s safety first in the future.”

       “How has Zhuo Yue’s schedule been arranged in the past two days?”

       He took out his notebook and flipped through it, “Tomorrow afternoon, there’s an online interaction, then two days off, and after that…”

       “Clear his schedule for the next three days.”

       “Ah?” Lin Hui reacted and said immediately, “Then I will contact the website later to push back the schedule.” Then he asked cautiously, “These three days…”

       The man glanced at him and said, “He will be staying here for those three days. You can go back.”

       Lin Hui came to the door and stopped again. After holding it in for a long time, he blurted out a sentence, “Chairman Fang, Yue ge, he really likes you.”

       “I know.” Fang Mingyan’s eyes felt a little warm. After sending Lin Hui away, he walked upstairs and opened the black door.

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Chapter 168 – The Magical Herbal Soup

Chapter 168 – The Magical Herbal Soup


The spaceship landed.


Compared to the last time Jian Luo visited, Earth’s environment seemed much improved. It appeared they had arrived in winter; after this short month, spring had come. Life was beginning to thrive again; tree leaves sprouted tender shoots. Looking down from above, the world was a vibrant green, the azure sea shimmering, a scene that brought joy to the heart.


The spaceship landed not far from the village. Many indigenous residents were working, and nearby were Jian Luo’s newly planned buildings and courtyard areas. The original dwellings in the village were mostly thatched huts, and naturally, the locals were curious about the new houses.


“Beep, cabin doors are now open.”


The mechanical voice sounded, and the ship’s doors slowly opened, allowing a group of eager young people longing for Earth to orderly disembark.




“Why does this air feel so sweet?”


“I feel so comfortable, my goodness.”


“It feels like I’m dreaming.”


If you’ve lived on Earth all your life, you wouldn’t notice the air having a taste. But for aliens who came from elsewhere, the difference was clear. Jian Luo’s body belonged to the 21st century, so he wasn’t as sensitive to the air, but these children were different. Having adapted to the atmosphere of the Dark Star, returning here naturally shocked them in various ways.


Jian Luo had already contacted his younger brother to come pick them up.


The teenage boy had grown tall quickly. Jian Sheng now mainly worked in research and assisted in breeding. After attending Jian Luo’s grand wedding, he hurried back overnight. He looked as though he had just come from the fields, still wearing a sun hat, his skin tanned.


People in Peace Paradise recognized Jian Sheng and warmly greeted him:


“Ah Sheng.”


“Hey, looking sharp, young man.”


“Ah Sheng, we’re here.”


There was a lively atmosphere as everyone greeted each other. Jian Sheng was also delighted to see familiar faces from the village, embracing them and catching up.


Jian Luo said to them, “Let’s head back first. Everyone’s been on the ship for two days and must be tired. Let’s rest early today and visit tomorrow.”


He made the decision, and naturally, no one objected.


While others rested, Jian Luo went down to the grassroots level to chat with the old traditional Chinese medicine doctor about recent developments. To his surprise, he found the old doctor chatting with a simple old lady, both laughing and chatting amiably.


After listening for a while, just as they seemed about to finish, Jian Luo couldn’t help but cough lightly to get their attention.


Smiling, Jian Luo said, “It looks like you’re doing well.”


The old Chinese medicine doctor replied seriously, “So-so.”


Seeing his ruddy complexion and the glow in his face, completely unlike the stagnant water at Paradise, Jian Luo genuinely felt happy for him. Without revealing his thoughts, he changed the subject and asked about the progress of their research here.


The old Chinese medicine doctor handed over some observation records and said, “We’ve expanded the subjects for our experiments. Several groups of people are showing improvements in their constitutions. If everything goes well, we should be able to complete the treatment by the end of this month, and conception won’t be an issue.”


Jian Luo nodded, “You’ve worked hard.”


The old Chinese medicine doctor waved it off, “Not hard at all.” Holding his wolfberry tea, he sat down in a rocking chair, “The ones working hard are those young people toiling in the fields all day. This old bone of mine can’t keep up.”


Jian Luo smiled wryly.


He had thought that was it, but then the old doctor added, “There’s another matter you need to consider in advance.”


Jian Luo asked, “What is it?”


“We’re short on manpower.” The old Chinese medicine doctor sighed, “There weren’t many indigenous people on Earth to begin with. Even with all the households together, we probably won’t have enough medicinal herbs for more than a few hundred people for a few courses. Once successful after this month, there’ll likely be even more Dark Star people in need of herbs.”


Jian Luo had already considered this possibility.


He said, “Factories on Earth also need people. The group we brought today is the largest batch we could spare. In fact, my mother is also planning to recruit. I’ve contacted some investment planets, planning to open a chain of food and beverage stores. But manpower is equally lacking.”


Once a loner, Jian Luo had managed himself well and never thought of anything else, let alone imagined his business would grow so large as to need more people.


The old Chinese medicine doctor suggested, “Recruit.”


Jian Luo chuckled, “Recruit people from the Dark Star?”


Proud Dark Star people would never be enslaved.


The old Chinese medicine doctor reclined in his rocking chair, “Look into it. The recruitment notice isn’t mandatory. Those who are willing to come will naturally be good.”


Jian Luo nodded. He already had suitable candidates in mind. Previously, when he had his baby, people from a tribe on a planet had taken very good care of him and Lu Shifeng. Later, due to some mishandled issues, he wanted to bring those people here to Earth, if they were willing.



After their chat, Jian Luo rested for a while and found his terminal had numerous messages.


The first were from the dragon cubs, who had recently learned to type. They sent all sorts of strange messages every day, with disconnected sentences and joy uncontained.


“Dad’s here.”


“Dad’s doing homework.”


“The teacher tells stories, Dad listens.”


Many times Jian Luo can only guess what his little dragons want to express through trial and error, but fortunately, he can usually grasp the gist. Jian Luo tells his offspring that he will stay on Earth for a few days, asking them to sleep with Dad at night and not cause trouble.


The little dragons are not happy at all.


They feel unhappy, very unhappy. Why is Dad always busy? Dad is always busy, even Grandma, who usually accompanies them, is busy. No one pays attention to the little dragons; they feel unwanted.


Jian Luo adds, “When Dad returns, I’ll make milk cakes for you to eat.”


Long Aotian sneers. He’s already a mature dragon and won’t be swayed by milk cakes!


Jian Luo imagines that he hasn’t spent much time with his children lately. It’s not that he doesn’t want to, but after taking over Earth, there are too many things to handle, a mountain of tasks he must personally attend to. Whether voluntary or forced, he must learn new things and gradually accept such a heavy responsibility.


These past few months have been like spinning at high speed for him. Sometimes he almost forgets that he is just an ordinary person. He has a family and children, who are still very young and will enter the Dragon Valley for training in less than two months.




A communication interrupts Jian Luo’s thoughts.


Jian Luo snaps back to reality and sees a call from Lu Shifeng. He picks up: “Hello.”


Lu Shifeng asks, “Have you arrived?”


“Yeah,” Jian Luo replies, “The little ones just messaged me.”


Lu Shifeng: “Hmm.”


“Tonight, make sure you don’t work overtime. Take the little ones to bed when you get back,” Jian Luo reminds him. “I’ve actually made some milk cakes and stored them in the cabinet. Don’t let them eat too much, just a little each day.”


Lu Shifeng: “Hmm.”


Jian Luo continues, “I noticed the little ones didn’t seem very happy today. Whatever they like to eat, you…”


Lu Shifeng interrupts, “They lack nothing.”


Jian Luo freezes.


He suddenly stops in his tracks. Right, they lack nothing. They have a dedicated nurturing team for daily care, nutritionists for meals, and even someone to coordinate snacks and pastries. They are well-provided for in every way.


Lu Shifeng says, “Material things aren’t everything.”


Jian Luo’s heart sinks as if pierced. “I’ll try to come back sooner.”


“Don’t overwork yourself,” Lu Shifeng advises. “Don’t think too much. Some dragons are born without the company of parents.”


“Some dragons…”


This statement actually understates it; most dragons don’t have that. They can’t even see their parents, or rather, they aren’t considered children but mere continuations, replicas of previous life entities.


The hatchlings seem pitiable yet not pitiable. They are much luckier than most dragons.


Jian Luo nods. “I’ll be fine. Things here should be settled soon.”


Only then does Lu Shifeng respond.


With something to focus on, Jian Luo becomes more diligent. Amidst his busy schedule, he plans to finish this trip in three days instead of five. However, on the third day, he receives another call.


Lu Shifeng’s voice comes through, “Come outside.”


Jian Luo is surprised in the house, “Outside? Which outside?”


“Outside the village.”


Jian Luo runs out and indeed sees a military ship descending not far from the village. Beneath it stands a person. Before he can call out, a gust of wind rushes towards him, and three little dragons eagerly leap into his arms.


Long Aotian chirps excitedly. When he first came, he was still in Dad’s belly. Now seeing Earth for the first time, it’s like entering a grand palace, his scales shimmering with excitement.


His sister nuzzles Jian Luo.


The quieter second eldest looks at his elder brother as if he’s a fool, reminding him to mind his manners.


Jian Luo tells Lu Shifeng, “Let’s go into the village. It’s too hot outside at noon.”


Lu Shifeng acknowledges and picks up one of the dragons, heading indoors.


Jian Luo lets the three dragons play on the grass at the doorstep, chasing butterflies. He goes inside to pour water for Lu Shifeng. It’s a bit troublesome to heat water here. He suddenly thinks of Aya next door, who often cooks soups like mung bean soup to beat the heat. He might as well get some.


Unfortunately, Aya is busy this time. She tells Jian Luo, “Luo Luo, there’s water inside. Help yourself.”


“Alright,” Jian Luo says.


He goes inside and sees a pot of green water boiling. It should be mung bean soup. Jian Luo scoops a bowl and brings it over to Lu Shifeng, saying, “Try this. It’s a specialty plant on Earth. You’ve probably never had it.”


Lu Shifeng drinks a bowl.


Jian Luo smiles, “Is it good?”


Lu Shifeng furrows his brows, remaining silent.


As they prepare to continue their conversation, Aya rushes over from outside and calls from the doorway, “Luo Luo, did you take my soup to drink?”


Jian Luo stands up, “Sister Aya, I just took a bit of your mung bean soup.”


“Huh?” Aya comes in, “What mung bean soup? That’s my nourishing soup. Would you like some? I still have plenty left.”



The air suddenly quietens

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Chapter 167 – I Deeply Love This Land

Chapter 167 – I Deeply Love This Land


When Jian Luo woke up again, he had lost track of the time spent in the mountains.


Lu Shifeng had just come out of the room when he saw Jian Luo curled up under the blanket. He walked over and said, “I’ve asked for food to be brought.”


Jian Luo couldn’t be bothered to acknowledge him.


Lu Shifeng didn’t get angry either. “I’ve arranged a warship and crew for you. Where do you want to travel for business? You have your private jet.”




The little bundle inside the blanket moved a bit, showing some reaction.


“I’ve opened a supplementary card for you, pocket money. Buy whatever you need when you’re out,” Lu Shifeng said. “If it’s not enough, ask me.”


Jian Luo finally reacted. He poked his head out and mumbled, “I have money of my own.”


Lu Shifeng raised an eyebrow. “Come out?”



Jian Luo was annoyed again, burying his head back. “I want to sleep!”


The sun was shining brightly outside. Lu Shifeng glanced over and then said, “Not hungry, my lady?”


The last two words were drawn out with a lingering tone. Lu Shifeng’s voice was deep and magnetic, especially charming with a teasing smile. These two words were simple, but in his mouth, they carried a hint of ambiguity, like murmured words between lovers.


Jian Luo stirred.


Lu Shifeng continued, “You haven’t eaten for a day and night.”


Jian Luo blushed. Muffled under the blanket, he said, “It’s all because of you!”


“Blame me.” Lu Shifeng didn’t argue, poking him. “The little ones haven’t seen you for days. I’ve kept them outside. Go have a meal and check on them.”


Jian Luo heard that the children were moved. He peeked out and remembered the supplementary card again, repeating, “It’s okay, I have money of my own.”


Lu Shifeng said, “Not much money. Buy some snacks.”


Reluctant to refuse further, Jian Luo generously said, “Okay.”


He intended to dress himself, but as he sat up, his back hurt terribly, incredibly sore. He nearly strained his back, gasping and lying back down.


Lu Shifeng hurried over to support him, frowning. “Is it hurting that badly?”


Jian Luo was angry again. “Blame you!”


“Next time, be careful.” Lu Shifeng half-heartedly apologized, then continued, “I’ll have a doctor come and check on you.”


Jian Luo quickly grabbed him, his face nearly flushed. “No, everyone will know then! It’s so embarrassing!”


Lu Shifeng thought to himself, Who wouldn’t know already?


But considering Jian Luo’s current mood, he chose silence and suggested instead, “Then let me get some ointment for you. No one will know.”


Jian Luo reluctantly agreed. “Fine.”


Soon, Lu Shifeng returned with the ointment. After applying it to Jian Luo, its effectiveness was remarkable. Before long, the soreness and stiffness had eased, replaced by a cool sensation. After dressing, the chefs outside brought in a breakfast spread fit for a king, far more than a typical breakfast.


Jian Luo remarked, “Eating so much in the morning.”


Without looking up, Lu Shifeng replied, “It’s already noon.”



You’re tough.


Jian Luo sat up a bit and began to eat. The door outside was pushed open a crack, followed by familiar whines. Jian Luo turned his head and saw three little ones rushing over to him like a gust of wind. However, Jian Luo was feeling uncomfortable at the moment, and their climbing around accidentally pressed on sore spots, causing him to wince.


Lu Shifeng frowned and came over, lifting one in each hand.


Long Aotian protested with a howl or two, but upon seeing Jian Luo really hurt, it relented and earnestly hummed a couple of times, full of self-blame and concern.


Jian Luo hurriedly said, “It’s okay, it’s okay, not serious.”


Lu Shifeng threw Long Aotian and its brother onto the sofa rather ruthlessly. “Behave, or you’re out.”



The two little ones behaved obediently.


Jian Luo still felt sorry for the children and said helplessly, “They didn’t mean to. Don’t be harsh.”


The most obedient little sister squatted by Jian Luo’s leg. Little Silver Dragon rubbed against Jian Luo quietly, looking clingy.


Jian Luo patted its little head. “Have you eaten?”


The little sister replied, “Yes, we did.”


They ate children’s nutritious meals three times a day, with someone dedicated to their care. Occasionally, Jian Luo would cook something for them to improve their diet. The little ones also wanted to eat Jian Luo’s food, but usually, they could only have a taste. When the dragons’ physique wasn’t fully developed, they had to avoid salt and spices, which could affect their health.


Jian Luo picked a fruit from the table and handed it to the youngest little sister. “Have this.”


His youngest daughter sister took it and gnawed on the fruit obediently.


Long Aotian signaled that it also wanted some, but its father was beside it, checking its homework. It could only whine with its eyes full of longing, not daring to move, feeling very aggrieved. It really hated its father sometimes, whimpering sadly.


Two days later


Jian Luo, fully recovered, was bursting with energy!


Back at Peace Paradise, he looked for Su Liang but couldn’t find her. He called her: “Mom, where are you?”


Su Liang replied, “Did Luo Luo come back? Mom’s at the clothing store in Sky City.”


“Oh, just checking since you weren’t home,” Jian Luo said again. “Buying clothes? Get more. You looked really good in that cheongsam last time.”


Su Liang chuckled softly, “Always teasing your mother. That cheongsam was a design you came up with. I thought it was quite nice. I wanted to check out some clothes in the mainstream market. Mom’s been doing live broadcasts, and many people have been asking if she sells clothes. If there’s enough interest, she’s thinking about starting her own line. So, I came to look at fabrics.”


Because Su Liang loved tinkering with these things, Jian Luo would draw some clothes from the 21st century for her to play with when she had spare time. He only drew; Su Liang handled everything else—whether they could be made and how. The short red cheongsam from last time had truly impressed Jian Luo. He hadn’t realized Su Liang was so skilled.


Jian Luo pondered, “Mom, that’s a great idea. Right now, a lot of work at Paradise is physical. It can be tough for young girls and women sometimes. I think you should seriously look into the clothing industry. Start by studying the market, try making some garments with the fabrics you choose. If it works out, we can gather opinions from others and even start a factory.”


Su Liang was slightly surprised, “Can… can we really do that?”


“Why not?” Jian Luo sat down at the table and took a sip of water. “We’ve been focusing on food because it’s all we could manage with our current resources. But if there are other ways to earn money, we should try. Humanity is developing; everywhere needs money. Having more options would be great.”


Su Liang hadn’t realized she could contribute. She was happy, “Alright, I’ll handle it well.”


Before, it was Jian Luo who suggested she start live streaming. With the little orb at home sitting idle, she began doing embroidery and making accessories during her spare time. Initially, it was just to alleviate boredom. But somehow, as more and more people watched, many wanted the same items they saw her wear.


It was time-consuming and tiring, so she usually made one or two extra to give away. Recently, some big names in the fashion industry had tried to contact her through connections, offering high salaries and prices. But she refused. Humanity had much potential, and if she could help everyone with her limited abilities and lessen her son’s burden, that would be enough.


Jian Luo said, “Don’t worry about the cost when you choose things. Try making them first and then consider the expenses. You can use my card.”


While guided by the salesperson, Su Liang browsed through the goods. She said, “No need, Mom’s live streams also bring in income. You don’t have to worry. There’s food at home; we can discuss anything else when you return.”


They hung up.


Only then did Jian Luo remember he hadn’t checked Su Liang’s social accounts. Out of curiosity, he searched. He thought she might have tens of thousands of fans at least. To his surprise, searching by her ID, “Anchor Su Liang,” revealed she had 12.3 million followers, ranking in the top ten of the entire platform.


Jian Luo was truly shocked. Initially, he had only suggested it as a way for his mother to pass the time. But it turned out quite well. He had always hoped Su Liang would find a career she loved. She was naturally beautiful and straightforward; he just hoped she wouldn’t be deceived by some mysterious man.



Half a month later


Jian Luo went to Earth for a field inspection. This time, he didn’t go alone but brought nearly thirty team members. It was a reinforcement mission; they were short-staffed there. Raised in Paradise since childhood, Earth was only known through books and hearsay for them. They knew their ancestors were forced to leave their homeland thousands of years ago, starting their interstellar journey. But after so long, they were almost forgetting what Earth looked like.


This return trip had everyone restless, as if gearing up for battle. Daily discussions were filled with:


“I’ll post on social media once I’m on Earth.”


“What does Earth really look like? The information in books is barely clear.”


“Where did our ancestors live?”


“I never thought I’d return to Earth in my lifetime.”


After the excitement, silence settled over them more often than not. They would stand by the ship’s windows, gazing at the vastness of space. Occasionally, someone would ask how much longer until they arrived, counting down the days anxiously. No matter how many generations passed, the human desire for home, for roots, never faded.




After enduring two dark nights, the ship’s mechanical voice echoed:


“Beep. Attention, passengers. We are entering the solar system. The remaining distance to the target landing planet is 152.1 million kilometers. There might be some turbulence during landing. Please find a stable position…”


Before the voice faded, everyone seated rushed to the windows, craning their necks to look outside.


Finally, someone exclaimed, “I see it!”


It was a serene blue Earth, standing quietly amidst the vast sea of stars. The gentle white mixed with the blue on its surface made it appear as beautiful as a dream sky. Compared to many other planets, it was actually quite small and inconspicuous. But at that moment, it was the only thing on everyone’s mind.


For some reason, despite these lively young people not having experienced the hardships of their elders, they involuntarily fell silent. They quietly gazed at Earth, some trembling uncontrollably with excitement, hands tightly gripping the nearby railings, eyes reddened.

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