Rut (Pt. 1)*

*Contains NSFW content

After a great amount of time had passed, Zeno soon began to take over the task of ruling the country. However, Eudora was still worried that he would feel lonely and decided to stay awhile longer. After all, he was the child he had raised with his own two hands. It was normal to be uneasy. Uther said that he understood where he was coming from and agreed with his decision. Nowadays, Eudora no longer involved himself in political and governing affairs as Zeno was very talented and well-opinionated himself. Like an advisor, Eudora only shared his suggestions when the younger one had any questions as he was still learning the ropes. Growing up, Zeno began to learn about Eudora and Uther’s relationship. Although he was reluctant to part with his father, he also understood that his father had his own life that he wanted to share with his partner. After maturing, he realized that he had to take things into his own hands without relying on anyone else.

Eudora noticed that Uther has been acting abnormally recently, perhaps even a little anxiously even. The other would refuse to leave him alone by himself, always sticking close by and following wherever he went. At every opportunity to do it, he would take him to bed, not caring whether it was day or night, even fvcking him onto the desk in the study once, causing the desk and its contents to be stained with suspicious fluids. Even though Uther had taken responsibility to clean up after them, Eudora still felt very ashamed. They even did it so much every night until Eudora couldn’t cum anymore, only twitching under Uther’s ministrations. When he was carried to the bath one day, Eudora realized that something was wrong. There were dragon scales appearing on Uther’s abs and arms.

“What’s going on? Are you sick?” Eudora stopped caring about his own tired body, only clutching onto Uther nervously as he checked to see if more scales were growing anywhere else on his body.

“It’s okay baby. Don’t worry about me. It might just be my rut that’s coming soon.”

“Rut? Why haven’t I heard of it before? Is it uncomfortable?” Eudora looked at Uther worriedly, regretting that he did not  find out about his partner’s ailment sooner.

“It really is fine, although we might have to go back to my cave now that my rut might be coming in a few days. You might have a hard time then.” As he finished, he nudged Eudora suggestively.

It was only then when Eudora understood why the dragon had been asking a lot more of it from him these days. As a good partner, he must put up with the other’s desire. After all, he couldn’t allow Uther to suffer alone.

“Just saying, but we can also make a child during my rut… however, if you wish not for it, then I won’t wish for it either.” Uther had said, expecting to be rejected. After all, the newborn cub will definitely be a dragon and perhaps it was not easy for a human to accept giving birth to a dragon egg.

“I’ll make one with you, I promise…”

“Huh? Baby, our child will be a dragon. Are you sure you want to bear my clutch? We already raised Zeno together so you don’t have to force yourself to do this.” Uther reminded Eudora that it’ll be difficult to carry a dragon egg inside him and that he was in no immediate want for an offspring. Having Zeno was enough.

“I’m willing. Zeno has grown up now and he’ll soon live his own life and find his own partner in the future. These days, he’s been really independent, though it makes me a little sad.” Despite saying this, Eudora also felt happy as it was a blessing to watch his child grow up. “Plus you’ve been with me for so long now, always by my side. I’m satisfied all this time. The rest of my life shall be yours too.” After speaking, he kissed the other. They said goodbye to Zeno the very next day and embarked on a journey back home, telling Zeno that he would come back often to visit him in the future.

The dragon that had finally returned to his cave placed Eudora down on his piles of jewels and felt his irritable heart calming down. He was lucky to have brought back his most prized possession. From now on, he only has to guard Eudora, who is his whole world. They will spend the rest of his long years here together. There’ll be some cubs, and when the little hatchlings grow up and leave, it will be just them alone again in this cave. They will spend the rest of their days in each other’s embrace as they slumber, until one of them no longer awakens from their rest one day in the future. For him, this would make him a very happy and fulfilled dragon.

Uther and Eudora tidied up the cave a little, well, mostly Uther, while Eudora sat on a gold pile as he instructed the other around. Uther worked hard, moving the items on the ground away. He even made a very comfortable bed adorned in thick fur and all kinds of soft pillows with a veil around it. After Eudora’s strong disapproval, Uther gave up on his temptation to surround the bed with gold coins. Seriously… the golden hills littering the cave was already enough of an eyesore, if it were to also surround the bed, they’ll be blinded by it for sure. Sometimes, the aesthetic choices of dragons were just far too eccentric. Watching a reluctant Uther stow away the piles of gold somewhere deep inside the cave was just too cute.

After returning, Uther no longer felt dissatisfied and started indulging himself. He curled up in his shrunken dragon form and laid on the ground, pleased for now as Eudora sat by his tail with a blanket, reading a book. Eudora wore a loose robe which showed off his two fair legs. After all, the pants would only serve as a hindrance to Uther and would soon be taken off anyway. He’d given up wearing pants around Uther a long time ago. With the robe’s loose collar, a tinge of red marks could be seen peeking from his neck.

Staring at those bites, the black dragon’s tail began to slither around mischievously, slipping itself under the robes and around Eudora’s thigh to rub his member fervently. Eudora squeezed his legs together and moaned. He could feel the tip of the tail prodding at his c0ckhead. It felt painful yet good and his back hole clenched in anticipation.

Tearing Eudora’s robe with his claws, he climbed on top of the other and completely overshadowed him, licking him up and down with his slippery tongue. He was beginning to feel more and more lustful, his psychological dissatisfaction ever more so increasing. He liked him so much and wanted to see him writhing helplessly under him as he covered him in his scent. Desire began to fill his heart as his rut started and his actions became more crude, with his claws firmly pressing Eudora’s wrist down. Extending his tail, he slid against Eudora’s entrance twice before successfully driving it straight into his deepest parts. “Ah..!” Eudora’s eyes watered as his eyes reddened. Although he was often fvcked for long periods of time, the penetration this time was just too rough, causing his member to soften painfully. The dragon’s tail was unlike Uther’s human c0ck. It was smooth and cold, albeit covered in small scales which felt like cat barbs that clung onto the tender flesh of his insides.

Uther began to thrust quickly, driving his tail deeper and deeper inside as he spread his insides wider. The increasing warmth and firmness he felt from the tip of his tail made Uther feel more excited, causing two pen-ses to protrude from his lower belly, poking on Eudora’s thighs.

“No… don’t do this.. It’s impossible… change back, please?” Feeling what was rubbing against his thigh, Eudora collapsed and began to struggle, realizing that the tail was only the beginning of what was to come. Uther wanted to mate with him in his dragon form, but this was impossible. He didn’t need to look down to see how huge the things on his leg were, not to mention the tiny barbs he felt on them. It will tear his insides if they come in.

Uther watched Eudora struggling against him from above as he firmly held down his hands. He was screaming about how it was too deep and painful yet his hips were subconsciously raised to cater to the thrusting behind him, not to mention the constant dripping of his half-hard member in the front. His lewd, yet unknowing appearance engraved itself in Uther’s mind. 

“This is my mate. He is mine alone,” was the only thought left in Uther’s mind.


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