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The dragon and the princess

Chapter 10 – End*


*Contains NSFW content 

Uther’s rut lasted for a very long time and they were occupied inside the cave for the entirety of summer. When autumn arrived, Eudora conceived as they had wished. Quietly landing at the entrance of the cave, Uther shook off the drops of water clinging onto his body.. He had flown far away to find some fresh fruit for Eudora’s lunch. This fruit was both sweet and sour, tasting very yummy to Eudora who was pregnant. Walking into the cave quietly, Eudora was still asleep, curled up with his long black hair scattered across the quilt. Kneeling beside him, he stared at Eudora’s stomach, which had become softer and rounder with each passing day. The cubs of the dragon race all hatched from eggs. Calculating the gestation period, the dragon egg should be about the size of his own fist now. It should hatch out of its own shell by spring the following year. Wagging his tail unconsciously, Uther thought about how his own little boy would noisily run circles and chase Eudora around next spring. With this, the gentle dragon’s face began to dull into a stupid dad-like expression.

It had been early autumn, so the residual heat of the summer hadn’t receded yet. Feeling the coolness of Uther’s body, Eudora subconsciously wanted to stick onto him to cool down. Shifting back to his human form, Uther took Eudora into his embrace, reaching out to massage his waist and stomach so he would be able to sleep more comfortably.

In the early stages of pregnancy, one should not carry out strenuous activities. At first, Uther was able to restrain himself, only hugging the other. But during pregnancy, Eudora became even more clingy and seductive, testing Uther’s self-control all the time. Such days which only allowed him to look and not touch were really bad for the whole dragon.

Eudora’s belly gradually became bigger and his chest became more and more sensitive. His nipples began to swell up and milk leaked out of them as soon as they were touched. Unable to relieve himself, Uther could only secretly lick Eudora’s breast every night, feeling aggrieved as he touched his own c0ck in his pants and cumming all over Eudora’s exposed flesh as the other slept soundly.

As his belly grew bigger, a circular mark would be caused by the waistband of his trousers even if he wore looser pants. Because of this, Uther simply disallowed Eudora from wearing them. He made Eudora pick out a bunch of nightdresses that were clearly meant for ladies from his collection. They had all been procured secretly when he was still living in the palace with Eudora. He didn’t expect the opportunity of using them to come so soon. Uther looked serious on the surface as he spoke, “Oh, I won’t allow you to wear this, your stomach will be uncomfortable. Baby, try it out. You see, this white one is actually very soft. The red one is also pretty.” But his heart was actually blooming with joy.

Eudora glared at Uther suspiciously after Uther tried dressing him in a see-through black-laced nightgown for the fifth time around, realizing that the perverted dragon was taking this opportunity to take advantage of him. Pretending not to see the saddened look on this perverted dragon, Eudora chose a normal white nightgown and turned around to put it on. When he turned back around, he saw the pervy dragon having a nosebleed.

Eudora: …..

Eudora was then pressed down and licked up and down.

By the time the first snow of winter had fallen, Eudora could already feel the life moving in his stomach, meaning that the cub was healthy. Uther also began decreasing his time spent going outside as much as possible, keeping the other in his arms. As more time went on, Eudora began to feel more and more of Uther’s unsated lust. At first, he was woken up several times, until one morning, he realized that his foot had been grabbed by Uther and used to slide against the dragon’s c0ck repeatedly, if the sticky fluids covering his toes were anything to go by. After realizing that Eudora had already woken up, Uther not only failed to stop himself, even intensifying his actions as he intently stared at his face while rubbing himself off even faster with his foot – proving that this behavior has been going on for a long time. In the end, he growled and came, drenching Eudora’s whole foot with thick and musky semen, which was the result of being abstinent for too long. 

This made Eudora’s own member pitch its own tent under his nightdress. Looking at it with a chuckle, Uther licked his fair ankles, causing him to curl up his mellow toes. Lifting the hem of his dress, Uther lowered his head between Eudora’s thighs as he held the member inside his mouth. Eudora was hot and bothered by the feeling in his lower half but couldn’t do what he wanted because he was too heavy to get up. He could only bite the back of his hand and grab Uther’s hair as he let out a weak moan. His body was very sensitive during pregnancy and after a few gulps, he shot himself inside Uther’s mouth. Raising his head, Uther kissed the corners of Eudora’s lips and patted him softly to coax the tired Eudora to sleep for a while longer.

After waking up, the flustered Eudora scolded Uther for being a perverted dragon. Uther looked at him and said, “Baby, what you said was right. It’s all my fault. There won’t be a repeat of today where I’ll continue to rub at you even after you’re awake.” Perfectly displaying the attitude of someone who blindly admitted to their mistakes without repenting for even a second.

One day, Uther was reading a book with Eudora and came across a chapter about a method of stretching out the birth canal to reduce the burden of labour during childbirth. Eudora wanted to escape but Uther firmly held his arms before he could do so. After being forced to listen to Uther reading the page and confirm that there was no problem of achieving this via sex, Uther stripped Eudora naked.

Asking Eudora to lie on his side, Uther pulled up one of Eudora’s legs and pushed himself in.

“Wa… move slowly, you…” Eudora anxiously hit Uther’s back. 

Moving slowly, Uther felt that the cavern was tight and dry. The passageway was no longer as loose and had closed up like how it was before they did it for the first time. He carefully rubbed his prostate back and forth with his c0ckhead so that Eudora could get used to it. 

Gradually, wet sounds could be heard coming from where they were connected. Uther buried his c0ck deeper inside. Taking the baby into consideration, he left a considerable length outside. If it was too deep, Eudora would feel uncomfortable. “Baby, touch yourself too okay? Use one hand to touch your chest and the other for yourself down there.”

Eudora obediently succumbed to his desires as he felt good. Pinching his nipple and rubbing it well, milk began to trickle down his breasts and coated his fingers. He felt himself getting closer and closer.

“U-Uther… help me… feels uncomfortable… want to cum…”

Uther leaned down, holding the swollen nipple in his mouth to comfort his lover. He also occasionally swiped his thumb over the slit on Eudora’s sensitive c0ckhead. Wiping the precum off it a few times before finally causing him to splurt out cum as he convulsed weakly.

The dazed Eudora was then quickly flipped over. Feeling Uther’s c0ck quickly rubbing between his thighs, perineum and balls made him feel aroused again and his own member which had just spilled all over itself began to drool weakly again. His hole clenched and unclenched greedily and the fluids that came out of him caused his inner thighs to become soaked. Even Uther’s pubic hair was drenched.

At the end of it all, Uther pointed his c0ck at the round belly and came happily, covering Eudora’s stomach in a mix of semen and milk. He laid on the bed with his hair plastered wet against his face and the soaking mess on his chest, his vision started to blur. Still heavily aroused by Eudora’s erotic appearance, he sent a shot of cum into Eudora’s small mouth, coaxing him to lick the slit on the top of his c0ck and suck up the remaining fluids.

Uther pulled Eudora, who was tainted with his smell, close and fell asleep, waiting for spring to arrive.

When the weather warmed up, Uther took Eudora and the newly hatched dragon to the hot springs deep within the forest. The little dragon had Eudora’s eyes, and he stayed in his mother’s arms, yelling excitedly as he watched everything around him with curiosity. Standing in the water, Eudora encouraged the little dragon to also jump in and join him. Afraid, the younglin clung onto his father’s tail with his claws. In the end, Uther flicked his tail impatiently and sent the cub splashing into the water. Eudora hurriedly fished the pitiful child out and kissed him lovingly. Uther wagged his tail calmly and stepped into the water too, pretending that he didn’t do what he just did. 

When the little one gained more confidence, he started to splash the water around him with tree branches and play on his own. Uther was able to hold Eudora in his embrace and allow them a moment to themselves.

The atmosphere was great, and they began talking about everything. To be exact, it was just Eudora speaking with Uther agreeing from time to time. They spoke about their past of living on the mainland and plans for the future, that they would wait for the little one to learn how to fly on his own before bringing him to the mainland to explore, and then bringing him to Dragon Valley so they could start travelling elsewhere.

The bumbling little dragon climbed back into Eudora’s arms as he chirped, skillfully undoing all the top buttons on his shirt so he could drink milk from his chest. Holding the nipple in his mouth, he swallowed down his father’s milk as though he’d been starved and even asked Eudora to pat him.

“… Just who did he take after?” Uther thought for the thousandth time in his heart when he thought about what he had done during that rut to have caused his son’s mischievous behavior.

Under the shade of a tree, Eudora rocked the little one to sleep in his arms. Uther acted as a large pillow behind him, gently curling his tail around his son. After chirping twice, he cleverly laid down on his father’s stomach and continued to sleep. Uther reached out front to give Eudora a tender kiss, and the peaceful lives of the family of three continued onto the future just like this…



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Chapter 9 – Rut (pt.2)* 

 Rut (Pt. 2)*

*Contains NSFW content

Uther withdrew his tail as he pushed one of his c0cks inside with a low growl and began thrusting in and out without pause, savoring the twitching warmth every time he bottomed out.

“Ah! Slow down… hurts too much..” Eudora burst into tears the moment he entered. Taking his human c0ck had already been difficult on its own, not to mention the dragon one. He felt like he was being stretched out to the limit. The barbs on the appendage were painful as they dragged against his inner walls, but there was also an indescribable pleasure as his prostate was rubbed. Eudora, who was tormented by the contradictory feelings just wanted to escape, but his whole person was firmly held down. He could only cant his hips and take the entire dragon’s c0ck deeper inside. Despite shedding tears from the torment, his own honest c0ck still stood up straight, reflecting his own lewdness. 

When the draconic c0ck entered inside, a spurt of cum escaped him, wetting the blanket underneath. Uther still felt dissatisfied after thrusting for the nth time. Sticking his tongue out, he licked Eudora’s lower back before pressing a kiss onto the side of his face. Eudora was so out of it he collapsed, but still turned his head and opened his mouth, sticking his tongue so Uther could kiss him. Biting the tip of his tongue, Uther let his blood flow out into Eudora’s mouth. A rutting dragon’s blood served as the best aphrodisiac and tonic, and Eudora will be able to play with him for a long time thanks to it. Wrapping his tail around Eudora’s waist, he turned the other around so that he was facing him. The barbed length dragged across his insides as he was rotated, the pleasure showing up clearly on his face while his front also shot out some semen. Some dragon blood trickled from the corner of his mouth but was licked clean by Uther along with his tears. His cum that landed on his stomach and nipples were also licked away. The dragon’s hot breath lingered on his chest, causing Eudora’s entire body to heat up. His butt began secreting a lot of fluids as it squirmed, desperate for more.

Uther lifted Eudora’s waist, pressing his other c0ck eagerly against the small entrance to replace the first one and squeezing it into the tight heat. 

Eudora was now dazed as he laid with his back against the blanket. He clamped his legs together with Uther’s tail between them and the smooth dragon scales clung onto the tender flesh of his thighs. This made him feel itchy so he couldn’t help but squeeze his thighs against it twice, making Uther misunderstand it as a sign of love, that his mate couldn’t wait but to be filled again. There was nothing more arousing than this in the world, so Uther withdrew his c0ck that had been buried in him and pressed both his draconic appendages into the wet hole. This time, he would bury them to the hilt and shoot his seed deep inside his mate.

Pain enveloped Eudora when he felt the two c0cks pushing into him. His insides rejected the two large objects coming inside. “Ah..! Ah…” He felt so sore and was going to break. Eudora clung onto the tail tightly as his insides were stretched open. Blood trickled down from where they were connected and the two draconic things slowly carved its way into his deepest parts with the help of the scarlet lubrication. When all of it finally went in, Eudora felt like he could not breathe from the feeling of fullness in his lower half. There was a sudden taste of sweetness in his mouth when he realized it was Uther who was feeding him another mouthful of his blood. Fortunately, Uther did not move right away, allowing Eudora to gulp down his blood first. Hugging the dragon, he kissed and begged him for mercy. “It’s too deep. Can you pull it out a little? I’ll do anything you ask later.” Eudora gave the obedient dragon a kiss, working hard to relax his body.

The dragon blood worked quickly, stopping the bleeding on Eudora’s entrance as the transparent slick he produced diluted the sharp red seeping from where they were connected. Eudora also began writhing impatiently under Uther. Noticing this change, Uther began thrusting slowly, pulling out his entire c0ck before pushing it back inside. Gradually, his ministrations became even rougher, as though he intended to fvck Eudora broken.

The tender walls inside have gotten used to the inhuman barbs and accepted them. The c0ck fit snugly into the warm cavern, suckling on it. Like a small mouth, it squeezed at the c0ckhead, begging for semen to come out.

“Ahh..!” As Uther quickened his pace, more transparent fluids began to overflow from his front, painting his entire stomach with cum. Uther was close to the edge too, raising his head and growling, his wings were also fully extended. The barbs on the draconic c0ck stiffened and dug itself into his tender walls. His claws firmly pressed Eudora down, causing him to hang onto the tail tightly. Copious amounts of concentrated essence shot out, filling his depths for a very long time, marking the start of a long process that will cause new life to be born inside him.

“Ah! Ah…! There’s too much…” Eudora struggled underneath him, but as he twisted his body, the barbs that latched onto his insides would cause him great pain. He could only accept the discomfort silently as the scary fullness in his stomach continued to increase.

Uther licked Eudora affectionately, lapping the now visibly bulging belly with his tongue, hoping that this would make his mate feel better.

After he finished ejaculating, the barbs dissipated and Uther was ready to pull out but Eudora tightened his legs around him subconsciously. “No… don’t pull out. It’ll all flow out… and there’ll be no babies if it all flows out… Wa, I can’t keep it all in… have I become too lewd?” Eudora turned his face to the side in embarrassment. He didn’t know if it was because of the dragon blood but he still felt unsatisfied and lustful. His hole felt unbearably hot and he didn’t want Uther to pull out, thrusting his own hips to drive the dragon c0ck deeper inside.

Uther’s pupils narrowed as his member began to harden again. Dragons were particularly lustful but their desire was endless, especially during their rut. He had always restrained himself, but this has caused him to lose control and fvck his mate in his dragon form. He had thought that Eudora would reject him but in the end he was obedient and even became pliant underneath him as they continued. Uther didn’t feel like he could control himself well, but now that his mate was making this request on his own volition… 

“Baby, I’ll give you another chance to change your mind. Do you really want me to not pull out? It’ll be too late to regret it later.” Uther watched as the other slowly voiced his agreement, unadulterated desire and madness rising behind his golden irises.

Eudora, still dazed, stared back at the black dragon above him. He was perfect. As a majestic being in the prime of his age, his lust was immense. Not forgoing the possessive glint in his eye telling him that he would never be able to escape from him. Unlike the gentle and considerate Uther, this was a being who had completely shed off his human skin and manifested the obsessive nature of the draconic lineage. As his sole treasure and reason for his descent into the darkness, Eudora only hugged Uther like a lamb about to be sacrificed and whispered to him, “You don’t have to endure it any longer. I want you.” Closing his eyes, he clenched around the other’s c0ck inside him. 

“I love you baby.” Uther unraveled his true nature, dragging Eudora into another round of love-making.

“I love you too.” Eudora had replied indulgently.

After Uther was finally satisfied, he shifted back into his human form as he looked at Eudora lying on the quilt. They did it many times, with Uther feeding Eudora his blood in between, allowing the other to entangle with him feverishly, cumming from only his back being stimulated. At the same time, the insatiable Uther was allowed to devour his mate as many times as he wanted. After fvcking him from both the front and the back, Eudora did not let his c0cks leave his body until his body was stuffed to the brim with his seed. Only then did he agree to let Uther pull out and cum on his body instead. Now Eudora was painted in white essence, both on the inside and outside, which made Uther feel very satisfied. He reverted back into the gentle and considerate Uther.

Wiping the semen on Eudora’s body, Uther carried him to bed. He found a plug to block up Eudora’s ass so his seed would stay inside him for longer, thereby increasing the chance of conceiving. Holding the other in his embrace, Uther fell asleep with their fingers intertwined and rested upon Eudora’s stomach, where a new life would soon take root from their love.


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Chapter 8 – Rut (pt.1)*

Rut (Pt. 1)*

*Contains NSFW content

After a great amount of time had passed, Zeno soon began to take over the task of ruling the country. However, Eudora was still worried that he would feel lonely and decided to stay awhile longer. After all, he was the child he had raised with his own two hands. It was normal to be uneasy. Uther said that he understood where he was coming from and agreed with his decision. Nowadays, Eudora no longer involved himself in political and governing affairs as Zeno was very talented and well-opinionated himself. Like an advisor, Eudora only shared his suggestions when the younger one had any questions as he was still learning the ropes. Growing up, Zeno began to learn about Eudora and Uther’s relationship. Although he was reluctant to part with his father, he also understood that his father had his own life that he wanted to share with his partner. After maturing, he realized that he had to take things into his own hands without relying on anyone else.

Eudora noticed that Uther has been acting abnormally recently, perhaps even a little anxiously even. The other would refuse to leave him alone by himself, always sticking close by and following wherever he went. At every opportunity to do it, he would take him to bed, not caring whether it was day or night, even fvcking him onto the desk in the study once, causing the desk and its contents to be stained with suspicious fluids. Even though Uther had taken responsibility to clean up after them, Eudora still felt very ashamed. They even did it so much every night until Eudora couldn’t cum anymore, only twitching under Uther’s ministrations. When he was carried to the bath one day, Eudora realized that something was wrong. There were dragon scales appearing on Uther’s abs and arms.

“What’s going on? Are you sick?” Eudora stopped caring about his own tired body, only clutching onto Uther nervously as he checked to see if more scales were growing anywhere else on his body.

“It’s okay baby. Don’t worry about me. It might just be my rut that’s coming soon.”

“Rut? Why haven’t I heard of it before? Is it uncomfortable?” Eudora looked at Uther worriedly, regretting that he did not  find out about his partner’s ailment sooner.

“It really is fine, although we might have to go back to my cave now that my rut might be coming in a few days. You might have a hard time then.” As he finished, he nudged Eudora suggestively.

It was only then when Eudora understood why the dragon had been asking a lot more of it from him these days. As a good partner, he must put up with the other’s desire. After all, he couldn’t allow Uther to suffer alone.

“Just saying, but we can also make a child during my rut… however, if you wish not for it, then I won’t wish for it either.” Uther had said, expecting to be rejected. After all, the newborn cub will definitely be a dragon and perhaps it was not easy for a human to accept giving birth to a dragon egg.

“I’ll make one with you, I promise…”

“Huh? Baby, our child will be a dragon. Are you sure you want to bear my clutch? We already raised Zeno together so you don’t have to force yourself to do this.” Uther reminded Eudora that it’ll be difficult to carry a dragon egg inside him and that he was in no immediate want for an offspring. Having Zeno was enough.

“I’m willing. Zeno has grown up now and he’ll soon live his own life and find his own partner in the future. These days, he’s been really independent, though it makes me a little sad.” Despite saying this, Eudora also felt happy as it was a blessing to watch his child grow up. “Plus you’ve been with me for so long now, always by my side. I’m satisfied all this time. The rest of my life shall be yours too.” After speaking, he kissed the other. They said goodbye to Zeno the very next day and embarked on a journey back home, telling Zeno that he would come back often to visit him in the future.

The dragon that had finally returned to his cave placed Eudora down on his piles of jewels and felt his irritable heart calming down. He was lucky to have brought back his most prized possession. From now on, he only has to guard Eudora, who is his whole world. They will spend the rest of his long years here together. There’ll be some cubs, and when the little hatchlings grow up and leave, it will be just them alone again in this cave. They will spend the rest of their days in each other’s embrace as they slumber, until one of them no longer awakens from their rest one day in the future. For him, this would make him a very happy and fulfilled dragon.

Uther and Eudora tidied up the cave a little, well, mostly Uther, while Eudora sat on a gold pile as he instructed the other around. Uther worked hard, moving the items on the ground away. He even made a very comfortable bed adorned in thick fur and all kinds of soft pillows with a veil around it. After Eudora’s strong disapproval, Uther gave up on his temptation to surround the bed with gold coins. Seriously… the golden hills littering the cave was already enough of an eyesore, if it were to also surround the bed, they’ll be blinded by it for sure. Sometimes, the aesthetic choices of dragons were just far too eccentric. Watching a reluctant Uther stow away the piles of gold somewhere deep inside the cave was just too cute.

After returning, Uther no longer felt dissatisfied and started indulging himself. He curled up in his shrunken dragon form and laid on the ground, pleased for now as Eudora sat by his tail with a blanket, reading a book. Eudora wore a loose robe which showed off his two fair legs. After all, the pants would only serve as a hindrance to Uther and would soon be taken off anyway. He’d given up wearing pants around Uther a long time ago. With the robe’s loose collar, a tinge of red marks could be seen peeking from his neck.

Staring at those bites, the black dragon’s tail began to slither around mischievously, slipping itself under the robes and around Eudora’s thigh to rub his member fervently. Eudora squeezed his legs together and moaned. He could feel the tip of the tail prodding at his c0ckhead. It felt painful yet good and his back hole clenched in anticipation.

Tearing Eudora’s robe with his claws, he climbed on top of the other and completely overshadowed him, licking him up and down with his slippery tongue. He was beginning to feel more and more lustful, his psychological dissatisfaction ever more so increasing. He liked him so much and wanted to see him writhing helplessly under him as he covered him in his scent. Desire began to fill his heart as his rut started and his actions became more crude, with his claws firmly pressing Eudora’s wrist down. Extending his tail, he slid against Eudora’s entrance twice before successfully driving it straight into his deepest parts. “Ah..!” Eudora’s eyes watered as his eyes reddened. Although he was often fvcked for long periods of time, the penetration this time was just too rough, causing his member to soften painfully. The dragon’s tail was unlike Uther’s human c0ck. It was smooth and cold, albeit covered in small scales which felt like cat barbs that clung onto the tender flesh of his insides.

Uther began to thrust quickly, driving his tail deeper and deeper inside as he spread his insides wider. The increasing warmth and firmness he felt from the tip of his tail made Uther feel more excited, causing two pen-ses to protrude from his lower belly, poking on Eudora’s thighs.

“No… don’t do this.. It’s impossible… change back, please?” Feeling what was rubbing against his thigh, Eudora collapsed and began to struggle, realizing that the tail was only the beginning of what was to come. Uther wanted to mate with him in his dragon form, but this was impossible. He didn’t need to look down to see how huge the things on his leg were, not to mention the tiny barbs he felt on them. It will tear his insides if they come in.

Uther watched Eudora struggling against him from above as he firmly held down his hands. He was screaming about how it was too deep and painful yet his hips were subconsciously raised to cater to the thrusting behind him, not to mention the constant dripping of his half-hard member in the front. His lewd, yet unknowing appearance engraved itself in Uther’s mind. 

“This is my mate. He is mine alone,” was the only thought left in Uther’s mind.


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Chapter 7 – Bathtime play*

Jingling Bells*

*Contains NSFW content

After taking a shower, Uther returned to the bed with Eudora. However, they wouldn’t go to sleep just yet, that much was obvious. Uther’s member was always hard and swollen, and Eudora in his arms clearly felt it too. Uther had been holding himself back for so long, how was it possible that he would only do the deed once and be done with it?

Even though he was mentally prepared, after being held under Uther’s crushing desire, Eudora felt like he was going to break. Satisfying a dragon that went hungry for a long time would require half his soul be taken away from him it seemed.

It was already late into the night, and Eudora had already cum twice after being pulled onto the bed while Uther only spilled inside him once. His entryway felt numb and semen flowed out from it from Uther thrusting in repeatedly, causing it to sloppily turn foamy and cling onto Uther’s balls and pubic hair. However, the majority of it was still stuck inside, constantly being pushed deeper and deeper into his stomach. Eudora was lying with his back on the sheets as his legs hung weakly by Uther’s arms. With a soft pillow underneath him, his waist was raised in a very convenient position for Uther’s punishing thrusts. Uther had recently cum, but he could still go on. They had both been in this position for a long time, and in the beginning, Eudora had his legs slung on Uther’s shoulders, but as time went on, he became so tired and could no longer hold them up so they eventually slipped onto Uther’s arms. His vision was blurry and his mouth was half-open with a little drool leaking out of it. His hands were weakly rested next to him and his long hair messily spread out under his body. There was a small puddle of fluids on his abdomen of the less viscous variety, and several thicker globs on his chest, suggesting that he was played with a lot.

“Hmm baby, your hole gets tighter every time we do it. Here, feel it.” Uther placed Eudora’s hands on his lower half. “Do you feel it? Feel what I’m giving you?”

“Uwa… just quickly cum already… Why haven’t you cum yet?” Eudora could only register this sort of reply.

After a while, Uther pulled out, looking as though he suddenly recalled something. Taking out a box from the corner of the bed, he opened it and placed the item around his right ankle. Eudora felt something cold on his ankle and when he opened his eyes again, he saw a thin, ornate chain of bells had been placed on it. The silver chain had been strung with silver bells and there was a round black disk on it.


“It’s dragonscale, do you recognize it baby? I thought about it for a while and decided to carve it into an anklet for you. It was personally designed and crafted by me. Do you like it?”

“It looks lovely, thank you.”

“I also think it suits you very well.” Uther began to peck him lightly, starting from his ankle with the silver chain before making his way up his body. “I had always wanted to do this ever since that time when I was bandaging your wounds.” Uther held the slim ankles in his mouth and couldn’t help but suck them, his tongue licking in a circular motion, moving from the calf, to the knees, and his thighs… until he left a crimson splotch on the tender flesh of his inner thigh. Using his tongue, he started from Eudora’s balls before licking a stripe from the base all the way to his c0ckhead. Taking the entire rod inside his mouth, he suckled at it, causing Eudora to tense up, his right hand grasping at Uther’s hair as he tried to thrust himself into the other’s warm cavern. 

After cumming, his member even stood up again under his touch. Uther’s technique was really good and he even managed to take him deep inside his throat. The constricting passageway made the sensitive member feel extremely good. Uther stopped after feeling that Eudora was hard again, taking out another item from the box. It was a red string woven together using hemp and with two small bells. Uther wrapped the red string around the base of Eudora’s member before tying a neat bow, letting the bell hang just above his perineum. This way, Eudora would still remain hard but be unable to cum again. “Baby, we still have a long time to play so you gotta control yourself when you take me. Ejaculating too much isn’t good for you.”

“No… release me… It feels uncomfortable. Plus, isn’t it because of you that I came so much?” As he was about to untie the red string, Uther grabbed his hands and tied it with some rope. “Don’t take this too far!” Eudora struggled against him. “It’s okay baby, I will let you go soon. I just want us to cum together okay?” Uther began to coax him gently again as he inserted himself into his lover, steadily grinding against that bump inside. Only when Eudora became more pliant underneath him did he start to speed up. The bells on his ankles and member jingled along to the rhythm of Uther’s thrusts.

Pulling Eudora up, Uther laid down so now the other was sitting on him. Their positions were now switched. Eudora looked down at Uther in confusion as he flicked his member that was still standing upright despite being tied up. “Baby, why don’t you try moving yourself? It’ll be fun to try and make the bells ring like this.” After speaking, he only lay there waiting for Eudora to move.

“I… How should I do it…? I don’t know how…”

“You always say I move too fast or deeply inside so I’m giving you a chance to move yourself.” He grabbed Eudora’s waist and helped him push himself up.

“Ah..!’ Eudora felt flustered and almost got off Uther, but after confirming that the other wasn’t going to move, Eudora properly straddled Uther and placed his hands on Uther’s stomach for support before propping his own waist up. As he clenched down hard on the c0ck inside him, his front began leaking too. At first, he moved on his own volition at a slow, torturous pace. When the partially-inserted c0ck had brushed against the bump inside him, Eudora went limp, causing the entire thing to be swallowed by his body. “Uwa…”

“Yes baby, just like that. Rub against that place even more. You can go even faster than that right? Doesn’t it feel good?” Eudora lifted his hips and his front sputtered weakly a few more times before he found himself at a consistent pace. Uther’s c0ck was very large, and this position allowed it to enter him more deeply, not to mention the slight kink in the c0ck which only served to make his own member grow even harder. Rubbing persistently at his prostate caused a spine-chilling sensation inside him every time. After a few tries, Eudora had worked into a quick rhythm, lifting his hips up and down, brushing against that spot every time. Gradually, he grew dissatisfied with just shaking his hips, even starting to move in a circular motion so he could let that fat c0ck rub his insides even more.

From Uther’s point of view, it was a great view… Watching Eudora twisting his hips like an incubus that wanted to squeeze him dry as Eudora’s own hardened member bounced up and down with his every hip thrust while the bells jingled. Uther touched Eudora’s chest with his hands, squeezing and rubbing at the two small nubs. The tickling feeling made his lover arch out his chest reflexively as he continued to move his hips happily. “Ah..! Feels good… want to cum… uw… Uther… help me untie it… feels so sore, but can’t stop…”

Uther felt the other’s insides constricting against his c0ck and felt some fluids trickling onto his stomach from Eudora’s member. Eudora fell weakly onto Uther’s chest as he panted. Due to the restraints, he could only bounce up and down a few times before feeling sluggish.

Holding the other close, Uther sat up quickly, causing Eudora’s member and the bells to be trapped between the two bodies as he moaned brokenly. The lewd noise stimulated Uther, causing him to move faster and faster before finally shooting his seed deep inside him with a low growl. At the very last moment, Uther untied the red string and Eudora immediately cum as soon as he was released, with it spilling all over Uther’s abs. Because he had been holding it in for too long, some even splashed onto his neck, which Uther licked cleanly, before exchanging a deep musky kiss with him.

The semen inside him followed his c0ck when he pulled out, dripping down his sack and wetting the bed sheets. Holding Eudora down, he folded Eudora’s thigh close to his chest so he could push his c0ck back inside. While kissing Eudora who has already turned his head to the side, he slowly thrusted in as he waited for the other’s member to harden again.

The bells on his ankles hung weakly in the air as they trembled. Eudora could only lie in Uther’s embrace and endure his thrusts with his hips lifted high. His hands were bound together but he still reached down to comfort his own d1ck. Pulling Eudora’s thighs apart with both hands as he drove his hips forwards, Uther felt that he couldn’t get enough of his human despite him already being in his arms. He wanted to take him back to his cave full of his own treasures. Eudora on the other hand could only silently endure and take all of what Uther’s draconic desire sought out, indulging his lover helplessly as he accepted his shameful plays.

The bell jingled all night, and Uther didn’t let Eudora go until the sky’s horizon began to lighten up from dawn’s approach. The entire bed was ruined and really shouldn’t be seen by anyone else. Eudora himself was weak, covered in lovemarks and bruises while his ass had simply taken in too much semen deeply that it wouldn’t stop flowing out from him. Uther decided to give up after realizing that he couldn’t scr4p3 out the most of it. Holding Eudora close, he used his c0ck to block the overflowing semen that refused to stop flowing out instead.

Pulling the quilt over them, he fell asleep just like that. Since he couldn’t get it all out, he might as well indulge himself and think about everything else when he woke up. The next day, Eudora woke up to find that he had spent the entire night in Uther’s embrace but his face turned red and white from anger and embarrassment when he realized what the other had done. Without taking care of the semen that was now flowing down from his thighs to his ankles, he drove Uther out of bed and decided that next time, he would share a bed with Zeno and let this unscrupulous dragon sleep all alone by himself.


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Chapter 6 – Jingling bells*

Bathtime play*

*Contains NSFW content.

After Uther and Eudora got together, they had a discussion with the emperor and his wife. Although Eudora was known as a princess, it was now his responsibility to reveal and restore his original identity so he could prepare to rule over his kingdom. The dragon assured the emperor that he would stay with Eudora until the next successor appeared. He was willing to spend the rest of his life with Eudora, and only when the successor had become a competent ruler will he then take Eudora back to the other side of the sea where they will live together thereafter. Dragons have always been monogamous and loyal towards their partners and he was the same. He especially had a great desire for exclusivity towards his partner, seeing as he agreed to stay here with Eudora. This required a lot of restraint as he had to control himself and refrain from taking back the important treasures in the castle to hoard it in his lair and keep them to himself.

After reaching a consensus, the dragon started living a new life as Eudora’s personal knight, accompanying him to deal with various duties in the day, and pressing him to do all kinds of shameful things at night. Soon, Eudora was crowned Emperor and things became even more hectic after that. Feeling sorry that the other was always tired during the day because of him, Uther restrained himself at night. Only God knows how hard it had been for him to just go to sleep with his arms around him without doing anything else. After a while, Eudora adopted one of his relative’s children who had been orphaned and raised him as his own, training him diligently.

Today, Eudora had just sent his finance minister away to handle some government affairs . Realizing that he had some time to spare, he left for the side courtyard where Uther was carefully teaching Zeno, his adopted son, swordsmanship near the grass patch. Seeing the lustrous sun of his life, Eudora coming over caused him to throw his sword and rush towards him yelling: “Papa!” as he gave him a hug. Eudora gave him a pat on his head while asking him about his progress. Uther also came over and pulled Zeno out of Eudora’s arms before lifting him up to sit on his shoulders. “Alright little guy, let’s go find some shade under a tree so we eat while we talk to papa okay?” The kid, however, can’t stop talking once he’s started, speaking about a range of topics for a very long time. The growing kid began to share his half-baked and strange ideas, albeit not having the intention to take up all of his partner’s attention.

The feeling of him sitting on Uther’s shoulders was strangely novel. When Uther suddenly broke into a run, the boy who was seated between his shoulders grabbed onto his hair and giggled. Eudora who followed behind them and couldn’t help bursting into laughter. “Run slowly, don’t fall.”

This spring afternoon, the family was sitting on the grass listening to Zeno talk about his latest milestones in learning.The child seemed to be filled with boundless energy, and even asked Eudora to teach him a new style of swordsmanship. This made Eudora feel that no matter how exhausted he was, all his work would be worth it in the end, not to mention that he also had Uther with him. Thinking of this, he raised his head and glanced at Uther, realizing that the other had already been looking at him. Since Zeno was still a young child, they could only exchange some deeply longing gazes at one another.

At night, Eudora stayed by Zeno’s bed. After reading a bedtime story for him, he managed to put him to sleep before returning to his bedroom. Uther was lying on the bed whilst looking at a collection of poems when he opened the door and came inside.

“Has Zeno fallen asleep?”

“Yep, just a few minutes ago. He’s still asking when you’ll give him swordsmanship classes tomorrow.” As soon as Eudora got close to Uther, he was pulled underneath the other. Uther’s low voice came from behind him, “This little guy here is very interested in swordsmanship himself, and he’s serious in producing a hard-working successor.” With a naughty hand, he slipped his fingers under Eudora’s clothes, pinching and rubbing the small nipple on his chest.

“Hnn… don’t be too hasty… I haven’t… taken a bath yet…” Eudora pushed Uther away, who had been kissing and licking his neck. He knew that he has been busy and hasn’t touched Uther in a long time so he wouldn’t be able to escape today. At least there wasn’t anything big happening the next day so it wouldn’t be too bad of an idea at all to ‘feed’ the other.

“Shall we go wash up together?” Uther got up and carried Eudora as he walked them both into the bathroom.

In the bathroom, their clothes were piled up together on the ground as steam drifted in the air. The jade tub was already filled with water when Uther sat inside the tub with Eudora, the water just barely above both their chests. Eudora placed his arms around Uther’s neck. His legs were also wrapped around Uther’s waist as his entire body clung onto Uther’s body. Both their tongues were intertwined as their lower bodies rubbed against each other. Uther fiddled with the buds on his chest while using his other hand to spread open Eudora’s ass. The warm water followed his fingers in and out of his hole as it clenched and unclenched. After separating from their kiss, Eudora tilted his head back and gasped for air. “Ah…” Uther licked a stripe along his neck, sucking his Adam’s apple before nibbling on it. It didn’t take long before the fair and smooth neck was filled with cranberry-colored marks as Uther shifted his attention towards his chest instead.

The two buds on the front had become swollen as pomegranate seeds because of prior teasing. Uther lowered his head and held one of them in his mouth, using his tongue to tease the hard, protruding things. After he had finished stretching Eudora out, Uther thrusted his c0ck all the way inside.

“Ahh…!” The feeling of fullness which he hasn’t felt in a long time caused Eudora to cum immediately. The milky fluids slowly dispersed in the water and the scent of semen aroused Uther further, leading him to hold Eudora tightly by his waist, lifting him so the huge c0ck only exited slightly each time before it was stuffed back inside. Their movements caused the water to splash so hard that it spilled out of the tub and Eudora could only inadvertently moan as he was taken. The bulge rubbed at his insides, causing waves of pleasure to crash over him. His insides began to suckle at Uther’s c0ck. As he tightened around the c0ck, Uther grew harder and couldn’t help but speed up his thrusts.

“Ahn… ah…! Ah… ahh… slow down…”
“How… are you so… big?… The water… came inside too… it’s so hot.. um…!”

Even though he had already cum before, Eudora’s front end slowly began to stand up again.

After Uther thrust inside him for the nth time,  Eudora had the faint feeling that he was going to cum again and began to shake his hips and move along to Uther’s rhythm, clamping onto Uther’s waist with his legs and slightly clenching down to squeeze his hole as Uther was thrusting it in so that his thick c0ck could stir him up more deeply.

“Hiss… Baby, not so tightly…”

“Ah..! Keep going… harder inside me…Ahh! Deeper…? Ahh..! I.. wanna to cum…”

When Eudora was lost in pleasure, he was particularly bold. He didn’t seem to know what he was talking about and looked like an incubus that was about to eat people up.

Uther saw that Eudora was pleasantly dazed again so he held him close and began to pick up the pace. His muscle tensed as the fat, heavy sacs slapped against Eudora’s butt vigorously, the sound of splashing water covering up Eudora’s moans. He thought to let Eudora cum first as the night was still young and that he was going to have more opportunities to eat his fill.

“Ahh…! It’s so big… too fast… gonna… cum soon.. Ah…!” The c0ck inside his body began twitching before shooting a lot of semen deep inside him. Uther pulled out after spilling messily inside, causing the warm water from the bath to rush inside the sloppy hole. Uther hooked his fingers around the ring of muscle, stretching the entrance as he felched more globs of semen out.

Still been dazed from his recent orga-mic high, Eudora who had just came had suddenly began squirming from under him, wanting to escape from Uther but he only hugged his waist firmly and wiggled his fingers more strongly, to which Eudora could only silently try to endure his ministrations.

Warm water flowed into his still-sensitive passageway as he felt Uther heavily prodding a bump inside him, rubbing the same spot with his fingers fervently and pressing down on it harshly from time to time.

‘Ah… Ah..! Don’t… do that… it feels strange…” The pleasure of being rubbed inside made him want to cum again but his d1ck couldn’t muster the strength to stand up again so soon. Unable to find release, he could only squirm around uncomfortably. Uther removed his hands from Eudora’s hips, and used them to rub his member and the cute balls below, occasionally digging his nails into the slit of the c0ckhead. The stimulation from both the back and front caused Eudora to lose it. With the pleasure causing more blood to rush towards his front, his member felt increasingly sore and agitated. Soon, Eudora couldn’t hold it in anymore and his tormented insides finally let everything out, causing him to excrete all over.

“Hah… hah.. Ah..” The urine quickly dissipated into the bathwater, mixing together like pigment in liquid. After peeing, Eudora felt weak. Slightly twitching as he leaned on Uther, tears inadvertently streamed down his face. Uther quickly supported him, placing his arms around the other so he wouldn’t drown and gently stroked his back to help him breathe. When most of Eudora’s awareness had begun to return, he realized what he had just done and started crying. “You.. you went too far… how can you treat me like that, that was so filthy… Why have I become so lewd.” Eudora felt so embarrassed that an adult like him could be made incontinent.

“Baby, it’s alright. Don’t be ashamed. No matter what you do, I won’t despise you. When Uther saw the other, he started coaxing him, holding Eudora in his arms and saying only the sweetest things. Halfway through, he picked Eudora up and sat him down by the tub, placing a towel underneath him, draining the dirtied bathwater before refilling it. Only then did he return the other back inside his embrace, washing him cleanly without doing anything else naughty.


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Chapter 5 – The night is still young*

The night is still young*

*Contains NSFW content.

In Eudora’s palace bedroom , Uther lowered his head to kiss Eudora. Due to Uther’s tall physique, Eudora had to stand on his tiptoes and crane his neck to kiss Uther. Uther’s kiss felt just like how he was, gentle and irresistible. A silver thread was drawn between them when their lips and tongue separated, some dripping from the corner of Eudora’s lips onto his fair neck before running down his collarbone. The two didn’t realize it as they were lost in their lust and slowly moved towards the large bed in the middle of the room. 

After Eudora was pushed down onto the bed, he raised his arm above his face to cover his eyes. It was just too embarrassing… after kissing Uther, he felt like he would drown in his arms. He heard some shuffling. Uther… Uther should be undressing at this moment right? Eudora felt his face turn even redder when he thought about it. After Uther had undressed, he saw that Eudora had covered his eyes, with his reddened cheeks, a trace of drool at the corners of his lips and that his mouth was slightly agape. His lower half felt constrained and throbbed painfully. Leaning against Eudora, he kissed his neck gently before whispering into his ear, “Baby, don’t be shy. I’ll make it feel good for you, okay?” One of his hands stripped off Eudora’s pants while the other rolled his shirt up, revealing two pink nipples on his chest. Uther licked the left one till it turned pink before tracing it in a circle with his tongue, nibbling it with his teeth from time to time, making Eudora moan uncontrollably. 

When Uther finally let go of the poor nipple, it had already been sucked tender, resembling the color of pomegranate seeds against the skin of his milky-white chest. The member on Eudora’s lower half stood at half-mast despite the lack of attention it received with precum dripping from the slit of its c0ckhead. “Does it feel that good when I play with your nipples?” Uther pulled away Eudora’s arm that had been covering his face as he guided those same hands to touch Eudora’s member. Eudora himself glared at Uther with reddened eyes and wanted to withdraw his hand but he was forced to wrap his hands around his thing and stroke it up and down.

“Does it feel good, Eudora? Make me feel good too, I’ve waited for so long… I’m so hard right now.” Uther peeled off his pants, revealing his fully hard c0ck as he rubbed himself against Eudora. With their hands still encircled around his member, Eudora felt embarrassed and quickly withdrew his hand as though he’d been scalded. But Uther moved faster, catching his wrists and bringing them between the two of them before moving it up and down to placate their dripping hardness. The pleasure slowly built up, growing more and more until Eudora started bucking his hips against Uther’s own without realizing it. Uther who was on top of Eudora didn’t miss his change in reaction, allowing the other to move himself to completion. He came with a sob, trembling as his fist had tightened around the bed sheet while his other hand was still trapped between the two of them.

As he was still panting slightly, he realized that Uther’s member was still hard, and that he was the only one who had reached orga-m just now. Uther reached out towards the head of the bed where a bottle of essential oil had been resting upon, causing the lower part of his body to hang directly above Eudora’s face for a bit. The dragon’s long and girthy member then leaned against his abdomen, still stained with the cum that he just released. Its thick c0ckhead and slightly upturned shape made it all the more frightening. Eudora was shocked for a moment as he struggled to prop up his body with the intent of escaping. Just how would this fit inside him?

Before he could fully sit up, Uther had turned him around and pressed into the bed. “Baby, where do you think you’re going?” Holding both of Eudora’s hands behind him, he had asked in a low voice. Eudora glared at the other defiantly and replied: “I don’t want to do it with you, you’re too big!” Unfortunately, his reddened eyes had been clouded with lust, and Eudora’s slight resistance against him only continued to fuel his raging desire. “I guess I’ll treat that as a compliment. I’ll make you feel good in a bit.” After speaking, Uther covered his index finger with the essential oil and used it to trace a line following the outline of his vertebrae, from Eudora’s back all the way to his hole. After rubbing the pucker, he reached inside, ”Mmm…” Eudora writhed uncomfortably, but as he got used to it, another digit was pressed inside him, causing his head to spin. “Ah!” Eudora moaned as though he had been electrified, feeling the middle finger pressing into a strange place. Uther started to focus on rubbing that same spot until that small entrance eventually swallowed up three fingers easily before pulling his fingers out. Eudora felt light-headed as he was pressed down again, his loosened hole slowly closing back up. 

“Relax baby. It’ll be okay, don’t be scared,” Uther had whispered into his ear, pressing into Eudora. Wrapping one hand around Eudora’s waist, he lifted his hips slightly as he supported his c0ck with the other and pushed it in. 


 Uther firmly pressed himself inside but was met with some difficulty.

“Baby, it’ll be alright in a while, don’t struggle and let me in?”

“Really hurts… ah… don’t… don’t want you… don’t come in… too deep…”

“But baby, if you touch this here… you’ve already swallowed so much of me up, it’s almost all in. Just relax…” Uther took Eudora’s hand and brought it to where they were joined together. The originally small hole had now been stretched so taut that its wrinkle around the entrance had disappeared. Being deeply penetrated made Eudora think that he might actually die from sex. Knowing that there was still some part of Uther’s c0ck that still hasn’t entered him yet, he pushed back at Uther’s chest, trying to stop him from coming even deeper inside.

“Don’t.. come in, there’s no more…nuhh..p-please…” Tears spilled from the corner of Eudora’s eyes. Uther’s lower half couldn’t be compared to just a few fingers because the dragon race has indeed always been endowed with great specs.

“If it really is uncomfortable, then I won’t go in… but just relax okay?” Uther’s c0ck twitched slightly as he coaxed Eudora. Finally feeling that tightness wrapped around him beginning to soften up, he grabbed Eudora’s waist and drove the rest of himself inside.


“It hurts… hurts… y-you said you won’t come in… you liar…”

“Baby, apart from when we’re doing it, I’ll never lie to you again.” Uther leaned in closer and kissed away Eudora’s tears as he whispered in his ear. “I love you… I can’t bear it anymore, this might hurt for a bit but then I’ll stop and be satisfied for a good while, okay? I promise. I love you, baby.” As he spoke, the aching desire from his lower half could no longer be contained. It twitched wildly as the wet hole below wrapped itself tightly around him. Due to Eudora reflexively clenching it from pain, it felt like there were multiple little mouths sucking him off. Despite feeling uncomfortable himself, Uther knew that Eudora was in more pain than him, but couldn’t hold it in anymore. Every time he pulled out most of his c0ck, he pushed it back in as he caressed Eudora.

“You… ah… ah… hurts…”

“Not so deeply… it hurts… my stomach… too deep…”

“Ugh… too big… please… ah.. be …gentle…” Eudora had been trapped under Uther, unable to break free, so he could only hold onto the sheets and take his c0ck. Uther had his arms wrapped around his waist and his body felt like it was being skewered by the black dragon’s c0ck every time Uther thrusted himself in and out. It felt like his insides were getting turned inside out. Through the throbbing pain, he could even feel the outline of the protruding veins on Uther’s c0ck as it brushed against a strange place inside him, causing a new feeling to rise inside Eudora. His own member in front had also begun to spill out some transparent fluids as it stood semi-erect.

Eudora wanted to reach out to touch his member but Uther had pressed him too close to the bed so he could only get some friction when it rubbed against the sheets. “Mmm.. Ah…” Eudora began to moan lewdly. Uther felt the other’s insides getting wet as the small mouth below started to constrict around his c0ck which was growing harder and larger. Sitting up and pulling Eudora along with him, he reached out and began to stroke Eudora’s member as he lifted the other by his hips so he could continue thrusting against that small bump inside him.

The sudden change in posture caused Eudora to take Uther’s c0ck deeper into himself, and the feeling of being comforted in the front again after cumming a while ago caused him to lie weakly in Uther’s embrace. He could only grasp onto Uther’s arm with his head tilted back as he was repeatedly forced to take the c0ck inside him. After a while, Eudora felt his mind go blank as the muscles in his body tensed up before he came again. The heat that had been enveloping Uther’s c0ck suddenly tightened around him, and after a low growl, he tightly hugged Eudora and started to thrust inside him fast and deep with the intent of emptying his sack inside him.

After Eudora had ejaculated, he couldn’t even scream as he was greeted by fierce thrusts followed by Uther’s growl by his ear as the c0ck inside him started to spill inside him. Before Eudora lost consciousness, he only remembered the feeling of fullness as hot semen started filling his insides as well as Uther’s repeated “I love you’s”. The next day, Eudora woke up feeling sore all over, especially in his bussy, which he felt was still loose. He only vaguely recalled, albeit dumbly, that Uther had taken him to the bathroom after their vigorous activities, and that it had taken a long time to clean the mess they had made inside him. Halfway through the wash, the pair had become entangled again but Uther knew that Eudora couldn’t take another round so they only soothed each other before Eudora was wiped dry and carried to bed where he immediately fell asleep.

When Uther came in with breakfast, he spotted Eudora dazed and seated on the bed as he was half-covered by the quilt. His upper body was naked and the little red marks left by Uther last night could still be seen.

“Good morning baby, here, try to eat something.” Uther placed a soft pillow behind Eudora so he could lean on it, scooping a spoonful of congee and bringing it towards Eudora’s mouth. His gentle and compassionate behavior was nothing like how he was in bed last night. “You… cough cough” Eudora found that his throat was dry and scratchy, so he glared at Uther and said, “Isn’t there… something…. you should say to me?!”

A wide-eyed Uther only handed him a glass of honey water, helping him drink half the glass before he said, “If I was too rough on you last night, I apologize. But baby, I can’t promise that I won’t be like this next time. It’s really hard to hold back, I love you.” He said, wiping the excess water on Eudora’s lips with his thumbs as he tilted his chin and kissed him. The kiss comforted Eudora, which made him feel less angry. After eating Uther’s breakfast, he began to feel sleepy again but he wanted to get up and to see his parents. Seeing this, Uther laid down next to Eudora and coaxed him to go back to sleep: “I have already told them about us. Don’t worry about it, baby. You’ll always have me here. Go to sleep. I’ll handle the rest when you wake up.” Eudora gradually closed his eyes after hearing Uther’s whisper and fell into a deep sleep listening to his powerful heartbeat as well as the reassuring rise and fall of his chest.


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Chapter 4 – Confession


When night fell, Uther used his magic to avoid the detection of passers-by as he sneaked into Eudora’s room through the windows. Eudora had taken a shower and was dressed in loose pajamas. He had picked up a book to distract himself after he couldn’t stop thinking about how much he missed Mr. black dragon. After reading less than two pages, the person he had in mind suddenly jumped in from his window. This made Eudora wonder if he was starting to hallucinate from yearning too much. Fortunately, Uther didn’t let him stay stunned for very long, speaking to him directly: “Eudora, I have something to tell you. I like you, can we be together?”

Plop… Eudora didn’t notice as his book fell to the ground. He was too shocked by Uther’s sudden confession. Uther, on the other hand, was filled with regrets. He thought that he should’ve been more careful and prepared, and that he should’ve brought a bouquet of moonflowers or various gems, but he couldn’t hold on any longer. Eudora had returned to his rightful home and there was no reason for them to stay together anymore. When he stayed at the guest room prepared by the emperor and his wife, he realized that he was not used to sleeping alone. This anxious feeling ate at him, long into the night. No longer able to bear this feeling in his heart, he rushed to Eudora to express his thoughts that had long plagued his mind.

Silence befell upon the two in the bedroom and Uther was starting to regret his crude confession, but Eudora himself did not react. “Will you promise to be my mate?” Uther asked again after seeing Eudora frozen there. Eudora snapped back to the present afterwards, lowering his head, whispering his willingness to accept. After all, it was a happy thing to be confessed by the one you liked. It was great that the gentle and powerful Mr. black dragon liked him back.

“I love you, Eudora.” Uther hugged Eudora after hearing his reply. “Unfortunately, I didn’t prepare anything… Not even flowers, so I must make it up to you next time, I promise I will. Eudora said nothing about this, but Uther took his promise to heart. From then on, for each day they were together, Eudora would always receive flowers from Uther.

“By the way, I still have something to tell you. Do you remember the dragon couple that came to you when you were much younger?” Uther asked Eudora, who let go of his hands. “It was them who proposed that I pretended to be a princess to avoid the curse caused by black magic, or so I heard from my parents. It was thanks to them that I could grow up healthy. What’s wrong? Why did you suddenly ask about this?” Eudora was puzzled.

Uther replied, “I recognized your parents after entering the palace. As a child, I had accompanied my own parents to this place before. At the time, you were still in your infancy but I thought you looked beautiful even then.”

“Was that dragon couple your parents? Were you the one who had given me dragon scales?” Eudora was surprised.

“Yes, it seems that we were destined to be together for a long time. When I was a child, I must’ve somehow known that you would be my fated mate so I gave you my scale.” Uther started to speak nonsensically. “It was also possible that this dragonscale brought you to me, which shows that you were also destined to be mine.”

Eudora retorted. “What nonsense, how can there be such abstract things like that? I was so young then, it’s not like you were able to foresee all that.”

Uther replied seriously, “Er, to be frank, I always thought that you were a girl, but nevertheless, I’m really grateful to have given you my scale so that time could bring you back to me.”

Eudora thought about his words for a moment and felt that there was some truth to it. If he hadn’t kept the dragonscale close with him, maybe he would’ve died at sea and never had the chance to meet Uther. Fate really was amazing, and Eudora feels warm when he thinks of this.

The atmosphere was just right and it was unclear who made the first move, but they kissed each other naturally. Their tongues entangled, exchanging their love for one another. Just outside the window, the stars were shining brightly as a breeze blew into the bedroom, knocking the stack of papers filled with poems onto the ground as the room was filled with lewd, wet sounds and faint breathing, for a new chapter in their story had just begun. 


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Chapter 3 – Introductions and returns

Introduction and returns

Uther returned back outside. Sweaty, he went to the forest where there was a big waterfall to meditate. After calming down, he rushed back to the cave, picking a handful of wildflowers on the way back, hoping to cheer up the little beauty. He had read in a book that giving a lady beautiful flowers and telling them that they were as pretty as the said flowers will allow him to gain the favour of the lady. Although the little beauty was a male… it should be somewhat… applicable. Uther thought about it nervously with the flowers in his hands but when he approached Eudora, he realized the other person had already fallen asleep. He slept very peacefully with his long hair spread out on the fur, very akin to the elves he met when he journeyed to the tree of life with his parents as a young lad.

Uther placed the flowers next to the little beauty’s bed before turning off the surrounding lights, leaving only some glowing crystals. After thinking for a while, he returned to his original form and circled his body around the little beauty before shutting his eyes. Before drifting asleep, he thought that sleeping like this was much better than sleeping in his piles of gold. Compared to the beauty, gold was both cold and hard.

When Eudora woke up in the morning, he saw a tall black mountain? After looking around for a while, he realized that it had been the real form of Mr. black dragon. He really was a beautiful being. His whole body was black and shiny with sharp claws and sturdy wings – all of an adult black dragon that was in his prime. Uther opened his eyes to find the beauty staring at him curiously. He waggled his tail in response and said to the little beauty: “So you’ve finally woken up. There are fruits next to you if you’re hungry. If you’re scared, I can transform back to my human self.” It was only then when Eudora had noticed the wildflowers beside the fruits. He asked: “Are these flowers for me? Thank you Mr. black dragon, I love them very much. I also like Mr. black dragon’s original form.” Uther fluttered his wings shyly after hearing those words, replying: “If you like, you can transform into your own dragon form if you think it fits you well. Also, no need to call me Mr. black dragon, you can call me Uther.” Eudora smiled and nodded, telling Uther that he could also call him Eudora. They both exchanged their names that morning and entrusted themselves to the other.

One month passed in a blink of an eye and they soon developed deeper feelings for each other. Every morning, Uther would fly outside to find herbs or wild fruits for Eudora, oftentimes bringing back a variety of gifts for him which ranged from flowers to golden treasures. Uther found many human books for Eudora and also told him many stories about dragons and the other races which made Eudora fall for Uther even more. Uther’s voice is magnetic and the stories he’s told are also very interesting. With a face like that, it was easy to fall in love with him. Eudora was already enamored with him, and as their time together went on, he only became more and more drawn to Mr. black dragon. The thought of living here with Uther for the rest of his life even crossed his mind, but his yearning for his parents placed him in a dilemma. It was late one day when Uther was sitting on one side of his bed, as per usual. He picked up a book and started reading. Eudora’s legs were almost completely healed by now and he could now move around slowly. Due to this, Uther had gone out to find an ebony branch, trimming it so Eudora could use it as a crutch. Because of this, Eudora’s favorability towards Uther has skyrocketed.

Uther had also prepared himself to send Eudora away on the day his legs finally recovered. Even though he was very unwilling to give the other up, he still took Eudora to the beach conscientiously. Eudora wore the same dress as he did when they had first met. Despite Uther preparing a luxurious men’s outfit for him, Eudora refused it, telling him that he was a princess. Uther had no choice but to just bring him some jewelry so he could make Eudora look more stunning.

After completing all their preparations, Uther turned back into a huge black dragon and lowered his body so Eudora could climb aboard. He then flew towards the mainland. For Eudora, it had been a very novel experience sitting on his back. Uther greatly slowed down the speed at which he was flying at for him so it was a steady and slow flight. This allowed Eudora to carefully take in the breathtaking view as they passed though flocks of seabirds, met giant whales coming to the surface of the ocean to take a breath of air, as well as a group of courting dolphins. 

When a barrier of coral reefs entered his vision, only then did Eudora realize that they were about to reach the mainland. This also meant that he and Uther were soon about to go their separate ways, which made his reluctance to leave the other rise up in his heart. The contradictory feeling made him realize that he had fallen in love with Uther, this careful, gentle and somewhat lonely Mr. black dragon. He didn’t know what Uther would make of it. Would he like him back too? Eudora shook his head, trying to get Mr. black dragon out of his mind, trying to get his heart to stop beating so quickly, but it was for naught. After arriving on the mainland, Uther found a remote area to land at. After transforming into his human form, he asked around to find where the nearest city was, while also finding a carriage to get there – after all, his dragon form would be rather conspicuous on the mainland.

After doing so, Uther took Eudora to a tavern and bought him some food, hoping to alleviate Eudora’s fatigue by filling his stomach. For a sturdy-skinned dragon like him, a long journey across the sea was no problem at all, however humans were different. They are fragile creatures in comparison. Uther recalled the knowledge he had read about humans in a book as he ordered a meal from the owner of the establishment.

Uther fed the nicely-cut steak to Eudora. The soft gold of the atmospheric light landed on Eudora as he sat quietly opposite him, also drinking the warm broth in the bowl and eating the yummy steak fed to him. Seeing Eudora like this made Uther’s heart soft. The thought that he might fall in love with the other suddenly made itself known to Uther. During the time they had spent together in the cave, from the time they had spent the beginning only reading by themselves without bothering the other, up to the point they had unknowingly drifted closer and even slept together after reading to each other. Even just up till recently, when Eudora was finally able to walk around, they both went for walks together near the cliff’s shore, watching fireflies and hunting together. Although Eudora was known as a princess, he had been given a private education demanded of a successor to the royal family. Uther realized this when he saw that the other’s arms were lean and muscular. Although his leg had been injured, he could still see power and grace in the way the other had handled the prey they hunted. Their feelings grew day by day after getting along, despite them being unaware of it themselves. It was not until they realized that they would soon be separated that their feelings began making themselves known. 

After thinking it through, Uther finally understood this and was ready to confess his feelings to Eudora, hoping that Eudora would agree and come to stay by his side. But what if Eudora rejected him? As he rethought it again and again, Uther and Eudora also reached the Country of Hessel. From the moment he stepped into the palace, Uther was overcome by an indescribable sense of familiarity. It wasn’t until Eudora had introduced his parents to him that Uther was certain that the person in front of him had been the ‘little princess’ he had once met when he was younger. For this reason, he felt that this had been fate working its gears, strengthening his resolve to confess to Eudora.


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Chapter 2 – A band-aid

A bandage

Because he had been drifting along in the sea for a long period of time, Eudora didn’t realize that his leg was injured. It wasn’t until his damp clothes began to feel a little uncomfortable that he wanted to change out of them when he had discovered an angry white blister. Who knows where the dragon had found it, but Eudora soon donned a pure white nightgown. Uther had insisted that he shouldn’t wear pants on top of his injury and handed him the lacy white dress. Eudora felt that there was some other ulterior motive behind this but did not reject Uther’s proposal.

Of course, this was after he went through the trouble of rejecting the other selection of dresses Eudora had given him so he couldn’t refuse. Taking a careful look at Eudora’s wound, Uther told him that it might take a little over a month for it to heal and when it healed, he would set out for the continent across the sea with him. For now, the dragon went to find some herbs and food for him in the forest, handing him a transparent crystal. He told Eudora to break it should an emergency arise and he will rush back immediately. After explaining this, Uther exited by jumping off the cliff, promptly turning into a dragon and flying off into the distance.

In the cave, Eudora laid on the fluffy fur, observing the light emanating from the crystal in his hand. Suddenly, he was reminded of something and dug into the pockets of the dress he had recently changed into and pulled out a dragonscale. It was something that his parents had passed to him very early on in his memories. They told him that it was gifted to him by the dragon couple who helped him and he had always kept the memento close by even after so many years. Eudora placed the transparent crystal and the dragonscale together as his mind drifted towards Uther. He felt that the other was a good and compassionate dragon. After he’s returned home, he must allow his parents to repay the black dragon. Thinking about this, he soon fell asleep.

Eudora later awoke to the pain in his leg. Uther had brought back some water, herbs and wild fruit. He had been grinding down herbs by the bed. After realizing that he had woken up, he soaked a clean handkerchief into the water, wetting it. Uther gave Eudora a washed fruit as he sat up halfway on the bed, “This is very sweet, use it to suppress your hunger first. Due to your injury, you shouldn’t eat anything too heavy for now. When it is healed, I will bring you rabbit hunting. Now, I’m going to bandage your wound for you. It may hurt at first, but please bear with it.” Eudola accepted the fruit obediently and ate it in small bites, allowing Uther to hold his right leg. He was shy, so his toes had been slightly curled up, making his foot seem round and cute. Uther looked down on his hands and feet and wondered what would happen if he licked a stripe from his toes all the way to his thighs.

Feeling bothered by his own nasty thoughts, Uther quickly brushed them off and carefully wiped the skin around the wound with a cloth. “His skin really is pale and pretty. Even the little beauty’s ankles are so thin that you can encircle it with one hand. I bet the red anklet with a golden bell in my possession would look great around it. The nightdress he adorned also looked wonders on him. I thought he would’ve refused it but the little prince really is too much of a tease. I must let him try on the black one tomorrow.” Uther started making more plans with ulterior motives in his heart as he fed Eudora the medicine without realizing that his thoughts had been completely inconsistent with his own principles as a gentlemanly dragon. While Uther was still thinking about whether a dark blue princess gown or a red low-cut dress would look prettier on the beauty, Eudora retracted his feet. Uther’s heart grew empty and felt an inexplicable loss. Looking up, it turns out that he has already finished bandaging the wound. Had he really done it that fast? He still hasn’t touched it enough, and should’ve bandaged it more slowly. Uther regretted his actions a little. 

Meanwhile Eudora hadn’t realized the various thoughts floating around in Uther’s mind. He just silently commented to himself that Mr black dragon really did love being absent minded all the time despite also being such a careful, gentle person. “Thank you Mr. black dragon, you really are very kind. When I get home, I must remember to repay you well.” Eudora had said. Uther, who had been called a good dragon, only said that it was the least he could do for someone as beautiful as him and turned around to leave. He needed time to calm down and think more about the little beauty. After all, Uther also realized that it might not be good to always be in a daze around the other. Eudora buried his face in the thick fur immediately after the black dragon left. Mr. black dragon looked so handsome when he smiled, he almost couldn’t keep a straight face in front of him. Eudora patted his cheeks that had turned pink, trying to calm himself down, to no avail. Thinking of Mr. black dragon bandaging his wounds only made the pink on his face spread throughout his body.


T/L notes: I think I have a thing for dragons… it probably started when I first read “The reader and the protagonist”, then it was Mr. Zhongli from Genshin Impact. (0///-//0) I also love the mostly draconic cast in Kobayashi’s Maid Dragon, and if I had to pick between Tohru, Kanna, Elma, Lucoa, Fafnir or Ilulu, I’d be pretty torn. ಥ_ಥ

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Chapter 1 – Origins and first encounter

Origins and first encounter

The dragon is just an ordinary one, like in many other fairy tales, this one is dr4p3d in black scales with golden pupils, powerful wings and sharp claws. And as expected, it also experiences problems like all other dragons, in which it likes all things shiny. In its cave, piles of ancient gold coins, leather and furs are messily laid out, as well as some assorted antiques. When this dragon was still a cub, his parents taught him that shiny golden things will one day help it win the heart of his mate, and that a female dragon would choose her beloved partner based on the decor of the male dragon’s lair. This dragon firmly took this advice to heart and worked hard every day to venture out and collect beautiful, shiny objects to fill his place of residence.

The dragon’s lair lies on a cliff close to the sea, and whenever the tide rises, the waves will carry with it some broken ships.These ships all originated from the other side of the world, where humans lived. This particular continent where they lived was called Issikai and there were various kingdoms, both large and small, that made up the land. The dragon only ever went there with his parents as a child, remembering the lonely magicians and wandering misfits. Of course, there was the memory of the gentle emperor and his empress along with their beautiful little princess. The little princess and her pink cheeks with slightly curly locks had still been in her cradle.

At the time, this dragon vaguely remembered that a problem had occurred when the little princess was in the Empress’ womb, and that she had a weird aura. The Emperor couldn’t stand to see his wife upset and decided to ask the Oprah Clan from across the sea, who were this dragon’s parents, for some help. After a long night of discussion between the Emperor and the dragon couple, the Emperor and Empress dismissed the Oprah Clan. Before they left, the young dragon had felt that the color of the little princess’ hair and his own scales bore a striking resemblance in color to one another. He polished a piece of his scale to be made into jewelry for her when she was a little older. It complimented her hair very well, and was therefore regarded as a birthday gift for her. This memory replayed multiple times throughout his life and he oftentimes felt that it was the best decision of his life.

After leaving the mainland of Issekai, the dragon separated from his parents. He had to journey alone to Dragon Valley for his coming-of-age ceremony. Every dragon needed to go through with this process, and only after coming out of this experience will he gain his real name, which symbolized that he was an independent and fully-fledged dragon. In the valley, he had to survive the shedding in order to gain a stronger body and inherit the ancient power of the dragon clan. The other thing he had to do was fully master the ability to transform into his human form.

The dragon instantaneously cut through the air, and then lowered his body, skillfully descending on the beach near the cliff. This dragon also goes by Uther and he has lived here for more than ten years ever since he left Dragon Valley. He spends every day searching for treasure to fill his lair, hoping that his future mate will approve of his home.They can roll around in the gold coins together, soar up in the skies and even make a cute dragon egg. Uther gradually became lost in his thoughts until a huge wave brought him back to reality. This time however, the wave did not bring with it the wreckage of broken ships, but instead a sleeping beauty.

The alluring woman had long black hair that reached her waist and wore a simple but delicate long dress. Her waist was very thin, and from Uther’s perspective, a small part of her white neck could be seen peeking out from her long hair. Subconsciously, Uther’s tail began to waggle as he felt an itchy feeling rise in his throat. After thinking it through, Uther transformed into his human form and walked up to the beauty, picking her up and walking towards the cliff. The beauty’s face was as good-looking as the ones he’s been imagining for a long time now, save for the paleness that resulted from her extended soak in the waters. Suddenly, Uther was struck with an interest to see the beauty after she had opened her eyes. He thought that she would be very beautiful. Dragons had always been weak to beautiful things and the beauty seemed to look very similar to the princess from one of the countries on the opposite continent. With this in mind, the little princess Uther saw as a child popped up in his mind as the color of their hair looked alike.

Due to the lair being situated on a cliff, Uther had to transform back into his original form before flying into his home with the beauty. He picked up a few animal pelts and constructed a simple bed for the beauty. After a second thought, he found an oil lamp and lit it up with magic, placing it next to her bed. After thinking again, he decided to stay in his human form and waited for the beauty to awaken so he could ask about her situation. He was, after all, a gentlemanly dragon.

Uther hadn’t used his human form for a long time now and started to feel a little uncomfortable in it. In order to overcome this strange feeling, Uther simply picked up a book from one of the gold piles to pass the time. After flipping through one third of the book, the beauty laying on the bed finally opened her eyes. It was a pair of the most exquisite irises that resembled the night sky of midsummers, which had the effect of making others unable to look away. The beauty was unresponsive for a while, before she asked in a hoarse voice: “Where is this? Who are you? Did you save me..?” She coughed out loud. This time, it was Uther who froze up. The beauty seemed to be… a man… Eudora looked at the dazed man strangely and began to curiously walk around. He seemed to be in a cave? However, it was really hard to describe the place. With gold spreading out in all directions, he felt like he was going to be blinded if he were to take a second glance. This person before him was indeed strange. 

Seeing that the other party was still in a daze, Eudora repeated his question again, to which Uther finally reacted and replied in the common language of the mainland, “This is the far shore opposite the mainland. I am Uther, the black dragon who resides here. I found you on the beach under the cliff. Have you encountered any difficulties… and are you perhaps… male?” After speaking, Uther’s face seemed to burn a bright red. Would it be too presumptuous to ask such a question? Eudora was not shocked after hearing that the other was a black dragon. After all, this was the age of magic and he often met various bards in the palace. In the verses they spun, dragons were not terrible beings. Besides, as a child,a dragon couple had come to his aid so he could grow up healthy and strong. As Eudora processed the information he just received, Uther called out to him after finding more lanterns and luminous crystals to light up his cave. 

When Eudora lifted his head again, he could finally see Uther’s face clearly, with short flax hair and dark golden glasses, he was very tall, almost ten inches taller than himself. He had wheat-colored skin with a robust figure which was considered very popular and attractive in his country. Eudora then told the other that he was the prince of a small country on the continent of Issikai and had pretended to be a princess for special reasons so he could travel around. Due to a series of unfortunate circumstances, he had encountered some strong gales and rough waves at sea, causing him to fall into a whirlpool, later waking up here. Eudora asked Uther if he would help bring him home, which the dragon readily agreed. He was a kind dragon after all, plus it was difficult to refuse such a pretty person.


T/L notes: Hey guys! I’m back with another smutty title ahaha, though most of it happens later. For now, I hope you did read through the plot of this short story. Although it’s simple without any conflicts, I hope its simplicity might help pass the time or even lighten the mood if you’re feeling particularly stressed these days, like me . . . . . ᕕ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ

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