Jingling Bells*

*Contains NSFW content

After taking a shower, Uther returned to the bed with Eudora. However, they wouldn’t go to sleep just yet, that much was obvious. Uther’s member was always hard and swollen, and Eudora in his arms clearly felt it too. Uther had been holding himself back for so long, how was it possible that he would only do the deed once and be done with it?

Even though he was mentally prepared, after being held under Uther’s crushing desire, Eudora felt like he was going to break. Satisfying a dragon that went hungry for a long time would require half his soul be taken away from him it seemed.

It was already late into the night, and Eudora had already cum twice after being pulled onto the bed while Uther only spilled inside him once. His entryway felt numb and semen flowed out from it from Uther thrusting in repeatedly, causing it to sloppily turn foamy and cling onto Uther’s balls and pubic hair. However, the majority of it was still stuck inside, constantly being pushed deeper and deeper into his stomach. Eudora was lying with his back on the sheets as his legs hung weakly by Uther’s arms. With a soft pillow underneath him, his waist was raised in a very convenient position for Uther’s punishing thrusts. Uther had recently cum, but he could still go on. They had both been in this position for a long time, and in the beginning, Eudora had his legs slung on Uther’s shoulders, but as time went on, he became so tired and could no longer hold them up so they eventually slipped onto Uther’s arms. His vision was blurry and his mouth was half-open with a little drool leaking out of it. His hands were weakly rested next to him and his long hair messily spread out under his body. There was a small puddle of fluids on his abdomen of the less viscous variety, and several thicker globs on his chest, suggesting that he was played with a lot.

“Hmm baby, your hole gets tighter every time we do it. Here, feel it.” Uther placed Eudora’s hands on his lower half. “Do you feel it? Feel what I’m giving you?”

“Uwa… just quickly cum already… Why haven’t you cum yet?” Eudora could only register this sort of reply.

After a while, Uther pulled out, looking as though he suddenly recalled something. Taking out a box from the corner of the bed, he opened it and placed the item around his right ankle. Eudora felt something cold on his ankle and when he opened his eyes again, he saw a thin, ornate chain of bells had been placed on it. The silver chain had been strung with silver bells and there was a round black disk on it.


“It’s dragonscale, do you recognize it baby? I thought about it for a while and decided to carve it into an anklet for you. It was personally designed and crafted by me. Do you like it?”

“It looks lovely, thank you.”

“I also think it suits you very well.” Uther began to peck him lightly, starting from his ankle with the silver chain before making his way up his body. “I had always wanted to do this ever since that time when I was bandaging your wounds.” Uther held the slim ankles in his mouth and couldn’t help but suck them, his tongue licking in a circular motion, moving from the calf, to the knees, and his thighs… until he left a crimson splotch on the tender flesh of his inner thigh. Using his tongue, he started from Eudora’s balls before licking a stripe from the base all the way to his c0ckhead. Taking the entire rod inside his mouth, he suckled at it, causing Eudora to tense up, his right hand grasping at Uther’s hair as he tried to thrust himself into the other’s warm cavern. 

After cumming, his member even stood up again under his touch. Uther’s technique was really good and he even managed to take him deep inside his throat. The constricting passageway made the sensitive member feel extremely good. Uther stopped after feeling that Eudora was hard again, taking out another item from the box. It was a red string woven together using hemp and with two small bells. Uther wrapped the red string around the base of Eudora’s member before tying a neat bow, letting the bell hang just above his perineum. This way, Eudora would still remain hard but be unable to cum again. “Baby, we still have a long time to play so you gotta control yourself when you take me. Ejaculating too much isn’t good for you.”

“No… release me… It feels uncomfortable. Plus, isn’t it because of you that I came so much?” As he was about to untie the red string, Uther grabbed his hands and tied it with some rope. “Don’t take this too far!” Eudora struggled against him. “It’s okay baby, I will let you go soon. I just want us to cum together okay?” Uther began to coax him gently again as he inserted himself into his lover, steadily grinding against that bump inside. Only when Eudora became more pliant underneath him did he start to speed up. The bells on his ankles and member jingled along to the rhythm of Uther’s thrusts.

Pulling Eudora up, Uther laid down so now the other was sitting on him. Their positions were now switched. Eudora looked down at Uther in confusion as he flicked his member that was still standing upright despite being tied up. “Baby, why don’t you try moving yourself? It’ll be fun to try and make the bells ring like this.” After speaking, he only lay there waiting for Eudora to move.

“I… How should I do it…? I don’t know how…”

“You always say I move too fast or deeply inside so I’m giving you a chance to move yourself.” He grabbed Eudora’s waist and helped him push himself up.

“Ah..!’ Eudora felt flustered and almost got off Uther, but after confirming that the other wasn’t going to move, Eudora properly straddled Uther and placed his hands on Uther’s stomach for support before propping his own waist up. As he clenched down hard on the c0ck inside him, his front began leaking too. At first, he moved on his own volition at a slow, torturous pace. When the partially-inserted c0ck had brushed against the bump inside him, Eudora went limp, causing the entire thing to be swallowed by his body. “Uwa…”

“Yes baby, just like that. Rub against that place even more. You can go even faster than that right? Doesn’t it feel good?” Eudora lifted his hips and his front sputtered weakly a few more times before he found himself at a consistent pace. Uther’s c0ck was very large, and this position allowed it to enter him more deeply, not to mention the slight kink in the c0ck which only served to make his own member grow even harder. Rubbing persistently at his prostate caused a spine-chilling sensation inside him every time. After a few tries, Eudora had worked into a quick rhythm, lifting his hips up and down, brushing against that spot every time. Gradually, he grew dissatisfied with just shaking his hips, even starting to move in a circular motion so he could let that fat c0ck rub his insides even more.

From Uther’s point of view, it was a great view… Watching Eudora twisting his hips like an incubus that wanted to squeeze him dry as Eudora’s own hardened member bounced up and down with his every hip thrust while the bells jingled. Uther touched Eudora’s chest with his hands, squeezing and rubbing at the two small nubs. The tickling feeling made his lover arch out his chest reflexively as he continued to move his hips happily. “Ah..! Feels good… want to cum… uw… Uther… help me untie it… feels so sore, but can’t stop…”

Uther felt the other’s insides constricting against his c0ck and felt some fluids trickling onto his stomach from Eudora’s member. Eudora fell weakly onto Uther’s chest as he panted. Due to the restraints, he could only bounce up and down a few times before feeling sluggish.

Holding the other close, Uther sat up quickly, causing Eudora’s member and the bells to be trapped between the two bodies as he moaned brokenly. The lewd noise stimulated Uther, causing him to move faster and faster before finally shooting his seed deep inside him with a low growl. At the very last moment, Uther untied the red string and Eudora immediately cum as soon as he was released, with it spilling all over Uther’s abs. Because he had been holding it in for too long, some even splashed onto his neck, which Uther licked cleanly, before exchanging a deep musky kiss with him.

The semen inside him followed his c0ck when he pulled out, dripping down his sack and wetting the bed sheets. Holding Eudora down, he folded Eudora’s thigh close to his chest so he could push his c0ck back inside. While kissing Eudora who has already turned his head to the side, he slowly thrusted in as he waited for the other’s member to harden again.

The bells on his ankles hung weakly in the air as they trembled. Eudora could only lie in Uther’s embrace and endure his thrusts with his hips lifted high. His hands were bound together but he still reached down to comfort his own d1ck. Pulling Eudora’s thighs apart with both hands as he drove his hips forwards, Uther felt that he couldn’t get enough of his human despite him already being in his arms. He wanted to take him back to his cave full of his own treasures. Eudora on the other hand could only silently endure and take all of what Uther’s draconic desire sought out, indulging his lover helplessly as he accepted his shameful plays.

The bell jingled all night, and Uther didn’t let Eudora go until the sky’s horizon began to lighten up from dawn’s approach. The entire bed was ruined and really shouldn’t be seen by anyone else. Eudora himself was weak, covered in lovemarks and bruises while his ass had simply taken in too much semen deeply that it wouldn’t stop flowing out from him. Uther decided to give up after realizing that he couldn’t scr4p3 out the most of it. Holding Eudora close, he used his c0ck to block the overflowing semen that refused to stop flowing out instead.

Pulling the quilt over them, he fell asleep just like that. Since he couldn’t get it all out, he might as well indulge himself and think about everything else when he woke up. The next day, Eudora woke up to find that he had spent the entire night in Uther’s embrace but his face turned red and white from anger and embarrassment when he realized what the other had done. Without taking care of the semen that was now flowing down from his thighs to his ankles, he drove Uther out of bed and decided that next time, he would share a bed with Zeno and let this unscrupulous dragon sleep all alone by himself.


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