Chapter 79

       Wen Jianing tried to find a time to return to Lei Xing the next day.

  Wen Tinghuan walked with Wen Jianing in the corridor of the company, and her high heels made a loud noise.

  Halfway down the corridor, they suddenly saw Jiang Yongfei coming out of a room in front of him, followed by seven or eight people behind him, one of whom was Zhu Zexin.

  Wen Jianing asked Wen Tinghuan in a low voice, “Zhu Zexin is following Jiang Yongfei now?”

  Wen Tinghuan who had always seen Jiang Yongfei in a bad light, said in a low voice, “Yes, he has gone to work for the Queen as a lapdog.”

  Even if Jiang Yongfei was usually approachable, she still couldn’t change Wen Tinghuan’s view of her. He doesn’t know when Wen Tinghuan had been calling her the Queen in private.

  Jiang Yongfei was the Queen of Lei Xing, which had been accepted by everyone since Lei Xing was founded and she was scouted over.

       But now, Wen Tinghuan patted Wen Jianing on the chest and said in a low voice, “You are expected to become the new queen, come on! Put her in her place!”

  Wen Jianing whispered, “Stop talking nonsense.”

  After he finished speaking, he smiled and greeted Jiang Yongfei, and said, “Hello Fei jie.”

  Jiang Yongfei has always been polite to Wen Jianing and others, but the politeness was only superficial. Nowadays when she saw Wen Jianing, she would approach him affectionately as if they were very close to each other. She then said, “How are you doing? I heard that Director Lu’s new movie has finished filming?”

  Nowadays, no matter whether they were close or not, people in the circle would call him Director Lu when they see Lu Jinlang. Some people thought that this was more respectful, and some were just saying it out of ridicule.

       Wen Jianing also smiled and said, “The filming is over, and I plan to take a rest.”

  Jiang Yongfei held his hand, “I will have a concert at the end of the year, are you interested in being a special guest?”

  Wen Jianing replied, “Of course, it’s my honour. Let Ting jie arrange it for me, and I will definitely go to support Fei jie when the time comes.”

  Jiang Yongfei smiled and said, “That’s a deal!”

  After finishing speaking, she waved to Wen Jianing and left with a large group of assistants and staff.

  Wen Tinghuan asked Wen Jianing, “Are you really going?”

  Wen Jianing said to her, “It’s not like she is inviting seriously, why are you nervous?”

  When he came back, he went to meet Zheng Xin. In the small meeting room, Bai Shengzhe came, but what he said was more of a routine to win over Wen Jianing. The company would definitely provide him with a better development plan, so that he could work at ease and so on.

  And even Zheng Xin had become more and more polite to Wen Jianing. Now he didn’t dare to directly arrange his work, and he had sought Wen Jianing’s opinion.

  Now an internationally renowned sports brand had just entered the domestic market, hoping to let Wen Jianing be their ambassador. Zheng Xin felt that it was very suitable in all aspects. It was originally a high-end brand and it was in line with the image of young people. However, before making a decision, he first asked Wen Jianing’s own opinions and Bai Shengzhe’s opinions before they could be determined.

  In addition to advertising endorsements, Wen Jianing’s next schedule was actually relatively empty.

  Zheng Xin once considered that he could take another TV series to consolidate his popularity, but Bai Shengzhe rejected it. In fact, it was not Bai Shengzhe who rejected but Lu Jinlang.

  Lu Jinlang wanted Wen Jianing to rest for a period of time. The next step was to prepare for the publicity of the film, and second, he would help him find a suitable movie and a suitable script.

  Of course, this was because Lu Jinlang had a discussion with Bai Shengzhe before. Now that Lu Jinlang knew Wen Jianing’s real identity, his mentality had undergone a subtle change. He was more relieved to leave Wen Jianing to make his own decisions on the works. Because he believed that the other party’s vision and ability were no less than his own.

  Lei Xing now valued Wen Jianing highly, and even Bai Shengzhe took care of everything personally. It was impossible for Jiang Yongfei to not hear about it. It was just that no one knew what Jiang Yongfei’s thoughts were.

  When Wen Jianing’s work arrangement was over, Bai Shengzhe left first, and then Zheng Xin asked people to invite Wen Lin and Yi Nan in.

  For the ‘Bitter Summer’ movie theme song, there was no doubt that Wen Jianing must participate in the singing. The other candidate had not been decided yet. The initial plan was to decide between Wen Lin and Yi Nan. It was also because Lei Xing, as a film investor, intended to give resources to the company’s artists.

  Actually, Yi Nan was not too concerned about singing now. He recently finished filming the TV series which was scheduled to be released at the end of the year. Because it was an adaptation of a popular online novel, the photos of Yi Nan’s makeup were very well received as soon as it was released.

  As his popularity grew, Yi Nan felt that he had the confidence to speak at home, and now he had set his goal to Wen Jianing. What Wen Jianing could do, he could also do it, and one day he would be able to stand on the podium of the Academy Awards and acquire his own little golden figure.

  It was not the case for Wen Lin. He felt that his goal was too far away, so he might as well grasp the opportunity now. For example, now this was an opportunity to sing the theme song of a movie. His movie would also be released at the end of the year, but because it was a small budget movie, there was not much talk about it. So far, this movie had not received much expectation.

  When Zheng Xin later said that Lu Jinlang had invited Tan Yangxi to be the producer of the theme song, Wen Lin suddenly focused his attention.

  Wen Jianing noticed the change in his expression.

  Zheng Xin said, “Maybe Lu Jinlang and Tan Yangxi will come to Lei Xing in person to meet you.”

  Upon hearing Zheng Xin’s words, Yi Nan and Wen Lin turned their heads to look at Wen Jianing at the same time.

  Wen Jianing chuckled. He was not Lu Jinlang, but everyone was staring at him.

  When they came out of the conference room, many new entertainers and young employees of the company were waiting for Wen Jianing, wanting to take a photo with him for autographs.

  Wen Jianing handled them one by one, and when he looked up, he saw Jian Jun walking over the corridor.

  Jian Jun saw Wen Jianing, stopped abruptly, turned around and walked into the bathroom next to him. He was drunk that night and couldn’t remember anything else, but he remembered that he woke up in the car and touched Wen Jianing’s chest.

  He walked into the bathroom and saw that his ears were a little red, so he simply hid in the cubicle, planning to wait for Wen Jianing to leave before going out.

  Wen Jianing no longer remembered what Jian Jun did that day, and he was being held by a little girl’s request for a photo with him. When he looked up again, he found that Jian Jun was gone.

  He had a meal with Yi Nan, Wenlin, and the others at noon, and it was almost half-past four when they returned home in the afternoon.

  Lu Jinlang had been very busy recently and hadn’t come back yet. Wen Jianing opened the door and planned to make dinner for Lu Jinlang and waited for him to come back, but he didn’t know what was still in the refrigerator.

  But when he opened the door, he was completely stunned, because he didn’t expect someone at home at this time, and the person who came was Lu Jinlang’s mother.

  Not long after arriving, the old lady of the Lu family was walking around in the room and came to the living room. Then she saw Wen Jianing who opened the door and was dumbfounded.

  Wen Jianing reacted fairly quickly. After debating between Madam Lu and Aunt Lu, he chose one of the other’s favourite names, “Xiao He?”

  These two words seemed to poke the old lady’s heart, and she suddenly looked excited, “Your Highness, do you remember me?”

  Wen Jianing saw that the old lady Lu wanted to stage a bloody romantic drama with him, so he stopped quickly and looked around in surprise, “Is Jinlang back?”

  The old lady was a little shy, “Not yet. I asked Yunan to give me the key. The boy refused at first.”

  However, he later compromised and immediately called Lu Jinlang.

  Wen Jianing was able to guess what happened in his heart, he walked in the door, suddenly feeling a little nervous.

  He and Lu Jinlang had been together for such a long time. If it were them in the past, he would not think it would be a big deal. But now that the two of them wanted to live a lifetime, they couldn’t help but ask for the consent of the other’s family.

  Lu Jinlang had actually been thinking about taking him home for a meal during this time, but because there was so much work and his eldest brother went on a business trip again, he had not been able to make a schedule for a long time.

  Unexpectedly, the old lady of the Lu family took the initiative to approach him.

  Wen Jianing closed the door gently and thought about what he should say and do so that the old lady would not hate him.

  But obviously, he was thinking too much. The old lady liked him more than she thought and didn’t seem to care about the two of them at all and beckoned him to come and sit down next to the sofa.

  Wen Jianing struggled a little bit, still calling her Xiao He, and asked, “Why are you here today?”

  The old lady said, “I want to see you,” she said and added quickly, “You guys.”

  ”Did you come by yourself?” Wen Jianing asked.

  The old lady shook her head, “I asked the driver to bring me here.”

  Wen Jianing stood up, “I’ll pour you a cup of tea.”

  He walked into the kitchen, but the old lady Lu also followed, standing at the door of the kitchen looking at him, making him feel a little uncomfortable all over.

  Wen Jianing went to take the tea in the cupboard, took a deep breath, and told himself that it was an opportunity. Lu Jinlang’s eldest brother didn’t agree, but the old lady Lu’s consent already gave them a great advantage. And Lu Jinlang said that the three of their brothers were very filial to this mother.

  While boiling water while preparing tea leaves, he turned around and said to the old lady, “Why don’t you stay for dinner tonight?”

  The old lady smiled quickly and said, “Okay.” Then she asked, “Are you going to make it?”

  Wen Jianing was taken aback. His cooking skills were really mediocre. It didn’t matter if he cooked two small dishes for Lu Jinlang. When he invited the old lady to dinner, he originally planned to let Lu Jinlang buy some dishes when he returned.

  But seeing the expectant look on the old lady’s face, Wen Jianing couldn’t say anything. He hesitated, smiled and said, “Yes, I’ll do it.”

  Old lady Lu became more and more happy. She felt that there was nothing wrong with the young man in front of him except that he could not have children. Even Lu Jinxin’s ex-wife in the family couldn’t cook, but the boy took the initiative to cook for her.

  Wen Jianing glanced at the time, it was almost five o’clock. If they are going to have dinner, he should start preparing now.

  He helped the old lady make tea, then walked over to open the refrigerator, and saw that in addition to two or three side dishes, there were only ribs and a fish.

  The old lady Lu acted like a child. When Wen Jianing went to open the refrigerator, she followed.

  Wen Jianing didn’t mean to just make a tomato scrambled egg and give it to the old lady, so he bit the bullet and took out the fish and ribs.

  The fish was fresh, and the ribs were frozen.

  Lu Jinlang asked Lu Yunan to buy these things and planned to cook them for Wen Jianing. Wen Jianing had never cooked with it before, and he didn’t even know how to start it for a while.

  The old lady didn’t know how to cook, but she usually talked to the nanny in the kitchen to help. At this time, she reminds him, “Don’t you need to defrost the ribs first?”

  Wen Jianing reacted and quickly put the ribs in the microwave to thaw.

  He turned around and saw that the old lady was still watching him in the kitchen, so he said, “Xiao He, there will be a lot of smoke later, you can go to the living room and sit and watch TV.”

  The old lady said, “I just want to see you.”

  Wen Jianing had no choice but to hide in the bathroom under the pretext of going to the toilet. First, he called Lu Jinlang for help and then used his mobile phone to surf the internet and search for recipes on the internet.

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