Chapter 9 – Rut (pt.2)* 

 Rut (Pt. 2)*

*Contains NSFW content

Uther withdrew his tail as he pushed one of his c0cks inside with a low growl and began thrusting in and out without pause, savoring the twitching warmth every time he bottomed out.

“Ah! Slow down… hurts too much..” Eudora burst into tears the moment he entered. Taking his human c0ck had already been difficult on its own, not to mention the dragon one. He felt like he was being stretched out to the limit. The barbs on the appendage were painful as they dragged against his inner walls, but there was also an indescribable pleasure as his prostate was rubbed. Eudora, who was tormented by the contradictory feelings just wanted to escape, but his whole person was firmly held down. He could only cant his hips and take the entire dragon’s c0ck deeper inside. Despite shedding tears from the torment, his own honest c0ck still stood up straight, reflecting his own lewdness. 

When the draconic c0ck entered inside, a spurt of cum escaped him, wetting the blanket underneath. Uther still felt dissatisfied after thrusting for the nth time. Sticking his tongue out, he licked Eudora’s lower back before pressing a kiss onto the side of his face. Eudora was so out of it he collapsed, but still turned his head and opened his mouth, sticking his tongue so Uther could kiss him. Biting the tip of his tongue, Uther let his blood flow out into Eudora’s mouth. A rutting dragon’s blood served as the best aphrodisiac and tonic, and Eudora will be able to play with him for a long time thanks to it. Wrapping his tail around Eudora’s waist, he turned the other around so that he was facing him. The barbed length dragged across his insides as he was rotated, the pleasure showing up clearly on his face while his front also shot out some semen. Some dragon blood trickled from the corner of his mouth but was licked clean by Uther along with his tears. His cum that landed on his stomach and nipples were also licked away. The dragon’s hot breath lingered on his chest, causing Eudora’s entire body to heat up. His butt began secreting a lot of fluids as it squirmed, desperate for more.

Uther lifted Eudora’s waist, pressing his other c0ck eagerly against the small entrance to replace the first one and squeezing it into the tight heat. 

Eudora was now dazed as he laid with his back against the blanket. He clamped his legs together with Uther’s tail between them and the smooth dragon scales clung onto the tender flesh of his thighs. This made him feel itchy so he couldn’t help but squeeze his thighs against it twice, making Uther misunderstand it as a sign of love, that his mate couldn’t wait but to be filled again. There was nothing more arousing than this in the world, so Uther withdrew his c0ck that had been buried in him and pressed both his draconic appendages into the wet hole. This time, he would bury them to the hilt and shoot his seed deep inside his mate.

Pain enveloped Eudora when he felt the two c0cks pushing into him. His insides rejected the two large objects coming inside. “Ah..! Ah…” He felt so sore and was going to break. Eudora clung onto the tail tightly as his insides were stretched open. Blood trickled down from where they were connected and the two draconic things slowly carved its way into his deepest parts with the help of the scarlet lubrication. When all of it finally went in, Eudora felt like he could not breathe from the feeling of fullness in his lower half. There was a sudden taste of sweetness in his mouth when he realized it was Uther who was feeding him another mouthful of his blood. Fortunately, Uther did not move right away, allowing Eudora to gulp down his blood first. Hugging the dragon, he kissed and begged him for mercy. “It’s too deep. Can you pull it out a little? I’ll do anything you ask later.” Eudora gave the obedient dragon a kiss, working hard to relax his body.

The dragon blood worked quickly, stopping the bleeding on Eudora’s entrance as the transparent slick he produced diluted the sharp red seeping from where they were connected. Eudora also began writhing impatiently under Uther. Noticing this change, Uther began thrusting slowly, pulling out his entire c0ck before pushing it back inside. Gradually, his ministrations became even rougher, as though he intended to fvck Eudora broken.

The tender walls inside have gotten used to the inhuman barbs and accepted them. The c0ck fit snugly into the warm cavern, suckling on it. Like a small mouth, it squeezed at the c0ckhead, begging for semen to come out.

“Ahh..!” As Uther quickened his pace, more transparent fluids began to overflow from his front, painting his entire stomach with cum. Uther was close to the edge too, raising his head and growling, his wings were also fully extended. The barbs on the draconic c0ck stiffened and dug itself into his tender walls. His claws firmly pressed Eudora down, causing him to hang onto the tail tightly. Copious amounts of concentrated essence shot out, filling his depths for a very long time, marking the start of a long process that will cause new life to be born inside him.

“Ah! Ah…! There’s too much…” Eudora struggled underneath him, but as he twisted his body, the barbs that latched onto his insides would cause him great pain. He could only accept the discomfort silently as the scary fullness in his stomach continued to increase.

Uther licked Eudora affectionately, lapping the now visibly bulging belly with his tongue, hoping that this would make his mate feel better.

After he finished ejaculating, the barbs dissipated and Uther was ready to pull out but Eudora tightened his legs around him subconsciously. “No… don’t pull out. It’ll all flow out… and there’ll be no babies if it all flows out… Wa, I can’t keep it all in… have I become too lewd?” Eudora turned his face to the side in embarrassment. He didn’t know if it was because of the dragon blood but he still felt unsatisfied and lustful. His hole felt unbearably hot and he didn’t want Uther to pull out, thrusting his own hips to drive the dragon c0ck deeper inside.

Uther’s pupils narrowed as his member began to harden again. Dragons were particularly lustful but their desire was endless, especially during their rut. He had always restrained himself, but this has caused him to lose control and fvck his mate in his dragon form. He had thought that Eudora would reject him but in the end he was obedient and even became pliant underneath him as they continued. Uther didn’t feel like he could control himself well, but now that his mate was making this request on his own volition… 

“Baby, I’ll give you another chance to change your mind. Do you really want me to not pull out? It’ll be too late to regret it later.” Uther watched as the other slowly voiced his agreement, unadulterated desire and madness rising behind his golden irises.

Eudora, still dazed, stared back at the black dragon above him. He was perfect. As a majestic being in the prime of his age, his lust was immense. Not forgoing the possessive glint in his eye telling him that he would never be able to escape from him. Unlike the gentle and considerate Uther, this was a being who had completely shed off his human skin and manifested the obsessive nature of the draconic lineage. As his sole treasure and reason for his descent into the darkness, Eudora only hugged Uther like a lamb about to be sacrificed and whispered to him, “You don’t have to endure it any longer. I want you.” Closing his eyes, he clenched around the other’s c0ck inside him. 

“I love you baby.” Uther unraveled his true nature, dragging Eudora into another round of love-making.

“I love you too.” Eudora had replied indulgently.

After Uther was finally satisfied, he shifted back into his human form as he looked at Eudora lying on the quilt. They did it many times, with Uther feeding Eudora his blood in between, allowing the other to entangle with him feverishly, cumming from only his back being stimulated. At the same time, the insatiable Uther was allowed to devour his mate as many times as he wanted. After fvcking him from both the front and the back, Eudora did not let his c0cks leave his body until his body was stuffed to the brim with his seed. Only then did he agree to let Uther pull out and cum on his body instead. Now Eudora was painted in white essence, both on the inside and outside, which made Uther feel very satisfied. He reverted back into the gentle and considerate Uther.

Wiping the semen on Eudora’s body, Uther carried him to bed. He found a plug to block up Eudora’s ass so his seed would stay inside him for longer, thereby increasing the chance of conceiving. Holding the other in his embrace, Uther fell asleep with their fingers intertwined and rested upon Eudora’s stomach, where a new life would soon take root from their love.


T/L notes: Whew. Wasn’t that an entire buffet worth of smut? Oh jeez, imagine getting hard every 3 sentences into translating… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)╭∩╮Well, I didn’t say that it happened to me… sweats* ಠ▄ಠ

Hope you enjoyed this meal, the next will be the last. Like I said in the T/L notes of chapter 6, I’m keen on taking up translating commissions. If you’re interested, comment down below. Though if I find your title yummy enough, I’ll do it pro-bono, pro-boner heh ( ° ᴗ°)~ð (/❛o❛)

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