Chapter 19


The great serpent slowly opened its mouth, its voice hoarse and deep, “What a fine vessel.”


Si Lan’s lips twitched, “Exaggerated praise.”


“Heh.” Jiuying sneered, his head unmoving, only shifting his eyeballs, glancing left and right. It was as if he had already regarded Si Lan as his possession, assessing his utility.


Si Lan, on the other hand, remained calm, allowing Jiuying to scrutinize him. Jiuying couldn’t help but feel curious, “Aren’t you surprised to see me?”


“I’ve already learned of your identity from the Enchanting Serpent Clan. If you seek my physical form, you could have come to me directly. Why go through the trouble of harming Lou Yu?”


“I didn’t harm him. Quite the opposite, I fulfilled him. Even if he didn’t take his own life, his cultivation was already destroyed, descending into the demonic path, with little time left.”


Si Lan clenched his fingers tightly, his gaze cold as he looked at Jiuying. He heard Jiuying continue, “I helped him make amends for his guilt. In the Dream-Crafting Art, the Demon King still lives, and they both live well.”


Si Lan had heard about the ancient magical dream-making spell, which could bring a person who had lost his soul back to life, but this person could only live in a dream forever. Because only dreams are not controlled by the six realms, five elements, and the reincarnation of heaven, but such a spell has been lost for a long time, and I didn’t expect Jiuying to still be able to do it.


Si Lan asked suspiciously, “You would be so kind to help Lou Yu?”


“Of course, after all, he and I share the same problem.”


When Si Lan heard this, his eyes fell on Jiuying’s neck. Jiuying’s body was cut off directly from the neck. The wounds that had lasted for more than 100,000 years were scabbed into dark brown scars, which were still shocking. The scales near the scars were as white as blades. , like blades inserted into the neck.


How could Lou Yu and him have sympathy for each other?


Probably sensing Si Lan’s appraising gaze, Jiuying hissed, “When I was checking Lou Yu’s memory, I suddenly discovered your existence. You are simply a body container tailor-made for me.”




Si Lan said expressionlessly, “I’m afraid I can’t let you do that, I also like my physical body very much.”


“Do you think you have any other choice? Demon King Si Lan…” Jiuying spoke word by word, lowered his head a little, and looked at Si Lan level with his eyes. The huge red pupils were scarlet and terrifying, and they were not meant to intimidate. It goes without saying.


Si Lan’s expression remained motionless, “You just woke up from the confinement. You’ve lost eight heads and your body. Do you think you can beat me with your current cultivation level?”


“I can’t beat you, but what if you lose your cultivation?” Jiuying became angry and asked Si Lan coldly. It was shocked by Si Lan’s words, “Eight heads are gone, and eight bodies are gone.” Angry.


“How can it be?”


“How is it impossible?”


Si Lan’s expression changed slightly, he gripped the whip tightly, and tried to hit Jiuying’s head, but found that he couldn’t move his arm!


He seemed to have been caught by a restraining spell at this moment, unable to move his whole body. Even if he opened his lips and recited the incantation, the spell would not work.


How so?


What happened to his cultivation?


While Si Lan was in shock, a figure gradually appeared in the corner. The figure looked like a young man, not tall but with a slender figure. One hand hung by his side and the other behind his back.


It’s Quze.


Si Lan hurriedly said, “Quze, why are you here? Leave quickly!”


However, Quze was indifferent and walked over slowly, standing on Jiuying’s side, face to face with Si Lan.


Si Lan met Quze’s sinister and deep gaze, and seemed to understand something. He frowned and was speechless for a moment. The only person who could poison him quietly was Quze, and only if Quze handed him something, he would drink it without thinking.


After a long silence, Si Lan asked, “Why?”


Quze said nothing and raised his right arm that had been behind his back.


Although the mechanical arm was made neatly and swiftly, it was still not as good as his own hand. Every time the five iron fingers moved, a clicking sound came from the joints, as if they were about to break.


He has always been treated as a different person because of this arm. No matter how hard he practices, he is still not as good as those with perfect hands.


His cultivation level is now second only to the master of the Twelve Peaks in the Demon Realm. It is self-evident that the hardships involved.


Si Lan explained, “Quze, I did cut off your arm, but it happened for a reason. I didn’t mean to make you like this.”


Quze spoke calmly, “Your Majesty, no matter what the reason was, you still took it away. Now only Jiuying is willing to help me restore my arm, so I’m sorry, Your Majesty.”


Si Lan still wanted to explain, but after Quze finished speaking, he turned around and left, his figure gradually disappearing in the darkness. Seeing this, Si Lan could only say to Quze’s back, “Quze, protect Xie Li.”


Quze didn’t respond, and Si Lan couldn’t help but whisper, “Little bastard.”


Realizing that Jiuying was still observing her body, Si Lan grimaced. She had never been looked up and down and looked up and down by someone of the same gender in such a long life.


“I will soak you in a hot spring, starve you for three days, empty out the accumulated food, and then take away your body.”


Si Lan couldn’t help but twitch the corners of his mouth.


Took away your body…


Why is this statement so ambiguous?


He suddenly felt a little grateful for the two fish he ate last night. It was because of them that he could live for three more days.


Jiuying changed his formation, and the scene in front of him changed instantly, but in the blink of an eye Si Lan appeared in the hot spring. Now that his cultivation is under control, he is like a bird in a cage or a turtle in an urn, and the Jiuying no longer restrain his hands and feet.


“In three days, I want to see you clean. If you are still a little bit dirty, don’t blame me for digging out your belly and cleaning your internal organs.


“…” Si Lan.


After speaking, Jiuying cast a spell to take off Si Lan’s clothes. Si Lan’s body was suddenly exposed, and he was so frightened that he quickly hid in the hot spring water, seemingly frightened, “Why are you so rude?”


Jiuying didn’t say a word, and the huge head disappeared out of thin air.


The moment Si Lan’s clothes were taken off, the little white dragon was caught off guard and slid down from Si Lan’s arms. It easily grabbed Si Lan’s thighs and stabilized his body. As a result, he raised his head and looked in his eyes before blushing instantly.


Si Lan lowered his head and found something hanging underneath. He couldn’t help laughing and picked up Haowei from the water.


At this moment, all the silver scales on Haowei’s body turned pink. When he was fished out of the water, the water droplets slid across the scales, creating a blush that made Haowei look even more pink.


The two pink dragon horns are crystal clear, like coral in the deep sea.


Si Lan couldn’t help but poke the dragon’s horn. He noticed that Haowei’s body trembled slightly and subconsciously covered his body with his four claws. Si Lan’s lips smiled even more happily.


“We are both men, why are you shy?”


“…” Haowei.


It seems that he was not safe in public either…


After all, how many people will say they want to form a contract upon meeting for the first time?


On the contrary, Si Lan became curious from its overtly vigilant behavior. He remembered that ancient books mentioned dragons as creatures that lay eggs, have two genitalia, and are sexually promiscuous. He didn’t know if it was true…


His gaze wandered downward, passing over the inch by inch scales on Haowei’s belly. Haowei had a vague sense that something was amiss, and a chill ran down its spine. Before it could react, its tail was lifted high.


Haowei tried to shake off Si Lan’s hand, but at that moment, Si Lan caught its tail. A shiver ran through its back, and a tingling sensation spread from the bottom up.


“There’s just one…” Si Lan’s voice was gentle, a look of disappointment on his face. He released Haowei’s tail. “It seems the books aren’t entirely accurate.”


Haowei understood what Si Lan was referring to, and its scales turned a deeper shade of red. It couldn’t help but grind its teeth.


Shameless Demon Lord.


Did he have no shame at all? How could he lift its tail to look?!


“Still a bit small,” Si Lan suddenly said, seemingly without rhyme or reason.


Haowei heard this and was thoroughly enraged. How could it be small? It was currently in its young dragon form, so, naturally, it was smaller!


It had never been called small all its life.


Feeling its true dragon aura slighted, it wanted him to know that it wasn’t small, and there was another one hidden under the scales.


Haowei used its divine sense and spoke in a stern tone, “Demon Lord!”


However, at some point, Si Lan had closed his eyes and leaned against a rock in the pool, peacefully sleeping.


Si Lan had been on edge for quite some time and hadn’t rested properly.


The hot spring had a comfortable temperature and fine water quality, with wisps of water vapor. Immersed in it, he felt his mind relax, and it didn’t take long for him to fall asleep.


Haowei’s golden eyes shifted slightly as it gazed deeply at him. “He’s truly audacious.” Even though he was imprisoned, and it seemed his body would be taken from him, he was still able to leisurely take a bath and rest with an air of confidence.


Haowei crawled out of the water, reverting to the appearance of a five or six-year-old child. It glanced around and confirmed the presence of a massive formation here, the Extreme Sound Eight Trigrams Array.


This was the formation used to seal Jiuying ten thousand years ago.


The Xuanling Mountain, the hidden passage, and even the forest at the foot of the Xuanling Mountain were all places used to seal Jiuying’s nine heads. These areas were all covered by the Extreme Sound Eight Trigrams Array, and there should have been no issues. However, somehow, a part of the formation was missing, allowing one of Jiuying’s heads to awaken.


This was what had caused Jiuying to wreak havoc.


The little white dragon cast a spell to block Si Lan’s senses, and then it drew a Hexagram formation in thin air. Soon, a black-robed immortal appeared within the formation.


Upon seeing the little white dragon, Yu Wudao immediately paid his respects. “Your Majesty.”


“How is the investigation into the Golden Pearl Immortal Box proceeding?” The last time Haowei visited the Heavenly Court, it found a brief mention in the ancient texts of the entanglement between Jiuying and Bian Rang, only three lines long.


In the beginning when the world was created, the Three Sons of the Heavenly Dao were placed in the following places; Middle Wilderness, Middle Heaven, and Middle Elegance.


Bian Rang, of the Middle Wilderness, was bloodthirsty.


He subjugated Jiuying, but was ultimately subjugated by Jiuying and met his end.


Combined with what the double-headed Enchanting Serpent had said, Haowei could roughly piece together what had happened ten thousand years ago.


Bian Rang had been ruthless and cruel during his rule in Middle Wilderness, enslaving the Nine-Headed Serpent clan. He was ultimately killed by Jiuying. Afterward, the Nine-Headed Serpent clan faced heavenly punishment due to Jiuying’s transgressions, and Jiuying was brutally killed.


However, it was unclear why Jiuying had sought the Golden Pearl Immortal Box.


So before leaving the Heavenly Court, Haowei had ordered Yu Wudao to investigate the Golden Pearl Immortal Box.


“Your Majesty, I’ve found the craftsman who made the Golden Pearl Immortal Box. He said that it’s actually a kind of secondary coffin.”

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