Chapter 94


Bai Chen obviously didn’t expect Lu Jingning to run so decisively. However, at this moment, he was too excited to react, so he could only watch his prey disappear from his sight.


Bai Chen tightly pursed his lips, a hint of coldness and aggressiveness flashing in his dark eyes, but he suddenly smiled, “You can’t escape.”


This whole process was captured without missing a beat by the viewers in the live broadcast room. After a brief moment of silence, the barrage suddenly exploded.


What just happened? Did they accidentally witness the birth of a tragic and beautiful cross-species love story?


Lu Jingning didn’t know he had suddenly become the protagonist in countless people’s minds until he had run quite a distance and felt the lingering gazes on him completely dissipate. He couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief, “Damn, that was weird.”


Of course, there was no turning back now. He looked around at the unfamiliar surroundings and casually chose a path to walk.


After all, this was a completely new map, and no one knew what awaited him ahead.


But this time, Lu Jingning’s luck seemed to be good. He hadn’t walked a few steps before he encountered his longtime comrade-in-arms, Lan Yuanzhou.


Seeing the familiar blue hair enter his field of vision, he quickly rushed over, his tone relaxed and joyful, “Big brother, what a coincidence!”


Lan Yuanzhou had been fighting his way through the challenges and had steadily held the first place in the group on the leaderboard. Just as he had solved three or four opponents and was in a good mood, his smile disappeared completely when he saw the person suddenly appearing in front of him.


His expression seemed to say: Don’t come near me!


Lu Jingning saw him turn to leave and hurriedly reached out to stop him, “We’ve been through life and death together, isn’t it a bit too much to turn your back on me like this?”


Lan Yuanzhou finally turned to look at him, and at last, a few words squeezed out from between his teeth, “Do you want to fight?”


Today’s competition was not a group battle; the two free agents had met face to face on the road. Strictly speaking, if they didn’t exchange a few moves, it would be unfair to the live audience.


Lu Jingning didn’t seem satisfied with his attitude and raised an eyebrow, “Do I have to invite you to do it, my friend?”


Lan Yuanzhou asked, “Invite me to do what?”


Lu Jingning’s lips curved slightly, “Invite you to smell my pheromones.”


For a moment, Lan Yuanzhou’s face twisted with a hint of disbelief.


Although he knew he was quite charming and understood how attractive his extraordinary and handsome face was, he never expected Lu Jingning to use such a shameless method to seduce him in public.


What a shameless Omega!


In his mind, a storm raged for a long time, but he finally managed to suppress it. He cleared his throat and said seriously, “We’re still in the middle of a live broadcast, so please show some restraint.”


However, Lu Jingning didn’t waste any more time talking to him. As soon as he spoke, his Omega pheromones came rushing forward.


Lan Yuanzhou had also faced the crazy adoration of Omega fans before and had confidence in his own self-control. But as the almost imperceptible scent enveloped him, he suddenly felt weak. Then, as his legs began to wobble, he finally realized that something was amiss.


Lan Yuanzhou: What kind of toxin is this?!


Lu Jingning had considered many methods before but hadn’t expected to resort to such a straightforward and ruthless approach to make Lan Yuanzhou yield. However, when he recalled the way Bai Chen had looked at him earlier, he couldn’t help but shiver and felt the need to “persuade” Lan Yuanzhou to stand with him on the same front as quickly as possible. He needed another free bodyguard.


After all, he was Brother Wen’s. Nobody could covet him, not even that bug!


Considering that he would need Lan Yuanzhou to fight for him later, Lu Jingning hadn’t included any oppressive aura in his pheromones this time. It was merely an attitude, a way to let the other know he still had some tricks up his sleeve.


And as it turned out, facing a clever person like Lan Yuanzhou, this attitude was quickly conveyed and received very satisfactory feedback.


Lan Yuanzhou yielded, “I… I’ll join your team…”


He never expected Lu Jingning’s Omega pheromones to be so overbearing. Between being eliminated on the spot and becoming a comrade, he wisely chose the latter.


Preserving a green hill is not afraid of having no firewood to burn. After all, he was at a disadvantage in terms of pheromones, so he had to endure!


Lu Jingning was quite pleased with Lan Yuanzhou’s tactfulness and felt that this guy’s personality suited him. In his heart, he added a small red flower to their friendship.


With a personal bodyguard now, Lu Jingning felt like he was walking on air, even while walking.


The two of them swept through the competition like unstoppable forces, and their scores on the leaderboard skyrocketed, quickly leaving behind Bai Chen, who was in third place.


Surprisingly, Lu Jingning didn’t encounter any further trouble from Bai Chen until the end of the preliminaries.


Perhaps it was because his pheromones had triggered a reaction, but in the latter part of the competition, Bai Chen seemed to have entered a dormant mode. He only occasionally scored one or two points, which didn’t look like active hunting but rather like a few unfortunate souls stumbling into him.


As the number of players on the map dwindled to the final five, the winner was also teleported out of the virtual world.


While Lan Yuanzhou was reluctantly coerced into joining him, Lu Jingning wasn’t entirely unhappy with the situation. Despite his initial reluctance, Lan Yuanzhou had maintained his first-place position in Area C, which brought some comfort to Lu Jingning.


The most direct manifestation of this was when Lu Jingning asked for his contact number, and he didn’t refuse; they exchanged numbers quite straightforwardly.


Lu Jingning got the number he wanted, feeling content, but then he suddenly felt a chill down his spine.


When he turned to look, he met Bai Chen’s cold gaze and became instantly alert.


However, Bai Chen didn’t approach him. Perhaps due to the influence of their encounter on the holographic map a while ago, there was still a faint trace of crimson in his emerald eyes. But as he saw Lu Jingning’s wary expression, he inexplicably burst into a pleased smile and silently mouthed the words, “Looking forward to the next meeting.”




Lu Jingning couldn’t help but raise his middle finger at him. Who the hell is looking forward to you?



The preliminaries had concluded, and five people from each of the twelve regions had advanced smoothly to the knockout stage. Wen Xingchen had undoubtedly secured the first place in his region, and surprisingly, using some unknown means, Yan Hebin had also squeezed into the final five.


The three members of the Imperial Navy Special Detachment all completed their tasks satisfactorily.


Lu Jingning was happy and was about to congratulate his dormmates when he noticed a wrinkle on Yan Hebin’s foreheads. He couldn’t help but ask, “Why, aren’t you happy about advancing?”


Yan Hebin glanced at him deeply, then finally brought up the terminal page, passing it to him.


Lu Jingning saw that it was the official forum of the league and was about to express his surprise that Yan Hebin, who typically had cold personalities, would visit such a place when he was attracted by the title of a post, which read, “Click on this post to experience the beautiful love story that transcends species!”


The post had a red “explosive” icon in front of the title, indicating its popularity.


Lu Jingning fell into a long silence as he stared at the gifs of Bai Chen “affectionately” watching him in the main post.


After a long time, he expressionlessly handed the terminal back to Yan Hebin, casting a discreet glance at someone who was having a meal nearby.


It seemed like that person sensed his gaze. Wen Xingchen turned his head, lightly tugged his lips, and asked, “What’s wrong?”


Lu Jingning fixedly examined his expression for a moment, ensuring that nothing seemed amiss, before finally letting out a sigh of relief and responding with a smile, “Nothing.”


Wen Xingchen calmly took the terminal out from behind the corner and opened it. The displayed content was the same post as before.


At this point, dozens of pages of comments had accumulated. His eyelashes lowered slightly as he scrolled down.


“What’s going on? Human-Insect love? Why do I suddenly find it so exciting?”


“This Bounty League finally has a CP to ship! Waaah, they’re such a perfect match. Put their pictures together, and it’s practically a marriage proposal!”


“Wait a second, am I the only one curious about who’s the top and who’s the bottom? One Omega and one female insect?”


“I’m fine with either being the top; both possibilities are too sweet! Mutual, mutual, I’m good with that!”


“Report! According to informed sources, after the match, these two gazed affectionately at each other for a long time!”


“Oh my god! I believe in love again! They are sooooo adorable!”


Wen Xingchen’s lips pressed down slightly, and his face darkened. After a long pause, he turned the corner of the terminal off and posted a comment: “Don’t ship them randomly; Lu Jingning already has someone.”


In just a few seconds after he hit the send button, a series of replies rapidly followed:


“This is the pairing thread for the Bai-Lu duo. Who’s this ignorant person trying to stir things up?”


“I believe Lu Jingning already has a top, my friend.”


“Get out if you’re going to muddy the waters! We’ve inquired with the students from the Imperial Navy, and there’s no word of Lu Jingning having a partner.”


“Ugh, is this a denial? So obsessed with the Bai-Lu pair shipping, we want to see them live!”


“Ah, really a perfect match, too adorable!”


Wen Xingchen: “…”


In the end, his reply didn’t cause a stir, as it was swiftly drowned out by a torrent of comments.


Wen Xingchen: “…”


Finally, he suppressed the urge to post another comment, closed the communication terminal, and had a slightly dark expression.


Bai Chen


Hmm, very well then.


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