Chapter 19


Qu Di was still mulling over things when his phone suddenly vibrated. He picked it up and saw that Shu Yi had sent him a message.


Shu Yi: “Are you asleep?”


It was quite clear that Shu Yi was asking knowingly. It was still early, and everyone had just returned to the hotel. How could anyone be asleep already?


Qu Di found a comfortable position, lying on the bed. His fair legs were bent behind him, swaying slightly. The smile on his face revealed his current good mood.


Qu Di: “Not yet.”


Shu Yi: “Open the door, I’m outside your room.”


Qu Di: “?”


He quickly got off the bed and hurried to the door, opening it with some impatience. However, it was eerily quiet outside, with no one in sight.


Qu Di: “Are you playing a joke on me?”


After a while, Shu Yi replied to his message.


Shu Yi: “Why did you move without telling me?”


He had brought a specially ordered dinner to surprise Qu Di, but instead, he found his roommate and was told that Qu Di had moved out.


Qu Di realized that Shu Yi had gone to the room downstairs. He quickly asked if anyone had seen him. It wasn’t surprising that he was a bit paranoid, as these days, even the slightest clue could be turned into a sensational story by the media.


Shu Yi: “It’s okay, no one saw me except your roommate. I told him it was Xi Yan who asked me to bring dinner to you.”


Qu Di: “I’m on the 53rd floor.” He added, “Right across from your room.”


Shu Yi didn’t ask any more questions and simply said, “I’m coming up now.”


Qu Di: “Alright.”


He closed the door and waited quietly, leaning against it. Qu Di seemed to have completely accepted Shu Yi’s affection, and his satisfaction was evident. He couldn’t resist this person, who had quietly entered his life like a spring breeze. Once you realized it, that tiny feeling had taken root and couldn’t be removed.


Not long after, he heard a faint knock on the door. He opened it to let Shu Yi in. The whole process felt like a secret rendezvous.


Qu Di seemed to realize this and felt a bit embarrassed, stumbling over his words, “Why are you here so late?”


Shu Yi put the dinner he had brought on the table and then took off his shoes to put on the disposable slippers at the door. He said, “Originally, I was planning to bring you dinner, but since there’s no one else in your room now, I found an excuse to come in and have dinner with someone I like.”


This statement was quite explicit, and Qu Di couldn’t resist the teasing. He blushed and couldn’t speak, but he didn’t kick Shu Yi out. Instead, he obediently took the things Shu Yi brought and walked inside.


Shu Yi looked around the room, which was clean and tidy, with his suitcase on the floor, untouched. He sat down on the couch in the living room as if he were the owner of the place. Qu Di, on the other hand, followed him like a shy bride, walking quietly and trying not to make a sound.


Shu Yi beckoned to him, “Come here, this is your territory. I’m just here to keep you company. Don’t be nervous.”


Qu Di stammered, “Are you… Are you here for something?”


Shu Yi took the wooden chopsticks from Qu Di’s hand, picked up a piece of eel sushi, and brought it to Qu Di’s lips, saying, “Try it. The eel here is very fresh.”


Qu Di wanted to take the chopsticks back and eat by himself, but Shu Yi held on to them firmly. He had no choice but to eat in this ambiguous manner.


“How is it?”


His mouth was full, and he couldn’t speak, so he just nodded to indicate that it was delicious. That was the truth. The most expensive meal he had ever eaten was at the Western restaurant Yang Ji took him to for his birthday, which cost nine hundred yuan, including the three hundred he paid to the violinist.


The eel was fragrant but not greasy, with a hint of roasted flavor. Even without dipping it in anything, the taste was perfect. He chewed a few times and swallowed reluctantly. Although the sushi box was quite full, there were many varieties, and one flavor only had one or two pieces.


“Next time, don’t buy something so expensive. I don’t understand this stuff, it’s a waste of money.”


“Okay, tell me what you want to eat next time.”


Qu Di felt like he had fallen into a trap…


“You should eat too. I can’t eat much at night, and it would be a waste.”


He handed the chopsticks back to Qu Di, saying, “You eat first, and if you can’t finish it, I’ll eat the rest.”


Qu Di didn’t refuse. He had realized that no matter what he said, it wouldn’t make a difference. Even though Shu Yi was gentle, there was still a hint of alpha dominance in his bones.


In the end, they finished the meal separately, sharing a few drinks. The Japanese sake they had wasn’t very strong; it tasted more like peaches, sweet and juice-like, with a hint of alcohol. Qu Di didn’t realize how many cups he had consumed.


“Don’t drink so fast,” Shu Yi reached out to wipe away a drop of water at the corner of Qu Di’s mouth but then paused. Perhaps it was the perfect atmosphere, or maybe it was his own expectations.


In any case, when Shu Yi kissed him, Qu Di didn’t pull away. He looked at Shu Yi with watery eyes, slightly intoxicated, as Shu Yi got closer. He heard his own heart rate quicken, and his hand, which was placed at his side, clenched into a fist.


In the moment when Shu Yi kissed him, Qu Di’s mind went blank, and he felt a bit dizzy. Shu Yi’s lips, naturally cool, carried a faint taste of peach-flavored sake, which was now quite familiar.


Despite having had quite a few drinks, Qu Di felt that Shu Yi’s taste was stronger.


As Shu Yi wrapped his arm around Qu Di’s waist, he closed his eyes, and his hand unintentionally moved to Shu Yi’s neck. Then, something wet and soft parted his lips, seeking a deeper connection.


Just then, someone knocked on the door, followed by Tang Xiyan’s loud voice, “Qu Di! Qu Di!”


Qu Di snapped out of his daze, pushing Shu Yi away abruptly, and stood up with a rush. He didn’t dare to look at Shu Yi and turned his back, remaining silent.


The knocking on the door grew louder. Shu Yi stood up, his voice somewhat husky, saying, “If you don’t mind, I’ll hide in your room for a while.”


“Uh… Okay, I’ll go and open the door.”


The two of them went their separate ways. Qu Di patted his own face and tried to relax, making himself appear less awkward. He straightened his clothes, took a deep breath, and then opened the door.


“Why didn’t you answer your phone? I filled in the wrong information for the delivery, so he called me, and I came to pick it up.”


Qu Di took the takeaway from him, said thank you, and tried to usher him out.


Tang Xiyan found his behavior strange, blocked the door, and examined his face closely. Finally, he put his hand on Qu Di’s forehead and asked with some concern, “Are you running a fever?”


Qu Di shivered and slapped his hand away, “No… No, it’s nothing. I just fell asleep and the blanket was a bit suffocating.”


“Oh, I see. Well, I’ll leave then. Eat when you’re full and then go to sleep.”




As he turned around, Tang Xiyan seemed rather impatient as he closed the door abruptly. Tang Xiyan, in hindsight, began to ponder. He seemed to have detected the scent of Alpha pheromones… something peach-scented?


Oh well… It must be that he’s just too tired. There couldn’t possibly be an Alpha in Qu Di’s room.


Qu Di looked at the porridge in his hand and felt a bit troubled. He was already full.


At that moment, Shu Yi walked out of Qu Di’s room, and when he saw the food in Qu Di’s hand, he asked, “Is this from Xi Yan?”


Qu Di replied with a nod, “Yes.”


“He seems to be very good to you.”


For some reason, Qu Di felt a hint of jealousy in Shu Yi’s tone, but before he could think it through, Shu Yi approached him and patted his head gently. He then said softly, “I’m going now.”


At that moment, all other thoughts left Qu Di’s mind. He nodded and said, “Okay…”


Once Shu Yi left Qu Di’s room and closed the door, his smile vanished. His expression became blank and somewhat gloomy. He pulled out a handkerchief he carried with him, furrowed his brow as he wiped his hands and lips, and then threw the seemingly clean handkerchief into the trash bin by the door.

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