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Most Eligible Widow-Bachelor in the Six Realms

Chapter 30 – Most eligible widow-bachelor in the six realms

Chapter 30


“Yes, you’ve been sleeping for a long time,” Pei Jia gently stroked Tao Yuan’s face.


Si Lan and Haowei watched the scene of intimacy between the two, feeling strangely eerie and shivering.


“Can you tell who’s controlling Tao Yuan’s body now?” Si Lan asked Haowei in a hushed voice.


“Right in front.”


Si Lan looked ahead as instructed and indeed saw a man in a black suit manipulating an invisible puppet before him with eerie finger movements.


Tao Yuan suddenly coughed, his breath frail as a thread, scaring Pei Jia into helping him and gently easing his discomfort.


His body was already delicate, and after “sleeping” for so long, it appeared even more fragile, like a withered branch that might snap at any moment.


Pei Jia carefully held him in his arms. “Tao Yuan, do you feel any discomfort?”


Tao Yuan shook his head. “Pei Lang, I’m fine now.”


Upon hearing this, Pei Jia suddenly stood up, drew his sword, and pointed it directly at Tao Yuan on the bed, the sword’s tip trembling slightly.


“Who are you, really?”


“Pei Lang… I’m Tao Yuan…”


“You’re not Tao Yuan because Tao Yuan never calls me Pei Lang.”


Upon hearing this, the person on the bed stopped pretending, his face no longer showing grief or weakness.


Other cultivators drew their long swords from their waists and confronted the Pei family guards.


“General, this actor is already dead; there’s no way he could be resurrected through magic in this world.” The person on the bed slowly stood up, shattering Pei Jia’s illusions.


Pei Jia couldn’t contain his anger. “Get out of Tao Yuan’s body, or don’t blame me for killing all of you.”


The man burst into laughter. “General, why deceive yourself? When I entered this actor’s body, I could already smell a rotting odor on him, a scent no incense could mask.”


This statement pushed Pei Jia to the edge. Rather than attacking the man, he turned and stabbed a nearby cultivator who couldn’t evade the strike, hitting him in the abdomen.


In the next moment, Pei Jia’s hand gripped the man’s throat, his nails sinking in, a fierce expression on his face. “Get out of Tao Yuan’s body, or don’t blame me for killing your comrades!”




“I don’t have the patience to repeat myself a third time!”


Seemingly reluctant, the man cast a spell and left Tao Yuan’s body.


Tao Yuan instantly closed his eyes, falling backward. It looked like his head was about to hit the ground, but Pei Jia immediately rushed to catch him. “Tao Yuan…”


However, at that moment, Tao Yuan in his arms suddenly opened his eyes, and a dagger appeared in his hand, stabbing directly at Pei Jia. Instinctively, Pei Jia leaned back to avoid the attack, but the dagger struck his abdomen.


“General, don’t blame your subordinates for being heartless. It’s because you keep making mistakes!” 


Seeing this, Si Lan felt a shock in his heart and quickly cast a spell to rescue Pei Jia from the man’s grasp.


The other cultivators nearby, seeing this turn of events, brandished their swords and advanced towards Si Lan.


Haowei secretly cast a spell that immobilized their movements.


“Why can’t we move?”


“Is it the spirit of that actor causing trouble?” They instinctively placed the blame on Tao Yuan, who had long since passed away.


Si Lan was about to force the man’s spirit out of Tao Yuan’s body when he saw the man take something out of his pocket and swiftly put it in his mouth. In the next instant, Tao Yuan’s body exploded with a loud bang.


Pei Jia stood there in shock, blood pouring from his abdomen, yet he remained unaware, his eyes fixed on the spot where Tao Yuan had just stood.


There was nothing left but a rush of fresh blood.


In that moment, utter despair overwhelmed him. All his hopes and dreams were shattered.


How could this happen?


Tao Yuan had never done anything wrong in his entire life.


Why was the world so cruel to him?


Pei Jia lost his sanity, roaring as he raised his sword and charged at the cultivators. Fortunately, Haowei had noticed his impending madness and immediately used a spell to seal his acupoints.


Pei Jia was rendered motionless, his eyes filled with malice. “Release me, release me! I’ll kill them!”

“General Pei, you’re injured. Please calm down!” Si Lan swiftly pressed on Pei Jia’s abdomen a few times to stop the bleeding.


Pei Jia couldn’t feel any pain at all. At this moment, his mind was consumed with the desire to kill those people, no, to kill everyone.


He suddenly burst into wild laughter, tears mixed with blood rolling down his face. His black jade crown fell off his head, and his jet-black hair turned completely white in an instant.


Pei Jia’s eyes also underwent a transformation, shrouded in black mist, with only a glimpse of blood-red irises visible. His face turned as white as paper, and his lips were as red as blood.


Seeing this, Si Lan furrowed his brow in alarm.


Something was wrong.


Pei Jia was being consumed by dark forces.


Unbeknownst to Pei Jia, tendrils of black mist began to appear around his body, sliding like eels and entering his body. As these currents of dark energy entered him, they instantly unraveled the seals placed on Pei Jia.


After regaining his freedom, Pei Jia immediately swung his sword towards the fake cultivators.


Si Lan quickly used his whip to coil around Pei Jia’s sword, and Pei Jia glared at him. His voice had changed, now sounding sinister, filled with exhaustion and a hint of hoarseness, as if it came from the depths of hell. “Doctor Si, if you try to stop me, don’t blame me for showing no mercy!”


With that, a surge of black mist transformed into a razor-sharp blade and attacked Si Lan’s neck. Haowei swiftly pulled Si Lan away, creating a protective barrier to ward off “Pei Jia’s” subsequent attacks.


“Pei Jia has fallen into darkness!”


Si Lan, realizing that Pei Jia couldn’t be reasoned with, decided to take action. He drew his whip and flew into the air, positioning himself in front of Pei Jia.


Song Cheng and Song Ye, upon seeing this, stood behind Si Lan, swords raised, confronting Pei Jia.


The tension between the two sides was palpable, and a battle seemed imminent when suddenly, in the distance, a melodious tune wafted through the air.


“In the vermilion gates and jade-carved door frames, Pei Lang leans against the wall, sipping from a flower-shaped wineglass. Please tell me, when it comes to love, who is to blame? Loving and hating, he’s a beloved husband…”


Hearing this song, the black mist gradually dissipated from Pei Jia, and his gaze cleared. He dismounted and rushed toward the source of the voice.


The trace of obsession left by Tao Yuan had taken on a phantom form. This nearly transparent illusion stood on a theatrical stage, softly chanting the song.


Pei Jia reached out to embrace Tao Yuan, but his arms went through empty air.


He couldn’t hold onto the phantom.


“Tao Yuan, is this your soul?” Pei Jia stared blankly at the translucent figure, feeling as though his heart had been sliced open multiple times, making it difficult to breathe.


Si Lan hadn’t expected that Pei Jia, who had already fallen into darkness, would regain his sanity upon hearing Tao Yuan’s voice. Only Tao Yuan’s matters could affect Pei Jia.


Si Lan asked Haowei, “Haowei, if we kill Pei Jia, will it break the curse of Da Yang?”


“No, Pei Jia and Da Yang are linked through a sacrificial bond. Even if we kill Pei Jia, it won’t break the curse of Da Yang.”


“In that case, can sealing Da Yang release the curse?”


Si Lan didn’t dare to ask directly if Da Yang could be killed, as even the previous Heavenly Emperor hadn’t killed Da Yang but had instead sealed him away.


Haowei furrowed his brows and shook his head. When he was young, he had seen his father’s work, “Sealing the Demon Incarnate,” in the library. It detailed the method to seal Da Yang but didn’t mention how to break the curse or suggest that sealing Da Yang would automatically dispel the curse.


However, the information on curse-breaking might be found in other books. It seemed like a trip to the library was in order.


While Si Lan could sense a strong presence of dark magic in the General’s residence, he couldn’t detect Da Yang’s aura. If this ancient demon truly lurked within the General’s residence, it would have been teeming with dark energy. So where exactly was Da Yang hiding?


Haowei seemed to guess what was on Si Lan’s mind and said, “The scattered pockets of dark energy in the mortal realm are, in fact, fragments of Da Yang’s body.”


Si Lan was taken aback. Any curse usually had time and space constraints. This Da Yang’s curse had seemingly enveloped the entire mortal realm, but it turned out that Da Yang had torn his own body into countless pieces, scattered throughout the world to complete the curse.


Si Lan was at a loss for words.


The only medium through which Da Yang could be communicated with was Pei Jia. However, Pei Jia’s thoughts were entirely consumed by Tao Yuan, and he was speaking to that invisible obsession.


To make Pei Jia change his mind, they needed to first dispel Tao Yuan’s obsession.


Si Lan approached Tao Yuan’s obsession. Immediately, Pei Jia drew his sword, blocking Si Lan’s way. “What are you trying to do?”


“General Pei, now that Lady Pei’s physical form has dissipated, this obsession won’t linger in the mortal realm for long. Do you want him to leave with regrets?”


Pei Jia maintained a defensive stance.


Si Lan recalled that Tao Yuan had a good relationship with the Twin Masters of Tuo Shan. He continued, “General Pei, when Lady Pei was alive, she once told us that the greatest fortune of her life was having your care during her childhood and her love for you when she was young.”


Pei Jia’s eyes flickered, as if something in those words had struck a chord. “Did she really say that?”




Pei Jia smiled bitterly. Clearly, his love for Tao Yuan was the greatest misfortune in Tao Yuan’s life. If he hadn’t met Pei Jia, Tao Yuan’s life might have been difficult, but he could have continued living.


He glanced at Tao Yuan’s phantom, which was growing increasingly faint, and the singing voice was fading as well. Would it disappear entirely?


“Tao Yuan, whatever it is that you want, or whoever it is, I’m willing to do it for you…” Pei Jia reached out to touch the phantom’s face, spoke with deep affection, then turned to ask Si Lan, “What should I do now?”


Si Lan extended his hand to touch the obsession, realizing that it was very fragile and couldn’t hold many memories.


He needed to perform the “Return Curse” and go back in time to see what Tao Yuan’s obsession was all about.


“General Pei, during the casting of the ‘Return Curse,’ I need an absolutely safe and quiet environment.”




Pei Jia didn’t ask too many questions. Perhaps he trusted Si Lan or maybe, in his current state, he had nothing left to lose.


He ordered his servants and soldiers to guard the General’s residence from all directions, forbidding anyone from disturbing them. He stood guard outside the room himself.


Inside the room, Si Lan felt uneasy. He considered having Haowei and the Song brothers maintain the protective formation.


The Song brothers readily agreed, but Haowei, with a grim expression, neither consented nor refused.


“Your Majesty, does casting the ‘Return Curse’ cause any harm?” Song Cheng inquired with a furrowed brow.


Si Lan chuckled, “No, I know my limits.”


In truth, he didn’t have a clear grasp of his limits. Casting the “Purification Curse” once had cost him three layers of his cultivation. The “Return Curse” was likely to be equally taxing.


The last time, Nine Infants’ aura dissipated after using the “Return Curse.”


Song Cheng was about to ask more questions when Song Ye interjected, “Big Brother, the way he’s fussing is just like His Majesty’s Lady. But alas, our Majesty is not someone to be tamed.”


“…,” Si Lan.


Song Cheng’s gaze turned sharp, shooting a look at Song Ye, who pursed his lips and turned away, crossing his arms and adopting a fearless expression.


“Your Majesty, he has always been outspoken. Please don’t take it to heart,” Song Cheng said.


Si Lan responded with a simple “Hmm,” and set up a protective barrier around the room.


He closed his eyes, bowed his head, and interlaced his ten fingers in front of his chest. He silently recited an incantation. In the next moment, he found himself standing between the gears of the Six Paths Reincarnation, with 333 gears spinning rapidly.


Then, a multitude of white light spilled from between the gears, obscuring his vision.


When he opened his eyes again, Si Lan found himself in an unfamiliar place. All around him was a vast desert, with billowing sandstorms obscuring the sky.


Behind him, a shadowy figure followed him.


Si Lan turned around in surprise to see that it was Haowei.


“Chong Wei, why are you here in this illusion?” Si Lan asked.


“I don’t know,” came the faint reply from within the hood.




Si Lan had a sense of déjà vu. Every time he entered an illusion, there was always a follower.


Before, it was a little follower, and now it was a big one.


“Listen, men,” a group of men’s voices in the distance played out, accompanied by the eerie sound of the wind and sand. It was like a devil’s incantation.


“The lead actor, this little performer, his mouth is small, but his cheeks are fairer than a woman’s.”


“I wonder if he’s as fair in the back?”




The men’s conversation grew increasingly lewd, intermingled with faint sobs and pleas for help.


Si Lan and Haowei immediately followed the sounds and saw a group of men in crude linen clothing, wearing gray head covers, huddled in a circle, laughing and teasing each other.


A slender and fair ankle poked out from among them.


“Tsk, tsk, truly a famous actor, such fair skin, truly to be pitied!”


“Do you know how men do it with other men?”


“I heard they use the rear!”


“Disgusting, isn’t that very dirty?”


“You don’t understand, a few rounds with that mouth and it’ll be clean…”


The conversation of those men grew increasingly shameless. Si Lan, hearing it, couldn’t help but blush, and he unconsciously looked at Haowei beside him.


With a hood covering his face, it was impossible to discern any reaction from Haowei.


“Enough, I can’t wait any longer. We don’t need the filthy details!”


“Hahaha…” The men laughed uproariously.


Si Lan clenched his fist, his body hovering in the air, and he gazed at the young performer surrounded by those ruffians. After getting a clear look at the person’s face, his expression slightly froze.


It was indeed Tao Yuan.


Tao Yuan’s clothes were torn, and he shielded a group of younger actors with his hand, even though his own face was red, he still extended his hand to protect those younger performers.


“Brother Yuan, should we…”


“Don’t be afraid; I’ll protect all of you.” Tao Yuan’s voice quivered with determination, as if he had made a decision in his heart. He pursed his lips and, after a moment, took off the tattered cloth hanging from his shoulder, addressing those rowdy bandits, “These young ones are probably too delicate to handle, gentlemen. It’s better to let me take care of you.”


Hearing this, the men’s throats moved, and they chuckled.


“Haha, since the little beauty is so eager, we won’t be polite…”


The leader of the men grabbed Tao Yuan’s clothing and pulled him into a tent, and a few other bold men followed suit, joking that they wanted to be the groom.


Si Lan clenched his fists and, floating in mid-air, he looked towards the group of black-armored soldiers who had ambushed the area.




If they delayed any longer, things might take a turn for the worse!


Si Lan was so anxious that he wished he could snatch a sword from the soldiers and slash the tent open to rescue Tao Yuan.


Fortunately, the soldiers didn’t waste any time either. They moved in for an attack on the bandits. Most of the bandits outside the tent couldn’t react in time and were killed instantly.


A small group of them attempted to resist, passing on the message to those inside the tent.


“Boss, run! There are soldiers…”


“Soldiers? What soldiers?”


One bandit lifted the tent flap and was about to speak, but his words were cut short by a sword.


The one who struck him down was Pei Jia.


Pei Jia’s face was splattered with the bandit’s blood, but he remained expressionless. He lifted the tent flap, entered the tent, and a moment later, the sound of a scuffle, followed by the bandit leader’s pleas for mercy, could be heard. Yet, the last sound was eventually drowned out by the snapping of bones.


Si Lan finally breathed a sigh of relief. He murmured, “Thank goodness we saved him.”


This was likely the first time Tao Yuan and Pei Jia had seen each other after many years apart. After all these years, would their feelings still be as pure as they once were?


Haowei glanced at Si Lan and remembered how Si Lan had wanted to draw his sword and kill the bandits earlier. He couldn’t help but remark, “You seem to invest quite a lot of genuine emotions.” They were just spectators, and no matter how urgent they felt, it wouldn’t change anything.


Si Lan chuckled and said, “I’m a person with strong empathy.”


Haowei remained noncommittal.


Within the illusion, Pei Jia removed his clothes and dr4p3d them over Tao Yuan. He held Tao Yuan and walked out of the tent.


Tao Yuan’s face was pale, but his eyes shone brightly, and he couldn’t take his eyes off Pei Jia’s side profile. The tenderness in his eyes seemed as if it could melt into tears.


Pei Jia patted Tao Yuan’s shoulder and said, “I’ll go take care of some business and be back later.”


Tao Yuan finally released him, but his gaze still followed Pei Jia as he walked away. Then, a faint smile appeared on his face.


Si Lan looked at the Tao Yuan in front of him, who had grown even more dazzling and alluring than eight years ago, with skin almost translucent. He gave off a fragile, delicate aura, making Si Lan want to protect him.


This lively Tao Yuan, compared to the one who had been bedridden and turned into a living corpse, was like two different people.


The thought of their inevitable ending filled Si Lan with mixed emotions.


His empathy resurfaced once again.


“It seems that at this point, Pei Jia doesn’t seem to like Tao Yuan very much, while Tao Yuan is the one who’s deeply entangled.”


Haowei nodded.


Si Lan cleared his throat and said rather pensively, “I’ve read many love stories between generals and actors in books, and none of them have had a good ending.”


Haowei looked at him, unsure why he had brought this up all of a sudden.

“Do you think love with a significant class difference can have a good ending?” Si Lan asked this question, and as he did, he suddenly looked at Haowei.


Haowei fell silent, his life had never been troubled by such a question, and no one had ever bothered him with it.


“In the Demon Realm, despite being free-spirited, there are many unspoken rules that still shape people’s beliefs. For example, a chicken, cough, is not as good as a phoenix.”




So that’s what it all boiled down to.


Haowei spoke gently, “Comparing things in such a manner is a self-inflicted torture.”


Si Lan was at a loss for words, feeling that Haowei’s words didn’t strike him, and he didn’t know the pain. Over these thousand years, he had eaten so much hardship and suffered so much injustice in his quest to perform as a divine phoenix.


He had quietly promoted the idea of equality between demons and spirits in the Demon Realm, but it had little effect. The demons in the Demon Realm still only recognized birth and cultivation, and the elderly and frail demon beings were seen as food or trash.


“Do your sects adhere to these hierarchical rules? Do they have issues related to social standing?” Si Lan inquired of Haowei.


Haowei gazed intently and slowly replied, “Not mine.”


“Oh.” Si Lan’s lips curled slightly.


Inside the illusion, time had silently progressed into the deep night. After Pei Jia had finished his business, he thought of Tao Yuan and went to check on him. Tao Yuan had just fallen asleep, but when he heard the sound of the curtain being lifted, he woke up instantly, his eyes filled with fear as he looked outside.


Pei Jia felt that he had scared Tao Yuan, and he wanted to step forward to explain but also felt like leaving, caught in a dilemma.


When Tao Yuan recognized him, he immediately got out of bed without shoes and rushed into Pei Jia’s arms.


The joy of reuniting after such a long separation finally revealed itself at this moment.


The countless reunions in his dreams had finally come true. The missing piece in his heart had finally become whole.


Tao Yuan couldn’t help but choke up. So much had happened over these years, and there were so many things he wanted to tell Pei Jia, but he couldn’t find the words. So, he could only sob softly, like a child, his voice trembling with each sob.


Pei Jia’s hand hung in the air, and after a moment of hesitation, he gently placed it on Tao Yuan’s back, giving him soothing pats.


“Don’t be afraid; those bandits have been eradicated.”


Si Lan shook his head. He hadn’t expected Pei Jia, who had grown up, to be so unromantic. Tao Yuan wasn’t crying because of the bandits right now; it was because of him. At this moment, Pei Jia should have just embraced Tao Yuan and confessed his feelings, not stood there like a piece of wood.


It seemed that as he grew older, Pei Jia had forgotten how to be charming.


Perhaps these years in the military had changed Pei Jia’s character.

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Chapter 29 – Most eligible widow-bachelor in the six realms

Chapter 29


Si Lan and Haowei hurriedly made their way to Baixiang Garden. As they approached, they heard a melodious tune resonating within the courtyard.


“Behind the red gates, a young lord leans gracefully, sipping wine from a jade goblet.”


The voice was as smooth as water, gentle and pleasant, resembling a woman’s, yet more enchanting than one.


Si Lan and Haowei squeezed through the crowd and saw the courtyard adorned with lanterns, casting dancing shadows. Taoyuan, dressed in a red wedding gown, had a delicate and slender figure. His movements were graceful and tender, as if he were on a stage. With half-closed eyes, he sang a song with an absentminded look.


“Ask the music-loving lady and her lord, love and anger make a perfect couple. The young lord flees with flushed cheeks, the lady dances, enchantingly and smiling…”


The song seemed to narrate the first encounter of Taoyuan and Peijia.


Peijia leaned against the wall, watching as the lovely Xiao Lian sang the song next door. He teasingly asked if Xiao Lian was a man or a woman, and Xiao Lian playfully scolded him as her husband, which sent Peijia running in a fluster.


Peijia slowly reached out his hand towards the singer, his arms trembling slightly due to excitement. He embraced Taoyuan and choked out his name.




But Taoyuan seemed oblivious to his words, continuing to sing intermittently.


“Taoyuan, I’m Peijia. Look at me…”


Peijia called Taoyuan softly, but Taoyuan remained in a dazed state, showing no response. Peijia looked at Si Lan with teary eyes. “Doctor Si, what’s happening to him?”


Si Lan approached Taoyuan, placing his hand on Taoyuan’s Baihui acupoint, and realized that Taoyuan’s body was now under the control of a strong obsession.

That was a lingering obsession of Taoyuan that persisted even after his death.


Previously, Taoyuan’s body had been overtaken by impurities, preventing this obsession from entering his body. Later, Si Lan eliminated all the impurities near the General’s Mansion, allowing this obsession to regain control over Taoyuan’s body.


Si Lan didn’t respond to Peijia’s question. Instead, he asked, “General Pei, what is the song that Taoyuan is singing?”


“It’s ‘Playing with Peijia,'” Peijia replied with a moment of melancholy in his expression. “It’s a song Taoyuan composed himself to commemorate our first meeting.”


Si Lan frowned, realizing that Taoyuan’s obsession was related to their initial encounter. Resolving this obsession might briefly restore Taoyuan’s consciousness. Perhaps only Taoyuan’s words could make Peijia accept the fact that Taoyuan was already gone.


“Be careful,” Si Lan warned.


While Si Lan was deep in thought, Haowei suddenly grabbed his elbow.


In the next instant, a surge of malevolent energy rushed towards them, causing everyone to be knocked down by the energy, screaming in fear. The malevolent energy swept through the crowd and swiftly took Taoyuan’s body as if it were lightning fast.


Si Lan, followed by Haowei, immediately used their magic to chase after the malevolent energy. In the distant sky, a massive black cloud of malevolent energy roiled, and once Taoyuan’s body was absorbed into it, it quickly disappeared.


Si Lan entered the malevolent energy, and in an instant, everything turned black, with no visibility. Si Lan swiftly used his techniques to dispel the rolling malevolent energy, clearing the sky.


However, Taoyuan’s figure was nowhere to be seen.


“He went back,” Haowei said in a low voice and turned back.


Si Lan followed him without hesitation. As they got closer to the General’s Mansion, he felt the familiar malevolent energy again.


This cunning demon knew that the most dangerous place was often the safest!


Haowei landed in the General’s Mansion’s backyard, with Si Lan landing behind him.


The courtyard was overgrown with weeds, the walls were dilapidated, and the cold moonlight cast eerie shadows, making the surroundings appear sinister. It seemed to be an abandoned garden.


Si Lan spoke in a hushed tone and stepped forward, asking, “Are you sure it’s here?”


“Yes,” Haowei replied.


Si Lan concentrated and carefully observed the surroundings.


Tattered pieces of burial paper rustled in the night wind, a wooden door lay on the threshold, and the room was half bathed in moonlight, half drowned in shadows. Cobwebs swayed from the ceiling, and dust covered the floor, giving the appearance of nothing unusual.


But just as he turned to leave, he suddenly struck a palm at the person hidden behind the door crack.


The person had hidden their form, thinking they were safe when Si Lan turned away, but they were taken by surprise and struck by Si Lan’s palm.


The person grunted and quickly transformed into a black mist, trying to escape.


Si Lan, however, accurately seized the essence of that black mist with his hand. A cry of pain came from within.


“My lord… It hurts…”


The black mist gradually dispersed, revealing a man in white clothes with black hair. The man’s neck was still being held by Si Lan, and he was gasping for breath, his expression distorted and his face red from choking.


Si Lan released his grip, and the man in white clothes immediately clutched his throat, gasping for air.


“My lord, you were quite ruthless,” he complained.


Si Lan was astonished that the intruder causing chaos in the General’s Mansion was none other than Song Ye, who had been paralyzed for over a hundred years.


Si Lan gritted his teeth and looked around.


Then, another person, presumably realizing that they could no longer hide, revealed their form and silently approached Si Lan.


“I greet my lord,” Song Cheng said, with no signs of embarrassment at being caught, and he made a respectful bow.


Si Lan was getting increasingly furious. “What are the two of you doing here?”


“My lord, we came to the General’s Mansion to remove the Dayong Curse,” Song Ye explained after catching his breath.


“Oh, I see. So why were you sneaking around and not willing to meet me?” Si Lan asked.


Song Ye glanced at Song Cheng as if they were coordinating their stories, but Song Cheng seemed unwilling to continue the deception and said, “We seek your forgiveness, my lord. The Dayong was released when Song Ye and I were fighting, and we accidentally broke the seal on it.”


Song Cheng explained that while they were pursuing each other, they had reached Dayong Mountain. During their fight, they inadvertently shattered Dayong Mountain, which released Dayong. After realizing the gravity of the situation, they followed Dayong into the human realm and arrived at the General’s Mansion.


For the past few days, they had been hiding in the General’s Mansion, trying to find a way to break the Dayong Curse. When they sensed Si Lan’s presence, Song Ye suggested concealing their presence and acting discreetly.


After all, if Si Lan found out that the malevolent creature causing havoc in the human realm was released by them, he might have executed them immediately.


Song Ye had no reservations but was concerned about his brother. After all, his brother was deeply fond of Si Lan.


Thinking of this, Song Ye closed his eyes and looked desperate. “My lord, it has nothing to do with my brother. It was I who inadvertently broke the seal on Dayong Mountain.”


Song Cheng, with an expressionless face, continued, “My lord, it’s not his fault. It’s my recklessness; otherwise, Dayong wouldn’t have been released.”


“No, it’s my mistake. It’s all my fault. It’s because I couldn’t control my sword for a moment that I accidentally split Dayong Mountain open.”


Si Lan watched the touching scene of these two brothers, who usually had a poor relationship, now fighting to take responsibility when trouble arose. He wasn’t sure whether to be moved or angry.


These two brothers were always like this, having a strained relationship in their daily interactions, but once something happened, they would compete to shoulder the blame.


Si Lan was about to speak when Haowei, who had been silent all along, suddenly said, “The Dayong matter has nothing to do with them.”


Song Ye looked at Haowei, not knowing who this mysterious figure with the veil was, but upon hearing him speak in their favor, his face immediately lit up with a smile. He was about to express his gratitude, but then Haowei added coldly, “Their cultivation is too low to break the seal on Dayong.”


Song Ye remained silent.


For some reason, Si Lan felt an inexplicable trust in Haowei’s words. Relieved that it wasn’t his two subordinates’ fault, he still maintained a stern expression and asked, “Where is Taoyuan, and why did you capture him?”

Song Cheng cast a spell, and Taoyuan’s physical body gradually appeared, hovering in mid-air.


At this moment, Taoyuan had closed his eyes, his face pale, but his cheeks were unusually red, like a human puppet.


Song Ye explained, “My lord, we suspect that Dayong was summoned by him after his death. That’s why we wanted to capture him and force him to break the curse.”


Si Lan glanced at Song Ye but didn’t confirm or deny it. He walked to Taoyuan and noticed that the lingering obsession inside him was gone.


Perhaps it had been frightened away by Song Ye, or perhaps its time had expired.


The obsession could enter the physical body, but the time it spent inside was limited, and the presence of excessive Yang energy around the body prevented the obsession from entering.


“You two…” Si Lan sighed. “You’re becoming bolder and bolder.” If he hadn’t received a message from the Heaven-Sent Monkey Spirit to come to the mortal realm to investigate, they might have continued hiding it from him.


While they hadn’t directly released Dayong, they should have informed him as soon as they discovered the malevolent creature wreaking havoc in the mortal realm, rather than keeping it hidden due to fear of punishment.


If their actions caused harm to the mortal realm, both Si Lan and they would be held accountable.


Song Cheng immediately knelt and bowed, apologizing, “My lord, I was wrong in this matter. Please punish me.”


Song Ye looked at Song Cheng, hesitated for a moment, and reluctantly knelt as well, saying, “My lord, you can punish me.”


“Don’t worry,” Si Lan said sternly, “Both of you will face punishment, but for now, return to the Demon Realm. Each of you will receive 100 lashes and be banned for three years.”


“My lord, can we stay by your side and serve you until the Dayong curse is lifted, and then we’ll accept our punishment?” Song Cheng raised his head, his eyes slightly red, pleading.


Song Ye heard his brother’s plea and added, “Yes, my lord, we can assist you in any way you need.”


“You shouldn’t think you can make amends by helping. Even if you manage to lift the Dayong curse, you will still face punishment when you return,” Si Lan warned. While he generally didn’t get angry, when he did, it was not easily appeased.


Song Cheng, upon hearing this, immediately thanked Si Lan, and Song Ye pursed his lips, following his brother’s lead in apologizing.


At this moment, Peijia heard the commotion in the backyard and led a group of servants to investigate.


When he saw Taoyuan, Peijia rushed over, embraced him tightly, his eyes filled with obsession. “Taoyuan… Taoyuan… How can this happen? Lord Si Lan, why has Taoyuan fallen asleep again?”


Si Lan explained, “General Pei, don’t worry. Lady Taoyuan will wake up again.”






“That’s good, that’s good,” Peijia muttered, seemingly lost in his own world, where only Taoyuan existed, and there was no one else.


“General Pei, the Yin energy is strongest at the third quarter of the night,” Si Lan said. “At that time, Lady Taoyuan may wake up again. But it would be helpful if you could recreate the scene of your first encounter, which could stimulate her consciousness.”


The lingering obsession in Taoyuan had been singing “Playing with Peijia” repeatedly, suggesting that it was deeply attached to their initial meeting. If Peijia played the role of the young man on the wall, it might trigger the obsession and awaken Taoyuan.


“Alright,” Peijia responded, and he quickly left with Taoyuan in his arms. His attention never strayed from Taoyuan, and he seemed to have not noticed the two extra people who had appeared suddenly or perhaps noticed them but was too preoccupied with Taoyuan to question who had taken Taoyuan’s body away.


Si Lan watched Peijia’s distraught appearance with mixed feelings. Once Taoyuan’s consciousness returned, he and Peijia would be separated again.


However, if they didn’t wake her up, Taoyuan’s body and obsession wouldn’t remain in the mortal realm for long, and sooner or later, they would have to deal with the situation of separating the two lovers.


Peijia instructed his servants to set up a simple stage in the inner courtyard, repaint the walls, and plant green bamboo to recreate the scene of their first meeting.


When the third quarter of the night arrived, Taoyuan, who had been lying in bed, slowly sat up. His eyes seemed clouded, unfocused, and lacked expression.


He walked to the stage, swaying his slender figure, and gently waved his sleeves. His voice was as clear and melodious as pearls and jade.


“At the vermilion gates, under the carved window, Peijia leans against the par4p3t…”


However, it seemed that Taoyuan hadn’t seen Peijia leaning against the wall. He continued singing the song, seemingly oblivious to Peijia’s presence.


Peijia descended from the wall, his eyes red, and his lips quivering slightly. He stared at Taoyuan, who remained unresponsive, seemingly unaffected.


“Taoyuan… Please, stop singing,” Peijia suddenly embraced Taoyuan from behind, his back slightly hunched, his chin resting on Taoyuan’s shoulder. “Please, stop singing…”


Peijia closed his eyes and a tear rolled down his pale and sunken face.


Taoyuan still didn’t react to him until the lingering obsession finally left his body and fell into Peijia’s embrace.


The steward asked, “Lord Si Lan, what’s going on? Why hasn’t Lady Taoyuan awakened?”


“The lingering obsession of Lady Taoy


uan doesn’t seem to be related to their initial meeting,” Si Lan said, furrowing his brows. He couldn’t understand why Taoyuan had been singing the song commemorating their first encounter repeatedly.


Peijia, looking at Si Lan, with a hint of despair in his eyes, said, “What should we do to save Taoyuan now?”


“Find the root of her obsession,” Si Lan said. “So, General Pei, you need to carefully think about what in that song could be Lady Taoyuan’s obsession.”


Peijia raised his head, his lips curled in a self-deprecating smile. “Alright, allow me to think about it carefully.” He then carried Taoyuan and walked toward the Lakeheart Pavilion, focused on his beloved, with no attention spared for the two unexpected figures in the courtyard.

The servants each returned to their rooms, and Si Lan and his companions also retired to their quarters.


After the commotion, everyone felt a bit exhausted. However, due to the influence of the Dayong curse, they were both fatigued and unable to sleep, their bodies feeling extremely uncomfortable.


Si Lan rubbed his temples, trying to ease his headache, while still wrestling with the matter of Taoyuan. “We did nothing wrong. Why can’t we resolve that lingering obsession?”


Haowei looked up at Si Lan and calmly stated, “That General Pei’s words can’t be trusted.”




“Those affected by the Dayong curse have unstable Qi, their spirits are weak, and they appear fatigued. However, General Pei maintains stable Qi and doesn’t show any sign of fatigue. He should be the one who summoned Dayong.”


Only the person who summoned Dayong remains unaffected by the curse.


Haowei had noticed General Pei’s unusual condition when he first saw him. At that time, he believed it was due to General Pei’s profound inner energy and robust physical strength. However, after another day had passed, it was impossible for even a healthy human body to maintain such stable Qi after two days without rest.


Si Lan asked, puzzled, “Can a living person like Pei summon Dayong? I thought only the lingering grudges of the deceased could do that.”




Si Lan contemplated, “I remember you said that Taoyuan was trapped to death by someone. Is General Pei trying to seek revenge for Taoyuan?”


“Or perhaps he wants to make the entire mortal realm pay the price for Taoyuan’s death.” Haowei’s voice turned cold.


Si Lan’s heart sank. He realized that they couldn’t delay any longer. Their immediate priority was to awaken Taoyuan and break the Dayong curse.


Taoyuan’s lingering obsession still lingered near his body. Si Lan planned to capture that obsession to understand what it was fixated on.


So, Si Lan, Haowei, and the Song brothers discreetly concealed their presence and, as if they were thieves, approached the Lakeheart Pavilion.


Inside the room, General Pei was applying powder to Taoyuan’s face.


“I know you love to be beautiful, even when you’re asleep, you can’t slack off.”


After General Pei carefully applied the powder, he leaned down and meticulously painted Taoyuan’s eyebrows. When he made a mistake, he reached out to wipe off the makeup expertly.


“I promised you in the past that I would paint your eyebrows for you every day. Now I’ve fulfilled my promise. But what about you? You said you wanted to stay with me for a long, long time, didn’t you?”


General Pei touched Taoyuan’s cheek gently, his eyes filled with deep affection.


“Is your lingering obsession staying for him?” He? Who was he?


The four eavesdroppers in the room were puzzled. They wanted to hear more but General Pei fell silent. He simply held Taoyuan’s hand tightly, and his body remained motionless, like a statue.


Si Lan cast a spell, causing General Pei in the room to fall into a deep sleep. Then, Si Lan and Haowei stealthily entered the room, while the Song brothers were left outside to stand guard.


Though the Song brothers initially considered joining the action inside, they refrained from doing so as they thought about the time when Song Ye had faked a disability. He had feigned it for a hundred years, deceiving Song Cheng into doing his work for him. Song Cheng couldn’t help but clench his teeth when he remembered it.


However, Song Ye, who always seemed carefree, now wanted to talk with his brother. He used his elbow to nudge Song Cheng and asked, “My lord seems to trust that man with the veil.”


Song Cheng ignored him.


Song Ye saw the change in his brother’s expression and continued, “My lord, if that man is the same one you found on Mount Quansha, what do you think?”


Song Cheng’s expression stiffened, and he glared at Song Ye. His eyes were fixed firmly on his brother, who was standing very close.


“Song Ye, if you do anything foolish, don’t involve me.”


“Brother, if it makes you happy, I don’t mind killing him for you, right away.”


“Song Ye, if you continue to do foolish things, don’t drag me into them.”


“Brother, why pretend to be so virtuous? Do you know what happened to my lord’s three consorts? I’m sure you understand better than anyone…”


Song Cheng’s face gradually became tense as he heard this, and he stared at Song Ye intensely.


Song Ye smiled nonchalantly, “I want my brother to be happy. If you don’t want that person to approach my lord, I’ll kill him immediately.”



Inside the room, General Pei had dozed off beside the bed.


Si Lan performed a secret technique, and above Taoyuan’s physical body, a wisp of Taoyuan’s lingering obsession floated. It carried the memories Taoyuan didn’t want to forget.


Si Lan and Haowei simultaneously reached out for the obsession, and the next moment, they saw the scenes held within.


Before the break of dawn, Taoyuan was already practicing on a dilapidated stage.


At this time, Taoyuan’s face appeared slightly young, with undeveloped features, but his figure was slender and graceful, exuding a hint of femininity.


He twirled his sleeves, swayed his body, and sang slowly, “Gazing upon the distant Qí, where the green bamboo is lush and dense. The gentleman there, he works on himself, as if carving and polishing, as if cutting and grinding…”


He sang with great enthusiasm but didn’t notice there was someone lying on the par4p3t.


The clear and melodious voice woke General Pei, who was rubbing his temples. His face still carried the remnants of


 a blush, as if he had just woken up from a drunken stupor.


Listening to the tune in the courtyard, General Pei couldn’t help closing his eyes, crossing his legs, and occasionally nodding in appreciation.


Si Lan hadn’t expected that General Pei also had such a carefree and playful side. Just as he was feeling surprised, the song ended, and he saw General Pei turn his head, his gaze fixed on the figure on the stage.


Although the two were separated by some distance, General Pei looked closer and squinted his eyes, asking, “Young lady, what song are you singing?”


At this time, Taoyuan had disheveled hair, was dressed in a colorful dress, and his facial features hadn’t fully developed yet, making it hard to distinguish his gender. Upon hearing General Pei’s question, Taoyuan felt embarrassed and raised his head, glaring at General Pei.

Later, Taoyuan, for some unknown reason, raised his eyebrows slightly and deliberately deepened his voice, saying, “Good husband, the title of the song I just sang is ‘Qí Ào’.”


It’s unclear whether General Pei was startled by the term “good husband” or the sudden change in Taoyuan’s voice, but he stumbled and fell from the par4p3t, then hastily fled.


Seeing this, Taoyuan couldn’t help but cover his face and chuckle.


Si Lan, upon seeing this, couldn’t contain his laughter either.


General Pei had tried to flirt but ended up being teased instead.


Across the room, Haowei heard Si Lan’s laughter and glanced at him through the black veil.


The second scene depicted by the obsession was the troupe leader holding a thick stick, similar to a baby’s arm, and repeatedly striking Taoyuan.


Taoyuan knelt on the ground, his delicate body jerking with every blow, but he refused to admit that he had stolen the jade pendant.


General Pei, as usual, was sunbathing on the par4p3t when he saw the scene of Taoyuan being beaten. He immediately leaped into the courtyard, taking the stick from the troupe leader.


“Why are you beating him?” General Pei asked.


“This rebel stole my jade pendant, hid it in his room, and won’t admit it!” The troupe leader recognized General Pei, as he was the eldest son of General Pei. He had no choice but to explain.


General Pei asked with a cold face, “Is it the jade pendant carved like a big cabbage?”


“Yes… Master Pei, how do you know about it?”


General Pei chuckled and pointed to a little actor in the corner, saying, “I was sunbathing on the par4p3t, and I saw him sneaking into Taoyuan’s room with a cabbage-shaped jade pendant.”


As General Pei finished speaking, the little actor’s face changed instantly. He quickly knelt down, begging for mercy. The troupe leader became furious and began beating him with a broom.


For a moment, everyone in the theater troupe’s room was focused on the troupe leader and the actor who was begging for mercy.


Only General Pei watched Taoyuan, who was still kneeling on the ground.


General Pei helped Taoyuan up, but Taoyuan blushed slightly and avoided his touch, thanking him with a lowered head.


After this incident, General Pei and Taoyuan’s relationship grew much closer. To express his gratitude, Taoyuan made soup for General Pei.


General Pei opened the porcelain bowl with excitement. However, when he saw that it contained meatball soup with radishes, his expression changed for a moment, but he still smiled and finished the soup.


In truth, General Pei hated two things in his life: radishes and meatballs.


But General Pei knew that this was the best thing Taoyuan could offer him.


Their friendship from their youth blossomed quickly, and they became the closest of friends, sharing every aspect of their lives despite being from entirely different worlds. Thanks to a par4p3t wall, they were closely connected.


Unfortunately, these good days didn’t last long. The Pei family was summoned back to the capital by the Holy Yu family.


Before leaving, General Pei found Taoyuan and brought a jug of wine. He poured it for Taoyuan, saying, “This wine is remarkable. Drinking it will strengthen your body. You’re so thin; you should have more nourishment.” Seeing Taoyuan’s skeptical expression, he added, “Even my elder brother, who has been bedridden for many years, can get up and take a few walks after drinking it.”


Taoyuan chuckled and broke his abstinence from alcohol that night.


In his drowsy state, Taoyuan heard General Pei say, “I really want to take you with me to the capital. The snow in the capital is beautiful.”


Taoyuan reached out to touch General Pei’s face and fell into a deep sleep.


When Taoyuan woke up, General Pei was already gone. In a rush, Taoyuan ran outside, leaving behind one of his shoes. He didn’t care about it and chased after the Pei family’s procession.


Fourteen or fifteen-year-old General Pei rode a black steed, his back straight, tall and imposing. He led his family out of the city gates.


Taoyuan only managed to give General Pei one last glance.


Upon returning to the theater troupe, the troupe leader noticed Taoyuan’s bloodied and mangled right foot. He couldn’t help but sneer, “Young Master Pei has returned to the capital, where there are many beautiful actors and handymen. Do you think he’ll remember who you are?”


Taoyuan kept his head down and said nothing.


“Your Highness, someone is approaching,” suddenly, Song Cheng’s voice echoed from outside.


Si Lan immediately withdrew his hand, and the current scene stopped abruptly.


A group of people had arrived, including some practitioners. Si Lan didn’t want to cause trouble, so he pulled Haowei’s arm and disappeared back into their room.


Song Cheng and Song Ye also returned using magic.


The initial scenes that the obsession revealed were mostly consistent with General Pei’s previous account. However, it was unclear what was wrong, preventing Taoyuan’s obsession from awakening?


Furthermore, the “he” mentioned by General Pei remained a mystery. Who was he referring to?


In those brief scenes, there didn’t seem to be anyone particularly significant.


Si Lan was perplexed and turned to Haowei. “Chongwei, did you discover anything?”


Haowei was about to respond when a strange bell suddenly rang outside, echoing with an eerie tone, filling the air above the General’s Mansion.


It was a soul-binding bell.


Si Lan and the others rushed outside, following the strange bell sound, which led them to the Lakeheart Pavilion. There, several servants were gathered at the edge of the lake.


In front of the Lakeheart Pavilion, several practitioners stood with their eyes closed, shaking the soul-binding bells in peculiar postures.


Inside the Lakeheart Pavilion, through the official yellow beaded curtains, they could faint


ly see several practitioners. Using a thread as a medium, they sent layer after layer of white light into Taoyuan’s body.


General Pei was left outside the pavilion, clenching his fists and staring intently at what was happening inside.


Seeing this, Si Lan and the others attempted to step into the Lakeheart Pavilion but were stopped by the elderly steward.


The steward explained awkwardly, “Doctor Si, the practitioners are performing a ritual. Please refrain from disturbing them. Please don’t misunderstand; it’s not that the General’s Mansion doesn’t trust your medical skills. The General’s Mansion had previously issued a notice, inviting renowned doctors from all over to treat the Madam’s illness. These practitioners just arrived and claimed they could help, so the General allowed them to perform their rituals.”


“Ah, I see,” Si Lan nodded and looked at the practitioners ringing the bells in front of the Lakeheart Pavilion, noticing a few familiar figures.


Despite their disguises, Si Lan still recognized them as the men who were discussing General Pei and Taoyuan at the teahouse yesterday.


Si Lan’s expression grew serious, and he asked the steward, “Are the identities of those practitioners reliable?”


“They are reliable; they are all disciples of the Xuanling Sect,” the steward replied.


Si Lan fell into thought, and then Haowei suddenly spoke in a low voice, “This is the art of necromancy.”


“So, they aren’t planning to revive Taoyuan but turn him into a puppet?” Si Lan inquired.


“Yes,” Haowei confirmed.


Si Lan was about to speak up to stop them when he heard voices coming from inside the room.


“General Pei, he’s awake!”


General Pei immediately rushed into the room, and Si Lan and the others followed suit.


Inside the room, incense wafted through the air, and the beaded curtains swayed. The person lying on the bed had eyes that slowly moved, as if they had lost focus. After a while, those eyes settled on General Pei.


General Pei couldn’t help but grip Taoyuan’s hand, and his chest trembled involuntarily with excitement.




The person on the bed had a pale face, and at the corner of their lips, they murmured, “Am I asleep?”

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Chapter 28 – Most eligible widow-bachelor in the six realms

Chapter 28


If it weren’t for the peace between the two realms, Haowei really wanted to give the outspoken Demon Lord a good beating.


What does it mean to be a “good husband”?


Does this Demon Lord really consider him his wife?


“To thank you for helping me in ways you may not even realize, I’ll give you another iridescent feather,” Si Lan said, taking out an iridescent feather from his storage bag and handing it to Haowei.


Haowei’s face was full of disdain. Is it a common practice for birds to give feathers when they like someone? He didn’t want him to end up bald.


Disdain aside, Haowei still reached out and accepted it. He didn’t like odd numbers, and this would make a pair with the other iridescent feather.


While they were talking, a voice suddenly echoed in Si Lan’s divine consciousness. It was the voice of a demon general stationed near the border between the human realm and the demon realm.


“Your Excellency, a monster has entered the human realm causing trouble. Even the God Monkey of Eminent Heaven couldn’t subdue it. We are sending an urgent request for assistance.”


The God Monkey of Eminent Heaven was a celestial lord responsible for managing earthly affairs on behalf of the Heavenly Court.


According to the established customs of the Six Realms, each realm was responsible for its own affairs. After the Heavenly Court unified the six realms of gods, demons, spirits, humans, and ghosts, the Heavenly Court effectively managed the affairs of the five realms, leaving the demon realm under Si Lan’s jurisdiction.


How difficult could this monster be that it led the God Monkey of Eminent Heaven to seek help from the demon realm?


The demon general delivered the urgent report to Si Lan, and a strip of bamboo message gradually appeared in front of him.


He opened the bamboo message and, after reading the black characters on it, his facial features tightened inch by inch.


The monster was none other than Da Yong.


Da Yong had been sealed by the previous Heavenly Emperor Tai Wei at the boundary between the human and demon realms. Later, the place where Da Yong was sealed gradually formed a towering mountain, known as Mount Da Yong in the world.


According to the principle of territorial jurisdiction, most of Mount Da Yong was close to the human realm, and therefore, it should be the Heavenly Court’s responsibility to handle the matter. However, following the principle of ownership, Da Yong was a demon, and thus, it fell under the jurisdiction of the demon realm.


Sending an urgent report to him was a clever way for the God Monkey of Eminent Heaven to pass the buck.


Haowei’s gaze penetrated the bamboo message, and he also saw the contents. His expression grew serious.


When he came down to the demon realm, he knew that Da Yong had escaped, but he hadn’t expected Da Yong to go causing havoc in the human realm. According to historical records, Da Yong used a curse that left people sleepless, leading to their eventual demise. The average person could endure sleeplessness for a maximum of five days, with only a very few managing to hold out for seven days.


This meant that if Da Yong wasn’t subdued within three days, most of the ordinary people would be sleeplessly trapped and eventually die.


Si Lan closed the bamboo message and intended to leave for the human realm immediately.


For one, he may be a demon lord, but he had once been human and couldn’t stand by and watch people die.


Secondly, Lan Lan’s fourth reincarnation was still in the human realm. So, whether from the perspective of universal love or personal affection, this trip to the human realm was inevitable.


Qu Ze and Xie Li, two disciples of Si Lan, also wanted to accompany him.


Si Lan didn’t dare to take any risks and only allowed the two of them to stay behind to guard the Cloud-Seeking Peak.


The last time, Qu Ze was an undercover agent, so Si Lan wasn’t worried about leaving him at the Profound Spirit Sect. However, this time, their opponent was an ancient demon with unknown origins, and Si Lan couldn’t risk Qu Ze and Xie Li being in danger.


“You two are also entrusted with an important responsibility to guard the Cloud-Seeking Peak.”


“But, Your Excellency, if I miss you, can I come and find you?”


Si Lan paused for a moment and then said, “Alright.”


After arranging his two disciples, Si Lan looked at Haowei, “Little White Dragon, you should return to the Heavenly Court as soon as possible. Don’t let your father worry about you.”


“I want to go with you.”


“No, it’s too dangerous this time.” Si Lan refused with a stern face. If something happened to Little White Dragon while he was with him, he couldn’t bear the responsibility.


Haowei’s lips twitched, and he impulsively said, “Didn’t you say I’m very good at… being a good husband to you?”


As soon as he said that, Haowei regretted it, and his ears turned slightly red. He wasn’t planning to accompany Si Lan to the human realm in the first place.


“Never mind.” Before Si Lan could respond, Haowei coldly added, “I’ll return to the Heavenly Court on my own!”


With those words, Haowei cast a spell and transformed into a cloud of mist, disappearing in an instant.


“…” Si Lan.


Si Lan watched Haowei’s departing figure, feeling a bit puzzled. Why did this little guy seem so stubborn? It was all for safety that he didn’t take him along.


Oh well, he felt that this Little White Dragon’s thoughts were even harder to fathom than Lan Lan, A Lan, and Que Lan from before.


After pondering for a moment, Si Lan used a spell to instantly appear in the human realm.


At first glance, the human realm seemed normal, but looking through the clouds, a dark energy barrier enveloped the entire human realm.


Any living being that entered this dark energy, whether in the sky, on the ground, or in the water, would be affected by a curse, making it impossible for them to sleep day or night.


In that moment, Si Lan suddenly understood the actions of the heavens. In ancient times, even the most insignificant demons and monsters were incredibly powerful and could easily wipe out the human realm, which occupied the lowest rung of the food chain. If they weren’t kept in check to balance the power of the six realms, the human realm would have long been overrun by those demons and monsters.


Si Lan landed on a street, and the scene seemed frozen, but it was slowly moving.


Occasionally, a few chimneys were still emitting smoke, and the smoke drifted in the wind as if it were moving more slowly than usual. Pedestrians had dark circles under their eyes, walking wearily with heavy, leaden legs.


Inside the houses, babies were crying incessantly, while outside, cats and dogs were going mad, continuously howling and roaring as if trying to vent something but unable to.


Every household was filled with complaints and wailing.


Si Lan couldn’t bear to let it continue. He used magic to draw a formation in the air, and following that formation, he saw that apart from the dark energy in the sky, black energy pervaded the human realm, resembling creeping vines, rising from the ground and floating in the air.


Si Lan flew toward the place where the black energy was most concentrated, General Ning An’s residence.


The closer he got, the stronger the demonic energy he felt, and he had a faint sense that this demonic energy was somewhat familiar. Could it be his subordinates?


Thinking this, Si Lan slightly furrowed his brow and discreetly landed in a teahouse across from General Ning An’s residence.


Inside the teahouse, several tall men with upright postures were huddled together, whispering quietly.


Si Lan faintly heard the word “General” and used magic to eavesdrop on what they were saying.


“That little musician is already dead. There’s no way a divine physician can save him.”


“For General Pei to go to such lengths for him, he might ruin his reputation in one fell swoop!”


“Ah, not only General Pei’s reputation, but according to that Daoist artificer, this curse of the ancient demon Da Yong, which is causing havoc in the human realm, may have been unleashed by the spirit of that little musician. Perhaps if we burn his body, we can break the curse.”


“I say, we’d be better off…”


As they talked, they glanced at each other and made a gesture.


Si Lan sized up these men. Despite their tired faces, their voices were full of vigor, and their posture was upright and resolute. They were likely soldiers, perhaps even subordinates of General Pei.


Si Lan walked up to the entrance of General Ning An’s residence and stared at the closed red door, deep in thought.


What reason could he give to enter?


As he contemplated, a man dressed in black with a black hood stood next to him.


Si Lan turned to look at the man, who had a tall, well-proportioned figure, an understated aura, and although his face wasn’t very clear, just his profile made him seem out of place.


The man seemed to sense Si Lan’s gaze, and his hood shifted slightly as he turned to look in Si Lan’s direction. After a moment, he uttered a soft “Hmm.”


Si Lan felt that the voice was oddly familiar, like he had heard it somewhere. As he tried to recall, the bright red door suddenly opened, and a white-bearded butler stepped out.


“Are you the Twin Pinnacles of Tu Shan?”


Si Lan and the man in black exchanged glances and simultaneously replied, “Yes.”


“Please come in quickly. General Pei has been waiting for you for a long time…”


The butler led Si Lan and Haowei past winding courtyards to a building located in the middle of a blue lake, which suddenly came into view.

The butler led the way towards the center of the lake and explained, “Our lady has been unconscious and has been recuperating here under the general’s care.”


Si Lan inquired, “How many days has your lady been in a coma?”


“Three days.”


Si Lan suddenly realized that the onset of the Great Cursed Curse in the mortal realm was two days ago, which coincided closely with the time when the general’s wife fell into a coma. Could it be that the general’s wife’s spirit was responsible for this?


“Please, come in,” the butler said, standing by the door and inviting Si Lan and Haowei inside.


Once inside, they were greeted by twelve painted screens depicting landscapes. Behind the screens, there were translucent embroidered curtains made of transparent official yellow beads hanging about an inch above the ground.


On the right, two censers burned incense, and wisps of smoke rose. On the left, you could faintly see a person sleeping behind the curtains, while another person sat quietly in front of the bed, gazing at the sleeping figure.


Perhaps it was the sound of their footsteps that startled the person sitting by the bed, who reached out to part the bead curtain and came out.


This person was tall, about the same height as Haowei, and suddenly appeared in front of Si Lan. Si Lan felt like he was dwarfed when placed between these two.


Even though he was over seven feet tall.


Si Lan observed the features of General Pei, his sunken eye sockets, crimson eyes, and an expressionless face that still conveyed profound sadness and overwhelming despair.


Pei turned his gaze to Si Lan and said with slight surprise, “I never thought you two would actually be the Twin Pinnacles of Tu Shan.”


Slightly taken aback by this, Si Lan and Haowei exchanged glances, then Pei shifted his gaze to Haowei and said, “If Peach Abyss were still awake, he’d surely be delighted to see both of you safe.”


“…” Si Lan.


“…” Haowei.


Si Lan privately thought that General Pei’s grief had affected his judgment, mistaking him and Haowei for the Twin Pinnacles of Tu Shan. However, it did make things more convenient for their mission.


Si Lan cleared his throat and said calmly, “What is Peach Abyss’s current condition?”


“Peach Abyss has been in a coma, only regaining consciousness for less than a quarter of an hour each day,” perhaps to avoid suspicion, Pei had Si Lan and Haowei stay outside to diagnose the patient’s pulse, while he went in to tie a red thread around Peach Abyss’s wrist.


Si Lan held his breath and carefully held the red thread. After a moment, he glanced at the sleeping figure behind the bead curtain and furrowed his brow.


No pulse, no breath…


Peach Abyss was already dead.


Si Lan initially thought that the people in the teahouse were just talking nonsense, but now it seemed that they were telling the truth. Could it be that Peach Abyss’s lingering resentment had caused the Great Cursed Curse to be activated?


Si Lan pondered this, and as he handed the red thread to Haowei, he wanted him to confirm it. However, Haowei didn’t take it.


“Aren’t you going to check?” Si Lan asked.


“No need,” came the cool voice from behind the veil.


Si Lan didn’t notice, and continued, “You’ve also realized that he’s already dead?”




“Are you here to investigate the Great Cursed Curse too?”




The last “yes” had a slightly annoyed tone.


Si Lan continued, “I still don’t know your name. You are…”


Haowei’s voice, muffled by the veil, paused for a moment before he uttered two words, “Chong Wei.” It was a combination of “Haowei” and “Chong Ying.”


Si Lan found this voice and the name somewhat familiar. He was about to say more when General Pei opened the bead curtain and walked out.


“Doctor, how is my wife’s condition?” Pei asked, looking at Si Lan.


Si Lan observed Pei, thinking that he was a military man who had experienced many battles and shouldn’t be unable to recognize that Peach Abyss had already passed away. However, Pei seemed unwilling to accept the truth, and Si Lan didn’t want to hurt his feelings directly.


Si Lan said, “We couldn’t determine your lady’s condition through pulse diagnosis. General, we need a face-to-face consultation to have a clearer understanding.”


After hesitating for a moment, Pei nodded and turned back to open the bead curtain, leading Si Lan and Haowei into the room.


Si Lan saw a person lying on the bed. Their black hair spread loosely on their shoulders, their complexion was pale, their expression peaceful, and they looked more like someone in deep sleep than a deceased person.


Si Lan hadn’t expected that the person who had driven General Pei to madness was, in fact, a man.


So why was Pei telling them to avoid suspicion?


Si Lan reached out and pressed his fingertips against Peach Abyss’s neck. He couldn’t detect any sign of life. As he got closer, he noticed that Peach Abyss had a thick layer of makeup on his face. The pale lips were covered in vivid rouge, giving him a somewhat lively appearance, which didn’t resemble a dead person.


It seemed that Pei had applied makeup to Peach Abyss himself, deluding himself into not accepting Peach Abyss’s passing.


Si Lan gently pressed Peach Abyss’s forehead and the body began to tremble, limbs convulsing as if in intense pain.


Pei, seeing this, tried to rush over, but Haowei blocked him.


“What did you do to my wife?” Pei demanded.


Si Lan withdrew his hand, and Peach Abyss’s body gradually calmed down. “There is impurity in his body,” Si Lan said. After death, if a corpse is not dealt with promptly, it can attract impurities and exhibit “false death” symptoms.


“What does impurity mean?” Pei asked, his brow furrowed.


Si Lan carefully chose his words. “It’s just some restless… unclean energy.”


Pei sat by the bedside and examined Peach Abyss’s body. After confirming that Peach Abyss was not injured, he asked, “How is my wife’s illness?”


“The condition is stable. I can prescribe a few herbal remedies for your wife to drink twice a day.”


Si Lan said, and he sensed a faint twitch at the corner of Haowei’s mouth through the veil. He probably found Si Lan’s words somewhat amusing. Nonetheless, Si Lan remained composed and wrote a prescription for Pei.


Pei had no reason to doubt him and immediately instructed his servants to prepare the herbal remedies.


“When will my wife wake up, Doctor?” Pei asked in a hoarse voice.


Si Lan’s expression froze for a moment. He hadn’t mentioned his name, so how did General Pei know his surname was Si?


“General Pei, I can’t guarantee when your lady will wake up, but for now, following this prescription should lead to her gradual recovery,” Si Lan paused and then added, “General Pei, have we met before?”


However, General Pei seemed too absorbed in the phrase “your lady’s condition will gradually improve.” He didn’t pay any attention to Si Lan and, instead, excitedly held Peach Abyss’s hand, muttering, “Peach Abyss, did you hear the doctor’s words? You will wake up soon, and then we can go to South Province to enjoy the mountains and rivers, or ride freely in the Northern Desert…”


“General…” Si Lan was about to say something more when the butler walked over.


“You two divine doctors must be tired. Please follow me to the guest rooms to rest. Tonight, the general’s mansion has prepared a feast to entertain you.”


Si Lan glanced at General Pei, who seemed utterly dazed and confused, unable to engage in meaningful conversation. So, he followed the butler and left.


He contemplated the situation as he walked, lost in thought. Consequently, when Haowei abruptly stopped, he wasn’t aware of it and bumped into Haowei.


Instinctively, Haowei turned and caught him. In an instant, a faint scent of temple incense and another familiar aroma wafted to his nostrils. The incense scent was probably picked up from Peach Abyss’s room.


Firm fingers held his waist. Through the thin clothing, their warmth pressed against his skin. He was taken aback, and he couldn’t help but think of the man he had encountered in the Illusion Realm of Xuanling Mountain. They were of similar height, both with large hands and the same comforting warmth.


Si Lan looked up, meeting a pair of eyes through the lightly swaying veil. Before he could focus, a clear, melodious voice came from within the veil.


“Are you steady now?”


“Uh, yes, I am.” Si Lan quickly steadied himself and gave an awkward smile.


“Both divine doctors, this is the guest room. If you need anything, call for me,” the old butler said as he left.


“Thank you.”


Once the butler had left, Si Lan realized that the old butler had assigned only one room for him and Haowei.


“…” Si Lan.


They were the Twin Pinnacles of Tu Shan, not a couple.


Si Lan didn’t know what to do, but he saw Haowei calmly walking into the room. Not wanting to appear embarrassed, he followed.


He inwardly thanked his stars that this person didn’t know his true identity; otherwise, discovering that he was destined to be with a “male spouse” would likely be unsettling.


Inside the room, Haowei still wore his veil, standing by the window in a meditative posture as if deep in thought. Si Lan sat down in a chair, and, with his hand, drew a swastika-like formation on the table. Soon, the formation expanded and enveloped the general’s mansion.


In an instant, the foul energies lingering around the general’s mansion were completely dissipated. Peach Abyss had been dead for a long time, and his body had not been laid to rest. This had attracted impurities wandering through the mansion. If this continued, not only Peach Abyss, but even ordinary people would be affected by these impurities, causing their vital energy to gradually dissipate.


After completing these tasks, Si Lan looked at Haowei. Haowei observed Si Lan casting the spell, maintaining his composure and not reacting in any way. He did not seem like an ordinary mortal.


Previously, when Si Lan unintentionally bumped into Haowei, he had tried to assess Haowei’s cultivation level but found nothing. It was as if he couldn’t discern the cultivation levels of the people he had encountered recently.


Could it be that his own cultivation had regressed?


Si Lan felt a sudden unease and decided to focus on his cultivation after resolving the current mortal realm crisis.


He coughed gently to break the silence and took the initiative. “Chong Wei, have you found any clues? Since we’re both here to solve the Great Cursed Curse, we should cooperate.”


The veil gently moved, and a soft voice came from inside. “That Lady Pei, she was emaciated and starved to death.”


“Starved to death?” Si Lan was surprised and felt a pang of sympathy. Such a cruel method was usually reserved for interrogating enemies. Peach Abyss was General Pei’s wife, so how could she have endured such treatment?


Si Lan recalled what the people in the teahouse had said, “Was it after his death, his ghost remained and summoned the Great Cursed Curse?”


“It’s not him; it takes an enormous amount of resentment to summon the Great Cursed Curse,” Haowei added. He hadn’t sensed strong resentment on Peach Abyss’s corpse.


Si Lan paused and then looked at Haowei. “I didn’t expect you to be so sure. Do you have any leads?”


“I am certain,” Haowei responded firmly. This was the first time he had come to the mortal realm in his current form, and there was no way General Pei could have seen him before.


Si Lan felt that Haowei’s denial was resolute. He changed the subject, saying, “This place has the heaviest demonic energy, aside from the Great Cursed Curse. There are other demonic energies intermingled here.”


Haowei continued without hesitation, “That Lady Pei, she was starved to death.”


Haowei seemed to be echoing the same information, but this time, Si Lan noticed something different in his tone.


“Who could have done something so cruel to her?” Si Lan wondered aloud.


Haowei responded, “I suspect we are not dealing with a simple ghost or the Great Cursed Curse. There may be another force at play here.”


Si Lan nodded in agreement. “I share the same suspicion. Let’s investigate further to unravel this mystery.”


With a newfound sense of purpose, they decided to work together to uncover the truth behind the Great Cursed Curse and the strange occurrences at General Pei’s mansion.

Even though Si Lan had sensed the diminishing presence of the other demonic energy since his arrival, he could still faintly feel the other’s existence.


Haowei acknowledged with a simple “hmm.”


“I suspect it might be people from my… our village…” Si Lan quickly corrected himself.


Haowei cast a condescending glance at him but didn’t confirm or deny it.


The two of them engaged in more small talk. Nightfall descended silently, and the general’s mansion lit up with rows of red lanterns, casting a warm red glow around.


A servant from General Pei came to invite them to the banquet.


They didn’t want to waste time at the banquet but considering that General Pei had some secrets, they decided to go.


The mansion’s servants, affected by the Great Cursed Curse, had sunken eyes and looked fatigued. Even the servant leading them spoke hesitantly.


“Di… Divine doctors, please… come in…”


As Si Lan turned around, he nearly stumbled and almost fell. He quickly extended a hand to support the servant. Seeing the servant about to struggle to thank him, Si Lan hastily said, “No need to thank me; go on with your duties.”


The servant bowed and left.


General Pei had not yet arrived, and the servants were setting up the dishes.


Si Lan looked at the sumptuous feast on the table but had no appetite. His mind was consumed with thoughts of the Great Cursed Curse.


He only knew that the Great Cursed Curse was a demonic creature that cast the Cursed Distress Curse, but beyond that, he had no information. He didn’t know where to begin.


“If only we could go to the Heavenly Court and see Taowei’s records,” Si Lan mumbled under his breath.


When Taowei was alive, he would record the demons he had subdued in his records, which were stored in the Heavenly Court’s scriptures repository. However, the Heavenly Court was guarded by divine warriors and protected by barriers, making it challenging to access.


Haowei, who was nearby, gave Si Lan a faint look.


In an instant, General Pei entered, looking visibly fatigued. Upon seeing Si Lan and Haowei, he inquired about Peach Abyss’s condition, “Divine Doctor Si, I feel that Peach Abyss’s complexion has improved after drinking your medicine. Can you tell me when she might wake up?”


“It depends on the patient’s personal will,” Si Lan replied, considering General Pei’s fragile state. He then changed the subject, “General Pei, how did your wife contract this strange illness?”


General Pei seemed to recall something unpleasant, his eyes clouded with red mist. “It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have left her alone in the military camp, leading to her being…,” he stopped abruptly, unable to continue. He instinctively denied Peach Abyss’s death.


Observing General Pei’s unstable mental state, Si Lan didn’t want to push him further and changed the topic again, “General Pei, has your lady ever mentioned anything about curses or spells?”


“Divine Doctor Si, I know what you want to ask. That Great Cursed Curse outside has nothing to do with my wife,” General Pei said with determination, “Those people not only harmed my wife, but now they also want to blame these unfounded charges on her. It’s unforgivable.”


Seeing General Pei’s near-hysterical state, Si Lan had a vague thought that was almost too unbelievable to consider.


“General! General!” Suddenly, the butler’s voice came from outside, interrupting their conversation.


The butler had rushed to the door, out of breath and excited. “General, the divine doctor’s prescription really worked. The lady has awakened!”


General Pei, upon hearing this, rushed to the butler and seized his hand, asking, “Is Lady really awake?”


“Yes, she’s now singing in the Hundred Fragrance Garden.”


Without waiting for the butler to finish speaking, General Pei hurried towards the Hundred Fragrance Garden.


The other guests at the banquet followed him.


Si Lan and Haowei exchanged glances.


Haowei took a deep breath and asked in a cold tone, “What kind of prescription did you give?”


“I prescribed a treatment for lumbar disc herniation,” Si Lan replied.


“…” Haowei.


Si Lan figured that Peach Abyss probably had to bend over frequently when practicing singing, so he prescribed a treatment for lumbar disc herniation. However, he had not expected Peach Abyss to actually wake up!


Was this a case of faked death?

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Chapter 27 – Most eligible widow-bachelor in the six realms

Chapter 27


Suddenly, a sense of emptiness filled Si Lan’s heart as he looked at the well-assembled prosthetic limb in his hand, as if he had realized something. A faint smile crept across his lips.


This little guy still had a conscience; before leaving, he had securely placed the prosthetic limb.


However, Si Lan wasn’t sure if the new prosthetic would be suitable for Qu Ze.


He used his divine sense to communicate with Qu Ze, saying, “Qu Ze, come to Zhuyun Peak quickly.”


Qu Ze didn’t reply, and Si Lan assumed he was busy, so he didn’t think much of it. However, after a while, he tried contacting Qu Ze again and received no response. That’s when he realized something was amiss.


How could it be that he had just returned to Zhuyun Peak and couldn’t get in touch with Qu Ze?


“Qu Ze, is something wrong with you?”


After a moment, Qu Ze’s voice, slightly hoarse, came through his divine sense, “Lord, I’m fine. I’ll be back at Zhuyun Peak shortly.”


Si Lan sensed that something was wrong and calmly said, “Okay.”


After ending the communication, he immediately flew to find Qu Ze based on the guidance of Feather Spirit.


When Qu Ze was young and had lost his arm, he was frequently bullied by other young demons in the Demon Realm. To protect him, Si Lan had left Feather Spirit on Qu Ze. Whenever Qu Ze called for him, he could quickly locate him using Feather Spirit’s guidance.


He sensed Qu Ze’s aura within the Songkun Valley and saw a group of demons surrounding Qu Ze, brutally beating him with their fists. They had taken advantage of his broken prosthetic arm and injuries to torment him.


Qu Ze remained silent, cradling Xie Li beneath him with his one remaining arm, allowing them to pummel him.


On the ground nearby, Qu Ze’s torn shirt and the upper part of his prosthetic arm were strewn about, stained with blood.


Xie Li, seemingly in shock, had gone pale. He had forgotten to cry and curled up in Qu Ze’s embrace, trembling with each punch that landed.


When Si Lan witnessed this scene, a surge of anger welled up in his heart. He drew his Mysterious Heart Whip and lashed out at the group of demons, sending them sprawling and severely injured.


“Go… run…”


When the demons saw Si Lan’s appearance, they immediately turned to flee. Unfortunately, they were no match for Si Lan’s whip, which was faster. The long whip pierced through their shoulders like skewers, stringing them together and presenting them before Si Lan.


Si Lan was furious but chuckled sarcastically, squinting at them, “Don’t you know that Quze and Xie Li are under my protection?”


“We… We are also under Lord of the Deer’s command…”


“Lord of the Deer,” Si Lan’s lips curled in a deeper smile, “then tell him, whatever issues he has with me, don’t involve my two disciples.”


Lord of the Deer was the peak master of the Shuhe Peak, one of the twelve peaks. When Si Lan’s father, Sī Shàojūn, defeated Lord Chu’s Mountain, he replaced five peak masters among the twelve, but seven remained unchanged, and Lord of the Deer was one of them. He had been Lord Chu’s Mountain’s trusted aide.


During Sī Shàojūn’s reign, Lord of the Deer still acknowledged his authority, but after Si Lan took over, Lord of the Deer repeatedly expressed his dissatisfaction with Si Lan’s rule, desiring to make Shuhe Peak independent from Si Lan’s control.


Si Lan, considering Lord of the Deer’s high prestige within Shuhe Peak, had turned a blind eye to his provocations, not wanting to escalate the situation. However, he hadn’t expected Lord of the Deer to dare to bully his disciples.


Did he truly believe Si Lan’s leniency made him easy to push around?


Si Lan abruptly retracted his whip, and the barbs on the whip instantly rose as he pulled it back through the group of demons, causing them to scream in pain, clutching their bleeding wounds in panic and fleeing in all directions.


“You… You, you arrogant little chicken pretending to be a phoenix! Don’t think you can go unchallenged for long. Lord of the Deer will expose your secrets soon!” one demon, thinking they had run far enough to be safe, shouted at Si Lan.


Si Lan responded with an “Oh,” and in the next moment, the demon’s arm was ripped off, blood gushing. The demon was terrified, clutching the wound and shrieking as they fled.


Si Lan redirected his gaze and, looking down, saw Quze struggling to get up from the ground with one arm.


Si Lan asked, “Why didn’t you send a message for me to come to your rescue?”


“I…,” Quze lowered his head, his eyes filled with concern. He changed the subject, saying, “One of the demons mentioned that Lord of the Deer has obtained evidence…”


Quze had originally planned to endure today’s harassment and approach Lord of the Deer alone tomorrow, hoping to make Lord of the Deer give up exposing Si Lan by any means necessary.


“Just because of that, you didn’t tell me?” Si Lan’s brow furrowed deeply, and he retrieved some ointment from his pouch, tossing it to Quze, transferring some inner energy to help with the healing.


Quze clenched the ointment, but didn’t speak.


Seeing this, Xie Li gently tugged on Si Lan’s robe. “My Lord, don’t blame Senior Brother. He was doing it for your own good.”


Xie Li had been scared into tears earlier, and Quze had warned him not to cry, or else Si Lan might hear.


Quze didn’t want Si Lan to worry about them, and he especially didn’t want Si Lan to know about Lord of the Deer’s threat.


“Quze, if you didn’t want to tell me, were you planning to handle it on your own?” Si Lan squinted, his expression turning colder. “But how were you planning to solve it? Let me guess, were you thinking of sacrificing yourself alongside Lord of the Deer?”


Quze hadn’t expected Si Lan to figure out his thoughts. He instinctively tightened his fingers, his face turning pale, nervously looking at Si Lan.


Si Lan’s precise perception caught this movement, and in the next moment, he slapped Quze.


This was the first time Quze had been physically struck in his entire life. The blow was powerful, making Quze’s face twist to the side, and it took a while for him to slowly straighten his head.


His lips were skewed.


“After this, if you dare to take matters into your own hands for me again, you can have the position of Demon Sovereign.”


“My Lord, that’s not what I meant…” Quze wanted to explain, but Si Lan didn’t want to listen to him. He lifted Xie Li’s collar and used magic to leave the valley.


Quze quickly chanted a spell and followed behind Si Lan, but he didn’t dare get too close, knowing Si Lan was still angry with him.


Back at Zhuyun Peak, Quze saw a new iron prosthetic arm laid on the stone table, and his eyes reddened instantly.


He picked up the prosthetic arm and bit his lower lip tightly.


“My Lord…”


Even if his lord didn’t allow it, he still wanted to fight for his lord.


“Quze.” Suddenly, a low, oppressive voice emanated from the hall. “If you haven’t given up on foolish actions, don’t blame me for banishing you from Zhuyun Peak.”


After a pause, Si Lan added, “Even after death, don’t expect to be buried on Zhuyun Peak.”


Being unable to be buried on Zhuyun Peak after death was a devastating blow to Quze.


As expected, he calmed down after hearing this and went to rest. However, he couldn’t sleep that night; he kept thinking about what the demons had said.


Although Si Lan hadn’t revealed his true form or said anything about it, Quze had once accidentally seen a demon resembling a wild chicken bathing in the hot springs of the Seven Strings Cavern.


After a single glance, he immediately turned away, vaguely understanding something. However, for so many years, he had avoided delving deeper into the matter.


It wasn’t until early morning that Quze, still holding the prosthetic arm, fell into a fitful sleep.


While he slept, Si Lan quietly entered his room and saw Quze holding the prosthetic arm in his sleep, his grip tight and his face hidden beneath the blanket.


Si Lan hadn’t expected that he had struck Quze so hard in anger. Regretfully, he found some ointment and applied it to the bruises on Quze’s cheek.


Had he given the young one a psychological scar by being so angry and hitting him? After all, he was just a child of a little over two hundred years.


Si Lan didn’t know whether Lord of the Deer was bluffing or had truly discovered his secret identity as a wild chicken. He tried to contact Lord of the Deer through long-distance voice transmission but found that he couldn’t reach him.


He had to resort to contacting the guardian of Shuhe Peak and learned that Lord of the Deer had left Shuhe Peak yesterday, likely to search for someone.


Si Lan’s brow furrowed deeply. After pondering for a while, he realized that the reason Lord of the Deer had suspected him was probably due to the accidental reveal of his wings during their encounter at Xuanling Gate.


Could it be that Lord of the Deer has been having people track me all along?


I’ve been careless.


But even if Lord of the Deer has his suspicions, as long as I don’t reveal my true form, he won’t have direct evidence of my identity.


Furthermore, even if Lord of the Deer were to expose my true form, he can’t remove me from the position of Demon Sovereign. Currently, five of the twelve peak masters are loyal to my father, and three are loyal to me.


These eight people will stand by my side no matter what.


However, if my true form is revealed, it’s like getting caught with a fake degree; it will make me lose face, and I’ll undoubtedly face ridicule from other demons. I can imagine that when they mention me in the future, the first thing that will come to their minds won’t be the fact that I’m a ruthless demon lord but that I’m the chicken-loving Demon Sovereign.




Lord of the Deer arrived at Zhuyun Peak three days later, claiming that he wanted justice for his subordinates. He also brought three peak masters along to support his cause. These three peak masters were all loyal to my father and had long held grudges against me.


As I looked at the imposing group heading up the mountain, I couldn’t help but think of it as a “palace coup” in the human world.


In reality, this “palace” isn’t worth overthrowing. After all, on my side, there’s only one disciple with a missing arm and a six-year-old disciple sneaking sweets.


Lord of the Deer, upon seeing me, didn’t show any respect. He appeared arrogant and was followed by his subordinates who carried weapons and held their heads high, not bothering to bow or show respect, staring coldly at me.


“My Lord, may I inquire as to what my subordinates have done? Are you planning to grievously wound them?” Lord of the Deer spoke, reaching out to bring forward the demons who had bullied Quze the last time.


Perhaps it was the fear of being beaten again, but the demons faced my gaze and involuntarily stepped back, only to be pushed forward by Lord of the Deer.


“What have they done without telling you?” I smiled and retorted, “Without clarifying, you sent troops to Zhuyun Peak. Are you planning to rebel?”


“Rebellion? I dare not, but I ask my Lord to give me an explanation.” Lord of the Deer deliberately spoke slowly, sizing up my expression, thinking he would see me trembling in fear. However, he saw me remain calm and composed.


Lord of the Deer ground his teeth and continued, “My Lord, my subordinates have always been blunt in their speech, without regard for etiquette. They spoke without thinking and said that your true form is nothing more than a wild chicken. Did you really have to deal with them so harshly?”


“Pah, who said that my Lord’s true form is that filthy thing, a wild chicken? Show yourself; I’ll beat you to death!” Xue Wù, clearly upset, rolled up his sleeves and waved his polearm around the whole area.


My brow twitched, hoping that Xue Wù could say a little less to save me some face.


I cast a Silencing Spell, and Xue Wù suddenly couldn’t open his mouth, only making muffled sounds, “Uh, uh… My Lord, I…”


“Lord of the Deer, I have never used my authority to oppress others, but that doesn’t mean everyone can be disrespectful towards me.” I gently moved my foot, and a rush of energy spread like a gust of wind, intimidating Lord of the Deer.


Lord of the Deer’s expression stiffened as he gritted his teeth, his neck taut, and said, “Is it a matter of disrespect or did it touch a nerve, my Lord? If I remember correctly, none of us present have ever seen your true form.”


“Shame… we are your subordinates, indeed, unworthy of seeing your true form. However, it is well known that when the Divine Phoenix Sī Shàoxún was born, the true phoenix descended, and all eight phoenixes came to pay their respects. Upon seeing Sī Shàoxún, the phoenixes couldn’t help but dance with him, raising their necks and singing in unison. It is this legend that gave rise to the phrase ‘the phoenixes singing in harmony and dancing gracefully.'”


After Lord of the Deer finished speaking, his subordinates promptly split into two groups.


Eight exquisite women walked forward, donned in red and gold headdresses adorned with tassels, their robes flowing gracefully, their sleeves swaying in the wind, exuding an otherworldly aura.


These were the eight phoenixes that Lord of the Deer had borrowed from Cāngshān Mountains a few days ago.


With the bloodline connection among phoenixes, the Divine Phoenix clan naturally yielded to the Divine Phoenix. If I were indeed the Divine Phoenix’s true form, upon seeing me, these eight phoenix women would lose control and begin to dance in my presence.


Upon seeing the eight women, my expression slightly froze



I thought that as long as I kept my true form hidden, everything would be fine. But I didn’t expect Lord of the Deer to target the Divine Phoenix clan from Cāngshān Mountains.


Years ago, after the falling out between Cāngshān Mountains and my father, the Divine Phoenix clan had never set foot in the demon realm. That’s why, for all these years, I hadn’t encountered a Divine Phoenix, and I hadn’t even considered their involvement.



Ninth Heaven, Yuqing Palace.


After dealing with various immortals, Haowei rubbed his temples in exhaustion.


On the table, the phoenix feather white jade soup that Lady Quyu had sent earlier emitted a faint fragrance through the pot.


Haowei lowered his head, lifted the lid of the pot, and looked at the whitened phoenix feathers inside. His brow furrowed, and he couldn’t help but think of Si Lan.


If the Demon Lord were to see his fellow kind’s wings being made into soup, would he be enraged?


Thinking of this, Haowei’s lips curled slightly. He called a servant and ordered them to dispose of the soup. He also instructed that Yuqing Palace should not send anything else to Lady Quyu in the future.


After this brief episode, he continued with a stern expression to review memorials. During his absence from the Heavenly Court, a mountain of memorials had accumulated before him.


After a while, there was a sudden noise outside, resembling the call of cranes and the crowing of roosters.


He couldn’t help but put down the brush and look at the words on the memorials, which now seemed to twist into chicken shapes before his eyes.


With a thud, he put down the brush and furrowed his brow even deeper.


At this moment, a celestial general rushed in hurriedly and bowed to him. “Your Majesty, I have important news…”


“What’s going on?”


“Mount Dayong has collapsed, and the demon trapped under the mountain has escaped.”


The creature under Mount Dayong was a demon sealed there many years ago by Haowei’s father Taowei. This demon seemed to have some lingering obsession and could only be released from torment through a certain incantation, causing sleepless nights and ultimately driving its victims to exhaustion.


“Mount Dayong?” Haowei narrowed his eyes, reached out and pointed to the air, and a map unfolded before his eyes. Haowei found Mount Dayong on the map. “Is Mount Dayong close to the demon realm?”


“Uh… yes,” the celestial general nodded as he looked at the map.


“In that case, this demon is very likely to have gone to the demon realm. I will go to the demon realm to investigate.”


“Your Majesty, this…”


Before the celestial general could finish speaking, Haowei’s figure disappeared in an instant.


The celestial general looked at the map still hanging in the air and clicked his tongue. From the map, Mount Dayong indeed appeared to be quite close to the demon realm, but in reality, the distance between the two was tens of thousands of miles.


How did Your Majesty determine that the demon under Mount Dayong would go to the demon realm?



The Divine Phoenix guides the Divine Phoenixes, and the Divine Phoenixes beguile the birds. Therefore, when these eight Divine Phoenix women appeared, the birds near Zhuyun Peak flapped their wings and took flight, approaching the Divine Phoenixes. However, they were all blocked by the invisible barrier around the mountain.


The eight Divine Phoenix women walked gracefully toward Si Lan and stood before him.


Seeing this, everyone on Zhuyun Peak held their breath and fixed their gazes on Si Lan and the eight Divine Phoenix women.


But as time passed, the eight Divine Phoenix women didn’t start their dance, and there was no sign of them being drawn to Si Lan.


Si Lan clearly felt the atmosphere of his supporters behind him diminishing, while Lord of the Deer’s group regained their confidence, as if they had won the battle and were about to celebrate.


“Divine Phoenixes, please tell everyone: Is my Lord’s true form a real phoenix?”


The leading Divine Phoenix was about to speak but suddenly saw something protruding from Si Lan’s collar. A small white dragon head gradually emerged.


The little white dragon slowly opened its eyes, revealing golden irises that were indifferent and regal. In an instant, a wave of pressure surged straight toward the eight Divine Phoenix women, compelling their bodies to kneel involuntarily.


This pressure was like a drawn sword hanging above their heads. After they knelt down, they didn’t dare to lift their heads, holding their hands respectfully before their foreheads, showing absolute submission.


On Zhuyun Peak, everyone was stunned.


It wasn’t just the others; even Si Lan himself was taken aback by the scene before him.


What happened to them?


While the Divine Phoenix could lead the Divine Phoenixes in a dance, why would they kneel down?


“It must be because my Lord is too magnificent and dominant, making the Divine Phoenixes willingly submit, even to the point of not wanting to dance anymore,” Xie Li finally finished his candy, freeing his mouth to mutter.


Si Lan’s supporters immediately breathed a sigh of relief, their confidence soaring, and they began to speak to defuse the situation.


“It’s possible that regular Divine Phoenixes can lead the Phoenixes in a dance, but a Divine Phoenix like our Lord might only make the Phoenixes kneel and submit.”


“Perhaps, our Lord is exceptional. It is said that when he was born, though there were no Eight Phoenixes coming to celebrate, the mountains and rivers trembled, and the clouds roared, astonishing the Six Realms.”


Si Lan heard this and inwardly clenched his fingers.


The “mountains and rivers trembling, clouds roaring” was a rumor his mother had created for him in the Six Realms. In other words, his mother had prepared a catchy story for him in the Six Realms.


Lord of the Deer’s face became increasingly awkward as he asked again, “Divine Phoenix, could you please take another look…?”


The leading Divine Phoenix was still not lifting her head. Her voice trembled, “Yes, it’s true…”


“Lord of the Deer, don’t push too far,” Quze stepped forward, clutching his sword’s hilt in a threatening manner.


Lord of the Deer wanted to say something more, but the other three peak masters beside him quickly restrained him.


“My Lord, this matter was indeed Lord of the Deer’s impulsive act. I hope you, my Lord, can be magnanimous and not hold him accountable.”


“You caused a commotion here and now you’re asking my Lord to be magnanimous and not hold you accountable. Do you think my Lord is easy to bully?”


“Our Lord is just too kind. Every time, he doesn’t want to bother with these insignificant people, so they end up walking all over him.”


“Yeah, this time they actually said something as absurd as our Lord’s true form being a wild chicken! Who knows what they’ll say next?!”


Hearing the words of those standing up for him behind, Si Lan felt both relieved and somewhat guilty. He quickly bent down to help the eight Divine Phoenix women stand up. “Please, get up…”


“We… can’t get up,” the lead Divine Phoenix lowered her head and said slowly.


Si Lan was speechless. Just when he didn’t know how to handle the situation, the eight Divine Phoenix women suddenly regained their mobility. They quickly straightened their backs and didn’t dare to look up, maintaining the position with their fingers together on their foreheads as they slowly backed away.


Then, the eight of them transformed back into their original phoenix forms and soared into the sky, attracting a flock of birds to follow them.


Lord of the Deer’s face looked even worse. He began to suspect that Si Lan had cast some spell to force the Divine Phoenix women to kneel.


But he soon dismissed the idea. Even if Si Lan had somehow controlled the Divine Phoenix women, they could easily expose his true identity. However, judging from their expressions, they seemed genuinely afraid of Si Lan.


Could it be that Si Lan was really a Divine Phoenix?


If that were the case, why had he concealed it for so many years?


One of the peak masters behind Lord of the Deer nudged him, hinting for him to apologize quickly.


With an unenthusiastic expression, Lord of the Deer finally knelt down and said, “Your Majesty, I overstepped my bounds, please punish me.”


This was the first time Si Lan had seen Lord of the Deer lose face. Normally, Lord of the Deer was arrogant and didn’t care about anyone.


“Your Majesty, how should we deal with Lord of the Deer?” Quze asked.


Si Lan remained silent, looking at Lord of the Deer. Lord of the Deer gritted his teeth and lowered his head a little.


“In that case, Lord of the Deer will receive 800 lashes and will be tasked with guarding the territory of the Wolf Demon,” Si Lan declared.


The people behind Lord of the Deer immediately expressed their dissatisfaction.


“Your Majesty, you’re too kind.”


“In my opinion, Lord of the Deer’s position as the peak master should be revoked!”


“He showed such disrespect to Your Majesty; he doesn’t deserve to be the peak master of the Distant Peak!”


Listening to their complaints, Haowei, who was hidden in Si Lan’s arms, let out a faint snort.


Si Lan kind-hearted? Most likely, his heart was as dark as coal. The Lord of the Deer’s true form was a deer, and his natural enemy was the Wolf Demon. By punishing him to guard the Wolf Demon’s territory, wasn’t Si Lan practically leading him to his doom?


Si Lan raised his hand lightly, and the murmurs behind him ceased. He wanted to remove Lord of the Deer from his position as peak master as well, but if he did that, Lord of the Deer would undoubtedly lead the other three peak masters in rebellion, and the demon realm would once again fall into chaos.


Over the years, under his rule, the demon realm had gradually transformed. The monsters and demons had started to cultivate themselves, shedding their bloodthirsty natures. His introduction of compulsory education for nine hundred years had redirected their focus away from violence and battles. They now carried bags and attended classes in the Demon Hall, learning about the wonders of the Six Realms and the mysteries of elemental magic. As a result, the demon realm had enjoyed centuries of peace, a feat no previous Demon Lord had achieved. Even Si Lan, who was mighty, had to manage frequent outbreaks of violence and conflict in his realm.


The Lord of the Deer’s ears caught the disapproval of those behind him. He bit his lip and, after receiving the punishment, quickly led his followers to leave.


This group had arrived with arrogance but left like a defeated army.


Si Lan sighed inwardly. He had planned to reveal the truth about his true form openly, but it seemed fate had other ideas. 


He turned to the others. “You can leave as well.”


“Your Majesty…”


“It’s okay, don’t worry. I’m fine,” Si Lan smiled at his followers. His smile was as beautiful as a crescent moon, standing on the mountaintop, his blue robe fluttering in the wind, a picture of grace and elegance.


Seeing his smile, his followers swallowed their complaints and left.


“Why didn’t Peak Masters Song and Song accompany you?” Si Lan asked Quze.


These two were not only peak masters but also the guardians of the demon realm. When Si Lan was in seclusion or traveling, they were responsible for managing the affairs of the demon realm.


Quze explained, “Since the last time, when Peak Master Song discovered that Peak Master Song 1lmao, yea there are two of themhad been pretending to be paralyzed for a hundred years, Peak Master Song has been chasing after Peak Master Song.”


Si Lan couldn’t help but sigh and mentally light a candle for Peak Master Song. 


In a sense, Lord of Chu Mountain had done something praiseworthy: he had provided Si Lan with two capable assistants in the form of Peak Masters Song and Song. Si Lan had found them when he was breaking into Lord of Chu Mountain’s lair. However, instead of using them as pawns, he had respected their choice to accompany him and serve loyally.


But he hadn’t expected that during their visit to Qiangjue Mountain to consult an oracle, Song had suddenly gotten out of the wheelchair, revealing that his legs had long been healed. Peak Master Song had been pursuing Peak Master Song ever since, presumably unable to bear the hundred-year deception.


Si Lan made a mental note to talk to them later.


At this moment, his clothes shifted as if something was trying to crawl out.


When the Divine Phoenix had approached him earlier, he had felt something moving inside his robes. But since the little white dragon had left, he sometimes felt as if there were something alive in his clothes.


But now, this unexpected sensation was undeniably real.


He lowered his head, and his gaze met the newly revealed eyes of the little white dragon.


Golden eyes, shining with starlight, were vividly reflecting his face. His eyes showed a growing surprise as he couldn’t help but lean down and kiss the little white dragon’s forehead.


It wasn’t an illusion; the little white dragon had really come to find him.


“…” Haowei.


Haowei’s body suddenly stiffened, his pupils dilated, and he felt the warmth of the other’s lips on his forehead, like an electric current that sent shivers through his body. His scales slowly changed color, emitting a faint crimson halo.


After the kiss, Si Lan noticed the change in the little white dragon’s scales and couldn’t help but exclaim, “Hmm… your scales have changed color again.”


He held Haowei in his hand and carefully examined him, half-serious and half-teasing, “Could it be an allergy to my saliva?”


“…” Haowei.


In Si Lan’s mind, the little white dragon was still just a pet, and even in his human form, he was about the size of Xie Li. Therefore, Si Lan didn’t think the little white dragon could be embarrassed.


Furthermore, he had never heard of any species whose scales turned red due to shyness.


“In that case, it seems I shouldn’t kiss you so casually in the future.”


Si Lan smiled, his lips curved like a gentle breeze, bringing a sense of refreshment.


Haowei’s emotions became complex for a moment. He should have been irritated by Si Lan’s impolite behavior, but when he heard Si Lan say that they shouldn’t kiss casually in the future, his heart inexplicably skipped a beat.


“Why did you come to me so quickly? Do you miss me?” Si Lan inquired.


Hearing this, Haowei immediately jumped out of Si Lan’s arms and retorted coldly, “I didn’t miss you.”


He had come to investigate the situation in Daming, but as soon as he arrived in the Demon Realm, he witnessed the scene where the Lord of the Deer and the others defied the authority of Si Lan.


Si Lan, as the Demon Lord, seemed to be sitting on a rather unstable throne.


Si Lan was puzzled, “When did you arrive?”


“Just now.”


Si Lan was at a loss for words. He had heard that in the Heavenly Realm, when the heavenly beings and various creatures saw a true dragon, they would be suppressed by its aura and unable to move. So, when the Divine Phoenix women had suddenly knelt in fear, was it because they saw the little white dragon?


It seemed like this little accident had inadvertently solved his problems.


Si Lan couldn’t help but comment, “Little guy, it seems like you have a talent for attracting husbands.”


Haowei, “…”

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Chapter 26 – Most eligible widow-bachelor in the six realms

Chapter 26


As they watched Jiuying gradually dissipate, silence fell over the group. Only Xie Li felt curious and jumped up, trying to grab the starlight, but he ended up falling flat on his face.


“Your Highness, did that big snake die?” Xie Li asked casually.


“Yes,” replied Si Lan.


“Wasn’t he the monster that split the mountain in two earlier?”




“Well, he must have been a pitiful creature, with just a single head floating around…” Xie Li continued, gesturing with his hands.


Seeing this, Qu Ze pulled Xie Li behind him, preventing him from bothering Si Lan any further.


Si Lan looked a bit exhausted at the moment. He was about to lead a group of children out of the cave when he remembered someone and quickly woke up the Snake Mother who had been choked behind the statue.


The Snake Mother had taken human form and was lying on the ground. When she woke up, she looked around cautiously, not seeing the nine-headed snake’s figure. Her voice trembled as she asked, “Is he dead?”


Si Lan nodded.


The Snake Mother sighed in relief, and her gaze became steady as she looked at Si Lan. Then, she tried to stand up but her body gave way, and she fell into Si Lan’s arms.


Si Lan hurriedly supported her and said, “Be careful.”


“I… I can’t walk.”


She hadn’t eaten since being imprisoned, and her cultivation had been sealed, leaving her with less energy than an ordinary woman.


Si Lan originally intended to have Qu Ze carry the Snake Mother, but he noticed that one of Qu Ze’s iron arms had broken. So, he ended up carrying the Snake Mother himself.


The Snake Mother lowered her head slightly, her cheeks blushing.




Si Lan suddenly heard a sound and turned to see that Hao Wei’s small hand was pinching the rock wall. When he pulled his hand back, the part he had pinched crumbled and fell.


Hao Wei clapped his hands lightly and said, “The rock wall is a bit soft.”


Si Lan was speechless.


As they walked out of the cave, disciples from the Xuan Ling Sect and the Charm Snake Clan immediately approached. Although they didn’t know what had happened, they had heard the desperate and agonized cries of Jiuying in the forest, so they guessed that Jiuying had died.


“Lord Si, is that monster dead?” Xu Yi asked.




“That’s great!” Xu Yi and the other disciples cheered. “Our master and mistress can finally rest in peace. The only regret is that we didn’t get to see the monster die a miserable death!”


“But, even though his head is dead, there are still eight of his heads sealed under Xuan Ling Mountain. So in the future, you will have to continue guarding this place to ensure the safety of this realm,” Si Lan said to encourage them.


In reality, Jiuying’s eight remaining heads couldn’t gather his soul anymore. Even if the seal were broken, they would rot instantly.


He said this to motivate the Xuan Ling Sect disciples. Although Lou Yu was gone, the Xuan Ling Sect still had a role to play in this world.


After discussing with his junior disciples, Xu Yi began cleaning up Xuan Ling Mountain, determined to rejuvenate the Xuan Ling Sect.


On the side of the Charm Snake Clan, the Two-Headed Charm Snake saw Si Lan hugging the Snake Mother and led a group of young Charm Snakes over to take the Snake Mother. They quickly expressed their thanks and then gathered around her to help her heal.


Si Lan observed the situation around Xuan Ling Mountain and found the center of the Eight Trigram Array. He reached out and, in an instant, a huge Extreme Sound Eight Trigram Array appeared on the ground.


The array had eight directions and a central point.


The central point of the array was missing a piece, which had caused Jiuying’s head to wake up.


Si Lan gently touched the central point of the Eight Trigram Array and repaired the missing piece.


Although Jiuying would no longer cause chaos in the world, the Eight Trigram Array contained countless illusory phases. If someone accidentally fell into it, they would likely be trapped inside and die.


After completing these tasks, the Two-Headed Charm Snake inexplicably walked over and respectfully said, “Lord Si, our Snake Mother wants to speak with you.”


Si Lan raised his eyebrows in surprise and turned to look at the Charm Snake Clan. He saw a group of young Charm Snakes surrounding the Snake Mother. The Snake Mother was gently touching their heads one by one, smiling at them.


What did the Snake Mother want to say to him?


Perhaps sensing Si Lan’s gaze, the Snake Mother raised her head slightly, and her eyes met Si Lan’s with a gentle and affectionate look. She then quickly lowered her head.


Si Lan hesitated and said, “Alright.”


By a babbling brook, Si Lan and the Snake Mother walked side by side without a clear destination.


The Snake Mother had a graceful and elegant figure, with a slow and steady pace. It seemed that her injuries had not fully healed, and she occasionally coughed softly, appearing more fragile and pitiable.


Seeing that the other party remained silent, Si Lan took the initiative to speak, “Are your injuries getting better?”


“Somewhat,” the Snake Mother replied, lowering her head even more. “Thank you for saving me.”


“It’s nothing. You don’t need to thank me for that.”


“But I really don’t know how to repay you. Yet, I also want to repay you in my heart…” Suddenly, the Snake Mother turned around, raised her eyes, and gazed steadily at Si Lan.


Most likely due to the nature of snake women, the Snake Mother’s crimson eyes inexplicably captivated one’s heart and soul, with a hint of hidden charm. Her eyes reflected a few strands of hair swaying in the wind, making her enchanting.


Seeing the sincere look in her eyes, Si Lan spoke honestly, “Actually, I have killed three wives on my wedding day, and I have carried a bad reputation with me. No woman is willing to marry me.”


Upon hearing this, the Snake Mother lowered her head, her hands entwined in front of her.


“So, I probably won’t get married in this lifetime, and I won’t have children. This is the biggest regret in my heart. If you really want to repay me…”


“I’m willing,” the Snake Mother softly interrupted Si Lan.


“Alright… then call me ‘Father’ to make up for the regret of not being a father.”


“…” The Snake Mother.



In no time, Hao Wei and the others saw the Snake Mother returning, grumbling and completely different from the frail and pitiful appearance she had earlier.


Seemingly filled with anger, the Snake Mother beckoned and led the Charm Snake Clan away.


Si Lan followed from behind, picking two wild fruits along the way. He saw the Charm Snake Clan leaving in a hurry, and on his face, there was a trace of helplessness and confusion. But out of kindness, he reminded the Snake Mother, “Please don’t get angry easily because you still have restrictions in your body.”


The Snake Queen’s body staggered for a moment, but she didn’t say a word, only quickening her pace.


At this moment, a lone little Enchanting Snake transformed into a human form, specifically waiting for Si Lan to return. After waving farewell to Si Lan, the little Enchanting Snake set off to catch up with the Enchanting Snake clan.


It was Yu Shi.


The little Enchanting Snake whose two fangs had been removed by Si Lan.


Si Lan hadn’t seen Yu Shi before and had thought that Yu Shi had died in that massacre. His lips twitched, and he gave Yu Shi a faint smile.


“Your Majesty, what happened between you and the Snake Queen?” Xie Li curiously tugged at Si Lan’s robe and asked with gossip in his eyes.


Si Lan sighed and recounted his conversation with the Snake Queen. After finishing, he added, “She’s four hundred years old, and I’m over a thousand. She could be my daughter, right?”


Except for Xie Li, who didn’t understand, Hao Wei and Qu Ze, upon hearing this, had slightly twitching faces.


It’s unclear whether this Demon Lord genuinely didn’t understand or was pretending not to.


“Oh, Your Majesty, I understand now. Maybe she wants to be your granddaughter.” Xie Li plucked a wild fruit from Si Lan’s hand, took a bite, and mumbled.


Si Lan nodded in agreement, “I think so too.”


Hao Wei and Qu Ze…


Si Lan remembered that Hao Wei hadn’t eaten in a while and couldn’t let the Crown Prince of the Heavenly Realm go hungry, so he handed another wild fruit to Hao Wei. “Here, it’s fresh.”


Hao Wei took the wild fruit, his eyes twitching slightly.


Did this Demon Lord remember to pick some fruits for himself while chatting with the Snake Queen?


This Demon Lord had a bit of a conscience, but not much.


Before leaving Xuan Ling Mountain, Si Lan made another trip to Lou Yu’s grave.


Lou Yu, apart from practicing the sword, didn’t have many hobbies. Si Lan didn’t know what to bring to Lou Yu, so he brought a jar of wine.


He had many things he wanted to say in his heart, but when he actually opened his mouth, he found that he couldn’t say a word. In the end, he could only say helplessly, “Idiot.”


Perhaps this idiot didn’t think of himself as foolish but believed he was happy.


Si Lan took out the small stone that Nine Infants had given him, used a spell, and looked at the dream world where Lou Yu and Zhong Mu were.



In the dream world’s Demon Valley, it appeared as it had before the great fire. The enormous Soaring Dragon Tree stood intact, its brown branches and leaves densely covering the sky.


Beneath the tree, Lou Yu was dressed in a red wedding gown, his figure tall and straight, standing there without moving.


Zhong Mu, as if waking from a nightmare, hurriedly rushed outside after putting on a long robe. As if guided by something, he stumbled his way to the Soaring Dragon Tree and saw a tall figure standing beneath it.


Leaves gently fell with the wind, Lou Yu turned around, his eyes gentle, and a slow smile appeared.


Zhong Mu’s heart suddenly moved, and he instinctively moved forward to hug Lou Yu.


But this time, in Zhong Mu’s dream, the figure he hugged didn’t dissipate. The two of them clung tightly together, as if transcending life and death, transcending worldly constraints, with nothing to hinder them.


Zhong Mu didn’t see the moment when Lou Yu, while embracing him, lowered his long lashes and shed tears.


In this dream, Zhong Mu and Lou Yu would have a smooth wedding and spend their remaining days in Demon Valley, free from obstacles.


Si Lan didn’t look any further and withdrew his consciousness from the illusion.


The dream was perfect, and he had never seen Lou Yu smile so gently before. Love truly intoxicated people.


The jar of wine was not yet finished; Si Lan emptied it in front of Lou Yu’s tombstone.


“I don’t know when I’ll have the time to visit you next. If you miss me, send me dreams.”


In the distance, three little kids were still waiting for Si Lan.


Hao Wei and Qu Ze continued to wear frowns that made them look like someone owed them money, despite their young age.


And little Xie Li was on the side, counting his candies with intense focus.


When Si Lan approached them, he purposely made heavy footsteps. Xie Li heard the sound and quickly hid his candies in his pocket, then turned to Si Lan with a silly smile. “Your Majesty, you’re back.”


“Mm.” Si Lan patted Xie Li’s little head, thinking that Xie Li had been through quite a lot these days, so he would let him secretly eat a few candies.


“Your Majesty, are you going back to the Demon Realm?”




As soon as Si Lan finished speaking, Qu Ze used the remaining strength in his left hand to perform a Cloud-Walking Technique and summoned a cloud.


Si Lan remembered that Qu Ze was injured, but throughout the journey, Qu Ze never said a word about the pain, let alone mention the severed right arm.


This child was always unwilling to trouble Si Lan. If Si Lan didn’t ask, he wouldn’t speak.


Calm and mature to the point of being somewhat self-punishing.


Si Lan suddenly looked at him with compassion. “Qu Ze, the images Nine Infants showed you were real. I did indeed cut off your right arm.”


“I know,” Qu Ze replied with an unchanged expression.


Si Lan tentatively asked, “Aren’t you angry?”


“If Your Majesty cut off my right arm, there must have been a reason.”


“…” Si Lan.


Hao Wei, on the side, raised his head and looked at Qu Ze with an expression that probably said, “Is this guy not a fool?”


Qu Ze’s trust in Si Lan, on the contrary, made Si Lan feel somewhat ashamed. He pursed his lips and carefully explained, “I wasn’t planning to tell you this, but now that you know, I’ll tell you the whole story.”


Qu Ze nodded.


“My second wife, Lan Lan, was a koi spirit from the Jing River. Shortly after her death, the Jing River was attacked by the Blue Shrimp Yao Clan, and all the koi spirits were slaughtered. The koi spirit chief, on the brink of death, found me and begged me to take you in. The Blue Shrimp Yao Clan also came and demanded that I hand you over.”


“The enmity between the Blue Shrimp Yao Clan and the koi spirits spans thousands of years and is difficult to untangle. When the koi spirits were thriving, they almost wiped out the Blue Shrimp Yao Clan. So now that the Blue Shrimp Yao Clan is in power, they want to exterminate the koi spirits. I didn’t want to get involved in the war between these two groups, but I owed Lan Lan a debt. You, being a koi spirit and a member of Lan Lan’s clan, the chief asked me to save your life for Lan Lan’s sake, so I decided to protect you.”


During this time, there was a little episode. Qu Ze had been crying continuously, and Si Lan approached him with a stern face, asking him not to cry. Qu Ze stopped crying.


At that moment, Si Lan felt a bit more fond of this obedient little koi spirit.


“I told the Blue Shrimp Yao Clan that I would take care of you from now on and make sure you wouldn’t be a threat to them. However, they didn’t believe me. So, in their presence, I swung my sword and severed your right arm. Only then did they agree to spare you. That night, you asked me why I didn’t give you a new arm, and I told you I couldn’t, but I lied. I could help you regenerate your arm, but if the Blue Shrimp Yao Clan found out, they would still try to eliminate you.”


After Si Lan finished speaking, he thought that Qu Ze’s expression might change, but he realized that Qu Ze remained expressionless. “Your Majesty, I understand.”


“If you hate me, it’s only fair.”


“I don’t hate you. I know you were trying to save me.” Qu Ze replied without hesitation.


Even if Si Lan had no reason to cut off his arm, he wouldn’t bear any resentment. Si Lan had given him his life, and without Si Lan, he would have died countless times.


In his youth, he often found himself in dangerous situations, and every time he cried “Your Majesty,” Si Lan would instantly appear at his side, rescuing him from peril.


Si Lan never thought of him as foolish or troublesome. He would personally teach him how to break through formations, use spells, and subdue monsters and demons.


Si Lan’s kindness to him had accumulated over time, seeping into every aspect of life. His trust in Si Lan was also built in this way, and it couldn’t be easily broken by a few words from others.


Si Lan nodded with satisfaction. Qu Ze was truly a promising disciple, and it was not in vain that he had saved him from the Blue Shrimp Yao Clan.


“Now that you know your origins, do you want revenge?” Si Lan’s innermost wish was for Qu Ze not to seek revenge but to look ahead. However, he couldn’t advise his disciple to be magnanimous when he himself couldn’t overcome his own hatred.


“Your Majesty, no matter what I do in the future, I will always tell you the truth.” Qu Ze didn’t provide a clear answer.


Si Lan knew that Qu Ze was likely struggling with his feelings and didn’t press further.


The cloud descended on the Zhuyun Peak, and the group returned to the Demon Realm.


Si Lan stood on the mountaintop, looking at the twelve peaks in the distance, shrouded in clouds, and turned to Hao Wei, saying, “Look, those are the lands I’ve conquered for you.”


Hao Wei glanced at him indifferently, turned away, and left.


A childish Demon Lord.


“Chong Ying, your father sent someone to the Demon Realm to find you last time. Are you going back?” Si Lan asked as he followed Hao Wei.


Hao Wei made a sound of agreement. His cultivation had mostly recovered, but he still wanted to taste a drop of Si Lan’s blood before returning.


Si Lan seemed a bit reluctant and sighed. “If you miss me, you can come to the Demon Realm to see me.”


“…” Hao Wei.


Who would miss him?


Hao Wei gritted his teeth and decided to drink a bit more of his blood later to make up for the humiliation he had endured during this time.


Si Lan reached out to pat Hao Wei’s head, then checked his spiritual realm, still unable to discern his level of cultivation.


“Chong Ying, when we were in the cave, Nine Infants almost broke out of the formation within me. It was you who used your spiritual power to suppress him, right?” Si Lan asked tentatively. When he was severely injured and on the verge of spitting blood, almost losing half his life to Nine Infants, a powerful force broke into his body, suppressing Nine Infants.


He thought about it, and at that time, there were only Hao Wei and Qu Ze with him in the cave. Qu Ze couldn’t possess such powerful cultivation, so it must have been Hao Wei…


Hao Wei didn’t intend to reveal his true identity to Si Lan to avoid conflicts. Besides, if people found out that the Demon King had captured and toyed with the Emperor, it would ruin his reputation and dignity.


“It wasn’t me,” Hao Wei replied tersely. Perhaps feeling a bit guilty, his expression became even more tense after he spoke.


“Then it must have been you who injured Qu Ze.”


Hao Wei’s lips twitched. “I just pushed him lightly, and he started coughing up blood.”


“…” Si Lan.


After a moment of silence, Si Lan simply said, “Okay,” and didn’t inquire any further.


That night, Si Lan was making a prosthetic arm for Qu Ze and ended up working late into the night. He ended up dozing off in his chair.


Hao Wei walked up to Si Lan, his gaze tracing Si Lan’s forehead, nose, chin, and down to his neck. He leaned closer, his eyes sharp, and suddenly bit into Si Lan’s shoulder and neck.


Si Lan groaned, his eyelashes quivering slightly as if he was about to wake up. Immediately, Hao Wei extended his hand and pressed a point on Si Lan’s body, causing Si Lan to fall into a deep sleep once again.


Hao Wei saw that the bite mark on Si Lan’s neck had faded, and he bit down with even more force.


This mark would probably not disappear easily for a while.



Si Lan slept deeply, only waking up the next day around noon.


The scattered parts and fragments of the unfinished prosthetic arm on the ground had disappeared, leaving only a fully assembled iron arm lying there.


Si Lan picked up the prosthetic arm, licked his lips, and wondered why he remembered falling asleep halfway through making it the night before.


He tried the prosthetic arm and found that the mechanisms inside were much more flexible than what he had initially crafted.


At that moment, he felt a sharp pain on his neck. He reached to touch it and saw a faint bloodstain on his fingertip.


He quickly stood up from his chair, “Chong Ying… Chong Ying…”


This little creature is incorrigible!


And he dares to sneakily drink his blood!


Does he really consider him a walking blood bank?!


He didn’t hear a reply and thought that the little guy had hidden somewhere. He walked out and raised his voice to call him, but there was still no response, only a flock of wild birds on the Zhuyun Peak taking flight.


It was then that he realized that the little one had returned to the Heavenly Court.

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Chapter 25 – Most eligible widow-bachelor in the six realms

 Chapter 25


At this moment, it wasn’t just him; even Haowei, who always had a stern expression, couldn’t help but be astonished when he saw Junli’s face.


Afterward, Haowei looked at Si Lan and squinted his eyes.


Is this a coincidence? Or is there some connection?


Junli stepped forward, gazing at the blood bead and murmured softly, “Idiot.”


“No wonder Bian Rang’s soul was shattered, it turns out it was to free up cultivation to protect this fetal crystal.”


As the child of the Heavenly Dao, regardless of gender, if one is willing to conceive, the fetal crystal will gestate within the core.


After Bian Rang’s core was pierced by a sword, he didn’t choose to heal the injury but instead wasted his cultivation to save the fetal crystal, which resulted in his soul scattering!


Originally, after the Heavenly Dao’s omen appeared, the spiritual power of the three of them had been gradually weakening and couldn’t withstand such turmoil.


Fanyu couldn’t help but say, “Is it worth losing your life for the child of a snake demon?”


Junli parted his lips but remained silent.


This gesture was almost identical to Si Lan’s little habit.


Si Lan, seeing this expression on the other’s face, felt a bit complicated. The excitement of seeing his idol had now been completely replaced by shock.


“What should we do with this fetal crystal?” Junli asked.


“I’ll keep it in the core for Bian Rang first. If I have any issues, I’ll hand this fetal crystal over to you.” Even though Fanyu felt that Bian Rang was a fool in his heart, he was still willing to personally nurture the fetal crystal in the core as their cultivation gradually weakened.


Junli nodded.


Then, the two of them vanished in an instant.


However, at this moment, Si Lan was still trying to recover from the successive shocks he had experienced. He felt that he had some grasp of the current situation and subconsciously asked Haowei beside him, “Chongying, did you also see that bead? Do you think it looks like Xie Li’s original form?”


After asking this question, Si Lan felt like he had asked in vain. This little white dragon wouldn’t know anything about Xie Li’s original form.


However, Haowei calmly responded, “It’s not just similar, it’s the same.”


“How do you know?”


“The aura.”


Si Lan pursed his lips, “So… does this mean that the fetal crystal underwent a transformation in the core, with the bloodstains inside forming a young embryo, and then it took shape when it came to me?”


Haowei succinctly replied, “Yes.”


Si Lan remained silent.


Initially, the bead had been entrusted to Fanyu for nurturing, but after Fanyu’s soul shattered, it was probably handed over to Junli. Then, after Junli’s death during the Heavenly Tribulation, the bead might have followed him in the cycle of reincarnation.


Finally, the bead appeared next to Si Lan, and Si Lan and Junli looked identical…


Although it was hard to believe, the answer seemed evident: Si Lan might be Junli’s reincarnation!


So, all these years, the person he admired was actually himself?!


Si Lan, upon seeing the helpless yet somewhat pleased expression on the other’s face, couldn’t help but sigh.


It seemed this Demon Lord had quite the self-love, admiring himself.


“This bead is a fetal crystal, not a reincarnation bead. I don’t know whether to tell Jiuying about this; whether he can handle it…” Si Lan mused with a furrowed brow.


Considering Jiuying’s current situation, if he were to learn that Bian Rang had passed away and had no chance of reincarnation, it would likely lead to his immediate demise.


Haowei, sensing Si Lan’s dilemma, calmly stated, “If you don’t tell him the truth, he won’t survive either.”


Jiuying had almost wiped out the Snake Demon Clan, committing a great atrocity. He would undoubtedly face judgment, and that would result in his soul shattering.


“Ah…” Si Lan sighed again, “I can’t tell him directly, but maybe I can give him a pleasant surprise.”


If Jiuying learned that Bian Rang had left behind a child before his death, it could provide some comfort to his troubled heart.


Si Lan had searched tirelessly for Xie Li’s biological parents for so long without any leads, and now, he had stumbled upon the answer quite unexpectedly.


Fate was a strange thing.


Thinking about this, Si Lan looked up at the sky. After Jiuying had killed Jiutou’s Snake Clan, the Heavenly Dao had withdrawn its condemnation.


The wasteland had returned to calm, and the night sky was inexplicably eerie.


He felt as though he were an onlooker, observing the story of Bian Rang and Jiuying. Was the Heavenly Dao also watching his story?


With this thought, he suddenly felt a bit uneasy and quickly cast a spell to dispel the blood magic in his palm.


The world in front of him slowly dissolved, replaced by the real scene. Two worlds intertwined, a hundred thousand years passed in the blink of an eye.


In the cave, the figures of Si Lan and Haowei appeared within the star and moon formation.


Quze had been guarding the formation all along and, upon seeing Si Lan’s arrival, immediately approached and asked, “Your Excellency, how are you feeling? Do you have any discomfort?”


Si Lan shook his head and lowered his gaze, noticing Haowei standing beside him.


Haowei’s small face was tense, giving the impression of an old sage.


Si Lan couldn’t help but smile and looked up at Jiuying.


Jiuying, who had recently appeared, seemed to have aged thousands of years in an instant. His head was covered in cracks, his eyes had changed from red to black, and his aura was nearly nonexistent. It seemed that after activating the Return to Origin spell, he had suffered significant cultivation loss.


Jiuying’s voice was hoarse, and he could hardly contain his excitement, “Did you find the blood bead?”


“I found it.”


“Where is it?”


“It… it’s not a reincarnation bead. It’s your and Bian Rang’s child.”


With each word Si Lan spoke, Jiuying’s expression became stiffer, and he stared at Si Lan in disbelief.


That blood bead was his and Bian Rang’s child?


Are they joking?


Si Lan could tell that Jiuying was struggling to accept this revelation and continued, “As the child of the Heavenly Dao, regardless of gender, when you killed Bian Rang, he was already carrying your child.”


Jiuying couldn’t find the words to express himself, and his head trembled slightly, likely due to the overwhelming shock.


A child? Bian Rang was carrying his child?


But Bian Rang had always been joking, saying that he wanted Jiuying to bear his child. How could it turn out that Bian Rang was carrying his child?


Si Lan saw Jiuying unable to speak and continued, “I brought the child to you. He carries the blood connection between you and Bian Rang.”


With that, Si Lan used magic to bring Xie Li, who had been surrounded by disciples of the Xuanling Sect and the Snake Demon Clan at the foot of the mountain, into the cave. Xie Li had his mouth full of sweet candy, given by the Xuanling Sect disciples and the little Snake Demons. He was happily eating when he suddenly found himself in a dark cave, and his little face turned pale.


Fortunately, he quickly saw Si Lan’s figure and ran happily to Si Lan’s side.


“Umm… Your Excellency…” Perhaps remembering something, Xie Li hastily swallowed the candy in his mouth.


The Excellency didn’t like him eating candy.


Jiuying had been watching Xie Li since he appeared, his gaze fixed on Xie Li. His lips trembled with excitement. This child was his and Bian Rang’s child?


But he had no idea that Bian Rang was carrying his child!


Si Lan pushed Xie Li toward Jiuying, and Xie Li suddenly saw the enormous snake head of Jiuying, causing his little body to shiver. He quickly hid behind Si Lan.


“Your Excellency, there’s a monster…”


Si Lan couldn’t help but feel a bit helpless. Xie Li himself was a little monster, so it was strange that he would be afraid of his own kind.


Moreover, this “kind” was his father.


Jiuying slowly extended his snake tongue, getting closer to Xie Li. Xie Li stared wide-eyed in fear at the snake tongue that was circling around him. His small hands involuntarily clenched the hem of Si Lan’s clothes.


As Jiuying got closer, he realized that the child bore some resemblance to Bian Rang. His snake tongue touched Xie Li’s head and explored, sensing the blood connection between Xie Li and Bian Rang.




an saw Jiuying’s reaction, “I brought the child to you. He carries the blood connection between you and Bian Rang.”


With that, Si Lan used magic to bring Xie Li, who had been surrounded by disciples of the Xuanling Sect and the Snake Demon Clan at the foot of the mountain, into the cave. Xie Li had his mouth full of sweet candy, given by the Xuanling Sect disciples and the little Snake Demons. He was happily eating when he suddenly found himself in a dark cave, and his little face turned pale.


Fortunately, he quickly saw Si Lan’s figure and ran happily to Si Lan’s side.


“Umm… Your Excellency…” Perhaps remembering something, Xie Li hastily swallowed the candy in his mouth.


The Excellency didn’t like him eating candy.


Jiuying had been watching Xie Li since he appeared, his gaze fixed on Xie Li. His lips trembled with excitement. This child was his and Bian Rang’s child?


But he had no idea that Bian Rang was carrying his child!


Si Lan pushed Xie Li toward Jiuying, and Xie Li suddenly saw the enormous snake head of Jiuying, causing his little body to shiver. He quickly hid behind Si Lan.


“Your Excellency, there’s a monster…”


Si Lan couldn’t help but feel a bit helpless. Xie Li himself was a little monster, so it was strange that he would be afraid of his own kind.


Moreover, this “kind” was his father.


Jiuying slowly extended his snake tongue, getting closer to Xie Li. Xie Li stared wide-eyed in fear at the snake tongue that was circling around him. His small hands involuntarily clenched the hem of Si Lan’s clothes.


As Jiuying got closer, he realized that the child bore some resemblance to Bian Rang. His snake tongue touched Xie Li’s head and explored, sensing the blood connection between Xie Li and Bian Rang.


“He is truly the child of him and Bian Rang!


He remembered the moment when Bian Rang handed him the blood bead, but he intentionally pretended to crush it in front of Bian Rang. At that time, Bian Rang was so furious that he vomited blood, his soul scattered.


At that moment, Bian Rang must have thought he had killed their child…


Even though he acted so maliciously, at the very last moment, Bian Rang saw his tears and consoled him.


“Jiuying, I’m fine. Even if my soul scatters, I will reincarnate.”


“When the snow in the north river is gone, I will return.”


Jiuying closed his eyes, and black tears fell one by one.


He didn’t understand why Bian Rang didn’t tell him the truth at that time.


Did he think that telling him wouldn’t matter to him?


Yes, at that time, all he thought about was killing Bian Rang.


Probably Bian Rang himself understood… but he still allowed his actions and ultimately died by his hand.


After his head cleared, he realized many things. Rather than saying he killed Bian Rang, it was more accurate to say that Bian Rang willingly died by his hand to fulfill his dream.


He didn’t know what he had done wrong.


He was exiled by kind people and loved by evil demons.



Seeing the snake head on the ground, Xie Li felt a profound sadness. He turned to look at Si Lan, who nodded at him. Encouraged, Xie Li approached Jiuying.


Jiuying slowly opened his eyes and, as if afraid of frightening Xie Li, lowered his head and lay on the ground in a submissive posture.


Xie Li handed a piece of candy to Jiuying, the sweetest one he had hidden and rarely ate himself.


Jiuying hesitated for a moment but then extended his serpent tongue and took the candy into his mouth.


The taste of plum candy was very sweet.


Jiuying extended his head, wanting to nuzzle Xie Li, but Xie Li was startled and ran back, hiding behind Si Lan, only showing a pair of big eyes as he watched Jiuying.


Jiuying felt strangely content. This was enough.


He didn’t need to gain anything more, and he didn’t deserve it.


He could see that this child lived a simple and peaceful life. In his round, innocent eyes, there were no worldly worries. Si Lan took good care of him, so there was no need to disrupt his innocence.


He communicated through mental transmission to Si Lan, “Thank you for taking care of him. Please don’t tell him about the things between me and Bian Rang. Let him be a carefree child.”




“Why is he following you?”


Si Lan casually made up a reason, “I obtained a jade pendant from a snake demon, and that jade pendant turned into Xie Li, staying by my side.”


Jiuying seemed to believe this explanation and didn’t ask further.


Si Lan then asked, “Jiuying, do you know who unsealed your imprisonment?”


“I don’t know. When I woke up, there was nothing around me. It took me a hundred years of cultivation to free my head.”


Si Lan furrowed his brows, contemplating whether the unsealing of the Extreme Sound Eight Trigram Array was accidental or deliberate.


If it was deliberate, what was the purpose of releasing Jiuying? Was it to kill the Charm Snake Clan?


However, the person capable of unsealing the Extreme Sound Eight Trigram Array could easily wipe out the Charm Snake Clan without involving Jiuying.


“Perhaps, after ten thousand years, the Eight Trigrams Array loosened, and my head was accidentally released,” Jiuying explained when he saw Si Lan’s puzzled expression.


Now that he had no cultivation left, he only had one breath left. He hadn’t fulfilled his promise to Si Lan, so he conjured a small stone and presented it to Si Lan.


Si Lan took it and discovered that the small stone contained mystical inscriptions.


“When I entered the illusion, I carved these inscriptions. Anyway, I’m about to die, so I’m giving them to you…” He looked at Si Lan with a pleading expression. “But I still have one last request. Can you help me with it?”


“What’s your request?”


“Check if the snow in the north river has ended.”


Si Lan didn’t say anything and disappeared from the cave in an instant, reappearing a thousand miles away in the north river.


White snow covered the mountains, glistening like silver, stretching endlessly, without a sign of sun or moon.


The phrase “When the snow in the north river is gone, I will return” was just a comforting statement Bian Rang had made to Jiuying.


Ten thousand years later, the north river was still blanketed in endless white snow.


Si Lan returned to the cave and saw Jiuying waiting for him, but his body was motionless, with only his eyeballs moving with difficulty.


Si Lan approached him. “Jiuying, the snow in the north river has not yet ended.”


Jiuying seemed to smile, closed his eyelids, and his head shattered into specks of starlight, disappearing into the air.


It was good that Bian Rang could be reborn.


It was enough for him.

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Chapter 24 – Most eligible widow-bachelor in the six realms

 Chapter 24


Si Lan couldn’t help but be on edge for Jiuying. In front of everyone, he had killed “Bian Rang.” With Bian Rang’s violent temperament, it was likely that he would have torn him apart.


However, in the illusion, Jiuying explained to Bian Rang that it was a fake Bian Rang who had thrust the sword. Astonishingly, Bian Rang believed him and didn’t question Jiuying’s actions anymore.


Yet, Bian Rang continued to smile, a smile that didn’t reach his eyes.


It sent shivers down one’s spine for no apparent reason.


Jiuying, with a stiff upper lip, followed Bian Rang, who broke through the illusion by wielding his sword. Then, he struck the enormous insect shell, creating a momentary crack, and a painful scream echoed from above.


Jiuying finally realized that this enormous shell was the true form of the illusion beast.


The illusion beast turned into a cloud of smoke, frantically trying to escape, but Bian Rang blocked its path. As Bian Rang was about to subdue the illusion beast, Jiuying suddenly cried out.


“Save me… Master…”


Without much thought, Bian Rang turned back to rescue Jiuying. But as he embraced Jiuying, something felt off. This wasn’t Jiuying; it was an illusion.


At this moment, a long sword thrust into Bian Rang’s abdomen from behind.


Bian Rang groaned and, on impulse, pulled the sword out from his front, then turned to see who had stabbed him. However, he entered into the next illusion.


Bian Rang found himself in a grand hall, with numerous wine bottles in front of him. He seemed to have consumed a significant amount of alcohol, reeking of it, and possibly it had affected his body as his abdomen throbbed with pain.


His memory had briefly disappeared, but he recalled that he had been drinking with Jiuying that night in the Ninth Heaven.


But where was Jiuying?


“Jiuying…” Bian Rang stood up and called out Jiuying’s name. His vision was blurred, but he faintly saw a dark figure approaching him. Unable to resist, he reached out and touched the figure’s cheek. “Where did you go?”


“Master, I’ve been here the whole time.” Jiuying hadn’t expected that when Bian Rang was trapped in the illusion, he would dream about the night they had spent drinking.


He wondered what was so memorable about that night?


The illusion magnified people’s desires, making them feel their innermost impulses more intensely.


Bian Rang moved closer to Jiuying, his fingers tracing Jiuying’s face, and he whispered, “Jiuying, I want…”


To have you.


Jiuying felt Bian Rang’s desire, and his body tensed instantly. Although they had never gone all the way, he knew that every time Bian Rang got close to him, his breath became fiery and unnerving.


But all Jiuying thought about was how to kill him.


Unfortunately, that one sword hadn’t killed him, just distracted him momentarily into the illusion.


However, it had provided enough time for the illusion beast to escape.


At this moment, Bian Rang was focused on touching Jiuying’s face, feeling every inch of him. His fingers moved lower, and his heart raced.


He had never imagined that, after ten thousand years of existence, he would experience such a rapid heartbeat. He was created by the Heavenly Dao to maintain the order in the Mortal Realm, a cold and desireless weapon.


Bian Rang had no plan, but his only thought was to possess Jiuying.


Jiuying was the first person he had genuinely liked in the Six Realms.


Jiuying held Bian Rang’s increasingly unrestrained hand. He thought that the illusion beast had fled far enough, so he decided to break the illusion. But when he looked into Bian Rang’s wet eyes, Jiuying suddenly changed his mind.


In recent days, the wild desire in Bian Rang’s heart had always revolved around him, making him restless and fearful.


Now, he wanted to take advantage of Bian Rang being trapped in the illusion to destroy this beast himself.


He suddenly pressed Bian Rang back onto the table, causing Bian Rang discomfort. Lips quivering, he said, “Master, you’ve always wanted to have me, haven’t you? Now, like this, you have me…” Jiuying was speaking near his ear, as if he had remembered something, and then he gritted his teeth. “I may not be as strong as you, but I am of the serpent clan.”


Bian Rang groaned, feeling the pain in his chest intensify, along with another place that hurt even more. It was as if something had been forcibly ripped open, and then sharp blades plunged into his organs.


He couldn’t move, couldn’t enjoy any love, only the frenzy of plunder.




At this moment, Jiuying somewhat enjoyed the feeling of violence.


Corrupting the Son of the Heavenly Dao, who was supposed to be lofty and virtuous, was truly addictive.


He suddenly understood why Bian Rang liked watching beasts fight. It was because having absolute control over others’ life and death, easily determining the fate of others, was truly addictive.


When Jiuying pinned Bian Rang to the table, Siren had already covered Haowei’s eyes and cast a spell to bring Haowei out of the illusion.


He hadn’t expected to witness such an exciting scene…


This Jiuying, young in age but not in heart.


Thinking of Bian Rang’s agonizing cries, Siren’s heart trembled for a moment, and, at this moment, he unexpectedly felt a little sorry for this ruthless tyrant who killed without hesitation.


“I hope that when Bian Rang wakes up, he won’t kill Jiuying.” Siren murmured softly.


Although Bian Rang appeared to have an unusual tolerance and affection for Jiuying, there was no guarantee that this tyrant wouldn’t go mad and kill someone after being humiliated.


“Is it almost time for Jiuying to kill Bian Rang?” Siren lowered his gaze and looked at Haowei.


“Yes,” Haowei responded expressionlessly.


Haowei remembered reading ancient records about the gods when he was young. It mentioned the true forms of the Heavenly Dao’s three sons.


Junli was the spring breeze, Fanyu was the autumn rain, and Bian Rang was the winter frost.


The three of them had no gender distinctions.


Thinking of this, a bizarre thought quietly arose in Haowei’s mind.

As they were conversing, they noticed the illusion had disappeared. Jiuying carried the unconscious Bian Rang and used magic to leave.


The sword in Bian Rang’s body quickly healed on its own, but he remained in a state of unconsciousness. His delicate and beautiful face looked as if he had been crying, invoking a sense of pity.


Jiuying was about to leave after setting him down, but then he remembered something and cleaned up Bian Rang.


“I’ve been conscientious enough,” Jiuying said.


The next day, when Bian Rang woke up, he felt pain all over. On instinct, he lifted the bedsheet to see his condition, and his face changed as he realized what had happened in the illusion had flooded into his mind.


Jiuying’s dominance, Jiuying’s tyranny, Jiuying’s possession…


Each scene impacted his heart.


His face turned red and green with anger, and he clenched his fists.


How could Jiuying treat him like that in the illusion while he was injured? Just as he was about to get out of bed, a sharp pain shot up from his tailbone and exploded in his mind. He couldn’t help but groan.


This subordinate Jiuying, didn’t even use magic to heal him after humiliating him like this?


Did he dare act so freely just because he knew Bian Rang doted on him?


But Bian Rang didn’t know that Jiuying had deliberately made him feel pain to remember this humiliation.


Bian Rang used magic to heal his injuries, but his complexion remained pale. He had never been this disheveled in his entire life. He intended to go out and hold Jiuying accountable when he saw Jiuying entering with a bowl.


Jiuying seemed to think he had done nothing wrong. When he saw Bian Rang, his expression changed, “Master, you’re awake. I’ve made porridge for you to nourish your body.”


Bian Rang pushed the bowl away and said coldly, “Jiuying, your audacity grows day by day.”


“Master, didn’t you say… that you wanted me?” Jiuying also noticed his growing audacity and surprisingly felt no fear at the moment.


Bian Rang feigned a smile and said, “You know very well that’s not what I meant!”


“Master, I also want you very much.”


After Jiuying finished speaking, he put down the bowl, raised his head, and looked at Bian Rang with a determined gaze.


Bian Rang couldn’t find the words, but he met Jiuying’s gaze. However, his ears turned slightly red, showing a touch of self-mockery and sadness.


In the illusion, he remembered that when he was in too much pain, Jiuying had kissed him and looked at him with such eyes.


Bian Rang’s heart raced, but he pretended to be calm. He attempted to raise his hand to hit Jiuying, but Jiuying grabbed his hand and kissed his fingers one by one.


The gentle touch widened Bian Rang’s eyes, and Jiuying intentionally bit Bian Rang’s fingertip with force. Bian Rang couldn’t help but utter a sound, then realized the awkwardness and quickly closed his mouth.


Seeing Bian Rang’s reaction, Jiuying’s actions became less frantic than the day before.


“Jiuying, you…” Bian Rang’s words were interrupted by a hum.


After a long time, everything returned to calm.


Jiuying lay on the bed, looking up at the empty hall. He had a somewhat ridiculous thought: what if Bian Rang weren’t so cruel, just an ordinary monster? That would be nice.






“Never mind.”




“Jiuying… Jiuying…”


“I’m here, Master. What’s wrong?”


“Never mind.”




Jiuying ignored Bian Rang’s calls, pretending not to hear, and closed his eyes, soon falling asleep.


Bian Rang, on the other hand, couldn’t sleep. He lay there, looking at Jiuying, murmuring his name.


He didn’t know how much longer he could be with Jiuying like this. The Holy Punishment of the Heavenly Dao was slowly affecting his body… that’s why he fell into the illusion created by the Illusion Beast.


As for the person who had stabbed him from behind…


Bian Rang looked at Jiuying and smiled, a somewhat self-deprecating and melancholic smile.


He put on his robe, walked outside the hall, and gazed silently at the crescent moon in the sky.


The night in the Ninth Heaven was unusually cold, and solitude enveloped his figure tightly.


He felt like a person torn apart, out of place in this world.


Why did the Heavenly Dao create him, only to destroy him?


What was the purpose of his existence?


He didn’t know, but he did know that, in the midst of bloody slaughter, his blood would tremble, and his heart would beat, and the meaning of life seemed to be just that.




Suddenly, he heard Jiuying’s voice from behind.


Bian Rang turned around, thinking Jiuying had woken up, but he realized Jiuying was still dreaming.


Bian Rang lay down next to Jiuying and gently touched the smile at the corner of Jiuying’s mouth, which seemed to be a pleasant dream.


In this world, there would be moments when people called his name with a smile, not out of fear.


Since killing him was what he sought, he would fulfill Jiuying.


Perhaps the strong obsession before going to sleep had led Jiuying to dream. In the dream, Bian Rang was not the Son of the Heavenly Dao but merely his husband. They were living a peaceful and leisurely life in the Great Wilderness.


However, this beautiful dream was interrupted by a voice in his mind.


Jiuying abruptly woke up from his dream, seeing that Bian Rang was sleeping beside him. He held his breath and entered his spiritual consciousness, communicating with Xumo.


Siren and Haowei couldn’t hear Jiuying’s conversation in his spiritual consciousness. They only saw Jiuying conjure a black sword out of thin air. The sword had a cloud pattern on the blade, shimmering with a golden dark light, and it appeared extraordinarily sharp.


This sword was forged from the last bone joint of the Heavenly Dao’s little finger.


“This last bone joint may not be as powerful as the Heavenly Dao’s true form, so it can’t annihilate Bian Rang’s soul. But at least it can kill him.”


Jiuying breathed a sigh of relief when he heard Xumo’s words about not annihilating Bian Rang’s soul.


Actually, killing Bian Rang in this lifetime would be enough.

In the next life, Bian Rang might not have such a cruel temperament, and his cultivation might not be as fearsome.


“Hmm,” Jiuying replied.


Withdrawing from his spiritual consciousness, Jiuying saw Bian Rang tilting his head, as if he was about to wake up. Quickly, he concealed the sword he held in his hand.


Bian Rang didn’t wake up, just shifted into a different sleeping position.


However, Jiuying couldn’t sleep anymore and lay on the bed with a troubled expression.


Si Lan saw all of Jiuying’s anxiety and unease and felt a sense of pity for him. Young Jiuying, who had once detested the cruelty and violence of Bian Rang, had eventually become someone like Bian Rang, cruel and slaughtering the Snake Tribe.


In this world, people were still unaware that divine retribution had already descended. The Nine-Headed Snake Tribe hadn’t produced a newborn in ten years, and no pure, superior bloodline had been born within a hundred years. This wasn’t because Bian Rang had abducted the Snake Tribe’s strong men, preventing them from giving birth to pure bloodlines, but because of divine retribution.


After the Heavenly Dao created the human realm, it didn’t allow for too much power to exist. Even the Heavenly Dao’s three sons had to make way for humans, let alone the various demon races.


From this perspective, it seemed that ordinary humans were the true sons of the Heavenly Dao.


It was unclear if Jiuying hadn’t found the right opportunity or couldn’t bear to kill Bian Rang, but for the next month, Jiuying and Bian Rang spent peaceful and serene days together.


Perhaps even immortals couldn’t resist temptation. Bian Rang, who had indulged in worldly pleasures, found that such activities were more interesting than watching arena battles. He often pestered Jiuying.


The two spent day and night in their chambers, as if it were a never-ending carnival before doomsday.


The weakening of Bian Rang’s cultivation was noticed throughout Zhonghuang. His control over Zhonghuang was no longer as strong as before. The barriers he had established were no longer as secure, and the curses he had cast showed signs of loosening. All of these signs indicated that his body was in trouble.


During this time, Xumo approached Jiuying again, urging him to kill Bian Rang as soon as possible, to avoid more trouble.


So, when Jiuying accompanied Bian Rang to capture the fierce Yao in Manghuang, he had already secretly collaborated with the fierce Yao, setting a trap to lure Bian Rang in.


Bian Rang seemed oblivious and reassured Jiuying, “That fierce Yao is extremely brutal. Stay close to me and don’t wander.”


Jiuying smiled and asked, “Is there a Yao more brutal than you?”


Bian Rang cast a sidelong glance at him with an amused expression in his peach blossom eyes. Jiuying looked at him quietly, his expression hidden by tension. He couldn’t let Bian Rang sense his uncontrolled emotions.


Eventually, Bian Rang agreed to take Jiuying along. When they arrived in Manghuang, several eagle demons circled above. Their strange calls filled the air.


Bian Rang transformed his sword, and in an instant, sword energy cut through all the eagle demons.


“Bian Rang!”


An angry roar suddenly echoed from above. The white cloud in the sky changed shape and formed into a snow-white eagle demon, diving down from above, screeching as it tried to devour Bian Rang.


Bian Rang quickly pushed Jiuying away and used his sword to block the attack. The eagle demon had massive wings that could easily cause chaos. The dust filled the air, and everything around was engulfed in a sandstorm, obscuring their vision.


Bian Rang closed his eyes and relied on his senses to locate the white eagle demon. However, just as the attack was about to land, Jiuying’s cry for help echoed in the distance.


“Master… Master… Save me…”


Bian Rang suddenly opened his eyes and narrowly avoided the sandstorm. He realized that he wasn’t surrounded by sand; it was an illusion.


The illusion wasn’t created by the white eagle demon and Jiuying. It was set up beforehand, and perhaps Xumo was involved.


Maybe even Jiuying was part of it.


Jiuying stood in mid-air, silently watching as Bian Rang was trapped in the illusion.


Bian Rang, who cared so much about his appearance that he didn’t even want to be exposed to the sun, had a bleeding cut on his face.


Bleeding profusely, he continued to wield his sword, breaking through one illusion after another.


“Save me… Ah… Master…”


The false voice created by the illusion continued to torment Bian Rang, and he felt anxious. He couldn’t afford to take the risk. What if something really happened to Jiuying?


He didn’t hesitate to break through the illusion, even at the cost of losing three levels of cultivation. But as he escaped from the illusion, a longsword pierced his heart from behind.


In an instant, he felt a sharp pain in his heart, and when he tried to use his cultivation to heal, he found that he couldn’t channel his spiritual energy.


The sword that struck him was no ordinary weapon; it was the Heavenly Dao…


This time, he managed to turn around and saw the person who had stabbed him.


It was Jiuying.


He didn’t feel shock but smiled at Jiuying, “As long as you’re safe…”


Hearing these words, Jiuying couldn’t hold back his emotions any longer. He let go of Bian Rang, and with tears in his eyes, he said, “Why pretend, Bian Rang? You, a cruel and heartless person, don’t understand feelings at all!”


Bian Rang fell backward to the ground, his eyes gradually losing focus, his lips moved as if he wanted to say something, but he suddenly spat out blood.


Jiuying instinctively rushed to his side, wanting to say something but unable to find the words. He looked at his pale and transparent face, his eyes reddening.


He was going to die.


Everything was coming to an end.


Bian Rang reached out to him, his fingers covered in blood, holding a bloodstained bead in his palm.


“It…” Jiuying took the vermilion bead and said fiercely, “What are you pretending to be sentimental at this moment? I don’t want this broken bead!”


He extended his hand, squeezed the bead forcefully, and, in front of Bian Rang, crushed it into powder, scattering it on the ground.


“You… cough…”


Bian Rang, seeing the bead turning to dust, seemed unable to hold on any longer. He coughed up blood, and his body quickly turned transparent, his bones and flesh becoming transparent starlight.


It was only then that Jiuying realized something was wrong. It appeared that Bian Rang wasn’t just dying; his soul seemed to be disintegrating.


How could this happen? Weren’t the instructions clear that the bone would only kill him?


“Bian Rang… Why is it like this? I didn’t intend to kill you completely…” Jiuying had removed the seal and enchantment that Xumo placed on the short sword, hoping that Bian Rang’s death in this life would be a form of redemption, not to deny him rebirth.


“Bian Rang… Bian Rang…”


Bian Rang closed his eyes and was unable to speak. He used the last bit of his spiritual power to convey a message to Jiuying, “Jiuying, I’m fine. Even if my soul disintegrates, I will fall back into the cycle of reincarnation.”


“When the North River’s snow melts, I shall return.”


After saying these words, Bian Rang’s body completely turned to dust and vanished in the wind.


Jiuying stood there in shock, with an intact bead in his palm.


In the sky above Zhonghuang, all the invisible enchantments and curses placed by Bian Rang disappeared. Countless demons and creatures rejoiced, knowing that Bian Rang had died.


Zhonghuang was free!


They would no longer be controlled by the demon!


Si Lan finally understood why Jiuying helped Louyu; it was because they both killed the people who loved them but later realized they loved each other in this lifetime. Si Lan couldn’t help but sigh at the complexity of their situation.


Si Lan flew to Jiuying, intending to examine the blood bead, but Jiuying concealed it in his chest.


Behind them, Xumo appeared out of nowhere, his eyes gleaming with delight. “Jiuying, is he really dead?”


Jiuying, with a fake bloody bead, handed it to Xumo after ensuring it was without issue.


Xumo carefully inspected it and, upon confirming it was genuine, breathed a sigh of relief. “This child of Heaven’s Dao might have a unique rebirth. I thought he gave you a rebirth bead.”


Jiuying’s eyes twitched slightly. “A rebirth bead?”


“Yes, when an immortal is near death, they condense their soul into a rebirth bead. After a thousand years, the rebirth bead will reform and start a new cultivation.”


Jiuying’s chest heaved at these words but he said nothing more.


Si Lan was puzzled and asked, “A rebirth bead?”


“That’s not a rebirth bead,” said Haowei succinctly.


“What is it then?”


Just as Haowei was about to answer, the scene before them suddenly changed. The sky darkened abruptly, and rolling dark clouds filled the atmosphere, accompanied by mournful thunder. In the next instant, from the sky, enormous rocks fell, not as raindrops but as massive stones.


These stones seemed to have life and descended furiously, smashing into the ground. Those demons and creatures that couldn’t dodge in time let out desperate roars.




Accompanying the falling stones was black rain. Wherever the raindrops landed, everything turned into black sludge.


“It’s divine retribution! This is divine retribution!”


“We killed the child of Heaven’s Dao! Heaven’s Dao is angry!”


“Help… Help… My child… Don’t harm my child!”


In an instant, the entire Zhonghuang was enveloped in a cacophony of despair.


Xumo and others hadn’t even had time to savor their victory before they were forced to immediately deploy their formations to withstand Heaven’s punishment.


“Return to the Nine-Headed Snake Tribe!”


“Leader, please save us!”


“Now Heaven’s Dao is punishing us! We’re all going to die!”


“Who killed the child of Heaven’s Dao?”


Xumo instinctively looked at Jiuying. Jiuying, his face pale, was about to explain but was interrupted by the cacophony of accusations.


“Jiuying, how could you have killed the child of Heaven’s Dao?”


“You completely disregarded the tribe by doing this!”


“Jiuying, return my child… Return my child…”


Jiuying never expected things to turn out this way. He thought that killing Bian Rang would make the world better, but instead, it had turned into a living hell.


He was being treated as the scapegoat and pushed forward to atone for the sins of others.


The same people who had sent him to kill Bian Rang were now avoiding his gaze and coldly telling him that if he could die to appease Heaven’s anger, they would accept it.


Jiuying’s heart was filled with a sense of irony and absurdity. He had led a miserable life, and the one person who genuinely loved him in this world, he had killed.


But he couldn’t die now. He had to resurrect Bian Rang.


Jiuying attempted to use his magic to escape, but before he could move, Xumo grabbed him.


“Jiuying, sacrifice yourself to save all of Zhonghuang.”


“Why is the responsibility of saving Zhonghuang falling on me again? What has Zhonghuang ever done for me? Let go…”


He roared and reverted to his true form, revealing his nine heads and eighteen eyes, glaring fiercely at the others.


“Sorry, Jiuying,” said Xumo.

Xumo and several elders joined forces, using a spell to pin Jiuying’s body in place.


“He made the soul of Heaven’s Dao’s child disintegrate. Killing him might not be enough to appease the wrath of Heaven’s Dao. We must cut off his nine heads, seal them in the Jiyin Bagua Formation, and offer them as a sacrifice to Heaven’s Dao. Only this way can Heaven’s Dao see our determination to make amends.”


“Very well.”


“Chief, please hurry. My child has only one head left!”


In the illusion, Jiuying gave up struggling, smiling as he watched his body being severed, and his physical form being annihilated by the formation. His heads were cut off and sealed within the Jiyin Bagua Formation.


However, when the last head was being sealed, Jiuying shouted to the sky, “If I break out of this seal, I will rebuild my body with the blood of the entire tribe.”



Long before the Nine-Headed Snake Tribe began cutting Jiuying’s body, Si Lan couldn’t bear to watch any longer and covered Haowei’s eyes.


The few lines in the history books concealed the countless lives and bloodshed. Witnessing this series of tragedies that occurred ten thousand years ago in person filled him with a different kind of emotion.


“People in Zhonghuang probably haven’t realized that the real culprit manipulating their fate and toying with their lives isn’t Bian Rang but Heaven’s Dao.”


To maintain the balance of the Six Realms, Heaven’s Dao had long wanted to weaken the major demons. Now that they had killed Bian Rang, it provided the perfect excuse for Heaven’s retribution.


In fact, even if they hadn’t killed Bian Rang, he wouldn’t have lived much longer.


The demise of Heaven’s Dao’s three sons was inevitable. Three years after the Truth Practice, another ten years, and Fanyu, another son of Heaven’s Dao, perished as he rebelled against Heaven’s Dao, leading to the disintegration of his soul.


Thirty years after the Truth Practice, Junli, the only son of Heaven’s Dao to die less tragically and be able to reincarnate, also met his fate.


As Si Lan watched Jiuying being killed, he noticed that Jiuying had hidden the bead in his mouth just before his head was sealed within the formation.


He was about to search for it when a shadow suddenly appeared out of thin air. The shadow walked straight to one of Jiuying’s severed heads and, with a gesture, made the red bead float in the air, passing right before Si Lan’s eyes.


Only up close did he see that the bead was indeed as Jiuying had described, translucent with specks of bloodstains. But what Jiuying hadn’t mentioned was that the blood-red gem also bore a cloud-like pattern on its surface.


The same cloud pattern adorned Si Lan’s own true form—his blood gem. However, the size of the true gem was much larger, and the small bloodstains had congregated at the lower right corner, resembling an embryo.


Thus, Si Lan had never connected the bead Jiuying was searching for with Xielin!


At this moment, the shadow turned around, revealing a refined and handsome face. Si Lan looked into his eyes and saw that they were blue.


These were the characteristic eyes of Fanyu, Heaven’s Dao’s son!


Si Lan was amazed and excited but tugged at Haowei’s sleeve, urging him to look at Fanyu.


Haowei, in turn, pulled at Si Lan’s sleeve and gestured for him to look behind.


Si Lan turned around and saw that someone had appeared behind them. This person was wearing a white robe and a hat.


Although their face was partially obscured by the hat’s brim, their graceful figure and unparalleled beauty couldn’t be hidden.


Si Lan’s heart suddenly raced, overwhelmed with excitement, to the point that he didn’t even notice how tightly he was gripping Haowei’s hand.


This person was Junli!


He was the idol Si Lan had admired for over a thousand years!


He had never imagined that one day he would cross ten thousand years and achieve success in his star-chasing journey.


“Bian Rang is really a fool,” Fanyu suddenly said coldly, reaching out to Si Lan and lifting the blood gem. “Look.”


Emerging from the shadows, Junli took off his hat.


As his face was fully revealed, Si Lan’s expression suddenly crumbled, a mix of surprise and horror. It wasn’t because Junli was ugly or strange; it was because Junli looked exactly like him!

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Chapter 23 – Most eligible widow-bachelor in the six realms

 Chapter 23


Si Lan witnessed Bian Rang beating Jiuying to a pulp, covered in blood with a swollen face, almost unrecognizable as Jiuying. Si Lan couldn’t help but sigh, “It’s hard to believe that these two will have a romantic entanglement later.”


At this moment, Bian Rang’s attitude towards Jiuying was more like that of a pet owner, showing a hint of indulgence and fondness, but it was only because he still found amusement in it.


Haowei remained silent, his gaze fixed on Bian Rang’s face.


Bian Rang’s appearance bore some resemblance to the spirit with the jade pendant by Si Lan’s side.


Is this a mere coincidence, or is there some hidden connection?


In the dreamland, it was nighttime. Jiuying woke up from his bed, instinctively exclaiming, “It hurts…”


“Hmm? You feel the pain now? Why didn’t you say it hurt in the Beast Arena?” Bian Rang retorted.


Jiuying turned to see Bian Rang applying medicine to his injuries.


Perhaps in the middle of the night, candles were lit in the palace, and the dim light fell on Bian Rang’s silvery hair, giving it a gentle glow.


Bian Rang didn’t look at him, continuing to apply the medicine. “Eleven broken bones, twenty-six abrasions all over your body, yet you can endure it. So, endure a bit more.”


Saying this, Bian Rang suddenly targeted Jiuying’s coccyx, and Jiuying instantly winced in pain, his face turning pale, cold sweat rolling down.


It really hurt. The pain spread rapidly from his spine, spreading throughout his body.


But Jiuying didn’t want to lose face, so he clenched his teeth and didn’t utter a word of pain.


Seeing that Jiuying had buried his head in the covers, shaking and appearing as if he were crying, Bian Rang put aside his playful demeanor and continued applying the medicine.


When he reached Jiuying’s leg, Jiuying tightly closed his body, not allowing Bian Rang to touch him. “Don’t… don’t touch me…”


As he spoke, Jiuying’s voice sounded as if it had been soaked in water, all wet and muffled.


Seeing Jiuying’s unusual reaction, Bian Rang became even more curious and used force to restrain Jiuying, repositioning his body and gently parting his legs.


“You… let me go…” Jiuying’s voice quivered.


After seeing the scene in front of him, Bian Rang was momentarily stunned, then leaned in, raising his eyebrows curiously, “Are you blushing?”


Bian Rang knew that plants had their pollination period, animals had their mating periods, but he had never delved deep into the subject. Today, Jiuying piqued his interest, and he observed carefully.


Jiuying’s face turned crimson, feeling extremely embarrassed.


Why do men act this way? What’s there to see?


Bian Rang suddenly marveled, like a curious child, “Interesting…”


Jiuying buried his face even deeper, his entire body hidden beneath the covers, only his black hair visible.


“So, your coccyx is your sensitive spot…” Bian Rang seemed to have figured something out, nodding.


Jiuying clenched his teeth and said nothing. He didn’t understand why, when his coccyx was pinched just now, it had caused a strange reaction…


He was utterly embarrassed!


After Bian Rang finished treating Jiuying’s injuries, he left when he was summoned by a servant.


Jiuying was immobilized, unable to move. He lay on his back, gazing upwards, his eyes deep in thought as if pondering something.


“He has never been exposed to the sun today. He either sat in the sedan or created a barrier to shield himself from the sunlight. Could it be that he’s afraid of the sun?” Jiuying mumbled suddenly, his eyes gleaming with calculation.


He didn’t know what kind of medicine Bian Rang had used, but a few hours later, his broken bones and injuries were completely healed.


It wasn’t until the early hours of the next day that Bian Rang returned and pushed the door open.

A strong scent of blood mixed with the cold wind rushed towards Jiuying, who was lying on the bed. Jiuying woke up in an instant and vaguely saw a figure approaching him. He instinctively resisted, but the other person forcefully settled down next to him.


The person’s breathing was so shallow that it was almost inaudible.


Jiuying, illuminated by the faint light from the window, quietly observed the person next to him. Bian Rang had a beautiful face, but his nature was cold and ruthless, like a demon concealed behind a beautiful facade.


At this moment, Bian Rang suddenly reached out and embraced Jiuying, pressing his chin against Jiuying’s forehead. Jiuying’s expression instantly became embarrassed. “Wake up… Wake up… Hey…”


He called out several times, but the other person didn’t respond. Jiuying turned his head away and didn’t look at Bian Rang.


Before long, he fell back to sleep again.


Si Lan watched the two of them lying on the bed with a somewhat perplexed expression. He lowered his head to look at Haowei, who had a serious and mature demeanor, resembling a little adult.


Si Lan extended his hand to cover Haowei’s eyes. “No peeking.”


“…,” Haowei.


Perhaps it wasn’t necessary to open his eyes at all, because Si Lan had an inkling that what was happening between Bian Rang and Jiuying was becoming increasingly explicit.


In the afternoon, Jiuying woke up from his slumber, and for some reason, he immediately looked to the other side of the bed, but Bian Rang’s figure was not there.


Just as he wondered, he heard Bian Rang’s voice from in front.


“Since you’re awake, serve me by helping me change.”


Jiuying’s restraints had somehow been removed. Upon hearing this, he sat up on the bed and saw Bian Rang sitting in a chair across from him, supporting his head with one hand. His gaze was filled with a strange mixture of amusement and something else as he looked at Jiuying.


Jiuying straightened up and walked slowly to Bian Rang, reluctantly addressing him as “Master.”


“Yes, fetch the black outfit for me,” Bian Rang said.


“Alright.” Jiuying obediently complied, a departure from his usual demeanor, which seemed to make Bian Rang uncomfortable.


Bian Rang couldn’t help but scrutinize him, his gaze moving up and down Jiuying’s body before pausing in a particular area, as if he had remembered something, a mischievous curve forming on his lips.


Jiuying naturally noticed Bian Rang’s gaze and understood the meaning behind that sudden smirk. Remembering what happened last night, his face turned beet red. He lowered his head to fetch the outfit.


After Bian Rang had changed into the new clothes, he had Jiuying follow him to the main hall to meet the people from Zhonghuang Tribe.


Bian Rang explained that it was all because of Jiuying that he now had to deal with so many matters.


Jiuying furrowed his brow, not understanding how he had caused trouble for Bian Rang.


“I present the Zhonghuang Tribe to Your Majesty,” an attendant announced, and the leader of the Zhonghuang Tribe walked into the hall, bowing before Bian Rang.


“Greetings, Your Majesty.”


“Well, what brings you here?” Bian Rang spoke but didn’t look at the tribe leader. He kept his head turned, his gaze falling on Jiuying’s face.


Jiuying straightened his posture, pretending not to have seen Bian Rang’s gaze.


“Your Majesty, we fear that you have a heavy workload and are exhausted, so we specially selected ten handsome young men from our tribe to present to you.”


As he spoke, the tribe leader gestured to the handsome young men who had entered the hall. They knelt gracefully and greeted Bian Rang.


“Greetings, Your Majesty.”


Jiuying’s face stiffened as he saw these young men. It seemed he now understood what Bian Rang had said earlier — he had caused trouble by being selected by Bian Rang. His selection had apparently inspired others in the tribe to send handsome young men as gifts.


Moreover, these young men’s attire bore a striking resemblance to Jiuying’s.


Bian Rang raised an eyebrow. “Look up.”


The ten young men heard the command and raised their heads, each with a different expression—some were shy, some seductive, all of them handsome with graceful figures.


Bian Rang shook his head, mocking, “Not good-looking, go back.”


The tribe leader heard this and hurriedly bowed, taking the ten handsome young men away.


Later, other tribal leaders also brought young men with them, attempting to cater to Bian Rang’s preferences. However, Bian Rang dismissed them all as not good-looking.


Jiuying couldn’t fathom Bian Rang’s taste. These young men were clearly good-looking, but Bian Rang seemed to enjoy treating them as a jest.


Pitifully, these people thought it would please the emperor.


“I find it very boring,” Bian Rang suddenly spoke. “What if we throw this group of handsome young men into the Beast Arena?”


As he said the last sentence, he looked at Jiuying.


Jiuying knew that this person wasn’t seeking his opinion at all. Whether he said yes or no, it wouldn’t stop Bian Rang from carrying out his intentions.

Unless… they found something that would make Bian Rang more interested.


Jiuying’s mind raced. “Master, whenever I find things boring, I enjoy playing stone chess with my companions.”


“Stone chess?” Bian Rang asked.


Jiuying saw that Bian Rang was intrigued and quickly explained the rules of the game to him.


Bian Rang didn’t pay much attention to the rules but asked, “Do you want to play stone chess with me?”


“Yes.” Jiuying was a bit nervous, unsure if he could persuade Bian Rang.


Bian Rang suddenly smiled, “Alright.”


Jiuying breathed a sigh of relief in his heart. He hadn’t expected to convince Bian Rang so easily. If he had failed, it might have been another day of bloodshed in the Beast Arena.


Jiuying swiftly carved the game pieces using magic. The chess pieces represented twelve different animals, with interactions of birth and domination, in black and white.


Jiuying had Bian Rang play as the black side, while he took the white side. He planned to use the game to show Bian Rang his prowess, but to his surprise, Bian Rang, who was playing stone chess for the first time, defeated Jiuying without mercy.


Jiuying even suspected that Bian Rang was cheating!


However, Jiuying soon realized that Bian Rang was not only faster and more powerful than others but also incredibly sharp-minded.


Jiuying felt somewhat discouraged but continued playing with Bian Rang, afraid that Bian Rang would find it “boring.”


They played until evening, and the sunlight was fading. Jiuying felt a sense of urgency. He needed to act quickly.


When Bian Rang was engrossed in the game and not paying attention, Jiuying discreetly cast a spell. He created a black mist that transformed into a wild beast and suddenly grabbed Jiuying, pulling him outside.


“Help me…”


Jiuying pretended to be caught by the monster and grabbed Bian Rang’s clothes. He pulled Bian Rang into the sunlight and watched closely as if expecting him to be harmed by it. However, Bian Rang, standing under the sunlight, showed no signs of injury.


How could this be?


Wasn’t Bian Rang supposed to be afraid of sunlight?


Bian Rang smashed the black mist with a palm, caught Jiuying in his arms, and asked, “Are you okay?”


“I’m… I’m fine,” Jiuying replied after recovering from his shock.


“Why did a demon suddenly appear in the Ninefold Heaven?” Bian Rang pretended not to have noticed that the creature’s aura was identical to Jiuying’s. He looked at Jiuying with concern, stroking his face. “Let me check if you’re injured anywhere.”


“I’m fine, Master. But aren’t you afraid of the sunlight?”


Bian Rang seemed to hesitate for a moment and then said, “Oh, I’m quite afraid of sunlight. It makes me look… ugly.”


Jiuying was left speechless.


He hadn’t expected such a reason. Bian Rang was possibly the only person in the Central Wilderness who would go to great lengths to avoid sunlight due to the fear of looking ugly.


Bian Rang pinched Jiuying’s waist and teasingly said, “Let me see if you got hurt by the monster.”


“I’m not injured,” Jiuying replied, but Bian Rang insisted on checking.


Just as Jiuying was about to resist, Bian Rang used magic to create a barrier, blocking out the sunlight completely.


“Because sunlight makes me look…” Bian Rang paused for effect and noticed Jiuying leaning in to listen, so he continued slowly, “…ugly.”


Jiuying didn’t expect that to be the reason. He looked at Bian Rang in disbelief.


This was probably the only man in the Central Wilderness who would go to such lengths to avoid sunlight due to fear of looking ugly.


Bian Rang held Jiuying’s waist with a playful grin and said, “Did the monster hurt you here?”


Jiuying blushed and bit his lower lip in embarrassment.


Bian Rang gently touched the protruding muscles and teased, “Is this where the monster pinched you?”


Jiuying remained silent.


Seeing Jiuying’s distressed expression, Bian Rang suddenly smiled. In the dim light, his eyes seemed gentle and carried a hint of affection, catching Jiuying off guard.


Jiuying tightly clenched his fingers, as if trying to prevent himself from falling into the depths of emotions. He was on the verge of losing control, and his nails almost pierced his palm, keeping him composed.


Meanwhile, Si Lan was dumbfounded. He had previously thought that Bian Rang had no understanding of love, finding it strange that two people who loved each other were together. However, at this moment, he realized that Bian Rang was quite skilled in teasing.


Although Jiuying hated him, Jiuying was still very young and had a rather immature mentality. Compared to Bian Rang, who had lived for over a hundred thousand years as the Son of Heaven, Jiuying would probably not be able to withstand it for long.


Realizing this, Si Lan looked at Haowei, who was standing nearby. As one of the members of the “older bull, younger grass” club, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of inferiority.


It seemed that he wasn’t good at sweet talk and flirting.


But that was fine. The little white dragon was still young.


Dealing with such children was relatively easy.


With this thought, Si Lan took out a colorful piece of candy from his storage pouch. It was the candy he had confiscated from Xie Li the other day, which he was now using to curry favor.


“Here, have some candy,” Si Lan smiled and handed the candy to Haowei.


Haowei’s face twitched slightly, but Si Lan probably thought he was just shy. Si Lan peeled off a candy and handed it to Haowei, and when his fingertip touched Haowei’s lips, they turned slightly red. He instinctively turned his head, avoiding Si Lan’s gaze.


“You shouldn’t eat too much candy; it can cause cavities. But I can give you three candies every day from now on,” Si Lan added, “I only give Xie Li two candies a day, so you’ll get an extra one.”


Haowei remained silent.


Was he comparing him to that little amulet spirit?


A joke.


Would he care about two or three candies?


In the illusion, Bian Rang continued to playfully tease Jiuying, knowing that he was just a means of relieving boredom for Bian Rang, no different from the warriors in the Beast Arena.


During this time, Tribe Leader Xu Mo visited Jiuying and inquired about his situation in the Ninefold Heaven.

Jiuying was speaking with Tribe Leader Xumo at close range for the first time, and he dared not look Xumo directly in the eyes.


Xumo was the spiritual leader of the Nine-Headed Serpent Clan, and all nine-headed serpents admired him, including Jiuying. However, in the past, Jiuying could only stand quietly in the corner, watching Xumo.


Jiuying told Xumo everything that had happened with Bian Rang. After listening, Xumo furrowed his brows and fell into silence for a moment before saying, “Jiuying, he likes you very much.”


Jiuying clicked his tongue, not understanding how Xumo could sense that Bian Rang had feelings for him. That man was incapable of feeling emotions.


Xumo suddenly stepped closer, coming near Jiuying, and reached out to push aside the stray hair on Jiuying’s forehead. He leaned in close to Jiuying’s ear and whispered, “The fate of our people, and even the fate of the Central Wilderness, rests in your hands. So, you must find a way to earn his trust and extract from him the method to kill him.”


Jiuying nodded vaguely, his ears turning red, realizing that they were too close. He tried to step back, but Xumo held him close.


“When necessary, be willing to sacrifice yourself.”


Jiuying opened his mouth but didn’t say anything.


Xumo inquired, “Do you understand?”


“Understand,” Jiuying replied in a soft voice, almost like a mosquito’s buzz.


Xumo smiled, patted Jiuying’s head, and spoke like an elder, “I’ve noticed your exceptional qualities for a long time. I never imagined that now, the hope of the entire Central Wilderness rests in your hands.”


Jiuying suddenly felt a heavy sense of responsibility. He expressed his sincere determination to Xumo, promising to find a way to kill Bian Rang as soon as possible.


Satisfied, Xumo left.


Jiuying watched Xumo’s departure with admiration.


Si Lan overheard their conversation and shook his head.


Xumo was using Jiuying as a pawn and had even employed some seduction tactics to make Jiuying willingly commit to killing Bian Rang. It was clear that Jiuying was easily manipulated, a trait that went back to ancient times.


The final fate of Jiuying and Bian Rang had already been written in the ancient texts.


The outcome of the binding, the Central Wilderness, and the thirst for killing.


Jiuying, bound, fights back, ultimately succumbs, and dies.


Si Lan couldn’t help but wonder about the significance of the blood bead that Bian Rang had given Jiuying just before his death.


Looking at it now, he couldn’t find any traces of a blood bead on Bian Rang’s person.


Suddenly, Haowei, who had been silent, spoke up. “With the passage of a year, the heavenly retribution will arrive. Jiuying won’t need to act; Bian Rang won’t survive for much longer.”


“So, you mean that Bian Rang’s body should be deteriorating by now?” Si Lan contemplated.




Si Lan sighed, feeling somewhat profound. Most people believed it was a survival-of-the-fittest world, but they didn’t realize that being too weak or too strong was unacceptable to the natural order.


“I never thought you, this kid, would be so knowledgeable.” Si Lan lowered his head and looked at Haowei meaningfully.


Haowei had a stern expression. “I’ve just read many books.”


Si Lan smiled and, having heard Jiuying’s words, walked back to the main hall, tugging at Haowei’s clothes, and followed inside.


At that moment, Bian Rang lay in a rocking chair, his snowy white robe hanging languidly, supported by a single arm as he watched the scenes outside the Ninefold Heaven through the eaves.


Jiuying approached him, and Bian Rang suddenly reached out, gripping Jiuying’s wrist, pulling him to his side.


In the next instant, Bian Rang’s lips met the corner of Jiuying’s mouth.


Jiuying’s eyes widened, but he lost focus and saw only an expanse of white. He couldn’t see anything clearly, and his heart raced, losing its direction.


After a while, Bian Rang released Jiuying’s neck, but Jiuying’s body couldn’t support itself, and he collapsed into Bian Rang’s arms.


Bian Rang chuckled quietly but held Jiuying’s waist securely.


Jiuying tried to get up, but Bian Rang held him firmly.


“Don’t move.”


Remembering Xumo’s advice, Jiuying endured and heard Bian Rang’s breath, shallow and rhythmic, in his ear.


After a while, Bian Rang asked, “What is this?”


Jiuying’s face reddened, thinking that Bian Rang was intentionally humiliating him. He bit his lip and said, “I don’t know.”


“Heh…” Bian Rang suddenly laughed. “Does this mean it can create offspring?”


Jiuying remained silent.


“I wonder what children you would give me. If they have nine heads, would they be as voracious as you?” Bian Rang pulled his hand away and looked into the distance. “If they have nine heads, would they eat just as much as you do?”


Jiuying felt embarrassed and clutched his hands, asking, “Do I eat a lot?”


“Yeah, you’ve almost finished all the elixirs and fruits of my Ninefold Heaven.”




He had been consuming those elixirs and fruits to rapidly increase his cultivation, aiming to kill Bian Rang as soon as possible. Plus, those elixirs and fruits were starting to go bad, so not consuming them would be a waste.


Jiuying didn’t want to continue talking to Bian Rang and pushed him away. He got up from the rocking chair, but his legs felt weak, and he almost stumbled to the ground.


Behind him, he heard a muffled laugh from Bian Rang.


Jiuying’s cheeks burned, and his frustration surged. This person was truly evil!


He didn’t want to stay near him for another moment. He needed to find a way to kill him as soon as possible.


Jiuying didn’t know if Bian Rang drank alcohol, but in his tribe, some men would become more talkative after drinking, so it might be worth a try with Bian Rang.


So, in the evening, Jiuying brought wine


 and some snacks to meet Bian Rang.


However, Bian Rang was not in the main hall. Jiuying sat in a chair and waited for him. The hall was empty, tall and imposing, cold and devoid of any human presence. Had Bian Rang been living here alone all these years?


If he lived here by himself, he would undoubtedly go mad.


No wonder Bian Rang’s character had become so malicious.


Jiuying let his mind wander, leaning back in the chair and falling asleep. At some point, the door to the hall opened, and Bian Rang returned, covered in the scent of blood.


Under the moonlight, with his face obscured by shadows, Bian Rang stood by the door, his white clothes stained with blood, looking like a demon from hell.

Jiuying had grown accustomed to this routine and quickly fetched a clean set of black clothing for Bian Rang.


After each time Bian Rang wore white clothes to commit murder, he would return and change into black attire.


Once Jiuying helped him change, he didn’t know how to broach the subject but was relieved when Bian Rang raised the issue first.


“Why does the room smell like alcohol?”


“Oh… it’s… yes…”


“Do you want to drink?” Bian Rang arched an eyebrow, seemingly a bit surprised.


Jiuying nodded.


Seeing the wine jug and some snacks nearby, Bian Rang’s lips curved slightly. “I’ll accompany you for a drink, then.”


Jiuying felt a rush of joy but kept his expression unchanged. He took the initiative to pour the wine for Bian Rang.


With his nine heads, Jiuying could pretend to drink a lot and secretly expel the wine from another head. So, he pretended to consume a lot of alcohol, acted drunk, and demanded to drink more with Bian Rang, continuously refilling his cup.


Bian Rang smiled throughout the charade and allowed Jiuying to have his fun. After a while, Bian Rang appeared somewhat tipsy and slumped over the table.


Jiuying took the opportunity to ask him several questions. Realizing that Bian Rang was genuinely intoxicated and incoherent, he got straight to the point, “My Lord, what are you most afraid of?”


Bian Rang let out a mumbled reply, and the scent of alcohol filled the air. He said slowly, “I’m most afraid… of the sun.”




Jiuying sighed and then asked, “Are you afraid of the Tai Xu Divine Sword?”


The Tai Xu Divine Sword was the first divine weapon, feared by all in the Six Realms.


Bian Rang shook his head. “I don’t fear something like that. I… I fear the Heavenly Dao…”


Jiuying clenched his head; who wouldn’t fear the Heavenly Dao?


Realizing he couldn’t get any more information, Jiuying stopped asking questions. Instead, he transmitted this information to Xumo, sharing what he had learned from Bian Rang.


Finally, Jiuying furrowed his brow and asked, “Do we really have no way to kill him?”


Xumo remained silent for a moment, his brow furrowed in thought. “No, he actually mentioned a way to kill him.”


“What method?”


“He fears the Heavenly Dao.”


“But he’s the son of the Heavenly Dao, and the Heavenly Dao would never kill him.”


“The Heavenly Dao won’t kill him, but we can use the Heavenly Dao to kill him. It’s rumored that when the Heavenly Dao initially established the Divine Realm, it wasn’t satisfied with the first group of deities. Just a touch from the Heavenly Dao made them vanish into thin air. Later, when the Heavenly Dao reestablished the Divine Realm and adopted the name ‘You,’ it ruled over the deities directly, leading them to govern the cycles of day and night and the reincarnation process. After this, ‘You’ eventually met his demise through tribulation. At that time, ‘You’ left behind a segment of his finger bone in the Divine Realm.”


Jiuying was amazed. “A finger bone segment… could it contain the essence of the Heavenly Dao itself? Could obtaining that segment of finger bone allow us to kill him?”


“It’s worth trying.”




Inside the barrier, Si Lan witnessed this scene and frowned. He realized that Jiuying planned to kill Bian Rang using a segment of the Heavenly Dao’s finger bone. The same principle could potentially be applied to eliminate a Divine Sovereign of the same level as the Divine Emperor.


For some reason, he lightly curled his fingers, his expression growing darker.


Beside him, Haowei noticed the change in his aura and couldn’t help but ponder the relationship between the Heavenly Realm and the Demonic Realm. The two realms had signed a millennium-long truce agreement, and that treaty seemed to have only three years left before expiring.


Si Lan’s strong desire to find a way to kill Bian Rang raised the question: was he preparing to kill him?


He had just given Jiuying candy not long ago, and now, he seemed to be contemplating Bian Rang’s death. It was clear that Si Lan was no less insane than Bian Rang.


As Haowei thought more about it, he felt increasingly stifled, and the candy he hadn’t finished eating suddenly tasted sour and bitter.


Following Xumo’s instructions, Jiuying continued to stay close to Bian Rang, pleasing him in various ways. Bian Rang was delighted with his company and even took Jiuying to hunt Illusion Beasts at the Camel Demon Mountain.


Under the Camel Demon Mountain, there lay a giant shell where insects, ants, snakes, and rats constantly entered and exited. It seemed like the owner of this shell had long since perished.


Bian Rang stood lightly outside the shell, and the moment he appeared, the insects, ants, snakes, and rats sensed something and fled in panic.


“My Lord, is the Illusion Beast here?” Jiuying asked.




Without further words, Bian Rang entered the shell, and a strong, unpleasant odor assaulted Jiuying as he followed inside. The surroundings changed abruptly, and they found themselves in a vast, snowy white world. Jiuying looked around curiously, but when he turned back to find Bian Rang, he had disappeared.


Jiuying remained silent and continued walking forward. When he reached the end, he suddenly saw a shadow of Bian Rang.


At this moment, the real Bian Rang was lying injured on the ground, unable to move. His silver hair hung loose, failing to conceal the fear and despair in his eyes.


“Don’t… don’t kill me…”


“My Lord…”


Jiuying tentatively called his name, but something seemed to have triggered Bian Rang, who kept shaking his head and begging for mercy.


On the ground lay a sword, its tip stained with blood, dripping slowly.


In an instant, Jiuying’s mind was filled with the brutal and bloody scenes of the


 Gladiator Arena. He remembered his brother’s gruesome death, the deaths of his fellow clan members, and the deaths of so many people in the Central Wilderness…


Intense hatred welled up within him. He picked up the sword and slowly approached Bian Rang. Astonishingly fast and simple, he had killed Bian Rang.


He didn’t hesitate, stabbing the sword into Bian Rang. Bian Rang let out a painful scream, writhing on the ground, and then closed his eyes.


Jiuying gazed at Bian Rang’s lifeless body, still holding the sword, unmoving for a long time.


However, when he finally came to his senses and turned around, he found the real Bian Rang standing behind him, staring at him without blinking.


Jiuying was frozen for a moment, then turned his head and saw the Bian Rang he had just killed, now dissolving into mist and gradually disappearing.


“Tsk, so the thing you most wanted to do in your heart was to kill me, huh? I worried about you and immediately entered your dream to save you.”

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Chapter 22 – Most eligible widow-bachelor in the six realms

 Chapter 22


The blood-red hue in Jiuying’s eyes gradually faded, and the snake patterns receded inch by inch. He suddenly found it difficult to exert any force, grasping the Snake Mother’s arm.


Incredulously, he looked at his own arm and attempted to lift it, but there seemed to be another force preventing him. “How can this be?”


In the blink of an eye, Si Lan had reasserted control over his body, while Jiuying’s spiritual body was imprisoned in a dark world, or more precisely, a pitch-black cage.


Si Lan had earlier cast a formation in his own body, using his own physical form as a prison to confine Jiuying’s spiritual body.


Jiuying roared in madness, “Si Lan… how can you do this? Haven’t you lost all your powers?”


“Oh? Are you referring to the water Quze gave me to drink?” Si Lan casually looked at Quze, who was getting up from the ground, wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, and standing respectfully by Si Lan’s side.


Si Lan appeared surprised, “Quze, why are you coughing up blood?”


Quze cast a sidelong glance at Haowei while maintaining a stoic expression, “Your Highness, it’s nothing.”


Haowei, observing Quze’s respectful demeanor standing by Si Lan’s side, briefly paused, then recalled Si Lan’s earlier “careless” actions, and suddenly seemed to understand something.


A simmering anger welled up within him.


He had been worrying for nothing.


He had even contemplated depleting his own cultivation to expel Jiuying’s spiritual body from Si Lan’s flesh.


Similarly, Jiuying now felt a growing anger at being manipulated. “Quze, have you betrayed me?!”


Jiuying and Si Lan now shared the same body, with Jiuying not in control but able to see, hear, and speak through Si Lan’s body.


Quze, with an impassive expression, replied, “I haven’t betrayed you because I was never your ally from the beginning.”


Jiuying appeared to find this difficult to accept, and he exclaimed, “Not my ally? Didn’t I let you witness how he severed your arm? Why are you working for such a person?”


“He is my Master. Even if he wanted my life, I would give it to him,” Quze replied with unwavering determination.


Si Lan nodded, appreciating his disciple’s loyalty. Seemingly with the intention of hitting where it hurt most, he added, “In fact, after you first found Quze, he reported everything you said to me.”


Jiuying remained silent, his anger simmering in the darkness, unwilling to accept that he had been played for a fool for so long. “If you knew everything from the beginning, why did you let yourself be deceived into coming here?”


“Because it’s not that you wanted to see me; it’s that I had something to discuss with you.”


“What do you want to discuss with me?”


“I want to know how you killed Bian Rang.”


Si Lan’s question made Haowei glance at him, perplexed by why Si Lan would ask Jiuying such a thing. 


Bian Rang was the Son of the Heavenly Dao, transcending the control of the Six Realms and the Five Elements. Conventional methods couldn’t kill him. Currently, the only individuals on par with the Son of the Heavenly Dao were at the level of the Divine Emperors. There were only two individuals in the Six Realms at that level: the God of Joy and Haowei himself.


Haowei narrowed his eyes, looking at Si Lan, not understanding why he was inquiring about this from Jiuying.


Jiuying sneered, holding a grudge against Quze’s betrayal, and said, “Fine, you want to know about this? Then kill your disciple, and I’ll tell you.”


Si Lan raised an eyebrow, “Really?”




Si Lan drew his whip and stood in front of Quze.


Even though Quze heard Si Lan and Jiuying’s conversation, his expression remained unchanged, and he gazed at Si Lan with unwavering determination, as if dying for Si Lan would be an honor.


Si Lan raised his whip, which instantly transformed into a sword, and the blue sword light struck directly at Quze.


However, just as the sword reached above Quze’s head, Si Lan abruptly changed its direction, striking the Golden Jade Immortal Box.


“No…,” Jiuying cried out.


Seeing this, Jiuying’s heart shattered. The Golden Jade Immortal Box was split by the immense sword energy, and the cracks slowly expanded until it burst open with a resounding bang.


Jiuying’s heart shattered along with it.


The Golden Jade Immortal Box shattered into countless pieces, revealing the Vermilion Jade Bead inside, which emitted a dim red glow in the darkness.


Si Lan walked slowly toward the Vermilion Jade Bead, closely examining it.


Jiuying took this opportunity to also scrutinize the Vermilion Jade Bead.


This bead was translucent, with a pure and vibrant color, making it one of the finest Vermilion Jade Beads. However, no matter how fine it was, it was still just a Vermilion Jade Bead, with limited use for cultivators. For immortals and demons, it had even less significance.


Si Lan couldn’t comprehend why Jiuying had gone through so much trouble for such a bead.


Jiuying’s gaze was fixed on the bead, and the longer he looked, the more he felt that something was amiss.


This bead wasn’t what he had been searching for.

Even after ten thousand years and being sealed for so long, he wouldn’t forget what that thing looked like.


When his spiritual body first awakened from the seal, he couldn’t move and had to slowly practice to recover. In the meantime, he overheard a conversation between a former leader and disciples of the Xuanling Sect, learning that the Golden Jade Immortal Box was sealed here, and the red bead inside was a rare treasure that could ensure the Xuanling Sect’s eternal prosperity.


He thought that this bead was the same thing that was sealed with him!


Later, when his spiritual body could move, he traversed the ten thousand illusory scenes of the Xinyin Bagua Formation, only to find the Golden Jade Immortal Box.


He discovered that the first leader had placed a sealing formation outside the box, and the incantation to unlock the formation was known only to the first leader, making it impossible to open the Golden Jade Immortal Box through the formation.


The only way was to forcefully open it with a weapon, and the material of the Golden Jade Immortal Box was made from the jade of the Kunlun Mountains, exceptionally tough and requiring a divine weapon to split it open.


This was one of the reasons he targeted Si Lan.


The Xuanxin Whip in Si Lan’s hand was one of the three ancient divine weapons, and perhaps it could be used to open the box.


However, he had now discovered that the object he had been pursuing was not what he was actually looking for!


He had wasted so much effort, killed so many charming snakes, and proceeded with extreme caution, but everything had gone completely awry!


Jiuying couldn’t bear it and, with his spiritual body, launched a violent attack on the formation. He seemed intent on breaking through, fish struggling to escape the net.


The tremendous impact surged toward the formation, then rebounded onto Jiuying’s spiritual body. Cracks began to appear on Jiuying’s spiritual body, and it was on the verge of shattering.


Si Lan was also affected, feeling a sweet, metallic taste in his throat as he coughed up blood.


If Jiuying were to self-destruct within him, he would also be seriously harmed.


Si Lan quickly set the Vermilion Jade Bead down, closed his eyes, and chanted a spell with his hands together in front of his chest. However, Jiuying’s relentless attacks on the formation made it impossible for him to concentrate. His internal organs trembled, and the metallic taste in his mouth grew stronger.


He coughed up more blood.


“Your Highness!”


Si Lan dared not open his eyes, continuing to apply the seal. Just when he was getting anxious, he suddenly felt a surge of spiritual power entering his body, blocking Jiuying’s attacks. Taking this opportunity, he added another layer of seals within himself, preventing Jiuying from moving and even from self-destructing.


“Let me go… If you don’t kill me, I’ll kill you…” Jiuying’s eyes were bloodshot, his fangs exposed as he threatened.


Si Lan opened his eyes, wiped the blood from his lips, and helplessly said, “What are you looking for? Let’s make a deal. I can help you find it, and you can tell me how you killed Bian Rang.”


Hearing this, Jiuying’s emotions slowly calmed down, but he still couldn’t easily trust Si Lan, the shadow of being deceived and manipulated still hanging over him.


“How can I trust you?”


“Whether you trust me or not doesn’t matter. But if you really want to find that thing, you can only rely on me. After all, besides me, you won’t find a more suitable candidate.”


Jiuying fell into silence, contemplating Si Lan’s words.


Currently, Si Lan was indeed the most suitable person he had encountered. If Si Lan was willing to help, there might be a chance to locate that thing.




“What exactly are you looking for?”


“It’s a red blood bead, about the size of a thumb. The bead is translucent, but there are tiny traces of blood within.”


Si Lan had never seen this thing before, and hearing Jiuying’s description, he was still somewhat unclear.


“Who gave it to you?”


“It was Bian Rang,” Jiuying said with a suddenly lowered voice.


Si Lan was taken aback. He had put in so much effort to find something that Bian Rang had given to him?


And he considered that thing more important than life itself?


Previously, he had thought that the Golden Jade Immortal Box might contain Bian Rang’s body, so he had been extremely cautious, not daring to attack, and waited for Jiuying to enter his body to reveal the box before he would seize Jiuying.


Countless thoughts swirled in Si Lan’s mind upon hearing Jiuying’s words. “Did Bian Rang say what that thing is?”


Jiuying didn’t answer and fell into a deep silence, likely thinking about something unpleasant.


Unable to hear his response, Si Lan resorted to creating ink and fabric out of thin air, drawing the blood bead on the fabric.


“Is it like this?”


“Yeah, that’s about right. Just make the traces of blood a little heavier.”


Si Lan modified the drawing according to the request and casually remarked, “You have quite a memory. After ten thousand years, you still remember what that bead looked like.”


Jiuying fell silent again, an unusual silence.


How could he ever forget?


In the final scene, the person’s face turned pale as he handed the bead to him.


That person said, even if his soul scattered, he couldn’t kill him; he would be reborn and fall into reincarnation.


“When the North River has turned into snow, I will return.”


If the North River had already turned into snow, did that mean he had already been reborn multiple times?


Certainly, his life had its ups and downs, with love and hatred, but one thing was missing – him.


“The Six Realms are vast, and this bead from ten thousand years ago is probably not easy to find,” Jiuying hoarsely said, his eyes blazing red as blood. He didn’t want to wait any longer, not for a moment.


That bead was the only thing left by Bian Rang, the only hope of his resurrection, even if it meant paying with his life. He wanted to see it one more time.


“I can send you back to the ancient era to find the person who took the bead from me.”


Si Lan was surprised by these words.

Sending back to ancient times, is this the Return Spell?


The Purification Spell derives from the Return Spell. Those who enter the spell are unable to influence the past, but there’s a difference. The Purification Spell can only view scenes of the deceased’s final year of life, while the Return Spell is not limited, transcending the cycle of reincarnation, allowing one to return to any point in the past.


Si Lan furrowed his brow. “With your current cultivation, can you perform the Return Spell? If something goes wrong along the way, and you get stuck between the Six Realms of reincarnation or forced to stay in ancient times permanently, that would be a disaster.”


Jiuying half comforted and half tempted, “I can do it. If you want to know how I killed Bian Rang, then you should see for yourself.”


Si Lan sensed that if he refused, Jiuying would never reveal the method of killing Bian Rang. He remained silent for a while before speaking, “Very well, but I have one more condition. You will teach me the art of the Return Spell.”


Before the creation of the mortal world by the Heavenly Way, there were only the realms of gods, demons, and the underworld. During that time, various powers converged, and spells and artifacts emerged. The entire world continued to thrive in a bloody and violent environment, but it also developed rapidly in its strength.


Later, when the Heavenly Way created the mortal world, in order to balance the rules, it didn’t hesitate to let the three sons of the Heavenly Way who controlled the realms fall. It also brought the Heavenly Punishment to the five realms, severely weakening the powerful figures in those realms.


During this period, many spells and artifacts disappeared into the vast river of history. So today, anyone who finds an ancient artifact can easily dominate the Six Realms.


Jiuying didn’t expect Si Lan to be not only cunning but also greedy, even eyeing his spell.


Biting his lip, Jiuying didn’t want to agree, but then he thought that he was on the verge of death, and keeping these secrets had no use anymore. He tried to convince himself in his mind and reluctantly said, “Fine.”


Si Lan smirked, not confirming or denying.


Jiuying closed his eyes and chanted a spell, his voice echoing in the cave, low and rich, yet mysteriously eerie.


Under Si Lan’s feet, a star-and-moon-shaped formation appeared, radiating a golden light that slowly enveloped Si Lan. Then, Si Lan’s form vanished from within the formation, placed in the midst of the Six Realms of reincarnation.


On the path of reincarnation, 333 gears whirled rapidly, and Jiuying’s voice seemed to cross through the cycles and resound in his ears.


“After you find the blood bead’s whereabouts, taking a drop of your own blood can break the spell, allowing you to return to the real world.”




In the blink of an eye, Si Lan found himself in an unfamiliar world, his body rapidly descending until he landed on the ground. He had just steadied himself when he saw a white figure descending from the sky. He instinctively caught the other person.


“Little one?” Si Lan looked at the white, delicate child in his arms, a mix of surprise and shock in his voice. “How did you come here too?”


Haowei stabilized himself, his expression calm. “I don’t know.”


Si Lan sighed internally. Something must have gone wrong with the spell. How could the little one be transported here as well? He could only softly advise, “Follow me and don’t wander off.”


“Okay,” Haowei replied.


Si Lan assessed his surroundings, both of them enclosed by a brownish barrier, cutting them off from the world.


The world before them was a vast desert, with a pale, desolate sky that lacked white clouds and birds. The horizon merged with the sky, appearing as an endless purgatory, filled with the aura of death and despair.



Jiuying’s face shifted slightly after casting the Return Spell. “It seems like there’s been a slight error.”


Hearing this, Quze, without a second word, lifted his sword coldly toward Jiuying. “What kind of error?”


“The timing of the transportation was off, making him return too early.”


Perhaps it was due to his lack of practice with the spell over the past ten thousand years, which led to mistakes, or it could be because his lifespan was nearing its end.


Seeing Quze’s worried expression, Jiuying bit his lip. “Don’t worry, he’ll be fine. Even if I have to hold on with my last breath, I’ll bring him back.”


Quze put his sword away, standing before the formation, guarding it.


Somehow, he suddenly recalled the Crown Prince of the Heavenly Realm. He realized that the Little Crown Prince had disappeared!


Had the Little Crown Prince left the Xinyin Bagua Formation, or had he followed Si Lan into ancient times?


Quze’s gaze fell on the formation, his brow furrowing.



Si Lan and Haowei were still observing their surroundings. It was a desolate place with no signs of life, not even a creature that would breathe. Why did Jiuying send them here?


Suddenly, the ground shook violently, and a cloud of dust billowed in front, revealing the vague but enormous heads of giant snakes.


No, it was a group of giant heads!


Si Lan quickly grabbed Haowei and leaped into the air. Through the swirling dust, he saw that these gigantic heads belonged to nine-headed serpents.


Although there were only two serpent bodies, they had a total of eighteen heads. As they rushed forward, swaying their tails, their presence was majestic and their momentum was overwhelming, like a group of mythical creatures on the move.


These two nine-headed serpents were conversing as they advanced.


“Is it those ten warriors we sent last time? Did Bian Rang find them unsatisfactory?”


“It seems so. I wonder whose children have had their luck run out this time…”


Si Lan, upon hearing this, held Haowei’s hand and followed these two nine-headed serpents.


The two serpents continued to run forward until they stopped by an oasis.


The two serpents immediately transformed into human forms and entered their group.


At this moment, the leader of the nine-headed serpents sat on a high seat, resting his chin on one hand, looking solemn. The other serpents gathered around, discussing in low voices.


“We offered ten warriors as prey for him last time, and he still wants to punish us!”


“I think it’s not just because of what happened with Folded Rain last time. He seems to be deliberately causing trouble for us.”


“No, even without Folded Rain, he would still find faults. I heard that he gouged out a person’s eyes just because a member of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan glanced at him!”


The crowd fell into silence upon hearing this.


After a while, someone spoke, “Are we to be perpetually oppressed by him like this?”




Just as the young nine-headed serpent finished speaking, others covered their mouth.


The leader sitting in the high seat opened his eyes, his red pupils containing a sinister glint as if dipped in blood. He stood up slowly, his warning stern and clear, “Do not speak rashly.”


As soon as these words were spoken, a powerful aura attacked the group of nine-headed serpents from the sky, accurately targeting the ones who had complained earlier. The aura passed across their necks, instantly severing eight of their heads, blood gushing from their necks.


The nine-headed serpents who had lost their heads were forced to reveal their original forms, struggling on the ground with only one head left, calling out in pain, gasping for breath.


Seeing this scene, the other serpents were trembling with fear and dared not reach out to help. They didn’t even dare to look.


Si Lan, witnessing this, instinctively covered the eyes of the little white dragon.


It was just as recorded in the books: when Bian Rang ruled Xinyin, he was bloodthirsty and ruthless, killing innocent people indiscriminately. It was no wonder that Jiuying eventually killed him.


However, Si Lan couldn’t tell who among the group was Jiuying.


Si Lan tried to find Jiuying among the crowd but couldn’t distinguish him among those who had taken human forms.


At this moment, Si Lan saw eight heavenly horses pulling a massive carriage approaching from a distance. The carriage landed steadily on the high platform, and the eight heavenly horses transformed into statues surrounding the carriage.


A breeze, mixed with the scent of blood, rustled the white curtains on the carriage. Although the people inside were obscured, their voices were clear and chilling.


“This is the fate of speaking out.”


The crowd of nine-headed serpents dared not speak out against their anger and resentment.


The gaze from inside the curtain fell directly on the leader as they sat with a high vantage point, watching the young nine-headed serpent who had been scared into tears. The voice from inside the curtain, smirking but not quite, said, “Chumo, do you know what happens to those who defy me?”


The leader knelt on the ground, “This child speaks carelessly. It’s my fault as the leader for not teaching him well. If you wish to punish, then punish me.” After speaking, Chumo spat out a mouthful of blood, an injury sustained earlier when he blocked the aura for the young nine-headed serpent.


The person behind the curtain made a disdainful laugh.


This laugh caused the hatred and anger in the hearts of the nine-headed serpents to skyrocket. However, in the face of absolute power, they had no choice but to endure.


An aura, sharp as a silver sword, flew out from the curtain and directly struck Chumo. His body was sent backwards, crashing into a tree, and he coughed up blood.


But Chumo immediately knelt on the ground and thanked, “Thank you for sparing him, my lord.”


“These warriors have been chosen, have they?”


Chumo appeared embarrassed, clenching his fists. “They have been chosen.”


Those selected warriors would be offered as prey for Bian Rang, hunted down like wild beasts, and forced to fight other tribes in a battle arena for Bian Rang’s amusement.


Generally, warriors sent there rarely survived. The one who did often suffered severe psychological trauma and became abnormal.


“Summon them to me, let me see.”


Bian Rang spoke casually, as if selecting goods, looking down from a height, showing no concern for the lives of others.


Chumo called for ten warriors and stood in front of the carriage. “My lord, please have a look.”


These ten warriors were tall, strong, and shirtless, revealing their well-built chests and muscular arms.


A slender, delicate hand reached out from the carriage and parted the curtain. Everyone immediately lowered their heads, too afraid to look at the person inside the carriage.


Si Lan shifted with Haowei in an attempt to catch a glimpse of Bian Rang, but before he could clearly see his face, the curtain was drawn again.


Bian Rang’s cold voice sounded, “I hope they can last a few more days, so I don’t get bored.”


After these words, Bian Rang left, and Chumo spoke again, “My lord, the Nine-Headed Serpent Clan has also prepared ten beautiful women for you.”


These words caused silence to fall upon the Nine-Headed Serpent Clan.


This lord had never had a companion in his entire existence of a hundred thousand years.


Once, the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan had tried to seduce Bian Rang with their most beautiful woman, but he had brutally gouged out her eyes.


From then on, the realm of Xinhuang dared not use seductive tactics with Bian Rang.


This time, Chumo was also taking a gamble, risking it all.


Fortunately, the voice of Bian Rang from behind the curtain was lazy. “Bring them up.”


Chumo breathed a sigh of relief and immediately had ten carefully selected beautiful women brought forward. These ten beauties were petite, graceful, and each had their unique charms.


However, the gaze from behind the curtain swept over the faces of these women without stopping.


“Are these the beauties of the Nine-Headed Serpent Clan?” Bian Rang suddenly lifted the curtain and walked out.


The Nine-Headed Serpents were frightened and kept their heads low. They didn’t dare to look at Bian Rang’s face.


They didn’t know what Bian Rang was going to do, and could only catch a glimpse of him moving through the crowd, stopping at a corner.


Bian Rang gently lifted the chin of a black-clad young man, forcing him to raise his head.


“I see, this one is the most beautiful.”


The Nine-Headed Serpents were surprised when they heard this. They all looked toward the corner where the chosen person was. The black-clad young man’s face gradually turned red, and he tried to push Bian Rang’s hand away but was held firmly.


“I want him,” Bian Rang said without allowing any objections.


Chumo hesitated and asked, “My lord, he is…”


“What’s wrong, isn’t he beautiful?” Bian Rang squinted, a faint smile playing on his lips.


Chumo held back what he wanted to say, lowered his head, and replied, “Beautiful.” However, no matter how beautiful, the black-clad young man was still a man.


Chumo and the other Nine-Headed Serpents were filled with doubts, but they didn’t dare to say anything. When the black-clad young man was being led onto the carriage by Bian Rang, he seemed about to resist, but upon meeting Chumo’s gaze, he bit his lip and withdrew his hand.


The eight heavenly horses reverted to their original forms, neighing as they soared into the air, and the carriage departed.


Si Lan and Haowei followed closely behind the carriage, listening to Bian Rang’s indifferent voice from inside.


“Tell me, your name.”




Si Lan and Haowei were taken aback. They never expected that the elegant and handsome young man in black would be Jiuying!


How could he be so different from the two serpents?


Indeed, time was a brutal thing, especially for someone who had been gone for over a hundred thousand years.


The carriage ascended to the Ninth Heaven, and before them lay a world of floating white clouds, celestial cranes singing, and splendid palaces and pavilions. The beauty was beyond words.


This was a world vastly different from the environment the Nine-Headed Serpent Clan inhabited.


The carriage stopped on the peak of a celestial mountain. Servants brought a sedan chair, and one of them knelt beside it, supporting it with both hands.


Bian Rang lifted the curtain, and perhaps due to the sudden exposure to the blinding light, he squinted his eyes. A faint, almost imperceptible smile appeared on his lips. He stepped onto the back of the servant to get out of the carriage and sat in the sedan chair.


Si Lan finally got a clear look at Bian Rang’s face. He was exactly as described in the books: silver hair, an androgynous beauty, elegant and charming, but with a sickly, ruthless, and obsessive aura.


He was like a contradictory figure, possessing the most feminine and beautiful face in the world, yet also the most cruel and bloodthirsty nature.


Jiuying also got off the carriage and followed the sedan chair. His face seemed to flush with nervousness, his cheeks slightly red, and his bright eyes shone like water.


At this moment, Jiuying, in terms of human age, was probably around sixteen or seventeen. He had a tall and mature figure, but his face still retained a touch of innocence.


Si Lan carefully observed Jiuying, nodding slightly, and said, “Bian Rang has quite an eye. I didn’t expect Jiuying to have such a handsome appearance.”


After these words, Si Lan felt Haowei’s presence suddenly darken, and he instinctively added, “But I don’t like snakes. They’re cold and uncomfortable to hold.”


Haowei turned his head away, a cold expression on his face as he followed the sedan chair. “Jiuying’s Time Return spell seems to have a problem, as it sent us back to when he first met Bian Rang. We don’t know how long it is until Bian Rang is killed. After all, one year inside the spell is only one day in the real world.”


Si Lan blinked, “If I remember correctly, the Nine-Headed Serpent Clan faced divine punishment three years into the pilgrimage, and they offered beautiful people to Bian Rang after one year.”


Haowei paused, looking at Si Lan in surprise, “I didn’t expect you to have such a good memory.”


Si Lan noticed Haowei’s gaze and was about to look at him, but Haowei quickly shifted his eyes away.


The two fell into a moment of silence. After a while, Si Lan suddenly got excited, “Since we’ve returned to ancient times, does that mean I can see my idol?”


Haowei furrowed his brows slightly, not understanding the term “idol,” but he could sense that Si Lan had a strong admiration for someone.


“Bian Rang is the son of the heavens, so he must have met Junli. As long as we follow him, I can see Junli too!”


Si Lan’s eyes sparkled, and Junli, who ruled the central heavens, governed with a perfect balance of gentle and firm methods and treated his people with humility and kindness. He was the only Son of the Heavens who was deeply loved by the people and naturally passed away in the Six Realms.


In his youth, Si Lan had read many books written by Junli and was drawn to his philosophy and unique actions that combined benevolence, kindness, and a touch of eccentricity.


In a way, Junli was Si Lan’s mentor in cultivation and understanding of the world.


Haowei, hearing this, smirked.


So Si Lan’s idol was Junli. Well, he quite liked Junli too. After all, the other two Sons of the Heavens were crazier.


“How boring,” suddenly came Bian Rang’s voice from the sedan chair. After a pause, his voice continued, “Go to the beast arena.”


“Yes, my lord.”


The servants changed direction and carried the sedan chair toward the beast arena.


Jiuying didn’t know what he should do, so he followed along. Along the way, Bian Rang didn’t speak to him again after asking his name.


Before they reached the beast arena, they heard a roar from inside. It was the roar of a lion, hoarse and filled with despair, sending shivers down their spines.


The air around was filled with a strong scent of blood, a mixture of the blood of countless ethnic warriors.


It wasn’t a city of corpses, yet it was filled with bones.


Jiuying’s eyes couldn’t help but turn red. His brother… also died here.


Bian Rang got off the sedan chair and glanced at Jiuying, but Jiuying didn’t avoid Bian Rang’s gaze. With red eyes, he stared directly at him.


Bian Rang looked slightly startled, then smiled but didn’t say anything. He sat on the high platform and lightly tapped the armrest of his chair. Jiuying was pushed over by a servant and obediently stood next to the chair.


In the arena, a massive male lion lay motionless in a pool of blood. Several servants worked together to drag the lion’s corpse away.


The despairing roar from earlier was the lion’s final struggle before death.


The one who defeated the lion was an earth dragon.


When Si Lan saw the earth dragon, he couldn’t help but glance at Haowei.


In ancient times, dragons weren’t classified into different ranks. At that time, earth dragons, celestial dragons, and true dragons were all part of the same lineage, so this earth dragon could be considered one of Haowei’s ancestors.


Haowei’s expression remained unchanged, and he gazed calmly at the arena.


Si Lan hadn’t expected this child to be delicate in temperament but fearless. If it were any other child, they would have probably been scared and sought refuge in his embrace.


After some thought, for the sake of the child’s healthy growth, Si Lan gently pulled Haowei into his arms and covered Haowei’s eyes with his hand.


“These scenes are too bloody for a child to watch.”


Haowei remained silent.


Haowei’s face appeared somewhat speechless, but he didn’t push away Si Lan’s hand. He even sensed a faint fragrance from Si Lan’s hand, which he found pleasant and didn’t want to let go of.


He used magic to see the scene in the arena through Si Lan’s hand.


After the lion was removed, a nine-headed snake was introduced into the arena.


On the high platform, Jiuying saw the nine-headed snake and became visibly excited. His eyebrows furrowed, and he stared intently without blinking.


Bian Rang casually asked a servant beside him, “How many mythical beasts has this earth dragon defeated?”


The servant replied, “To answer, my lord, the earth dragon has defeated six so far.”


Bian Rang clicked his tongue and lazily leaned back in his chair. “If it defeats this last one, it will be a seven-match winning streak. Impressive for an earth dragon.”


Perhaps recalling something, Bian Rang added with a smile, “Next time, let’s capture a true dragon and see how it fares.”


Jiuying glared at Bian Rang with a fierce look in his eyes, but Bian Rang seemed oblivious, still focused on the arena.


As if driven to madness, the earth dragon immediately rushed toward the nine-headed snake upon seeing it. The nine-headed snake evaded in a panic, but its nine heads simultaneously lunged at the earth dragon.


The earth dragon swung its tail and raised its dragon scales, striking at the nine-headed snake. Several heads of the snake were directly broken by the dragon’s tail, while others clung tightly to the dragon’s body.


Both the earth dragon and the nine-headed snake cried out in pain and tore into each other.


In no time, the arena was shattered, and a cloud of dust rose, obscuring the view of the spectators. The situation inside the arena couldn’t be seen clearly.


In the next moment, a black dragon claw emerged from the dust and lunged at Bian Rang on the high platform.


Bian Rang reacted swiftly, grabbing the claw instantly. At the same time, a massive snake head approached him, but Bian Rang twisted and evaded its attack.


The snake head tried to launch another attack, but Bian Rang had already moved to its rear, moving with incredible speed. He snapped the snake head with ease before it could react.


The giant dragon swung its battered tail, creating a powerful gust of wind that swept towards Bian Rang. Instead of dodging, Bian Rang’s eyes flashed with a bloodthirsty desire.


As the dragon’s tail neared Bian Rang’s head, he reached out and gripped it. With a crack, the tail broke, and the arena resounded with the dragon’s pained cry.


“You… you tyrant, you won’t die a good death!” With a deafening crash, the giant dragon fell to the ground, its huge bloodshot eyes never closing.


The nine-headed snake, with only one head remaining, was terrified and tried to flee.


Bian Rang watched the snake’s retreat, his eyes narrowing.


The dragon and the snake had actually conspired to betray together.


Bian Rang shook his head and gathered his energy in his right hand, forming it into a long sword that he thrust toward the nine-headed snake.


Seeing this, Jiuying immediately flew forward, attempting to defend against Bian Rang’s attack. However, his cultivation was inferior to Bian Rang’s, and he was injured by the energy, coughing up blood and falling into the arena.


The servants watched in shock. No one in the Nine Heavens had ever dared to block Bian Rang’s attacks. This newcomer didn’t seem to know his place.


Bian Rang continued to smile as he gently landed in the arena. At the same time, barriers appeared in the sky, blocking out the sunlight.


The arena darkened.


Bian Rang stood in front of Jiuying, showing keen interest. “You let that nine-headed snake escape. How about… you have a fight with me?”


Jiuying knew he was no match for Bian Rang, but at this moment, he didn’t back down. In response to Bian Rang’s words, he roared and revealed his true form, attacking Bian Rang.


Despite having nine heads, Jiuying’s attacks were futile against Bian Rang, who moved hundreds of times faster. Jiuying didn’t even see Bian Rang’s movements before Bian Rang had already grabbed his neck.


The more Jiuying struggled, the more frustrated he became. He increased his speed, launching a frenzied attack on Bian Rang. However, each of his attacks was effortlessly received and deflected by Bian Rang, as if he were playing with a child.


He couldn’t help but roar, “What’s the matter, you don’t have the strength?”


Bian Rang’s smile deepened, and his eyes showed a strong desire for blood. With a swift motion, he kicked Jiuying in the chest, making Jiuying cough up three mouthfuls of blood and fall into the arena.


Jiuying felt like his sternum was about to shatter. He couldn’t understand why this was happening. Now, his true form was hundreds of times larger than that person’s. He looked at that person as if they were a weak, helpless prey, but he couldn’t even get close to their body!


Why did such terrifying power exist?


What was the divine plan?


“Do you surrender?” Bian Rang asked with a smile that was almost a smirk.


Provoked, Jiuying didn’t want to give in. He roared and attacked Bian Rang again. With his nine heads and nine minds, he tried all sorts of strategies, but they were all dismantled one by one by Bian Rang.


Jiuying was once again brought down to the ground, covered in blood.


Bian Rang still wore a smile as he asked, “Do you surrender?”


In response, Jiuying launched another round of attacks. Bian Rang seemed patient and amused, never striking too hard, only pushing Jiuying back each time, repeatedly asking if Jiuying would surrender.


Jiuying never surrendered.


Si Lan, who was watching from the side, couldn’t help but silently concede victory to Jiuying in his mind. In the face of absolute power, no matter how hard an egg knocks its head against a stone, it will end up shattered.


Jiuying’s temperament was just too intense.


Suddenly, Si Lan felt that he should get to know Jiuying better.


Jiuying, panting heavily, was in human form, unable to return to his original form. His black clothes were drenched in blood, and his once bright eyes were now filled with it. He clenched his teeth and glared at Bian Rang.


Eight of his fingers were broken, but he used the remaining two to support himself, slowly standing up.


He was determined to kill Bian Rang!


If he could kill him, it would free his people and free Middle heaven.


Jiuying staggered toward Bian Rang. Bian Rang didn’t move, lowering his gaze to watch as Jiuying raised his hand towards him. However, Jiuying’s arm dropped weakly, his eyes closed, and he collapsed into Bian Rang’s arms.


Bian Rang chuckled softly, embracing Jiuying’s waist, his gaze fixed on Jiuying’s ear.


At this moment, Jiuying’s face was covered in blood, except for this ear, which remained pale.


“What a stubborn child.”


But he happened to like this stubbornness.

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Chapter 21 – Most eligible widow-bachelor in the six realms

Chapter 21


The face of this puppet appeared as if its features had been smoothed and made indistinct, making it impossible to see clearly. However, its body shape seemed to resemble that of a man.


Suddenly, a deep sigh escaped from within him. “Chong Ying, is this the place where you and your mother once struggled to survive? You must have gone through a lot in the past.”


“…” Haowei.


Seeing that Si Lan had misunderstood, Haowei didn’t explain. He lowered his gaze, surveying the surroundings. He felt an indescribable heaviness in his heart, which seemed to grow stronger the longer he stayed in this place.


He had no memories of his time in the mortal realm during his past lives because that was when he first “fell ill,” his internal energy was in turmoil, and he killed hundreds of thousands of malevolent spirits.


While those malevolent spirits had committed numerous sins, their convictions and punishments should have been decided by the Lord of the Underworld. His actions were a blatant violation of the natural order, which required him to descend to the mortal realm to undergo tribulations as penance.


In this life, he carried the burden of being the Star of Ill Omen, with a lonely and arduous destiny. He couldn’t have what he desired, loved, or cherished, and he would ultimately become detached and unattached.


His heavenly mother, seeing the hardships of his current life, had pity on him and, before his descent, consulted with the Divine Emperor. It was agreed that once he returned from his tribulations, he would forget everything related to the mortal realm.


He only knew that he had lived for twenty years in the mortal realm under the name Chong Ying, and nothing more.


He took the puppet with an indistinct face from Si Lan, and his fingers gently caressed it. In an instant, a picture flashed through his mind, showing two hands intertwined together, as if he were holding someone else’s hand and slowly carving the puppet.


Si Lan manipulated the formation once again, and they appeared in a new illusory world.


Haowei quickly refocused, putting away his previous thoughts, and stared in the direction Si Lan was looking. This time, they were in a bridal chamber.


Two incense burners released fragrant smoke, “Double the Happiness” characters adorned the window, red banners hung at the doorway, and a brown pearl curtain remained still in the absence of wind. On the rosewood table, there was an untouched wine jug.


This was the bridal chamber set up for Si Lan’s third wedding, and from the look of it, it was the scene before his new bride underwent her heavenly tribulation.


Si Lan lightly tapped the table, sighing softly. He hadn’t expected that the bridal chamber, which he thought he would never need, was being used now.


He lay down on the bed, patting the space beside him, inviting Haowei to come up. “We’ve had a tiring day. Rest here for a while.”


Haowei’s expression was peculiar, and he didn’t respond to Si Lan. Instead, he sat on a nearby bench, closed his eyes, and pondered, looking like an old sage.


Si Lan couldn’t help but chuckle. He didn’t force the matter and closed his eyes to rest.


Before long, he fell asleep.


Haowei, however, kept his eyes open. Gazing through the lingering smoke, he looked at Si Lan lying on the bed.


Si Lan took off his jade crown, and his dark hair fell freely. His joyful expression accentuated the pinkish hue of his complexion, making him resemble a charming bride.


Haowei suddenly realized that his thoughts had taken a strange turn. He quickly adjusted his gaze and tried to maintain a composed expression.



In the following days, Si Lan continued to work on the Extremely Melodic Eight Trigrams Formation, seemingly unaware of the impending danger.


Haowei couldn’t help but wonder if Si Lan was overly optimistic or simply accepting of his fate. Instead of focusing on escaping, Si Lan seemed more interested in studying the formation. After three days, he finally mastered the secrets of the Extremely Melodic Eight Trigrams Formation, displaying the excitement of a child who had just acquired new knowledge.


Haowei marveled at how Si Lan, with such a broad-minded heart, had managed to maintain his position as the Demon Lord.


On the third day, Nine Infants arrived as promised.


A colossal serpent head materialized out of thin air, with a pair of crimson, ferocious eyes. Nine Infants regarded Haowei when he suddenly appeared within the formation and raised an eyebrow, scanning him from top to bottom.


After a moment, he spoke half-jokingly and half-seriously, “Could it be that this child is your offspring?”


Si Lan was taken aback and quickly denied, not wanting Nine Infants to discover Haowei’s true identity. He deflected the conversation, “Have you harmed the disciples of the Mystic Spirit Sect and the Serpent Charm Clan?”


Nine Infants hissed, and a snake-shaped aura swirled around him. He responded coldly, “If they willingly came to seek their deaths, I had no choice but to oblige.”


Hearing this, it seemed that nothing untoward had happened to the Mystic Spirit Sect and Serpent Charm Clan in the past few days.


Si Lan sighed, “After you took my physical body, could you promise to light incense for my parents every Mid-Autumn Festival?”


Nine Infants looked somewhat displeased, “Are you making demands of me?”


Si Lan quickly clarified, fearing that Nine Infants might discover Haowei’s true form and attempt to take control of his body. He changed the topic, “I promised my parents that I would visit them every Mid-Autumn Festival.”


After hearing this, Nine Infants hesitated for a moment and then gave a curt “yes.”


The Eight Trigrams Formation underwent changes, and the illusory surroundings seemed to merge with new scenes.


Si Lan and Haowei found themselves in a vast cave. The cave’s walls had been eroded by water over the years, leaving behind colorful and eerie marks. The dim light illuminated the cave with a haunting quality.


Within the cave flowed an underground river, its waters trickling gently. On the other side of the river stood Quze, who had been waiting for them. When he saw Si Lan’s arrival, he appeared indifferent. However, upon noticing Haowei standing beside Si Lan, his eyes showed signs of wariness.


Behind Quze, a gigantic serpent head sculpture stood upright, displaying slight differences from the one Si Lan had seen before.


This sculpture had closed snake eyes and retracted fangs, as if it were in a deep slumber.


Si Lan was deeply moved and said, “I never expected that, after living for a thousand years, I would end up nurturing someone else’s body.”


Haowei looked up at Si Lan and, upon seeing the bridegroom on the bed, couldn’t help but feel uneasy. “Have I been misunderstanding something?”



It seemed like he was worrying for no reason.


At this time, he was still thinking about the two of them forming a bond!


Jiuying gradually revealed its appearance, blocking the snake head statue behind it. Its eyes darkened, and a powerful aura instantly surged towards Si Lan, lifting him into the air and bringing him in front of it.


It circled around Si Lan, a satisfied expression on its face.


A race that should have gone extinct in the ancient times unexpectedly still had descendants after ten thousand years.


Tsk tsk.


It couldn’t hide its excitement, transforming into a tiny flower. At this moment, flower had turned into a snake spine, hanging above Si Lan’s head.


The tip of the tonyflower was like a sharp tool, piercing through Si Lan’s nape, causing Si Lan to reveal a pained expression. “Ugh…”


“I’m going to replace your spine with that of a snake.” Jiuying not only intended to restore his humanoid body but also planned to restore its true body, which would undoubtedly require snake bones.


Si Lan was in so much pain that his face turned ashen, cold sweat forming on his temples, and his hands clenched tightly, suppressing the tremors.


Haowei, seeing this, couldn’t help but have a tense expression. He tried to approach Si Lan to help, but was stopped by Quze.




Suddenly, a cry of pain from Si Lan echoed in the air. Haowei raised his head and saw that Jiuying had disappeared. All that was visible was a bright white light that enveloped Si Lan tightly. In the next moment, the light burst forth, and the world in front of them became blindingly white.


“Ugh… Ugh…” Si Lan’s cries of pain grew more urgent, continuously emanating from the light.


Haowei didn’t expect that Si Lan’s path in life was not one due to optimism but rather a lack of fear to face death.


He felt a sense of frustration as if he were trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. However, everything was obscured by the strong light, and he could only rely on Si Lan’s aura to move toward Si Lan’s path, but was stopped by Quze’s iron arm.


This troublesome disciple…


Out of anger, Haowei directly broke Quze’s iron arm.


Quze grunted, but still showed no fear. He used his remaining left hand to draw a long sword and attacked Haowei again.


Haowei evaded the sword energy and instantly appeared in front of Quze. He struck Quze’s chest with a palm.


Quze fell from mid-air and tumbled to the ground, vomiting blood.


In mid-air, the blinding white light gradually dissipated, and Haowei, with red eyes, looked at the figure in mid-air.


The person still wore the same blue clothes and jade belt, but for some reason, he felt that the entire person had changed.


“Si Lan” moved his neck and stretched his body. Slowly descending from mid-air, he had a deep and amused look in his eyes. “I’m very satisfied with this body.”


It had been a hundred thousand years, and he could finally touch himself again.


Thinking about this, Jiuying burst into laughter, with an arrogant and carefree expression. His hands gathered energy and struck the surroundings violently, causing rocks to tumble, and the earth to shake.


In front of him, the originally closed snake head statue slowly opened its eyes, revealing two dark doors. The right eye’s door held the transformed humanoid snake mother, while the left eye’s door held a purple-gold four-cornered box.


That box was none other than the Golden Crescent Immortal Box.


After venting his emotions, Jiuying walked strangely toward the Golden Crescent Immortal Box, holding a corner of it. He muttered, “Don’t worry… I will use the snake mother’s blood to resurrect you…”


After saying that, Jiuying suddenly reached out to the snake mother, and in the next instant, the snake mother was brought directly in front of Jiuying.


Jiuying pinched the snake mother’s neck, her face gradually losing its blood color, and blood spilling from the corners of her mouth. She struggled to hit Jiuying with both hands, but to no avail.


Jiuying’s eyeballs rolled rapidly, his face covered in sinister and terrifying snake patterns, and his nails turned into sharp weapons that pierced the snake mother’s neck.


Seeing that the snake mother’s life was hanging by a thread, an untimely voice suddenly rang out.


“Ah, I look a bit ugly like this, don’t I?”


“I still think that I should possess my own body.”

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