Chapter 112


Under Jiang Quan’s arrangement, all the new recruits officially entered the training mode of the army.


The first task on the second day was team formation.


To ensure internal unity within each team, the specific team formation process was straightforward. Three captains took turns selecting their desired team members.


Without a doubt, Lu Jingning first chose Wen Xingchen, followed by Yan Hebin, Cen Junfeng, and others. Surprisingly, in the end, he even selected Feng Pei, who had provoked him yesterday, to join the team.


Feng Pei had been unconscious the entire night and only woke up in the morning. Faced with this situation, he still seemed somewhat confused.


When he realized the situation, he naturally thought that Lu Jingning wanted to have him under his command for personal revenge. His expression turned unpleasant.


In stark contrast to Feng Pei was Ji Xingchao, who voluntarily joined this team.


The moment he was selected, he almost happily flew in place, plus a 780-degree Thomas spin.


Even when looking at Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen, his eyes sparkled with brilliant light.


A grand fan meeting for one Omega.


Feng Pei originally wanted to rebuke Lu Jingning for his sinister intentions, but seeing Ji Xingchao’s expression, the words on the tip of his tongue were swallowed back.


This Omega not only had a dark heart but could also bewitch people. Simply detestable!


On average, each team was assigned more than twenty people.


After the safety briefing, everyone began their devilish training.


Planet SY9989 was not large, with no unnecessary resident populations. Jiang Quan had previously conducted tests, and if one walked day and night in one direction at a normal pace, it would take about three months to circumnavigate the planet.


The first training item was straightforward—physical fitness improvement.


Jiang Quan, as the overall leader, remained at the base for remote control. Meanwhile, he assigned several adjutants to supervise the teams.


Everyone set off in teams.


On the desolate star, one could see a group of people carrying large backpacks, striving forward under the blazing light of the star.


Because the three-month timeframe was based on the assessment of ordinary people with better physical fitness, Jiang Quan, for this future elite force, issued a strict order: everyone must complete the circumnavigation task within one month.


During this period, there were daily timed physical training and various rigorous assessments.


Some veterans sent from other units barely coped, but for students who had recently lived comfortably in military school, it was almost indistinguishable from forcing them to death. On the first day of departure, some experienced severe dehydration.


Planet SY9989 was not a habitable planet; its temperature was generally 5 to 10 degrees higher than normal planets. Combined with the current summer time, even sweat dripping on the ground quickly evaporated.


Lu Jingning named their team the “Star Horizon Team,” symbolizing “hope for the entire galaxy.” He was very satisfied, considering it highly meaningful.


At this point, their team was positioned in the middle of the three teams.


Although they couldn’t catch up with the first team led by Tang Jiaze, they weren’t at the bottom either, making it the best position with room for progress or retreat.


Lu Jingning wasn’t in a hurry to travel for a reason.


He wasn’t eager to compete for the first place, allowing Tang Jiaze, this extremely competitive guy, to take the lead. In case of any issues, there would be more time for reaction to find solutions.


For example, on the second day of the journey, many members of the leading first team had already transitioned from dehydration to fainting on the spot.


Those who fainted were dragged away in front of everyone by the instructors. It was unclear where they were taken, but it was rumored that they were directly removed from the unit’s roster.


It was terrifyingly strict.


The team Lu Jingning was in, because they didn’t push too hard on progress, had a relatively good overall situation. In the process, two or three members were also taken away, but considering the team as a whole, the situation was still not bad.


During this process, what he was more concerned about was Yan Hebin.


As the only Omega in this elite team besides him, this kind of challenge was obviously too difficult for Yan Hebin, who only had B-level pheromone intensity.


Lu Jingning looked at the almost completely bloodless face, hesitated for a moment under Yan Hebin’s overly determined gaze, and finally didn’t say much.


Privately, Jiang Cang had talked to him about Yan Hebin’s situation. In fact, he didn’t fully agree with the old principal’s approach this time.


Yan Hebin appeared slender but had an extremely stubborn personality. Once he set his mind on something, he would spare no effort to accomplish it, especially when it involved the insect race.


Since his father went missing in the interstellar due to the insect race, bringing people back seemed to have become his only obsession.


Putting him in a unit destined for the front line at this time seemed a bit too radical.


Lu Jingning was concerned that Yan Hebin’s physical fitness would be overdrawn. When the instructors weren’t paying attention, he would discreetly lend him a helping hand.


Yan Hebin was self-aware. In order not to be forced to stop here, he did not refuse this well-intentioned help.


After a week, everyone finally reached the first supply point with great difficulty.


Medical personnel were already waiting there. Whenever someone’s legs gave out, they swiftly lifted the person and dragged them into the medical tent.


Simple medical checks were necessary in this situation, but what brought tears to the eyes of these new recruits was that after so many days, they could finally have a hot meal!


During these days, there was no hot food or water to drink. Everyone had to rely on the dry and tasteless compressed biscuits to fill their stomachs. Due to the excessively dry throat, tears and snot would often flow uncontrollably with a slight mishap. It was a bitter experience.


However, Jiang Quan, as the rule-maker, was indifferent.


In his words, “In the future, when you go on missions in the interstellar, can you still cook in the wild? Will you not encounter situations where food is scarce? Can you guarantee that the planet you are on has other life forms? If chased by the enemy, there will be no divine favor! As qualified soldiers, these are just the most ordinary situations you must face!”


Listen to that, how resounding and reasonable.


After receiving a boxed meal, Lu Jingning squatted in a corner with Wen Xingchen to eat.


If someone had seen their shiny appearance not long ago, it would be challenging to associate them with these dusty figures.


Wen Xingchen suddenly made a sound, “Ah—”


Lu Jingning instinctively opened his mouth along with the sound and felt a rich aroma in his mouth. Unexpectedly, Wen Xingchen had picked out the only bit of minced meat from the boxed meal and handed it to him.


Lu Jingning enjoyed it with his eyes half-closed, feeling that this bite was more delicious than any delicacy. Playfully, he asked, “Why don’t you eat meat?”


Wen Xingchen said, “Too greasy, I don’t like it.”


Lu Jingning laughed and picked up the only piece of vegetable in his meal, “Come, try this crispy and refreshing bit of green from the desert.”


Wen Xingchen originally wanted to refuse, but seeing him persistently offering it, he finally opened his mouth and took a bite.


Clearly, a very humble meal, but these two turned it into a bubble of pink sweetness.


Cen Junfeng, holding his boxed meal nearby, found it hard to put down his chopsticks.


At this moment, he really wanted to ask, were these two here for training or on their honeymoon?


Even in such a situation, they didn’t forget to throw dog food excessively. This was too much!


After finishing their meal, Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen walked out of the tent together.


They were planning to discuss the upcoming travel plan, but as they lifted their heads, they were surprised to find a familiar figure.


The person was wearing a neat white coat, and his hair was still meticulously tied behind as always.


Standing under the star’s light, the curve of his profile paused the gaze unconsciously.


Lu Jingning was slightly stunned. When he turned his head, he happened to meet Wen Xingchen’s gaze, confirming that he wasn’t seeing things.


Who would have thought they would meet Su Qian here.


Lu Jingning walked quickly toward him.


Su Qian heard the footsteps and looked up. When he saw the person clearly, there was a hint of surprise between his brows.


He followed the Empire’s medical team. Just as he arrived, he received a task assigned by his superiors. They said that some new recruits were undergoing physical training here, and the medical team needed to set up a medical station to assist on the way.


After exchanging greetings, Su Qian jokingly said while staring at Lu Jingning’s now distinctly darker face, “If you go back like this, Uncle Lu probably won’t recognize you.”


Lu Jingning waved his hand boldly, “A true man should fight on the battlefield. These are just minor matters.”


Su Qian smiled and turned to look at Wen Xingchen, “I’ve heard about your situation. It seems that you’ve followed my advice quite well.”


Wen Xingchen smiled slightly, “It’s natural.”


Lu Jingning didn’t know exactly what Lu Jiyuan had told Su Qian at that time. Upon hearing this, his old face blushed involuntarily.


Fortunately, under the healthy complexion, there wasn’t too much visible blush. He cleared his throat and said, “By the way, Su Qian, since you’re here, can you do me a favor?”


Su Qian put away the documents in his hand and nodded, “Sure, go ahead.”


Lu Jingning didn’t beat around the bush, “I have an Omega friend here. Considering the short stay tonight, can you try to help him recover as much energy as possible?”


Su Qian straightforwardly replied, “No problem.”


Hearing this assurance, Lu Jingning felt relieved. He immediately went outside and brought Yan Hebin over.


Yan Hebin’s complexion looked a bit unsightly after the long journey. Obviously, his physical strength had almost reached its limit. Even the food he had just eaten had mostly been vomited out.


Seeing the man in the white coat in front of him, he tiredly furrowed his brows, looking somewhat puzzled.


In the next moment, Lu Jingning handed him over to Su Qian, saying, “I’ll leave my scholarly Omega to you.”


Su Qian smiled slightly, “Rest assured.”


Yan Hebin: “???”

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