Chapter 111


In Feng Pei’s plan, he only needed to make a direct attack on the opponent’s vital point at the beginning of the confrontation to finish the enemy with one move. In the blink of an eye, he vividly replayed the scene in his mind. Personally, he felt that such a move was very neat, worthy of being called heroic. However, when he was ready to put his plan into action, he realized that ideals are always beautiful, but reality is quite harsh.


Feng Pei, thinking he was incredibly handsome and intimidating, threw a punch that seemed to hit nothing but air, soft and without any impact. A hint of surprise flashed between his eyebrows, and then, he felt a vague shadow passing by in front of him. Without any time to react, a piercing pain struck his abdomen.


He couldn’t help but cough violently, almost coughing out his entire lung. Everyone on the side looked a bit confused, exchanging glances.


“Did you guys see how this Omega made his move just now?”


“No… Did you see it?”


“… I, didn’t either.”


Feng Pei could hear the whispers around him, and he suddenly felt irritated. Perhaps because of the pain, his face now looked as unpleasant as it could get. Feng Pei, gritting his teeth, tried to stand up again, but as soon as he exerted force, the intense pain spread throughout his body. He staggered and sat back down.


Half-kneeling there, Feng Pei breathed heavily, obviously feeling incredulous about being defeated in one move. Moreover, the opponent was an Omega he hadn’t taken seriously at first.


Lu Jingning rubbed his fist and kindly advised, “It’s pointless to force yourself. How about admitting defeat directly?”


Feng Pei, nose crooked with anger, gritted his teeth, “In your dreams!”


Lu Jingning looked at his current state with amusement, sneering, “Is there any point in pretending to be tough now? Can you even stand up?”


Relying on his pride, Feng Pei intended to stand up and give the opponent a good beating. However, as soon as he exerted force, he shivered, and instead of standing, he ended up sitting back down.


Feng Pei: “…”


Don’t be fooled by Lu Jingning’s seemingly light punch just now; he used hidden strength. With just that move, even if it had hit a mecha, it could have left a hole. Given Feng Pei’s solid physique, he could still talk after such a hit.


Lu Jingning glanced over, showing a hint of approval in his eyes. It seemed that this person followed the tank route. However, in Feng Pei’s eyes, his current performance seemed more like an insult.


Feng Pei felt that his dignity had been trampled. If conditions allowed, he really wanted to rush up and beat this overly arrogant Omega to death.


What’s this? Trying to finish him off with just one punch? Without even using pheromones? Was he looking down on him?!


Gritting his teeth, in an attempt to salvage his dignity, Feng Pei angrily said, “Don’t think you’re all that just because your fists are strong. Let’s compare with pheromones if you dare!”


Lu Jingning’s expression became strange for a moment. “Compare with pheromones? Or… better not?”


Although Tang Jiaze had suffered at Lu Jingning’s hands before, as a bystander now, he found the situation interesting. Suddenly hearing this, he turned pale and involuntarily cursed, “Damn, this idiot!”


During the previous military academy league, at least it was in a virtual map, and the onlookers were just watching for fun. But the current situation was obviously different.


In the open environment, the biting wind made the face sting. If Lu Jingning detonated his pheromones now, before the army even had a chance to enter, the entire field would probably collapse.


Tang Jiaze’s mouth twitched involuntarily. If it weren’t for Jiang Quan being present, he would have wanted to go up and slap Feng Pei to knock some sense into him.


Damn, if you want to die, do it yourself, don’t drag others down!


However, Feng Pei remained firmly immersed in his fantasy of salvaging some of his pride.


Upon hearing Lu Jingning’s words, he clearly misunderstood, thinking the other was intimidated and smirked, “Heh, scared now, aren’t you?” Although he was still holding his abdomen and couldn’t stand up, it didn’t affect the operation of pheromones in his body. Without waiting for Lu Jingning’s reaction, he explosively released the energy of his pheromones into the surroundings.


In reality, if it weren’t absolutely necessary, Feng Pei was reluctant to use his pheromones. After all, not many could withstand his wrath. His pheromones had the fragrance of durian. As an S-level Alpha, the overbearing energy exploded, and even though it was somewhat distant, many people still felt a strong sense of oppression. Combined with the double impact of scent, they all stepped back.


The originally open space now created even more room. Lu Jingning, being the closest, and the primary target, undoubtedly felt the strongest impact. Uncharacteristically, he frowned and covered his nose.


It wasn’t because the opponent’s pheromones were too powerful and overwhelming. He genuinely felt that it was just too smelly. At this moment, Lu Jingning felt the other party was somewhat unreasonable, and even the best temperament couldn’t suppress the rising anger.


Kindly suggesting he leave with dignity and not appreciating it was one thing, but to release foul-smelling gas? Unbearable! Lu Jingning adjusted the pheromones within him and released a subtle trace, drifting gently towards Feng Pei.


Feng Pei, still immersed in the fantasy of achieving a suppressing effect, felt something lightly enveloping him. In that instant, a distinct electric shock-like sensation caused his entire body to spasm. Then, without understanding what had happened, his eyes rolled back, and he fainted.


Everything happened so suddenly that everyone was a bit bewildered. Lu Jingning’s released pheromones, though only a small amount, dispersed in the wind, causing many to feel a vague sense of weakness. Shaking, they struggled to stand, avoiding each other.


Tang Jiaze wisely kept a distance and avoided the trouble. Jiang Quan also sensed the unique pheromones, his nose twitching slightly. Although both were S-level, the potential for improvement was infinite. Looking at Lu Jingning, he couldn’t hide the increased interest in his eyes.


As per Jiang Quan’s signal, the captain’s selection continued. In the end, Tang Jiaze and Lu Jingning each became the leaders of the first and second teams with absolute dominance. The third spot went to an old soldier named Fan Zhou, dispatched by the Military Alliance. While not outstanding in ability, his extensive experience was enough for him to shoulder the responsibility.


The tasks for the first day were now complete. Jiang Quan briefly spoke to the group, and without much ado, he instructed them to roll to the dormitory building to get their assigned rooms.


Despite the worn-out appearance of the base from the outside, the dormitory area was surprisingly well-equipped. Although there was no separate accommodation for Alpha and Omega, each person had their own room, clean and tidy.


Lu Jingning, following the group, went to the registration office to get his room number. His next-door neighbors were Yan Hebin, and Wen Xingchen carefully selected a spot opposite his.


After arriving in the allocated dormitory and placing his luggage, Lu Jingning heard a knock on the door. Upon opening it, he saw Wen Xingchen standing there.


The door to the opposite room was also open, and through the gap, one could clearly see the interior. If both opened their doors simultaneously, they could easily see each other.


Lu Jingning blinked and remarked, “Living opposite each other, convenient for door-to-door visits.” Wen Xingchen entered, neatly stacking the bedding on the bed. He glanced at Lu Jingning with a smile that wasn’t quite a smile, “Isn’t this more like interconnected suites?”


Lu Jingning’s movements of arranging clothes paused slightly at Wen Xingchen’s words, “Interconnected suites?” When he turned around, he happened to see Wen Xingchen suddenly getting closer. Instinctively, he took two steps back, and in a moment of distraction, he ended up sitting on the bed.


Wen Xingchen bent down slightly, and his breath brushed past Lu Jingning’s nose, as if recalling something pleasant. The curve of his lips was gentle, “Anning, have you ever thought that, rounding it up, we could also be considered living together?”


In this position, Lu Jingning’s gaze happened to glide over Wen Xingchen’s gland. Suddenly hearing the words “living together,” his throat rolled unconsciously.


Seeing Wen Xingchen about to approach him, Lu Jingning glanced at the still-open door and gently pushed him away, “We’re still in the military, pay attention to your image!”


Wen Xingchen didn’t move, but instead leaned his face closer, “Indulge me a bit, Anning. I’ll behave today.”


Only today?


Lu Jingning couldn’t help feeling a bit speechless at his shameless appearance but still raised his head and pecked his face forcefully.


A loud “smack” echoed.


Wen Xingchen, satisfied, released him after lightly pinching the gland on his neck. He casually pulled the nearby suitcase over, “Let me help you pack.”


Lu Jingning asked, “What about yours?”


Wen Xingchen replied, “No hurry for mine.”


Watching him in this particularly virtuous appearance, Lu Jingning couldn’t help but smile with a gentle look, “Alright, after I finish here, I’ll come over to help you pack!”


Wen Xingchen smiled slightly, “Okay.”

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