Chapter 113 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 113


Lu Jingning has always trusted Su Qian. After handing over Yan Hebin to him, Lu Jingning went to line up to get a sleeping bag with peace of mind. The number of tents is limited, obviously not prepared for these trainees. In fact, distributing outdoor sleeping bags in this temporary camp is already a very generous treatment. It at least means that they, who haven’t had a good night’s sleep for several days, can finally rest peacefully.


At night, if you look down from the sky, you can see scattered sleeping bags on the wasteland, resembling grains of rice casually scattered on the ground. Among them, two grains of rice are exceptionally close, almost squeezing together.


The night and day on Planet SY9989 form a sharp contrast. The scorching heat seems like an illusion for everyone, and as the temperature drops sharply, the biting wind on the face feels like a knife, making people want to curl up entirely in their sleeping bags.


Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen lie side by side, shoulder to shoulder, but they don’t seem to mind the intense cold. Instead, they quietly gaze at the starry sky.


Some planets are far away from them, and some may only require a day’s journey by lightship. However, at this moment, no one knows which one will be the journey they will embark on in the future.


This is probably the first time the two of them have calmly talked about past and future matters.


“Wen Ge, do you know, from childhood to now, I’ve always wanted to be a qualified soldier.” Lu Jingning’s eyes light up when he speaks, almost trying to compare himself with the countless stars in the sky. “Although everyone told me how difficult it is for an Omega to do this, I have never doubted myself. So now I’m especially happy, at least I have proven with facts that I can!”


Wen Xingchen lies quietly beside him, listening to him talk about the past, about how Qiang Cang used his height advantage to show off in front of him, how he would cry and seek comfort from Su Qian every day after being beaten by Lu Kongbin, how his two older brothers would always stand up for him when his father was too heavy-handed, and how his mother, Ye Ling, taught him as an Omega to learn not to care about the opinions of others.


As Lu Jingning talks, there is a long silence from the person beside him. He couldn’t help but turn his head and ask, “Wen Ge, are you asleep?”




Wen Xingchen also turns around, and the two lock eyes.


He gently hooks the corner of his mouth. “I was thinking, you must have been particularly cute when you were little.”


Lu Jingning recalls the image of himself covered in mud in childhood videos and can’t help but laugh. “I must have been the universe’s super-duper cutest!”


Wen Xingchen laughs along. “So, the universe’s super-duper cute you actually became my fiancé. Truly honored.”


Lu Jingning enjoys the compliment but feels a bit embarrassed at the mention of “fiancé.” He reminds, “It’s still a boyfriend for now; the engagement ceremony hasn’t happened yet.”


“When we go back next time, they should have it all prepared.” Wen Xingchen lifts his eyelashes slightly. “This is just a matter of time. Do you want to back out?”


“That’s absolutely impossible!” Lu Jingning replies without hesitation, noticing a hint of tenderness in the other’s eyes. He averts his gaze and looks back at the starry sky, narrowing his eyes. “Wen Ge, when we rise through the ranks in the military and become marshals together, what titles do you think others will give us? The double marshal couple sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it?”


Wen Xingchen nods, “Yes, the interstellar twin heroes, unprecedented and unmatched.”


Lu Jingning, hearing him upgrade it directly to “Emperor Sea Twin Heroes,” can’t help but laugh uncontrollably. “No, I prefer the interstellar twin champions; it sounds more domineering.”


Wen Xingchen goes with the flow, “Whatever you say is fine.”


Lu Jingning raises an eyebrow teasingly, “Wen Ge, when did you become so unprincipled?”


Wen Xingchen smiles lightly and says unhurriedly, “This is not being unprincipled.”


Lu Jingning neither agrees nor disagrees and raises his eyebrows, “Isn’t this being unprincipled?”


Wen Xingchen chuckles, “Because you are my principle.”


Lu Jingning is stared at in a way that makes his face inexplicably warm. He immediately retreats into his sleeping bag, mumbling, “Enough, we have to hit the road tomorrow; sleep, sleep!”


This rarely shy appearance in Wen Xingchen’s eyes just seems unexpectedly cute.


If there weren’t so many new recruits around, he would want to dive straight into the curled-up sleeping bag next to him.


However, at this moment, he can only suppress the impulse and gently respond, “Sleep.”


The next morning, all the teams are about to set off again.


Su Qian promptly brings Lu Jingning back.


From the mental state, Yan Hebin seems to be in better shape compared to the previous day. However, it’s unclear what method Su Qian used; there’s always something faintly peculiar about Yan Hebin’s expression when his gaze is about to fall on Su Qian. Although his face still wears the usual indifferent expression, there seems to be an unprecedented sense of shyness in his eyes.


Lu Jingning blinks, using his gaze to ask: What did you guys do yesterday?


Yan Hebin tightens his lips slightly, avoiding Lu Jingning’s gaze as he walks past him without a word: “We’re leaving.”


Lu Jingning, increasingly curious about his overt avoidance, turns to look at Su Qian.


Su Qian smiles faintly, “I injected him with some energy essence beneficial to his body, and the absorption seems to be going well.”


As Yan Hebin, who has walked a distance away, hears the conversation behind him, although his steps don’t stop, a strange blush quickly spreads on his ears. Despite wanting to forget, the sensation of the slender needle penetrating the gland is still vivid. Even with a slight thought, he can feel a warmth uncontrollably rising in his neck.


Su Qian’s delicate fingers move gently, but the touch passing through the skin is an unfamiliar sensation…


Yan Hebin can’t help but recall his own embarrassed moans from the medical room yesterday, feeling the warmth instantly engulfing his entire body. He has never been so embarrassed in his life, especially facing a doctor who kindly treated him.



The medical team’s camp is also moving in conjunction with the progress of the new recruits’ team. With Su Qian’s care all the way, Lu Jingning and his team finally return to the base within the specified time.


At the same time, the Starwatch Team has become the team with the least reduction in personnel among the three teams.


In response to this, Jiang Quan rarely gives affirmation, “Hmm, keep up the good work.”


Lu Jingning: “……….”


Being praised is indeed something very exciting?


After the arrangement is complete, everyone drags their almost disabled bodies back to their dormitories. Only when they touch their soft beds do they finally feel a true sense of being alive.


Unfortunately, this happiness doesn’t last long. Early the next morning, Jiang Quan issues the second training project through the instructors.


Everyone looks up to the sky and howls, “Just let us die!”


The training continues one after another, and in the blink of an eye, the originally large number of new recruits has been cut by more than half.


After another three months, there are only thirty people left.


The team is reorganized, with three captains leading ten people each, forming three elite forces under the Alliance Military. Almost at the same time, new figures begin to appear on Planet SY9989 one after another.


Most of these people are Alphas, with quite a few Betas, but not many Omegas.


These are the recruits recruited by the Empire and the Federation, gradually arriving.


Freshly emerged from hell, the elite team members are eager, feeling extremely excited. Finally, it’s their turn to watch these newbies suffer!


However, just as the ordinary soldiers are preparing to enter the training phase, they receive another order from Jiang Quan. This is the first mission after the establishment of the elite team.

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