Chapter 123: Nightfall in Yunlin (2)


The Third Legion’s spacecraft inspection center.


Under the guidance of the receiving platform, a fleet of warships descended slowly and orderly entered the inspection bay.


Once docked, the hatch opened, and a group of people steadily disembarked from the spacecraft.


The man leading the way wore a straight military uniform, his simple steps still exuding a textbook-like demonstration of precision.


The person behind him, after the long journey, had his hair slightly longer, faintly swaying in the gentle breeze. A hint of a smile lingered in his narrow eyes, his gaze always fixed on the man in front of him. He appeared respectful, yet there was an eerie aura surrounding him.


The news of the successful return of the first search team had already circulated internally. It was said that during this expedition, they had collectively slain nearly a hundred insectoids, once again breaking the Legion’s record.


The personnel at the inspection center, involuntarily, paused their work and subconsciously directed their gaze towards them, eager to catch a glimpse of the true faces of the two rising stars.


Someone couldn’t resist nudging the shoulder of the person beside them, “Huh? Are they Wen Ye and Bing Yunlin?”


The person beside them looked amazed, “This looks… somewhat different from the rumors, doesn’t it?”


According to the internal legends of the Third Legion, these two were like hellish warriors, capable of surpassing even the most extraordinary Alphas. But their current appearances seemed far from matching such descriptions.


A soldier passing by couldn’t help but chuckle at their conversation, “What are you thinking? Lieutenant Colonel Wen Ye and Lieutenant Colonel Bing Yunlin are top-tier even among S-class Alphas! But don’t let their looks deceive you. Once they step onto the battlefield, those bugs hear their names and start trembling in their pants!”


The staff listened with reverence, yet with a hint of regret, sighed, “It’s a pity, though. These two godlike Alphas are in an AA relationship!”


The soldier sneered, teasingly, “Is there a shortage of AA relationships in the military? What, you don’t have the luck, so you’re denying it to others? In my opinion, they are simply meant to be, created for each other!”


The staff member wanted to say something more but suddenly felt a chill down their spine.


Instinctively, they looked up, only to find Bing Yunlin looking directly in their direction.


Whether it was an illusion or not, from such a distance, it felt like he was truly staring at them.


The warmth that should have been in those eyes seemed as icy as a frozen cellar. The person felt frozen in place, unable to speak.


Wen Ye walked halfway and noticed the slowing steps behind him. He turned back and inquired, “Is something wrong?”


“No, nothing,” Bing Yunlin casually withdrew his gaze, gently chuckled, “Just some kittens meowing randomly. Found it amusing, so I took a glance.”


“Wondering where the cats are from within the Third Legion?” Wen Ye raised an eyebrow.



As usual, after reporting all the data from this voyage, the team members finally got a brief period to rest in their quarters.


In this race against time, the search and seizure of energy sources had become the top priority for all search teams. So-called rest lasted only a few days.


The repeated search tasks seemed like an endless patrol. No one knew when it would come to an end.


Or perhaps, precisely because they knew what would happen when this task officially stopped, they preferred to stay busy.


In this era accustomed to prolonged peace, no one wished to engage in a formal war against the insectoids.


After their marriage, Bing Yunlin and Wen Ye applied for a shared suite within the military. Three rooms and a living room, clean and bright.


The intelligent AI, following commands, diligently brewed lemon tea, filling the entire room with a subtle fragrance of tea.


Unnoticed, Wen Ye had grown fond of this familiar scent.


Outside office hours, he had changed into comfortable casual wear, sitting on the sofa flipping through recent military magazines, a slight frown on his forehead.


Though these public-oriented magazines always presented a rosy picture, subtle clues could still be gleaned from their glossed-over content.


Under the Empire’s arrangement, all residents of the Noahs’ system were announced to be relocated from that poverty-stricken system to a habitable planet in the Third System.


It seemed like preferential treatment for the impoverished area, but if memory served, the Noahs’ system happened to be one of the blocks closest to the insectoids’ territory.


Behind such an operation seemed to carry a significant and suggestive implication.


Wen Ye was engrossed in the reading, unaware of the halted sound of water in the bathroom or the quietly opened bedroom door.


Bing Yunlin, wearing a loose bathrobe with a towel hanging casually around his neck, delicately wiped his still damp hair. Water droplets slowly trailed down his face, and the slightly open neckline revealed the distinct contours of his collarbone.


Spotting the serious expression on Wen Ye’s face on the sofa, Bing Yunlin couldn’t help but smile. Circling around, he leaned slightly forward from behind, curiously asking, “What’s on your mind again?”


The use of the word “again” was particularly apt. 


Only someone like Wen Ye, naturally suited to leadership, would take pleasure in worrying about national affairs in his free time.


In this position, the falling hair brushed against the skin, and the sudden coolness made Wen Ye come back to his senses. He lightly smelled the lingering refreshing scent of the bath and replied, “If I’m not mistaken, the war is about to start.”


A rare look of surprise flickered across Bing Yunlin’s brows, “So soon?”


Clearly, this was much earlier than the time he had anticipated.


Wen Ye gently held his wrist, pulling him onto the sofa and handed him the reports he had read multiple times, starting a simple analysis.


This serious demeanor resembled his attitude during weekly team meetings.


After listening for a while, Bing Yunlin’s gaze shifted from the military magazine to Wen Ye’s face, tracing from the eyebrows, the curve of the cheeks, then the tip of the nose, finally settling on those lips that never seemed to lose their appeal.


After several back-and-forths of this observation, Wen Ye noticed the distraction and raised an eyebrow, “Are you even listening?”


Bing Yunlin casually withdrew his gaze, smiling lightly, “Of course.”


After saying that, he smoothly took the military magazine from Wen Ye’s hand and neatly placed it aside. Looking at him with amusement, he said, “Why worry about something that hasn’t happened yet? If a war breaks out, deal with it then. Don’t you agree, A Ye?”


Wen Ye fell silent for a moment, unable to find any logical loopholes.


Just as he was about to say something, his nose twitched slightly.


Whether it was an illusion or not, the once subtle tea fragrance in the air seemed to have intensified.


He looked up at Bing Yunlin, hesitated for a moment, and asked, “Yunlin, when was your last sensitive period?”


With that question, Bing Yunlin realized that today his possessiveness seemed to be a bit too strong.

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