Chapter 122: Nightfall in Yunlin (1)


The establishment of a military alliance between the Empire and the Federation had spread across the stars a year ago.


Since then, the armies of both nations seemed to have entered an endless stage of busyness.


Every day, thousands of warships roamed through space, fervently searching for the whereabouts of major top-tier energy sources, under the puzzled gaze of the general public, unaware of the reasons.


With the occurrence of a little-known explosion in a remote star system, a race against time with the insect race inadvertently and officially commenced.


On a battleship in the sky of a certain star system, Wen Ye held a terminal, conducting the final data verification.


As one of the investigation teams under the Third Legion of the Imperial Army, they had just successfully completed their mission and were currently on their way back.


Since officially joining after graduation, it had been two years. His status had shifted from the captain of the Imperial Sea Patrol to the captain of the Third Legion’s investigation team, holding the rank of colonel.


Factions within the military were always intricate. For a newcomer, his speed of promotion was indeed enviable.


Outside the window, various planets appeared, some distant, some close, among them, a few sparkled brightly, dazzlingly radiant.


A gentle knock on the cabin door, followed by it opening.


Bing Yunlin slightly turned, leaning in from outside, his expression mild. “Reporting, Commander, all the ship’s instruments have been checked and are functioning normally without any anomalies.”


Wen Ye’s gaze swept over the last line of records. He looked up, a faint smile flickering in his eyes. “Thank you.”


“Not at all, it’s my duty,” Bing Yunlin said, stepping inside and handing over a report. “Here are all the energy-related information we gathered during our mission. I’ve organized it. Take a look, and if it’s fine, we can report it directly.”


Wen Ye took it. “Okay.”


Bing Yunlin stood still for a moment, staring into his eyes. Suddenly, he leaned in a bit closer, his eyelashes slightly lowered. “Why do you have dark circles? Did I push you too hard last night, tire you out, and hinder your sleep?”


Wen Ye paused slightly, noticing the hint of a smile in those eyes. Helplessly, he pushed him away a bit, explaining seriously, “This morning, I received news of possible activity from the insects in the nearby region. With our fleet being relatively small on this journey, it’s only prudent to be more cautious.”


Bing Yunlin recalled the empty bed beside him upon waking up and immediately understood. “So, you’ve been up since early morning?”


Seeing Wen Ye nod, he fell silent for a moment before saying, “Ah Ye, I think we should establish a rule.”


“During work hours, you should address me as Commander.”


If there was something that hadn’t changed throughout their time in the service, it was their constant rise through the ranks. Bing Yunlin had always been by his side, and even now, he remained his deputy.


“Yes, my Commander,” Bing Yunlin smiled faintly, but he pulled Wen Ye over, effortlessly pressing him onto the sofa, one hand gently placed at his waist. “So, let’s negotiate. With our current speed, it’ll take at least another half a month to return to base. During this time, odd-numbered days, you’ll handle the patrols, and I’ll take your place on even-numbered days. How about it?”


Glancing at the eyes so close to his, Wen Ye furrowed his brows slightly. “But I am the captain…”


“I am also the vice-captain,” Bing Yunlin interrupted softly, his attitude increasingly gentle. “Commander, captains need rest too. And when you’re too tired, you tend to lose focus on important matters.”


At this point, his gaze fell meaningfully on the lips in front of him. “Have you ever considered that this might make me feel disrespected?”


Wen Ye: “…”


A few images flashed through his mind, and he felt a warmth rise to his ears.


Seeing Wen Ye’s silence, Bing Yunlin, with narrowed eyes, leaned in a bit closer. “Commander?”


Feeling the warm breath against his face, Wen Ye’s heart skipped a beat. He instinctively agreed and then gently pushed his hand away. “Get up first, I haven’t finished reviewing the documents.”


“Commander, at present, we have…” The communication officer, noticing the open door, stepped in without much thought, but upon witnessing the scene, nearly bit his tongue off.


Wen Ye’s attention was still on the report. “What happened?”


The officer struggled to find his voice. “Ah… We’ve officially entered the return trajectory. Please confirm the communication lines with the space station on the way, if… if you have the time?”


As Bing Yunlin threw a glance, the officer’s voice grew fainter, eventually lowering his head and remaining silent, staring fixedly at his own feet.


“I’ll check it now,” Wen Ye said.


Bing Yunlin casually released his grip, standing up.


Continuing on, naturally, Bing Yunlin effortlessly took the documents from Wen Ye’s hands. “Let me do the final check for you. You carry on.”


Wen Ye nodded and walked towards the door before suddenly remembering something. “Forgot to tell you, I’ve drafted a route for the next voyage. I left it on the table in your room last night. If you have time, remember to take a look.”


Bing Yunlin casually poured himself a cup of tea, sipping it gently, a hint of a smile forming on his face. “I’ll go there in a while. Remember to come find me tonight, so we can discuss it thoroughly.”


Wen Ye acknowledged with a reply and turned to leave. Meanwhile, the communication officer, amidst this meaningful conversation, felt his legs weaken, almost kneeling on the spot.


Although the relationship between these two was never a secret, receiving such a large amount of intimate information all at once was… a bit overwhelming to handle!


Despite the vice-captain’s usual harmless and genteel demeanor, everyone always remembered the scene from their first mission, where he effortlessly tore through the insect race.


Even now, this story circulated widely within the Third Legion. The title of the “Smiling Grim Reaper” even had the power to calm crying children, showcasing its profound and terrifying impact.


Shivering internally, the communication soldier didn’t dare to lift his head, hastily following behind Wen Ye.


Though their captain was serious and somewhat aloof at times, compared to being with the vice-captain, it felt incredibly secure!



As the footsteps faded, silence enveloped the surroundings.


Bing Yunlin didn’t rush to review the documents. He sat by the window in the rest area for a while, calmly watching the planets speeding by.


Since the issuance of their first search mission by the military, it had been over a year. However, for most people, it was still regarded as ordinary tasks of searching for energy sources.


Although many teams encountered insect soldiers during missions, few realized the ongoing race for time between the two races.


According to Bing Cang’s information, this apparent calmness wouldn’t last for long.


Even with humans’ considerable efforts, the crystal of the poisonous night was in its final stages of active restoration by the insect race.


Five years—the false peace wouldn’t last more than five years, or perhaps even shorter.


It was possible that after two years, the inter-species war recorded in history books might officially begin.


A battle once merely documented in sparse details would soon unfold before humanity’s eyes.


It would be an utter catastrophe.


Bing Yunlin disliked fighting, loathed war even more, but if that day truly arrived, he felt he would make the same choice as Wen Ye—don the military uniform and step onto that incredibly brutal battlefield.


It was the destiny of every soldier.


Bing Yunlin’s eyelashes drooped slightly as he took a sip of tea and picked up the materials lying nearby.


Before the war officially arrived, the first thing to do was to assist his captain in completing their tasks diligently.


Wen Ye, for all his virtues, was overly conscientious. If failing to complete a task meant not being allowed to rest tonight, that would indeed be a headache.


Bing Yunlin couldn’t help but recall the scene from last night, and a deeper smile formed between his brows.


Since their wedding half a year ago, the level of understanding between this couple seemed to have increased significantly.


It was truly something worth celebrating.

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