Chapter 124: Nightfall in Yunlin (3)


Alpha’s onset of sensitivity was aggressive and irregular. This time, they could only be thankful that they had returned to the base. If this had occurred during a mission, it would have been a genuine ordeal.


For ordinary AO partners, the onset of sensitivity would have seemed relatively manageable. However, both Bing Yunlin and Wen Ye were Alphas. This period undoubtedly became one of the most challenging times for them since being together.


During Alpha’s sensitivity period, there were no specific medications available, and Bing Yunlin’s situation couldn’t possibly receive Omega reassurance.


As the scent of pheromones gradually intensified amidst the aroma of tea, a faint crimson tint appeared in his eyes. His entire aura surged, as if an invisible hand imperiously claimed a territory around him.


Wen Ye could sense the overwhelming oppression directed at him.


If it were anyone else, they would likely have been suffocated by the pressure long ago. Even now, Wen Ye had to mobilize his pheromonal energy discreetly to restrain it.


Looking up, he caught a glimpse of an extreme level of restraint in Bing Yunlin’s eyes.


Bing Yunlin typically presented a mild and tranquil demeanor. However, due to the onset of sensitivity, it seemed as though a dormant volcano had erupted, becoming somewhat uncontrollable.


Everyone knew that Captain Wen Ye was a born S-Class pheromone bearer, undoubtedly a prodigy. But very few knew that Bing Yunlin, when he was still in the quasi-S-Class phase, had once completely defeated Wen Ye during a sparring session.


Because Bing Yunlin usually followed Wen Ye casually, content with being in the background, even though they had known each other for years, Wen Ye always remained the center of attention whenever they appeared together.


Yet only Wen Ye knew the sheer power this man possessed, suffocatingly potent.


As both were top-tier Alphas, the eruption of sensitivity and territorial dominance during this period compelled Bing Yunlin, whether willing or not, to harbor intense hostility and vigilance towards Wen Ye.


Bing Yunlin caught sight of Wen Ye slightly curling his lips. Even amidst the danger level of Alpha during sensitivity, Bing Yunlin, while retaining a semblance of rationality, took a deep breath and stood up abruptly, “I’ll go to the room. Remember to lock the door.”


This was their most common way of handling each onset of sensitivity.


To prevent excessively strong attacks against each other due to difficulties in self-control, they often isolated themselves.


Possibly due to the excessive fatigue from the recent mission, the overwhelming onset of sensitivity made Bing Yunlin feel as if countless streams of energy were wildly colliding within him. Before taking two steps forward, his steps involuntarily wavered.


Instinctively reaching out to grasp something nearby, the touch of Alpha skin felt like an electric current to the touchpoint. 


A sense of being offended surged within Bing Yunlin, and almost instinctively, he grabbed the hand, intending to forcefully push the person down.


Fortunately, Wen Ye had been prepared in advance and firmly held him down.


Bing Yunlin didn’t understand why Wen Ye would risk physical contact at this moment. In the tug-of-war between impulse and reason, he, with a head about to explode, glanced sideways.


Utterly different from his usual gentle demeanor, the long and narrow eyes bore a deep melancholy, akin to an unfathomable and dangerous abyss.


With this glance came an intense Alpha’s overpowering presence.


Instinctively, Bing Yunlin, despite knowing the person opposite was Wen Ye, uncontrollably desired to make him submit.


Wen Ye was well aware of the almost torturous nature of Alpha’s sensitivity. Yet, precisely because of this, he didn’t choose to evade under such overwhelming pressure. Instead, he tried to balance it with pheromones as much as possible while simultaneously taking steps, pulling Bing Yunlin along, “Come with me.”


Bing Yunlin knew that they had to isolate themselves completely before the onset of sensitivity fully erupted. However, when his gaze brushed over Wen Ye’s slightly furrowed brow, he managed to control the impulse to shake off that hand, solely relying on the last shred of rationality.


Lowering his eyes, he tried his best to let down his guard and allowed Wen Ye to lead him out.


This choice, apart from trust, was also because Bing Yunlin knew that the current level of pheromones wouldn’t affect Wen Ye in the slightest.


However, they seemed to have forgotten to consider the endurance capacity of others.


Within the Third Legion base, figures in military attire moved back and forth.


Yet, at this moment, many people walking around seemed uncontrollably pale.


Their weak endurance soon became untenable. They barely managed to hold onto nearby railings to prevent themselves from collapsing, expressing a chorus of distress.


Which officer’s sensitivity had come? Not only failing to contain it but also running around everywhere?


Chapter 124: Nightfall in Yunlin (3)


There’s an instinctive rejection between Alphas during their sensitive periods. Yet, such a faint trace of pheromones causing such intense oppression spoke volumes about the person’s strength.


People looked around, hoping for some mercy from that figure. All they saw were two casually dressed figures flashing by in their periphery. Before they could discern their faces, they had disappeared into the training hall.


At this time, the training hall was bustling with soldiers engaged in various exercises. Initially, they paid no attention to the newcomers. But when the overly dominant pheromones surged, everyone’s expression turned unpleasant.


Wen Ye spoke directly and succinctly, “Sorry for the interruption, we’ll use the training hall for a bit.”


Feeling the extreme dominance of pheromones, each soldier, recognizing the remarkably famous face, and glimpsing the evidently sensitized Bing Yunlin, immediately without hesitation, leaned against the walls and laboriously made their way out.


The sensation of being utterly suppressed was suffocating, intolerable.


Previously, they only knew this vice-captain was strong. But now, they realized that a simple ‘strong’ might not be sufficient to describe him.


Once everyone departed, Wen Ye decisively shut the training hall door, sealing all pheromonal traces inside.


Turning around, he glanced at Bing Yunlin, who, in extreme restraint, seemed somewhat crimson at the corners of his eyes. Wen Ye casually stretched his muscles, “Feeling uncomfortable holding it in during the sensitive period? Why not let it all out? I’ll be your opponent.”


Indeed, apart from receiving Omega reassurance, facing this restless and irritable sensation within, there couldn’t have been a more suitable method than letting it all out.


However, Bing Yunlin hadn’t expected Wen Ye, usually so rule-abiding, to choose this course of action for him.


For this person, such an act was quite out of character.


With slightly lowered eyelids, masking the dim expression, Bing Yunlin’s lips curled slightly, “Occupying the training hall without permission doesn’t seem like something you’d do, Aye Ye.”


Wen Ye fell silent for a moment before saying, “Worst-case scenario, it’s a punishment. Still better than you suffering for days.”


“Punishment just for a fight?”


Bing Yunlin murmured this sentence repeatedly, gradually lowering his voice. Suddenly, he took steps toward Wen Ye.


Although the pheromonal outbreak from his Alpha side was increasingly uncontrollable, he walked up to Wen Ye with a calm expression.


With firm and steady eyes fixed on the man in front of him, Bing Yunlin reached out, pulled him closer, and then kissed him recklessly.


The strong rejection between sensitive Alphas caused chaos in the surrounding pheromonal aura. Skin contact triggered a severe discomfort, feeling like countless electric currents wildly darting around. Yet, it didn’t hinder Bing Yunlin’s deep and prolonged kiss.


Countless voices roared in his mind. Only when Bing Yunlin felt he was about to explode did he finally release Wen Ye.


Breathing slightly heavily, his voice husky, he chuckled, “Let’s have a good fight then.”



According to insiders, the scenario that day unfolded as follows—


Colonel Wen Ye and Colonel Bing Yunlin forcibly occupied the training hall and engaged in an intense battle lasting two days and two nights. During this time, anyone passing by could hear thunderous and earth-shaking sounds from inside… um, intense combat. When the doors opened two days later, the exact details of the fierce battle remained unknown. However, both appeared disheveled. Maybe due to their excessive physical exertion, it was Colonel Wen Ye who carried out Colonel Bing Yunlin, and both fell into a coma shortly after reaching the medical team, only awakening several days later.


This entire process was full of twists and turns, so based on the known results, who was stronger between the two?


It seemed the mystery remained unsolved.


But one thing was certain—it became a legendary tale.


From then on, everyone in the Third Legion knew that Colonel Wen Ye violated military rules for his beloved, resulting in both receiving their first disciplinary notice since joining the military.


After a few days of recuperation, Bing Yunlin had slightly recovered. Seeing the disciplinary notice, he didn’t seem the least bit displeased; instead, he seemed quite content.


By now, he no longer exhibited the restless and agitated behavior of the sensitive period. He had returned to his usual amiable self, cheerfully remarking to those around him, “Aye Ye, doesn’t this disciplinary notice hold special commemorative significance?”


Wen Ye: “…”


After contemplating for a moment, Bing Yunlin seemed to recall something particularly enjoyable. His narrow eyes softened, “Next time when you’re in your sensitive period, I’ll help you release. How about that? Then, we’ll collect all the disciplinary notices. Wouldn’t that be quite interesting?”




Wen Ye: “I won’t need the trouble during my sensitive period. No thanks.”


Finding collecting disciplinary notices interesting? Perhaps on this point, he’d never reach an agreement with Bing Yunlin.


Seeing his tense expression, Bing Yunlin smiled and replied, “Alright, I’ll think of some other way then.”

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