Wen Lin & Li Rong’s Extra

       When Wen Lin woke up from the bed, he had a terrible headache. He opened his eyes and stared for a long time, only to find that he was lying in the Lanlu suite, and from the direction of the bathroom came the sound of water.

       His last memory last night was that he had drunk a lot of alcohol, and by the end of the night he was unconscious. He didn’t remember anything about what happened later, but he remembered that before he drank, he was singing his new single release to Li Rong at the Lanlu’s bar.

       It had been two days since his new single was released. While it couldn’t be said that there was no response, but the response was mediocre with fans showing their support, but probably the only ones who had seriously bothered to listen to the song were his fans.

       Wen Lin felt that he might not be able to complete his own album. He wondered if he should be serious about acting. At least his acting skills had been recognized by professionals. If he continued to act, he might be able to make good progress in this industry.

      But would he be willing to do that?

       Wen Lin sang and played guitar for himself, and when he saw Li Rong coming, he didn’t stop. They didn’t make an appointment, and Wen Lin didn’t know why Li Rong knew he was here.

       He didn’t know that Li Rong would show up in the Lanlu, and his appearance wasn’t originally because of Li Rong. Li Rong just came over after knowing Wen Lin was singing in the bar.

       Li Rong sat on the sofa, answered a phone call, and told the driver in a flat tone to send away the young girl who had just followed him. He then muted the phone and put it on the table and listened carefully to Wen Lin’s singing.

       Later, Wen Lin drank too much, and when he woke up lying on the big bed in Li Rong’s usual suite, his eyes opened blankly.

       The sound of water in the bathroom stopped, and Wen Lin saw Li Rong came out from inside wearing a bathrobe. His hair was still moist, and water droplets slid down his handsome side face.

       Li Rong’s eyes fell on Wen Lin’s face, then he smiled and walked to the bed to sit down, looked at him and said, “You are awake? “

       Wen Lin’s face turned pale, he looked at Li Rong with a dull gaze, and opened his lips and asked, “Did we一”

       “Did we what?” Li Rong asked him after Wen Lin didn’t continue speaking for a long time.

       Wen Lin couldn’t say it, he closed his lips and pursed it lightly.

       Li Rong said, “Are you trying to ask if we slept together last night?”

       Wen Lin’s face turned paler.

       Li Rong seemed amused, and asked him, “Don’t you feel it in your body?”

       Wen Lin said, “I don’t know, I don’t…” He has no experience, he had never slept with a man, nor had slept with a woman. At this point, his pale face turned a very light red, making him couldn’t help but pull up the quilt and cover half of his face.

       Li Rong quietly stared at him for a while and said, “No, we didn’t do anything. You are so drunk, and I am not a beast.”

       Wen Lin breathed a sigh of relief, and his stiff body went soft on the soft mattress as he said to Li Rong, “I’m sorry.”

       Li Rong smiled and said, “It’s okay.”

       When he came out of the room, the coldness of the mountains in the early morning hit him quite aggressively, causing Wen Lin’s injured leg to sore instantly.

       As he descended the steps, his body lurched a little in an unbalanced manner.

       Li Rong stretched out his hand to support his arm and asked, “Does your leg still hurt?”

       Wen Lin turned his head to look at him, and said, “Usually it doesn’t hurt. It just can’t stand the cold.”

       Li Rong suddenly squatted down beside him and pushed his trouser legs up.

       Wen Lin was startled, and quickly wanted to retract that leg, but Li Rong held his calf and squeezed it lightly. Wen Lin shuddered in an instant, and subconsciously reached out to hold Li Rong’s shoulders.

       There were still traces of surgery on his leg.

       Li Rong’s hand stroked those marks, put his trouser legs down after a while, stood up and said, “I’m sorry.”

       Wen Lin was silent for a while and said, “It had nothing to do with you.”

       After that incident, Li Rong had broken up with Jiang Yongfei. Most of the time, Wen Lin hardly met Jiang Yongfei in the company, and later he learned that Lu Jinlang had deliberately arranged to prevent them from meeting each other.

       Wen Lin couldn’t say who he hated in his heart. Now that so much time had passed, he was even more indifferent. Sometimes he felt like an outsider, watching all this with cold eyes, but never really getting involved in it. Music was the only thing that occupied the most important position in his heart, but it never fully accepted him.

       He squeezed himself into the crevices, turning himself into a nondescript creature.*

       Li Rong asked the driver to send him and Wen Lin down the mountain, and send Wen Lin home first.

       Wen Lin still lived in the dormitory arranged by the company. It was not that he didn’t buy a house because he didn’t have any savings, but because he always considered that if the company refused to release an album for him in the end, he could release an album of his own at his own expense. The money was there and he was reluctant to move, and he didn’t want to buy a house.

      The driver dropped Wen Lin off outside the door of the neighbourhood where he lived, and he got out of the car after saying thank you.

       Li Rong was not in a hurry to urge the driver to leave, so the car stayed where it was. Li Rong kept watching Wen Lin’s back disappear at the gate of the neighbourhood.

       His driver was a young man who had always had a good relationship with him. He asked, “Rong ge, shall we go?”

       Li Rong said, “Let’s go.”

       The car drove forward. Li Rong lit a cigarette and lowered the window a little bit. Thin smoke came out of his mouth, drifted along the gap in the window, and was blown away by the cold wind.

       The driver looked at him from the rearview mirror and asked curiously, “Are you serious?”

       Li Rong seemed to recover from his trance, turning his head to look at the side of his face, “What?”

       The driver said, “About Wen Lin, I think you are very patient with him.”

       Li Rong smiled and said, “I like him quite a bit, but I’m afraid it’s not appropriate.”

       The driver asked, “Because he’s a man?” In his impression, Li Rong’s official lovers were all women.

       Li Rong replied, “Sort of.” There were other things that he didn’t really want to say, and changed the subject to not mention Wen Lin again.

       After more than a month, Wen Lin took on a new drama, still a movie, a psychological thriller.

       When Wen Lin took the play, Wen Jianing opposed it. In a sense, this movie was similar to the small budget movie Wen Lin had won before. That was why the director came looking for Wen Lin and hoped he could act.

       Wen Jianing knew that Wen Lin’s interest was not in acting, and he didn’t care if he would be stereotyped by the outside world, but he was very worried that Wen Lin’s psychological state would be affected if he made this kind of movie again.

       On this matter, Lu Jinlang and Wen Jianing have different opinions, because the script and production team of this movie were both good. Compared to finding Wen Lin another idol drama, making another quality movie could consolidate Wen Lin’s position in the circle. In this circle, a good movie was inherently hard to come by.

       Wen Lin talked to Lu Jinlang privately. He hoped to be able to act in this drama. His idea was actually quite simple. He wanted to make more money, so that he could earn enough to support his music dream.

       After signing the film contract, Wen Lin officially joined the group almost three months later. During this period, he participated in some commercial performances and recorded OSTs for two dramas. At other times, he was bored at home writing songs. He continued to create and constantly revise, but he didn’t know if these songs would be released officially one day.

       He had never seen Li Rong during this period. Sometimes he had the urge to sing a few songs at the Lanlu’s bar, but in the end he stayed at home and did not go out.

       In the new movie, Wen Lin played an important role, but he was not the main protagonist of the movie. The story of the film revolved around the heroine who was in high school, and Wen Lin played the younger brother of the heroine.

       In his twenties, he didn’t look out of place as a high school student. According to the director, he was really too clean looking. There was no sophistication on his entire face, and he looked like a teenager who had not yet come out of society.

       The actor playing the heroine was a junior student at the Film Academy, whose name was Lu Chunran. This was not Lu Chunran’s first time acting, she had acting experience before entering the film academy. At that time, she was a well-known child star. Because she looed pure and beautiful and her acting skills were also very good, she had gained a lot of popularity.

       When Wen Lin saw Lu Chunran himself for the first time, he felt that she was really beautiful, not that bright type of beautiful, but more like a little fairy who was out of mortal world.

       Both of them played high school students. Lu Chunran was mostly styled with a white shirt plus a red and black plaid skirt, while Wen Lin was styled with a white shirt plus light brown pants.

       The director was very satisfied with the results.

       The style of this movie was dark and depressing. Wen Lin and Lu Chunran had a lot of scenes together, but Wen Lin did not have many lines, so he had to rely on his movements and gestures to express his emotions.

       Wen Lin was a dedicated person. Even if he didn’t like acting, as long as he accepted the movie, he would treat it with the most serious attitude. From the day when he got the script, Wen Lin had read it over and over many times, trying to understand and integrate with the character, and enter the atmosphere of the whole movie.

       The first scene that Wen Lin joined in the filming was a scene with Lu Chunran.

       The two of them were in the same room, both wearing white shirts and school uniforms. Wen Lin was sitting at the desk writing homework, while Lu Chunran was lying on the bed and chatting with people on her mobile phone.

       The room was very dark, and there was a poster on the wall, two silhouettes standing back to back, one black and one white. There was a single sofa in the corner against the wall, and a few girls’ clothes were scattered on it.

       Lu Chunran sent a message, and when she stopped, she raised her head and said to Wen Lin, “Xiao Long, do you like Wu Anjun?”

       Wen Lin stopped writing, raised his head and said, “Generally, not really.”

       Lu Chunran got down and said, “Oh.”

       In the early stage of the filming, there were a lot of endless conversations between the two people.

       Halfway through the filming that day, Wen Lin was supposed to be making up his makeup when he heard the set get noisy. His assistant Tang Shao came over and said, “Lu Chunran’s boyfriend has come to visit the set.”

       The makeup artist was very curious and asked, “Who is it?”

       Tang Shao whispered, “Li Rong.”

       Lu Chunran was Li Rong’s new girlfriend, and his current girlfriend was different from his past girlfriends. Most of the actresses he liked in the past were not an innocent type like this.

       Li Rong knew that Lu Chunran was making a movie. Originally, the heroine of the play was Lu Chunran competing with another actress. In the end, Lu Chunran was able to get the resources, because of her relationship with Li Rong.

       But Li Rong didn’t know that the person who acted with Lu Chunran was Wen Lin.

       Wen Lin came out of the dressing room, still in the white shirt, the hem of the shirt was tucked into the waist of the light brown trousers, his waist was very thin. The entire make-up took him in the direction of youthful innocence, and he also used makeup to add some similarity to Lu Chunran’s between his eyebrows, and his eyes were simple and indifferent.

       The moment he saw Wen Lin, Li Rong suddenly felt his throat a little dry. He subconsciously took out the cigarette, watching the people coming and going on the set. But since the place was really not suitable for smoking, he silently took it back.

       Wen Lin nodded to Li Rong.

       Li Rong just nodded.

       When Lu Chunran’s scene was over, Li Rong stood up and planned to leave with her. At that time, Wen Lin had to make close-up shots.

      In that shot, Wen Lin was standing in the doorway of the room, pushing the door open a crack, revealing only half of his face and one eye looking out, with all his emotions in that one eye.

       Li Rong happened to turn his head towards him. But after a glance, he thought about it for a whole night.

       Li Rong was a little absent-minded all night. When Lu Chunran sensed it later, she was a little unhappy, and she didn’t even want to go to Li Rong’s to spend the night. Li Rong did not force her, and asked the driver to send Lu Chunran home.

       Since then, Li Rong often visited Lu Chunran.

       Xiao Long, played by Wen Lin, was an antisocial teenager. He hardly talked to others, but he treated his sister very well.

       They had a stepfather who came back drunk late at night and talked to their mother in the living room.

       The siblings were listening with their ears to the door, and then the two outside quarreled. The older sister Gu Ning played by Lu Chunran was shaking unconsciously. Xiao Long would stretch out his hand to hug her and gently pat her back to comfort her.

       Li Rong sat beside him, silently watching Wen Lin hug Lu Chunran.

       Lu Chunran’s scenes were a lot that Wen Lin often had to wait in the lounge. He could rest and also recite his lines at this time.

       On this day, Wen Lin was in the lounge alone, trying to record his humming melody with his mobile phone. Halfway through the recording, Li Rong came in.

       Wen Lin was embarrassed to continue and put the phone away.

       Li Rong sat down and asked him, “Why don’t you continue?

       In fact, Wen Lin and Li Rong were not so close to one another. He knew that Li Rong had ideas about him. He couldn’t accept Li Rong, but he didn’t hate Li Rong either.

       He even liked Li Rong when he sat down to quietly listen to him sing.

       Wen Lin said, “It doesn’t sound good.”

       Li Rong asked, “Who said it’s not good?”

       Wen Lin thought for a while and replied, “The market says it’s not good.” This answer made him feel a bit cruel to himself.

       Li Rong asked, “Who is in the market?”

       Wen Lin couldn’t help laughing. He looked at Li Rong and asked curiously, “Li Rong, do you really like listening to my music?”

       Li Rong asked, “Have I done anything else to you?”

       Wen Lin just lowered his head and smiled without answering. He stood up and wanted to leave the lounge.

       Li Rong suddenly grabbed his hand at this moment.

       Wen Lin looked down at the hand that was grabbed and looked back towards Li Rong.

       Li Rong’s grip was very tight and he had no intention of letting go.

       Wen Lin said, “Your girlfriend is outside.”

       Li Rong said to him, “That’s not important.”

*He squeezed in the cracks, turning himself into a nondescript creature. In the raw, it’s actually a 四不像 that means Elaphures or a mythical being.

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  1. Yamil64

    QwQ fue mi segunda lectura de la novela, yet I couldn’t read this estra again because…. It’s hard qwq, it has no end and it’s so interesting ✨ but grateful to you translator-sama for letting me read this awesome story uwu

    • hoenimochi

      Thank you for reading this novel againn 😀
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      Same… This extra makes me so frustrated because it has so much potential… But perhaps because it deserves a whole new series and longer than just an extra the author stop. I hope I could finally find where she posted if she did continue it…

  3. WeiWei

    Thank you so much for your hard work, really curious about WLxLR stories. Maybe you can try author’s weibo, sometimes they post story or the link of the stories on their feed

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  4. Anon

    I think the rest of the extras are on this site: https://www.52shuku.vip/chongsheng/176.html

    Thank you so much for translating this series, it was a great ride! Looking forward to Wen Lin and Li Rong’s CP.

    • HoHadmin

      Ahh, nope
      I have checked this website before. They have different numbering system making the chapters looks more than it should be. Their last page was on the Lu Jinlang and Wen Jianing extra 🙁
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  5. JWo

    Thank you translator hoenimochi for your hard work! I enjoyed this story very much, and loved her “The Star Around the Sun” very much as well!

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      Thank you for reading until the last chapter!!
      Be sure to check out another novel by Jin Gang Quan I’m translating that is Revenge of the Garfield~

      Also thank you for your kofi!!!
      I really appreciate it~

  6. Anon

    With all honesty I am a bit interested with the WLxLR story but I don’t want to see them together cause until now I ship WL with that girl he competed with on the singing competition (the other girl who is also serious about music). I feel that WL and that girl will get along well and can make each other happy. I kinda imagine LR being in love with WL and trying to chase him but WL ended up finding hapiness with the girl so LR has no choice but to stop his advances for WL but can’t give up his feelings for WL.

    Yes, I want to see LR suffer like that hence why I wish to see the WLxLR story.

    And to the translator, thank you for translating this series and introducing us to this wonderful characters.


    Thank you for the translation. I feel the author was pushed by fans to write about WL and LR and they tried but just couldn’t. This was a really nice read.

    • hoenimochi

      On the contrary, author mentioned before that some readers seemed to be displeased by the fact there’s WL&LR CP(because of the age gap).
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  8. chinesefanreader

    Yeah I don’t think they’ll end up together bc WL doesn’t seem attracted to the idea of being with a man or LR in particular (I’m glad he’s not a beast🤣). The fact that LR is such a jaded playboy may be a turnoff even if he wants to be sincere with WL. Doesn’t mean WL may not in the future with someone else bc you never know who you may be attracted to if you’re open minded. He was really angry when they tried to force him way back when and I think it was about the unspoken rules as much as the same sex “sponsor”. His attitude isn’t like that other newbie who was unconsciously becoming attracted to our ML1 when they were filming together.

    Maybe that’s why the author got stuck. Her characters are so rational she probably couldn’t make a HE and so gave it up.

    Thanks for your hard work digging out this extra

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    There’s possibility of more extras??? 👀 make sense because it’s too hanging. And Wen Lin deserve more than ambiguous relationship!!!

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    • hoenimochi

      Sadly until now there is no possibility of more extras as this extra is actually removed from the official site raw D:
      Hopefully author decided to continue it somewhere, but at this point it’s been more than 5 years since it was published and there’s still no news about the continuation of the extra.
      But if you or someone you know suddenly stumbled upon the continuation of this extra feel free to shoot us a message here!

  10. milui

    Thank you for translating this novel! I had a great time reading it and can’t believe it’s over. I think the aspect I like the most is how the author wrote about Wen Jianing’s inner turmoil. He went to his funeral and basically lost everything he used to own. In the end, he managed to get more than that and I’m so happy for him. It was such a lovely read! Sad that this particular extra abruptly ended though.

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