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  Yangyang threw himself in Lu Jinlang’s arms and acted like a baby, not wanting to get up. It was because they rarely see each other, so they were particularly affectionate now.

  Lu Jinlang stroked Yangyang’s soft hair with his hand, and lightly patted his back with the other hand.

  Wen Jianing stretched out and said, “I’m going to make breakfast.”

  Lu Jinlang hurriedly said, “Let me do it later.”

  ”Take a rest,” Wen Jianing said, “You came back so late yesterday.”

  That’s what he said, but with Yangyang here, Lu Jinlang had no time to rest at all.

  Yangyang’s face stuck to Lu Jinlang’s chest and said, “Daddy will you take me out to play?”

  Lu Jinlang asked softly, “Where do you want to go to play?”

  Yangyang thought for a while, and said, “I want to go to the amusement park and also have a buffet in the revolving restaurant.”

  Lu Jinlang smiled suddenly, “Where is this revolving restaurant? Do you know what a buffet is?”

  Yangyang said, “Liu Jiaping said it.”

  At this time Wen Jianing walked in, holding Yangyang’s coat in his hand, pulling him up to help him put on the coat, and said at the same time, “Liu Jiaping is a classmate in his kindergarten, and that revolving restaurant is the newly opened restaurant on the top floor of the commercial centre.”

  Lu Jinlang looked up at Wen Jianing, “How is that restaurant?”

  Wen Jianing shook his head.

  Although it was a very high-end buffet, the place where the buffet was eaten was not suitable for the two of them.

  After a while, Wen Jianing said again, “But if he definitely wants to go, I have no problem.”

  ”You have no problem?” Lu Jinlang looked at him.

  Wen Jianing smiled, “Yes, I have no problem.”

  For so many years, the two people did not disclose their relationship in public. Of course, it was not because Lu Jinlang cared, but because he took into account Wen Jianing’s career development. But at this time, Wen Jianing felt that it didn’t matter anymore. He was no longer a tender and delicious teenager. Fans who liked him would no longer hold all kinds of unrealistic fantasies about him but had genuinely liked him for so many years.

  If he disclosed his relationship with a woman now, he would probably receive a lot of blessings.

  But with a man or Lu Jinlang, he couldn’t imagine it well, but it probably won’t cause any big commotion after all.

  They all want to disclose their relationship with each other to the public, but they didn’t want to go through a press conference or something, because this was their private life and they didn’t need to explain it to anyone. If the media was interested in reporting, it was a matter for the media and not for them.

  The two looked at each other without speaking and knew what each other was thinking.

  Finally, Wen Jianing said to Yangyang, “Come on, let’s have a buffet today.”

  Yangyang cheered suddenly.

  Wen Jianing immediately said, “But we can’t go to the amusement park for the time being. Would you like us to take you to Disney next time?”

  ”Okay,” Yang Yang nodded obediently.

  Lu Jinlang got up and put on his clothes, and asked him, “Are we really going?”

  Wen Jianing smiled, “Let’s go, are you scared to come out?”

  He had done a lot of thinking and imagined the reaction of countless people, but the day when he truly chose to appear in front of the public without any cover was still a bit sudden, just because the child said he wanted to eat a buffet.

  The family of three packed up and went out.

  Wen Jianing was a little bit emotional. This kind of upright appearance in public places without any concealment, like the opportunity of many ordinary families to eat a meal and go shopping, was something that they almost never have. These days even if he was abroad, he could meet Chinese people everywhere, and he would be known to netizens all over the country every minute and every second through the Internet.

  So he had gained a lot and lost some things when he chose this business, but that was life, who could truly be perfect? For him, to be able to live a life like this, he should feel satisfied.

  The car was parked in the parking lot. Before they got out of the car, Wen Jianing put on his sunglasses and hat. In fact, this might be more noticeable and still wouldn’t avoid being recognized completely, but when he had prepared like this, at least he wouldn’t be recognized at a glance. When people hesitate to make sure, he might have enough time to leave.

  Lu Jinlang only wore sunglasses and got out of the car while holding Yangyang’s hand.

  They went to take the elevator.

  After all, it was a shopping mall. It was fine when they were in the underground parking lot. The more they go up the elevator, the more people were present. Wen Jianing and Lu Jinlang were both very eye-catching, but wearing sunglasses, no one really recognized them with certainty at first glance. No one was willing to keep staring at them, and the atmosphere inside the elevator was unusually silent.

  Yangyang was the only one who was very excited, and he was jumping with Lu Jinlang’s hand.

  Wen Jianing squatted down and told him seriously, “No jumping inside the elevator, do you hear me?”

  Yangyang nodded, and stop moving obediently.

  Until the elevator reached the top floor, with the eyes of so many people, they still acted as if nothing had happened, and went straight into the restaurant to let the waiter arrange a seat.

  Although the buffet restaurant did not have private rooms, it had relatively closed decks, which were separated from other seats and cannot be seen from each other.

  The waiter was a little stunned at first. Only after taking them to the table, did the waiter react and stared at both of them in surprise.

  ”Is there something wrong?” Lu Jinlang asked gently.

  The waiter shook his head quickly, and hurriedly away.

  As he took off the sunglasses and hat, Wen Jianing said to Yangyang, “You’re the one who’s coming to the buffet. So get whatever you want, okay?”

  Yangyang nodded.

  Wen Jianing said to him again, “You still have to help Daddy get some, okay?”

  Yangyang also said yes, then jumped out of the chair and ran outside to get the food.

  Even though he said that, when Yangyang went out, Wen Jianing went out with him to get food, and helped him get things along the way.

  This time, everyone in the restaurant noticed Wen Jianing’s existence. Yangyang was curious about everything. He carried the plate around the restaurant. He followed the child like any ordinary father, helping him with things, protecting him from injury, and not allowing him to make trouble.

  At first, it was just someone secretly taking pictures with a mobile phone. Later, a courageous female fan approached him and asked him. Wen Jianing frankly admitted that this was his son.

  Although no one came to their booth to harass them, their table was being watched by the entire restaurant, and they naturally felt uncomfortable eating. The only happy person was probably Yangyang, but this was enough. Their purpose was to bring Yangyang out to play.

  It seemed that eating out at noon that day went smoothly, and they did not experience much harassment.

  And that evening, it was as if a heavy bomb had been dropped on the entire network.

  With the status of Wen Jianing and Lu Jinlang, casually mentioning their love affair was a major event that could make headlines. What’s more, both of them were taking a child out for dinner. Wen Jianing also personally admitted that it was his son.

  In addition to photos taken by someone in the restaurant on the internet, there were also witnesses who stood up and said that they saw the two acting intimately. Lu Jinlang also wiped the corners of Wen Jianing’s mouth with a tissue.

  Wen Tinghuan called Wen Jianing and said that her phone was almost overwhelmed by the reporter. She was asking them what they meant, and asked them if it meant they were coming out?

  Wen Jianing smiled and said, “You are so experienced and yet you still don’t know how to answer?”

  Wen Tinghuan said angrily, “I don’t dare to turn on my phone, you know? It’s annoying!”

  Wen Jianing still finds it funny, “It’s very simple, you just have to say you don’t know.”

  Besides saying this, Wen Tinghuan had no other better choice.

  The two people at the centre of the storm were extremely calm at this time. If they didn’t go online to watch, they wouldn’t even feel the rich and warm atmosphere as if an atomic bomb was dropped outside.

  There was actually nothing to say about this news. If they had to be more truthful, they would naturally be angry. But they didn’t need to care so much. After so many years in the entertainment industry, they still had this attitude that as long as you didn’t care, nothing could hurt you.

  The next night, they were called back to Lu’s house to have dinner.

  Lu Jinfeng still didn’t say anything about their choice to come out. After all, so many years have passed, and the child would gradually grow up. This matter would be known one day.

  They had made it public, but the pressure on them was much less than expected.

  In a few years, Lu Jinfeng himself would soon retire. He planned to stay at home and live a stable life with no more thoughts about other things.

  Lu Jinlang rested at home for almost two weeks, and the filming continued.

  Back on the set, Lu Jinlang was blocked by reporters visiting the set to ask him about the news of the previous days.

  Lu Jinlang said frankly, “It is exactly as you think.”

  The reporter was very excited, “Are you admitting your relationship with Ke Xinhang? Since when have you been together? Can you give us an exclusive interview?”

  Lu Jinlang replied, “I’m not going to talk much about personal matters, we can talk about the movie if we want, but if not, we can end the interview.”

  His attitude has always been very gentle, and the reporter was a little anxious, even if his tone didn’t sound very nice, he was not angry.

  Although he did not directly admit it, in the reporter’s opinion, he still admitted it.

  The media even made a special topic for them. They rummage around the sex scandals of the two people a few years ago, and searched for all the clues related to the two people from various channels, including the internet and the media, to prove that they had been together for many years.

  Because they searched about this thoroughly, they also found that Lu Jinlang and Wen Jianing were wearing identical-shaped rings on their ring fingers. This concluded that the two people were indeed together.

  After that, the two people did not shy away from being in public together and let people know that they had a child. As for the source of the child, they did not disclose it to the outside world.

  The year-end news of that year did not miss this one. It was a vigorous one. As time passed, it gradually returned to peace. No matter whether they accepted it or not, disgusted by them, blessed them, any noise from the outside world couldn’t prevent them together walking happily hand in hand.

The author has something to say:

Alright, it’s over. Why don’t I explain the ending of Li Rong and Wen Lin? Because I haven’t thought about their story, so I didn’t think about the ending, but if I want to write it, it must be a HE1Happy Ending

As for the new story, let’s open it in a few days. I’ll have a rest and come out with the whole outline first

Someone said there’s a story about Li Rong and Wen Lin. Although I found it, the story seems to be ended abruptly. Maybe it’s because the author doesn’t really feel like continuing it, but I will still include it anyway.

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