Chapter 26

       Marvin glanced in the direction of Xu Ye’s past, and mocked lightly, “Your slave has a lot of nerve to leave his master behind to go and spend time with someone else. You’ll spoil him with such indulgence.”


       Pharaoh laughed and said, “As far as domestication is concerned, pulling the rein too tight all the time will not be effective. Just give them a tug at the right time to give a warning.”


       “That’s why I feel that domestication is troublesome, and I have to start from scratch little by little, and it takes a lot of hard work.” The Lion leaned comfortably on the back of the chair, “It’s nice to have a finished product, it’s easy and convenient to interact with, and it’s not like there’s no other choice.”


       The so-called finished products referred to a sub who had received certain training. They understand the meaning of all instructions from their masters, obey the rules and can deeply obey various orders. Their mental state was stable, know their own physical capabilities and can use safe words appropriately. They were able to cooperate with their Dom partner in more intense SM play such as bondage, flogging and some larger-scale sex, and enjoy the pleasure. Under the command of the master, the slave could even open his body for others in a state of deep obedience, allowing themselves to be touched or used at the request of the Dom.


       The training process of novice slaves was more complicated. Not only they had to start from the most basic rules step by step, but they were also more mentally unstable. If the master was not in control enough, it was difficult to build up a trusting relationship with the slave, and starting SM activities in such a situation could cause the slave to resist and panic. Therefore, people in the circle call the training of novices ‘domestication’, just like taming and raising wild animals, which required the use of a whip and sweets in combination. This process required Dom to devote more effort and took a longer time.


       The Lion was a hedonist, he rarely accepted newcomers. He was more turned on by slaves who bent over backwards for pleasure than by those who blushed and were timid. In fact, he had a good reputation in the circle for being skilled in technique, precise in whipping, intense but gentle in his lovemaking, generous and rich, and trustworthy. In the eyes of subs, The Lion was more enthusiastic and outgoing than the cold Earl, more approachable than the majestic Pharaoh, and more approachable than the inseparable Tom and Jerry, making him the perfect Dom candidate.


       However, everyone in the circle knew that Lion’s slave conditioning was a mere game of desire. Whether he showed passionate solicitation or gentle soothing, it was only part of his game. This gentleman-like man enjoyed his slaves’ submissiveness and madness, providing them considerate care and protection, but he would not really be tempted by any slave. For him, BDSM was about each of them taking what they need and then parted ways neatly. However, not everyone was as free and easy as him. Many subs developed feelings of admiration for him, and many of his slaves wanted to develop long-term and fixed relationships, but he flatly rejected them and many returned home in defeat.


       Because of this, the speed at which Lion changed slaves was also very fast. The moment the slaves showed excessive dependence and love for him, he would abandon them without hesitation.


       He was passionate yet ruthless.


       “Domestication is also fun.” Pharaoh took a sip of the fruit wine, “Don’t you think the look in Xu Ye’s eyes was actually very interesting just now?”


       “Nervousness and guilt, and a little…concealment.” The Lion paused for a moment, thought of something, and turned to Chu Yu with a smile, “You deliberately chose to eat here today to give him a warning? It’s a pity that he happily left you to go and accompany the rumoured girlfriend.”


       Originally, they didn’t care about this gossip, but it was because Chu Yu had taken Xu Ye as his slave that they had paid some attention. When he saw Xu Ye’s expression just now, the Lion also guessed that it was Song Yueran who came. At first, he thought that Chu Yu came here to pursue a sense of reality in the relationship with Xu Ye, but now it seems that it was not that simple. Chu Yu’s news network was so large that he had probably investigated Song Yeyran, and the purpose of his presence here today was definitely not just for eating.


       The steak on the plate was cut open by a silver table knife, revealing a slightly reddish-cut surface. Chu Yu twitched the corner of his mouth slightly, “The joy of domestication lies in the domestication itself. There are other ways than pulling the reins and cracking the whip. Although it is a bit troublesome, it will be more interesting.”


       “It’s really complicated.” Marvin was not interested in domestication, so naturally, he didn’t bother to guess his riddle. However, Pharaoh smiled, “I don’t know if it’s luck or misfortune that you’ve taken a fancy to that boy.”


       Chu Yu didn’t speak, but gracefully picked up a piece of beef and put it into his mouth, the smile in his eyes contained a clear dark light.


       When the three of them left, Xu Ye hurriedly came out, lowered his head and said, “Sir, I’m sorry I couldn’t be more accommodating to you today.”


       In front of the crowd, Chu Yu leaned down and whispered in his low voice, “Raise your head up, and don’t let me hear the word ‘sorry’ all the time.” The breath made Xu Ye’s ears flush red, he bit his lip and raised his face.


       “Don’t wear glasses.” After Chu Yu finished speaking, he turned and entered the elevator.


       Xu Ye took off the black-rimmed glasses and held them in his hands. The elevator doors closed, and the silver mirror reflected his appearance.


       A young face, a lingering look in his eyes.


       He stared at himself in the mirror, lost in thought.


       Xu Ye sent Song Yueran back, and on the way she asked, “Do you actually have important guests today?”


       He froze for a moment, then smiled, “Next time you’re coming, it’s best to let me know in advance.”


       “I’m sorry, I wasn’t considerate enough.” Song Yueran bit her lips, and her face turned a little red, “Actually, this weekend, my father invited uncle and aunt to play at the villa in Qianchuan. Uncle said that you may not go if you are not in the mood. So I just want to invite you in person…”


       The old fox had been really unpredictable recently. Xu Ye felt disgusted in his heart, but he couldn’t vent his anger on Song Yueran, so he had to decline, “Thank you for your invitation, I would love to go, but unfortunately I’m not available for the weekend.”


       “Am I causing you any problems?” Song Yueran asked. A woman’s nerves are always delicate and susceptible.




       “Xu Ye, I’m not the kind of woman who likes to pester you. I approach you not because of the so-called marriage, but because I think you are someone I could be friends with. I don’t have anyone around me that I can talk to, and I’m very lonely. I don’t want to get involved in the affairs of the elders, I just want to get along with you as friends, so you don’t have to worry about it. If you have a girlfriend and I’m going to make it unpleasant for her, then you can tell me clearly. ” When she spoke, her eyes were forlorn, and she looked a little miserable.


       Xu Ye didn’t expect her to say this, and his eyes softened, “I don’t have any problems with you.”


       “So, can we come together on weekends? Uncle said that your weekends are always free.” Song Yueran looked at him.


       Xu Ye sighed helplessly, “You should have heard that my parents and I don’t get on very well, and I’ve been avoiding spending time with them.”


       “Just keep me company, okay?”


       Xu Ye looked at her pleading face and could not say no. After a moment’s hesitation, he nodded.


       In the evening, he pondered every word on his phone for a long time and finally sent a text message.


       “Master: I have a family gathering this weekend and I can’t come over. Your slave.”


       After a moment, a reply arrived.


       It was one short word.




       It was supposed to be a family dinner for two families. What Xu Ye didn’t expect was that when he arrived at the mountain villa in Qianchuan, he only saw Song Yueran alone.


       “Father said that there is something urgent and that he would be late, so he asked the driver to bring me here first to entertain you.” She asked, “How long will it take for uncle and aunt to arrive? I asked the servant to prepare lunch.”


       Xu Ye called. Xu Ting said that there was something wrong with a batch of ingredients that needed to be dealt with, and he would come in the afternoon.


       Apart from the servants, there were only the two of them left in the big villa, Song Yueran treated him to lunch as the host and then invited him to go around the mountains together. As soon as they arrived, they settled in. Xu Ye and she wandered up the mountain path, with the luxuriant branches and leaves of big trees covering the sky and the sun above their heads, and there was a damp smell of earth in the air. The two walked while talking and laughing, and unknowingly reached the top of the mountain. Their field of vision widened, and the strong wind blew away the slight sweat on their bodies, making them cool and comfortable.


       “It’s a nice place,” he praised.


       “My mother also likes this place very much.” Song Yueran said, standing beside him.


       Xu Ye had heard about some of her family affairs and knew that her mother had died of illness, so he changed the topic, “It looks like it’s going to rain. Let’s go back.”


       Song Yueran nodded.


       The weather in the mountains was unpredictable, and it really started to rain after a while. The wind rolled the rain onto the floor-to-ceiling windows, and it flowed like a waterfall.


       When it was time for dinner, none of the elders showed up. Xu Ye completely understood in his heart, and went to the garage with an umbrella, only to find that his car was also missing. He asked the servant and was told that the driver was ordered to drive the car away and would not be back until tomorrow morning.


       When he saw Song Yueran following behind him uneasily, he smiled weakly, “We’ve been tricked.”


       This time it wasn’t just Xu Ting who plotted against him, even Song Wanhua got involved. These two old foxes! He gritted his teeth with hatred.


       Song Yueran lowered her head and said softly, “I’m sorry, if you want to leave, I can call and find a car to come into the mountain to pick you up.”


       When he saw her attitude, Xu Ye felt a little sorry, “Forget it, the road is slippery in the rain, and it’s not safe to ask a car to go into the mountain. If you don’t mind, I’d like to borrow a room for the night.”


       She smiled and said, “That’s fine.”


       In fact, Xu Ye had underestimated his opponent’s skills.


       The next morning, when he found himself lying on the same bed as Song Yueran, he was completely shocked. He remembered that he obviously went back to the guest room to sleep last night, and he had no idea how he appeared in her room. Song Yueran put an arm around his waist and woke up because of his movement, her eyes were also full of surprise.


       “Xu Ye?” She asked, her face white, “Why do you…”


       He held his forehead and asked, “Did I do anything to you last night?”


       Song Yueran stared at him blankly for a long time, then shook her head, “I don’t remember.”


       He smiled wryly, “It’s okay, they only gave you sleeping pills.”


       “I’m sorry that something like this happened in my house.” Her face was flushed.


       “It’s not your fault, you don’t need to apologize.” After saying this, what the man said in his ear suddenly flashed in his mind—“Don’t let me hear the word ‘sorry’ all the time”, and a wave of panic ran through him. His master said that no one was allowed to touch his body, but now…Xu Ye looked down at his naked upper body and immediately went back to the guest room to find a T-shirt to put on.


       After the two finished their breakfast in silence, Xu Ye said, “Yueran, I will talk to your father. I need to be clear about my attitude on this matter.”


       She gave a soft mumble and didn’t say anything.


       It was exactly nine o’clock when Xu Ting and Song Wanhua arrived. Xu Ye was about to get angry with Xu Ting but Song Wanhua pressed his shoulder, “Xiao Ye, we can talk about this later, there are more important things to do now.”


       Xu Ye stared at the four black Mercedes that appeared in his field of vision and froze.


       One of them stopped firmly at the main entrance. The bodyguard jogged forward and opened the back seat door.


       Xu Ye, who saw who sat there clearly, was nailed in place as if struck by lightning.


       Stepping out of the car was Chu Xuan in a Chinese-style cotton and linen shirt, and Chu Yu in a white long thin coat.

Uh oh….

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