No matter what the occasion The Lion, The Pharaoh and The Earl appeared on, they were undoubtedly eye-catching. One was because of their appearance, and the other was because of their aura. The top dom has an air of dominance in his eyes and could easily become the centre of attention. At this moment, they were attracting a lot of attention, including many curious women who were gawking at them.


       Xu Ye’s brain finally managed to restart successfully after a period of shutdown, the hot temperature on his face and the dry feeling in his throat intensified. He signalled the attendant to leave first, and then forced himself to speak calmly, “Good evening to all three of you esteemed guests, please follow me.”


       Stay calm…


       It’s just a meeting in public, it’s no big deal…


       Just treat them as regular customers…


       Xu Ye, who was leading the way, wanted to calm himself down, but he was still so nervous that his hands and feet were stiff. It was as if he could feel the man’s gaze on his back, sending a small shiver down his skin.


       The restaurant didn’t have a fully enclosed room, but considering the needs of some VIP guests when dining, there were semi-enclosed rooms. Wide wooden strips with staggered angles were used to block the line of sight by the floor-to-ceiling windows, creating a more private and exclusive VIP area.


       “Three esteemed guests, is it okay to sit here?” Xu Ye’s eyes were shaky as he looked at Chu Yu, and his curled fingers revealed a little uneasiness.


       “The ambience is good.” Marvin sat down on the white leather chair first, and Pharaoh also sat down. Chu Yu glanced at the chair beside him, Xu Ye’s heart skipped a beat, and he immediately went over to pull the chair away, then adjusted it to a suitable dining position as Chu Yu sat down.


       The waiter in charge of the area stood by with a look of horror on his face. What the Young Master Xu usually did was nothing more than guide the guests to their seats and survey feedback. How could he serve the guests himself today? When he saw Xu Ye tidying the tableware and putting napkins on the table for the guests, his eyeballs almost popped out.


       This, this, this… is a bit too attentive even for a VIP customer…


       The young waiter stared blankly for a moment before realising it and hastily stepped forward and said, “Mr. Xu, let me do it…”


       Xu Ye glanced at him coldly. He turned around and walked outside the area, lowered his voice and ordered, “Tell the supervisor that all the VIP rooms and tables around here are reserved. Don’t bring any guests here without my permission. For tables that have already been reserved, let them coordinate a change of location or give them compensation so they can come back another day.”


       The waiter was stunned by the order and glanced at the three men suspiciously before turning around. He didn’t know who these three people were, and if they could make Xu Ye so nervous, were they the star judges of the food association?


       As he saw Xu Ye’s face as if he was facing an enemy, Marvin couldn’t help but tease, “Are you treating us like bird flu?”


       The usually calm Pharaoh also smiled and said, “We just stopped by here for a meal, no need to make special arrangements.”


       “It is in line with Baihe1white crane Restaurant’s aim to provide a quality dining environment for our valued customers.” Xu Ye responded with a smile. He was wearing the uniform of a restaurant supervisor, a light grey suit with a white crane on his chest. The black-rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose made him look more mature. He was trying his best to maintain his composure, which disintegrated in a matter of moments when his gaze met the man.


       Chu Yu sat peacefully. His slender and straight body wrapped in a white shirt looked bright and handsome. Those night-like eyes were shining brightly under the lamp, and they looked at him gently.


       Xu Ye pursed his lips and blushed, his heart pounding uncontrollably, he even spoke faster, “Uh… Today’s chef’s recommendation is the charcoal grilled lamb chops and tempura. Um… here is today’s menu, I can pick up all the dishes on the menu for you, including desserts and drinks.”


       “Don’t be nervous, speak slowly.” Marvin laughed out loud, “Are all the waiters here as anxious as you are?”


       Xu Ye was extremely embarrassed by these words and gave him a stern look.


       “You’ve got a lot of guts to wink at me in front of him.” Marvin grinned, “Looks like the lesson you learned last time wasn’t enough.”


       This guy was definitely taking revenge for what happened before… Xu Ye was so angry that he gritted his teeth, but he didn’t dare to refute. He recalled the scene where he was tied to the sofa in the club by Chu Yu and was punished to the point of tears. Two flaming clouds rose on his cheeks and his eyes trembled as he looked at the man who hadn’t said anything.


       “Lion, you seem to be very interested in my people?” Chu Yu finally spoke leisurely.


       Marvin’s expression froze, “I’d better get something to eat, I’m suddenly very hungry.”


       “If you want, I can get it for you.” Xu Ye said.


       “No, I’m afraid you’ll poison it.” Marvin stood up with a smile, “Besides, if I ordered you, I might be killed by someone, the risk is too great.”


       “It’s more fun to help yourself to the buffet.” Pharaoh also stood up, and the two went to get the food together.


       Only Xu Ye, who was standing and Chu Yu, who was sitting, were left in the area. He blushed and called softly, “Master…”


       “Address me as Sir.” The man put the menu on the table and looked up at him, “Surprised to see me?”


       “…Yes, Sir. I didn’t expect to see you here.” Xu Ye lowered his head slightly, with a shy expression on his face, he couldn’t help but think of that kiss.


       “Is the injury on your hand healed?”


       “It’s almost better. I’ve been using the ointment you gave me.”


       “Hmm.” Chu Yu looked at the back of his left hand and asked, “Is there a camera here?”


       “Not in this area.” Xu Ye answered concisely.


       “Very good.” The man turned the chair to face Xu Ye and then patted his leg lightly.


       Xu Ye felt that it was difficult for him to even breathe. He couldn’t help but look back, the diners and waiters were busy in the bustling restaurant, and no one paid attention to this quiet and secluded corner. He walked slowly to Chu Yu’s side and knelt down obediently.


       In this not so enclosed space, letting yourself act like a slave was like pressing a sharp sword against your own throat, which was dangerous and exciting. His weird behaviour may be seen at any time, his hidden secrets might be discovered at any time, and everything he had hidden for a long time might be exposed at any time. Xu Ye was like a herbivore that lost its way in the dark, surrounded by unknown dangers, and he couldn’t help trembling slightly due to the great anxiety and shame.


       Long and slender fingers brushed the hair in front of Xu Ye’s forehead, took off his black-rimmed glasses, then lightly unbuttoned three shirt buttons, slid them in, stroked his collarbone, and squeezed hard on the protrusion on his left chest. Xu Ye trembled and let out a soft and urgent nasal sound. He bit his lip and straightened his body as much as possible, breathing uncontrollably and chaotically. But that hand didn’t intend to let him go, either circling or deliberately kneading and scraping the sensitive point.


       Such teasing made Xu Ye breathe harder, and he even felt some dangerous signals from his trouser-covered crotch.


       In a place like this… just in case someone sees…


       The stronger the feelings of fear and shame, the more his desire flourished. Xu Ye’s shoulder blades trembled, and he raised his face and called out, “Master…don’t…um…”


       “What do I ask you to call me?” Chu Yu curled up his index and middle fingers, grabbed the poor little bump with force, and pulled it outward.


       The painful and numb feeling made Xu Ye take a deep breath, and wail, “Sir…”


       The man’s fingers moved up his neck and lingered on his lips. “Do you want me to stop, or continue?”


       A cloud of mist formed in Xu Ye’s eyes. He looked like a child who had been bullied but didn’t dare to cry. He replied tremblingly, “As long as Master likes it, anything can be done…”


       Chu Yu smiled and patted his head.


       That was the motion that allowed him to lean. Xu Ye knelt down, resting his head on the man’s lap, panting to calm himself down. The man’s perfume was replaced with a familiar smell. A light and indulgent smell.


       When Marvin came back with the plate, he saw this scene and said with a smile, “We haven’t even touched our forks yet, and yet the Second Young Master already eating?”


       Even the roots of Xu Ye’s ears turned red, and he buried his head in Chu Yu’s lap again. The man chuckled and said, “Proper exercise before a meal can boost your appetite.” After he finished speaking, he patted Xu Ye on the head, “I’ll give you five minutes to get the food I like.”


       “Yes, Sir.” The blushing slave buttoned up his shirt, got up and went out.


       Xu Ye knew very little about his master’s preferences and could only deduce from a few clues what types of ingredients the man liked.


       He doesn’t like cold things, even sushi…


       I don’t think he likes fatty things either, how about roast duck?


       How cooked is the steak to suit his taste?


       Didn’t see him eat onions, wait, it seems he doesn’t like green onions either…


       I don’t think he’ll be able to get enough of these, so what should we add? Curry?


       Xu Ye felt like a computer that was about to smoke, running at high speed under Chu Yu’s instructions. While he was hesitating among the five sauces next to the vegetable salad, someone behind him suddenly patted his back.


       He turned around and saw Song Yueran who was blinking mischievously, he was taken aback, “Why…why didn’t you tell me in advance when you came?”


       “I heard from Uncle Xu that you come to the store as a waiter every Friday. I’m curious, so I came to take a look.” She smiled brightly, “I was still queuing outside for a while. The attendant kept saying that it was full, but why were there so many empty tables inside?”


       “That’s because… there is a leak on the roof.” Xu Ye had no choice but to lie.


       “So that’s it.” Song Yueran looked at the plate in his hand, “You haven’t eaten yet?”


       “This is for a guest.” Xu Ye glanced at the VIP area and murmured inwardly. Five minutes must have passed, and he didn’t know how Chu Yu would punish him. He could only pretend to be calm and said, “You go get something to eat first. I’ll go and take care of things over there and then come back.”


       “Okay.” She nodded.


       Xu Ye respectfully placed the dinner plate in front of Chu Yu, and said anxiously, “Sir, can the punishment be on hold first, I…a friend came over there…” He didn’t understand why he felt flustered and didn’t even dare to look the man in the eyes.


       “Go.” Chu Yu’s expression was very calm.

Answer to marisa_0022’s question: The entourage walks upright and does not need to kneel when the master stops for a short time. When the master leaves for a long time, the slave is required to kneel and hold the part of the rope below the handheld loop of the leash which is convenient for the owner to retrieve when they return. The shorter the rope, the less time the slave has to react. The slave must always be aware of his master’s movements and control his own pace and speed during the walk.

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