How did they get here?


       At this time too…


       Xu Ye didn’t know what expression he had on his face at this moment. He only felt that the blood in his body had frozen and rapidly lost its temperature. He stood stiffly at the door, watching Xu Ting and Song Wanhua’s respectful and polite flattery to the visitor, watching the polite but indifferent smile on Chu Yu’s face, watching him walking towards him step by step. It was as if a sticky paste had been poured into his head, and he couldn’t move anymore.


       “What are you doing here?” Xu Ting accompanied Chu Yu to the front of the building. He saw Xu Ye standing at the door with a dazed expression on his face, scolded him in a low voice, and turned to introduce Chu Yu, “Second Young Master, this is my son, Xu Ye.”


       Xu Ye trembled as if waking up from a dream, his eyes trembled, and he looked at the man in panic.


       Chu Yu stood under a few steps and looked towards him. His eyes were light and distant, “I remember we met at the hospital once before, didn’t we?”


       Xu Ye’s heart stopped suddenly. He moved his lips but said nothing. The atmosphere was momentarily awkward. Xu Ting immediately came to the rescue, “This is the boy who offended the third young man with his recklessness and ignorance. The Second Young Master didn’t blame him and would give away the painting as a gift. Your magnanimity is truly admirable.”


       Chu Xuan smiled moderately behind him and asked Song Wanhua on the side, “Uncle Song, does this house belong to you?”


       “I built it ten years ago and have since renovated it. The main reason is that the environment here is nice and quiet, which is suitable for the elderly like us to recuperate.” Song Wanhua replied.


       “I think this is not only suitable for the elderly to maintain their health but also very suitable for young people to have a tryst.” Chu Xuan’s eyes were fixed on Xu Ye, and he arched his eyebrows in a meaningful smile, “I have long heard that the two families are interested in tying the knot. So it seems that the two heirs are indeed a good match.”


       These words made Xu Ting and Song Wanhua laugh. Song Wanhua quickly took the opportunity to solicit, “If the two of them do become a couple, we must invite you to a wedding banquet.”


       Song Yueran blushed, moved to the side behind Xu Ye, and said coquettishly, “Dad, what are you talking about…”


       Xu Ye’s face turned white, his arms hanging by his sides were tense, and his eyes were shaking. He didn’t know where to look, but he still couldn’t completely leave the man who was close at hand. He wanted to explain, but he couldn’t explain. So he could only stand speechlessly as if a boulder pressed his chest, and he was so stuffy that he couldn’t breathe.


       The corners of Chu Yu’s mouth slowly rose, but there was no trace of a smile in his eyes. He looked into Xu Ye’s eyes, and he said word by word, “I am looking forward to that day.”


       Xu Ye’s pupils shrank suddenly, and he even stopped breathing. He felt himself being yanked back by Song Yuran and took a step backwards stiffly, allowing the man to walk past him. The white coat that he was wearing brought up waves of the air, and the familiar smell of perfume passed before his eyes.


       It was the first time Xu Ye felt so panicked. It was as if he had been kicked down from a height of ten thousand feet, losing all sense of security that he could cling to.


       “What’s wrong with you?” Song Yueran asked worriedly, “You look so pale.”


       Xu Ye shook his head and smiled bitterly.


       Chu Yu and Chu Xuan came to discuss business.


       Xu Ye heard the general picture from their conversation. Early this morning, Song Wannian received a call from Chu Xuan, asking him to discuss the development of the land in Donglin. The third young master said lightly, “The meeting room is too boring. I heard that the scenery of Qianchuan is beautiful”, and Song Wannian immediately invited them here.


       Xu Ye was not stupid, he didn’t think that someone like Chu Xuan would be keen to discuss projects with the two old foxes on his day off, and he also didn’t think that Chu Xuan would happen to know that Song Wannian has such a secret villa in Qingchuan. The only answer was that he had been instructed to do so.


       Someone with an insight into the flow of information.


       Someone who could easily control his own movements.


       Someone who could command Chu Xuan.


       Who else could it be?


       Not a moment too soon, not a moment too late. It was at the exact moment when he was staying out for a night alone, with a cold and strong sense of oppression, that made him feel at a loss for what to do and his heart beating like a drum. At this moment, this man named Chu Yu was telling him clearly that no matter where he was or what he had done, everything about him was under this man’s control. When he thought about it carefully, the sentence ‘Don’t always let me hear the word ‘sorry’’ was not idle talk but a warning.


       He had been warned a long time ago, but he had foolishly and ignorantly broken the taboo.


       Xu Ye’s eyes shakily circled around the man, and his palms were covered with cold sweat. But the other party didn’t look at him at all and was listening to Xu Ting’s presentation of the project while flipping through the architectural design booklet.


       In terms of psychological stalemate, Xu Ye was no match for Chu Yu. He couldn’t figure out the other person’s mind at all and didn’t know what he would do to him. It was like having a shiny guillotine hanging over his head, not knowing when it would fall down and end him. All of his emotions were tugged and pulled out in a long wave of anxiety and panic.


       His previous few painful experiences gave Xu Ye a clear picture of what would happen to him if he angered Chu Yu. At this moment, his only thought was to explain everything before the situation worsened. After he thought about it, he took out his phone, typed and deleted a message, briefly explained what happened yesterday, especially last night, and then sent it.


       The phone on the table lit up. Chu Yu only glanced at the sender and put it aside, not even bothering to look closely. But Chu Xuan, who was sitting beside him, looked over at Xu Ye, his eyebrows and eyes all filled with teasing.


       Xu Ye’s face was as white as frost.


       Under Song Wannian’s careful arrangement, the Chinese foods served were exquisite and interesting. There were no four seafood delicacies1abalone, sea cucumber, shark fin, and fish maw, no greasy fishy smell, only seasonal fresh vegetables were selected for a few small stir-fries, and the non-vegetarian dishes were served with tender bamboo shoots paired up with bacon, steamed mullet fish, and a stewed old duck soup pot. Obviously suits the light taste of the two young masters. It was indeed a skill to cater to one’s preferences in a short period of time.


       Xu Ye had no appetite at all, so he didn’t move his chopsticks after taking two bites. But he didn’t dare to leave the table, so he could only sit and keep company.


       After the meal, Chu Xuan proposed to go for a walk on the mountain, so the group walked along the mountain road while talking. Xu Ye was full of desire to speak, but he kept hesitating. He finally waited for the distance between the few people on the narrow mountain road to widen. He quickened his pace and chased after Chu Yu, not daring to walk with him, so he could only call out in a low voice behind him, “Master…”


       Chu Yu’s footsteps paused slightly, and he turned to his side. His starry eyes shimmered with dim and unclear light amidst the swaying shadows of the trees.


       Xu Ye felt that the sight could almost penetrate his skin and bones. He froze from head to toe and muttered, “Can you give me a chance to explain…”


       When he heard this sentence, Chu Yu’s eyes showed a hint of amusement, and he asked with a half-smile, “What do you want to explain?”


       Xu Ye didn’t expect that he was willing to listen, so he was taken aback for a while and immediately explained what happened yesterday honestly.


       The man stood under the tree and listened quietly. When he saw that Xu Ye had stopped speaking, he asked, “Are you finished?”


       Xu Ye responded in a low voice, “Yes, I am.”


       “Okay.” Chu Yu narrowed his gaze slightly, “Now it’s my turn to ask you an answer. Did anyone force you to go to Song Yuran’s appointment?”


       “At the time, I thought it was a family gathering…” Xu Ye was anxious to defend himself, but he was interrupted.


       The man’s voice was as cold as water, “I don’t want to hear unnecessary explanations.”


       “…No.” Xu Ye lowered his eyes and answered. He did indeed enter the gate of this villa himself.


       “Did you get a chance to leave before the two of you spent the night together?”


       Xu Ye lowered his head and said dryly, “Yes.” With the convenience of communication facilities, if he insisted on leaving, he could have done so, but he did not.


       “Raise your head.” Chu Yu’s voice was deep and cold, with undeniable strength.


       Xu Ye trembled and raised his face. His eyes were full of fear.


       “I allow you to make friends and arrange your own time.” The man’s eyes seemed to be full of wind and snow, “Did I allow you to stay out at night and share a bed with others?”


       “…You didn’t.” Xu Ye didn’t dare to lower his head. His eyes were full of panic and regret as he bit his lips after forcing out the words.


       “One last question. Before I got here, did you ever think about asking me for help or telling me everything?” This was what Chu Yu really cared about. Xu Ye’s attitude towards him seemed intimate, but there was a thick barrier behind him. He didn’t rely on him, he didn’t bother him, and he even tried to hide things from him when something happened.


       Xu Ye opened his mouth but did not make a sound. His gaze trembled so much that he could only murmur, “Master…. I was wrong….”


       The corner of Chu Yu’s lips lifted into a faint smile, his voice was gentle, yet it carried a pervasive coldness, “Xu Ye, there are many ways to play the game between you and me, but you have to choose the most unpleasant one.”


       While talking, the people who were walking in front had turned back, and the group returned to the villa again and ate some fruits. Chu Xuan looked at his watch and said that there were still arrangements in the afternoon, so he wanted to leave.


       Xu Ting and Song Wanhua rushed out, followed by Xu Ye and Song Yueran.


       Chu Yu stood upright on the steps, turned around and asked casually, “Which party is leading the investment this time?”


       Both Xu Ting and Song Wanhua were taken aback. The second young master Chu smiled faintly, “This piece of land has been in my father’s hands for some years. I mentioned to him the matter of building a resort a few days ago, and he is quite interested. Although there are many resorts under the Golden Eagle, there are only a few good ones. The idea that Xu Ye mentioned just now is very good, and it has been carefully considered, which is a little more innovative than the booklet Uncle Song showed me before.”


       After these words were said, the whole room fell silent. Song Wanhua suddenly looked sideways at Xu Ting, who looked at Xu Ye blankly, and Song Yueran also looked at Xu Ye with wide eyes.


       Xu Ye froze, feeling cold sweat on his palms and forehead. Everyone had seen how he had spoken to Chu Yu just now, but he could not refute Chu Yu’s words, so he could only remain silent. His silence is equivalent to acquiescing that the Xu family had set up a new scheme on the back of the Song family.


       The Xu family had secretly made a different design to bypass the Song family and work directly with Golden Eagle. How could the Song family tolerate such an act of crossing the river and demolishing the bridge2betrayal?


       Song Wanhua sneered, “This is a very good move by brother Xu.”


       Xu Ting didn’t know what was going on and wondered if his son really had some good idea that won the second young master’s approval. He felt very happy to have the Golden Eagle’s attention, so he laughed and said, “I also don’t know. It must be this kid’s own idea.”


       How could Song Wanhua believe it? Since the two Chu family members were present, they couldn’t have a fit, so he kept his face darkened and didn’t speak.


       Chu Xuan hid any expression on his face, and when he saw Xu Ye’s changing expression, he couldn’t help laughing inside. He had been temporarily recruited as the second-in-command, and the business talk was just a cover. The real purpose of this trip was for his second brother to teach his unruly pet a lesson. Just a few words made the two families that were close enough to form an alliance, became full of suspicion. This was a very sharp move to cut off the root of the problem. The alliance between the Xu and Song families was probably about to break down, and the fate between Xu Ye and his rumoured girlfriend had also come to an end.


       “Xu Ye, I’m very interested in your design concept and business philosophy.” Chu Yu got into the car with a faint smile on his face, “How about taking my car back and discussing it in detail on the way?”


       Xu Ye only felt a chill run through his body. The tenderness this man gave him made him sometimes completely forget the other identity of the other party—the second young master of the wealthy family who called the wind and rain and covered the sky with one hand. When Chu Yu withdraws his gentleness, everything would be turned into a disaster.


       Xu Ting was overjoyed to see the invitation from the second young master and gave his son a push. Song Wanhua was so angry that his hands were shaking, and he stood silently with his preoccupied daughter. Chu Xuan gave up the back seat with a wink and went to the back of the car.


       Xu Ye got into the car with a pale face without saying a word and sat next to Chu Yu.


       The extended Mercedes-Benz S550 gallops on the mountain road.


       Silence filled the entire carriage, and the whole mood was depressing. Xu Ye plucked up his courage and tentatively called out, “Sir…” There was a driver, so he changed how he addressed Chu Yu.


       The man glanced at him from the corner of his eyes and said, “Do you want to talk about design with me as a collaborator, or do you want to talk about other things with me?”


       Xu Ye was stunned momentarily and replied, “I don’t understand design.”


       “Okay.” Chu Yu pressed a button, and the partition screen unfolded, separating the front seats and enclosing the rear seats into a relatively airtight space. He looked at Xu Ye indifferently and said, “Then show the appearance that a slave should have. Take off your clothes, kneel down, and then talk to me.”

PS: 回HEL亲: It’s true that not every dom and sub pair will fall in love with one another. There are also situations in BDSM where one is together due to physical compatibility, similar to a one-night stand. It is also common for a dom to have multiple subs because of group size differences.

I was actually confused on how to say 淺川, if I googled it, it’s called Asakawa, but I felt to translate it as Asakawa would make it awkward since it’s a word that sounds more like a place in Japan instead, so I decided to use the literal pinyin that is Qianchuan

Also Xu Ye this entire chapter:

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