Chapter 6




On the twelfth day of being together with Song Zexu, Li Chou had just entered the flower shop in the morning when Lin Xiaomin came to him from behind.


Lin Xiaomin was carrying a light pink, Hello Kitty suitcase and a plain white backpack on her back. She deliberately put on light makeup and came to tell Li Chou that the teacher will not come to teach in the town next semester, so she will go to the city to find him and stay in the city.


Li Chou understood Lin Xiaomin’s character. He also expected that she would definitely go to that male teacher in this situation and he couldn’t interfere with other people’s love life and could only offer a few words of advice: “Remember to call me when you arrive. I know you like him very much, but I don’t know how much he likes you. Don’t like him too much, if that teacher bullies you, give me a call and I’ll go find you.”


Li Chou remembered that Lin Xiaomin had asthma, so he said, “Oh, by the way, remember to take your medicine at all times.”


The girl was finally going to meet her beloved. Lin Xiaomin smiled sweetly. She didn’t care about Li Chou’s nagging, there were pink bubbles all over her head, and she said: “I know that, besides, who can bully me?”


“That’s right, you are so fierce.” Li Chou picked out a bouquet of relatively expensive white roses from the shop and gave it to Lin Xiaomin, saying, “These flowers are a farewell gift, I wish you find your own happiness.”


Lin Xiaomin took the initiative to ignore Li Chou calling her fierce and took the white roses. She thanked him and then suddenly thought of something. She took off her backpack and took out a beautifully packaged gift box. She handed it to Li Chou and said, “Open it and have a look.”


Li Chou took the gift box, opened it in response, and was startled when he saw what was inside. He was taken aback for a moment, then looked at Lin Xiaomin in surprise, and said: “Where did you get it?”


Li Chou was really surprised that Lin Xiaomin was able to get Song Zexu’s autographed album.


When Song Zexu was 18 years old, he released an album at the request of his true fans. At that time, the album was very cheap. After Song Zexu became popular, these albums went out of print. When Li Chou went online to collect it, the price of the non-signed version had already reached five figures, and the signed version was even more expensive.


The price was sky-high, and it was very rare, so Li Chou gritted his teeth and accepted a non-signed copy.


It’s hard to imagine how much it would’ve cost Lin Xiaomin to help him get the signed version.


“Be happy.” Lin Xiaomin raised her eyebrows, “I finally got it and I’m afraid you’ll miss me if you don’t see me around after I’m gone.”


Lin Xiaomin stuck out her tongue and continued: “My friend’s sister is an old fan of Song Zexu. I heard that Song Zexu has suspended work indefinitely. She was not happy and then climbed the fence to Tan Jing, so I bought this album from her. It is so expensive, but our friendship is priceless, so be happy. “


“I’m happy.” Li Chou smiled, “Thank you so much.”


“Here, here.”




Li Chou returned home with the album at noon, and he put the album in the CD case in the drawer of the bedroom desk, but because he liked listening to the title song in Song Zexu’s old album, the CD was put directly into the CD player. This was so he would be able to listen to the song whenever he then turned on the CD player.


After playing the entire album, he went to the kitchen to prepare lunch and after a while he heard Song Zexu calling him from outside.


Li Chou wiped his hands on his apron, poked his head out from the kitchen and asked, “What’s wrong?”


Song Zexu asked him, “Did you see my notebook?”


Song Zexu was bored at home during this time so he writes songs, draws or paints casually. Although he still couldn’t see, he could vaguely see some light and sometimes see the little outlines of the things he painted.


In the beginning, he used Li Chou’s rough notebooks from when he was studying. But later, Li Chou felt that he shouldn’t be writing songs so casually, so he deliberately went to the stationery store and bought the most expensive notebook for Song Zexu.


Li Chou recalled carefully. He seemed to have seen it on the desk just now, so he said, “It should be on the desk in the bedroom.”


“Thank you.” Song Zexu walked towards the bedroom.


Li Chou responded and went back to the kitchen to cook.


Song Zexu could almost walk on his own these days after Li Chou put away all the sharp and angular things in the house. Song Zexu touched the wall and walked to the bedroom by himself. Fortunately the apartment is not big, so Song Zexu only travels between the bedroom and the living room, sometimes going to the balcony to stand for a while, but Li Chou also took protective measures for that.


While cutting the carrot, Li Chou always felt that he had forgotten something, but he couldn’t recall, so he cut the carrot into two halves before cutting the carrot a second time.


At that time, Li Chou dropped the knife and ran towards the bedroom. As soon as he stepped into the bedroom, he heard a low-pitched, magnetic singing sound from the room.


Li Chou covered his face and cursed silently in his heart. He really miscalculated. He usually didn’t put the CD player directly on the table, but he just so happened to have cleaned it up at that time. He forgot when Song Zexu was out of sight, so he didn’t expect that Song Zexu might touch the CD by mistake when he went to find the notebook.


Coincidentally, he also put it in and turned it on.


“Uh…” Song Zexu stood there in a daze.


After a while, he tentatively asked, “Is this… my song?”


“…Yes.” Li Chou hurried over and turned off the CD player, ending the embarrassing singing, “It’s your song.”


Song Zexu was a little surprised. He asked: “Don’t you like Tan Jing? How come there is my album…”


As if thinking of something, Song Zexu opened his mouth wide and said, “Li Chou…do you like me?”


Obviously Song Zexu meant if he was his favorite artist, but Li Chou’s ears heard something different.


His cheeks became hot and Li Chou clenched his fists tightly. He lowered his head, hesitating on how to answer Song Zexu’s words.


“Huh?” Song Zexu suddenly laughed, “You don’t dare admit it?”


“No…” Li Chou spoke, he was so ashamed and was really embarrassed, “I like you very much.”


He knew that even if he used this to express his love for Song Zexu directly, he was afraid that Song Zexu would just think that he meant that he liked him like a fan towards their favorite idols, and he didn’t dare desecrate that sincere feeling.


“I thought I didn’t have any male fans?” Song Zexu smiled at Li Chou and he said in surprise, “This album is from when I was just turned into an adult. It’s been many years, I didn’t expect you to have it.”


“Actually, you also have a lot of male fans.” Li Chou said. He had been to Song Zexu’s new drama launch conference before. The boys at the scene howled loudly and even frightened him. He was quiet for a moment and spoke again: “I collected this album after I became a fan of yours. I like the songs in it very much.”


“Which song do you like?” Song Zexu was a little curious.


“Spring,” Li Chou replied and smiled. His tone became more relaxed, “There is no spring in Yunzhen, and it’s like summer for all four seasons, so I yearn for the feeling of spring breeze blowing as life blossoms again, like in the song.”


“And… it’s really nice to listen to.”


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