Chapter 5




Song Zexu felt bored at home these days and always wanted to go out in the evening. There happened to be a park for the elderly behind Li Chou’s apartment. After dinner, Li Chou took him around.


The old people in Yunzhen didn’t know Song Zexu. They only thought that he was some relative of Li Chou and seeing that Song Zexu was good-looking, they even played matchmaker for him and told him about their daughters who are very beautiful and talented. Even asking him to meet them.


Before Song Zexu could say anything, Li Chou excused himself and said, “Uncle Zhang, you should give up. He already has a girlfriend and is just waiting for his eyesight to heal. After that, he’s going back to get married.”


“Already have a girlfriend?” Uncle Zhang clicked his tongue and said, “It’s such a pity, it seems that I’m still a step too late.”


“There’s nothing to be sorry about.” Song Zexu said first this time, “I’m blind and I need someone to take care of me. I can’t burden a girl from a good family.”


After he realized that Song Zexu is blind and would actually burden his daughter for the rest of her life, uncle Zhang sighed and said: “Youngster, try to live a good life.”


Song Zexu responded, “I will.”


The park for the elderly is a place for old people to chat in the evening. Li Chou doesn’t know who first spread the word that a good-looking blind man came to his house recently but some old people with disabled girls wanted to come and play matchmaker. Li Chou previously evaded this by saying that Song Zexu had a girlfriend, but he still couldn’t stop the people who came to see Song Zexu at his house. After that, he secretly told everyone that in fact, his preference is for men and then no one came to bother him again.


It was also because of this that no old people came to chat with Song Zexu when he went for a walk in the park again.


At first Song Zexu didn’t know what was going on, but later Li Chou explained the reason to him very apologetically.


Song Zexu was not angry. He felt that this would just reduce the interference from the outside world, but Song Zexu did not go to the park after a few days of strolling, because there were actually a few old men whose sons were gay, and they asked him if he was a top or bottom.


Li Chou couldn’t laugh or cry when he knew about it. He tried to hold his laughter when he was eating, but Song Zexu still heard it.


With the rice in the bowl, that pretty face became a little annoyed at this moment and he asked, “Is it really that funny?”


Li Chou sat up straight away, covered his mouth, tried to hold back a smile, and said, “Not anymore.”


Song Zexu let out an “oh” and started picking at the rice in his own bowl.


Li Chou put a piece of braised pork in Song Zexu’s bowl and said, “I’m sorry, it’s all my fault, I should have known that those old men and women were talking so much, yet, I still “spread rumors” about you and caused you so much trouble.”


“It’s not really a problem.” Song Zexu smiled, “It’s not as much trouble as I faced being an actor.”


“c0ckroaches would be thrown inside the takeaway you ordered or you’ll be chased by cars when you went to the set. Even if you and your friends booked the same hotel by coincidence, there will be many rumours of you.” Song Zexu said, “Like me and Bai Lin, we really have nothing to do with each other.”


Bai Lin was the rising actress who was rumored to have an affair with Song Zexu back then.


He paused, then said, “Bai Lin has a lover.”


Li Chou was a little surprised that Song Zexu would explain this to him. He was startled and felt a little sympathetic to Song Zexu’s previous experiences, but his heart also jumped up.


With a little chuckle, he said, “You don’t actually need to explain this to me.”


“It’s okay, I was just chatting and you definitely won’t spread it.” Song Zexu said, “Oh, by the way, do you have any favorite stars?”


Yes, it’s you.


But how could Li Chou dare to say that. This happened when the TV in the living room was showing an advertisement for an actor named Tan Jing, so Li Chou said casually: “I like Tan Jing.”


As soon as he finished speaking, Li Chou saw Song Zexu frowning and an alarm bell went off in his mind. He suddenly remembered that Tan Jing and Song Zexu were rivals.

Right, how did he forget this one?


Li Chou covered his face, cursing in his heart why he was so stupid.


But what he didn’t expect was for Song Zexu to actually say to him: “Then I’ll find him and ask him for an autograph to give you if I have a chance.”


Li Chou was stunned and said “Ah”, a little embarrassed. It was too hard to explain, so he had to say, “Okay.”


At the end, he added another sentence, “Thank you.”


“But.” Song Zexu reminded him with a little worry: “His private life is very chaotic, you should probably stop liking him.”


Li Chou was silent for a while, and said, “I’ll try.”


Song Zexu let out a “Mm” and continued to eat.




On the tenth day of being together with Song Zexu, Li Chou took out the diary he had brought back after getting off from work while Song Zexu was asleep. He placed it in front of the desk and started journaling.


[June 24, 20××, Friday, light rain]


[The weather is not good today, it was raining a lot. I felt a bit cold and was afraid of infecting Song Zexu. After getting off work, I went to the vegetable market to buy a fish and boiled it for a while in the casserole. I filled a bowl of soup for myself and left the fish to Song Zexu.


Song Zexu only ate a little bit. He said he didn’t like fish. I clearly remember that Song Zexu said in an interview that he loves fish the most. It turns out it was fake.


I couldn’t help coughing while washing the dishes and when Song Zexu found out, he brought me a cup of hot water with his own hands  and said that I should eat some medicine.


I was a little surprised. Song Zexu was so considerate. I was a little happy. I really wondered if it was a dream.


It’s good to take the medicine for seven days, but not good to take it for more than a week. I don’t like taking medicine, so I only drank the water from Song Zexu in the end.


Song Zexu is really nice, I like him very much.]


On the tenth day of being together with Song Zexu, Li Chou had the opportunity to share the bed with Song Zexu. He closed the diary and put it on the top of the desk.


It would be more convenient for him to take it back to the flower shop the next day, so he took off his shoes and climbed onto the bed gently.


Song Zexu said that he caught a cold because he couldn’t sleep well on the sofa and since he caught colds easily, he should sleep on the bed with him for a quick recovery.


When Li Chou heard Song Zexu say this, his heart almost stopped beating and he asked cautiously, “Is it okay?”


“Why not?” Song Zexu was a little puzzled, “This was originally your bed.”


Li Chou just couldn’t believe that he could have such an opportunity.


Li Chou clutched his chest, he was so lucky.


Because of the rain during the day, there is no moon outside. The shadows of the trees are mottled, with occasionally a gust of wind blows and makes a slight noise.


Song Zexu’s breathing was shallow and he couldn’t sleep well with the light turned off, so Li Chou bought him a small night light. At this time, through the weak light, he could see Song Zexu’s trembling eyelashes in his sleep. He did not know what he dreamed of as he frowned slightly.


Li Chou lay down beside him, listening to his breathing. He gulped and carefully put his hand under the quilt to hold Song Zexu’s hand.


Song Zexu’s hands were slender and thin, with distinct joints to the touch. Li Chou secretly interlocked his fingers. He knew that he might only have this one chance for an hour tonight.


Just let me enjoy it.


My favorite person, he thought.


Please forgive me for being so greedy.


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