Chapter 7




In the past few days, there has been non-stop rain. Even the air was humid. Originally, summers in Yunzhen were dry. After it rained, it became hot again. Occasionally, a gust of refreshing cool breeze can be felt through the window alongside with the damp wind of  midsummer.


News of a certain popular niche was broadcasting on the TV. It is no exaggeration to say that the entertainment industry is changing quickly. Song Xexu dominated the news headlines half a month ago, but it was replaced by someone else in the blink of an eye.


Song Zexu was isolated from the outside world for half a month, far away from the Internet and his career, being really carefree in Li Chou’s apartment, so much so that he almost forgot about his own life.


He was still an artist.


He tilted his ears to listen to the news on TV and couldn’t help laughing when the news said that he had forgotten his original intention to be the best.


Li Chou was pricking dried flowers next to him. When he suddenly laughed, he felt a little creeped out and looked up to watch the news on TV, only to find that it was the newbie celebrity who he’s seen in advertisements some time ago. He looks quite honest, but he didn’t expect him to be in a relationship.


Li Chou blinked slowly and said, “It might be a bit hard to tell, but he has a partner.”


“It’s just hype.” Song Zexu said to him, “I guess there is a new movie coming up, so they’re trying to create some gossip around it. I have worked with him before and it sounds great.”


“The kid talks like he has no talent and is not suitable for the entertainment industry, but he is very hardworking. I hope he can make some achievements in the future.”


Li Chou let out an “ah” and realized what he said was too one-sided. However, it is hard to discern between truths and lies in the news of the entertainment industry, so ordinary people don’t really think twice about accepting them.


“So that’s how it is.”


Song Zexu said “Mm”: “The company seems to be operating normally as usual.”


It was the same kind of hype that helped him gain some popularity in the first place. He is most familiar with this way of becoming popular, but he doesn’t really want anyone doing the same thing. After all, his popularity is all due to luck and a good foundation laid before too. He hasn’t made any bad movies, that’s why a few of them became popular after he himself became popular.


It’s not necessarily the case if someone else did the same thing. Others might even face backlash and it’s not good to be harmed by the other party.


Li Chou made an “oh” and began to tie the dried flowers silently again.


He dried some flowers a few days ago. Some customers like dried flowers. At the request of customers, he will prepare a batch of dried flowers every month and then sell them.


Sometimes the profit of dried flowers can be more than that of real flowers, after all, they can be stored for longer.


He tied a bunch of blue baby’s breath and put it in a vase on the coffee table. Li Chou is a romantic and likes to place all kinds of flowers at home.


The fragrance of flowers always puts him in a good mood.


The original plan for the remaining flowers was to tie them up and take them to the flower shop for sale. However, the rainy season has caused it to be humid for the past two days, and the dry flowers will have a different texture due to the air humidity. 


As such, Li Chou’s batch is softer than before and the weather forecast says that it will rain in three to five days.


Sigh, he sighed softly, he was thinking of how to remedy it.


“What’s wrong?” Song Zexu asked after hearing his sigh.


Li Chou didn’t want to bring up his own negative emotions. He didn’t want to trouble others, especially if the other party was Song Zexu, whom he liked, so he said: “It’s okay, I can handle it myself.”


“Really?” Song Zexu looked at Li Chou, “Did you just lie to me?”


During this time, Song Zexu was able to discern where Li Chou was very keenly through his voice and he no longer faced the TV or the wall like before when he would face the walls and even refrigerators after Li Chou spoke.


Li Chou: “…”


In the end, Li Chou still gave in: “It’s because of the weather these few days, the dried flowers that I originally made may not be very long-lasting, so I can only lower the price for them.”


“So that’s the case.” Song Zexu sighed like Li Chou a few minutes ago. He thought for a while and asked, “How much are these flowers? I’ll buy them.”


Li Chou was taken aback for a moment. He didn’t expect Song Zexu to buy his flowers and he felt that this was not good as he seemed to be taking advantage of others, so he immediately shook his head. Remembering that Song Zexu couldn’t see, he quickly opened his mouth and said, “How can I give you flowers of poor quality?”


“It’s okay.” Song Zexu smiled, “My manager likes flowers very much, so I’ll just give them to him later.”


“Really?” Li Chou was a little surprised. He doubted the authenticity of Song Zexu’s words. He remembered that Song Zexu’s manager was a man.


Would him, of all people, like his flowers? But after thinking about it, he felt that people in the entertainment industry always liked fancy things, which is normal. Besides, he could give a discount, so he said, “Alright then.”


After he finished speaking, he realized belatedly that Song Zexu seemed to mean that he was going back.


Li Chou looked into Song Zexu’s eyes and for a moment he thought, how could he keep Song Zexu by his side forever?


As soon as this thought came out, he slapped himself hard in his heart. How could he be so selfish? Song Zexu’s eyes were already swollen.


As it’s been too long, and he was afraid there will be some sequelae if he delays it any longer. If he really loses his sight because of this, there will be unimaginable consequences. The entertainment industry still needs Song Zexu. His talent and hard work should not be confined to this small town of Yunzhen. He should be allowed to shine bright like the sun.


He belongs on the big screens.


Li Chou breathed out lightly. At this moment, the most he can do is pray for Song Zexu to stay by his side for a little longer. After all, when he leaves In the future, he would never be able to live in the same apartment as Song Zexu like now.


He will never lie in the same bed with him again.




On the eighteenth day of living together with Song Zexu, Li Chou wrote his diary at the beach.


[Saturday, July 2, 20××, sunny]


[Today Song Zexu borrowed my mobile phone to make a call. He asked me to dial a number for him. He was calling on the balcony. When he got through, I listened in.


It was his manager’s voice, but I couldn’t hear what he said on the other end. I had a hunch that he was leaving soon. He probably told his manager to pick him up. Although I should have expected such a day, I’m still so sad and a little bit reluctant.


But at least I had him for myself for a short time, so I should be satisfied.


That is… it would be nice if time passed a little slower.]


Today’s diary entry is very short and Li Chou didn’t know what to write. He seems to have a lot to say to Song Zexu, but as soon as the tip of his pen touches the page, leaving a drop of ink, he doesn’t know what to write again.


Li Chou looked up at the sea and he suddenly thought, Song Zexu hadn’t seen the sunset sea before. The first time he saw Song Zexu, the other party was injured and already blind. He may have heard the sound of the sea, but he may not have seen such a beautiful sea.


He wanted Song Zexu to let him take him to see it before he leaves.


What Li Chou didn’t expect was for the agent to be so quick. When Li Chou returned home, he saw a man wearing sunglasses standing at the door of the apartment building.


Li Chou has seen this man standing next to Song Zexu on the news many times. He is the one who made Song Zexu famous step by step.


Li Chou knew that he would always come to him, so he simply walked over by himself. He stood in front of the manager, calmed down his breathing and said to him, “Hello.”


The agent raised his hand and flipped the sunglasses, revealing one eye. He looked Li Chou up and down, then raised his eyebrows. Looking at Li Chou, he asked: “You’re the one who saved Song Zexu?”


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