Chapter 9




At the beginning of August, Li Chou saw Song Zexu again on TV. The Song Zexu that appeared on the new drama launch conference was much better than the one who was stuck in the apartment every day.


Yes, he seems to be born to be on the big screens, shining brightly in front of the cameras.


His complexion looked much better, but Li Chou noticed that he would subconsciously try to avoid flashes while he was being photographed. Li Chou thought that it probably still hurt and that it was too early for him to return to work. What should he do if something were to happen to his eyes? He regrets that he didn’t let Song Zexu get his eyes fixed earlier, but this was not something for him to decide.


He can’t help it either.


Lin Xiaomin took the time to go back to Yunzhen at the end of the month. She and that teacher have registered for marriage. The girl who used to be hot and passionate was now gentle. When she came to see Li Chou, she was wearing a white canvas dress and Li Chou almost didn’t recognize her.


Lin Xiaomin walked into the shop with a bouquet of dried flowers at the entrance of the flower shop and asked, “Boss, how much is this?”


Li Chou subconsciously raised his head to look at the bouquet of flowers. He was stunned for a moment when he saw Lin Xiaomin holding the flowers after quoting the price. 


Laughing, he said, “I’ll give it to you for free.”


“Yo, that’s great.” Lin Xiaomin smiled.


“What else?” Li Chou helped her wrap the bouquet of dried flowers with star lights, “Long time no see. Why did you suddenly want to come back?”


“I came back to tell you.” Lin Xiaomin approached Li Chou and whispered in his ear, “I’m going to be a mother soon.”


Li Chou froze in place at first. His heart then jumped out of his body. He couldn’t help but raise the corners of his mouth and looked at Lin Xiaomin’s lower abdomen.


There is already a little life in it.


“Can I touch it?” Li Chou looked at Lin Xiaomin and asked cautiously.


“Okay, you will be their godfather in the future.” Lin Xiaomin said.


“I can’t be a godfather. I’m so ugly, I’ll scare them away.” Li Chou squatted down and gently touched Lin Xiaomin’s stomach. 


There was something really moving. What a wonderful feeling.


“You always say such self-deprecating words every day. In my eyes, you are the most beautiful. My child will not despise you. He will like you very much.” Lin Xiaomin said.


“Then… I hope so too.” Li Chou moved his lips.


It’s a pity. No one expected Li Chou’s time to be so short that he didn’t even have time to see this child.


During the National Day in October, many tourists came to Yunzhen. The tourism sector of Yunzhen is developing very well. Sunset Sea was reopened in September.


More patrolmen were added at night, and they were always paying attention to avoid any accidents from happening.


On the 4th night, the son of the Lin family was supposed to be on patrol, but he drank with his friends at noon. He lay down at home and fell asleep. His mother thought he wouldn’t be able to patrol so she changed the shift for Li Chou, who was supposed to be on patrol on the 5th.


Li Chou had to get up early to go to Song Zexu’s fan meeting the next day. He managed to get the tickets, so he didn’t want to change shifts at first. However, he was too embarrassed to say no to the old man, so he bit the tongue and agreed.


After Song Zexu left, Li Chou seldom wrote diaries about Song Zexu. Perhaps because he was going to see Song Zexu the next day, Li Chou worked hard and brought the diary to the patrol room.


It was the third month after Song Zexu left and Li Chou started writing again.


[Tuesday, October 4, 20xx, overcast]


[I’m going to Song Zexu’s fan meeting tomorrow. I almost did not get a ticket, fortunately my friend Lin Xiaomin managed to get one. Her relatives are so amazing,


Thinking about it, I’m still a little excited. I don’t know if Song Zexu still remembers me. That letter… I don’t know if he ever saw it? Even if he saw it should, he wouldn’t care, right? There are so many people who like him, how could he notice me who is ugly?


Song Zexu seems to be a little thinner. I saw his interview yesterday and his face was a lot smaller. He must not be eating well. When he was at home, he never ate much too, so the company should treat him better. It’s not good to be too thin and he won’t be able to keep up with his nutritional needs.]


At this point, Li Chou stopped writing. The sea tonight seems to be a bit frighteningly angry. The waves were getting higher and higher and they were roaring. Li Chou looked out of the window and found nothing unusual, so he lowered his head and continued writing.


[In fact, I really want Song Zexu to come to Yunzhen again to see the setting sun under the afterglow of it all as the golden sea is rippling, or to sit in Grandpa’s fishing boat and go to have fun in the deep sea, but let’s forget it. He won’t come and he will definitely hate my face when he sees my appearance.


I can only imagine a little…]


Before the diary was finished, Li Chou suddenly heard a cry for help outside. He immediately put down his pen, stood up and walked out of the patrol room. There was a man on the beach.

A woman was running and she was at a loss. When she saw Li Chou, she ran over with tears in her eyes and said to Li Chou, “Please, save my daughter. She seems to have been swept into the sea. I just saw her coat float away at sea.”


Hearing this, Li Chou’s expression became serious. The night was too dark and the chances for  a child who’s fallen into the sea at rising tide was now very good. But if the girl has just been swept away, maybe she hasn’t drifted away, so as long as he swims fast and is lucky, maybe he’ll be able to save her.


Li Chou quickly took protective measures for himself. While doing this, he said to the woman that he will go to the sea to find her first and told her to go to the wall of the patrol room and dial the emergency number above now.


After saying that, Li Chou walked towards the beach. He had to find the little girl quickly or he would really lose her.


“Hurry up, don’t be stunned.” Li Chou looked at the woman who was already a little scared, “Don’t worry too much, I will definitely rescue your daughter.”


“Thank you.” The woman cried and ran to the patrol room.


It was the first time Li Chou swam into the sea at night. The sea water was cold at night, but it was okay in Yunzhen, which was like summer all year round. The sea water was turbulent and

he couldn’t see clearly at night. Li Chou swam nearly 100 meters and didn’t find a trace of the little girl. Seeing that the moonlight was about to be hidden under the clouds, Li Chou felt a little desperate in his heart. He felt that he might really not find the little girl.


The woman hurried into the rescue room, but just after pressing the phone number, she heard her daughter calling her. She looked out the window and saw her daughter standing behind the reef.


She hurried out to hug her daughter and scolded her: “Where did you go, child? I thought you fell into the sea.”


“I accidentally threw the coat mummy bought into the sea. I was afraid that mummy would scold me so I didn’t dare to say it, but I couldn’t find my mother just now so I was scared.”The little girl said pitifully.


“You are mad at mom? Do you know how worried mom was just now?” After the woman finished speaking, she suddenly remembered that she had sent a patrolman to go looking for her daughter.


She looked into the sea. The tide was so strong now, could the patrolman come back? What if he dies, the woman feels a little scared and ran into the patrol room and dialed for the emergency services.


Li Chou felt that he couldn’t exert all his strength. He didn’t know how long he had been swimming and he didn’t know where he had swam to. He was gradually panting hard. The soles of his feet were as heavy as lead and the sea water was pouring into his mouth. Li Chou struggled to open his eyes and the moon seemed to be gone.


He suddenly wondered if he would never see Song Zexu again. He seemed a little regretful. He finally bought a ticket, but he couldn’t go.


He won’t be able to see Lin Xiaomin’s baby anymore. She is due four months later, so he won’t be able to hear her call him her godfather. As for the little girl in the sea, he didn’t manage to save her. If the little girl is alone at the sea, how scared she must be.


However, he was also tired and he couldn’t swim anymore.


Li Chou closed his eyes slowly, letting his body sink into the cold seabed.


Then he died in the sea he loved most.


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