Chapter 10 – Years later.


“Mr. Song, there are so many letters in your bookcase, are they all from your fans?” The assistant helped Song Zexu tidy up the bookcase next to the desk in the bedroom. 


He was a little dumbfounded by the amount of letters Song Zexu received, it must be too much.


“Yeah, my fans are very cute. They write me letters very seriously and I will occasionally read the letters when I’m taking a break.” Song Zexu explained.


He opened the closet. He planned to move recently and wanted to pack up all the things that were going to be moved to his new home.


He has had a very full work schedule in the past two years and he hasn’t been home for a long time. Most of the clothes in the closet were worn by him before. He was going to take only a few and leave the rest.


When he was picking up a piece of clothing that was hanging on the inside, he suddenly found that there seemed to be something in the pocket. He reached into the pocket and took the item out.


It was a rose red envelope with some dried flowers on the edge, but it seemed that the flowers had been left for too long and it was cracked.


Song Zexu felt that the envelope was made very special and he was a little interested, so he opened it to look inside.


The letter paper was a little yellow, but he read the beginning first.


[To Song Zexu: After I wait for you to open this letter, I don’t know if you will still remember me. My name is Li Chou. I saved you after you were injured in Yunzhen…]


Song Zexu tried his best to search for this person named Li Chou in his mind and he seemed to have a little memory of when he was injured. There seemed to be a person named Li Chou who

saved him, but he was blind at the time and couldn’t see, so he didn’t have too deep a memory.


Song Zexu continued to read and found that this was actually a confession letter.


Li Chou wrote how excited he was when he rescued Song Zexu and how much he liked him.


At the end of the letter, Li Chou even wrote a sentence.


[I’ll love you forever.]


It’s a very simple confession letter, but Song Zexu doesn’t know why he thinks this letter is heavy, maybe it’s because it was from a person who had a long crush on him.


Song Zexu suddenly thought about it. It seemed that he had forgotten to contact him again. He only wanted to ask his agent to give him some money as thanks.


However, for some reason, Song Zexu wanted to see him again, this man who secretly loved him.


The next day, Song Zexu drove to Yunzhen.


He vaguely remembered that Li Chou’s apartment was in front of a park, but he couldn’t find it after searching for a long time. Later, he saw a flower shop.


He went in and asked the boss: “Hello, do you know a man named Li Chou?”


The owner of the flower shop was a woman. When she heard Li Chou’s name, she raised her head from the bar and looked at Song Zexu, and asked, “How do you know Li Chou’s name?”


Song Zexu didn’t know how to describe his relationship with Li Chou. After thinking about it for a while, he felt that he could be called his savior, so he said: “He saved me. “


Upon hearing this, the woman sneered, “That’s right. Li Chou loves saving people so much, it  even took his own life.”


She looked at Song Zexu and said, “You are late. Li Chou has been dead for several years, after he was swept away by the sea to save a child. Not even a dead body was recovered.”


She touched her daughter beside her again and muttered in a low voice, “You didn’t even get to look at your goddaughter.”


Song Zexu was taken aback. He didn’t expect such a big change. He opened his mouth, but was unable to speak for a while.


The woman seemed to feel that he looked familiar. She looked at him carefully and suddenly asked, “Are you Song Zexu?”


Song Zexu let out an “ah” without denying it.


The woman took out a diary from the drawer of the bar, handed it to Song Zexu and said, “Although I know you may not care about a secret long-time crush, I still hope you can take a look at what Li Chou left behind.”


Song Zexu took it and found that it was Li Chou’s diary.


He read it and every time he read it, he felt a little shocked. At the beginning, Li Chou did not reveal about his own crush, only relying on watching some interviews or variety shows to see how he was doing. After that, he went to some filming locations to meet him before later accidentally rescuing him.


Li Chou wrote a sentence on the title page of his diary.


[Some people fall into the abyss but cannot wait for their savior]


In Li Chou’s unfinished diary, he hoped that Song Zexu could watch the sunset sea at least once. Song Zexu’s eyes were hot when he looked at that page.


He has never had a crush on anyone and he doesn’t know what it’s like to have a crush on someone. It’s just that he’s a little sad now that someone had loved him fervently.


He asked the woman, “May I ask how to get to the Sunset Sea?”


The woman looked at him and gave him directions.


Ten minutes later, Song Zexu arrived at the Sunset Sea. He remembered that he had been lying on that reef to watch the sea with Li Chou, but he hadn’t had this feeling before.


Now looking at the sunset sea, he really felt that this sea is beautiful.


Song Zexu sat on the reef, looking at the sea under the setting sun. The sun was shining brightly on the sea, Song Zexu seemed to see Li Chou sitting next to him as he spoke: “Look, I didn’t lie to you, the sunset over the sea is super beautiful.”


The sun was dazzling and Song Zexu couldn’t see Li Chou’s face clearly, but he thought he must be very good-looking, his smile was like a spring breeze blowing over the waves of the sea. He suddenly started to sing Li Chou’s favorite song “Spring”.


Finally, he said to Li Chou, “Yes, it’s so beautiful.”


Unfortunately, you will never see it again.


[Selling flowers in this life, to be beautiful in the next one]


I’ll be waiting for you in spring.


——End of the full text——


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