Chapter 8




The street lamp at the entrance of Li Chou’s apartment stopped working after it rained continuously for a week. There was still a little light in the past few nights, but it was completely dark now. As the night wind blew, it disturbed the green leaves on the trees and made a rustling sound.


In the faint moonlight, Li Chou took out a piece of letter paper, laid it flat on the desk and looked up at the cold moon outside the window. Before he could start writing, he heard Song Zexu sound asleep on the bed behind him.


Before Song Zexu went to bed, Li Chou poured him a glass of milk and now he was sleeping very peacefully. His breathing was a little heavier than before.


After getting along with Song Zexu for so many days, Li Chou found that Song Zexu did not sleep very well. Sometimes he would fall asleep very early, and sometimes it would be late in the night. Even if it was very late at night, he wouldn’t be able to sleep a wink.


The agent told him today that Song Zexu had to drink a glass of milk before going to bed to soothe his nerves, so Li Chou bought the most expensive cow milk in the supermarket.

Unexpectedly Song Zexu actually fell asleep early after drinking it.


In addition to this, the agent also told him that Song Zexu will go back tomorrow and he has already contacted the best eye hospital in the city. This was about his eyes, so he couldn’t afford to drag it on any longer. After all, there’s work to be done.


Song Zexu’s suspension of work for no reason caused there to be an uproar when the studio released the official news and the company was in chaos. Song Zexu was now a top artist for them, if they lost him, it means that the company’s cash cow is gone. The company didn’t dare to call the police, so they could only use their connections as much as possible to find him, but they couldn’t find him.


If Song Zexu hadn’t called his manager, they would have planned to call the police in a few days, fearing that he was killed.


But fortunately, he was fine.


Li Chou said to his agent: “But can you give me half a day tomorrow, I want to take Song Zexu to see the sea.”


The agent thought for a while and replied, “I have no problem with that. Just ask Song Zexu.”


Li Chou said “Yes” and asked Song Zexu after he came back.


Song Zexu hadn’t left the apartment for a long time and he didn’t even remember that he was picked up from the seaside.


Although he didn’t know what the sea meant to Li Chou, Li Chou was his savior after all, so he agreed.


The hot summer wind came in through the window’s tiny gap and fell on Li Chou’s face, finally bringing him a little cool air. Li Chou picked up the pen, buried his head and wrote on the letter paper:


[To Song Zexu:]


It was a long night and Li Chou finished the whole letter, adding a sentence at the end.


[I wish you a safe life.]


After a pause, Li Chou wrote a few more words.


After he finished writing, he folded the letter and stuffed it into the rose red envelope that he thought Song Zexu would like after deliberating on it for a long time from the shelf in the supermarket in the afternoon.

——Because Song Zexu likes red roses.


After putting the letter in, he passed the dried roses he made before.


Finally, he walked out of the bedroom, put the envelope in Song Zexu’s coat pocket in his suitcase and then went back to the bedroom to lay down on the bed.


This is the last night he will be sleeping with Song Zexu.


Li Chou closed his eyes and tapped Song Zexu’s hand tightly for the second time.


For the last time.




Li Chou likes the Sunset Sea during sunset time the most. Just like the name Sunset Sea, the afterglow covers half of the sky, as the orange light reflected on the surface of the sea blended with the dark blue. The waves of the sea came and went as the sea breeze fell lightly, refreshing the heart of the onlookers.

“This place is very comfortable.” Song Zexu looked at the setting sun and said, His eyes were not very sensitive to strong light stimulation and would hurt, but he doesn’t feel that way when looking at the setting sun by the sea. He could see the orange light around the edge of his sight.


“That’s right. I like sitting on the reef at dusk and watching the sea the most.” Li Chou said in a gentle voice, “Summer in Yunzhen is too hot, but with the sea breeze, it is a little cooler.”


Song Zexu gave a soft “Mm” and said regretfully, “It’s unfortunate I can’t see it.”


Li Chou knew what Song Zexu meant. When Song Zexu got his eyes healed, he would go back to work and probably wouldn’t come back to Yunzhen or the sunset sea in Yunzhen. Song Zexu may have seen many seas and he doesn’t care much about this one, so it is impossible he will take the initiative to come back to see the sea again.


Li Chou thought that he had forgotten his own position after a long time.


Li Chou lay back on the reef and there were birds flying by in the sky. He sighed suddenly.


Song Zexu also lay down and he turned to look at Li Chou. As if guessing his worry, he asked with a smile: “What’s the matter?”


Li Chou knew that Song Zexu was asking jokingly, but he still blushed. He looked at Song Zexu, moved his throat, and his voice was hoarse:


“I’m already a very restrained fan. If I become an extreme, I won’t let you go.”


Song Zexu smiled. Without making a sound, he said: “Yes, you are a very qualified fan, I wish that all fans are as sensible as you are.”


After a while, Song Zexu raised his eyebrows and said to Li Chou, “You hid me very well. In fact, the day you rescued me, I was just attacked by some violent people.”


Song Zexu recalled that day and did not feel good. He was going to participate in the recording of a very important program, so he came out of the hotel.


There was a black car parked at the door as usual and he thought it was for an appointment from his assistant, so he got in the car directly.


But as soon as he sat down, someone covered his mouth and he smelled a strange scent before falling unconscious. When he woke up, he found himself thrown into the wilderness. He didn’t know where he was, but there were voices beside him. He laid still, afraid of being discovered by them and then vaguely heard them talk about wanting a certain actor on a show. At that time, he knew that these people were fans of that actor and because he was on the show, that artist would definitely not be chosen.

But Song Zexu didn’t know that artist at all, he only heard from his assistant that the actor’s methods were not savoury and that his hands were not clean in the acting industry.


One of them was sensitive and found out that he woke up before using a hammer to hurt him. When Song Zexu woke up again, he was in the hospital.


Li Chou felt his fingertips tremble a little. He couldn’t imagine that Song Zexu would encounter such a thing, if he hadn’t been looking at the sea that day, Song Zexu, who was thrown there would only be left waiting for the high tide at night, only to be swept away by the sea. How terrible that would’ve been.


How could they take human life so lightly?!


Li Chou felt pained and his heart ached. Song Zexu, whom he liked so much, was treated so badly like this by those stinky maggots. The feeling of suffocation pooled and lingered in his stomach. He wanted to vent, but he didn’t dare in front of Song Zexu.


He could only say in a trembling voice, “Fortunately, you’re safe now.”


Song Zexu was more accepting than him. He closed his eyes and said in a very relaxed voice, “At least they didn’t throw me into the sea directly, leaving me a way out. As long as I am alive, the company will not give up on me. These past few days can be regarded as a vacation for myself, but ah, if I don’t go back, I really won’t be able to catch up with my dreams.”


“But…” Li Chou didn’t know what to say for a while. He only knew that Song Zexu was not a simple person, but did not expect the reality to be so cruel.


Artists are like commodities, if they fail to realize their maximum value, they will be rejected by the industry.


Li Chou closed his eyes, pursed his lips, held his breath, and then slowly let it out. Tilting his head, he wanted to say something to Song Zexu, but when he opened his eyes, he found Song Zexu appears to have fallen asleep.


The birds flew away, leaving only the sound of the waves.


Li Chou moved closer to Song Zexu, so close that he could clearly see a small mole on Song Zexu’s ear. He had never noticed that Song Zexu had a mole on his ear and Li Chou felt a little turmoil in his heart, as if he knew a secret that no one knew.


He thought, maybe among Song Zexu’s fans, he is the only one who knows that he has a mole on his ear and he is the only one who has seen it.


The sun was playing hide-and-seek on the horizon, hiding itself bit by bit. The hot summer day was slowly ending as the hot and dry day turned into the cold air after dusk.


The wind, accompanied by the wet and salty sea breeze, can be clearly heard.


Li Chou’s heart thumped and he pursed his lips, mustering up the courage to approach Song Zexu’s ear. Tentatively but firmly, he opened his mouth amidst the sound of the rolling waves. He said: “Song Zexu, I like you.”


This is the first time Li Chou dared to confess directly, but he was destined not to get an answer.


The only response to Li Chou was Song Zexu’s light breathing after falling asleep.


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