Chapter 11 Li Chou’s Diary (Unfinished)


The first year of diary writing after returning to Yunzhen




[Saturday, July 15, 20xx is sunny]


Today a customer asked for white platycodon. I don’t know how I ended up giving them a white rose, but the customer got angry and told me to be more serious next time.


[Light rain on Monday, July 17, 20xx]


Aunt Wang next door gave me a sweet watermelon today. It’s so big, I feel like it will take me several days to eat it. I’ll let her come to the store to pick a bunch of flowers tomorrow.


[Overcast on Thursday, August 3, 20xx]


My aunt called me back to the city again, but I thought it would be too much to bother them. I heard that my cousin has already found a girlfriend.

It seems that I am being superfluous, so I better not delay it anymore and wait until the Chinese New Year to go back.


[Overcast on Monday, August 7, 20xx]


Today is the beginning of autumn. It is a bit cold. A customer has ordered a month’s worth of red roses for his girlfriend. I am so happy, but it is a pity that I am too ugly. Even if I’m looking for a girlfriend, no one will fancy me.


I should earnestly sell my flowers.


[Sunny Tuesday, August 15, 20xx]


Today I met a girl named Lin Xiaomin. She is very beautiful and a lot of boys chase after her. She has a very good personality, even if she is a little crazy haha. She came to my store to buy a lot of flowers. I was a little envious.


[Rain on Saturday, August 26, 20xx]


Lin Xiaomin came to the flower shop again. She bought several bouquets of white roses and she said she likes white roses the most. It seems to be because of her mother.

Hmm, I don’t know what flowers my mother likes.


[Sunday, September 3, 20xx]


The middle school across the street has started its classes. Are all kids romantic? Several of them came to the store to buy flowers, so I didn’t know whether to sell it to them or not.

It seems that I also had puppy love when I was studying, but no one paid attention to it.


[Overcast on Saturday, October 21, 20xx]


The sunset sea at the end of autumn is still so beautiful, it’s a pity that there are no maple leaves in Yunzhen.


[Saturday, November 4, 20xx is sunny]


Today, I cooked noodles in clear soup and made too much. Fortunately, there was my aunt. Although the food was not as delicious as my aunt’s and it was barely edible.

My aunt said that if I do it a few more times, I will become proficient, so I’ll wait two days before preparing it again.


[Rain on Saturday, November 18, 20xx]


Today I went to the city to buy flower seeds. They are so expensive. Why are the prices of flowers so high recently? I can’t afford them anymore and I forgot to check the weather forecast report. I almost got so many flower seeds wet, it’s too miserable for me.


[Sunday Xiaoxue, December 24, 20xx]


It’s Christmas Eve. Let me just say, so many people came to buy flowers suddenly. Lin Xiaomin gave me two Christmas fruits and bought some flowers before twelve o’clock.

I gave her two lollipops that I made myself, hehe, she said they were delicious~


[Sunday heavy snow on December 25, 20xx]


It’s so cold. Lin Xiaomin’s suitor came to the store and bought a lot of flowers. He’s really rich, but Lin Xiaomin and I complained about the boy’s attitude.


She doesn’t like him.


Year 2 prior in Yunzhen:


[Overcast on Wednesday, January 24, 20xx]


Today is the Laba Festival[/mfn]Celebrated on the 8th Day of the 12th month in the Chinese lunar calendar. Regarding the enlightenment of the Buddha[/mfn]. I boiled half a pot of Laba porridge. I forgot to set a timer and in the end, the porridge was mushy. I barely filled a small half bowl and drank it.

Uncle sent Laba garlic, which is delicious.


[Snow on Thursday, February 8, 20xx]


It’s still early in the north and I went back to my uncle and aunt’s house. My cousin and his girlfriend seem to be breaking up, but my cousin didn’t seem very sad. I asked him why and he said that it is unrealistic for girls to chase celebrities every day. How could such handsome celebrities fall in love with ordinary people?


I thought to myself that my cousin is very handsome. Is it possible for such a big star to be more attractive? My cousin showed me a picture of that big star. I think I have seen his ad and um… seems to be prettier than my cousin.


[Overcast on Wednesday, February 21, 20xx]


A film and television base has been built in the city. I heard that there will be stars coming to shoot movies. I want to go and see them. I don’t know when they will come.


[Sunny on Monday, April 16, 20xx]


I went shopping in the city today and I met a celebrity. He looked very hardworking and he looks good, but I haven’t seen him on TV.


He shouldn’t be very popular yet, but he has a good personality. Unlike me who is so ugly. No one paid attention to him, but he actually thinks that I was trying to audition, how could it be possible?


He will definitely succeed in the audition and will definitely become popular in the future.


[Sunny Tuesday, May 1, 20xx]


The children on May Day are all on holiday. Yunzhen has developed a tourism industry. There are a lot of foreign tourists. A lot of flowers were sold today, which is really good. I feel a little rich.


[Sunny Wednesday, July 4, 20xx]


It’s so hot these days, I want to go to the sea!!!


[Light rain on Tuesday, July 24, 20xx]


It finally rained, but the air was so stuffy. I bought an electric fan, ah, it was cool at last, I listened to the rain while blowing cool wind, and then tied some flowers. They are too beautiful.


[Sunny Friday, August 17, 20xx]


It’s Qixi Festival[/mfn]Celebrated on the 7th Day of the 7th month in the Chinese lunar calendar. It’s like traditional valentine’s day.[/mfn] and Lin Xiaomin seems to have a boyfriend now. Recently, there is a photo circulating in her circle of friends. He is not bad, very handsome. A handsome man and a beautiful woman look very cute together.


[Sunday, September 1, 20xx]


The students have started school again so there are many people at the door of the store. I heard that the third year of senior high school is preparing for the college entrance examination in two weeks and many parents are worried.

I went to Aunt Wang’s store to buy fruit. There were lots of children. Aunt Wang was very busy, hahaha.


It would be nice for them to buy some of my flowers to make their bedroom fragrant too!!


[Overcast on Thursday, September 27, 20xx]


I went to see the Sunset Sea again today. There are a lot of people who come to travel these days. It seems that the National Day is coming. When there are more tourists, they will buy some flowers.


I want to make more money and become a rich man!!!


[Sunday light rain on October 14, 20xx]


It’s a bit cold these days, so I need to put on some thick clothes…


[November 5, 20xx Monday sunny]


Huh? Today, I think I saw an actor in an online drama who looks familiar. It seems to be the one in the city before. It turns out that his name is Song Zexu.


Wow, he’s doing well, I knew he could do it. He’ll be a great actor in the future.


Year three back in Yunzhen:


[Snow on Sunday, January 13, 20xx]


I’m really afraid of the cold. It snowed as soon as I got out of the apartment. It’s really cold. Fortunately, it didn’t snow too much. I have to go to my aunt’s house quickly or I won’t be able to leave if the snow is too heavy.


That’s it, my aunt cooked a lot of Laba porridge. I heard that my cousin brought his girlfriend to celebrate the New Year this year. It’s a bit cramped. I can’t lose face.


[Monday, January 14, 20xx is cloudy]


Back home, my cousin’s girlfriend is very polite and gentle and she is very polite at the dinner table. She will be very happy marrying my cousin. Uncle said that she’ll soon have to wrap big red envelopes. My aunt also likes her very much.


My cousin is getting married, and I don’t even have anyone I like.


[Overcast on Thursday, February 14, 20xx]


Why did I dream of Song Zexu?!


[Sunday, February 17, 20xx]


Is Song Zexu busy? It seems that I haven’t seen him except in that web drama…


[Sunny Saturday, March 16, 20xx]


Lin Xiaomin told me that she has a friend who likes chasing 18th-line artists, and two years ago, she crowdfunded that artist to release an album.


My friends are rich too.


[Sunday light rain on April 7, 20xx]


I went to burn some paper for my parents[/mfn]Chinese culture. We burn paper money as offerings to the deceased.[/mfn]. I don’t know if they are doing well in the afterlife. I need to burn more money and buy more delicious food.


[Sunny on Monday, May 13, 20xx]


I just found out that Song Zexu was the artist that Lin Xiaomin said her friend crowdfunded. I really want that digital album so I went to the online market to find it.


It’s so expensive, what should I do? I want to buy it.


[Sunny Wednesday, May 15, 20xx]


Let’s bite our tongue and buy it. I can eat dirt for the next few days.


[Monday, July 15, 20xx is sunny]


!!! Song Zexu has a scandal. Does he have a girlfriend?



[Overcast on Friday, August 16, 20xx]


I came to Song Zexu’s variety show today. He doesn’t look like he has a girlfriend at all. He is single. Hmph, he seems to like roses. I saw a fan give him a bouquet that he likes very much. There are a lot of roses in the store, I will give him the same next time.


I really like him.


[Saturday, September 7, 20xx is sunny]


I have played Song Zexu’s “Spring” many times on repeat. I am yearning for that kind of life. The springtime is full of vitality and the mountains and plains too.


I have watched all of Song Zexu’s program interviews many times. I hope he is prosperous, but not too tired.


[Overcast on Sunday, December 22, 20xx]


During the winter solstice, I ate dumplings. I cooked them with leek stuffing and made dumplings in sour soup. They were delicious. Li Chou, Li Chou, you are really amazing.


I don’t know if Song Zexu will eat dumplings, he seems to have joined a group a few days ago.


Year four back in Yunzhen:


[Snow January 24, 20xx Friday]


Today on New Year’s Eve, I just found out that my cousin broke up with his girlfriend again. The woman’s family disagreed so there were four of us again at the dinner table.


The braised fish cooked by my aunt is really amazing. My aunt asked me if I have a girlfriend. I dare not say that I don’t like girls now.


[Sunny Thursday, March 12, 20xx]


Arbor Day[/mfn]A secular day of observance in which individuals and groups are encouraged to plant trees.[/mfn] is here. I planted a small sapling in front of the store. I wonder if I can see it grow into a towering tree.


[Sunny on Thursday, May 7, 20xx]


Lin Xiaomin must be in a daze. Recently, a male teacher was transferred from the middle school across the street. She was fascinated by him immediately and she started ordering flowers from me.


God, her persistence is so scary.


[Overcast on Thursday, June 4, 20xx]


Has Lin Xiaomin caught up with the male teacher today?




[Sunny Wednesday, June 15, 20xx]


Oh my god, it’s really Song Zexu. I rescued Song Zexu. Am I crazy? I’m not crazy, am I?


[Sunny Tuesday, June 21, 20xx]


Song Zexu still got up very early this morning and woke me up again. He said he wanted to go to the bathroom, so I helped him to the bathroom and stood by the toilet.


He seemed a little embarrassed so I asked him what was wrong. He said don’t look at me and I realized that he was shy.


I exited the bathroom and after a while I heard the toilet flushing. Then he came out of the bathroom a minute later, and he said to me: “Sorry, I’m bothering you again.”


I looked at his reddish cheeks and I was a little lost in thought for a while. I said, “It’s okay, I should go to work now too.”


Song Zexu asked me what time it was.


I glanced at the clock on the wall. It was only four o’clock in the morning, but I was afraid that Song Zexu would feel sorry, so I said, “It’s already seven o’clock and the sun is already out.”


Song Zexu said “Oh” without any doubt, but I saw that his expression was a little absent-minded and he said after a while: “I’ll have to wait a long time for you to get back, and it’s even after the sun has gone.”


I was startled and suddenly thought: “Does Song Zexu want to go back?”


That’s right, he didn’t belong here in the first place. He is a big star and he’s always wanted to shine on the big screen.


Although I was very disappointed, I still smiled and was about to ask him when he was going to leave, but Song Zexu suddenly said: “But sometimes seeing the sun is not necessarily a good thing.”


I always feel that there is something in Song Zexu’s words, but I am too ashamed to ask. I am afraid that he will find it too offensive and I am stuck thinking about what is it.


What do you mean?


[Light rain on Friday, June 24, 20xx]


The weather was bad today, it was raining all day and I felt a bit cold. I was afraid of infecting Song Zexu. After getting off work, I went to the vegetable market to buy a fish and boiled it for a while in a pot. I filled a bowl of soup for myself, and left the fish to Song Zexu.


Song Zexu only ate a little bit. He said he didn’t like fish. I clearly remember that Song Zexu said in an interview that he loves fish the most. Turns out it’s fake.


I couldn’t help coughing while washing the dishes, and when Song Zexu found out he brought me a cup of hot water with his own hands, and said that I should eat the medicine in time


I was a little surprised, Song Zexu was so considerate. I was a little happy, I really wondered if it was a dream.


It’s good to take the medicine for seven days, and it’s good to not take it for more than a week. I don’t like taking medicine, so I only drank the water from Song Zexu in the end.


Song Zexu is really nice, I like him very much.


[Saturday, July 2, 20xx is sunny]


Today Song Zexu borrowed my mobile phone to make a call. He asked me to dial a number for him. He was calling from the balcony. When it got through, I heard his manager’s voice, but I couldn’t hear what he said on the other line. I had a hunch that he was leaving soon. He probably told his manager to pick him up. Although I should have expected such a day, I was still so sad and a little bit reluctant.


But at least I had him to myself for a short time, so I should be satisfied.


That is, it would be nice if time passed a little slower.


[Overcast on Tuesday, October 4, 20xx]


I’m going to Song Zexu’s fan meeting tomorrow. I almost didn’t get a ticket. Luckily, there is Li Xiaomin. Her relatives are so amazing.


Thinking about it, I’m still a little excited. I don’t know if Song Zexu still remembers me and about that letter… I don’t know if he saw it? Even if he saw, he wouldn’t care, right? There are so many people who like him, how could he notice me who is ugly?


Song Zexu seems to be a little thinner. I saw his interview yesterday and his face was a lot smaller yesterday. He must not be eating well. When he was at home, he never ate much, so the company should treat him better. It’s not good to be too thin, or else he won’t be able to keep up with his nutritional needs.


In fact, I really want Song Zexu to come to Yunzhen again, to see the sunset sea under the afterglow of the setting sun as the golden sea is rippling, or sit on the Grandpa’s fishing boat and go out to the deep sea to play, but forget it. He won’t come. He will definitely hate my face when he sees it.


I can only imagine a little.


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