In fairy tales, Cupid was known as the most mysterious symbol of love. This little god of love, who was naked and carried a bow and arrow, was fond of playing games with people blindfolded. Not to mention ordinary people, even the gods themselves couldn’t escape their mischievous pranks. When their golden arrow struck a person’s heart, love was illuminated from that moment on.

       Suo Yang had always felt that he seemed to be doing well. As long as he had time, he would accompany Shen Huiming to take care of the man who had been so busy lately that he hadn’t even had time to cut his hair.

       He learned how to make soup and learned to wait for someone to come home late at night.

       He began to adapt to the presence of another person in his life and put the other person in a very important position.

       He would not deliberately try to please him but would subconsciously hope that the other party would have an easier life.

       That was probably how loving someone was—always hoping that the other person was happy because of you.

       It was finding joy in the presence of oneself, not just for the sake of being happy alone.

       When Suo Yang and Shen Huiming were lying side by side on the bed, their fingers were hooked by each other. They swore like they did when they were children, but they didn’t know what they swore to each other.

       As New Year’s Eve approached, Shen Huiming took some time out of his busy schedule to plan this matter but suddenly remembered that he didn’t know whether Suo Yang would be available at that time.

       “Do you already know the New Year’s Eve flight arrangements?” Shen Huiming turned sideways and looked at Suo Yang who was lying flat there.

       Suo Yang turned to look at him, “Do we have arrangements?”

       “Even though we’re adults now, we should live a little more down-to-earth,” Shen Huiming smiled and said, “But after all, it’s the first New Year’s Eve we’ve spent together and also your first birthday since we got together.”

       Suo Yang’s birthday was the last day of the year, December 31st.

       He didn’t mention this to Shen Huiming, but the two of them never hid anything from each other, such information could be easily known.

       But Suo Yang was still very happy that Shen Huiming could keep it in mind.

       “Are you going to celebrate my birthday?” Suo Yang hardly ever celebrated his birthday properly.

       Since he was a child, the atmosphere in his family has always been very serious. Although the family members were not indifferent to each other, whether it was between his parents or between him and his parents, it had always felt more like respect than love. His parents showed mutual respect, and he had always looked up to and respected them. They wouldn’t make plans to travel together, wouldn’t celebrate each other’s birthdays, and even on New Year’s Eve, they would strictly follow the routine—watching the New Year’s Gala, eating dumplings, and turning off the lights to sleep after midnight.

       This also led to Suo Yang not even having the concept of celebrating birthdays before he went to college. The first time he celebrated a birthday decently was when he was a freshman, and several roommates in the same dormitory bought him a cake together.

       After work, every year on his birthday, the company would send various benefits to him, but Suo Yang still rarely celebrated. Firstly, he had no time, and secondly, he thought it was unnecessary.

       It wasn’t necessary before, but now it is.

       After starting their relationship, it seemed like every day was lived quite differently from before, and they began to look forward to every special day, whether it was a holiday or an anniversary.

       People in relationships always try to make every day intensely romantic, and holidays or anniversaries are even more of an excuse for them to be reasonably romantic.

       “Of course.” Shen Huiming said, “But everything depends on your arrangement. If you have flight arrangements, we’ll spend it on the plane. If not, we’ll follow my plan.”

       Suo Yang also turned to the side and rested his head on Shen Huiming’s chest.

       Winter had already arrived, and the heating was on at home, but the warmest place was still in Shen Huiming’s embrace.

       “Okay,” Suo Yang said, “Go arrange it, I will like everything you arrange.”


       Suo Yang originally had a flight scheduled for the 31st but switched shifts with a colleague to free up time.

       He started his break on the 30th, took a good sleep at home, and then in the evening, he made plans to meet up with Shen Huiming to have dinner with Shen Huiming’s parents.

       Since the last time they met, Shen Huiming’s parents had been thinking about inviting them home for a meal. Although they had a good meal outside, after all, it was a sudden encounter that day, and there were some things uncomfortable to be talked about outside.

       Being at their own home was so much better; they could relax, sit together like a family, enjoy hot pot, and have a drink, creating a warm and cosy atmosphere.

       Suo Yang went to get a haircut, specifically to meet Shen Huiming’s parents, and before setting off to find Shen Huiming, he stood in front of the mirror and changed into several outfits.

       He was not this nervous when he went out with Shen Huiming.

       Although Suo Yang always behaved with ease at work, he still felt a little at a loss when facing his lover’s parents or any elder who was important to Shen Huiming. It was because he knew very well that in such situations, he couldn’t rely on his work skills, and yet, he wasn’t sure how to interact with them without those familiar working skills routines.

       At 6:30 in the evening, Shen Huiming got off work on time.

       When he walked out of the office building, he found that it was snowing outside. He couldn’t recall if this was the first or how many snowfalls they’d had this winter, but it was the first time he and Suo Yang had walked together in the snow.

       “Why don’t you go up?” Shen Huiming walked towards the man standing on the side of the road.

       Suo Yang turned around and looked at him with a smile, “It’s snowing, and it’s quite pretty outside.”

       Because he wanted to drink at night, Suo Yang didn’t drive over, and Shen Huiming’s car simply parked in the parking lot downstairs of the company. He took a taxi directly to have dinner with his parents.

       It was snowing, and the roads were slippery, and it was the evening rush hour. They were stuck in traffic jams for a long time. Originally, they could get there in about 40 minutes, but it turned out that they drove for almost an hour and a half.

       During this time, Shen Huiming’s mother called, thinking that the two of them might have been too busy and forgotten about their dinner plans.

       “Who could forget when there’s good food involved?” Shen Huiming said. “It’s been a while since the two of us had hot pot.”

       Shen Huiming’s mother was happy to hear that and told them to stay safe and not to rush.

       It was useless to be anxious about the traffic jam. Fortunately, they managed to arrive before eight o’clock.

       The two stepped on the snow and walked into the neighbourhood, leaving two strings of footprints side by side on the soft snow.

       It wasn’t very cold on the snowy day, but the snow was falling heavily. They hadn’t walked far before they were covered in snow on their heads and shoulders.

       After entering the corridor, Shen Huiming raised his hand to help Suo Yang sweep the snow off his body, Suo Yang said, “Huiming, I’m still a little nervous.”

       Shen Huiming looked up at him, smiled, and then went to hug him and kiss him.

       “Now? Are you still nervous?”

       Suo Yang smiled softly, “I’m even more nervous.”

       The two stood in the corridor looking at each other like two silly boys looking at each other and smiling.

       “Let me tell you something; after I tell you, you might not be so nervous,” Shen Huiming said. “Last time, after my parents met you, they called me and talked about it.”

       Suo Yang was a little surprised, “Huh?”

       Shen Huiming originally wanted to tell Suo Yang about the phone call, and he even thought of how to complain about his parents because it was too funny.

       However, Suo Yang had gone out for work at that time, and when he returned, it was already two days later. Shen Huiming had completely forgotten about it.

       “What did Auntie say?” Suo Yang’s heart was in his throat.

       “She asked me how she had behaved.” Shen Huiming tried not to laugh. He found that his parents and his lover were very funny. Everyone wanted to make a good impression on each other, but they were all nervous and jumpy.

       Suo Yang was a little surprised.

       “I forgot to tell you before, my mother is the head nurse of the hospital. Although it’s embarrassing to praise her so much like this as a son, she is indeed the kind of outstanding female representative who is very capable of working and getting along with others.” Shen Huiming smiled, “But don’t be fooled by how confident she seems on the outside; deep down, she’s still a shy girl.”

       Suo Yang smiled, “Auntie is very cute.”

       “Yes, she is very cute, but also very fragile and sensitive,” Shen Huiming couldn’t help laughing, “I have been single for so many years. My mother thinks that it must be because there are too few homosexuals, so it’s not easy to find a partner, and she hopes that I can have a stable partner, but as you know, my parents are both looking forward to and worried about it.”

       Suo Yang nodded.

       “So when they saw you, my parents were actually relieved and felt that you had completely exceeded their expectations.”

       With that being said, Suo Yang was a little embarrassed. He felt that he was really not that good.

       If there was anything to praise about him as Shen Huiming’s partner, the only thing was that he genuinely loved Shen Huiming.

       “On the day we met, my parents were quite cautious around you too. They were afraid that they might not make a good impression and scare you away.”

       Shen Huiming couldn’t help it anymore and laughed, “Why are you both so nervous? You won’t be scared away, and they won’t dislike you.”

       After Shen Huiming finished speaking, he took Suo Yang’s hand, “Let’s go. When we meet them later, be affectionate, you can call them ‘Mom and Dad’ too.”

       Suo Yang was led into the elevator by Shen Huiming. He looked at him and then clasped his fingers tightly.

       Suo Yang had always been unsure how to define his own life. All labels are nothing more than ordinary, commonplace, and unremarkable in the end.

       But since he met Shen Huiming, he found that he finally understood that he was favoured by fate.

       When one encounters such a partner and such a family, what more could one wish for in a spouse?

       They rang the doorbell, and Shen Huiming’s father came to open the door.

       Suo Yang opened his mouth and hesitated for a while. In the end, he didn’t have the nerve to really call him ‘Dad’.

       “Hello, Uncle.” Suo Yang handed over the wine in his hand, “Huiming said you like to drink this.”

       Shen Huiming’s mother heard the sound and ran over from the dining room with an apron still on her body.

       Unlike the last time they met, this time Shen Huiming’s parents were dressed comfortably at home, and the whole atmosphere was very relaxing.

       “Come in,” Shen Huiming’s mother beckoned them to enter the door, “Is it cold outside?”

       She stood there, reaching out to take the coats that the two children had just removed.

       “I’ll take it, I’ll take it.” Shen Huiming didn’t let his mother take it. He hugged his and Suo Yang’s coats and hung them on the hanger at the door.

       “It’s not cold,” Shen Huiming said, “but it’s snowing heavily; I think it will get colder tomorrow,” Shen Huiming suggested.”

       Suo Yang followed Shen Huiming into the house. The heating here seemed to be better than the one where they lived, and the house was extremely warm.

       “Just now, your dad was saying that since you arrived late, you shouldn’t leave tonight. Stay the night and go back tomorrow during the day,” Shen Huiming’s mother asked Suo Yang, “Xiao Suo, do you have to work tomorrow?”

       Suo Yang answered diligently, “I’m off for the next few days.”

       Shen Huiming took his hand and sat down on the sofa. Each of them held a glass of warm water and took a few sips.

       Shen Huiming’s father went to the kitchen and took all the prepared dishes to the dining room.

       Suo Yang wanted to help but was stopped by Shen Huiming’s mother.

       “You guys take a rest, warm up a bit, and we’ll get dinner ready.” She got up and walked to the dining room, “It’s warm inside the house. Sweaters are too much. I’ve put two sets of pyjamas in Huiming’s room for you. After you finish your drinks, you can go change into them.”

       She went to work in the dining room, leaving the two children drinking water in the living room.

       Shen Huiming asked in a low voice, “How is it? Do you want to stay?”

       Suo Yang looked at him with a smile, “Yeah, I have no problem with that.”

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