Moschery turned his back to Qin Yun without saying a word. He could feel the sentinel’s anger and out-of-control emotions without getting close to him. The Emperor’s sword was cold and sharp, and Qin Yun watched as he swiftly exploded the heads of each clone.

       “That…maybe it’s an illusion.” Qin Yun tried to appease Moschery’s consciousness, “Many oriental faces with closed eyes have similarities…”

       Moschery wiped the blood splattered on his face. He remained silent and seemed to be looking at the facial features of the clone under his feet. Then he picked up the hilt of the sword and stabbed it hard into the opponent’s eye socket.

       Qin Yun: “…”

       Moschery kicked the capsule on the ground and said, “Look again to see if there are any more. Don’t let any go. Destroy them all.”

       “Most of them just have similar eyes…” Qin Yun struggled to find some justification, “Looks are not that important…”

       “And?” Moschery stared at him with his only normal black eyes, “So, are you suggesting that in the future, on the battlefield, I might encounter a clone that looks like you, assisting other sentinels?”

       Qin Yun frowned, not knowing how to answer.

       Moschery sneered, “Don’t be ridiculous. You are one of a kind and belong only to me. Just because Olympus dares to copy you as a clone, I feel like killing everyone on this ship.”

       He approached Qin Yun step by step, suddenly stretched out his hand, and pressed his bloody palm hard on Qin Yun’s neck, their foreheads trying to touch each other tightly. Moschery took off the black eye mask, revealing the golden-red ‘dragon’s eyes’ that reflected a complicated expression on Qin Yun’s face.

       “I don’t even know when they took your genes!” Moschery’s palms were cold and trembling slightly, “Your spiritual power is the only one Zhongyan did not find repulsive. Only you can get close to me, and yet I don’t even know my own guide genes have been cloned…”

       “Calm down, Xi Zhao.” Qin Yun grabbed Moschery’s hand, his guiding tendrils gently wrapped Moschery’s consciousness cloud, and the other arm hugged him tightly, “Calm down… They just look a bit alike. That’s it. Maybe it’s not my genetic clone at all; I am who I am, and no one can copy it.”

       Moschery stood stiffly, his chest heaving violently, but he did not refuse Qin Yun’s mental guiding. He closed his eyes and wiped Qin Yun’s neck with the back of his hand, “It’s stained with blood.”

       “It’s okay.” Qin Yun hugged him tightly, “It’s okay.”

       He felt the shock, anger and fear in Moschery’s consciousness, tearing at his brain nerves like a violent storm. Qin Yun felt that Moschery’s eyes aching and swollen, and it was almost as if he was forcing himself to keep from shedding tears.


       The two hugged each other quietly for a long time until they heard Ali’s call and separated.

       “Let’s go.” Moschery strapped the sword back to his back. In the end, he was still worried, and he simply found a bottle of dissolving solution and poured it all over the bottom shelf.

       Ali was waiting for them at the filter, looking a little anxious, “Why did you take so long? Yaya has already gone out. The twins are waiting for us at the entrance. The situation outside doesn’t seem to be right. We may have to break out later.”

       Qin Yun was tying Moschery’s eyepatch. Hearing this, he paused, and Moschery pulled out the long sword from his back. He waited until Qin Yun finished the work before pulling him to his side.

       “Let Chen Xiao launch the ship and prepare to leave the port.” After Moschery finished speaking, he held Qin Yun’s chin and kissed his lips. Ali coughed awkwardly and turned away. Before Qin Yun could blush, he felt the other person’s abundant pheromones instantly replenish the mental energy he had just consumed.

       Moschery did not close his eyes; his gaze was gentle. He stared into his guide’s eyes for a moment, “I will take you out.” He kissed the corner of Qin Yun’s mouth one last time, “Go back to the Stallion Balls and wait for me.”


       The twins were hiding in the narrow gap at the entrance, looking a little embarrassed. The younger brother was slightly injured, and the older brother’s pug was carefully licking wounds.

       “We’ve taken out a wave.” The older brother’s face was a bit tired, and Qin Yun had just realised that he had condensed his mental power into two daggers. “This is not an ordinary merchant ship. Our intelligence is wrong… The enemy’s sentinel count may be in the thousands, not to mention the number of guides.”

       The Tibetan Mastiff pawed irritably on the ground. The pug stepped forward and licked its face a few times before it gradually calmed down. The younger brother temporarily bandaged the wound, “They should have blocked all the departure ports of Shura Gates. The boss’s side gives us news that they can still hold out for a while but can only give us 10 minutes’ time.”

       “Ten minutes is enough.” Moschery pushed Qin Yun into the middle of the three of them, “Protect him.”

       Of course Qin Yun didn’t want to be protected, but with three people desperately surrounding him, there was no place for him to move. Seeing the older brother’s two daggers slip into the sky, Qin Yun didn’t even have a chance to find a bow.

       “Who is he?” Ali was obviously impressed by Moschery’s incredible fighting prowess. The ferocious man stared dumbfoundedly at His Majesty’s sword, and he killed several sentinels in front of him with just a few leaps.

       Qin Yun complained in his heart that he would scare him to death if he told him who Moschery was, and his eyes followed Moschery’s figure nervously. Several people followed him and fought their way out, returning to the Stallion Balls in a state of mess.


       Qin Yun was the second to last one to board the aircraft carrier, and when he was about to bend down and pull Moschery, the other party withdrew his hand.

       “You go with them first.” Moschery held up the hatch and trapped Qin Yun in his arms. He looked down at his guide’s panicked face, “I’m going back to blow up the Olympus ship.”

       “I’m going with you.” Qin Yun said as he was about to jump off the Stallion Balls, but before he could move, he was blocked by Zhongyan, who suddenly appeared.

       “…Xi Zhao?!” Qin Yun was shocked and angry. For the first time, he turned coldly towards Zhongyan, “Get out of the way!”

       The black dragon’s expression was a little uneasy, but it still firmly opened its wings to block the hatch, and the dragon’s muzzle carefully rubbed Qin Yun’s cheek.

       Qin Yun heard Chen Xiao’s order to leave the port. The black dragon flapped its giant wings and flew up with the aircraft. It slowly stopped when it reached a certain height. Qin Yun held the hatch and looked down. Although he could not find anything, he could see the shadow of Moschery. The owner’s mood could directly affect the state of the spiritual link, and he saw Zhongyan look at him reluctantly, turn around three times and let out a long dragon roar before he swept away with his dragon tail without looking back.

       Qin Yun’s fist hit the cabin door hard. His eyes were red; he wiped his face angrily and stood up.


       Chen Xiao wandered around the Stallion Balls for half a circle without finding Qin Yun. He was not afraid of him getting lost, but he was still worried that His Majesty the Emperor’s person was not with him.

       “Where have you gone?” Chen Xiao frowned. When he turned around, he saw Ali running towards him in a panic.

       “Qin, Guide Qin!” Ali gasped, “He flew the No. 8 aircraft and asked us to open the side door!”

       Qin Yun checked the flight path of the narrow aircraft and checked all the weapons that came with the aircraft. He had a bow on his shoulder and sat in an awkward posture.

       After the third request to open the wing hatch, the main control room asked to connect to visual communication. Qin Yun thought for a while and pressed ‘agree’.

       Chen Xiao’s whole face was almost plastered against the screen, “Are you crazy?! What do you want to go back for?! Your Majesty… Moschery can handle it all by himself and come back safely. Do you understand that you could only drag him down if you go there?!!!”

       “I will not hold him back.” Qin Yun said calmly, “I am his guide, and I have the right to stay by his side.”

       Chen Xiao was going crazy, “Can’t you just wait for him to come back?!”

       Qin Yun was silent, and after a long while, he asked word by word, “How do you want me to feel when he comes back?”

       Chen Xiao was stunned, “What…what feelings…”

       “My sentinel is fighting on the front line. I can’t see, hear, or even feel him.” Qin Yun paused. He looked at Chen Xiao’s face on the screen seriously, “I don’t want to wait for him to come back in such a mood, do you understand?”


       Moschery stepped on a small aircraft, and he pinched the neck of a guide without mercy. The eyepatch had long ago fallen off somewhere during the battle, and his golden pupils were like sharp needles, staring at the opponent eerily.

       “I’ll ask again.” Moschery’s tone was cold, “Where did you get the cloned genes? How many are left? Where are they?”

       The guide was choked and could hardly breathe. He was horrified to find that his guiding tendrils were completely useless, and even close-range mental attacks had no effect at all.

       “While waves of shameful warmth surged through his body, a fierce, uncontrollable desire roared to life…”

       Bonding heat…?! He was actually seduced by the pheromones on the other person’s body and forced into heat?!

       “I–I don’t know… It’s so, so uncomfortable…” The guide’s eyes were distracted, and he shook his head randomly, “We are only responsible for transporting goods to Eta Star… and along the way, we will replace the previous batch of garrisoned troops… About cloning genes… I really don’t know…”

       Moschery squinted his eyes to assess the credibility of this sentence. He let go of his hand with some disgust and let the guide, who had already fallen into bonding heat, slide to the ground.

       “Help me… I, I’m high-level SS guide…” The guide reached out and grabbed Moschery’s trouser leg and said, “Please, please… mark me…”

       Moschery shook his feet, lifted the opponent’s chin with the toe of his shoe, and smiled sarcastically, “So what if you are a high-level SS? You can’t even compare to a hair of my guide… Mark you? How could you want me to mark you?”

The author has something to say:
After the cloning, the details will be explained gradually. Qin Yun didn’t have a cheat power-up; continuous growth and getting stronger is what he had to do at this stage. Moreover, I’m quite worried that once he powers up, this story of mine will come to an end… (sigh)

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