The battle situation of the ‘Shura Gate’ looked like a mess from afar. Qin Yun landed unsteadily in his aircraft near the port. When he was about to come out, Chen Xiao pressed his head and suppressed him.

       “I’ll go out first.” Chen Xiao will pull out a scimitar from his waist, “Wait until you’re sure there’s no threat to you before you come out.”

       “…” Qin Yun grumbled as he ruffled at his messed up hair, “I never planned to bring you here… Why did you come with me?”

       Chen Xiao’s voice sounded a bit far away, “What if you come here recklessly and something happens? I have 10 heads, and it won’t be enough even if Moschery chop them all off.” He said, walked back a few steps and patted the door of the aircraft, “Come out.”

       Qin Yun carried not only a bow but also a large bag on his back. He climbed out of the cabin door awkwardly and saw Jifeng hovering in the sky not far away.

       “What did it find?” Qin Yun looked up with squinted eyes.

       Chen Xiao frowned and answered after a while, “It seems to be a guide?”


       The high-level SS guide was lying on the ground and was already burned out and dazed. Qin Yun looked around and did not see Moschery. He had no choice but to help him carry the one in bonding heat over first.

       “He’s forcing people to go into heat again.” Chen Xiao sighed, “He is worthy of being a god-level. The pheromones of someone who had been mentally marked can easily make other single guides go into heat… Isn’t it very hard for you to be with him?”

       After Chen Xiao said this, Qin Yun realised that he looked like the first wife who was wiping her husband’s butt and cleaning up the mess…

       “It must be very uncomfortable to be forced to go into bonding heat every day, right?” Chen Xiao sympathised, “Is it that you have too much stamina or is Moschery not up to the task, considering you haven’t been done to the point of being unable to get out of bed?”

       Qin Yun didn’t react for a moment. He found that the other party’s brain circuit was not in the same dimension as his, so he could only half-open his mouth in confusion, “Huh?”

       “Huh what?” Chen Xiao asked strangely, “Aren’t you his guide? Are you not in bonding heat after being with such a walking aphrodisiac all day long?”

       “…” Qin Yun then realised that he never seemed to have any signs of bonding heat. “Under what circumstances… would the guide not respond to sentinel’s pheromones?”

       Chen Xiao explained, “Their difference is significant. For example, if a sentinel’s level is lower than the guide, even if the sentinel releases pheromones, the guide won’t respond. Conversely, if the sentinel’s level is too high, any guide below that level will be forced into triggering bonding heat. That’s why, from the moment of awakening, we have to learn how to conceal our own pheromones. Of course, because the number of guides is much lower than sentinels, it’s not ruled out that high-level sentinels might seek guides based on their rank. The condition is that the guide can withstand the overpowering consciousness of the high-level sentinel.”

       As he spoke, he glanced at Qin Yun, “Are you a high-level SSS? How come I never see you releasing spiritual links?”

       Qin Yun thought about it and felt really embarrassed to say that he did not have a spiritual link…

       Fortunately, Chen Xiao did not ask further, “Moschery’s pheromones are too strong to hide it all, so he has been nicknamed the walking aphrodisiac for a long time. He is also a god-level one, and there is no matching guide that can withstand him. You can catch his consciousness cloud, so he changes from a walking aphrodisiac to a walking poison.”

       Qin Yun: “…”

       “Ah, but now he has you.” Chen Xiao patted Qin Yun on the shoulder, “The guide and sentinel, which are 100% matched, can’t control bonding heat at all unless the guide has extraordinary abilities to resist the seduction of the sentinel’s pheromones. However, Moschery is already at a god-level…”

       Qin Yun: “That…”

       Chen Xiao: “We are all men, so there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Moschery should be very capable in that area. You have to be careful and don’t work so hard.”

       Qin Yun had tears streaming down his face, thinking that it was related to His Majesty’s sexual ability and also related to the innocence of his chrysanthemums. This was simply the most difficult problem with multiple answers in the world…


       Moschery poured the last barrel of gasoline on the shelf in the storage cabin. He threw the can and walked to the main control room alone.

       The body of the sentinel he killed earlier was still there. Moschery pushed it away with his feet and then quickly started the self-destruct program on the pilot.

       There was a lot of commotion outside. Moschery estimated the number of people and did not intend to fight. He pried open the escape door at the bottom of the main control room and jumped down.


       The first thing Qin Yun saw was Zhongyan. The huge black dragon soared into the sky, its wings almost blocking the sky. It hurriedly found high ground to get down, and in no time, he saw Moschery’s rapidly running figure.

       “Xi Zhao!” Qin Yun shouted, waving his hands, “This way! Come here!”

       Moschery looked up in a hurry. He didn’t show any surprise on his face. He just frowned and jumped up to where Qin Yun was hiding.

       Only then did Qin Yun realise there was a person chasing him.

       “Let’s go!” Moschery picked him up and ran.

       Before Qin Yun could stand up, he was grabbed by the shoulder by the spiritual link of a vulture of the opponent’s sentinel.

       “Jii—!” Zhongyan roared and swooped down, opened his mouth and bit the vulture’s throat fiercely. Qin Yun only heard a loud explosion behind him, and he was pinned to the ground by Moschery.

       The hot wind, enveloped in swirling gravel, came sweeping down from all directions, and if Moschery hadn’t pressed down with all his strength, Qin Yun felt that he would be lifted up.

       He didn’t know how long it had been since the explosion before he was dug out of the sand. The huge ringing in his ears made his head spin and hurt. Moschery patted his face, and all Qin Yun saw was him opening and closing his mouth.

       “What—?!” Qin Yun pointed to his ear, “It’s too noisy! I can’t hear you!”

       “You give me…” Moschery’s voice drifted faintly into his ear. “Go back!”

       Qin Yun shook his head desperately, “No! I can’t hear you!”

       Moschery’s face turned extremely dark, and he shouted, “Zhongyan!” as if he wanted the dragon to carry Qin Yun back.

       Zhongyan flapping his wings obediently and trotted over. Qin Yun shouted, “Stop!” and then quickly took out the big bag on his back.

       A super-shining rhinestone bone appeared in Qin Yun’s hand. He tossed it up and down a few times and then threw it far away with great force. Zhongyan’s eyes widened and he subconsciously stretched his neck, and Qin Yun shouted, ” Pick it up for me!”

       The giant dragon snorted and flapped its wings happily, and ran out…

       Moschery: “…”


       When Chen Xiao arrived, he saw Qin Yun arguing with Moschery and throwing rhinestone bones. The conversation between the two was so childish that even he, an outsider, could hardly stand to listen…

       Moschery roared angrily, “Don’t throw it away! Do you think it’s a dog?!”

       Zhongyan held the bone in his mouth. He lay on the ground and swung his tail, throwing the bone into Qin Yun’s hand. Its huge dragon’s muzzle arching over his leg, Qin Yun stroked its head and said firmly, “Then you’re not allowed to drive me away.”

       Moschery gritted his teeth, “You want to die that much?!”

       Qin Yun also became angry when he heard this, “Isn’t it just being buried together then?! Who’s afraid of who!”

       “You’ve learnt to talk back now, huh?!” Moschery was so angry, “Do you want to be spanked so badly?!”

       Of course Qin Yun couldn’t say, ‘Come on, come and spank me’. He made it clear that he wouldn’t go back even if he beat him to death. In reality, Moschery couldn’t do anything about him.


       The sentinel that was chasing them earlier had already been swept away by the explosive air currents. However, it wasn’t an easy task for them to escape unscathed. Qin Yun’s makeshift aircraft could only accommodate two people at most. Chen Xiao suggested that they needed to find a larger spacecraft for everyone to retreat safely.

       “How many sentinels and guides are left?” Chen Xiao asked without looking up while drawing a map.

       Moschery calculated silently, “I just killed about 200 of them…the ones left are at least four times as many, not counting guides.”

       “I can deal with the guide.” Qin Yun raised his hand, “Chen Xiao can go to find the aircraft?”

       Moschery disagreed, “I can’t protect you with so many sentinels by myself. Chen Xiao has to follow us.”

       “Actually, we don’t need to annihilate everyone.” Chen Xiao marked the location of the port on the map, “We just need to dodge a few important points… Getting out of here first is the priority.”

       Moschery was silent for a while and suddenly asked, “Do you know where these sentinels and guides are going?”

       Chen Xiao: “?”

       “They are going to Eta Star.” Moschery looked at Qin Yun, “There are clones of Qin Yun’s genes on that ship, and they are also going to be sent to Eta Star.”

       Chen Xiao’s expression changed greatly, and he said to himself, “I heard the news from Olympus’ side that there is a god-level guide’s gene on Eta Star…”

       Moschery interrupted him calmly, “Whether this is true or not, I have to rush to Eta Star to confirm the authenticity of the god-level gene before the support here arrives.”

       “What about Qin Yun’s clone?” Chen Xiao asked anxiously.

       “It has been destroyed.” Qin Yun trembled a little when he thought of Moschery’s cruel methods. Although those were just a clone and did not resemble him in many parts, he still felt a little pain when he saw the other person being stabbed through the head. He added, “There should be no possibility of repairing a head that is directly chopped off.”

       “Good job!” Chen Xiao slapped his thigh, “If you want to destroy a guide without a brain nerve destroying agent, the best way is to destroy the brain through external force directly.”

       Moschery: “But we cannot rule out that they could use the god-level guide’s genetic repair.”

       Chen Xiao was stunned for a moment. He was a bit dumbfounded, “True… I’m not sure if there are god-level on Eta Star…”

       “So.” Moschery smiled coldly, “I burned all the clones and blew up the ship by the way. Not to mention the corpses; they probably couldn’t even find the ashes in the end.”

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