The words he heard from Cong Yu kept Xi Feng awake most of the night. He was lying on the bed tossing and turning, and his head seemed to be experiencing a grand fireworks show. They were dazzling and looked far away but seemingly within reach. After the performance was over and calmed down completely, Xi Feng knew what to do tomorrow. He closed his eyes in the dark and fell asleep slowly.

  On the third day after his return, there was a briefing session in the morning. Xi Feng sat in the front row of the venue as the branch’s representative, and He Yunsheng’s seat was a row behind him. He couldn’t stare at the back all the time. It was only by chance when he turned his head, he found that He Yunsheng had come.

       He Yunsheng noticed his gaze and nodded at him. Xi Feng suddenly felt energized. He also nodded, holding the report materials in his hand, with a sense of high-spirited euphoria.

       When Xi Feng went up to give a report, he looked focused and serious. At first, he felt nervous but later became calmer and calmer. He wanted to let He Yunsheng see how he was really like now.

       As soon as the report meeting was over, Xi Feng looked back for He Yunsheng and saw that he had gotten up and left the meeting place.

       But not long after that, Xi Feng received a WeChat message from He Yunsheng and asked him to have dinner together in the evening.

       Xi Feng turned all of his excitement into a seemingly subdued “Yes”.

       Unfortunately, that meal didn’t work out that night.

       In the afternoon, the superior who was with Xi Feng told him to have dinner with him tonight, and the person in charge of the meal was Xi Feng’s former deputy manager in the head office.

       There’s no way to sneak out from this kind of meal. Xi Feng had no choice but to send a WeChat message to He Yunsheng to clarify the situation at night and finally asked whether it could be changed to tomorrow.

       In response, He Yunsheng only replied that he would talk about it tomorrow.

       Xi Feng immediately felt depressed, fearing that this tomorrow would lead to this meal being postponed indefinitely.

       As a result, Xi Feng still did not anticipate that the deputy manager took He Yunsheng for dinner that night.

       When he first saw He Yunsheng in the private room, Xi Feng still could not suppress his excitement. After he sat down, he suddenly realized a problem. The deputy manager seemed to like to take He Yunsheng everywhere, which made him inevitably feel a little uneasy.

       He likes He Yunsheng, and he thinks that He Yunsheng is a perfect and impeccable treasure. It seems that everyone will like He Yunsheng, and everyone should like He Yunsheng.

       He Yunsheng did not know that in the few short steps Xi Feng walked into the room, his head had struggled back and forth, he just stood up with others and greeted them with a smile.

       The meal was nothing more than toasting and drinking.

  Xi Feng was the absolute junior at this wine table. He not only drank the most but also needed to work hard to take care of every high ranking superior and to entertain them. When he saw the other party run out of tea, he immediately poured tea. When he saw someone beckoning to call the waiter, he took the initiative to get up and help call someone.

       If Xi Feng’s mother was also sitting at this table, she would be heartbroken.

       But who would be heartbroken now? Everyone will only think that he is sensible and good at socializing. This is a good thing in the workplace and should be praised. The former deputy manager in charge patted Xi Feng’s shoulder vigorously, saying that he has changed a lot and has a bright future.

       Only He Yunsheng glanced at him occasionally and silently handed him the tea after he finished drinking.

       After eating, they were going to sing according to the deputy manager’s hobby and habits.

       Sitting in the dark corner of the KTV box, Xi Feng could breathe a sigh of relief. When no one noticed him, he quietly stared at He Yunsheng for a while.

       He drank too much, but he didn’t dare to get drunk. How could he afford to get drunk in this kind of situation? He also didn’t grab the microphone, and just lay halfway on the sofa as a listener.

       Later, Xi Feng saw He Yunsheng take out his mobile phone from his pocket and then walked outside while answering the phone.

       He sat up straight involuntarily, hesitating to find an excuse to go out, but there was a bathroom inside the private room, and he can’t seem to find any reason to go out.

       Two minutes later, he saw He Yunsheng hurriedly return to the private room with his mobile phone still in his hand. His brows frowned slightly.

       Since He Yunsheng went out to answer the phone, his frowning brow has not eased. It seems that there is something on his mind, and after sitting restlessly for more than a minute, he suddenly remembered something and got up again and walked out of the private room.

       Xi Feng wondered where He Yunsheng was going, because he hadn’t greeted anyone, so it was impossible for him to just leave without a word. After thinking about it, he couldn’t help it anymore, Xi Feng got up from the sofa and followed him out of the room.

       He was a little unsteady on his feet. When he went out of the private room door, his shoulder hit the door frame, and the pain made him frown slightly.

       After walking out of the private room door, Xi Feng realized that He Yunsheng had not actually gone far, but was standing in the corridor with his back against the wall, looking at him in surprise.

       “Why did you come out?” He Yunsheng asked.

       This question was also what Xi Feng wanted to ask, and before he could say anything, he heard the sound of a person’s footsteps coming from the end of the corridor and turned his head to look.

       Xi Feng saw a young man walking by, wearing a ripped T-shirt, dyed yellow hair, and staring coldly.

       He Yunsheng took Xi Feng’s hand and walked forward, and said as he walked, “Don’t pay attention to him.”

       Xi Feng followed He Yunsheng forward without resisting. He knew what was going on and said as he walked, “Is he Cheng Lei’s boyfriend?”

       He Yunsheng showed a surprised look.

  They were far from the door of the original private room. The young man yelled “He Yunsheng” to catch up. When he was about to reach out to grab He Yunsheng’s shoulder. Xi Feng stopped abruptly, turned around and grabbed the young man’s shirt and pressed him against the wall.

       He was tall, with a sullen face and reeks of alcohol. He looked oppressive. The young man seemed to be frightened. He Yunsheng was also shocked. He quickly grabbed Xi Feng’s arm and said, “Don’t act recklessly!”

       Xi Feng said word by word, “If you dare to pester him again, I will definitely not let you go!”

       He Yunsheng was slightly startled.

       The young man was stunned for a while before reacting, and said, “What is your relationship with him?”

       Xi Feng said: “It has nothing to do with you and your man anyway.”

       The young man was surprised and suspicious, his eyes swept back and forth on the faces of He Yunsheng and Xi Feng.

       He Yunsheng calmed down first. He grabbed Xi Feng’s hand and said, “Let him go.”

       Xi Feng stared at the young man as if he hadn’t heard He Yunsheng’s words.

       He Yunsheng raised his voice, “Xi Feng! Let him go!”

       Xi Feng turned his head to look at He Yunsheng, nodded obediently, and let go of his hand.

       The young man’s hand covered his chest, which had just been painfully pressed by Xi Feng, and took two steps back one after another. He said to He Yunsheng: “You have a man and still come to pester Chenglei!

       Before He Yunsheng spoke, Xi Feng spoke first, “Who is pestering whom? Mind your own business and stop pestering others.”

       The young man was probably still afraid of Xi Feng. He glanced at He Yunsheng and turned away without saying anything.

       There were two of them left in the corridor. The loud quarrel just now was all covered by the high-pitched singing of the two rooms. He Yunsheng looked at Xi Feng, but Xi Feng was not standing still, his back leaning against the wall.

       He Yunsheng’s throat was a bit sore, he gently pressed his hand against his neck, coughed low and said, “He’s a bit misunderstood, he pesters me every time he comes across.”

       Xi Feng said, “I know. You don’t have a boyfriend.”

       He Yunsheng snapped his head up to look at him.

       Xi Feng smiled, with gentle eyebrows, “I know.”

       He Yunsheng suddenly panicked. In a relationship between two people, when one person acts too comfortable, the other person will inevitably be apprehensive. He Yunsheng had been in control of the initiative for a long time when facing Xi Feng. But now he feels that the other party is taking the initiative back a little bit, and he is starting to feel uncertain about the relationship.

       He turned around and walked in the direction of the private room.

       In fact, he can tell Xi Feng calmly and deeply: “Yes, I lied to you, and I am still single, so what? I would rather live my life alone than be with someone like you.” It would definitely hurt Xi Feng’s feelings, but what’s the point? He did not want to hurt Xi Feng, let alone use the other party’s feelings for him to hurt him.

       If the current Xi Feng and the past Xi Feng can be separated into two people, then the current Xi Feng should be the type that He Yunsheng would like. He got entangled with Xi Feng repeatedly in the past, simply because Xi Feng was also this type of person who is mature, gentle and considerate to him. But Xi Feng couldn’t separate his behaviour, and his past injuries were still deep in He Yunsheng’s head, which made it difficult for him to accept his kindness without prejudice.

       He Yunsheng returned to the private room and sat in the corner without saying a word until the end of the party tonight.

       Although he experienced the incident that night, He Yunsheng invited Xi Feng to his house for dinner two days later.

       After Xi Feng sobered up that day, he still clearly remembered what he said to He Yunsheng, but he couldn’t remember how He Yunsheng reacted.

  With everything that was said to this point, Xi Feng began to constantly give himself psychological construction. He felt that this might be his last chance here. If he still doesn’t say anything and He Yunsheng doesn’t respond, then he will have to go back to Chongfeng in two days.

  Because he had agreed to eat the pot-stewed dish made by He Yunsheng’s mother, this meal had to be eaten at He Yunsheng’s house. He originally wanted to invite two more friends, but given the current relationship between him and Xi Feng, it would be awkward to invite someone to come. It was better to have only two of them.

       Xi Feng had no work arrangements in the afternoon, so he went to the mall and bought a bottle of red wine as a gift to take to He Yunsheng’s house at night.

       He Yunsheng had to go to work in the afternoon and couldn’t go back to prepare food in advance. In the afternoon, he called a nearby Chinese restaurant and ordered two dishes. Then he went to the supermarket on the way from work to buy some ingredients. He planned to go back and cook the other two dishes himself.

       It is not the first time that Xi Feng has come to He Yunsheng’s house, and he even has a beautiful memory. Of course, speaking of it now, those erotic memories weres mixed with a lot of bitter embarrassment.

       He sat in the living room for a while, went to the kitchen and said to He Yunsheng, “Is there anything I can help you with?”

       He Yunsheng was cutting vegetables. At this time, the water in the pot was boiling, and he had to put down the kitchen knife to turn off the fire. At the same time, he said, “No, just go watch TV for a while.”

       Xi Feng walked in and picked up the kitchen knife and took over the job of cutting vegetables.

       He Yunsheng turned his head and watched Xi Feng skillfully cutting vegetables, and said, “It seems that you have been cooking by yourself for the past six months?”

       Xi Feng said as he chopped vegetables, “I will cook for myself when I have time. I think I can cook for you after I’m familiar with it.”

       He Yunsheng was silent and did not answer.

       With Xi Feng’s help, the speed was much faster. Before 7:30, two people were sitting at the front of the dinner table with five plates of dishes and a bowl of soup on the table.

       He Yunsheng opened the red wine Xi Feng had brought and poured a glass by himself.

       Xi Feng said, “If you light a candle, there will be a good atmosphere.”

       He Yunsheng looked at him, “It’s not like we’re eating steak.”

       Xi Feng picked up the wine glass and clinked to He Yunsheng’s, “Thank you for the hospitality.”

       He Yunsheng said, “I should thank you for all the trouble my mom caused you before.”

       Xi Feng smiled, “We agreed not to mention it again.”

       He Yunsheng helped him pick up vegetables, “Try my mom’s marinated beef.”

       Xi Feng took a sip and exclaimed, “Auntie’s cooking’s skill is really amazing.”

       He Yunsheng said, “You can go to her for dinner in the future.”

       Xi Feng asked him, “Are you going to come with me?”

       He Yunsheng held his chopsticks in his hand and paused for a moment as he picked up the food.

       Xi Feng asked immediately, “Does your mother know your situation?”

       He Yunsheng replied, “Yes.”

       Xi Feng smiled when he heard the words, “No wonder she always looked at me a little strangely and asked tentatively several times.”

       He Yunsheng said, “Don’t pay attention to her.”

       Xi Feng said, “I’m not. I’m just thinking about what I should say to her.” 

       He Yunsheng lowered his gaze.

       Xi Feng was a little unsure of He Yunsheng’s attitude, and he didn’t dare to go on. He was afraid that if he really pissed off the other party, he would be kicked out mercilessly. Then he would really have no chance.

       Neither of them continued the topic and started to chat while eating.

       When the meal was finished, He Yunsheng went to the kitchen to wash the dishes. Xi Feng opened the sliding door of the balcony and went out, wanting to feel the wind blowing. He had drunk the wine, and his whole body was hot from head to toe.

       There was a crashing noise from the kitchen, which sounded like He Yunsheng dropped a bowl.

       Xi Feng immediately turned around and walked towards the kitchen. He saw He Yunsheng squatting on the ground trying to pick up the large pieces of debris, so he stepped forward and squatted and held He Yunsheng’s hand, “Don’t pick it up with your hands.”

       He Yunsheng’s hands were covered with detergent foam, and it felt smooth and sticky. He tried to withdraw his hands, “I’ll pick up the big pieces first and then I’ll sweep them.”

       Xi Feng was unwilling to let him go anyway. He was anxious and waited for He Yunsheng to scold him loudly, but as long as He Yunsheng didn’t become hostile, he could be cheeky and not let go of his hand.

       He Yunsheng just said, “Let go of your hand first.”

       Xi Feng gripped his hand tighter, and his palm was also covered with foam. He felt the surface tension of the foam seem to draw their skin together, although it was slippery, their hand also stuck tightly.

       He stood up and pulled He Yunsheng up, carefully pulling him to avoid the debris on the ground, and then walked to the side of the sink and opened the water to wash his hands.

       He Yunsheng did not refuse.

  Xi Feng wrapped his hands around his waist from behind, grabbing his hands and washing under the stream of water. He felt He Yunsheng’s body tighten in his arms, and he could no longer hold it. He lowered his head to kiss the side of his fair face.

       The passionate and fervent atmosphere burst instantly.

       Perhaps since He Yunsheng invited Xi Feng to his home today, he has no intention to refuse.

       They went from the kitchen to the living room, leaving a mess that no one cares about.

       Xi Feng’s whole body was full of alcohol, and he was a bit puzzled, but there was no room for extra thoughts. He was only able to embrace the person in front of him, rubbing him into his own arms, without leaving a single gap.

       Later, Xi Feng lay next to He Yunsheng and stroked his back with his palm. He said, “Yunsheng, stay with me.”

       After they really slept together, Xi Feng’s head became sober. It was not the first time that he and He Yunsheng had sex. The sex last time did not mean anything, and this time the sex did not necessarily mean anything to He Yunsheng either.

       He Yunsheng did not answer Xi Feng’s inquiry.

       Xi Feng suddenly felt a little bitter, his palm pressed against He Yunsheng’s waist, “So this doesn’t count for anything?”

       He Yunsheng’s voice was hoarse as he said, “Just go to sleep.”

       Xi Feng suddenly became a little angry. He felt like he was being played with. Since he saw him again after six months of separation, he had been very good at controlling his emotions, telling himself not to be impulsive and not to talk nonsense, but when the time came, he still could not bear it somehow.

  He rolled out of bed, picked up the clothes that were messily thrown on the side of the bed, and said while putting them on, “I didn’t come to you to have sex. I hope we can be together, not just for a day or two, not only for half a year but together for a lifetime. Give me an answer, don’t hang me like this, it’s too painful.”

       He Yunsheng sat up and looked at him, “I need to think about it.”

       Xi Feng was held up by that pride, put on his clothes and pants, and said to He Yunsheng, “I’ll wait for you to figure it out, can you give me the answer before I leave?”

       He Yunsheng replied, “I will try my best.”

  It was already midnight when Xi Feng left He Yunsheng’s house. Instead of taking a taxi, he walked slowly along the greenbelt1an area of open land around a city, on which building is restricted. on the street. The pride he has just now has evaporated. Now he began to regret that he separated unhappily after a good reunion. He sent He Yunsheng a WeChat message: “I’m sorry, but I really love you, will you accept me?”

       He Yunsheng did not reply.

       The second and third day, He Yunsheng did not reply.

       On the last day of the official business trip, Xi Feng called He Yunsheng after boarding the plane, but He Yunsheng did not answer.

       Xi Feng raised his hand and rubbed his face, turning off the phone tiredly.

       The question of whether to give up or not became a recurring consideration in Xi Feng’s head when he returned to Chongfeng this month.

       But fortunately, there was something else that distracted his attention during this period. That is, there is a vacant deputy director position in the branch, and now Xi Feng’s immediate superior department head and another business department head are competing with each other.

       Xi Feng is currently the deputy manager of this department. He and the manager get along well. If the manager stands in line, he must certainly meet up to divide the scope of influence on their side at an early time.

  The position between the two competing supervisors is the same. Xi Feng also feels a bit distressed. If his supervisor goes up, of course, it is the best. It is very likely that he will be the next supervisor, but if he doesn’t go up, he will follow and become the object of suppression.

       During this period of time in order to compete, the entire department felt the pressure from the top to the bottom. They seem to want to eat and live in the company and put their soul into work without reservation.

       The open strife and veiled struggle lasted for more than a month. Only when a message came from the head office, all of them died down. The position of deputy director was not promoted from the branch office but was changed to someone from the head office out of nowhere.

       As for who was assigned, no news has been leaked for the time being.

       Xi Feng actually felt fine, but the manager suddenly wilted. He ate several meals with Xi Feng privately and drank a lot of alcohol every time. After drinking, he began to complain about the company’s injustice to him.

       After Xi Feng listened, he persuaded him when he was drinking, and told him that he shouldn’t go and talk outside after drinking.

       Until half a month later, the deputy manager flying from the head office came to the company to report.

       Xi Feng was still working on a job, and the young girl in the office ran outside to watch the excitement. She looked back and said, “I saw the new deputy manager, he is so young.”

       Xi Feng, who came from the head office and had sufficient qualifications, probably knew him. He raised his head and asked casually, “What’s his name?”

       The girl said, “I don’t know. He looks very gentle with glasses and has a good figure. He looks good in a suit and tie.”

       Xi Feng lowered his head to type. After typing two words, he suddenly realized something and looked up again.

       The girl thought for a while and said, “I heard someone say his surname is He.”

       Xi Feng stood up all of a sudden, he was tall, and his legs hung under the keyboard frame of the computer desk. When he stood up, his face wrinkled in pain, but then there was no time to wait for the pain to ease over, and hurriedly walked outside.

       Several other people in the office looked at each other, wondering what he was suddenly excited about.

       Xi Feng inquired about the whereabouts of the deputy manager all the way, and chased to the floor of the general manager’s office, standing at the top of the stairs and dared not to approach any more.

       He knows that the new deputy manager is now in the general manager’s office.

       He waited outside anxiously for more than 20 minutes, and saw the general manager’s office door open, and He Yunsheng was the first to walk out of it.

  The two looked at each other. Just when Xi Feng was about to step forward, he saw several other senior executives, including the vice president, come out of the general manager’s office and greet He Yunsheng with a smile, and Xi Feng stopped again.

       He Yunsheng shook hands with those people as if Xi Feng didn’t exist.

       Xi Feng looked sad, turned and left the stairwell.

       While going downstairs, Xi Feng thought to himself mockingly, maybe he was thinking too much. Of course, He Yunsheng will accept the promotion and transfer to work here, and it may not necessarily have anything to do with him.

       Xi Feng returned to his office and sat down. The internal phone on his desk rang. The secretary’s office called and said that the new deputy manager He asked him to come to his office.

       Xi Feng felt both joys and sorrows in a short period of time. At this point, he couldn’t stand the twists and turns, and calmly replied, “Okay.”

       He left the office and took the elevator to the outside of He Yunsheng’s office. When he was about to raise his hand to knock on the door, he still found his hand trembling slightly.

       He Yunsheng said with his sexy and deep voice, “Please come in.”

       Xi Feng opened the door and went in. He saw He Yunsheng sitting behind the big desk and called out, “Manager He.”

       He Yunsheng held a pen in his hand with a calm expression on his face. After Xi Feng walked in and closed the office door, he got up and walked around from behind the big desk.

       Xi Feng stood in front of him, looking in a daze.

       He Yunsheng sighed secretly as he leaned on his desk. His fingers held the signature pen and gently wiggled it, and said, “I’ve transferred over.”

       Xi Feng didn’t know what to say, so he nodded and said, “I know.”

       He Yunsheng said to him, “I came in yesterday’s flight, and my things are still in the hotel. I haven’t had time to rent a house, can I live with you temporarily?”

       Xi Feng thought he was hallucinating. He couldn’t feel the boundary between the real world and the virtual world. He stared at He Yunsheng with wide eyes.

       He Yunsheng then asked again, “Is it okay?”

       Xi Feng could no longer restrain himself, and while his eyes were red, the corners of his mouth rose up, and he cried and laughed, saying, “Yes, will you stay there for a lifetime?”

       He Yunsheng was infected by his emotions, and his eyes were slightly sore. He said, “It depends on you, whether you can live for a lifetime or not.”

       “Can!” Xi Feng stepped forward and hugged him hard, and then said two more “Can!”

       These three “Can” words were louder than one another, and one was more certain than the other.

       He Yunsheng said in his ear, “Keep your voice down.”

       Xi Feng hugged him tightly, nodded vigorously, and couldn’t say anything else until after several minutes, he said to He Yunsheng, “I love you.”

       He Yunsheng wanted to speak, but before he could say something Xi Feng said, “You don’t need to say anything, just that I love you.”

       I want to give you the best in the world, and if reality is cruel, then I will write a fairy tale for you with my own hands, and we will live in the fairy tale until the end of our lives

   End of story.

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