When the alarm clock rang for the tenth time, He Yunsheng reached out and pressed it off. Xi Feng was still asleep beside him, and there was no sign of waking up. He obviously said that he would get up every morning to make breakfast for He Yunsheng. However, it’s been a while that the alarm clock woke up He Yunsheng instead, but Xi Feng still fell asleep and was not moving.

       He Yunsheng got up from bed, put on his clothes and went to the bathroom to wash up first, then went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

       It was He Yunsheng’s own choice to move to Chongfeng City to live with Xi Feng. He knew it was very risky, but he couldn’t resist that excitement. It’s been a long time since he felt this kind of feeling. For a moment, he felt like he had returned to university and just met Xu Fengjie. Even though he still looks calm on the surface, his heart is like a deer that lost its way, charging around violently.

       If you allow your feelings to develop, it will become love. If you restrain it early, it will be nothing more than a rush of excitement in the future.

       He Yunsheng once thought, if he and Xi Feng did not have a past, it would be better if Xi Feng, who appeared in front of him at the beginning, was like this. But after thinking about it carefully, if they really didn’t have a past, he might not choose to come here and try to accept Xi Feng, because he can’t help but worry and doubt. Precisely because of those past experiences, he thought that a man who had experienced separation and loss, but was still devoted to him in the end, shouldn’t this type of person more credible?

       In the end, everything is hypothetical. The last thing you could guess in the world is the human heart, and the last thing you should not gamble on is your own happiness. He Yunsheng was willing to come to Xi Feng and accept him, but he always had reservations in his mind. As long as Xi Feng took a wrong step, he would immediately escape and would not be reluctant to leave. Those who have suffered a loss will cherish themselves more.

       Xi Feng woke up later. He came out of the room with sleepy eyes and went straight to the kitchen and said, “Why didn’t you wake me up?”

       He Yunsheng was frying eggs, “The alarm clock couldn’t wake you up, so I let you sleep a little longer.” Today’s breakfast is tomato omelette noodles. Originally both of them could have gone out to buy breakfast to eat, but Xi Feng was determined to make breakfast for He Yunsheng himself, so the ingredients were prepared and put in the refrigerator. He Yunsheng got up in the morning and handled it.

       Xi Feng hurriedly washed up, He Yunsheng had already cooked two bowls of noodles and brought them to the dining table.

       This house was rented by Xi Feng. A bedroom, a living room and a dining room, a kitchen and a bathroom are just enough for two people.

       Also, the dining room can’t fit a large dining table. There’s only a small square table, and they were sitting face to face.

       Xi Feng grabbed his phone and looked at it while eating noodles, he saw that He Yunsheng was about to finish eating, so he speeded up and finished his noodles in two or three bites, stood up and took the two people’s bowls to the kitchen to wash them.

       He Yunsheng packed his things and prepared to go out.

       Xi Feng’s rental house is very close to the company. They can walk to work every day, but because it’s too close to the company, they don’t go out together, and always go one after the other.

       Xi Feng told He Yunsheng that he didn’t care, and he was willing to make the relationship between the two people public. He felt that if it was made public, He Yunsheng would be able to see his determination clearly, but He Yunsheng disagreed.

       He Yunsheng himself had experienced those rumours, and he was not as optimistic as Xi Feng. In his opinion, if this relationship is made public, it will not only affect their feelings, but also their careers, and he didn’t want his private life to be the talk of others after dinner.

       In the morning, He Yunsheng went to his office and sat there for more than an hour when two business department heads came to his office and started to argue over a project issue.

       This is something that happens from time to time. In the beginning, He Yunsheng was not used to it but now he was able to handle the situation calmly. He listened to the two people arguing over and over while drinking coffee in a calm mood.

       Since the last fight for the position of deputy general manager had ended in vain, the two supervisors simply tore their facade, and the secret fight was changed to an open fight. Sometimes He Yunsheng suspected that the two of them didn’t want to fight for a result, but simply enjoyed arguing with each other about the matter.

       Regarding that project, He Yunsheng has discussed it with the general manager, and he has the result in his mind, but he does not intend to make it public before the right time comes. His face was expressionless as if he was listening to them carefully, but his mind was actually wandering around.

       While drinking his coffee, his eyes drifted across the coffee cup toward Xi Feng’s face who was sitting on the sofa.

       Xi Feng came with his supervisor and said he was here to report on the project plan. In fact, he hasn’t said a word until now, and he has been staring at He Yunsheng in a daze.

       He Yunsheng glanced at him, signalling him to restrain a little and not to be too blatant with his gaze.

       But Xi Feng didn’t notice it. His gaze just swept He Yunsheng’s chin, throat, and neckline a circle, and fell on his white fingers, feeling that his fingers and the pure white bone china coffee cup he was holding were almost the same colour. His fingers were slender, the light pink nails were round and clean, and there were thin calluses on his fingertips. When he held them… Xi Feng couldn’t help straightening his back and swallowing saliva.

       He Yunsheng put down the coffee cup and at the same time, pointed at Xi Feng with his slender fingers that Xi Feng was thinking about. “Xi Feng, tell me about your design plan.” He finally couldn’t listen anymore and interrupted the two supervisors’ endless argument.

       When Xi Feng was suddenly named, he stood up from the sofa at once, quickly recovered his composure, turned around and found the business case he had brought with him, and began to explain it carefully to He Yunsheng.

       There was only Xi Feng’s voice left in the whole office, and He Yunsheng was suddenly in a good mood. His eyes behind the lens dropped down and stared at the coffee cup and his mind continued to wander.

       On Saturday night, He Yunsheng had to go to his mother’s for dinner, and on Friday, he told Xi Feng, “Let’s go together tomorrow.”

       Xi Feng was writing a proposal on his laptop when he looked up at He Yunsheng in surprise.

       He Yunsheng had a dinner party in the evening and had just returned from dinner and drink.

       There is no study room in the one-bedroom apartment, only a desk beside the bed. Xi Feng sits at the table typing while He Yunsheng stands beside the bed undressing. He slowly unbuttons, pulls off his tie, and then loosens the collar of his shirt.

       Xi Feng rubbed his fingers on the keyboard and asked a moment later, “Is it to disclose our relationship to Auntie?” He had always faintly felt that He Yunsheng’s mother knew about He Yunsheng’s sexual orientation, but it was something that’s difficult to ask.

       Then He Yunsheng tells him, “Sort of.” After that, he added, “Are you willing?”

       “Of course,” Xi Feng stood up from the desk suddenly, he walked behind He Yunsheng and wrapped his arms around his waist.

       There was a faint smell of alcohol on He Yunsheng, and Xi Feng lowered his head and leaned close to his neck and took a deep breath, and asked uncertainly, “Is this considered as meeting parents formally?”

       “It’s just dinner,” He Yunsheng didn’t break away from him, “Don’t think about it so much.”

       Xi Feng said: “Nevertheless it’s an important request. Let’s go and meet your mother, let her know that you are living happily with me now, and she can rest assured in the future.”

       He Yunsheng asked softly, “Am I living happily with you?”

       Xi Feng froze at his words. If He Yunsheng asked him that question, then his answer was he was undoubtedly very happy. But if He Yunsheng asked him that question, then he didn’t know what the answer would be and was a bit afraid to hear that answer.

       So he let go of He Yunsheng and said in a casual tone, “It’s only natural for you to be happy. You can eat and sleep well, and your days are not too bad and are blissful. Go take a shower, change your clothes and I’ll take them to the laundry tomorrow for you to dry clean.”

       He Yunsheng looked at him and did not say anything. He opened the cabinet and took out a change of underwear, picked up his pajamas and went to the bathroom.

       Xi Feng stood by the bed, humming and sorting out He Yunsheng’s changed suit jacket, carefully folded it and put it in his bag, intending to leave early for work tomorrow and take it to the laundry first.

       He Yunsheng could still hear the sound of Xi Feng humming in the bathroom, and he knew that Xi Feng’s mood was obviously not as relaxed as it appeared. He knew that his words just now had hit Xi Feng, and was faintly heartless.

       In fact, letting Xi Feng go back with him was to confess their relationship to his mother, showing that he basically approved of Xi Feng. But sometimes, he just can’t help but want to slap him a few words. Who told him to talk so cheaply before, and provoked him again and again for so long.

       Now, if Xi Feng occasionally says things too bluntly, he will immediately realize that he is wrong. First, he carefully apologized to He Yunsheng, and then the big man surrounded him like a bee collecting honey for a long time. He didn’t dare to breathe a sigh of relief until he was sure he was not angry.

       He Yunsheng knew that Xi Feng was having a hard time like this, but he also wanted to point at him and say that he deserved it.

       Two people were lying on the bed at night. Xi Feng habitually put his hand around He Yunsheng’s waist to sleep. He was in a daze, and was about to sleep when he heard He Yunsheng say, “Actually, it’s not bad.”

       Xi Feng let himself wake up to talk to He Yunsheng, “What’s not bad?”

       He Yunsheng said, “Actually, life is not bad now.”

       Xi Feng opened his eyes and stared at He Yunsheng’s silhouette in the darkness for a while and said, “Then let’s continue to make it alright, okay?”

       He Yunsheng was also silent for a while, and replied, “Okay.”

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