Chapter 1

TL: hoenimochi        TLC: hoenibean

       In the pet shop, an exotic shorthair kitten with a yellow and white pattern is trying to stretch its short limbs to crawl out of a pet cage with its lid opened.

       However, it is a pity that when it managed to stick out its round head, the pet shop owner passed by the cage, stretched out his finger, and gently pushed its forehead. The kitten was pushed back and even flipped over, revealing a snow-white belly.

       Next to the kitten, should be a litter of its brothers, they came over and gently nibbled its face, of course only biting a mouthful of fur.

       The kitten that tried so hard to climb out just now rolled over and lay on its side, letting its brother continue to bite its ears on top of its head.

       It was a little tired.

       This cat was not an ordinary cat, or rather it does not consider itself a cat. This young flat-faced cat’s body was inhabited by a human soul.

       It, or more appropriately described as him, is named Li Zhenruo. He was originally the fourth son of the Li family of Yunlin Group, and he was only 23 years old this year.

       Yunlin group is now the largest domestic group integrating real estate, commerce, culture, and electronics industries. Li Zhenruo’s father, Li Jianglin, is the founder of all this. Li Jianglin’s life is very dramatic. There were no children born between him and his wife, Zhu Yun. All of his four sons were born from all different mistresses.

       Li Zhenruo is the fourth son of the Li family and the youngest one.

       It should have been.

       Li Zhenruo was lying down, his cat brother was tired of biting, and fell asleep on his chest. He opened his eyes weakly, recalling what happened in just a month or so.

       The Li brothers did not get along, perhaps it’s because this was the nature of the wealthy family members, or perhaps because they were brothers from different mothers.

       As Li Jianglin got older and older, the undercurrents between the brothers raged on, and they all wanted to grab the biggest piece of cake. Although Li Zhenruo was the youngest, he was not willing to be bullied. After he graduated from a foreign business school and came back to his father’s side, he has already shown his first signs of budding talent.

       However, when he was getting ready to enter the fight, someone dropped a bombshell on Li’s house.

       Until now, Li Zhenruo didn’t know who it was behind the scenes. He only knew that one day, Li Jianglin called him over and threw a paternity test in front of him.

       He, Li Zhenruo, is not Li Jianglin’s biological son.

  Li Zhenruo has almost never seen his mother. His mother passed away in the early years, and now many truths have been lost. However, blood relationships cannot be deceived. Although Li Zhenruo insisted on doing another identification with Li Jianglin, the result was still the same.

       Li Zhenruo seemed to have received a huge blow and was caught unprepared. He packed up his things and moved out of Li’s house but was unwilling to find the truth back then.

  One night, he met a man wearing a hat and mask and asked him if he was Li Zhenruo on a dark and secluded road. He should have turned around and ran, but he was still not vigilant enough. He was stabbed more than ten times, and the man also took his belongings and left.

  Li Zhenruo died in an ‘accidental’ robbery. He saw all this in the TV news of the pet shop. However, only he knew that it was not an accident, because that person knew that he was Li Zhenruo and came for him. This was murder.

       But why kill him? Li Zhenruo couldn’t understand, other than his three older brothers, he couldn’t think of anyone else who wanted his life. But even for those three older brothers, he was not Li Jianglin’s son anymore. What threat does he pose to them to put him to death?

       Li Zhenruo couldn’t figure it out, and he was unwilling to die in peace.

       Perhaps it was because of his unwillingness that made him look like this is now.

  Li Zhenruo lifted his little paw and scratched one of his ears. He felt hungry and helpless. He rolled over and got up, dragging his not-so-powerful short legs to find the mother cat for milk.

       He spent every day drinking milk, sleeping, and playing with the other kittens. Other than that, Li Zhenruo had nothing to do.

  The one thing he wanted to do most now is to be able to leave this pet shop and find a way to go back to Li’s house to see how everyone in the family reacted to his death. However, he couldn’t even climb out to get out of this small iron cage.

       Later, after Li Zhenruo saw the customers who came to the pet shop to buy pets,  he figured out that his top priority should be to drink milk hard and keep his fur white and body tender. After three months or so, the boss might sell him. As long as he can leave the pet shop earlier, his wish to go back to the Li family may be realized one day earlier.

       After he was full of milk, the boss put a few small kittens outside the pet shop to bask in the sun.

       Still in the big cage, several kittens nibbled and fought with each other.

       Only Li Zhenruo is quiet, and he has been a little sad recently. Although he can’t look in the mirror, he can see what he looks like when he sees the faces of his mother and brothers and sisters.

  Li Zhenruo didn’t keep cats in the past and didn’t recognize the breeds of cats at all. At first, he was surprised when he saw the kittens around him as if their faces were flattened by a punch. Then he realized that when he saw the mother cat, This kind of cat and kitten is called an exotic shorthair cat, commonly known as Garfield, is born with a flat face.

       Of course he himself could not escape this fate.

       Sadness returned back to sorrow, Li Zhenruo, who was still alive after walking around the ghost gate, should be grateful. What’s wrong with a large flat face? At least he still has his life left to find and settle the accounts with the “brother” who killed him, right?

       In a blink of an eye, three months have passed, the pet shop owner intends to sell the entire litter of Garfields.

       Every day, as long as there are customers visiting, Li Zhenruo will be in good spirits, wagging his tail like a dog trying to attract the attention of customers.

       One afternoon, a well-dressed middle-aged woman stood in front of the iron cage where Li Zhenruo was staying and looked inside.

       Li Zhenruo listened to the content of her chat with the boss and said that she was here to help her daughter buy a kitten to raise.

       The boss then tried to sell her this cage of kittens, saying that Garfield has a gentle and quiet personality and is very suitable as a pet.

       The woman seemed to be a little moved, and she put a finger between the iron railings of the cage.

       Seeing this, Li Zhenruo immediately grabbed the cage with his front paws and rubbed the woman’s fingers with his head down.

       The woman chuckles immediately.

       Li Zhenruo knew that it had an effect, so he continued rubbing. After rubbing, he raised his head and stared at the woman with a pitiful face, and gave a low cry.

       “Ah,” the woman seemed a little surprised, and pointed to Li Zhenruo and said without hesitation, “This one then.”

       Because of the good features and a particularly round face, the good-looking Li Zhenruo was sold at a price of nearly 8,0001around $1240. The owner gave the woman a lot of notes, picked Li Zhenruo up, and put him in a small pet cage that could be carried. He even brought some cat’s pet supplies to the woman.

       Li Zhenruo, who was finally sold, could not breathe a sigh of relief.

  He stayed in the pet cage, a little nervous because of the constant shaking, his paws involuntarily clasped the bottom of the cage. He was reborn in this kitten body in the present, and today is the first time he left the pet shop to see the outside world. The surrounding environment seemed unfamiliar, and he didn’t know where he was.

       The woman carried him and took a taxi, and after getting in, she gave the driver an address.

       Li Zhenruo has heard of the name of the neighborhood. It is a very high-end real estate in the urban area, and the residents are all wealthy people with prestige.

       And Li Zhenruo knew that his third brother seemed to have bought two houses in that real estate as an investment.

       After getting in the taxi, the woman pulled up the cloth cover outside the cage, leaving only a little gap for Li Zhenruo. Li Zhenruo could hardly see anything from the gap, so he lay down quietly.

       After almost half an hour, the taxi stopped, and Li Zhenruo knew that they have probably arrived.

       The woman paid for the fare and carried him off.

  Li Zhenruo struggled for a while, trying to get the woman’s attention and pull down the cloth cover to show him the outside. The woman noticed it, but she didn’t do what he wanted. She just raised the cage and told him in one sentence: “Be good, we’ll be home soon..”

       Li Zhenruo: “……”

       The woman carried him back to the house by the elevator, the room was empty and it seemed that no one else was there.

       Li Zhenruo was put on the table together with the cage, and he was not released immediately, but the cloth cover outside the cage was taken off.

       The air finally became fresh and plentiful, and Li Zhenruo turned his body to look at the big house.

       This property is a high-end real estate in the city center, and the price is expensive. Although the woman looks rich and luxurious in her clothes, her demeanor does not look like a wealthy wife.

       Li Zhenruo was a little uncertain of her identity for a while.

       When he turned around and saw a large poster hanging in the living room, he finally knew who the owner of this room was.

       Above the poster is a recent popular actress named Yu Bingwei.

       Yu Bingwei was originally a dance teacher with an excellent figure. She participated in a TV station dance show years ago. Because of her devilish body with her fresh and pure face, she became popular overnight.

  After that, she participated in some movies and TV series one after another. It has been said on the Internet that Yu Bingwei has a good financial backer promoting her from behind. As for who this financial backer is, Li Zhenruo has not paid attention to it. He has never been very interested in these things in regards to the entertainment industry.

       The woman said that she was buying a pet for her daughter, and it seemed that she should be Yu Bingwei’s mother.

       Mama Yu has been busy at home. Li Zhenruo watched her walking around as if preparing a cattery and cat food, but she refused to let him out first.

  After almost half an hour, Mama Yu came over to release Li Zhenruo from the cage, carried Li Zhenruo in her hands, and walked towards the cattery in the corner, giving him instructions one by one: This is where you sleep, this is where you eat, this is where you go to the bathroom……


       Li Zhenruo doubted that he could understand if he was really a cat.

       It’s probably the first time Mama Yu has a pet, but she is very careful and has prepared everything for the new kitten in the family.

       In the end, she gently put Li Zhenruo in the soft cattery, tapped his wet little nose with her finger, and then left and walked towards the kitchen.

  After Li Zhenruo became a cat, it was the first time he finally tasted freedom. Although the scope of freedom is only the size of a one-hundred-square-meter house, it’s better than the feeling of being caught by the boss or the mother cat every time you walk out less than one meter in the pet shop.

       He squatted quietly in the cattery for a while and stepped out with his short legs.

       Li Zhenruo walked to the door of the kitchen and took a look. When she saw Mama Yu was cooking, he quietly walked away. He walked to the door again and saw that the door was closed tightly. Unless he could jump up, he probably wouldn’t be able to touch the door lock.

       He has watched some videos of cats that can jump up and open the door by themselves, but now he is a long way from doing that. Maybe he can try it when he becomes proficient at being a cat.

       From the edge of the door, Li Zhenruo walked to the window and found that there was a bay window in the living room. He couldn’t see below, and the bay window was too high for him to jump on now.

       Except for the living room and dining room, Li Zhenruo went to other rooms and found that the doors were closed. He didn’t know if it used to be like this, or if it was because Mama Yu closed it specifically to prevent him from running around.

       Li Zhenruo had nothing to do, and he could only simply walk around the room. He came back and drank some water next to his small bowl, chewed a few pieces of cat food, and went back to the cattery to lie on his stomach.

       Cat food is not tasty, but now he has no other choice. He will be hungry if he doesn’t eat it.

       He still has to keep this life and go back to Li’s house.

       That day it was evening when Yu Bingwei came back.

       At that time, Li Zhenruo was a little sleepy lying in the cat bed. He heard the sound of opening the door and his ears stood up immediately. He hesitated and lay down in the nest without moving because he still remembered that he was a cat and not a dog.

       Mama Yu came out in her pajamas, took the bag in Yu Bingwei’s hand, and hung it up for her. Yu Bingwei changed her slippers and walked inside and took off her coat.

       Inside the single jacket is a low-cut halter top.

       Mama Yu told her daughter that the cat had been bought.

       Yu Bingwei’s fresh and pure innocent face suddenly showed a bright smile, she walked to the cat bed, took Li Zhenruo out of the warm house, kissed his nose and eyes a few times, and said, “So cute!”

       Li Zhenruo smelled all cosmetics in his nose, and he couldn’t help but sneeze.

       Yu Bingwei apparently liked him very much. She hugged him in her arms and touched his forehead with her forehead, saying, “Baby, let’s give you a name. What name could be good?”

       Li Zhenruo at this time is not bothered to pay attention to what they want him to be called, because his entire face fell on Yu Bingwei’s chest. Yu Bingwei has always been said to have a devilish figure by the media, and she is not inferior to a foreign girl. Li Zhenruo’s face was buried in it, with a sweet scent, and he was almost suffocating.

       He struggled to lift his head, put his chin on Yu Bingwei, and looked up at her gasping for air.

       This well-behaved action pleased Yu Bingwei, and kissed him a few more times on the forehead, and said, “You’re just like a dumpling, let’s call you Dumpling.”

       Li Zhenruo then got the nickname “Dumpling”.

The author has something to say:

This story is 1V1 from the beginning to the end.

Hello guys! I’m bringing you another novel by Jin Gang Quan ><
One thing I can say about this novel is… the gong and shou interaction is friggin’ cute >0<

And Merry Christmas!


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