Chapter 102 – Brothers, This is a Misunderstanding

Chapter 102 – Brothers, This is a Misunderstanding


There was a momentary freeze in the atmosphere.


Jian Luo looked at Lu Shifeng, whose face darkened for a moment, and stammered, “D-Do you really not need it?”


Lu Shifeng was so angry that he almost choked. He raised an eyebrow, “Do you think I lack a brother?”




He didn’t think so.


Jian Luo, who had never been too bright, started to think. First of all, Brother Long inviting him to be included in the family registry probably meant giving him a Dragon Clan identity.


The meaning was simple; perhaps considering that children would be born, even though he probably wouldn’t raise the children himself, he would still have visitation rights. If the child found out he was just an ordinary human, it might not be appropriate.


Jian Luo widened his eyes, “Could it be, Dragon bro, you mean…”


Lu Shifeng’s expression changed from gloomy to clear. Understanding that Jian Luo had successfully grasped the situation, an unusual trace of awkwardness appeared on his handsome face. General Lu, who was accustomed to grand scenes, found confessing feelings quite unfamiliar, especially if it was the first time.


Jian Luo sat up, cleared his throat, and said, “I agree to this matter.”


Lu Shifeng’s joy was evident.


“Is it inappropriate to have an affiliated relationship with you? Are you going to give me an independent household registration?” Jian Luo asked again, “If I move my household registration, will it affect my mother and younger brother? Can I still live in Paradise if I become a member of the Dragon Clan? After becoming a Dragon Clan member, can I visit the child?”




For some reason, Lu Shifeng felt a bit emotional.


As a man who was used to confessions and love letters, General Lu’s first confession as a Dragon was a complete failure. The other party didn’t realize his intentions; perhaps, there were no intentions.


Lu Shifeng said, “Jian Luo.”


Jian Luo waited for a while, didn’t get a reply, and asked, “Dragon bro?”


Lu Shifeng raised his eyelids to look at him and said, “Have you never thought that I might marry you and include you in the family registry?”



There was a moment of silence in the air.


Jian Luo sat on the sofa, feeling like his blood was freezing. He smiled, “Don’t joke.”


The tall figure of Lu Shifeng brought a full sense of oppression. He said, “You know I never joke.”




Jian Luo’s mind turned, and he instantly thought of his previous worries. So, tentatively, he said, “I have thought about it.”


Lu Shifeng was somewhat expectant, “And then?”


“I’ve given my answer,” Jian Luo sighed, “I don’t need you like this.”


Yes, he did like Lu Shifeng, but he didn’t need General Lu to be responsible for him. Adult love is probably about being happy together. He was an ordinary human, but he also wanted love. He didn’t want General Lu to be with him just because he wanted to be with him, rather than genuinely wanting to be with him.



Lu Shifeng’s day had its ups and downs.


First, he was rejected, then he thought there was hope, and then he was rejected again.


He understood that not only did Jian Luo have no interest in him, but he also had no interest in the Dragon Clan. It seemed that he had oversimplified everything; Secretary Jin’s useless suggestion didn’t help.


Perhaps, Jian Luo didn’t dislike the Dragon Clan’s household registration. Maybe he liked something else?


The Dragon Clan was indeed the first major aristocracy of the Dark Star, but there were others, such as the stingy Pixiu, the bookish Phoenix, and the forever young Emperor.


Thinking of this, Lu Shifeng asked a crucial question, “What do you think of Nie Yan?”


Jian Luo was stunned, “He’s quite good. The boss is very smart.”


Lu Shifeng felt a pang in his heart, “And what about Zhan Wentai?”


“Teacher is very clever, quite good.”


“And the emperor?”


“His Majesty is very cute, I really like him.”




The room fell silent.


The General, who had never thought his head could shine so brightly, bit his teeth and suppressed the impulse, “What about me?”


Jian Luo straightforwardly said, “I like you too.”



With these words, the imposing aura that surrounded General Lu, who was on the brink of fury, disappeared in an instant. The blood-red eyes deepened in color, and the excitement in his heart surged. Lu Shifeng’s voice became hoarse, “Really?”


The two were very close; Jian Luo and he locked eyes. For a moment, it seemed as if he could see strong emotions in those eyes. Emotions that felt dangerous, making one subconsciously want to escape, but—strangely, not disliking it.


Jian Luo’s heartbeat accelerated inexplicably. His earlobes turned red, and his voice was as soft as a mosquito’s hum, “Mm.”


Lu Shifeng paused, his voice husky, “Is it the most liked between them?”


This smile was truly enchanting. General Lu’s features and appearance were perfect, different from the delicate beauty of Jian Luo. He had a more rigid set of features—star-like eyes and sharp eyebrows. When not smiling, he gave off a sense of distance, making people hesitant to meet his gaze. When he smiled, it was like a sword being sheathed, making it impossible to look away.


Jian Luo was dumbfounded.


A fan of beauty couldn’t resist such a huge temptation. His brain ceased to function properly, and he nodded, “Yes.”


Lu Shifeng’s smile deepened, his voice full of tenderness, as if he were still saying, “Good boy.”


Well, no need to rush.


This person was his, and the child in his belly was also his. So, sooner or later, everything would be his.



The next day.


Today was the day Jian Luo went to negotiate business with the Elf Clan.


Originally, Lu Shifeng had suggested that if he wanted to do this business, he could talk to the Elf King, go through official channels for the supply, especially this year when interstellar pirates were rampant, the Elf Clan’s trade was already poor. It would be easy to negotiate now.


Jian Luo thought it could work.


So, Lu Shifeng acted as an intermediary and set up a meeting with the Minister of Finance. To make it more formal, Jian Luo decided to change into slightly more formal clothing.


Secretary Jin helped him choose, “This one? Black, very formal.”


“That’s just a black T-shirt.”


“Okay, then this one, a long shirt. It looks quite formal.”


“That’s just a long T-shirt…”


Secretary Jin choked, “Luo Luo, it seems like your clothes are all of this style.”


Jian Luo also noticed. Since he became pregnant, he mostly wore loose-fitting clothes. It was hard to find any variation in style. Originally, he thought he wouldn’t need it much, but irony always came unexpectedly and was hard to fend off.


Just when Jian Luo was troubled, Secretary Jin’s eyes lit up, “This one is nice!”


Jian Luo asked, “Which one?”


Secretary Jin pointed to the last one on the shelf, “These two.”


Jian Luo bounced off the bed and approached to take a closer look. One of them was a silver-white robe, long but not cumbersome. Around the waist, there were silver-chain phoenix patterns adorning the white fabric. The texture of the fabric was delicate and smooth, emitting a faint divine light. This was the uniform from the Phoenix Platform, a gift from Zhan Wen Platform.


Jian Luo rubbed his chin, “Not bad!”


Secretary Jin pointed to another one, “This one is good too.”


Jian Luo shifted his gaze and found a golden outfit. The long pants and shirt had pure gold patterns that shimmered under the light, exuding a distinct nouveau riche vibe. If he remembered correctly, this should be the uniform from Moonlight.


Jian Luo thought for a moment, “I’ll go with the white one; it feels more in line with the elf theme.”


Secretary Jin reminded him, “Wearing the Moonlight outfit symbolizes wealth. Since we’re here for business, we should showcase our strength!”


Jian Luo’s eyes lit up, “You make a good point!”


Under Secretary Jin’s persuasion, Jian Luo changed into the white outfit. Wearing the dazzling golden clothes, he felt different, exuding a stronger aura. Jian Luo said, “I feel like I’m filled with the power of money now.”


Secretary Jin gave him full affirmation, “Luo Luo, I think you’re unstoppable right now!”


After boosting each other’s spirits, Jian Luo finally got into the car to meet the Minister of Finance. Upon arriving at the palace, unexpectedly, he encountered Lu Shifeng. From a distance, the Marshal’s gaze fell on Jian Luo’s clothes, a piercing look.


Jian Luo greeted him, “Hey.”


Lu Shifeng approached, “Where did you get those clothes?”


“I got them from my boss back when I worked at Moonlight,” Jian Luo turned around in front of him, a smile on his refined face, “How is it? Does it look good?”


Lu Shifeng lightly pursed his lips, “Ugly.”


Jian Luo choked, glaring at Lu Shifeng fiercely. In his heart, he decided not to talk to him for the rest of the day!


Lu Shifeng added, “Business negotiation?”


Jian Luo maintained his composure, nodded, but remained silent.


“I’ll accompany you,” Lu Shifeng said, “Let’s go.”


Jian Luo raised his noble head, “No need, I can handle it myself.”


Lu Shifeng stopped in his tracks, raising an eyebrow, “If we’re talking about profits, it involves the interest rates between various planets. Are you good at math?”


Jian Luo quickly grabbed his sleeve, “Let’s go together.”


They crossed the corridor and arrived at the conference hall. Elves shared a common trait of unique beauty. Since his arrival, Jian Luo hadn’t seen an elf who wasn’t attractive.


The Elf Minister looked mature, standing up as they approached, “Hello, I am Ding Bo, in charge of negotiations. Hello, Marshal, hello, Mr. Jian!”


His gaze lingered on Jian Luo’s clothes for a moment.


Jian Luo also extended his hand for a handshake, “Hello, I’m Jian Luo, here to discuss cooperation with you.”


“Understood, there has been a briefing from above,” the Elf Minister said. “Let’s discuss the profit-sharing for the dried fruits.”


Jian Luo nodded, “Sure.”


They engaged in negotiations. The usual market price was 0.5 star coins, the wholesale price offered was 30 star coins per kilogram, with a profit split of 6:4 in Jian Luo’s favor.


After settling the deal, the Elf Minister shook hands again, “Very pleased to cooperate with Moonlight.”


Jian Luo smiled.


“It’s not easy to impress Mr. Nie,” the Minister said. “We never thought of collaborating with Mr. Nie. It’s truly an honor. Please convey my regards to him. We will cooperate with anything that follows.”


Jian Luo said, “…Don’t get too excited. I can’t guarantee that Mr. Nie will agree. I’m still in the negotiation stage with him.”


In life, one must be practical and not give hope too easily.


The Minister was stunned, hesitating, “Not sure if he will agree?”


Seeing his surprise, Jian Luo bluntly said, “What’s wrong?”


“Aren’t you his full representative?”


“You misunderstood.”


“I didn’t misunderstand,” the Minister pointed to his clothes. “Only the direct descendants of Pixiu can wear this. With the blessing of Pixiu’s divine power, even the highest skilled forgers can’t replicate this aura. The direct descendants of Pixiu have the authority to call upon star elements in any Moonlight business across the universe.”


Jian Luo choked, “Direct descendant of Pixiu? Anyone with eyes can see that I’m human.”


The Elf Minister was also confused, saying, “Aren’t you carrying Mr. Nie’s child in your belly?”


Jian Luo glanced at Lu Shifeng, whose face was gradually darkening, feeling the pressure.


This is a big misunderstanding, brother.


Lu Shifeng: Wow, now the child isn’t mine, is it?


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