Chapter 101 – I Take You as My Wife

Chapter 101 – I Take You as My Wife


Jian Luo had no idea that what everyone was interested in was not the dried fruits, but the mysterious figure that Lu Shifeng, who helped with advertising, truly was.


Unlike Jian Luo, whose fans were mostly young viewers of live broadcasts, Lu Shifeng was different. His fans spanned all age groups, extending beyond the followers of Dark Star. Fans from various major planets existed in his following.


Jian Luo looked at the data and exclaimed, “Wow, you’re amazing.”


Their focus differed; while Jian Luo was immersed in the joy of finally having someone pre-order the dried fruits (almost reaching twenty million), he could now discuss cooperation with the boss.


Lu Shifeng, with a cold tone, remarked, “Is that so?”


Ignoring his mood, Jian Luo continued to revel in the joy of potential collaboration. He even found time to contact the boss. He located Nie Yan’s contact information and, considering the Dark Star time, it was probably late at night there. The principal might be asleep.


Should he leave a message? Maybe discuss it tomorrow morning.


Considering this, Jian Luo boldly left a message: “Boss, boss, I need to talk to you. If you see this, please reply to me~”


To show sincerity, he even added a cute little bunny emoji at the end.


After sending the message, he prepared mentally on how to convince Nie Yan. After all, this was not a small deal!


Lu Shifeng lifted his head from the comments, seeing Jian Luo in a contemplative state. He squinted and asked, “Did you read those comments too?”


Jian Luo, still lost in his thoughts, absentmindedly nodded, “Mm…”


Lu Shifeng glanced at Jian Luo, trying to find some clues or opinions on the matter from his face.


*Ding Dong.*


Jian Luo’s information terminal chimed.


It was a message from Nie Yan: “I’m here. Speak.”


The boss was online!


A smile suddenly bloomed on Jian Luo’s face. He quickly typed, “Good evening, boss! You’re still not asleep at this late hour?”


When dealing with the boss, one had to be as gentle as a spring breeze.


However, this gentle wind from Jian Luo evidently did not warm the Marshal sitting not far away on the sofa. Lu Shifeng squinted his eyes and lightly opened his thin lips, “Did reading those comments make you happy?”


Jian Luo had just replied to Nie Yan when he got distracted for a moment, not catching the first part of Lu Shifeng’s question. He heard the inquiry about being happy and decisively nodded, “Yes, happy!”



The room’s temperature dropped by a degree.


Given Jian Luo’s long acquaintance with Lu Shifeng, he didn’t feel the overwhelming hostility. If it were anyone else, they might have been intimidated by the Marshal’s aura.


*Ding Dong.*


Just as Jian Luo was about to inquire, there came a reply.


Nie Yan: “Not sleeping. What’s up? You want to sell dried fruits to me?”




Jian Luo couldn’t help but exclaim, “Wow.” Nie Yan was truly magical, guessing everything before he even said anything. So, he promptly replied, “Boss, you’re incredibly perceptive. Can I explain the details to you?”


Lu Shifeng, seeing Jian Luo’s reaction and recalling his nonchalant remarks earlier, said with a sinister tone, “Found something suitable, huh?”


Jian Luo, still in the midst of negotiating with the boss, was delighted at the mention of “suitable.” “Yes, it’s great.”



Lu Shifeng’s frustration surged. He had worked hard to advertise for Jian Luo, expecting at least some gentle gratitude. Instead, he got irrelevant comments, and to his dismay, Jian Luo seemed content.


He sat up a bit, ready to talk seriously. “Jian Luo…”


But Jian Luo on the sofa stood up abruptly, happily heading outside. “I’m going to make a long-distance call. Keep reading, oh, by the way, there are steamed buns from lunch in the pot. They should still be warm. Help yourself.”


With that, he ran off.


Lu Shifeng was almost dumbfounded. He dared to say that in the past hundreds or thousands of years, since he became the Dragon Lord, no one had dared to be so audacious. If it were anyone else today, they would have met a terrible fate.


But Jian Luo…


Lu Shifeng sat on the sofa, stunned for a moment. Eventually, he stood up and walked towards the door. His efficient secretary asked, “Where are you going, sir?”


“To the kitchen. Jian Luo said there are steamed buns.”


Thinking about this, the Marshal wasn’t as angry anymore. At least, Jian Luo had him in mind, always leaving him meals. Since that’s the case, he could forgive him. After all, he’s still young, inexperienced. Now that he’s worked hard for so long, it’s understandable to be a bit temperamental. Let’s go easy on him.


With this in mind, the Marshal’s lips curved into a smile.


However, the secretary, walking ahead, spoke recklessly, “Luo Luo’s buns are delicious. Not only me, but even the elves say they’re good! They helped a lot today during the livestream, constantly assisting with cooking. There are many buns left from lunch; five people couldn’t finish them, and there are still plenty.”



The corridor was silent, only the sound of footsteps echoing.


Lu Shifeng abruptly stopped, and this sudden halt made the secretary turn her head curiously. What met her gaze were those deep crimson eyes, profound and somewhat intimidating.


She was all too familiar with this look—a gaze that only appeared when Lu Shifeng was in an extremely bad mood.


Then, Marshal spoke, each word deliberate, “So, the food in the kitchen, is it the leftovers from your meal?”


A cold sweat broke out on the secretary’s back. In that moment, she fully understood that if she dared to say a single “yes” today, she might face immediate extinction.


“Well, of course not!” The secretary forced a smile. “Luo Luo specifically left it. He said you must want meat, so he kept two trays of meat buns warm for you.”


After saying this, she felt a significant improvement in the atmosphere.


Although Lu Shifeng didn’t show any particularly obvious expressions, at least there were no more ominous death threats! As a competent secretary, she had the obligation to understand her boss’s likes and dislikes, as well as his mood. According to her own analysis, this matter was actually straightforward; she had been foolish before. Fortunately, the Dragon Clan wasn’t afraid of mistakes because they excelled at turning the tide and rectifying errors!


With this in mind, the secretary spoke boldly, “Sir, please allow me to speak frankly.”


Lu Shifeng glanced at her, “Go ahead.”


“I often take care of Luo Luo, so I have a good understanding of his temperament, if not entirely, at least somewhat. From my observations, Luo Luo is inherently simple and straightforward. For many things, if not approached directly, if not handled with some methods, he may not comprehend them.” The secretary hesitated, “Human life is actually short and fragile. Wasting time can be regrettable.”


Lu Shifeng continued walking down the corridor, his military boots making crisp sounds on the floor. He seemed to be pondering, yet not really. Finally, just as the secretary thought the Marshal wouldn’t pay attention to her, Lu Shifeng lightly opened his thin lips and said, “I’ve already wronged him once before, and that time could be considered an accident.”


“Do we need to cook for a business discussion?”


Jian Luo replied seriously, “No, it’s bribery.”


Lu Shifeng continued to press, “Then why haven’t I seen you bribe me, considering how much you care about me?”




Jian Luo said, “I did bribe you.”


Lu Shifeng asked, “With what?”


Jian Luo patted his round belly and said, “Mister Dragon Jr.”


The room fell silent again.


After a while.


A smile tugged at the corner of Lu Shifeng’s mouth. The oppressive aura he had before completely disappeared. Facing Jian Luo, he couldn’t muster any anger.


But thinking about what Secretary Jin said during the day, the Marshal also felt that there might be some truth. Perhaps with Jian Luo, being straightforward might be more effective. However, he needed to express it in a way that wasn’t too abrupt.


After some consideration, Lu Shifeng spoke, “Jian Luo.”


Jian Luo, who was doing homework, responded, “Hmm?”


“The Dragon Clan has always been an exclusive group.” Lu Shifeng carefully chose his words, “But now, on behalf of the Dragon Clan, I welcome humans to join us.”


Lu Shifeng approached, their breaths close, the atmosphere somewhat ambiguous. The dim lighting, the gaze meeting, everything spoke without words.


Jian Luo blinked, hesitating, “You’re allowing us humans to work together with you? That’s quite nice.”




Lu Shifeng remained silent for a while and then spoke solemnly, “No, it’s only for welcoming you specifically, to be recorded into our family records.”


He was already making it really clear.


Jian Luo widened his eyes, finally understanding this time. He never expected for this to happen, “So, can I… be your younger brother? Is there a ceremony for this, like a formal oath to be taken maybe?”


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