Although it was probably just a hallucination, it still made Song Jun feel very uneasy. He sat down on the sofa, took the remote control and changed the channels several times but still couldn’t pay attention to it.

       Tu Zhenzhen didn’t come down for a long time. Song Jun heard the coughing from upstairs and was too embarrassed to call her. He stood up and walked to the door, reaching out and twisting the door lock.

       But the heavy security door lock was very complicated. Song Jun couldn’t unscrew it for a long time. He looked up again and had no choice but to give up for now.

       He didn’t know why, but the feeling of panic was becoming more and more clear. He was even more panicked than when he first started to find his way in the darkness outside. Song Jun couldn’t sit down and walked around the first floor, looking for a bathroom.

       There was a small door at the end of the corridor on the first floor. Song Jun walked over and reached out to open the door.

       The door lock was opened with a slight twist. Song Jun pushed the door open, and the light from the corridor shone in. His vision was a little blurry at first, but after quickly adapting to the darkness, he was shocked to realise that there was someone in the room.

       Song Jun first saw a pair of feet, wearing high heels, and then looked up and saw a woman sitting on a chair facing the door. Her limbs were fully clothed, but only one face was covered in blood and flesh. His face was completely peeled off.

       Song Jun’s breath caught, and the fear came too suddenly for him to react. The next second, he felt a hand tap on his shoulder.

       There had always been a vague fragrance permeating the house. Song Jun thought it was probably a kind of incense, and now the incense was getting stronger and stronger. The moment he was suddenly frightened and then tapped on the shoulder, a string in Song Jun’s mind seemed to snap. He could see, hear and act, but he stopped thinking for a moment.

       He turned around and saw Tu Zhenzhen. Tu Zhenzhen waved to him and asked him to come over. He followed Tu Zhenzhen in a daze, no longer knowing that he should be afraid.

       Tu Zhenzhen said, “Come on, come up with me.” Then she led Song Jun upstairs, not forgetting to remind him to be careful of the stairs.

       Song Jun followed Tu Zhenzhen towards the second floor.

       He didn’t know what he was thinking. He could clearly feel himself stepping over the stairs and even saw the pattern of the floor in the corridor on the second floor clearly, but he didn’t know that he should run away.

       Tu Zhenzhen took Song Jun into the second room on the left side of the corridor on the second floor. It was a bedroom with a large bed. There was a man lying on the bed. He was already in his forties or fifties and seemed to be in poor health. Well, the whole face was already loose and wrinkled, and maybe he looked older than his actual age.

       Tu Zhenzhen held Song Jun’s hand at the door, pulled him to the edge of the bed, pressed his shoulders to make him sit down, and then said to the man, “Husband, do you think this boy is good-looking?”

       The man looked at Song Jun and coughed hard before he could speak.

       Tu Zhenzhen lowered her face from Song Jun’s head and looked at Song Jun while humming, then she said, “Although he is not perfect, he is still a handsome and beautiful boy. I think he is pretty good. What do you think?”

       The man stopped coughing at this time, shook his head, sighed and said, “Not good, change it.”

       “Still not good?” Tu Zhenzhen was a little surprised, “I think it’s much better than the last one. Don’t compare yourself to girls. Boys who look too delicate aren’t attractive.”

       But the man still shook his head, “I don’t like it.”

       Tu Zhenzhen’s face suddenly turned cold. She walked around Song Jun and stood in front of the man, “Hubby, are you dissatisfied with what I did?”

       The man didn’t speak, but his expression was obviously gloomy.

       Tu Zhenzhen suddenly approached the man and said, “Hubby, look at my face. Is it exactly the same as when I first met you?”

       The man’s pupils reflected Tu Zhenzhen’s face. It was indeed a youthful and beautiful face. She didn’t even need makeup; due to her youth, not a single pore was visible, let alone wrinkles.

       However, the man slowly turned away his eyes at this moment. His eyes fell on a photo of a man and a woman on the bedside table next to him. There was a man and a woman in the photo. The woman was clearly what Tu Zhenzhen looked like now, and the man had a hearty smile. He was tall and handsome. But if you look closely, the facial features were clearly the same as the man on the bed, but now this man was old, shrivelled, and dying of illness.

       Seeing that the man refused to look at her, Tu Zhenzhen got angry. She stood up and ran downstairs in a hurry. After a while, she came up with the makeup mirror in the living room, put it in front of the man and insisted that he look in the mirror, “Look at you! Look at how you look now! What’s wrong with regaining youth, just like me?”

       The man was also a little unhappy and said, “Go away!”

       Tu Zhenzhen didn’t listen and just said, “Look at what you look like!”

       The man raised his hand to push her away, but she insisted on bringing the mirror in front of the man. After a few push and pull, the man began to cough violently.

       Tu Zhenzhen stopped immediately. She threw the mirror aside and reached out to gently pat the man’s chest, “Hubby, don’t get worked up. If you don’t want to look, then don’t. Don’t be angry.”

       After appeasing her husband, Tu Zhenzhen stood up and walked to Song Jun. She pinched Song Jun’s chin with her hands to make him raise his face. She said, “This is a divine skill bestowed upon me by the heavens. All I need to do is cut off his face, boil it into a potion, drink it, and gradually, you’ll revert to your twenties just like me. It won’t only be your face; your entire body will become like that of a twenty-year-old, just like mine now.”

       After saying that, Tu Zhenzhen let go of Song Jun and spun around in a circle, her dress fluttering. She was obviously very satisfied with how she looked now.

       “Hubby,” she said, “if this one person is not enough, I will go out and find young and beautiful boys for you until you return to what you look like in the photo, okay?”

       “This is not divine skill at all,” the man on the bed closed his eyes and said slowly, “Divine skill will not kill so many people. Look how many people you have killed. This is simply witchcraft, and one day, it will cost you your life.”

       “No!” Tu Zhenzhen suddenly raised her voice. She was very angry at her husband’s rebuttal, but then she suppressed her emotions and said, “Hubby, don’t make me angry all the time. Just wait a moment. I’ll soon cut off his face and go to the kitchen to boil it so you’ll be able to drink it tomorrow.”

       With that said, Tu Zhenzhen picked up a small knife from the bedside table, walked up to Song Jun, reached out and touched his forehead, intending to peel it off from there.

       The man suddenly shouted at the top of his lungs, “Stop!”

       Tu Zhenzhen seemed startled, and the knife almost fell from her hand.

       Suddenly, a strong wind blew outside the house without warning, and the window glass was blown violently, making a loud noise.

       Tu Zhenzhen and her husband both turned their heads and looked outside at the same time.

       Only a trace of black mist slowly seeped in from the gap between the two closed windows. When a large piece of black mist rushed in, it gradually condensed and transformed into a huge black beast.

       Tu Zhenzhen was startled, held the knife towards the giant beast, and shouted, “What is that!”

       The giant beast roared and suddenly rushed towards Tu Zhenzhen, pressing her whole body under its claws.

       The man on the bed struggled to get up in fear and fell off the bed. He shouted, “Zhenzhen!” As he tried to come and save his wife.

       However, the giant beast suppressed Tu Zhenzhen’s body and bit her neck.

       There was no blood splattering as expected. The beast’s fangs bit Tu Zhenzhen’s neck, leaving bloody marks, but they were not too deep. It picked up a black shadow with its sharp fangs, suddenly pulled it out of Tu Zhenzhen’s body, then held it in one mouthful and swallowed it into its belly.

       Tu Zhenzhen fainted on the ground. After the black shadow was pulled out of the body, her appearance instantly became older, and even her body became loose and no longer youthful.

       The giant beast used its front paws to pull Tu Zhenzhen and slammed her towards her husband, who was rolling to the ground. They both lost consciousness at the same time.

       At this time, the dark beast pulled Song Jun with its front paws.

       Song Jun looked stunned. He was not unconscious. He saw everything happening in the house with his own eyes. His mind was just frozen.

       Song Jun’s body shook slightly after being pulled, but he did not fall down.

       The beast now raised its sharp claws and only used the pads of its front paws to slap Song Jun’s face.

       Song Jun looked at it in a daze.

       Next, the beast slapped him on the head. This time, Song Jun tilted his head and fainted completely.

       When Song Jun fell down, the giant beast caught him with its big cat-like body, letting him fall to the ground unharmed, and then gently stepped on his chest with the soft fleshy pads of its soles as if it was having fun.

       Then the black shadow fled, and its shape instantly stretched into a slender human figure, appearing in the corridor outside the house.

       Wearing a shirt and long jeans, Xia Hongshen walked towards the stairs with bare feet. He went down to the first floor and came to the room at the end of the corridor and reached out to open the door. When he opened the door, a thin layer of mist gathered on his palm, blocking the contact between his palm and the doorknob preventing him from leaving a fingerprint.

       Inside the room, the deceased woman was still sitting miserably on the chair. Xia Hongshen did not look at her. He walked to the corner and picked up an incense stick. The incense kept burning, and the faint fragrance spread and could be smelled throughout the first floor.

       Xia Hongshen brought the incense to the pen and smelled it, then pinched it out with his fingers. This kind of incense had a strong effect of confusing people’s minds. It could block the transmission of several specific neurons and make people lose their consciousness of resistance when they are awake.

       Afterwards, Xia Hongshen returned to the room on the second floor. He picked up the makeup mirror that Tu Zhenzhen had thrown away from the corner. He snorted coldly, and his palms glowed with gleaming light. The entire mirror collapsed in his palms and became a piece the size of a leaf fragments of glass.

       He put the fragments back on his body, and Xia Hongshen brushed his palms over the heads of Tu Zhenzhen and her husband, confirming that they would not be able to wake up before dawn. Then he walked over and picked up the unconscious Song Jun, carried him down to the first floor, and placed him on the soft sofa.

       Xia Hongshen’s body then turned into black mist and floated out from the window of the room.

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