Cyprus was originally an island country, also known as the Holy Land of Love. Because one could enjoy the most beautiful rivers of stars in the universe on the seaside at night, thousands of ordinary couples flocked to it.

       When Qin Yun and the others arrived, many people were already on the beach. Although ordinary people could not see the spiritual link, they couldn’t rule out that there would be a sentinel and guide couple.

       “Is it okay if you put the spiritual link here?” Qin Yun asked worriedly, “Will it scare others?”

       Xi Zhao had no time to lose his temper. He found a deserted rock and jumped on it. He turned around and stretched out his hand to Qin Yun, “Come here.”

       Qin Yun stood next to Xi Zhao. Many couples were looking at them, and Qin Yun’s face felt a little hot under the scrutiny, “This place is too lively…it’s a bit bad with so many people…”

       “Not good… No good…” Qin Yun slowly opened his mouth. He raised his neck mechanically and stared at Xi Zhao’s back in shock, “That… D-d-d-d-dragon offfh!” He abruptly covered his mouth with his hand, turned to look around, and noticed that a few couples had glanced in their direction, but their reactions seemed calm.

       Qin Yun turned around carefully. The black dragon was still squatting on the spot. It followed Qin Yun’s movements and tilted its head. Its huge wings somewhat comically folded in front of its chest.

       “I call him Zhongyan1great flames.” Xi Zhao’s tone was calm as if he was just saying that the weather was very good today, “No one can see him except you.”


       The moon hung in the sky, the river of stars in Cyprus was vast and magnificent, and the lovers on the beach cuddled up to each other quietly, whispering words of love.

       Zhongyan frolicked in the night sky, seemingly delighted by the stars. He always stretched out his claws to reach them or flew with his belly upward as if the whole dragon were nestled in the embrace of the starry river.

       Qin Yun couldn’t help but laugh. He looked to his side and saw Xi Zhao lying on the rock with his eyes closed, both arms resting on the back of his head, breathing peacefully as he slept.

       Qin Yun looked at him for a long time before turning his face again and looking at the vast starry sky above his head.

       Zhongyan’s huge wings cut across the sky. It circled several times and landed in front of Qin Yun. He lowered his head, and around his chest hung a pendant adorned with shattered diamonds, shaped like a violent bear.

       “…” Qin Yun: “So that phone case is yours…”

       Zhongyan snorted and folded his wings shyly, trying to hide his huge dragon face.

       Qin Yun cautiously reached out his hand, and Zhongyan blinked. He lowered his head obediently and allowed the other’s palm to caress his muzzle.

       “You are such a beautiful and majestic big guy.” Qin Yun sighed. The touch under his palm was cold and smooth, and the black dragon scales glowed with a cool lustre in the moonlight.

       Qin Yun simply stretched out his guiding tendrils and ‘stroked’ the dragon’s neck and back. Zhongyan turned over his belly comfortably, his wings swayed back and forth against the ground, and his huge tail slapped the seawater.

       Qin Yun: “…” Born as such a cool and stunning dragon, is it really okay for you to be so good at being cute?!


       Xi Zhao frowned and looked at Qin Yun, whose hands and feet were shaking from fatigue, and said disapprovingly, “Don’t give in to its every whim; you’ll spoil him.”

       “It’s hard, he’s rare…” Qin Yun rubbed his sore arm, “It’s usually only you around him, which can be quite lonely for him.”

       Xi Zhao cast a glance at him, his expression turning a bit sour.

       Qin Yun chuckled and said half-jokingly, “Actually, coming to a place like this alone… must be lonely for you too, right?”

       Xi Zhao didn’t say anything. He opened the aircraft door, turned around suddenly, and his face was almost close to Qin Yun’s. He pulled off the other person’s collar, looked at it, and whispered, “The mental marks seem to have faded a bit.”

       Qin Yun: “…Have they?” He turned his neck to see behind him, but Xi Zhao suddenly clamped his chin.

       “…” Qin Yun didn’t get many pheromones, but his lips were swollen from being kissed…

       “Let’s come together next time.” Qin Yun fastened his seat belt and yawned, feeling a little drowsy, “The Cyprus Galaxy is really beautiful.”

       Xi Zhao adjusted the autopilot and slowed down the aircraft to prevent it from bumping. He casually asked, “Why? Haven’t seen enough today?”

       Qin Yun drooped his eyelids and complained drowsily before falling asleep, “Zhongyan is too big… blocking the front… I can’t see anything.”

       Xi Zhao: “…”


       Shen Zhuofan was in the middle of opening a can for Sweetheart when Qin Yun’s face appeared on the communication device. Sweetheart didn’t even eat the can and rushed forward with a meowl, clawing at the image with her paws.

       “Ah, it’s such a pity that I can’t touch you.” Qin Yun laughed loudly, and he greeted Shen Zhuofan, “I am going on a mission next month, and I have sent the stabiliser to you. Remember to collect it.”

       Shen Zhuofan frowned, “Why are you going on a mission so soon? Is it dangerous?”

       Qin Yun: “It’s a bit dangerous…but there will be a separate sentinel to protect me this time, so don’t worry.”

       Shen Zhuofan was silent for a while and suddenly asked, “Qin Yun, do you know who the sentinel is that gave you a mental mark?”

       “I know.” Qin Yun took a cat teaser and teased Sweetheart in the video, “What’s wrong?”

       Shen Zhuofan took a breath, “His spiritual link is a dragon, right?”

       Qin Yun’s movements paused, and he said awkwardly, “Hehe, you know…”

       “The question is not whether I know it or not.” Shen Zhuofan rubbed his forehead with a headache, “The question is, who do you think has a god-level spiritual link?”

       Qin Yun: “??”

       Shen Zhuofan rolled his eyes: “Moschery-Xi Zhao-Issa, this is the full name of the current emperor. His photos are on the front pages of all major websites. He’s the super VVVVVIP diamond bachelor on the universal dating sites. I heard that he had previously crippled the brains of several guides… Have you been in battle too much until you lost your mind? How come you don’t even know these gossips?”

       Qin Yun looked at Shen Zhuofan like an idiot, and the cat teasing stick in his hand fell to the ground with a ‘pop’ sound. Sweetheart meowed, raised its paw pad, and slapped it on the communication device.


       Qin Yun had been wandering around outside the palace alone for a long time. He came here early this morning. He got off at the wrong stop on the way because he was not familiar with it. When he got there, he realised that he was as clueless as an idiot… He didn’t even have Xi Zhao’s private communication identification number.

       I am such a failure… Qin Yun thought depressingly. He was probably the first guide in the universe who had established a mental mark but didn’t even know who his sentinel was.

       Just as he was hesitating whether to go back first, the palace gate suddenly opened automatically, and the stereotypical and kind voice of old butler, Ba Jin, rang out from the huge loudspeaker in the plaza.

       “Dear Mr. Qin Yun.” Ba Jin said respectfully, “We welcome your arrival.”

       Qin Yun reflexively bowed toward the loudspeaker, “Thank you, thank you! You are so polite!”


       Ba Jin coughed, looked at Moschery, who was flipping through documents in the study, and said with a smile, “Your Majesty, your little guide is very interesting.”

       Moschery glanced out the window and said angrily, “What’s so interesting? He’s stupid as hell.”


       Before Qin Yun went upstairs, he saw Ba Jin standing respectfully at the top of the stairs and bowing slightly to him, “Hello, Mr. Qin Yun.”

       “No, no need to be so polite.” Qin Yun was so nervous that he almost crouched down, “Hello, hello!”

       Ba Jin laughed and patted Qin Yun on the back, “Young man, don’t be nervous. I will take you to see His Majesty.”

       Moschery’s study was very large, and there was a door in the middle that divided it into two rooms. When Qin Yun entered, he saw Zhongyan lying on the ground with his tail on his head, and he immediately raised his head when he saw him.

       Ba Jin observed his expression and asked softly, “Can you see His Highness Zhongyan?”

       “Ah, yes.” Qin Yun watched Zhongyan stand up and flutter his wings, straighten the dragon’s neck and snort. The huge dragon’s muzzle stretched out in front of him and rubbed his cheek. Qin Yun touched it for a while, then remembered that Ba Jin couldn’t see.

       The old butler didn’t mind at all. He made tea for Qin Yun, handed it to Qin Yun with a plate of snacks, and said with a smile, “His Majesty may be busy for a while, so I’ll have to trouble you to stay here with His Highness Zhongyan.”

       Qin Yun warily and hurriedly agreed, waiting until Ba Jin had left before letting out a sigh of relief.

       “It’s just the two of us now.” Qin Yun touched Zhongyan’s head.


       A spiritual link couldn’t be too far away from the owner. Since Zhongyan was here, it meant that Moschery was on the other side of the door. Qin Yun took a piece of biscuit, lay on the dark glass door and stared at it for a long time. Zhongyan also followed his example, lying next to him.

       “How come I can’t see anything?” Qin Yun muttered as he made a face at the glass door, and Zhongyan also bared his teeth.

       Qin Yun rolled his eyes, and Zhongyan also tried hard to roll his golden eyes upward.

       Qin Yun made a pig snout gesture, saying, “Oink, oink!”

       Zhongyan dilated his nostrils, “Huh! Huh!”

       Qin Yun: “You are my little, oh little apple~”

       Zhongyan flapped his wings from side to side, but his tail accidentally hit Qin Yun in the face…

       Qin Yun: “…”


       The snacks made by Ba Jin were delicious. Qin Yun bit into a piece of apple pie as his eyes fell on Zhongyan’s neck.

       “Toothless?” Qin Yun played with the shiny dragon-shaped pendant, “You must have attached these rhinestones yourself…the workmanship is really bad.”

       Zhongyan blinked. He stood up and shook his wings vigorously. Then a bunch of rhinestones fell to the ground.

       “…” Qin Yun, “Is this all yours?”

       Zhongyan nodded proudly. It seemed a little excited. When it wanted to stand up, its foot suddenly slipped. The whole dragon fell into the pile of rhinestones. The Toothless dragon rhinestone, which was not very secure at first, suddenly crumbled into pieces.

       Qin Yun: “…”

       Chong Yan: “…QAQ”

       Qin Yun: “I’ll stick it! I’ll help you stick it! No crying!!”

       The giant black dragon shrank its wings and squatted aside, sobbing. Qin Yun lay on the ground, using tweezers to carefully mend the rhinestones while comforting it, “Don’t worry, I’ll stick an ultra-luxurious version of Toothless for you, dazzling everyone for sure.”

       Zhongyan nodded while crying.

       Qin Yun sighed, took off his coat and handed it over, “Good boy, wipe your nose.”


       When Skarter came in, Zhongyan was blowing his nose, and there was a coat floating strangely in the air with sticky liquid on it. Qin Yun was fully immersed in the realm of human and diamond integration, completely unaware that there was an extra person in the room.

       He didn’t react until the middle partition door opened automatically.

       “…” Qin Yun quickly got up from the ground, not forgetting to put the attached Toothless back on Zhongyan’s neck.

      Skarter coughed and suppressed a laugh, “The dragon is not easy to coax…thank you for your hard work.”

       Qin Yun nodded awkwardly and bowed, “Of course, of course.”

      Skarter composed his expression and gestured in a welcoming manner, and Qin Yun quickly made his way, allowing the general to enter the study first. The general stopped the courtesy and entered the study room first. Qin Yun followed behind with relief. When the door closed, he subconsciously looked back. Take a look—

       Qin Yun: “???!!!”

      Skarter only heard a ‘bang’ sound, and Qin Yun, like a dead fish, slammed into the glass door with a fierce expression on his face. However, from the general’s perspective, he could only see into the adjacent room, where a glittering Toothless pendant was bouncing around on the ceiling.

      Skarter: “What’s wrong…? Oh, I forgot. This door can be seen from the inside but is dark from the outside. Isn’t it a good design?”

       Qin Yun: “……#¥%@#¥%*&”

      Skarter looked confused behind the desk, His Majesty the Emperor, who was staring at the documents seriously, “What happened to him?”

       “…” Moschery turned over another page with a blank expression.

       Skarter looked strange and said, “…Your Majesty, why are you reading the “Bonding Heat Instruction Manual”?”

Zhongyan is basically Toothless, lolol
I wonder if Zhongyan trying to imitate Toothless behaviour

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