Xi Zhao’s speed was frighteningly fast. For the first time, Qin Yun felt that his mental power was not enough. His face was covered with sweat, and the golden colour that glowed in the whites of his eyes was getting deeper and deeper.

       In order to control the other party’s consciousness cloud, Qin Yun couldn’t afford to be distracted even for a moment. He was too embarrassed to ask Xi Zhao to come over and kiss him at any time. Seeing the other party appear so effortlessly in control, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of defeat.

       “Little chicks.” Xi Zhao killed the last flame crocodile and walked over with a dagger, “Are your bows and arrows for decorations?”

       Qin Yun was panting from exhaustion and muttered, “Do you think it’s so easy to use guiding tendrils? It’s not like with other sentinels, one lick and they’ll be fine…”

       “O-ne-lick?” Xi Zhao said word by word. He narrowed his eyes dangerously, “You actually got licked by another man behind my back?”

       Qin Yun: “…” Where did you get this inexplicable conclusion? Damn it?!


       After the baptism of the Flame Crocodile, Qin Yun had already calmed down when the second batch of Mammoths came out. Compared to the Flame Crocodile, although the Mammoth had more substantial combat power and thicker skin and flesh, it was stupid enough. Even if it was very laborious to kill, they did not have to be afraid of being shaded from behind at any time.

       Xi Zhao was beating a Mammoth mercilessly like a pig butcher in a slaughterhouse as he rode on its back. Qin Yun found it difficult to watch.

       “Calm down…” Qin Yun was still tinkering with his bow. He wanted to try to see if he could condense his mental power into an ‘arrow’ and try to attack, “You have to realise many sanitary pads like us, oh, no, I mean, low-level guides like us generally have to guide numerous low-level sentinels on the battlefield. Occasionally being licked is also a special circumstance…”

       The Mammoth let out a miserable cry. Xi Zhao fiercely pulled out the dagger from its eyeball, then stood on the corpse with a face full of blood and stretched out his tongue to lick the blade with an expressionless expression.

       Qin Yun: “…”

       Xi Zhao: “Say it. Which bastards have licked you.”


       Although sentinels had an unparalleled desire for exclusivity on guides that were linked to them, Qin Yun still found the situation tricky the first time he encountered it

       He tried to use guiding tendrils to calm Xi Zhao’s restless consciousness and patiently explained, “I’m just talking about special circumstances… So far, no one has really licked me…” He looked at the other person’s expression and immediately added, “I will only let you lick me from now on!”

       Xi Zhao seemed to be assessing the credibility of his words. He was silent for a long time before changing the subject and said, “What are you doing?”

       “Oh, this.” Qin Yun raised the bow in his hand, “You can see, this is my mental power. I tried to make an ‘arrow’ that can attack the enemy’s brain from a long distance if I uh… shoot it accurately.”

       Guide’s mental power basically had an offensive effect, but most of them controlled the opponent’s brain at close range, causing confusion and disturbing consciousness. Attacks that could damage the brain’s nervous system from a distance like Qin Yun’s were rare even among high-level guides.

       “You shouldn’t be just a low-level guide.” Xi Zhao suddenly said, “You’re better than a lot of people.”

       Qin Yun was a little flattered by such a straightforward compliment. He touched his nose embarrassedly, “But I don’t have a spiritual link… You should know the strength of a guide’s mental power determines the state of the spiritual link, and there’s no mistake about that.”

       Xi Zhao did not retort. He suddenly stretched out his hand and pressed the top of Qin Yun’s head hard, “Even if you have sanitary pads, you must be at the level of diapers.”

       “…” Qin Yun’s face was distorted as the top of his hair was messed up by Xi Zhao.

       “You can’t be worse than any high-level guide because,” Xi Zhao looked seriously into Qin Yun’s eyes, “I am your sentinel.”


       When Tristana rushed to the military headquarters, Moschery had already finished using the practice room, but he opened a small shooting range for Qin Yun to practice. Because it was fully enclosed and soundproof, the person who was focused on practising didn’t know that his immediate superior had arrived.

       “Your Majesty…” Tristana disagreed, “If I read correctly…he’s just a low-level guide?!”

       Moschery didn’t deny it, and Tristana frowned with emotion, “Your Majesty, low-level guide has no right to bind any individual sentinel, let alone a god-level like you…”

       “Tristana.” Moschery interrupted suddenly. He turned around and faced the female general without a mask for the first time, “Can you suppress my mania?”

       Tristana opened her mouth. She had calmed down and said softly, “No, I can’t, Your Majesty. I don’t have the ability.”

       “But he can.” Moschery looked at Qin Yun’s back in the shooting range, “He is my guide. I need him.”


       Tristana had already left when Qin Yun came out of the shooting range. He was surprised when he saw the appointment letter in Xi Zhao’s hand.

       “Our General was here?!” Qin Yun looked at Xi Zhao from top to bottom, “She didn’t do anything to you, right?”

       Xi Zhao said disdainfully, “She’s just a guide. What can she do to me?” He copied the appointment letter into Qin Yun’s Smart System.

       “Eta secret exploration operation…guide Qin Yun…sentinel…” Qin Yun paused and said in surprise, “Sentinel is you!”

       “Why are you so loud?” Xi Zhao looked at him with disgust, “Who else would want you besides me?”

       Qin Yun didn’t mind the other party’s attitude at all and said excitedly, “Oh my God! I actually have the opportunity to go on a solo mission with Sentinel!”

       Xi Zhao snorted proudly, “You don’t even know who I am…”

       Qin Yun: “Or to a classified mission!”

       Xi Zhao: “…That’s why I said you should work hard these days.”

       Qin Yun: “Do you know how much the bonus is for this kind of mission?!”

       Xi Zhao: “…no”

       Qin Yun: “It must be very high! Oh my God! I can finally buy an apartment within the fifth ring road of the Capital!”

       Xi Zhao: “…”


       When Tristana floated to Skarter’s mansion like a ghost, the young general thought something terrible had happened.

       “Have you been marked?” Skarter poured her a glass of milk, “You look like you just had a bonding heat.”

       “It’s worse than that…” Tristana glanced at him half-dead, “Do you know who the guide His Majesty marked is?”

      Skarter was a little surprised, “Have you seen His Majesty’s little sweetheart?”

       “…” Tristana gritted her teeth, “How dare you hide such a big thing from me?!”

      Skarter raised his hands innocently, “I just don’t want Dongliang to know. You know, he’s always prone to worrying about this and that.”

       Tristana was so angry that she didn’t want to pay attention to him. Skarter quickly comforted her, “It’s not too late to know now. How about it? What is His Majesty’s orders?”

       Tristana hesitated for a while, then sighed and said, “He wants to get that low-level guide involved in the Eta Star operation.”

      Skarter finally put away his cynical expression, frowned and said coldly, “Did His Majesty really say that?”

       Tristana nodded feebly, holding her chin and muttering to herself, “I don’t know what His Majesty is thinking…”

       “What about His Majesty thinks?” Lin Dongliang’s voice suddenly came from outside the door. He was wearing only a pair of pyjamas, barefoot and pinching the bridge of his nose in a somewhat sleep-deprived manner, “What are you guys talking about?”

       Tristana’s mouth opened in horror, and she looked at Skarter, “Since when did you two live together?!”

       “…” Lin Dongliang entered too hastily, and then he realised that his appearance was actually a bit ambiguous. When he was about to explain in embarrassment, Skarter had already picked him up first.

       “Why don’t you wear slippers, Sir?” Skarter hugged Lin Dongliang in his arms. He looked behind Lin Dongliang and asked gently, “Where’s your little panda? It’s been a long time, I really want to hug it.”

       Lin Dongliang: “… Your King Crocodile1it was actually a Sarcosuchus, but I think crocodile is good too always forces it to sit in your mouth… Do you think it dares to come out?”


       For the next month, Qin Yun felt like he was in Nirvana. He was tortured by Xi Zhao in the training room from morning to night, crying and howling. He was so tired that he could fall asleep even after lunch with Sennas.

       “…” Sennas reminded him in a low voice, “Your saliva is drooling.”

       Qin Yun woke up with a gasp. He touched his chin in a daze, “Is there anything else?”

       Sennas: “What are you working for so hard every day?”

       Qin Yun held his head in pain, “It’s not easy to buy a house within the fifth ring road…”

       Sennas said carelessly, “What’s the point of doing it until you are so tired? Might as well sell your kidney.”

       Qin Yun muttered, “Selling a kidney is useless…I am simply selling my life!”

       “Speaking of which.” Sennas frowned and sniffed hard, “The smell of mental marks on your body is getting stronger and stronger. Are you still in contact with that sentinel?”

       “That…” Qin Yun felt guilty, “I am his younger brother now…”

       Sennas: “…Other guides became a wife, but you just become a younger brother… Where is your dignity?! Even sanitary pads have dignity, okay?!”

       Qin Yun: “…”


       “Dignity?” Xi Zhao cut off the head of the Silver Ring King Snake with a knife, “Are you talking to me about dignity?”

       Qin Yun tried hard to defend, “I also have human rights! Look, I don’t have a spiritual link. You all know this. Where is your spiritual link? Since you let me give you mental guiding, why don’t you show me your spiritual link?”

       Xi Zhao looked at him with a strange expression, “Do you want to see my spiritual link?”

       Qin Yun: “This is the most basic form of mutual honesty, isn’t it…”

       Xi Zhao stopped talking. He killed the last few Silver Ring King Snakes in the practice room. He seemed to have made a lot of determination and said with a face that looked like he was going to die, “I’ll show you my spiritual link.”

       Qin Yun nodded excitedly.

       Xi Zhao wanted to say something else, but seeing Qin Yun’s expectant and stupid face, he finally just moved his mouth and muttered, ‘Forget it’.


       Qin Yun didn’t react when he was urged to get on the aircraft. He opened the door and protested, “Don’t fool me into getting on the aircraft and then throw me down in the middle! I won’t be fooled!”

       Xi Zhao clicked his tongue impatiently, “Shut up! Get in! Otherwise, I will throw you away now!”

       Qin Yun: “…If we’re going, let’s go. Where to?”

       Xi Zhao’s expression froze. He turned his face awkwardly and said stiffly, “Cyprus Galaxy.”


       Qin Yun: “Why do you have to go to a lovers’ sanctuary to see a spiritual link?!”

       Xi Zhao said with a dark face and gritted his teeth, “My spiritual link likes it! Do you have a problem with that?!!”

       Qin Yun: “…”

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