Chapter 92 – Originally, it wasn't significant

Chapter 92 – Originally, it wasn’t significant


Jian Luo looked at Lu Shifeng, his gaze and expression thirsting for knowledge.


Lu Shifeng held him close, and due to the significant difference in their physiques, Jian Luo appeared very much like a small quail. He was petite, with especially innocent, teary eyes that were quite beautiful.


He remembered how these eyes looked when they cried. The eye rims turned red, and his voice became weak, resembling a struggling bunny on the brink of death.


As the two locked eyes, Jian Luo also sensed that something was amiss. He hesitated and said, “Well, I’ve thought it over, perhaps I should have the nutrient solution.”


Lu Shifeng’s crimson eyes darkened, and he asked, “You don’t find it hard to swallow?”


Jian Luo quickly responded, “Of course not, upon careful consideration, I find the nutrient solution quite good. It was my oversight!”


Lu Shifeng withdrew his gaze and fed him another spoonful of food. “I’ll have someone deliver the nutrient solution to our room later.”


“…,” Jian Luo got off his lap and sighed deeply. He first went back to the room to take a shower, then came out to look at the delivered nutrient solution. This nutrient solution had no taste, but for some reason, every time he drank it, he could sense a hint of a fishy taste that was oddly addictive.


“Can we try to flavor it somehow?” Jian Luo pondered, scratching his head. “Like making flavored milk tea?”


As this idea took root, he suddenly had an epiphany. It seemed that the nutrient solutions available on the market were somewhat monotonous. They were all green and had a uniform, colorless fishy taste, lacking any other flavors.


Were the Darkstar people lacking creativity? Probably not. Was it just because they got used to it?


If they were to introduce flavored ones, would that create an overlooked market? In the entire Darkstar and possibly throughout the entire universe, it seemed like this market was rather untapped.


Jian Luo fell into contemplation while looking at the nutrient solution.


He opened his personal information interface and began to search for various styles and flavors of nutrient solutions. Compared to his old, slow interface, this temporary one seemed to be turbocharged.


In no time, the search results were displayed.


The AI interface said, “In the universe, the majority of nutrient solution manufacturing and distribution rights are concentrated in the Phoenix Research Institute and the Moonlight Group of Pixius. The sales and transportation of nutrient solutions are handled by the highest security level Dragon Clan Fleet.”


Jian Luo said, “…”


He never expected the Darkstar people to monopolize the nutrient solution business across the entire universe.


How much money did the Darkstar have, exactly?


Jian Luo continued his search, asking, “What about styles?”


The AI initiated a quick search and finally displayed, “Currently, there is only one uniform style available. Nutrient solutions have patents, and unless the Phoenix Research Institute introduces new products, they cannot be sold elsewhere.”


So, that was the case!


Jian Luo finally understood the logic and necessity behind this. His thoughts began to diverge, and the key point of his question lay in why the research institute didn’t introduce flavors. Was it a lack of ideas or simply a lack of motivation?




The door to the room opened as someone entered. Lu Shifeng stood at the entrance, observing Jian Luo lost in thought. The Grand Marshal finally spoke, “What are you thinking?”


Jian Luo shivered, narrowly saving the nutrient solution from spilling. He replied, “I was thinking if I could adjust the flavor of the nutrient solution on my own. That way, I might enjoy drinking it more.”


But didn’t this thing have a patent? Jian Luo wasn’t sure if he should inquire with his teacher. Asking wasn’t a problem, but he dreaded the prospect of being scrutinized and corrected by Zhan Wen Tai.


Lu Shifeng walked over and asked, “What flavor are you planning to adjust it to?”


Jian Luo decisively replied, “How about we adjust it to Red Holy Dragon Fruit Milk Tea? That way, drinking a glass would be equivalent to consuming a Red Holy Dragon Fruit, and we finish the nutrient solution.”


Lu Shifeng gave him a sidelong glance.


Jian Luo smiled, lips rosy and teeth white, and asked, “What do you think?”


Lu Shifeng took the nutrient solution and examined it. “I’ll have a doctor come to discuss this.”


“…,” Jian Luo had to admit this matter required caution, as mixing certain substances could lead to food poisoning.


In the end, he knew he would have to drink the nutrient solution today. With a grimace, Jian Luo pinched his nose and swiftly downed the nutrient solution.


Lu Shifeng furrowed his brows and said, “Slow down, no one’s going to take it from you.”


Jian Luo, wanting to get it over with, said, “If I throw up, it’s not my fault.”


Lu Shifeng casually picked up a parenting book to read, seemingly unconcerned.


As he waited in silence for a while, Jian Luo was surprised to find that he didn’t feel nauseated. It was as if his stomach had just processed a bottle of plain water.


Jian Luo stared in amazement at Lu Shifeng.


Lu Shifeng, as if understanding his astonishment, calmly explained, “The research department found that humans have an adverse reaction to the nutrient solution. After working day and night for two months, they adjusted the nutrient solution’s composition to better suit the human body, making it easier for the body to absorb.”


“…Really?” Jian Luo was speechless.


On one hand, he wanted to complain about how the majority of humans weren’t suitable for the nutrient solution, and the Darkstar people had never bothered to adjust it. Today, thanks to him, this type of nutrient solution might be available in the market. Even the people in the Paradise could enjoy easily digestible nutrient solutions.


Finally, after hesitating for a while, Jian Luo could only say, “Please thank the Research Institute for me.”


“No need for thanks,” Lu Shifeng replied calmly. “It’s also a hope for the whole world, and everyone should be grateful.”


“How should I respond? I actually feel somewhat honored,” Jian Luo thought as he put the nutrient solution aside, preparing to take a nap to calm his nerves. However, just as he was about to get up, he felt a tingling sensation in his legs, a painful, electrifying sensation that was oddly seductive.


“Ah…” Jian Luo couldn’t bear it and sat back down.


Lu Shifeng, beside him, had a change in his expression. “What’s wrong?”


It was precisely because the human body was so fragile that there were always unexpected situations. Lu Shifeng’s expression mirrored Jian Luo’s anxiety.


Jian Luo turned pale and took a deep breath, gritting his teeth. “It feels like my leg is cramping…”


Lu Shifeng held his arm. “Let me take a look.”


The Grand Marshal bent down slightly to examine the leg that had cramped up, and he almost immediately identified the issue. He told Jian Luo, “Relax, don’t tense up.”


Jian Luo winced, feeling the pain. “It hurts…”


“Is it painful here?” Lu Shifeng pinched the cramping area gently. “How about this pressure?”


Jian Luo cried out in pain, trying to pull away. “You’re touching it; I can handle it on my own.”


Lu Shifeng furrowed his brows and seemed to spot a key point. “You’ve had cramps before, right?”


Jian Luo choked up for a moment, and then he answered with some composure, “Well, when I was all alone and couldn’t see anyone every day, what could I do? I had to endure it.”


Lu Shifeng’s expression turned cold.


Jian Luo sensed that he might have said the wrong thing, so he pursed his lips and tried to alleviate the situation. “No, it doesn’t matter. You don’t need to bother about it.”


Lu Shifeng grabbed him again and said in a low voice, “I’m not blaming you.”


Jian Luo looked at him with surprise.


He never expected Lu Shifeng to explain himself with such restraint.


Lu Shifeng tried to control his strength as he massaged Jian Luo’s cramping leg. A man’s fingers, each movement, was the kind that could crash the Jinjiang Live Broadcast Network with a single appearance on screen. And right now, these Imperial fingers were massaging his leg.


The scene was somewhat dreamlike.


Mysteriously, the little bit of resentment in Jian Luo dissipated. He pursed his lips and said, “It wasn’t my fault to begin with.”


Lu Shifeng glanced at Jian Luo’s smug expression and a faint smile curved on his lips.


Jian Luo sensed the relief and felt that the pain had subsided. He said, “You’re amazing. I couldn’t relieve it myself earlier.”


Lu Shifeng withdrew his hand and replied, “After enduring many injuries, you become familiar with muscle and joint issues.”


“…,” Jian Luo couldn’t help but admire the resilience of the big guy.


Jian Luo had no words to comment on the world of the elites. He moved his legs to test if they felt better and heard Lu Shifeng say, “This is the first time I’ve taken care of someone and also the first time I’ve interacted with a human. I lack experience.”


Jian Luo turned around.


Lu Shifeng continued, “I can’t fully comprehend human pain.”


He sat on the couch, leaning against the cushion, his posture relaxed but his words firm. “Jian Luo, I hope that if you’re in pain, you’ll tell me promptly.”


Jian Luo sat down and suddenly felt a bit uncomfortable. He had grown used to Lu Shifeng being strong and reliable all the time, and now, suddenly, they were discussing matters on more equal terms. It felt strange.


Jian Luo scratched his head. “It’s not that painful, just a minor ache. It’s not worth mentioning, and I’m not a child, not so delicate.”


Lu Shifeng extended his long arm to adjust Jian Luo’s collar. “You can be delicate.”


“Uh?” Jian Luo was taken aback.


Lu Shifeng’s voice was deep and magnetic, exuding a calming aura, like a towering mountain that could shield from any storm. “You’re still young, and you can be delicate.”


“…,” Jian Luo had to admit he was indeed.


With a quick “whoosh,” Jian Luo jumped up and changed the subject, “I’ll go to bed now!”


He took a few steps to the bed, lifted the covers, and got under them. He buried his face in the pillow, not wanting anyone to see his face and dreading that Lu Shifeng might notice any irregular heartbeats.


What a dilemma. 


Why couldn’t the Grand Marshal just maintain his high and aloof demeanor? If he turned so gentle, who could resist?


It was all because he was carrying a baby; that’s why he was so gentle. If anyone else had come today, they would have heard this statement, right? After all, Jian Luo encountered Lu Shifeng during his heat period.


The greatest tragedy in life is experiencing the sunshine and then being thrust back into darkness.



The next day.


Today was the day the warship was expected to land. After traveling through space for so long, Jian Luo had experienced many ups and downs.


His secretary said, “This time, we’ll first go to an industrial empire to sign a cooperation agreement. This industrial empire is very safe, and we can go out and explore when we arrive.”


Jian Luo was looking at travel guides on the star network. “This place seems overly commercial.”


The buildings were all cold and lifeless, exuding an overwhelming sense of indifference, even the greenery and landscaping were sparse. The place looked quite oppressive, and it was hard to see how anyone could have fun and be happy here.


The secretary continued, “That’s right, this place has the most advanced industrial street, and many major industrial orders are produced on this planet. Its strength is not to be underestimated.”


Jian Luo was about to say, “What does the industrial street have to do with me…” but stopped in the middle of his sentence.


After careful consideration, he realized that this had a significant connection. Solving these two problems in this small blue planet was crucial for Earth’s protection and safety. If these issues were resolved promptly, everything would be a lot easier.


Jian Luo looked at his secretary gratefully. “You’re right!”


The secretary smiled. “Let’s go.”


She didn’t mention the price of the clothes; he probably wouldn’t buy them anyway.


The warship finally landed.


They arrived at the industrial empire’s capital shipyard. The weather was nice today, with clear skies and not a cloud in sight. As they disembarked from the warship and looked up, they could see the azure sky, a sight that brought great joy.


The leader of the industrial empire, the Head of State, dressed in a black suit, warmly approached them. “Welcome, Grand Marshal, to our capital planet.”


Lu Shifeng shook hands briefly with the leader. The leader glanced at Jian Luo and asked, “Who is this?”


Jian Luo began to rack his brain, trying to remember his title and position. Then, Lu Shifeng said, “My aide.”


The leader hesitated for a moment before saying, “Oh, I see! A truly outstanding individual!”


The people behind them felt like they had just witnessed a crow flying over their heads, speechless. After all, in the towering and mighty Dark Star military, Jian Luo, who appeared as thin as a weakling, naturally stood out, and describing him as “outstanding” was a bit of a stretch. But the leader was quite skilled at praising.


Jian Luo put on a thick-skinned smile. “You’re too kind.”


The leader smiled and waved it off, “Not at all.”


After a brief exchange of pleasantries, they moved on to the formal work process. Lu Shifeng was headed for a meeting, and the others were assigned to their accommodations.


Jian Luo’s secretary told him, “You don’t have to worry about where you’re assigned; you can stay with the Grand Marshal.”


Jian Luo nodded. “Alright.”


After the meeting, it was time for the evening banquet. Lu Shifeng had Jian Luo sit beside him and said, “If you’re not used to the food here, you don’t have to eat.”


Jian Luo nodded. “Thank you.”


Soon, attendants brought in dishes. The food of this industrial empire was as simple as its people. Even the Dark Star people would sometimes barbecue meat and prepare something different to eat, but the cuisine here was even more straightforward. The meat was mostly roasted to be edible, and the vegetables were simply boiled. It could be considered a diet plan.


Lu Shifeng told him, “It’s not as good as back at our place, but we’ll manage.”


Jian Luo sighed and took out a salt packet from his bag. In a low voice, he told Lu Shifeng, “I came prepared.”


Lu Shifeng looked at the salt packet and a chili packet with a hint of amusement in his eyes.


Jian Luo placed a little salt on his meat and then began to eat. 


A meek voice came from the neighboring table. “May I ask what powder you’re sprinkling?”


Jian Luo was taken aback and looked up to find a delicate-looking woman seated at the high table. She was very fragile, with fair skin and a gentle appearance, seemingly more delicate than Jian Luo, a human.


Before he could say anything, Lu Shifeng spoke up, “A condiment carried by our adjutant. He hasn’t been feeling well lately, so please excuse him.”


The woman smiled faintly. “I just thought it looked interesting. Can I try it?”


Jian Luo first looked at Lu Shifeng.


The Grand Marshal didn’t appear displeased and nodded gently. “You can.”


Jian Luo stood up, placed the salt packet on the attendant’s tray, and had it sent up.


Because this banquet was significant, many important figures from the industrial empire attended. People began to discuss quietly when they saw the scene:


“Is this aide a human?”


“It seems so.”


“Not a member of the Dragon Clan?”


“I heard humans are quite frail. I wonder what he’s capable of.”


People whispered in hushed tones and discreetly looked at the high table, wondering what this powder was for.


The princess, who had asked about the powder, tried the same method with her meat as Jian Luo had. After it had marinated for a while, she took a bite and paused for a moment. Then her eyes brightened. “Mmm…”


The leader was very fond of his wife, and he said in a gentle tone, “Be careful if your body isn’t well, take your time eating.”


The other ministers were used to it.


The princess swallowed her meat and said, “It’s very tasty.”


The leader was a bit surprised. He knew his wife well; due to her health issues, she was very selective about food, and most regular dishes failed to meet her standards. They had never considered collaborating with the Dark Star people on food before, for a couple of reasons. First, Dark Star people were known as the originators of nutrient fluids, and second, they had no special talent for cooking because their food was similar to their own.


The leader’s eyes lit up. “Not bad.”


The other ministers below looked at these two individuals, equally baffled. After all, it was just meat, but what difference could sprinkling some powder make?


The princess looked at Lu Shifeng and praised, “Mr. Lu, your aide’s seasoning is truly excellent!”


Lu Shifeng remained modest. “You’re too kind.”


Even though he said that, you could see the satisfaction on the Grand Marshal’s face.


The princess sitting in front, who had previously been coughing, suddenly choked and started coughing again after taking a sip of water. She was trembling while coughing and seemed to be struggling, given her frail condition, which made it appear quite serious.


Other ministers expressed concern:


“Is the princess all right?”


“Your Highness, please take care of your health.”


“Yes, indeed.”


The leader patted the princess on the back. “Are you okay? Should we go back?”


The princess wiped her eyes, which were a little teary from the coughing fit, and forced a smile. “I’m fine today, especially after eating such delicious meat. I’d like to stay a bit longer.”


The leader glanced appreciatively at Jian Luo. 


As Jian Luo enjoyed his meat, he felt a bit bewildered by the joy he had brought simply by contributing a salt packet.


The princess turned to Jian Luo and said, “May I take the liberty to ask if your condiment is still available, Mr. Aide?”


Jian Luo replied, “Of course, I’ll bring some for you when I return.”


The princess expressed her gratitude. “Thank you very much.”


Having nearly finished their meal, Jian Luo decided it was time to investigate further. Based on his observations, he believed the princess might be suffering from asthma, but he needed confirmation.


During his time on the warship, he had read numerous medical books and had realized that life forms in the universe shared many similarities. Diagnosing a human’s health wasn’t so different.


With this in mind, he asked, “May I inquire, Your Highness, do you have a history of respiratory ailments?”


This question was not considered impolite.


The princess smiled gently and replied softly, “It’s an old ailment, not a major illness, just something I’ve had for a long time.”


Jian Luo frowned. “Is it treatable?”


“It’s congenital,” the princess replied in a gentle tone. She wiped her mouth and continued, “We’ve attempted surgery, but my body is fragile, and I can’t take many medicines. So, it cannot be completely cured.”


It seemed like it.


Jian Luo, who found the princess rather amiable, said, “I have some herbal remedies from my side. If you don’t mind, you can try them.”


Chinese herbs were mild and could provide nourishment. He would contact the senior Chinese physician in Paradise later and have them formulate the prescription, tailored to the princess’s condition. With his guidance, it should work well.


The princess appeared surprised and delighted. “Mr. Aide, you have a solution?”


Jian Luo was modest. “It may not necessarily help, but you can give it a try.”


Although he was being humble, the ministers in the audience had their own thoughts. Unlike the princess, who came from humble beginnings, the nobility had their own standards. Allowing a human to provide medical treatment for the princess, especially considering the low status of humans on Dark Star, made them question whether this human had any formal education and if he was qualified to diagnose and treat the princess.


Given the circumstances, someone stood up and said, “Mr. Aide, you are a talented young individual, and we admire your abilities. May I ask where you received your education? Which academy did you graduate from?”


The most prestigious educational institution on Dark Star was the Phoenix Pavilion, which was exclusively for pure-blood nobles. It was impossible for a human to enter it. As for other universities, did they even want to mention those?

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