No one was injured.

       This only meant that both passengers and crew members returned to the ground safely.

       When Zhou Mo heard the news, he almost broke down and hugged Cheng Sen, bawling his eyes out. He didn’t know what Suo Yang was like when he was on the plane, nor what his mood was like, but today’s incident had taken him back to a few years ago, to his last flight.

       Zhou Mo was in the economy class at the time. After learning about the landing gear failure, just like this time, they began to hover over the city. He and all his colleagues explained the situation to the passengers, calmed everyone’s emotions, and ensured that they would land safely.

       However, accidents always happen when people were unprepared.

       A passenger asked Zhou Mo for water. When Zhou Mo turned around to get him water, he was suddenly kicked in the waist. At that time, he was kicked hard in the waist, and his head hit the inner wall of the cabin.

       At that time, Zhou Mo had just gotten engaged to Cheng Sen, and he was still wearing a ring on his finger. When he was dizzy, and his back hurt so much that he couldn’t move, he burst into tears looking at the ring.

       Call him a deserter, call him irresponsible. He resigned after that.

       There were many reasons, but that incident completely triggered his idea of changing careers.

       This incident might seem easy to talk about, but for Zhou Mo, it was a memory of pain and fear. No one knew how scared he was when he was lying there, unable to move.

       Will Suo Yang be afraid?

       Will Suo Yang encounter difficult passengers?

       As a friend and former colleague, Zhou Mo hoped that Suo Yang would be luckier than him.

       The airport was still bustling with people.

       The plane landed smoothly, sliding on its belly and smoking.

       All passengers were evacuated immediately, followed by the crew.

       Fortunately, no irreversible accidents occurred in the follow-up, and Suo Yang’s suspended heart could finally find some relief.

       When he stepped on the solid ground again, he felt as if he was stepping on clouds, and everything was so unreal.

       The candy in his pocket was gone, but it didn’t matter. He could still ask for it from Shen Huiming.

       Suo Yang couldn’t wait to turn on the phone and call Shen Huiming directly.

       Shen Huiming’s hands were trembling as he waited outside. He was still standing far away from the crowd and some distance from the exit, but he knew that his Suo Yang would be able to see him as soon as he walked out.

       To outsiders, Shen Huiming didn’t seem to be with those emotionally distraught passengers or their relatives. On the surface, there was no sign of anything unusual about him.

       However, when his cell phone rang, it took him a long time to successfully take it out of his pocket.

       His hands were shaking, and his palms were sweaty. He couldn’t do the simple act of picking out the phone out of his pocket.

       When Shen Huiming saw the name of the caller, the words ‘Suo Yang’ were like a letter from the gods, and he almost couldn’t breathe.

       “Suo Yang.”

       Suo Yang walked out with everyone. He couldn’t go to see Shen Huiming immediately. There were many things to deal with later, so he could only let the other party continue to wait.

       “I’m fine.” Suo Yang’s nose felt a little sore when he heard Shen Huiming’s voice. He said softly, “It’s just…the candy I brought is missing.”

       Shen Huiming burst out laughing. After laughing, he was a little choked up.

       “It’s okay, I still have a lot at home.”

       “Okay, where are you? A coffee shop?”

       “At the international arrivals exit.” Shen Huiming asked, “Will it be long before I see you?”

       “It may still take some time. You can go to the coffee shop and wait for me,” Suo Yang said, “I’m fine, don’t be afraid, don’t worry.”

       Although Suo Yang said this, Shen Huiming was still uneasy. He had to see the other party with his own eyes to believe that his Suo Yang was really fine.

       “I’ll be waiting for you.” Shen Huiming said, “I miss you.”

       Shen Huiming’s words, ‘I miss you’, suddenly made Suo Yang feel a little uncomfortable. The reason for the discomfort was simply that he had made his lover worried.

       He looked back at their plane, and the light smoke made his heart skip a beat.

       Shen Huiming waited for a long time. He went to the coffee shop to wait obediently and did nothing. He just kept looking in the direction where Suo Yang would come.

       People were coming and going over there, but Suo Yang was nowhere to be seen.

       Until it got dark and it started snowing again.

       When Suo Yang came over, Shen Huiming fell asleep on the table. He had waited too long, his mood was always tense, and he was too tired.

       As soon as he walked into the coffee shop, Suo Yang looked at the familiar location, and his eyes turned red immediately when he saw that Shen Huiming, a good little boss, was in the coffee shop and fell asleep.

       He felt sorry for Shen Huiming, but at the same time, he felt fortunate.

       Do people have to experience some life-and-death moments before they can better understand the meaning of life?

       In the past, Suo Yang always felt that the most important thing in his life was flying, but now, in addition to flying, he also wanted to grow old together with this person.

       He walked over and carefully stroked the other person’s hair.

       Shen Huiming didn’t sleep soundly. Suddenly waking up, he looked at the person in front of him in a daze. After coming back to his senses, he abruptly sat up and pulled the person into his arms.

       The chairs in the coffee shop were overturned, and the only two customers around turned to look at them.

       Shen Huiming held Suo Yang tightly in his arms as if he wished he could become one with his own flesh and blood.

       Suo Yang felt some warmth on his neck. He raised his hand and patted Shen Huiming’s back gently.

       This man cried because of himself.

       Suo Yang raised his head and looked at the roof of the airport, but he still couldn’t control it, and tears still fell from the corners of his eyes.

       No one wanted to cry.

       At this time, they should hold hands to celebrate and shout ’Long Live Life’.

       However, Shen Huiming couldn’t say a word now, and he couldn’t even say Suo Yang’s name properly.

       Even though he was not on the plane, he felt like he was surviving a disaster.

       As for Suo Yang, he had experienced more serious emergencies than this, but he had never been so eager to land safely as he was today. He had to come back well and see Shen Huiming properly.

       Since he lost contact with his family a few years ago, he had almost no worries anymore. He regularly transferred money to his parents’ account and regularly inquired about their situation. Everything else seemed not to matter.

       But now, he finally understood how important it was to continue living well.

       They hugged like this for a long time until Shen Huiming finally calmed down.

       When he let go of Suo Yang, the collar of Suo Yang’s shirt was already wet with his tears.

       “I hugged you too tightly. Did it hurt you?” Shen Huiming straightened up and rubbed the tears on Suo Yang’s face with his fingers.

       Suo Yang picked up the tissue on the table and wiped his eyes, “No, I like it.”

       Shen Huiming looked at him and couldn’t help but hug him again.

       Not enough hugs.

       How could there be enough hugs?

       God knows how scared he was today. He didn’t dare to think or guess. He didn’t dare to predict whether it was a good outcome or a bad outcome. He suppressed all thoughts in his heart, just waiting quietly, guarding. There were moments when he felt like Suo Yang had turned into a wisp of smoke and drifted away from his embrace.

       He couldn’t allow this to happen. He had to keep him by his side.

       “Suo Yang.” Shen Huiming said into his ear, “I love you.”

       Suo Yang’s tears had stopped originally, but when she heard Shen Huiming’s words, they started to flow again.

       “I love you too.”

       The two of them rarely talked about the word love but more often expressed it in actions. They both felt that no matter how much they said it, it was better to show it properly. Words alone were not enough to convey love.

       But at this moment, they also realised that conveying love was not enough without the support of words.

       “I love you.” Shen Huiming took a deep breath and sniffed the scent of Suo Yang vigorously.

       “I know,” Suo Yang stroked his back, “Huiming, let’s go home, take a bath and have a good sleep.”

       They were all too tired.

       Suo Yang had just experienced a ‘battle’ in which he exhausted all his courage and strength, and so did his lover, except that they were not on the same battlefield.

       “Okay, let’s go home.” Shen Huiming still hugged him and didn’t let go. “I’ll call my parents later and tell them that we have something to do tonight and won’t be going back.”


       “Let’s rest another day, and we’ll go see them again.”

       “It’s all up to you.”

       The two of them just hugged each other tightly in the airport coffee shop regardless of other people’s opinions. Two grown men, crying without any concern for their appearance.

       After changing his clothes and preparing to go home, Song Kai wanted to drink a cup of coffee to calm down. He walked over from a distance and saw the two people hugging there. He walked at full speed and then even stopped altogether.

       They were several meters apart, and although he couldn’t see their expressions clearly, they knew without looking that what Suo Yang said to him was true.

       Even if you get tired of living, he won’t get tired of me.

       Song Kai smiled, turned around and left.

       He didn’t feel like buying coffee anymore and just went home.

       Suo Yang didn’t see Song Kai at all. He couldn’t see anyone except Shen Huiming now.

       He clearly said he wanted to go home, but Shen Huiming just hugged him and refused to let go, as if he had no intention of leaving at all.

       Suo Yang simply stayed with him, placing his palms on Shen Huiming’s back, feeling his heartbeat and breathing.

       “Suo Yang.” After a while, Shen Huiming suddenly called Suo Yang’s name.

       “Yeah, I’m here.” Suo Yang responded softly, rubbing the other person’s face at the same time.

       “Let’s get married too.” Shen Huiming closed his eyes, and his tone finally returned to its usual calmness, “Although I’m sorry that there are no flowers, no ring, nothing prepared, and I seem to be in a bit of a mess, I’m proposing to you right now, so marry me.”


       Suo Yang had never thought about this.

       Shen Huiming let go of Suo Yang, their eyes met, and he slowly knelt down on one knee.

       “Maybe it’s because today’s accident caused me to act on impulse,” Shen Huiming raised his hand and reached out to Suo Yang, his palm facing up, waiting for the other party to hold him, “But even if it was on impulse, I will never regret it. “

       “Huiming…” Suo Yang looked at him, and his heartbeat started to beat very fast.

       “Let’s get married, go to Berlin, in the same church as last time, the two of us, and let God be our witness.”

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