Chapter 11 – Most eligible widow-bachelor in the six realms

Chapter 11


Luo Yuqing gazed back at him with deep eyes, “Xuan Zhi.”


Luo Yuqing, whose courtesy name was Xuan Zi.


So he didn’t exactly lie to him.


Zhong Mu suddenly smiled, “Xuan Zhi, it’s my first time walking this long as a human. My feet hurt a bit. Will you carry me?”


“…” Luo Yuqing.


“…” Si Lan.


Not only did this Moth King look like a child on the outside, but his behavior was also childlike. One moment he was complaining, and the next he was acting cute…


But Luo Yuqing, the cold-faced demon, probably wouldn’t fall for this.


However, in the next instant, Si Lan saw Luo Yuqing bend down and pick up the Moth King. He widened his eyes, doubting if he had seen it correctly. Did Luo Yuqing actually carry someone like a princess?


In front of his beautiful junior sister, wasn’t Luo Yuqing always indifferent?


Zhong Mu’s arms naturally wrapped around Luo Yuqing’s neck, and his lips lightly touched Luo Yuqing’s neck, exhaling warmth.


Luo Yuqing, however, maintained a stoic expression, as if he hadn’t sensed Zhong Mu’s intentions.


Si Lan followed the two of them, watching the scene with mixed emotions. Unconsciously, he stroked his dragon horns and said, “The most unforgettable image for Luo Yuqing, how could it be these?”


The dragon’s horn was gripped, and his face was filled with anger.


An impolite Demon Lord.


Luo Yuqing’s most unforgettable memory was not these images but the person in this scene.


Luo Yuqing’s death was probably related to the current Moth King.


But if it remembered correctly, half a year ago, the Earth Immortal had reported this matter to it. The Moth King of the Holy Domain’s Demonic Valley was pierced through the heart by a cultivator’s sword, and his soul was destroyed.


All the other demonic creatures in the Holy Domain’s Demonic Valley were burned to ashes.


It didn’t mention what happened to the cultivator.


Inside the cocoon…


Luo Yuqing placed Zhong Mu on a white jade platform, and Zhong Mu suddenly asked with curiosity, “Are you considered a strange person among humans?”


Luo Yuqing raised his eyelids and replied, “Why do you ask that?”


“Because you have no expression, unlike other humans who always have fear on their faces,” Zhong Mu reminisced.


“…” Luo Yuqing.


That was because when they saw you, their faces would naturally show fear.


“Have you not asked me… I want to hear you ask me…” Zhong Mu’s eyes sparkled with anticipation as he tilted his head and smiled.


Luo Yuqing hesitated about whether to kill Zhong Mu, but then he remembered what his Master had mentioned. Zhong Mu was not afraid of normal injuries.


Luo Yuqing put away the whip in his sleeve and slowly approached Zhong Mu. “Well, I ask you.” Reluctantly, he spoke with a husky and magnetic voice, which strangely sounded sexy to Zhong Mu’s ears.


Zhong Mu looked at him steadily. “If all humans were as good-looking and had such a pleasant voice as you, I wouldn’t be willing to eat them.”


“…” Luo Yuqing.


“By the way, do you have a wife?”




“So… what kind of person do you like?” When Zhong Mu asked this question, there was a hint of nervousness in his tone.


He was hinting something to Luo Yuqing, not knowing if this handsome human could understand.


Luo Yuqing met Zhong Mu’s gaze and slowly replied, “No one.”


Zhong Mu’s disappointment inched onto his face, but he still reached out and embraced Luo Yuqing, resting his chin gently on Luo Yuqing’s shoulder.


Having no one might not be a bad thing.


“Will you stay in the Demonic Valley with me? Otherwise, I might have to give you to those moths outside to eat.”


Zhong Mu sounded like he was threatening Luo Yuqing, but also like he was casually speaking, his tone flat.


Luo Yuqing lowered his head and saw Zhong Mu’s long, thick eyelashes resting against his forehead, making Zhong Mu’s fair skin even whiter.


If Luo Yuqing hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he would have thought that the young man in his arms was just a delicate young noble, not the ruthless Moth King.


He hadn’t had a chance to reply when Zhong Mu, after his threat, fell asleep heavily in his arms.


Luo Yuqing looked at him, furrowing his brows in thought. He was probably wondering why the Moth King trusted him so much. Wasn’t he afraid of what Luo Yuqing might do while he slept?


Luo Yuqing’s hand hesitated in mid-air, unsure whether to hold him or push him away. Eventually, he let his hand drop and leaned back against the white jade platform, lost in thought.


Without his cultivation, he was starting to feel a bit tired and soon drifted off to sleep.


Si Lan, seeing that both of them were asleep, emerged from the corner and watched his slumbering friend with mixed feelings.


Luo Yuqing was now a cultivator in the Nascent Soul stage, and this physical body was just a vessel for him… So even if the body perished, Luo Yuqing wouldn’t die.


So, the only person who could kill Luo Yuqing would be someone with a higher level of cultivation than him. During this time, Si Lan had observed the Holy Domain’s Demonic Valley and found no such person.


As for the Six Realms, the Four Realms of humans, ghosts, spirits, and demons, there were hardly any individuals who could match Luo Yuqing. The relationship between the two higher realms, the gods and immortals, and the cultivation world was always close, so it was highly unlikely for a Nascent Soul stage cultivator to be killed inexplicably.


In the Demon Realm, Si Lan was revered, and he would never harm Luo Yuqing.


“So, who exactly killed you?”


Si Lan stared at Luo Yuqing’s face, muttering to himself. Just as he was completely puzzled, the scene in front of him changed once again.


Shortly after Luo Yuqing fell asleep, the Moth King got out of bed and went to another room.


The room was filled with a strong smell of blood, nauseating. After a while, there were sounds of bones breaking and chewing in the room, particularly clear in the dark night.


Si Lan vaguely understood what was happening but chose not to follow.


He covered the little white dragon’s ears, fearing that it might be a bad influence.


At that moment, Si Lan saw that Luo Yuqing had also awakened at some point. Luo Yuqing walked through him, following the sounds directly to the door. His face turned ashen as he grasped the doorknob, his fingers turning white.


Zhong Mu was sitting in a pool of blood, likely hearing Luo Yuqing’s footsteps approaching. He turned, facing Luo Yuqing, and suddenly smiled.


The smile was candid, innocent, yet eerie and seductive.


Luo Yuqing instinctively took a step back, a look of reluctance in his eyes.


Zhong Mu stood up and suddenly threw himself into Luo Yuqing’s arms.


“You’re awake.”


“Don’t touch me,” Luo Yuqing said coldly.


Zhong Mu’s body trembled, and he bit his lower lip, “You don’t like me eating…”




Zhong Mu seemed childlike, sighed, and said, “Then I’ll become a vegetarian.”


Luo Yuqing heard this and coldly remarked, “Can moths even be vegetarian?”


“We can maintain a vegetarian diet, but it affects our bodies and cultivation. Eating meat regularly ensures our strength.”


Luo Yuqing lowered his eyelids, his expression inscrutable. “I don’t like you this way.”


Zhong Mu struggled with his thoughts, then raised his head, looking at Luo Yuqing pitifully. “How about I have meat every ten days? Would that be acceptable?”




“But if I don’t eat this, I…”


Seeing Luo Yuqing’s unyielding expression, Zhong Mu sighed, “Alright, I won’t eat it. How about this, can you smile at me? No, from now on, you have to smile at me every day, okay?”


As he said this, his tone slightly flirtatious.


Luo Yuqing remained silent for a while and finally said, “Hmm.”


“Then you can start by smiling once…”


Luo Yuqing seemed somewhat hesitant and tried to smile, but he didn’t quite know how. So, he awkwardly stretched his lips into a smile, which made Zhong Mu burst into laughter.


“You smile like this…”


Zhong Mu tiptoed, reached out to lift the corners of Luo Yuqing’s eyes and lips, and said, “Both your eyes and mouth need to move together to make a real smile.”


Luo Yuqing tried to smile tentatively, his eyes deep, and a gentle smile on his face.


Zhong Mu stared at him blankly, then burst into laughter and buried his head in Luo Yuqing’s chest, holding him tightly.


But Zhong Mu didn’t see the fleeting grimace that crossed Luo Yuqing’s face.


In the following days in the illusion, Luo Yuqing was constantly looking for ways to get rid of Zhong Mu. He was secretly restoring his cultivation while trying to persuade Zhong Mu not to allow the moths to eat humans.


So, the entire Demonic Valley turned into a place of vegetarian moths, which led to their dissatisfaction.


Si Lan had an instinct that Luo Yuqing couldn’t stay in the Demonic Valley any longer, not out of fear for his life, but for his emotional well-being.


Luo Yuqing practiced a heart-based cultivation path, so even if he got married, had children, and led a normal life, it wouldn’t affect his cultivation. The only thing that could impact him was emotional attachment.


Si Lan was afraid that if Luo Yuqing kept calculating and planning, he might eventually calculate himself into a corner.


But Luo Yuqing showed no intention of leaving.


In the illusion, Zhong Mu was blissfully unaware of any impending danger. He was busy preparing for his upcoming wedding with Luo Yuqing.


Following human customs, he decorated the once dark Demonic Valley with red lanterns and banners, filling the entire valley with a festive atmosphere.


On the day before the wedding, a group of servants tried to capture Luo Yuqing with the intention of devouring him. They didn’t want to see the Moth King played with by a human.


When Zhong Mu found them, Luo Yuqing was already severely injured. His right arm had been bitten, and blood was flowing profusely.


Zhong Mu immediately transformed into his true form and rushed to save Luo Yuqing. He grabbed Luo Yuqing and used his wings to attack the servants, sending them flying. They lay on the ground, spitting blood.


The servants were not Zhong Mu’s match, and they lay injured on the ground. Still, they refused to give up and wanted to attack Luo Yuqing.


“King, even if you kill me, today, I will kill this human!”


“King, we will never allow you to be with a human!”


They all kneeled on the ground, willing to die in order to threaten Zhong Mu. Even if they couldn’t kill Luo Yuqing today, they would do it tomorrow. Even if they died, other servants would continue their mission.


Zhong Mu was infuriated and used his magic to transport them beneath the Soaring Dragon Tree.


Zhong Mu pointed to the enormous tree and threatened, “If you kill him, I will destroy the Soaring Dragon Tree. If you’re not afraid to die, then neither am I. We will die together.”


The servants were shocked by this threat, their faces full of disbelief.


Zhong Mu was willing to destroy the entire Demonic Valley for a human?


He’s gone mad!


Hearing this, Luo Yuqing raised his head and looked at the Soaring Dragon Tree, his eyes gleaming.


This strange tree seemed different from the rest of the Holy Domain’s Demonic Valley.




The servants wanted to say something more, but at that moment, Luo Yuqing suddenly fainted from his severe injuries. Zhong Mu hastily caught him.


“Don’t say anything more. My mind is made up.”


Zhong Mu finished speaking and, carrying Luo Yuqing, vanished in the blink of an eye.


Luo Yuqing had suffered numerous injuries, with the most severe being the chunk of flesh torn from his right arm, causing blood to flow continuously.


Zhong Mu helped stop the bleeding and used magic to stabilize Luo Yuqing’s injuries. Likely because he had exerted too much inner energy to save Luo Yuqing, Zhong Mu’s face turned slightly pale as he leaned against Luo Yuqing’s chest.


When Luo Yuqing woke up from his unconscious state, he found himself looking into Zhong Mu’s unusually pale face. Zhong Mu was sleeping lightly, his breath falling gently on Luo Yuqing’s chest.


The area under his touch seemed to swell and throb.


Zhong Mu’s voice became softer as he asked, “How are you?”


Luo Yuqing nodded gently.


Zhong Mu raised his head, his gaze fixed on Luo Yuqing. They were close, just inches apart, their breaths mingling.


Zhong Mu suddenly tugged at the corner of his lips, closed his eyes, lowered his head, and kissed Luo Yuqing’s lips. Luo Yuqing didn’t push him away.


Countless white lights appeared out of thin air, forming a barrier around them, tightly enveloping the two of them.


Inside the barrier, there were sounds of love and pleasure.


Si Lan hadn’t expected to witness such a scene. He stood outside the barrier, feeling a bit awkward. Instinctively, he covered the little white dragon’s eyes, and then, recalling something, he also covered the dragon’s ears.


“No peeking, and no eavesdropping!” Si Lan warned the little white dragon.


The little white dragon remained silent.

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