If one had not actually experienced an accident, no one would really consider the possibility of an accident.

       When the plane was unable to land, when his lover was trapped at high altitude, and when no one could give a definite, positive, and certain assurance of safety, Shen Huiming could only silently repeat to himself: I’ll wait for him to get off work.

       Shen Huiming stayed away from the crowd. He could not be disturbed by those people.

       He believed that Suo Yang at this moment must be dealing with everything calmly and professionally. His Suo Yang was like a warrior; even though he had no armour, he was protecting the people he wanted to protect. He felt that he could even imagine Suo Yang’s appearance right now—with a firm tone and sincere eyes, he would be telling the passengers that they would be able to bring everyone back to the ground safely.

       Therefore, he also had to believe in Suo Yang.

       In the distance, someone was crying, someone was making trouble, and someone was praying.

       Shen Huiming just clutched the phone tightly and kept looking out the window.

       He had no idea how long he had been waiting, let alone how long he would have to wait, but he was certain that he would wait patiently until Suo Yang returned to his arms.

       In the cabin at this time, Suo Yang was squatting next to comfort an elderly gentleman. The old gentleman had a bad heart and had just taken medicine. He held Suo Yang’s hand tightly, closed his eyes, and took a deep breath.

       Suo Yang was most worried about this situation. He frowned and spoke to the old man as quietly as possible. Song Kai, on the other side, finally stopped messing around and acted like a professional flight attendant to calm down the passenger’s emotions and keep giving safety tips.

       The old gentleman felt a little better. He opened his eyes and thanked Suo Yang. He glanced out the window and realized that they were still hovering over the city.

       “I’m here to see my grandson,” the old man said, holding Suo Yang’s hand. “Originally my daughter said she’d pick me up, but she has just given birth, and I can’t bear to put her through it.”

       The old man turned around and looked at Suo Yang: “Son, tell me the truth, will we die?”

       Suo Yang looked at the old gentleman gently, smiled, and said softly, “No, and we will definitely return safely to our family.”

       Just as he was talking, his colleague, who was originally in the economy class, suddenly came over and called Suo Yang softly.

       Song Kai took over from Suo Yang to take care of the old man, and Suo Yang got up and went over to talk.

       “Yang ge,” the person who came to Suo Yang was a girl. The two of them had occasionally flown together before. When he spoke, the girl’s eyes were red, “Help…”

       On their trip, there were only three passengers in first class, but there were so many people in economy class that they couldn’t handle it.

       Suo Yang explained to Song Kai and walked quickly towards the economy class.

       The economy-class cabin with more than 100 people was restless at this time.

       Suo Yang looked at the time and made a rough estimate. They had circled twice, and if nothing else happened, they should be landing soon.

       They must calm every passenger before landing and ensure everyone’s safety.

       From a probability perspective, major casualties caused by landing gear failure are uncommon, but what they hadto do was to let everyone land as unscathed as possible.

       Most of the flight attendants in economy class had relatively short flights. The only male who also served as a safety officer had just arrived. Some agitated passengers started arguing and almost got into a fight.

       Suo Yang went over and comforted each one, and his voice was almost hoarse amidst their noise.

       His uniform shirt was grabbed by a middle-aged man, who angrily questioned him and insulted him. No matter what the other man said or did, Suo Yang always remained calm and rational, offered good words and restrained comfort.

       The name tag on his chest was torn off, and the buttons of his shirt fell apart during the tug.

       Coaxing the passenger with nice words was no longer enough, so Suo Yang had to give a stern warning.

       At this time, the captain’s announcement sounded again, telling everyone to prepare for an emergency landing.

       Suo Yang didn’t have time to have a ‘heart-to-heart’ conversation with this gentleman and said in a cold voice like an order, “Sir, please return to your seat immediately and fasten your seat belt!”

       As the plane began to descend, the man who had been making noise finally let go of Suo Yang and quickly returned to his seat.

       Suo Yang took a deep breath and once again reminded everyone to fasten their seat belts. All the flight attendants checked and comforted them one by one. However, in fact, they themselves were very nervous.

       Very nervous, but not visible.

       The man who had just argued with Suo Yang was sitting there, almost shaking. Suo Yang walked over and patted his shoulder gently.

       The other party looked at him, then clenched his fists and lowered his head.

       Everyone will have such moments when they feel fearful, panicked, and overwhelmed. Although they shouldn’t be, Suo Yang can actually understand it because the unknown was the scariest thing.

       No matter what the result of the probability was, it was only a probability. Who could guarantee that they were part of the lucky numerator and not the heavily affected denominator in the grand scheme of probabilities?

       The fear of the unknown made it impossible to maintain dignity. Even crying at this time could be understood.

       The plane began to descend, and everyone was more nervous than before.

       Success or failure depended on this one move, whether it was the numerator or the denominator. They put their bets on the captain and luck.

       Suo Yang said, “Please believe in us. We will definitely bring everyone back to the ground safely.”

       After that, all the flight attendants went back to their respective places, and Suo Yang also returned to the first-class cabin.

       He sat down and fastened his seat belt. Suddenly, he touched his pocket and found that the candy he had placed there had fallen out of nowhere.

       Was it when he was fighting with that passenger?

       He looked down the aisle, his palms pressed against his pockets. It was empty but warm.

       Shen Huiming was waiting for him, and all of them would land safely.

       Song Kai grabbed the seat belt, turned to Suo Yang and said, “Yang ge, I’m sorry.”

       Suo Yang didn’t want to talk and just looked out the window.

       “Are you okay?”

       At this moment, Suo Yang had one button off his uniform shirt, his name tag was nowhere to be found, and there was a scratch on his fair neck, which made him look a little miserable.

       Suo Yang asked him, “How is that old gentleman?”

       “He’s okay.” Song Kai paused and said again, “I’m sorry.”

       People were always willing to reflect on their past behaviour when they encounter something. However, it was better than never repenting.

       “Preparing for landing.” Suo Yang’s voice was very soft. He looked out the window, watching them get closer to the ground, and his heartbeat became faster and faster.

       This was the first time he was so nervous when landing that he could almost hear his own heartbeat.


       Zhou Mo and Cheng Sen were rushing to the airport from home. They took a taxi instead of driving.

       On the way, Cheng Sen received a call from Shen Huiming. On the phone, Shen Huiming’s tone was very calm, “I want to say a few words to Zhou Mo.”

       Cheng Sen handed the phone to Zhou Mo.

       “Old Shen.”

       “Zhou Mo,” Shen Huiming saw that the rescue vehicles were already in place and the area around the runway had been cleared, “you said you had experienced an emergency landing.”

       “…” Zhou Mo grasped Cheng Sen’s hand tightly, and his voice was still trembling when he spoke, “Yes, the situation at that time was the same as Suo Yang’s now.”

       Shen Huiming didn’t speak, and just listened to Zhou Mo’s voice.

       “Old Shen, actually, the landing gear failed…it, the probability of it having a major accident is not that high.” When he said this, Zhou Mo’s tears rolled down directly, but he still had to remain calm and comfort Shen Huiming, just like before he comforted his passengers as well.

       Zhou Mo didn’t lie to Shen Huiming. He didn’t say that just to comfort him. Moreover, the probability of landing gear failure was very low. It just happened that he and Suo Yang encountered such an incident.

       “Zhou Mo, I know this is a bit excessive, but what was your situation at that time?” Shen Huiming said, “They seem to be preparing to land.”

       “We were…” Zhou Mo gritted his back teeth, “It was actually not bad when circling and consuming fuel. The most important task was to calm the emotions of the passengers. Some people may be more emotional. The landing can be quite rough, but it depends on the situation. Although the malfunction is the same, you know, perhaps Suo Yang’s landing will be smoother.”

       Zhou Mo said, “At that time, there were 139 people on my plane, including the crew, and only a few people were slightly injured. I was hit on the waist due to special circumstances, but I am recovering well now.”

       He looked out the car window and saw that the street scene was receding. Their car had not yet reached the highway intersection and was still far away from the airport. He had no idea what was going on there.

       He said to Shen Huiming, “Suo Yang is much better than me, and if you wait for him, he will be fine.”

       The call was not hung up, but the people on both ends of the line stopped talking.

       After a long time, when Zhou Mo and the others were approaching the highway entrance, he suddenly heard Shen Huiming say, “They’ve landed!”

       Zhou Mo suddenly clenched Cheng Sen’s hand so tightly that his nails were almost embedded in the other person’s skin.

       Shen Huiming’s call had been hung up, and Zhou Mo was stunned until Cheng Sen saw the news on the Internet and told him, “No one was injured.”

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