Suo Yang never thought about the possibility of getting married.

       In the past, he used to think that the country wouldn’t allow it. From the day he realized he was gay, the option of ‘marriage’ disappeared from his world.

       Later, when he met Zhou Mo, he realised that there was another way to start a family with a lover, and that was registering marriage abroad. Although it was not recognised back in the country, at least one would be psychologically satisfied.

       But even then, he didn’t think he would meet someone with whom he could get married.

       He was not a person who paid attention to rituals. He always felt that a certificate was just a psychological comfort. As long as two people truly love each other, so what if they didn’t have the certificate?

       However, at this moment, facing Shen Huiming, his worldview was wavering crazily.

       “Huiming…” Suo Yang stared at him, his lips trembling when he called his name.

       Shen Huiming looked up at him, “Do I need to give you some time to think about it properly?”

       He said, “Suo Yang, I won’t force you or rush you. I proposed on impulse, but I also promise that I sincerely don’t regret it. You don’t have to say yes on impulse. I also respect any decision and choice you make.”

       Suo Yang looked at him and couldn’t help but feel touched.

       The person in front of him always seemed to know how to make himself irresistible and always knew how to take the initiative to pave the way for him.

       Shen Huiming didn’t force everything. He just worked hard and waited for Suo Yang to take the initiative to turn to him.

       How could he refuse such a person?

       Just like back then, he knew that the cufflinks in his pocket were secretly put by Shen Huiming, but he still couldn’t refuse the other party’s request to meet. He knew that after that date, the relationship between the two would change drastically, but he still couldn’t refuse the other party’s date invitation.

       He couldn’t refuse Shen Huiming, just like he couldn’t refuse fate.

       Suo Yang raised his hand, held it with Shen Huiming’s, and pulled him up.

       “I’ve seriously considered it,” Suo Yang said, “Let’s get married.”

       What does it mean to get married?

       For them, in such an environment, as long as they stayed in this land, same-sex marriage had no substantive meaning, but that was not what they wanted.

       Suo Yang no longer hoped for what he couldn’t get. Call him negative or pessimistic. For him, ‘marriage’ only meant the determination of two people to be together for a lifetime, nothing more.

       Although Shen Huiming kept saying that he was just being impulsive, Suo Yang knew the other person’s character very well. He was impulsive but never hasty. Shen Huiming was telling him that he was ready to grow old with him.

       So, what reason did he have for not agreeing?

       After all, he also hoped that when he was seventy or eighty, he could still swim in the lake with Shen Huiming in the summer and skate in the winter.

       Suo Yang said, “I thought about it seriously and couldn’t find any reason not to agree.”

       Shen Huiming stood up, their fingers clasped together, and he asked, “Is there a reason for agreeing?”

       “Yes.” Suo Yang said, “We love each other. This reason is enough.”

       Maybe without today’s accident, they would have had such a conversation someday in the future, but no one knew when that ‘someday’ would come.

       Anyway, the ending was still the same, so it was not a bad idea to advance the plot.

       “Let’s go home.” Suo Yang said, “I’m a little hungry.”

       There were still faint traces of tears on Shen Huiming’s face, which made Suo Yang want to tip-toe and kiss him right now.

       Suo Yang took out a tissue, wiped Shen Huiming’s face carefully, and said with a smile as if coaxing a child, “This little face has cried until it’s all smudged.”

       Shen Huiming laughed out loud and hugged each other again.

       When they left the airport, the snow fell even harder. Suo Yang was worried and did not let Shen Huiming drive. The two took the airport bus back.

       “By the way, I almost forgot something.” Shen Huiming said, “Call Zhou Mo. He is scared.”

       Speaking of Zhou Mo, Suo Yang sighed.

       He called Zhou Mo before he came out. The other person was on his way to the airport. He turned around and went home after knowing that Suo Yang was fine.

       Suo Yang could tell that the other party was not in good condition, and after hanging up the phone, he sent Cheng Sen another message.

       “He was greatly affected by what happened in the past, right?” The two of them were sitting on the bus. Shen Huiming shook Suo Yang’s hand hard as he spoke.

       After all, he was not on the plane at the time. Even if he asked countless people who had experienced it personally about the situation at that time, he could not truly empathize with it.

       Everything was like this. Without personal experience, it was impossible to evaluate it truly and objectively. Some people might think that since they landed safely anyway, nothing was dangerous. However, even for one second before landing, the people on the plane were also experiencing a thrilling game, and the object of their game was fate.

       So, when he asked about Zhou Mo’s condition, he was actually asking about Suo Yang.

       Post-traumatic stress disorder. Shen Huiming has heard of such a disease.

       “Actually, Zhou Mo also likes this profession very much,” Suo Yang said. “I still remember the first day we put on the flight attendant uniform. He would ask anyone he saw if he was handsome. At that time, we both bet on who can fly long enough to upgrade to first class first.”

       Shen Huiming held his hand and listened to him quietly.

       “But he stopped flying before he had enough.” Suo Yang smiled, “Suddenly, I remembered that someone told me today that he felt that Zhou Mo had gone to enjoy life because he found a rich husband. “

       He looked down at the hands held by the two of them and smiled, “Rumours are really scary.”

       Zhou Mo and Cheng Sen met in economy class. At that time, Zhou Mo had not flown long enough to go to first class, and Cheng Sen was just a small business owner who had just started his career and was still worrying about his own business. Back then, Cheng Sen didn’t wear suits worth tens of thousands of yuan and couldn’t afford to fly first class at several times the regular fare. However, Zhou Mo still chose to be with him. After about a year of being together, Cheng Sen’s business started to take off, and he began to accompany Zhou Mo on trips during his free time.

       “People always make a major life-changing decision because of a certain incident,” Suo Yang said. “It’s not easy for Zhou Mo.”

       He turned to look at Shen Huiming, “But don’t worry too much about me, I’m fine.”

       It was snowing heavily outside, and it was so warm in the car that it made one want to sleep.

       Suo Yang leaned lightly on Shen Huiming’s shoulder, breathed a long sigh of relief and said, “It’s so good to be by your side. I can finally take a break.”


       Because of this accident, Suo Yang and his entire crew were given a few extra days off.

       Suo Yang didn’t mind this, and Shen Huiming was happy because Suo Yang’s days off meant they could spend more time together.

       On the first day of Suo Yang’s days off, Shen Huiming let the other party sleep in and didn’t disturb the other party. He just left a note asking the other party to get up and remember to eat. The last signature was: Your husband.

       Suo Yang got up and saw the note on the pillow next to him. Holding it in his hand, he read it, and his eyes curved into a smile.

       He lay on the bed, holding the note to the sun, feeling that life could not be better than it was now.

       When he got up, he looked at his phone. Zhou Mo sent a message last night, asking him to have dinner together. He had already fallen asleep at the time and didn’t see it until later.

       Suo Yang replied to Zhou Mo after washing up and then went to the kitchen to find something to eat.

       Zhou Mo called, “Let’s have lunch together?”

       “Okay,” Suo Yang sat at the dining table and asked worriedly, “Are you okay?”

       Zhou Mo smiled, “I was really scared about you at first, but my husband took good care of me, and I am now resurrected with full health.”

       Suo Yang heard him laugh and breathed a sigh of relief, “At work?”

       “No, I just got up.” Zhou Mo said, “Give yourself a day off today. Even a model worker must have some rest time!”

       The two made an appointment to go to a restaurant where they often meet for lunch. Suo Yang said, “I have something very important to tell you.”

       “How important?” Zhou Mo asked, “Have you finally decided to change careers?”

       Suo Yang smiled, “No, I haven’t flown enough yet.”

       “Tch, I thought you were scared after what happened yesterday.”

       He was indeed a little scared, especially when he discovered that the candy he had put in his pocket was missing. Although he knew he shouldn’t, he couldn’t help but think that this might be a warning of disaster.

       But fortunately, he was indeed overthinking.

       Afterwards, Suo Yang thought that the candy Shen Huiming gave him might have been a negotiation with God on his behalf. God liked the candy so much that he decided to pamper the people on the plane.

       It was a bit funny, but he felt happy just thinking about it.

       Zhou Mo said, “Apart from this, I really can’t think of anything that is ‘very important’ to you.”

       Suo Yang smiled softly.

       “Could it be that your parents finally decided to meet you after seeing the news?”

       Suo Yang was silent for two seconds and then said, “That’s not it.”

       Zhou Mo snorted, “Forget it. Let’s stop the guessing game. You can tell me when we meet later.”

       After hanging up the phone, Suo Yang sat there eating breakfast and thinking about Zhou Mo’s words.

       Would his parents see the news about this accident too?

       Would they care if they saw it?

       Suo Yang sighed. It was undeniable that he still hoped that he could ease up a little with them, even if it were just a phone call during the holidays.

       No matter how indifferent family members were, they were still family members.

       He picked up his phone and sent a message to Shen Huiming: I made an appointment with Zhou Mo for dinner at noon. Are we going to your parents’ place together in the evening? I brought them gifts from Berlin.

       The two started making out as soon as they entered the house last night, and Suo Yang didn’t even have time to unpack his luggage.

       After eating, he opened his suitcase, put a change of clothes into the dirty clothes basket, and took out gifts for Shen Huiming and his parents.

       Of course, there were also some for his own parents.

       For so many years, Suo Yang would bring gifts to his parents every time he went out, but he had never given them out.

       Shen Huiming called, “Are you coming over this afternoon? Or should I go find you after you get off work?”

       “I’ll come find you when you get off work,” Suo Yang said, “Huiming, come home with me in two days. I want to see if I can untie the knots I’ve had for so many years.”

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