Chapter 80


Apart from Lu Jingning, Wen Xingchen naturally invited Jian Luan. Unexpectedly, Yu Qingcang also received an invitation because of being a “tag-along.” He was pleasantly surprised.


Excited, he waited for Lu Jingning outside the classroom after class, asking if he should prepare a decent birthday gift.


Upon hearing the words “birthday gift,” Lu Jingning’s mouth twitched involuntarily, and he asked, “What? Is it Wen Xingchen’s big birthday this year? Why don’t you just prepare a big longevity peach for him?”


Yu Qingcang pondered for a moment and said, “That doesn’t sound bad either?”


Lu Jingning rolled his eyes at him, deciding not to bother with him.


Fortunately, Yu Qingcang found the idea of a longevity peach to be tacky and changed his mind. He decided to take Lu Jingning to the bustling main city market in the nearby star system and invited Yan Hebin, who rarely ventured out.


Lu Jingning indeed hadn’t decided on a gift yet, but he didn’t mind. He looked at the two by his side and felt a bit emotional.


Although Wen Ye mentioned inviting more classmates, Wen Xingchen didn’t invite many people.


Besides Jian Luan, there were only a few members from the team formed during the Military Academy Exchange Competition. However, he didn’t leave out anyone familiar to Lu Jingning, indicating his sincerity.


After a tour in the mall, Yan Hebin picked a mech model that particularly interested him, while Yu Qingcang mysteriously purchased a crystal ball that was said to grant wishes from the fortune-telling room.


After walking around, Yu Qingcang saw Lu Jingning still empty-handed and asked, “What about your gift?”


Lu Jingning fell silent for a moment and said, “I’m not buying anything.”


Although the mall offered various novel items, the more he looked around, the more he felt that these things couldn’t represent his sincerity. So, after some thought, he decided to DIY something after returning home.


After all, it would be the first birthday gift he gave Wen Xingchen, which was of great significance and should have commemorative value.



Wen Muqiao was currently a general. On the day of his birthday banquet, the vast sky was filled with various private lightships, making the scene quite spectacular.


Perhaps because he heard from Wen Ye, Wen Muqiao had specially arranged for someone to receive the group from the Imperial Navy University.


They were led to a separate compartment, away from the politician area, allowing the young people to have a relatively relaxed atmosphere.


It had to be said that he went to great lengths.


The young figures stood out conspicuously among the elegantly dressed elite families, attracting many people to stop and look, feeling a burst of youthful vitality.


As soon as Lu Kongbin disembarked the lightship, he was warmly engaged in a conversation by an old comrade.


The middle-aged man had a rugged appearance and thick black beard. Suddenly, he paused in his talk and exclaimed, “Are those Wen’s second young masters’ classmates? I never thought there would be such a beautiful Omega in the military academy.”


Lu Kongbin casually responded to the remark, not showing any curiosity.


However, when it came to Omegas, he couldn’t help but think of his family’s dear Ning.


No matter how good-looking those Omega were, could they compare to their dear Ning?


He had just returned from missions in other star systems and hadn’t stayed at home for two days before being dragged to such occasions. He was really not in the mood to engage in these social activities.


Mainly, it was because of the rumors circulating in the military that he and Wen Muqiao were constantly at odds. If it wasn’t for the Marshal’s face, he wouldn’t bother showing up for these superficial events. Instead, he would prefer to go to the school and see his precious little one.


Hmph, did having an Alpha make you so proud? Could your Alpha boy achieve third-class merits? Could your Alpha boy become a hero who saved the school?


He heard that the two brothers from the Wen family were studying at the Imperial Navy University. When his little one showed a bit more spirit, he could beat those two to the ground and see if Wen Muqiao would still act so arrogantly.


Thinking like this, Lu Kongbin snorted heavily and tilted his head to down another glass of champagne.


It’s decided! After this annoying birthday banquet, he would directly take an airship to the Imperial Navy University.


Wuwuwu, baby darling, Dad misses you so much!



Led by the guide, Lu Jingning walked inside and soon arrived at the private room prepared for them.


This was clearly just one of the rooms in the Wen estate, clean and spacious, with enough space for them to relax.


Lu Jingning looked around and asked, “Where’s Wen Xingchen?”


The guide hadn’t spoken yet, but a voice came from not far away, “I’m here.”


Lu Jingning looked up at the voice and was about to say something, but the sight that met his eyes left him speechless, only an exclamation of astonishment, “Ah.”


Today, Wen Xingchen was wearing a black suit, and the buttons of his white shirt were meticulously fastened to the top. Although it was a conventional style, on his tall and straight figure, he looked like he had stepped out of an aristocratic family.


For some reason, when Lu Jingning’s gaze shifted from his neck, he subconsciously gulped.


In a blink of an eye, Wen Xingchen had already approached him, noticing his distraction. A slight curve appeared on his originally expressionless face as he asked, “What are you thinking?”


Lu Jingning met his gaze, a teasing glint flashing in his eyes, and he lowered his voice, saying, “I’m thinking… about devouring you.”


Yu Qingcang was not far away, and their conversation happened to fall into his ears.


He subconsciously looked horrified and glanced up, realizing that his reaction might give away some secrets. So, he immediately turned and walked away, trying not to attract attention.


However, from his expression, it seemed like he had suddenly become overwhelmed.


Wen Xingchen hadn’t expected to be teased so soon after meeting Lu Jingning. He paused for a moment before couldn’t help but smile, saying, “No hurry, there will be plenty of opportunities in the future.”


The servant who had led them to the room had already stepped out, and although he couldn’t hear their conversation, he couldn’t help but admire Wen Xingchen’s gentle smile and the way he looked at Lu Jingning.


Ever since their young master came back home, he had been wearing a cold face, turning the usually unanimated Wen estate into an icy place. Seeing him smile like this now, even without looking at the temperature, it seemed to have risen above zero.


They didn’t know who this person was or how he managed to arrive at the estate so quickly. It looked like the marriage of their second young master might take precedence over their eldest young master. But they were uncertain about how their master would react to this.


The Wen servants were usually strict in their discipline, but it didn’t stop them from gossiping among themselves.


At this moment, Lu Jingning had no idea that someone was inexplicably concerned about their future lifelong happiness. He was only satisfied with Wen Xingchen’s compliance and glanced at the other people inside the room who were already playing. He asked, “Is it okay for you to stay here and not go out to socialize?”


Wen Xingchen replied, “I’ll go later.”


Lu Jingning remembered the somewhat strained relationship between Wen Xingchen and his family and didn’t dwell on the matter. He quickly changed the subject, “Speaking of which, do you have nothing to say about my outfit today?”


He was wearing a white suit today, not the regular formal style, but an improved version of a military uniform.


The gold embellishments and his hair complemented each other, making him look even more daring and extravagant than usual.


The black tie neatly hung in front of the collar, presenting a unique sense of coordination that made it difficult to look away.


Because Wen Xingchen said that he would introduce him to his mother on this day, Lu Jingning put a lot of effort into his first impression. Unexpectedly, after the meeting, this guy didn’t even react to his carefully chosen attire, prompting him to remind him.


Actually, Wen Xingchen had noticed Lu Jingning’s outfit at first sight but deliberately pretended not to mention it. At this moment, he revealed a look of realization, “Why are you dressed so grandly?”


Lu Jingning ground his teeth, “Is it not okay? Are you afraid I’ll steal your limelight?”


Wen Xingchen ruffled his hair, “No, I’m afraid that if you show off like a peac0ck, you’ll attract a large group of admirers. What do I do then?”


Lu Jingning acted like he was considering the matter and then compromised, “Alright, then I’ll reluctantly tone it down a bit?”


Wen Xingchen was satisfied, “Thank you very much.”


At a nearby small table, several people watched the two figures standing side by side, one black and one white, with expressions full of emotions.


Finally, Cen Junfeng sighed, “The Imperial Navy’s Twin Stars, they truly live up to their reputation.”


With this black and white combination, who else could compare?


If it weren’t for the sake of their lives, he would have wanted to take some photos and post them on the Star Network.


Recently, several CP (couple) stories about Wen Xingchen and Lu Jingning had surfaced on the Imperial Navy’s school network. A bunch of people were still immersed in their “imaginations” and couldn’t extricate themselves. He really wanted to slap those people in the face with the photos and loudly tell them, “Stop fantasizing, it’s for real!”


While Cen Junfeng was feeling deeply emotional, he suddenly heard a sigh from beside him, “Ah, it turns out that my daddy who grew up with me is now taken by someone with the last name Wen.”


Cen Junfeng turned around abruptly, “Brother! You knew about their relationship?!”


Yu Qingcang turned his head and looked, “Friend! So, you too?!”


The two exchanged glances, suddenly speechless with tears in their eyes, and full of joy as if they had seen a long-lost blood-relative. “It’s fate!”


The friendship between two Alphas, which hadn’t even fully established in a five-star mission, began to grow rapidly like a playful madness.


Thank goodness, he was no longer fighting alone!


Author’s note: Lu’s father is about to arrive on the battlefield.


Wen Xingchen, cherish everything now and make preparations for a… grand burial.


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