Chapter 79


The Imperial Navy Patrol is a unique organization, possessing its own independent office space. As the captain of the guard, Wen Ye was given a special, separate resting area. However, few people knew that besides being the captain of the Imperial Navy Patrol, he also carried the responsibility of forming a special task force.


Although he would officially graduate from the academy in half a year, Wen Ye was currently the most accomplished individual in the Imperial Navy. He held this prestigious position despite still being a student.


Today, the usually undisturbed resting area fell into an eerie silence due to the arrival of three individuals. Sitting in the central chair, Wen Ye’s mood appeared less than pleasant. His gaze fixed on Wen Xingchen, and his lips curved slightly downwards, revealing a touch of profound emotion in his eyes.


Originally, as a semi-military member of the Empire, everyone was expected to be prepared to serve the country at any time. However, because of his important position, Wen Ye understood the significance of joining the Imperial Navy Special Task Force. He thought the recruitment for fresh blood into the special task force would at least wait until he graduated and Wen Xingchen officially entered his sophomore year. But he never expected that three new recruits would be enlisted even before the first half of Wen Xingchen’s freshman year had ended.


Next to him, Bing Yunlin leisurely brewed some tea and handed a cup to each of them, gently breaking the silence, “Welcome to the team. Come, try the tea I brewed.”


Bing Yunlin’s other identity was the vice-captain of the special task force, and he usually assisted Wen Ye in assigning tasks to the members.


Intentionally or not, when handing the cup to Wen Ye, Bing Yunlin lightly patted his shoulder. Wen Ye looked up, meeting his smiling gaze, and lowered his eyes slightly. He finally spoke, “The bounty tournament will officially begin next month. Since the principal wishes for you to participate, use the time you have to understand the specific rules of the competition and prepare accordingly.”


Lu Jingning interjected, “Then, when can we start dealing with missions related to the insect race? I feel…”


As the special task force was specifically set up to deal with the insect race, there was no need to avoid discussing such matters in front of the captain and vice-captain. Lu Jingning could openly voice his thoughts.


Before he could finish his sentence, Bing Yunlin calmly interrupted, “Isn’t this upcoming mission related to the insect race? The reward for this bounty competition is a highly dense energy mine. Apart from our school, it’s likely that several other military academies on Silver Star will send representatives. Moreover, if the rumors are true, the Federation government may also get involved. Everyone’s objective is the same – to prevent this valuable item from falling into the hands of the insect race. Hence, you can understand the importance of this mission, right?”


Upon hearing this, Lu Jingning’s lingering dissatisfaction from the practice match seemed to dissipate, and he immediately cheered up, saying, “Understood! We’ll make sure to complete the mission!”


After discussing some specific matters that the members of the special task force needed to be aware of, their first meeting concluded.


As Wen Xingchen was about to stand up from his chair, Wen Ye suddenly called out to him. When he turned to look, Wen Ye fell silent for a moment before speaking, “Next week is your birthday, and Father wants to hold a grand birthday banquet for you. So, let me ask, can you arrange some time to come home?”


Wen Xingchen almost instantly rejected the invitation, “No need, I don’t plan to go home for now.”


Wen Ye continued, “Father has already sent an invitation to Madam Yu, so she should be attending.”


Wen Xingchen’s steps faltered. Wen Ye then looked at Lu Jingning next to him and said, “Since you just entered the Imperial Navy, you can take this opportunity to invite some classmates as well. It would be a good chance to strengthen friendships.”


Wen Xingchen instinctively wanted to refuse, but when he turned his head, he met Lu Jingning’s piercing gaze. The words on the tip of his tongue stopped, and he finally replied, “Okay, I understand.”


Seeing that Wen Xingchen had agreed, Wen Ye nodded, “You may go.”


After the three left, Bing Yunlin sat down next to Wen Ye, holding a cup of tea with a smirk. He observed Wen Ye’s expression and taunted, “You seem to be worrying about everything. Should I go ask Grandfather for a termination contract and kick those three out of the special task force?”


Wen Ye rubbed his slightly throbbing temple, “You’re just joking.”


Bing Yunlin smiled and said, “Do you know that you’ve always cherished your little brother? But Wen Xingchen is no longer the little carrot that followed you around from a young age. Ever since he officially entered the Imperial Navy, you should learn to let go.”


Bing Yunlin’s words revolved around the idea that “the child has grown up and should have his own ideas.” Although Wen Ye understood this reality, he couldn’t help but frown.


In the next moment, Bing Yunlin handed him a cup of tea without seeking his consent and forced him to take a sip, “I added some honey. Surprisingly, the taste is quite good. Try it.”


As the tea entered his mouth, a sweet and sticky flavor spread, stifling the sigh that was about to escape Wen Ye’s lips.


After a brief silence, he replied, “Mm, not bad.”



Walking back, an unusual silence enveloped the three of them, most evidently represented by Lu Jingning, who remained quiet throughout.


Although Yan Hebin didn’t like to be talkative on regular days, it didn’t mean he enjoyed being the third wheel in this awkward atmosphere. When they reached the first intersection, he used the library as an excuse and parted ways with the other two.


Initially, Wen Xingchen’s thoughts lingered on the upcoming birthday banquet. He knew exactly what his father, Wen Muqiao, had in mind. Over the years, his father’s indifferent attitude towards him had already spread throughout the military, and despite Wen Muqiao’s efforts to change this public perception, any onlooker could easily notice the atmosphere between father and son. Regardless of the effort to put up a show in the upper echelons of society, Wen Xingchen wondered if his father would end up setting his sights on another prestigious family’s daughter during the banquet and consider her as a potential fiancee.


Personally, Wen Xingchen had no interest in such gatherings. However, Wen Ye mentioned that Wen Muxue had invited his mother to the event.


This was a display of submission.


Wen Xingchen did not mind giving his mother the chance to stand tall in public, especially when she had been the only one by his side throughout the years.


Lost in thought, by the time he snapped back to reality, they had arrived at the final intersection.


He was about to bid farewell when he glanced at Lu Jingning, who seemed somewhat displeased. Instead of saying, “See you tomorrow,” Wen Xingchen asked, “What’s wrong?”


Lu Jingning didn’t answer the question directly but stared at Wen Xingchen for a long time before asking incoherently, “Wen-ge, be honest, am I a very inadequate boyfriend?”


The question was rather profound, leaving Wen Xingchen momentarily stunned. “Why do you say that?”


Lu Jingning responded, “Jian Luan said he used to have four Omega partners within a month, and he even remembered all their birthdays.”


As he said this, he furrowed his brows in self-reflection. “But you are my first Alpha, and if Captain hadn’t mentioned it today, I might not have known about it, even after your birthday.”


Before this, Wen Xingchen had never thought that Lu Jingning would have such a delicate and sensitive side. For some reason, looking at him lost in thought, he had an inexplicable feeling as if this person had unconsciously chosen to bestow all his tenderness upon him.


Especially that phrase, “you are my first Alpha,” no matter how one heard it, it sounded like the most beautiful declaration of love.


Wen Xingchen felt a surge of joy in his heart. He leaned slightly forward, firmly pressing a hand against Lu Jingning’s waist, pulling him closer with a half-smile. “Now that you mention it, it does seem to be the case, doesn’t it?”


Lu Jingning probably expected Wen Xingchen to console him, saying things like “It’s not true,” but instead, he received this response, which made him frown and glare at Wen Xingchen resentfully. “What? Do you want a refund?”


Unconsciously, a hint of amusement appeared in Wen Xingchen’s eyes. “Can I get one?”


Lu Jingning raised an eyebrow. “No refunds or exchanges.”


Wen Xingchen wore a look of helplessness. “Then what should I do?”


This amusing act from Lu Jingning made him forget his earlier concerns, and he replied in a teasing tone, “What else can you do? Accept it! There’s a saying, isn’t there? Even if you get an Omega with tears, you still have to pamper them.”


Lu Jingning’s tone sounded nonchalant, mixed with a touch of pride, as if the person who had just deeply reflected upon himself wasn’t him at all.


Seeing Lu Jingning’s radiant smile, Wen Xingchen’s lips curled up. “Alright, I’ll pamper you for a lifetime.”


Lu Jingning swayed slightly under his affectionate gaze, then suddenly leaned in and kissed Wen Xingchen’s lips without warning.


After parting, Lu Jingning looked at Wen Xingchen, who seemed a little dazed, and solemnly made a vow, “Although I may not be qualified right now, within my lifetime, I will become a qualified boyfriend, okay?”


Wen Xingchen pondered for a moment and said, “No good.”


Lu Jingning didn’t expect his grand declaration to receive such a response. Before he could say anything, Wen Xingchen leaned down and firmly sealed his lips, leaving him slightly dazed from the long and affectionate kiss.


“Just being a boyfriend is not enough; you need to become a qualified partner,” Wen Xingchen’s voice gently stirred his racing heart. “Next week, I’ll introduce you to my mother, okay?”


Lu Jingning wondered if it was just his imagination, but towards the end of the sentence, there seemed to be a hint of a coquettish tone?


With such a compelling gesture, how could Lu Jingning refuse? It was practically cheating!!!


After mentally cursing countless times, he finally managed to keep his composure and said reluctantly, “I’ll consider it.”


Wen Xingchen chuckled from above, “Alright, take your time to consider.”


The author has something to say: Heh, you’re talking as if you’d actually reject it!


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