Chapter 65 – The wickedly wealthy


Jian Luo furrowed his brows, lifted his foot, and walked up. When he approached, the parent was still talking endlessly, so Jian Luo had to remind him, “Sir, please keep your voice down in the school. Could you also lower your tone a bit, please?”


The parent was taken aback, turned around, glanced at Jian Luo, and sneered, “Who the hell are you?”


Jian Sheng rushed over when he saw Jian Luo. “Big brother!”


Jian Luo quickly stepped back to avoid his younger brother’s embrace and pleaded, “Hey, hey, don’t rush at me.”


Jian Sheng halted in his tracks.


It was a hot day, and Jian Luo was wearing a simple T-shirt, which made his slight belly protrusion visible. However, his limbs were slender, giving him an unusual appearance. But he was clever enough to choose an oversized T-shirt, which concealed it for the time being.


“I’m his guardian,” Jian Luo looked up at the man and asked, “Did you just say my brother dirtied your clothes?”


The man scrutinized Jian Luo up and down and was surprised to find that this human was entirely dressed in designer brands, and they were not the affordable ones either; they were high-end limited editions that only the wealthy elite could afford.




He was still a human.


“It’s surprising how humans these days are so into fashion,” the man sneered, unable to conceal his disdain. “Everyone wants to wear designer brands, but it’s a pity that fake stuff can’t last.”


Jian Luo understood and raised an eyebrow, “Authentic items also need discerning eyes. Some people can mistake real for fake, and fake for real. It’s quite pitiful.”


The man’s face changed, his tone turned unfriendly, and he stepped forward aggressively, pointing at Jian Luo, “What did you say?”


Jian Luo, of course, wasn’t afraid of him. After all, he had seen Lu Shifeng’s fierce demeanor. Now, how could such a person intimidate him? But he wasn’t alone now; he had his unborn child inside him. Although Long Ge had said there would be someone to protect him, Jian Luo wouldn’t take any chances with his child’s safety. Thinking of this, he said to Jian Sheng, “Tell your brother, did he really dirty this man’s clothes?”


Jian Sheng stood by Jian Luo’s side and hurriedly said, “Brother, it wasn’t on purpose. I rushed over to meet both of you when I found out you and mom were coming. I was in a hurry and didn’t pay attention. He happened to turn the corner, and I didn’t notice, and we collided.”


Jian Luo frowned, “Collided?”


The man’s clothes were quite soaked with beverages.


“The drinks weren’t mine,” Jian Sheng quickly clarified, his eyes slightly red. “The man had his own drinks, and I bumped into him, causing the spill.”


So, that was the situation.


Jian Luo understood what had happened.


“What do you mean?” The man was displeased. “Do you think I’d extort money from you? My clothes are so expensive. Do you think I’d deliberately carry a cup of water and wait for you to bump into me? Ridiculous, trying to extort a human!”


Their commotion had attracted the attention of other parents and students passing by, forming a small crowd. He deliberately raised his voice and emphasized the word “human.”


Jian Luo furrowed his brows, feeling uncomfortable deep down. He had worked in a high-quality environment before, surrounded by people of high caliber. Although he could sense the discrimination and disdain for humans, it hadn’t been so overt.


But now was different, vastly different. He was once again confronted with such blatant discrimination, and it was disconcerting.


Jian Luo decided to control his temper, “How much did this outfit cost? I’ll compensate you.”


“I said I don’t want your money. Can’t you understand?” The man retorted, hands on his hips. “This is a limited edition. Unless you find me an identical one, I’ll definitely report this to the school authorities.”


He seemed certain that Jian Luo would beg for forgiveness.


Jian Sheng couldn’t take it anymore; his childish face pouted, “Why are you like this? You said it’s a limited edition. If we can’t afford to compensate you, should we not attend this school? We didn’t mean to be clumsy.”


“Hey,” the man said with an unfriendly tone, “You dirtied my clothes, and you’re still arguing?”


Standing not far from Jian Sheng was a little girl around his age, the man’s daughter. She glanced at Jian Sheng, “Class Monitor, don’t you always talk about fairness and justice? You dirtied my dad’s clothes, so in the name of fairness, you should compensate.”


Jian Luo was surprised and looked down at his brother. He had no idea that his little brother had become the Class Monitor. Mostly because the child hadn’t mentioned it when he got home!


Jian Sheng, with his delicate features, pouted, “Qi Yue, can you discuss it with your uncle? I really didn’t do it on purpose.”


“We’ve already discussed it,” the man said, displeased. “Why can’t you understand? If you can’t afford to compensate, don’t come to this school. You’re always so hasty, making mistakes like this all the time. You’re truly uncultured.”


This was clearly an attitude that didn’t want an amicable resolution.


Jian Luo furrowed his brows. If he had wanted an amicable resolution earlier, he didn’t now. He took a step forward, “Limited edition clothes?”


The man choked up, somewhat daunted by Jian Luo’s demeanor.


Jian Luo looked at him with a deep gaze and said word by word, “If I can find another one for you, will you also apologize for your rude attitude today?”


The man was taken aback at first, then laughed as if he had heard the biggest joke. He said, “What are you doing? Fine, if you can find another one for me, I’ll apologize.”


But this was impossible.


As far as he knew, the only person who had the same clothing as his was the richest man, Nie Yan. The clothing had originally belonged to him, but due to some business dealings, he had given one of them to Mr. Nie as a gift. So, it was almost like a unique piece now, and Jian Luo would never be able to find another one.


Jian Luo nodded, “Alright, please wait.”


He reassured Jian Sheng, patted his shoulder, and whispered, “Wait here.”


Jian Sheng held his hand, sounding somewhat worried, “Brother…”


Jian Luo didn’t need to guess what was on the child’s mind. Sometimes, he felt that being too understanding was also a kind of sorrow. Most children who could cry and throw tantrums had an abundance of love and self-esteem, but the overall human environment was a sad one.


“It’s okay,” Jian Luo crouched down. “I know you didn’t do it on purpose.”


His brother kept his head low and remained silent.


Jian Luo sighed inwardly and stood up, walking over to initiate communication with Nie Yan, his boss. Usually, he rarely initiated contact with him.


On the other end – a business meeting.


The tallest building of the Dark Star exuded an aura of opulent wealth and corruption. Nie Yan sat at the head of the conference room, listening to the managers of various subsidiaries eloquently presenting this quarter’s performance.




[Ding ding.]


A message alert shattered the tranquility of the room. Nie Yan glanced down at the communication device, then slowly raised his hand, making a gesture that silenced the previously chattering executives. Everyone at the table fell silent like chickens.


Nie Yan opened the communication and said in a deep voice, “What is it?”


On the other end, Jian Luo sounded a bit nervous. “Boss, am I bothering you?”


“It’s fine,” Nie Yan looked at the people around the table. “I’m in a meeting. The time these people are spending here without working is worth about ten million stars a day. I hope our conversation is equally valuable.”


Jian Luo choked for a moment, momentarily tempted to hang up the call. Fortunately, his composure held, and he didn’t lose his mind.


“Well, boss, I have something to discuss with you.”


Nie Yan remained silent for a while. “Is it about this?”


Jian Luo’s heart hung in the balance, and he couldn’t help feeling a bit nervous. This matter might be significant to him, but for someone like Nie Yan, it could be quite trivial.


What if Nie Yan demanded compensation of ten million stars dollars later?


“Sorry,” Jian Luo wiped the sweat from his forehead. “I hope I’m not bothering you with this. Should I contact your secretary instead?”


He was making this call in the communications room, but everyone in the background was paying close attention.


Especially the man who had been closely observing Jian Luo. He sneered, “Haven’t they said not to waste time on trifles? Nowadays, humans like to make a mountain out of a molehill, huh?”


Jian Luo furrowed his brow.


Nie Yan heard what was said on the call, and he tapped his fingers lightly before speaking, “I don’t remember the specific piece of clothing you’re talking about. I receive gifts from many people every day, and there’s no value in my going through them one by one.”


Jian Luo sighed inwardly. “It’s okay; I’m sorry to have bothered you and wasted your time.”


“Hmm,” Nie Yan responded, then continued, “However, since you’ve come to me, and you’ve already wasted my time, in terms of value, solving this issue won’t be a loss for the time you’ve taken.”


Jian Luo was puzzled.


Nie Yan hadn’t finished. “Go back, and let the person on the other end know I want to speak with him.”


Jian Luo was taken aback. “You want to talk to him?”


“Yes,” Nie Yan didn’t want to say much. “Hurry up, don’t waste time.”


“You have the money, so you have the right,” Jian Luo turned around and faced the man who had been smirking at him. He took a few steps forward and said, “Hey, would you like to take a call?”


The man was dumbfounded. “What call?”


“Mr. Nie’s call. I just discussed the situation with him, and he said he wants to talk to you.”


The man looked at Jian Luo as if he couldn’t believe his ears. “Who did you say?”


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