Chapter 81


The banquet hall was brightly lit, with elegant melodies floating in the air, serving as the timeless background music for such social gatherings.


Since the morning, Wen Muqiao’s smile had never waned. Watching Wen Xingchen gracefully mingling among various military officers and politicians as promised, there was a sense of contentment in his eyes.


By his side stood a charming Omega. No one could recall how many new masters the Wen family had gone through, but that didn’t diminish their curiosity about how long this Omega would stay in that position.


Wen Xingchen could feel the gaze of the entire hall occasionally converging on him. His expression remained calm, revealing neither joy nor anger. Achieving such poise at his age in such a grand occasion was undoubtedly remarkable.


This was the first time Second Young Master Wen had made a public appearance in such an event. Initially, everyone thought Wen Ye looked quite similar to Wen Muqiao, but now they realized that Wen Xingchen bore a closer resemblance in his demeanor.


At that moment, Wen Xingchen had just finished toasting a circle of guests and was about to approach Wen Muqiao. However, he merely walked past without even glancing at him.


Wen Muqiao’s intention to greet him was left hanging, making him appear somewhat disheartened. His Omega partner next to him noticed and comforted him in a soft voice.


Many people had also noticed this scene and exchanged knowing glances, confirming the rumored strained relationship between General Wen and their Second Young Master.


The burly mustachioed man felt the urge to chat with someone, but his companion Lu Kongbin had already found an excuse to wander outside before the banquet even began. Left without anyone to confide in, he felt quite vexed.


“Oh, Lu Kongbin, come back quickly! I’ve discovered a mocking point about Wen Muqiao!” he thought, yearning for his friend’s return.



Wen Xingchen held a champagne glass as he walked through the crowd, finally reaching a woman in a corner. The indifference on his face softened as he gently called out, “Mother.”


Yu Zhi was undoubtedly an exquisitely refined Omega. Time had not left too many marks on her face, and though her attire wasn’t as luxurious as most others present, she emanated a gentle radiance that made people’s gazes linger involuntarily.


It was precisely to avoid drawing too much attention that she chose this secluded spot.


As Wen Xingchen approached, the eyes of other guests were drawn to him as well. Nevertheless, he did not appear uncomfortable and merely glanced behind him, where his first words were, “Where’s your boyfriend?”


To spare Lu Jingning from any awkwardness, Wen Xingchen had already informed Yu Zhi beforehand.


Seeing his mother so eager, Wen Xingchen couldn’t help but raise the corner of his mouth, replying, “I’ll bring him over now.”


Yu Zhi gently pushed him, urging, “Go on then.”


After relaying his mother’s eagerness, Lu Jingning, who had been initially unfazed, suddenly became nervous. “So soon?”


Wen Xingchen looked at the sky outside, wearing a seemingly amused expression. “Is it too soon?”


Without waiting for Lu Jingning’s response, Wen Xingchen held his hand and led him towards the main hall.


As they walked, Lu Jingning subconsciously checked his appearance, muttering, “How do I look? Is my outfit neat enough? What about my hairstyle? Is it messy? I shouldn’t have fooled around with Yu Qingcang and the others earlier. I had a little drink, is my face red? Do I look too unserious?”


Wen Xingchen suddenly stopped walking, and Lu Jingning, caught off guard, bumped into him.


Rubbing his sore nose, Lu Jingning couldn’t help but glare, ready to complain, but then heard Wen Xingchen ask in a leisurely tone, “Why so nervous, Lu bro?”




Lu Jingning’s expression turned serious. “How am I nervous?”


Wen Xingchen chuckled without answering.


After a moment of silence, Lu Jingning stopped in his tracks as they neared the entrance. Waiting for Wen Xingchen to catch up, he put on a meek expression and said, “What are you doing standing there? Isn’t Auntie waiting? Hurry up!”


Wen Xingchen couldn’t help but smile faintly at the ingratiating face, holding back his amusement as he led Lu Jingning inside.


As Wen Xingchen passed by Yu Zhi, who had a face full of flattery, he controlled the smile forming on his lips and introduced, “Mom, this is Lu Jingning, my boyfriend.”


Lu Jingning stood up straight and bowed politely. “Hello, Auntie!”


For a moment, he didn’t receive any response. Feeling uncertain, he heard a surprised exclamation from the woman before him, “My goodness, such a beautiful Omega! Where did you find him?”


Lu Jingning: “???”


Although it seemed like a compliment, the tone was somewhat strange.


As soon as the two of them entered the gate, Yu Zhi had already noticed Lu Jingning. The perfect match they made gave her immense satisfaction, prompting her to playfully tease, “Aren’t you his boyfriend?”


Wen Xingchen was momentarily taken aback, feeling that arguing with his mother would only lead to a dull outcome, so he chose to remain silent.


Yu Zhi was pleased with her son’s tactful response and shifted her attention back to Lu Jingning. Excitedly, she continued, “Wen Xingchen said your name is Lu Jingning, right? It’s not easy to be with my moody son. Here, take Auntie’s contact number, and if he ever bullies you, just let me know. I’ll make sure he regrets it!”


Lu Jingning nodded and, while responding, discreetly glanced at Wen Xingchen. For a moment, he wondered if Wen Xingchen had a mother complex. The way he handled things and interacted with his mother felt oddly familiar.


His initial apprehension about meeting his future mother-in-law had gradually dissipated, and he found himself striking up an animated conversation with Yu Zhi. It seemed he could easily become close friends with this Omega.


As they were seated in a relatively secluded spot, many people had noticed their situation due to Wen Xingchen being the center of attention. Lu Kongbin had returned to his seat after taking a stroll outside and overheard some gossip about the Wen family from his companion.


“Oh, Lao Lu, look over there. That woman is supposedly Wen Second Young Master’s birth mother. The Yu family is also quite prominent. Back then, the lady eloped with Wen Muqiao, causing a huge uproar in their family. Now, she’s divorced, and even attending her own son’s birthday, she still has to hide. It’s quite sad!” The burly man sighed emotionally, his gaze sweeping over the person beside Wen Xingchen. Gradually, a hint of surprise appeared on his face. “But who is this Omega? Didn’t they say Wen Second Young Master’s classmates were seated in a separate hall? Bringing him here seems to imply that their relationship is extraordinary!”


Lu Kongbin wasn’t particularly interested in the gossip about Wen Muqiao’s family, but that didn’t stop him from enjoying the spectacle.


At that moment, he turned his head, smiling as he observed the scene. Inwardly, he thought, “How could anyone find more outstanding Omegas than our Ning? He can easily outshine them all!” As he looked at the person next to Wen Xingchen, his thoughts changed. “Wait a minute, why does this Omega resemble our Ning so much?!”



Wen Muqiao was busy socializing, but his focus was on Wen Xingchen, monitoring his movements. He saw him chatting with Yu Zhi for a while before leaving, only to return with an Omega who seemed to be his classmate. The three of them engaged in a lively and harmonious conversation in the corner.


Feeling a bit itchy inside, Wen Muqiao couldn’t resist leaving his partner in place and approached them with a feigned calmness.


As he arrived, he cleared his throat and asked casually, “What are you discussing?”


Wen Xingchen replied, “It’s none of your business.”


Wen Muqiao’s expression momentarily looked like he was wronged. Although they were divorced, he and Yu Zhi maintained a friendly relationship. Seeing their interaction, he tried to smooth things over, saying, “Since Xingchen brought his boyfriend, it’s only right for you to meet him.”


A flash of surprise crossed Wen Muqiao’s face as he turned to look at Lu Jingning. He then put on a generous expression and praised him, “You must be Xingchen’s classmate, right? No wonder he chose you. You’re truly a handsome Omega. I, Wen Bobo, have seen countless Omegas, but none quite as remarkable as you! Well done, Xingchen, you have a good eye!”


Lu Jingning’s mouth twitched as he felt that Wen Muqiao’s compliment didn’t quite sound like it was directed at him, but rather like he was buttering up Wen Xingchen.


Seemingly satisfied, Wen Muqiao continued, “Since I approve of this marriage, when are you planning to hold the wedding?”


Lu Jingning: “Ah?”


Wasn’t this progressing a bit too quickly?


Wen Muqiao smiled, adopting an “open-minded” expression, but before he could say anything, a furious roar shook the roof tiles, “I do not approve!!!”


The familiar voice made Lu Jingning instinctively turn around.


Wen Muqiao faced the person, and upon hearing that sentence, his expression instantly darkened. “Does our Wen family’s matters give you, a blundering idiot, the right to speak?!”


Lu Kongbin was even more enraged, “You Wen vase! When did you plan to deceive my son behind my back? I’m absolutely against this marriage! What are you planning, a surprise attack? Do you even think you can forcefully take him away? Believe me, I’ll beat you until you can’t leave this place today!”


Wen Muqiao was taken aback, hesitatingly pointing at Lu Jingning, “This is… your son?”


Lu Kongbin gritted his teeth, “Of course! Who else would he be, if not my son?!”




Lu Jingning felt like he had no face left and subconsciously wanted to cover his face. Who could tell him how his father ended up here?!


Seeing Wen Muqiao’s dumbfounded expression, Lu Kongbin turned to Wen Xingchen and ground his teeth, “Kid, I knew it! Why were you so attentive back in school? You were waiting for this moment, weren’t you?”


Wen Xingchen said, “Regarding that matter, I can explain…”


But before he could finish his sentence, Lu Kongbin’s voice reached an ear-splitting volume, “Explain my ass!!!”


The author’s note: Lao Wen was a respectable man in his lifetime…


So, how would you like to be buried?


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