Chapter 4


“First of all, Mr. Qu, I congratulate you on joining Tangyi,” Tang Chaobai’s assistant, Qiu Wenhuan, extended his hand.


Qu Di smiled and shook his hand, saying, “Thank you. It’s an honor to join Tangyi.”


Qiu Wenhuan looked down at the paper in his hand and began to explain the tasks Tang Chaobai had assigned to him: “Before your formal employment, we will arrange a two-week training for you. Do you have any questions?”




“Well, can you start the training next week?”


“That’s fine.”


He couldn’t wait to start working tomorrow.


Qiu Wenhuan was quite satisfied and handed a folder to Qu Di: “Please take a look at this in the next two days.”


Qu Di picked it up and estimated that it contained several dozen pages of documents. He thought it might be company regulations or something similar. However, when he opened it, the cover bore a large title: “Life Assistant Rules, 100 Guidelines.”


Qu Di raised an eyebrow in confusion. Qiu Wenhuan still had an official smile on his face and gestured for him to continue reading.


Qu Di cautiously turned to the first page, only to be met with densely packed text, five-point font, single-spaced, enough to make one’s eyes hurt.


  1. Xiyan has a bad temper, and he’s a master of foul language. He can curse at you for 24 hours without repeating a word, making you question your life. So, please remember, you can ignore any off-topic talk outside of work. Maintaining a calm attitude is crucial. If you can’t handle it, read some scriptures. If you can’t find any, ask Xiyan’s agent, Mr. Chou Fei. Also, you must control him to prevent him from using profanity in front of the media. Each occurrence deducts a thousand from his salary.


  1. Xiyan likes to sleep in. If you wake him up, he’ll be in a foul mood, and it might lead to murder. So, on holidays, do not wake him up unless necessary. If you have to wake him, prepare a cup of sweet milk tea in advance. He likes it sweet but with half the sugar and minimal ice. He can only take a few sips, as he’s an idol who needs to maintain his figure. During this time, he’ll likely start swearing, so remember rule number one.


  1. Do not let Xiyan dye his hair or go out before the start of filming a TV series. It’s best to keep him indoors and maintain good eating habits to ensure he’s in the best condition for filming.



Qu Di glanced at Qiu Wenhuan, wanting to ask many questions, but he didn’t know where to start. Was he sure they were looking for a life assistant and not a nanny? Why did it seem like there was a potential threat involved?


Qiu Wenhuan seemed oblivious to his doubts and asked, “So, any questions?”


Qu Di didn’t want to give up this job. He closed the file and replied, “I think… I should be fine.”


His tone was slightly lacking in confidence.


Finally, Qiu Wenhuan showed a genuinely friendly smile and patted Qu Di’s shoulder. “Very well, I hope you do well. Many people are vying for this job.”


Actually, they didn’t know that the sunny and handsome little wolf on the outside, Xiyan, was a rebellious child in private.


After two weeks of training, Qu Di felt like he had shed a layer of skin. He didn’t have to do physical labor or endure exposure to the elements, but he felt like his sanity was slowly deteriorating.


Every day, he read through the Life Assistant Rules and painstakingly memorized Xiyan’s habits and quirks. After so many days, he could recite them from memory, but deep down, he was beginning to fear Xiyan.


He had searched up Xiyan’s name in private.


Xiyan, 23 years old, graduated from Y City Music College, and had been in the entertainment industry for five years, accumulating a substantial fan base with his outstanding looks and exceptional talent. His debut single was the best-selling of the month, topping the charts for three consecutive months, and his albums sold like hotcakes. He had won numerous awards, and his three-year streak of winning the Pop Song of the Year award remained unbroken.


His fans affectionately called him “Yanyan,” and they referred to themselves as “salty fish,” signifying that they had been through trials by fire like salted fish wrapped in salt (Yan). Qu Di couldn’t help but laugh when he first heard this term. Had he been too hasty to call himself a “salty fish”?


Whether or not they were happy, Qu Di wasn’t sure, but he was certainly not as happy as before. He felt like he was no different from a salty fish now.


Going through Xiyan’s recent work schedule, Qu Di realized that it mainly consisted of magazine interviews and advertisements. The most crucial task was the upcoming period drama.


“It starts shooting on August 1st, and the opening ceremony is at Hongli Film and Television City. Makeup starts at 7 am, and the shooting officially begins at 9 am…”


Why so early? Hongli Film and Television City was about five kilometers away from here. He needed to leave half an hour early, which meant he had to be out of the door by 7:30 am. Add some time for getting ready, and it meant he’d have to wake Xiyan up around 6 am.


Qu Di shivered. He hadn’t forgotten about Xiyan’s temper when he was woken up. It seemed like he would have to brave it.


Tomorrow, Xiyan had no work the whole day, and his training had ended. Qiu Assistant informed him that tomorrow he would meet his service target. Although there was still about a month until the TV series started shooting, they would need some time to get acquainted.


Actually, Qiu Wenhuan had thought ahead. If this didn’t work out, he would have to find another assistant. He had given himself a month.


The next day, Qu Di got up early. He put on a suit he had specially bought for the occasion. However, for some reason, the outfit that had seemed appropriate now didn’t feel right. A white T-shirt paired with black pants, with a big letter “Q” in the middle.


He had wanted to look approachable but was worried he might appear too casual, showing disrespect. After much deliberation, he changed into formal attire. Since he had no work today and wouldn’t be going out, he wanted to appear more formal. He unbuttoned his suit jacket, rolled up his sleeves, and tucked his tie into the chest pocket. He even took a moment to fix his hair; he looked presentable.


Qiu Wenhuan asked him to come to the company first, and he personally took Qu Di to meet Xiyan. Qu Di couldn’t help but sigh. Xiyan was indeed Tangyi’s cherished child; the executive assistant was busy with him day and night.


They arrived a bit early, before 9 am. Xiyan lived in a well-known affluent neighborhood, and the houses were all detached villas with quite a bit of space between them. Qiu Wenhuan didn’t ring the doorbell; he simply punched in the code on the keypad.


“The code here is 59468. Remember it. If there’s an emergency, you can come in, but don’t mention that I told you.” Tang Xiyan valued his “private space,” but as a public figure, he had little of that left. At the very least, his older brother was keeping a close eye on him.


“If he asks, say that Tang General brought you here,” he whispered.


“General Tang?” Would a CEO be concerned about such things? Would he know the passcode to his employee’s home? Qu Di couldn’t help but be curious. Did this General Tang have some secret relationship with Xiyan?


“Alright, I won’t go in. Mr. Chou Fei already greeted him yesterday, and he’s probably still sleeping. No need for me to introduce you. I have to get back to work.” Jokes aside, if you could avoid seeing that demon, why wouldn’t you?


Qiu Wenhuan smiled amicably. “Go on in.”


With that, he gently pushed Qu Di inside and closed the door behind him. The room was quite dark, and it took him some time to make out the decor. The living room had a striking set of red leather sofas, and the white walls were adorned with various decorations, including a guitar, a lion oil painting, vinyl records, and even a stuffed eagle.


Next to the TV was a complete sound system, and upon closer inspection, there was a phonograph on the cabinet, though he couldn’t tell if it was real.


The decorations in the house exuded the owner’s wild and uninhibited personality, but honestly, the place was a bit messy and, dare he say, ugly. Qu Di couldn’t help but make some internal remarks.


Beside the sofa, there was a large French window, which likely led to the small garden he had seen when he entered earlier. At the moment, the curtains were drawn tightly, blocking out any light.


He sat down on the sofa, picked up a jacket that had been tossed on the floor, and looked around. There was leftover takeout from last night on the table, along with unfinished potato chips, and a game console was buried under a pile of trash. After a while, Qu Di couldn’t stand it and took off his suit jacket. He unbuttoned his sleeves and tucked his tie into his chest pocket, rolled up his sleeves, and began to tidy up the room. It was just too dirty…


After cleaning the table, he couldn’t sit still. Not only did he sweep the floor, but he also mopped it. He rummaged through the kitchen and found nothing but instant noodles and a bunch of snacks. There weren’t even any condiments.


So, Qu Di returned to his original position and, as he picked up his coat to put it on, he noticed a small stain on the sleeve. He tried to wipe it with water, but it not only didn’t work but also made the stain larger.


He sighed, thinking that he probably wouldn’t see the stain once he wore the coat.


On the first day Qu Di came here, he experienced just how capable the young master was at sleeping. He had been waiting here until noon, and he even dozed off on the couch.


“Who the hell are you?”


Qu Di, half-awake, opened his eyes to see Tang Xiyan, the young master with a messy hairstyle, rushing toward him. Before he could react, Tang Xiyan had grabbed him by the neck. The Alpha had completely disregarded concealing his scent, and Qu Di could smell a sea breeze…


Tang Xiyan’s gaze was fierce. “Stalkers are even invading my house now, huh? Where are the security guards!? He’s sleeping in my house. How disgusting!” He freed one hand to search for his phone to call Qiu Fei but realized he had left it upstairs.


“I’m going…” He tightened his grip. “Don’t move, or I’ll kill you instantly!”


Qu Di held his hand, his face turning red. The man’s grip was too strong, and he feared he might be strangled. So, in the next moment, Qu Di bent his knee and used a little force to push upwards…


“Damn it!” Tang Xiyan cursed and clenched his teeth, the last syllable disappearing into the air. He hunched over, unable to stand up straight.


“Ahem…” Qu Di, now free, quickly stood up, feeling unsure. “I’m sorry… I used very little force… Does it hurt? Are you okay? Should we go to the hospital?”


Tang Xiyan, struggling to get up and with tears in the corners of his eyes, stared at Qu Di. “I won’t cry even if you cut that thing off and offer it to the heavens.”


Qu Di saw the tears in his eyes and felt a bit guilty. “Don’t cry…”


Tang Xiyan hesitated for a moment and then angrily shouted, “Even if my mother dies, I won’t cry because of you!”

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