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Chapter 61

       Suo Yang was not thinking about Shen Huiming all the time, just like Shen Huiming would not be distracted and look up at the blue sky when he was busy at work.

       But when one was free, even when they only saw a ray of light or a cloud, they would want to share it with the other person immediately. This was probably the most genuine and simple feeling of liking someone.

       When the plane entered the stratosphere, Suo Yang started working, and everything was as usual, except for Song Kai chatting from time to time.

       Suo Yang was tired of dealing with this and tried his best to pretend that he couldn’t hear it.

       In the past, Suo Yang might have been able to deal with Song Kai patiently until the other party gradually realised that he was not interested in him. This was the best way to deal with it, without a direct conflict and without the need to be too aggressive.

       But it was different now, and Suo Yang also discovered the difference in himself.

       After getting together with Shen Huiming, his personality changed slightly. He began to have no more patience with other people who showed favour to him except Shen Huiming. He was eager to cut off the relationship with them and proved that he only wanted Shen Huiming.

       After nightfall, all the passengers on the plane rested. Suo Yang was sorting out the tableware and calculating how long it would take to arrive in Moscow.

       Song Kai came over, leaned to the side and looked at him with a smile without saying a word.

       Suo Yang felt uncomfortable being looked at by him, but he was too lazy to say anything and could only pretend not to notice.

       “Yang ge,” Song Kai said with a chuckle, “I’ve noticed that you don’t seem to like me much.”

       “…” Suo Yang suddenly realised that it was not that this guy was really unable to read the situation; he was just thicker-skinned than others.

       When he saw Suo Yang didn’t speak, Song Kai sighed, “I feel quite defeated.”

       Suo Yang put away the tableware and turned to continue doing other things. Song Kai suddenly stood in front of him and said with a smile in his eyes, “Yang ge, you really don’t have to pretend in front of me, I’ve seen it all.”

       Suo Yang frowned slightly and asked him in a cold voice, “What did you see?”

       “You and a man were kissing in the car,” Song Kai said. “I saw it in the parking lot. You guys weren’t being discreet at all.”

       Suo Yang recalled that day when Shen Huiming came to pick him up. They couldn’t help but kiss each other in the parking lot.

       “So what?” Suo Yang looked at him openly and took half a step back to keep his distance.

       “That person is the one who followed us to Berlin last time…” Song Kai raised his hand and rubbed his eyebrows, pretending to think, “What’s his name… I remember his surname is Shen.”

       Suo Yang was not worried about others knowing about his relationship with Shen Huiming. He was not the only gay person in the company. Some people’s sexual orientation had been tacitly known to everyone for a long time, especially after Zhou Mo resigned and married a man. This incident further improved everyone’s acceptance.

       Suo Yang had never thought of deliberately hiding his sexual orientation. No one knew whether he liked men or women just because he never exposed his private life to his colleagues.

       Therefore, he didn’t care what Song Kai said to him and could deal with it calmly. He was just worried that his affairs would affect Shen Huiming.

       “What does his surname have to do with you?” Suo Yang was a little unhappy. Not only did he hope that everyone would stop messing with him, but he also hoped that other people would stay away from Shen Huiming.

       Song Kai smiled and looked at Suo Yang in surprise, “Yang ge, we have known each other for a long time. This is the first time I heard you talk to someone in such a tone.”

       He leaned forward slightly and approached Suo Yang, “So, you also have a temper. Can you also get angry?”

       Suo Yang raised his hand, put a finger on the other person’s shoulder, and pushed the other person away, “Of course, everyone has a temper.”

       He suppressed the anger within him, not wanting to start a conflict with this person. Instead, he took another half step back, leaning against the shelf behind him. “It’s working hours now, and I’m not really in the mood for a chat.”

       Song Kai laughed out loud, “Do you not want to chat with me, or are you afraid I’ll see through your disguise?”

       Suo Yang’s frown deepened.

       “It’s okay, really,” Song Kai said, “I find the way you put down your airs is quite attractive, and you’re quite sexy when you kiss someone.”

       “Song Kai, let me say it again, it is working time now.”

       “Then what you mean is that I can talk to you alone after get off work?” Song Kai deliberately emphasized the word ‘alone’.

       “Sorry, I have no interest in you or the content of your conversation.” Suo Yang said, “I still have work. Please go back to your place.”

       Song Kai looked at him meaningfully, “Yang ge, I really like your energy. Even if you are just pretending, you are more energetic than others.”

       Suo Yang took a deep breath and clenched his fists.

       He was not going to hit anyone, but he would use his own methods to keep the person away from him.

       “Song…” Before Suo Yang could finish speaking, the service bell rang.

       He sighed, “Please step aside. My passenger is calling me.”

       Song Kai obediently stood aside, “I’ll be waiting for you to come back.”

       Suo Yang frowned and walked past him, then put on a professional smile after going out.

       The passenger’s blanket was stained by the drink, so he was asked to change it.

       Suo Yang changed the blanket for the passenger and asked softly if there was anything else he needed help with. After the passenger thanked him and said there was nothing else, he walked back with the dirty blanket.

       Song Kai was still waiting there. As soon as he entered, he was hugged around the waist.

       Suo Yang was not mysophobic, but he really didn’t like to be touched by unfamiliar people, especially those who were unfamiliar and annoying to him.

       He pushed the other person away through the blanket, looked at Song Kai coldly and said, “I hope you can be more respectful.”

       Song Kai smiled, “Yang ge, I don’t have any other intentions. I’m afraid you are not standing firm and fall.”

       Suo Yang put away the dirty blanket, turned to him and said, “Song Kai, we are colleagues, I don’t want to make it too ugly.”

       “How can things be ugly?” Song Kai stared at his waist, “You look good no matter what.”

       Suo Yang wanted to say something but was interrupted by Song Kai, “Yang Ge, you really don’t need to feel embarrassed. We’re not some innocent young boys and girls. But I do want to remind you some people are only familiar on the surface. I’ve heard about what happened with Zhou Mo. He was lucky to hit it off with someone on the plane and enjoyed the benefits. I hear you two have a good relationship, but you can’t replicate his life.”

       Song Kai leaned close to Suo Yang’s ear and lowered his voice as he said, “All those rich folks are just playing around. When they get bored, they move on to the next one. Look at the flight attendants on this plane, all dressed up–which one isn’t a fine piece? Take your pick. There’s every type you can imagine!”

       Suo Yang finally couldn’t help it anymore. He suddenly raised his hand, grabbed Song Kai’s collar, and pushed him into the corner.

       The unsuspecting Song Kai was startled, and before he could react, he was strangled by the neck.

       Suo Yang’s hands were strong, and he had no intention of showing mercy to this person.

       Song Kai’s face instantly turned red after being strangled, and he looked at Suo Yang in disbelief.

       Suo Yang really didn’t expect that one day he would do something to others. When he first started working, Zhou Mo took him to learn a few moves. At that time, Zhou Mo said, “Good-looking people like us have to be a little bit… self-defence technique!”

       Suo Yang didn’t take it seriously at the time and just followed Zhou Mo along. He more or less learned a few moves but never thought he would use them.

       Sometimes you didn’t need many techniques; having just one move was enough.

       Growing up, Suo Yang rarely showed too many emotions in front of outsiders, which made him feel very insecure.

       But today, he couldn’t bear it anymore.

       “Song Kai, I’ve said it nicely, haven’t I? You’re not listening, huh?” Suo Yang’s gaze became somewhat fierce. “I’ll say it again, show some respect.”

       He watched Song Kai being choked until he was breathless, and he had no intention of letting it go, “Firstly, I don’t care for your act. I’ll treat you based on the person you are. Understand?”

       Song Kai tried to pry Suo Yang’s hand away but found that he couldn’t use any strength at all. He could only nod his head, hoping that this brother would let go of him quickly.

       “Secondly, Zhou Mo is not with Cheng Sen to enjoy happiness. He is still working hard. Don’t speculate on others with your dirty thoughts. Do you understand?”

       Song Kai continued to nod frantically.

       “Finally,” Suo Yang took a deep breath. He was gritting his teeth and finally calmed down a little, “The man named ‘Shen’ you mentioned is my serious and long-term boyfriend, the one I want to spend my life with. Even if you get tired of living, he won’t get tired of me. Understand?”

       Song Kai felt that he was about to suffocate. He hadn’t expected that Suo Yang, who appeared gentle and refined, would be so strong. He thought he was a beautiful soft persimmon that he could squeeze, but it turned out to be a dormant volcano that could erupt. You couldn’t see it on the surface, but once it erupted, the lava could be deadly.

       He frowned and nodded, looking at Suo Yang pleadingly, hoping that the other party would let him go.

       “Now you know I’m not to be messed with, right?” Suo Yang increased the force on his hands, “You know you should stay away from me in the future, right?”

       Song Kai regretted it to the core; his face turned purple. If he had known Suo Yang had such a fiery temper, he wouldn’t have provoked him. Now, he could only nod, feeling like he wanted to cry without tears.

       Who would have thought that Suo Yang, who usually looked gentle and docile, would be such a person?

       Suo Yang was silent for a few seconds, staring hard at Song Kai, feeling that he had vented his anger and released his frustration, Suo Yang finally let go of his grip.

       Song Kai, who was finally able to breathe well, leaned there and coughed until his soul came out of his body. He leaned there and slid to the ground.

       Suo Yang ignored him and continued to do his own thing.

       When Song Kai finished coughing, although he felt unhappy, he didn’t even dare to say a single unnecessary word to Suo Yang and left in despair.

       The troublesome person finally left wisely. Suo Yang breathed a sigh of relief and smiled. He suddenly wanted to know how Shen Huiming would evaluate his behaviour if he told Shen Huiming what happened today.

       So, as soon as he arrived in Moscow, Suo Yang turned on his mobile phone and sent a message to Shen Huiming.

       After thinking for a long time, he sent: Today, I confronted a colleague who was bothering me.

       When Shen Huiming saw Suo Yang’s message, he had just come out of the conference room and stared at his phone with a frown for a long time.

       He replied: Did your account get hacked?

       Suo Yang laughed out loud at Shen Huiming’s reply and sent a voice message to him, briefly telling him what happened today.

       Shen Huiming returned to the office and sat in his chair, laughing so hard after hearing this. He really couldn’t imagine Suo Yang doing anything to others.

       In front of him, Suo Yang was always gentle, occasionally deliberately making harmless little jokes and occasionally deliberately using small tricks to tease him.

       He replied: I really want to see you become fierce.

       Suo Yang said: That might be difficult, because when I see you, I just want to laugh, I can’t be fierce at all.

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Song Kai should’ve been thrown outside the aeroplane window instead

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Chapter 60

Article 5: We needed to be duty-bound to think about two people getting old together.

       Suo Yang’s proactive expression of love quickly left Shen Huiming lost in such a state. In the blink of an eye, it seemed that any object became an obstacle blocking them from conveying their feelings.

       The two loving people were about to go to the bedroom when Shen Huiming suddenly pulled Suo Yang, “Wait a minute.”

       He hugged the person, turned around and blew out the candle.

       In the darkness, the two looked at each other, smiled, and returned to the room with their fingers clasped.

       The bedroom door was closed tightly, and a table of prepared dishes had to wait for their return quietly. On a winter night, the two of them were sweetly in love, and the wind and snow outside the window did not affect the people inside the house at all.

       Originally he planned to eat first, but because of Suo Yang’s ‘husband’ word, his sanity collapsed, and he went to bed directly. When the fierce lovemaking was over, Suo Yang said with a smile, “The dishes must have cooled down again.”

       Shen Huiming kissed his finger, “It’s all your fault this time.”

       Suo Yang smiled, “Yeah, my fault.”

       He leaned over and hugged Shen Huiming, breathing a long sigh of relief.

       “I blew out the birthday candles,” Shen Huiming said, “You haven’t made a wish yet.”

       “Is it still too late to make a wish now?” Suo Yang looked up at him, “But you should be able to make my wish come true for me.”

       “Let’s hear it.”

       “I hope you stay healthy despite being busy.” Suo Yang said, “My wish is still quite easy to fulfil, right?”

       Shen Huiming hugged the person over and kissed the man’s sweat-dampened hair with his eyes closed.

       He was somewhat touched.

       It was a great honour and luck for a person to be willing to share his birthday wishes with others.

       “It’s really not difficult. I’ll apply for a dual card in a while, and you go with me.”

       Suo Yang leaned against him and laughed, “Why did you involve me in it?”

       “In our family, I can’t be healthy alone. You must also be healthy.” Shen Huiming said, “There’s a gym near my company, I’ll explore it tomorrow, and if it’s good, I’ll get a card. It’s also your birthday present.”

       Suo Yang reluctantly bit his shoulder gently and then took him to take a shower.

       Shen Huiming finished showering before Suo Yang, changed the sheets, opened a small gap in the window for ventilation, and then went into the kitchen. When Suo Yang came out, the food had been reheated.

       Suo Yang picked up the clothes they had thrown away and put them into the dirty clothes basket, then went over and kissed Shen Huiming again.

       “Did you have a happy birthday?” Shen Huiming put her arm around his waist and sat down at the dining table, then carefully cleaned the candles on the cake.

       “This is the happiest birthday in my life.” Suo Yang helped him put the chopsticks away. “I didn’t even know that birthdays could be celebrated like this.”

       Shen Huiming looked at him and said jokingly, “Thought we should celebrate it like Zhou Mo’s?”

       Suo Yang leaned against him and laughed.

       It was already late at night, and the two of them didn’t really have much of an appetite left, but they still ate some of each dish. After all, they shouldn’t waste it.

       At almost twelve o’clock, they stood on the balcony of Shen Huiming’s house wrapped in sweaters and coats. The two of them huddled closely together, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the New Year.

       The sound of the countdown came from the small square in the distance, and many young people gathered there to celebrate the New Year.

       Five, four, three, two, one.

       Along with the cheers, there were also fireworks exploding in the sky.

       The heavy snow continued to fall, and fireworks burst amidst the snowflakes. Suo Yang was mesmerized by the scene.

       Shen Huiming raised his hand, put his arm around Suo Yang’s shoulders, and said softly, “Happy New Year, my dear.”

       Suo Yang turned around and hugged him.


       On the first day of the New Year, Suo Yang and Shen Huiming stayed at home for most of the day. In the evening, they set off again to fly to distant countries and cities.

       Shen Huiming drove him to the airport, and the two met Suo Yang’s colleagues as soon as they got out of the car.

       They met He Tian, who used to hitchhike with Suo Yang.

       He Tian met Suo Yang on the airport bus before. She knew that Suo Yang was in a relationship, but Suo Yang didn’t have the habit of revealing all his private life to his colleagues. Almost no one knew that he was not straight.

       “Yang ge!” He Tian just got off the bus and waved to Suo Yang.

       Suo Yang looked over and smiled at her.

       “My colleague.” Suo Yang said softly to Shen Huiming.

       Shen Huiming understood and followed Suo Yang towards the other party.

       “Are you flying tonight too?” Suo Yang asked politely.

       “Well, flying to New York.” He Tian saw the man next to Suo Yang, “Is this your friend?”

       Shen Huiming was handsome and had a good temperament. He Tian couldn’t help but take a second look at her.

       “Yes, I took his car here.” Suo Yang saw He Tian’s eyes brightening when he looked at Shen Huiming and couldn’t help but want to laugh.

       He turned to Shen Huiming and said, “Then I’ll go in first and contact you when I get back.”

       “Okay.” Shen Huiming originally planned to accompany him in, but since he met his colleague, he couldn’t continue to follow. “Have a safe trip.”

       Suo Yang smiled at him, “Bye.”

       As the two of them walked in, He Tian couldn’t help but look back, “All the handsome guy’s friends are also handsome guys!”

       Suo Yang lowered his head and chuckled, saying nothing.

       Shen Huiming stood there and watched them go in. He didn’t turn around until no one could be seen anymore.

       He returned to the car and looked up at the planes flying overhead with a thunderous roar. In just over three hours, his beloved would be taking off once again.

       The snow was still falling, but it’s not as heavy anymore.

       Shen Huiming kept playing a song on the way back, the same song ‘Berlin’ they listened to all night in Moscow.

       They had just parted ways, and already the longing had begun.

       Shen Huiming didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry. He couldn’t believe that he had turned into a clingy person.


       Suo Yang, who just celebrated his birthday, was in a good mood and looked happy when he saw everyone.

       This time, the other colleagues on the crew were all old partners, and the only one who was not too familiar with them was the boy who told Suo Yang that he had a crush on him before.

       Suo Yang read the message sent by the flight attendant and then remembered the other person’s name. He didn’t mind who he worked with. He just wanted to minimize communication with the other person because he really didn’t like to discuss his private life with his colleagues.

       More importantly, this man had seen him with Shen Huiming before when they went to Berlin.

       At that time, Suo Yang and Shen Huiming were not together yet, and the other party had already misunderstood their relationship. Suo Yang didn’t say much at that time and didn’t bother to explain because it was unnecessary.

       He went to the meeting as usual and told himself that he could not let these unimportant things and unimportant people affect his work.

       As soon as Suo Yang entered the room, the boy greeted him with a smile.

       “Yang ge, we are together again!”

       Suo Yang smiled politely at him and said nothing.

       “It’s been a while.”

       Suo Yang went over and stood up, and the other party stood next to him, “You became handsome again.”

       “Song Kai, aren’t you too enthusiastic?” A girl came over and slapped Song Kai on the back, “Flirting with everyone! Yang ge, don’t let him do that either!”

       Suo Yang took advantage of their quarrel to go to the other side and waited quietly for the steward chief to come over for the meeting.

       This trip still went to Berlin, with a stopover in Moscow.

       Suo Yang took a special look and found that he and the guy named Song Kai were both in first class this time.

       He calmly continued to look through the information in his hand, and when he looked up, he found that the other party was looking at him again.

       Suo Yang pretended not to see it and followed everyone to prepare for the flight after the meeting.

       While he was busy counting the lunch boxes, Song Kai came over and said, “Yang ge, was it your birthday yesterday?”

       Suo Yang didn’t want to chat with him, but he nodded politely.

       Song Kai smiled and took out a small velvet bag from his pocket, “It’s a birthday present. It’s a little late, I hope you don’t mind.”

       Suo Yang smiled at him, took a half step back and said, “I accept your kindness, so there is no need for the present.”

       “No, I chose it specially for you.” Song Kai said, “I called you yesterday, but you didn’t answer.”

       Suo Yang did have a missed call from an unknown number yesterday, but he never answered numbers he didn’t recognise.

       However, he never expected that the call would come from a person named Song Kai.

       “Is that so?” Suo Yang said perfunctorily while continuing to work, “I didn’t hear it.”

       “So I’m here to give you a present now.” Song Kai looked at him with a smile and put the velvet bag in front of him.

       Suo Yang glanced at the small bag, straightened up and said to Song Kai with a cold face, “I’m sorry, I don’t casually accept gifts from others, and I’m about to serve customers soon. I’m quite busy right now.”

       Song Kai looked at him with a slight smile, “Okay, then you go about your business first.”

       After saying that, Song Kai picked up the present he had carefully prepared and turned around to do his own thing.

       Suo Yang turned back and sighed with his back to the direction Song Kai left. He really didn’t want to have a conflict with others, but Song Kai was obviously not very good at reading people’s eyes.

       Or, he actually could but pretend not to understand.

       Suo Yang couldn’t be bothered with him. There were still many things to be done, and such a trivial matter wasn’t worth his attention, not even as a side note.

       There were very few first-class passengers on this flight. In fact, Suo Yang could handle it by himself, but after all, the route was long, so he had to accept Song Kai and get along with him.

       In the beginning, everything seemed ordinary. Although Song Kai had annoyed Suo Yang a bit before, he behaved professionally after the passengers arrived. There was no sign of any improper behaviour; he greeted customers, conducted safety demonstrations, and everything was carried out step by step.

       While the plane was ascending, Suo Yang and Song Kai were sitting in their respective seats, so close that they could see each other when they raised their heads.

       But Suo Yang didn’t want to look up and kept turning around and looking out the window.

       This flight was really unpleasant, but Suo Yang knew that he must not work with emotions, and he had to adjust himself as soon as possible.

       For him, the most effective way to regulate his emotions was to think about Shen Huiming.

       His Mr. Shen was an elegant and upright person. Whether he was revising the plan with a frown on his face at the company or cooking for him at home wearing an apron, he was particularly charming.

       Suo Yang had never met such a charming man. Shen Huiming was the only one in the world, and he belonged to him.

       As he thought of Shen Huiming, Suo Yang couldn’t help but smile. When he rushed into the clouds, he began to miss his lover.

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Chapter 59

       In the book that Suo Yang and Shen Huiming had been flipping through, there was a sentence—Confession is often more difficult than everyday communication.

       Suo Yang was a very introverted person in emotional expression. Compared with saying ‘I love you’, he was more willing to integrate this emotion into every detail of life to be perceived and discovered by the other party.

       He knew that confession was not something to be ashamed of, but he always had a hard time saying it.

       But at this moment, as they skated on the ice, the accelerated excitement made him feel derailed. He was detached from his original self, and he was desperately in need of conveying his love.

       He shouted loudly, calling his lover’s name and the phrase ‘I love you’ that Shen Huiming rarely heard.

       Shen Huiming actually knew very well that Suo Yang seldom said this sentence, not because the other party didn’t love him; it was all due to his personality. Whether a person loved himself or not, it didn’t matter what the other party said; what mattered was what he had done.

       Love was such a thing; although it sounded vague and elusive, had no substance and couldn’t be touched, in fact, once it really came, both the lover and the loved one could feel it.

       Shen Huiming felt Suo Yang’s love, so he was not obsessed with the phrase ‘I love you’.

       However, at this moment, he unexpectedly received Suo Yang’s confession, loud and clear, a few words thrown into the air, exploding into fireworks in broad daylight.

       When the two left the ice rink, Suo Yang was still in a giddy state. Their arms were tightly pressed together, and the backs of their hands touched each other from time to time.

       Back in the car, Shen Huiming turned around and pulled Suo Yang for a kiss without hesitation. He couldn’t worry so much anymore. Even if he was seen, he didn’t care.

       It had just snowed heavily the night before, and now it was snowing again.

       On the last day of the year, snowflakes silently covered the city, burying all the noise in the clean snow.

       Shen Huiming took Suo Yang to a cake shop, and the two made a birthday cake for Suo Yang with their own hands. After finishing the work, Suo Yang carefully wrote on it: Happy Birthday Shen Huiming’s Boyfriend.

       There were so many words squeezed into the cake that was not too big, and almost everything couldn’t fit in it at the end.

       Suo Yang leaned against Shen Huiming and smiled, “It looks like I’m very greedy.”

       “You can be more greedy,” Shen Huiming said, “after all, you are Shen Huiming’s boyfriend.”

       Suo Yang smiled, “You are a really arrogant person sometimes.”

       “That’s true,” Shen Huiming said again, “After all, I am Suo Yang’s boyfriend.”

       The two looked at each other and smiled, then went home with the cake.

       They went back to Shen Huiming’s house together because it was rumoured that there would be fireworks not far from here during New Year’s Eve, and they could see clearly from the balcony of Shen Huiming’s house without any mishaps.

       In winter, it got dark early, and it was already dark when they arrived home.

       They put down the cake, and they went downstairs to the supermarket to buy ingredients together. Shen Huiming was going to cook a birthday meal for Suo Yang tonight personally.

       When Suo Yang lived alone, he didn’t like to go to the supermarket. He ordered everything online and delivered it directly to his door. But after being with Shen Huiming, he suddenly began to enjoy the feeling of going to the supermarket with him.

       The two people walked into the warm supermarket, one pushing the shopping cart, the other picking the ingredients and turning around from time to time to ask, “How about this? Do you like this?”

       One of the most important things in life was the so-called ‘fireworks’. A strong sense of excitement that could arouse a person’s desire to live a good life.

       In the past, Suo Yang’s life was uneventful, let alone others; even he himself felt it lacked flavour and excitement.

       He was as bland as water1metaphor used to describe something ordinary/mundane, and it seemed that there was a kind of romantic independence from the world, but in fact, after experiencing the gentle world brought to him by Shen Huiming, Suo Yang never wanted to return to the cold and indifferent days before.

       It was like—he had seen the ocean; he couldn’t pretend he hadn’t.

       The two bought a cart full of ingredients, including some snacks.

       None of them liked to eat snacks, but when passing by the shelf, Shen Huiming carefully selected two packs of candies and put them in the shopping cart.

       He said, “In the future when you have a flight, put a candy I bought in your pocket. Consider it as me accompanying you on your journey.”

       Suo Yang laughed at him for being sentimental, but he confidently said, “That’s right, people in love always talk like this.”

       They returned from the supermarket, and the snow fell even more.

       Shen Huiming said, “We should come out and have a snowball fight and build a snowman.”

       He asked Suo Yang, “Did you have snowball fights with people when you were young?”

       Suo Yang’s hometown was only a three-hour high-speed train ride from the city where he currently lives. Both were in the northern region, so the climate and lifestyle were actually quite similar.

       But because of his family’s upbringing and his own personality, he never played anything.

       Suo Yang followed Shen Huiming into the building door, “No, when I was young, I hardly went out to play after school. Now that I’ve grown up, I can’t afford to play either.”

       “Then you haven’t met me,” Shen Huiming took his hand upstairs, “If you met me when you were a child, I would go to your window every day and ask you to come out to play.”

       Suo Yang imagined that scene and thought it was a bit funny.

       “Then I might get annoyed with you,” Suo Yang said, “You interrupted my study.”

       In the elevator, the two laughed together. Even a little joke between lovers was utterly adorable.

       This year, Suo Yang finally celebrated his birthday properly. His lover accompanied him and carefully cooked a large table of delicacies for him. In the middle of the table was the cake they made together. It didn’t look perfect, but because they made it by themselves, it had infinite added value.

       Shen Huiming put in a candle, and the number ‘28’ was lit.

       Shen Huiming said, “After today, until my birthday, there will be only a two-year age difference between the two of us.”

       “You care about age?”

       “No, what I mean is, even if you’re 28, I’m still your brother.” At this moment, the lights in the room were all turned off, with only the flickering candlelight reflecting on their faces. Both of them looked very gentle. Shen Huiming said, “You were very cooperative with me when we rented the sledges today. Have you been wanting to call me ge all along?”

       Suo Yang looked at him with a smile, “It’s just fine.”


       “Well,” Suo Yang paused, looking at him through the candlelight, “You enjoyed hearing it?”

       “You called me quite sexily,” Shen Huiming said. “As nasty as it sounds, it’s true. I almost couldn’t hold back my hard-on when you called me ge at that moment.”

       Suo Yang leaned on the table with both hands and couldn’t help laughing out loud.

       “I can’t believe you’re such a person.”

       “It wasn’t originally,” Shen Huiming said honestly, “After meeting you, maybe I’ve picked up some bad habits.”

       “Did I corrupt you?”

       “No. there are people who unintentionally captivate others, and I lose my composure every time I see you.” Shen Huiming thought for a while, then lowered his head and smiled, “Otherwise, I wouldn’t have asked you for your mobile phone number.”

       That was the first time they met. Suo Yang found Shen Huiming’s ticket holder and returned it to him. Seizing the opportunity, Shen Huiming tried to ask for Suo Yang’s contact information but was rejected.

       Shen Huiming always thought that he was a very self-controlled person, but since he met Suo Yang, this good quality of himself had disappeared in front of the other party.

       “Well… there is another nickname. You may like it better.” Suo Yang said, “Although today is my birthday, to thank you for making me so happy, I’ll give you a gift. Do you want me to call you ‘ge’ or choose another nickname?”

       “What could it be?”

       “You choose first, and then I’ll tell you.” Suo Yang looked at him with a smile, “Do you want to play safe? Or do you want to take a risk?”

       Shen Huiming looked at him, with a table of delicious food and a birthday cake between them.

       He stretched out his hand, “Touch my hand, let me sense it.”

       Suo Yang laughed out loud, complaining about his childishness, but still reached out to him.

       Shen Huiming held his hand, rubbed the back of his hand lightly, and said, “I’ll choose another one.”

       “No regrets?”

       “No regrets.”

       Suo Yang went around the dining table and walked to Shen Huiming’s side.

       He approached slowly and put his arms around his neck.

       Their foreheads touched, and Suo Yang’s lips parted slightly, “Husband.”

       His voice was so soft that Shen Huiming couldn’t even tell if it was his hallucination.

       Shen Huiming suddenly put his arms around Suo Yang’s waist and asked him uncertainly, “What did you call me just now?”

       “Husband.” Suo Yang looked at him and smiled, the lips of the two almost touched together “Do you like me to call you this?”

       Suo Yang himself couldn’t explain why he suddenly became so bold today; he confessed loudly outside and broke through his shame when they returned home and called Shen Huiming, his husband.

       Shen Huiming was dazzled by the joy. He never expected Suo Yang to call him that.

       From ‘Mr. Shen’ to ‘Huiming’, it took him a lot of thought and effort. Shen Huiming knew Suo Yang’s character very well, and he never expected to ask for more from the other party.

       He didn’t ask for it, but his Suo Yang took the initiative to give it to him.

       Shen Huiming couldn’t help hugging and kissing him, regardless of whether the burning candle had dripped on the cake or whether the cooked food was getting cold, he pushed Suo Yang against the wall, and the two of them embraced each other in a passionate and lingering kiss.

       The book they read together said—we began the longest and best kiss in human history.

       As for Suo Yang, he also understood another sentence in the book—it is easier to fire Cupid’s arrow than to receive them, and it is easier to give than to receive.

       It turned out that expressing love was such a joyful thing. When he watched Shen Huiming excited and satisfied because of his expression of love, his life seemed to become richer and more worthy of celebration.

       “Why are you so proactive today?” Shen Huiming bit Suo Yang’s lip lightly and asked.

       “Because I love you.” Suo Yang looked straight into his eyes and said, “And I also hope you can know that I love you.”

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Chapter 58

       It might have something to do with the nature of his job, but it was difficult for Suo Yang to sleep well if he was not at his own home. However, since he met Shen Huiming, he could sleep well even if he stayed at the other party’s home. He also slept very comfortably that night at his parents’ house. He had a dreamless night, and when he woke up, he felt no fatigue.

       When he opened his eyes, Shen Huiming had already woken up and was lying there replying to his assistant’s message.

       “Morning.” Suo Yang greeted him softly.

       Shen Huiming turned to look at him, smiled and kissed him, “Happy birthday.”

       Suo Yang almost forgot that today was his birthday.

       He lay there, looked at Shen Huiming and smiled, “Thank you.”

       After replying to the assistant’s message, Shen Huiming lay down again, hugged Suo Yang and asked, “How was it? Did you sleep well last night?”

       Last night, after Shen Huiming finished showering, Suo Yang was already sitting in the bedroom chair, waiting for him. They chatted for a while, mostly about family matters. Suo Yang mentioned that, if possible, he would like to find time to go back home and visit.

       Actually, he had been thinking about it all along, wanting to return, even if it meant just catching a distant glimpse of his parents and asking the neighbours about their well-being. However, he never had the courage.

       However, he never dared to do so.

       Suo Yang, who often appeared invulnerable, was not truly invulnerable. He had his own worries and fears about things he hesitated to do.

       He used to be afraid, but now, with Shen Huiming in his life, he felt that Shen Huiming and Shen Huiming’s parents had given him new hope and courage.

       Maybe everything wasn’t so irreparable after all.

       After chatting for a while, the two fell asleep, lying on the same bed, covered with a quilt.

       They embraced each other and soon fell asleep, inhaling the scent of each other’s shampoo and shower gel, which was the same as their own.

       “Very good.” Suo Yang kissed Shen Huiming’s forehead, “Especially when I saw you as soon as I opened my eyes, I felt better.”

       Shen Huiming smiled, “When did you learn to say such cheesy things?”

       “That cheesy?”

       “A little bit,” Shen Huiming’s fingers lightly brushed his collarbone, “but I like it very much.”

       Suo Yang smiled, grabbed his fingers and kissed him, “Let’s get up? Don’t let Uncles and Auntie wait for us.”

       “Alright, I’ll count three, two, one, and we’ll sit up together.” Shen Huiming said, “Three, one!”

       Then he sat up first.

       Suo Yang looked at him helplessly and smiled, “Very childish.”

       Shen Huiming pulled him up, “Then do you like it?”

       “Quite like it.” Suo Yang sat up and stretched.

       The two got out of bed and left the room. Shen Huiming’s father had already prepared breakfast.

       Like a warm family of four, they sat down together eating buns and porridge.

       After eating and drinking enough, Shen Huiming’s parents were ready to go to work, and the two juniors were also ready to go out.

       Today was Suo Yang’s birthday, and Shen Huiming had come up with a last-minute plan.

       When they came out from Shen Huiming’s parents’ place, Shen Huiming said, “Suo Yang, why don’t we go back to your hometown today?”

       Suo Yang was stunned. He didn’t expect Shen Huiming to say this so suddenly.

       Although Suo Yang asked Shen Huiming to accompany him back when he got up in the morning, he was actually not ready yet, and he was still nervous, worried, and afraid.

       “It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to visit today,” Shen Huiming said, “I just thought today is your birthday, we’ll have New Year’s Eve tonight, and tomorrow is New Year’s Day. It’s a perfect day for a family reunion.”

       Suo Yang hesitated.

       When Shen Huiming saw his hesitation, he held his hand and said, “It’s okay, let’s talk about it some other time. Let’s stick to our original plan today.”

       Suo Yang looked at Shen Huiming gratefully.

       “Don’t look at me like that,” Shen Huiming smiled, “This is what I should do.”

       “No,” Suo Yang said, “Even if you are a lover, you don’t have all the obligations to do these things. If you do it, it is due to your affection, and if you don’t do it, it is a matter of course. Your willingness to consider all this shows how well you treat me.”

       Shen Huiming clicked his tongue. There was really nothing to be done about him.

       The two of them went home first, changed their clothes, took a brief rest and then went out.

       Since Suo Yang didn’t want to go back to his hometown now, they should spend this day according to the original plan.

       Before going out, Shen Huiming asked Suo Yang to wear thicker clothes and then drove to the shopping mall to buy thick hats and gloves.

       Suo Yang asked, “Going skiing?”

       Shen Huiming smiled, “It’s more interesting than skiing.”

       Suo Yang was very curious but didn’t ask too many questions. He kept his thoughts to himself and obediently followed Shen Huiming wherever he went.

       Shen Huiming drove him to the small park where the two of them used to row boats. The last time they came was in autumn, but now the lake was frozen, and the boating event had already stopped.

       The boat could no longer be rowed, but there are new ways to play.

       When Suo Yang stood by the frozen lake, his expression was surprised.

       “How is it? Are you afraid?” Shen Huiming asked him with a smile.

       At this time, the lake was covered with thick ice, and many adults and children were playing around on it.

       “When I was young, I used to come here to sledge in the winter.” Shen Huiming said. “At that time, there were no merchants renting sledges here. My little sledges were made by my father himself.”

       Suo Yang never had such childhood memories.

       In his memory, he rarely came out to play. He usually went to school and cram school, and his parents locked him at home when they went out to work during the holidays.

       He had very few friends since he was a child, and he wasn’t very fond of making friends. He didn’t have much interest in these fun things outside and couldn’t understand why so many classmates enjoyed going out to play.

       Later, as he grew a bit older and went to college, he gradually interacted with more people and experienced a lot of things. He suddenly realised that his limited past experiences had left his perspective very narrow. He came to understand that the seemingly dull things in life weren’t really dull; he just hadn’t enjoyed them before, and no one had ever told him how to enjoy them. So, he had simply kept his distance to avoid feeling out of place.

       Shen Huiming said, “It’s very safe, don’t be afraid.”

       Suo Yang used to be afraid of water, but Shen Huiming held his hand and swam in the lake.

       Facts had proved that as long as Shen Huiming was there, everything seemed to be nothing to be afraid of.

       He smiled, “Okay, let me experience the joy of your childhood today.”

       Shen Huiming smiled at him and took him to rent a sledge together.

       Most of the people who came here to play with the sledges were children. They were two adults, or two men, renting the sledges. The boss was a big brother in his forties and jokingly said to them, “You two seem to have a lot of zest for life!”

       Shen Huiming smiled, “Yes, my little brother’s birthday is today, so I brought him here to reminisce about his childhood.”

       Standing behind Shen Huiming, Suo Yang suddenly felt that the title ‘my little brother’ was cute.

       He also smiled, “Ge, should we rent a bigger one?”

       Shen Huiming almost reacted when he called him ‘Ge’. He looked back at Suo Yang and happened to bump into his smiling eyes.

       A somewhat less ‘elegant’ thought popped up in his mind, which he suppressed for the time being, but he could bring it up again at night.

       “A bigger one will do,” said the boss, “It looks like both of you have long legs. The shorter one might feel uncomfortable and a bit cramped!”

       The two of them rented a large-sized sledge, the kind where two people could sit together. Typically, double sledges or multi-person sledges have front and back seats, but this place had the ‘luxury edition’ where you could sit side by side, like a double-seat mini sofa, perfect for couples to play together.

       Of course, the boss only thought of them as brothers who had a good relationship but didn’t look alike and didn’t think of them as lovers at all.

       After paying the deposit, the boss reminded them of the precautions and confirmed the time with them. Finally, he said, “Have fun.” and opened the door to let them out.

       After the two went out, Shen Huiming asked Suo Yang to sit down first and then sat beside him.

       Suo Yang was actually a bit afraid. He felt like he might have a tendency towards irrational paranoia. Even while walking on the ice, he subconsciously imagined the ice cracking and them falling into the winter lake.

       Shen Huiming sat down and handed a long stick with a sharp steel drill to Suo Yang, “Use this to stick on the ice, push it backwards, and we can slide forward.”

       Suo Yang, who had never played before, found it novel, so he took it and stuck the sharp point on the ice.

       “Yes, that’s it.” Shen Huiming held Suo Yang with one hand, and with the other hand holding the long stick, he stuck it on the ice, “I’ll count to three, two, one, and we’ll push together. “

       “Wait a minute!” Suo Yang suddenly stopped.

       “What’s wrong?” Shen Huiming asked him suspiciously.

       Suo Yang looked at him and said, “Do you count three, two, one this time or three, one?”

       Shen Huiming remembered his prank from the morning and leaned against him and laughed out loud, “Three to one, it’s three, two, one, this time I will definitely not mess with you.”

       Suo Yang was relieved, nodded solemnly and said, “Okay, then you count.”

       Shen Huiming held back a smile and finished counting ‘three, two, one’. The two of them pushed hard at the same time, and the ice sledge carried them out.

       This feeling was quite different from rowing a boat. When rowing, it was more leisurely, with plenty of time to enjoy the scenery. However, sliding on the sledge was faster, and it provided a more thrilling and exciting experience.

       At the very beginning, Suo Yang was a little scared. He held Shen Huiming tightly with his gloved hand, and his muscles were a little tense. He dared not relax at all, and the two of them held hands from beginning to end.

       On his twenty-eighth birthday, Shen Huiming took him back to the time when he was eight years old.

       In the twelfth lunar month of winter, regardless of the cold wind, even if their face was freezing and burning, they still kept laughing.

       People who love each other would not only grow up together and grow old together but also unload all the baggage together to return to a carefree childhood.

       As they glided across the ice, Suo Yang suddenly remembered the feeling of flying as a flight attendant for the first time, very free, very satisfying, carefree and at ease.

       “I love you!” Suo Yang suddenly yelled forward as the ice sledge moved forward quickly.

       Shen Huiming was taken aback for a moment, then turned to look at him in surprise.

       Suo Yang held Shen Huiming’s hand tightly, and he shouted, “Shen Huiming! I love you!”

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Chapter 57

       Regarding the matter of staying overnight, Shen Huiming specifically asked for Suo Yang’s opinion. He was worried that Suo Yang might feel uncomfortable staying here.

       However, Suo Yang agreed nonetheless, even though it would indeed be a bit awkward. But he understood that Shen Huiming’s parents meant well; it was snowing heavily outside. It would be quite troublesome for them to return so late at night.

       Shen Huiming squeezed Suo Yang’s leg and said to him softly, “Thank you.”

       Suo Yang smiled, “For what?”

       Shen Huiming shook his head with a smile, then set down the water glass and led Suo Yang into the bedroom to change clothes.

       This bedroom was the one Shen Huiming used to live in before he moved out. He had moved when he was in his third year of high school, and now it had been over ten years. It could be said that Shen Huiming’s youthful memories had left their traces here.

       Two sets of dark blue striped pyjamas were neatly laid out on the bed, which they noticed as soon as they entered.

       The two of them changed their clothes in the bedroom, and after changing, Suo Yang looked at the certificates on the wall and smiled.

       “They’ve all faded,” Shen Huiming sat beside him. “It’s been a long time.”

       The wall was half-covered with awards that Shen Huiming had received during his school days. On the bookshelf, there was a section filled with red award certificates. Suo Yang could even imagine how much Shen Huiming had been favoured in school back then.

       He looks handsome and excels in his studies, the typical ‘kid from someone else’s family1this refers to the kid the parents would always compare their children with, typically because this kid is better than theirs’.

       Suo Yang said, “Auntie must be very proud of you.”

       After all these years, these certificates and awards were still well-preserved, not a speck of dust even in the corners of the bookshelf.

       He suddenly thought of his own room, the small bedroom in the old house in his hometown. He wondered if anyone had entered it again after he left.

       “How should I put it…” Shen Huiming sat on the edge of the bed with Suo Yang, looking up at the awards posted on the wall. “Back then, I didn’t understand many things, didn’t think too much about it. I just knew that my parents were happy when they saw me come home with awards, and I wanted to make them happy. So, I worked hard to do better and win more awards. I thought that’s what they wanted, a sense of family pride, and I felt obligated to uphold it.”

       Suo Yang turned to look at him.

       “But as I grew up, I realized that what they truly wanted wasn’t just a stack of certificates and awards. ‘Family pride’ didn’t need to be maintained in this way,” Shen Huiming said. “As parents, what they most want to see is their child living well. Not in terms of how much money they earn, how many possessions they acquire, or how much fame and fortune they gain, but in terms of living the life they truly want, being with the person they genuinely love.”

       Suo Yang listened to Shen Huiming’s words and looked down at his hands resting on his knees.

       Shen Huiming stretched out his hand and put his warm palm on the back of Suo Yang’s cool hand.

       “All parents are actually the same; it’s just that some of them need time to admit it,” Shen Huiming said. “Let’s go have dinner; my dad is waiting to have a drink with us.”

       Suo Yang knew he was comforting him, so he reached out and shook his hand, smiling as he stood up.

       “Let’s go, don’t make Uncle wait too long.”


       Having dinner with Shen Huiming’s family initially made Suo Yang very nervous. However, once he immersed himself in the scene, it seemed like all the pressure dissipated along with the steam rising from the hotpot.

       The four of them sat around the dining table in the cosy warmth of their home, all wearing pyjamas and relaxing their nerves.

       This was their second meeting, and this time, there wasn’t the same cautiousness during their conversations. They ate more meat some vegetables, and had another glass of wine.

       Suo Yang’s face quickly turned red, and he couldn’t quite tell if it was because of the heat, the alcohol, or maybe because Shen Huiming’s parents were so easygoing that it made him a bit shy. 

       The more time he spent with Shen Huiming’s family, the more he loved Shen Huiming.

       A man who grew up in such a family atmosphere will always be kind and gentle in the deepest part of his heart.

       Halfway through drinking, the topic turned to Suo Yang’s parents.

       This time, Suo Yang didn’t evade the topic; he answered Shen Huiming’s mother’s questions before Shen Huiming could change the subject.

       “My parents still don’t know that I’m together with Huiming,” Suo Yang said, gripping his chopsticks a little harder, trying to speak in a more relaxed tone. “I came out to my family a few years ago, but it didn’t go well. I didn’t handle it properly, so we didn’t have contact for several years.”

       His words made everyone quiet for a few seconds, and it was Shen Huiming’s father who broke the silence first.

       He said, “It’s not easy for the parents to accept when they are suddenly told about this. It took me and Auntie a long time to process it.”

       Speaking of this, Shen Huiming actually felt uncomfortable. He knew that his parents had put in much more effort than he had when it came to dealing with this matter.

       He considered himself lucky to have parents like them. Whenever something happened, they never blamed their child first; instead, they reflected on themselves first.

       Even now, Shen Huiming remembered the day he came out to his parents. His mother was silent for a long time, and the first thing she said to him afterwards was, “I’m sorry, it’s been so long, and my mother didn’t notice it at all.”

       At that time, his mother had asked him if hiding the secret for so many years had been painful, if he had been sad, and if he had felt conflicted. Shen Huiming, who rarely cried, had held his mother and cried loudly that day.

       After that, he was liberated, but his parents had been caught in a difficult, sad, and conflicted situation. To avoid burdening their son, they even sought psychological counselling.

       Parents like them were truly irreplaceable and hard to come by.

       “You’ve all been through a lot, but it’s not easy for your parents too.” Shen Huiming’s father said, “Giving each other some time to cool down is good, but those emotional knots must be untangled sooner or later. Most importantly, don’t leave room for regrets.”

       Suo Yang understood what he meant and held back tears as he said, “Thank you, Uncle.”

       Shen Huiming’s mother took over and said, “Xiao Suo, if you want to come home, just come back with Huiming. Don’t hesitate to ask if there’s anything we can help with.”

       Suo Yang felt that he was unworthy to receive such tenderness.

       But because it was too rare and precious, he couldn’t refuse it.

       He thought, ‘Let me be selfish this once. I know I don’t deserve it, but I’ll accept all this kindness.’

       Once these topics were over, the atmosphere became light-hearted again.

       Shen Huiming’s parents shared stories about Shen Huiming’s childhood, and his mom even mentioned, “I once went to have Huiming’s fortune told to find out when he could get married. The fortune teller at the time told me in a roundabout way that he might not get married in this life. I was so angry back then, thinking the fortune teller was a scam artist. But not long after, maybe six months later, Huiming told me he liked men. Well, the fortune teller was right!”

       Suo Yang smiled and listened with delight.

       Shen Huiming said helplessly, “Mom, how come I didn’t know about this?”

       “Then can I let you know? There are many things you don’t know. What would happen if you knew them all?” Shen Huiming’s mom continued, “Later, I went to look for that fortune teller to apologize. After all, he had been quite accurate. But it turned out the fortune teller had retired and gone into seclusion in the mountains.”

       “It would have been nice to know about this earlier,” Shen Huiming joked, “He should have told me when I would strike gold in my business.”

       His words made everyone laugh.

       Because they didn’t plan to leave at night, Suo Yang and Shen Huiming accompanied their parents to drink openly. At the end of the night, Shen Huiming’s mother called a halt, urging everyone to go to wash up and go to bed.

       Shen Huiming’s parents went to wash up first, leaving the two young men behind to tidy up.

       Once everything was cleaned up, Shen Huiming said, “I still smell like hotpot.”

       “Go take a shower first.” Suo Yang said, “I’ll wait for you.”

       “No, let’s go together,” Shen Huiming teased with a smile.

       Suo Yangming knew it was a joke, but his ears were still red.

       It was not that the two of them hadn’t washed together, but after all, they were currently at Shen Huiming’s parents’ home, so they couldn’t be too bold.

       Seeing that he was embarrassed, Shen Huiming put his arm around his shoulder and smiled, “Just kidding, you go first. I’ll talk to my mother for a while.”

       Suo Yang nodded and went to take a shower.

       Shen Huiming, who smelled like hot pot, went to chat with his mother, and the topic naturally revolved around Suo Yang.

       Suo Yang came out soon after washing. When he saw those two people on the balcony, he hesitated whether to call Shen Huiming or not.

       Fortunately, Shen Huiming saw him before he made a sound.

       “Done showering?”

       Suo Yang nodded and then greeted Shen Huiming’s mother politely.

       “Alright, I’ll go wash up now,” Shen Huiming said as he walked over, giving Suo Yang’s shoulder a light pat, “Would you like to chat with my mom for a while?”

       “Me?” Suo Yang was a little surprised.

       “Yeah, go ahead.”

       Shen Huiming went into the bathroom, leaving Suo Yang and his mother in the living room.

       Suo Yang walked over and took a shawl from the sofa, offering it to Shen Huiming’s mom, “Auntie, it’s cold on the balcony.”

       Shen Huiming’s mom smiled and wrapped herself in the shawl, saying, “You’re such a considerate child.”

       Suo Yang couldn’t quite tell whether he was a considerate person or not. From a young age, he had worked hard to be an obedient and considerate child. However, on the day he left home, his mom’s final words to him were, “Why are you so inconsiderate?”

       “I chatted with Huiming just now.” Shen Huiming’s mother looked out of the window. In the middle of the night, the snow fell even harder. “He said that tomorrow is your birthday.”

       “Yes, the last day of the year.”

       “It’s your birthday, and you’re a year older.” Shen Huiming’s mother looked at him with a smile, “Auntie just found out about this, and I didn’t even have time to prepare a gift for you.”

       “Please, no need for the trouble. It’s already my honour to spend today with Huiming.”

       “You see, you won’t let me be troubled, but you’re still so polite when talking to me.” She smiled at Suo Yang. “Uncle and I were introduced by colleagues at work at that time. We met, got to know each other a bit, and then decided to start a relationship leading to marriage. Back then, we didn’t have a grand love story. It developed as we spent more time together. For a lasting relationship, there are many factors to consider. Your lives are probably more challenging than we can imagine, but Uncle and I both believe that your choices have been well thought out. Neither of you is the type to make impulsive decisions.”

       Suo Yang nodded, “Yes Auntie, we take our relationship seriously. We understand that matters of the heart are not to be taken lightly.”

       “Yes, I believe in both of you. In the future, if you face any difficulties or troubles in life or work, come and talk to us. This place is your home too.”

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Chapter 56

       In fairy tales, Cupid was known as the most mysterious symbol of love. This little god of love, who was naked and carried a bow and arrow, was fond of playing games with people blindfolded. Not to mention ordinary people, even the gods themselves couldn’t escape their mischievous pranks. When their golden arrow struck a person’s heart, love was illuminated from that moment on.

       Suo Yang had always felt that he seemed to be doing well. As long as he had time, he would accompany Shen Huiming to take care of the man who had been so busy lately that he hadn’t even had time to cut his hair.

       He learned how to make soup and learned to wait for someone to come home late at night.

       He began to adapt to the presence of another person in his life and put the other person in a very important position.

       He would not deliberately try to please him but would subconsciously hope that the other party would have an easier life.

       That was probably how loving someone was—always hoping that the other person was happy because of you.

       It was finding joy in the presence of oneself, not just for the sake of being happy alone.

       When Suo Yang and Shen Huiming were lying side by side on the bed, their fingers were hooked by each other. They swore like they did when they were children, but they didn’t know what they swore to each other.

       As New Year’s Eve approached, Shen Huiming took some time out of his busy schedule to plan this matter but suddenly remembered that he didn’t know whether Suo Yang would be available at that time.

       “Do you already know the New Year’s Eve flight arrangements?” Shen Huiming turned sideways and looked at Suo Yang who was lying flat there.

       Suo Yang turned to look at him, “Do we have arrangements?”

       “Even though we’re adults now, we should live a little more down-to-earth,” Shen Huiming smiled and said, “But after all, it’s the first New Year’s Eve we’ve spent together and also your first birthday since we got together.”

       Suo Yang’s birthday was the last day of the year, December 31st.

       He didn’t mention this to Shen Huiming, but the two of them never hid anything from each other, such information could be easily known.

       But Suo Yang was still very happy that Shen Huiming could keep it in mind.

       “Are you going to celebrate my birthday?” Suo Yang hardly ever celebrated his birthday properly.

       Since he was a child, the atmosphere in his family has always been very serious. Although the family members were not indifferent to each other, whether it was between his parents or between him and his parents, it had always felt more like respect than love. His parents showed mutual respect, and he had always looked up to and respected them. They wouldn’t make plans to travel together, wouldn’t celebrate each other’s birthdays, and even on New Year’s Eve, they would strictly follow the routine—watching the New Year’s Gala, eating dumplings, and turning off the lights to sleep after midnight.

       This also led to Suo Yang not even having the concept of celebrating birthdays before he went to college. The first time he celebrated a birthday decently was when he was a freshman, and several roommates in the same dormitory bought him a cake together.

       After work, every year on his birthday, the company would send various benefits to him, but Suo Yang still rarely celebrated. Firstly, he had no time, and secondly, he thought it was unnecessary.

       It wasn’t necessary before, but now it is.

       After starting their relationship, it seemed like every day was lived quite differently from before, and they began to look forward to every special day, whether it was a holiday or an anniversary.

       People in relationships always try to make every day intensely romantic, and holidays or anniversaries are even more of an excuse for them to be reasonably romantic.

       “Of course.” Shen Huiming said, “But everything depends on your arrangement. If you have flight arrangements, we’ll spend it on the plane. If not, we’ll follow my plan.”

       Suo Yang also turned to the side and rested his head on Shen Huiming’s chest.

       Winter had already arrived, and the heating was on at home, but the warmest place was still in Shen Huiming’s embrace.

       “Okay,” Suo Yang said, “Go arrange it, I will like everything you arrange.”


       Suo Yang originally had a flight scheduled for the 31st but switched shifts with a colleague to free up time.

       He started his break on the 30th, took a good sleep at home, and then in the evening, he made plans to meet up with Shen Huiming to have dinner with Shen Huiming’s parents.

       Since the last time they met, Shen Huiming’s parents had been thinking about inviting them home for a meal. Although they had a good meal outside, after all, it was a sudden encounter that day, and there were some things uncomfortable to be talked about outside.

       Being at their own home was so much better; they could relax, sit together like a family, enjoy hot pot, and have a drink, creating a warm and cosy atmosphere.

       Suo Yang went to get a haircut, specifically to meet Shen Huiming’s parents, and before setting off to find Shen Huiming, he stood in front of the mirror and changed into several outfits.

       He was not this nervous when he went out with Shen Huiming.

       Although Suo Yang always behaved with ease at work, he still felt a little at a loss when facing his lover’s parents or any elder who was important to Shen Huiming. It was because he knew very well that in such situations, he couldn’t rely on his work skills, and yet, he wasn’t sure how to interact with them without those familiar working skills routines.

       At 6:30 in the evening, Shen Huiming got off work on time.

       When he walked out of the office building, he found that it was snowing outside. He couldn’t recall if this was the first or how many snowfalls they’d had this winter, but it was the first time he and Suo Yang had walked together in the snow.

       “Why don’t you go up?” Shen Huiming walked towards the man standing on the side of the road.

       Suo Yang turned around and looked at him with a smile, “It’s snowing, and it’s quite pretty outside.”

       Because he wanted to drink at night, Suo Yang didn’t drive over, and Shen Huiming’s car simply parked in the parking lot downstairs of the company. He took a taxi directly to have dinner with his parents.

       It was snowing, and the roads were slippery, and it was the evening rush hour. They were stuck in traffic jams for a long time. Originally, they could get there in about 40 minutes, but it turned out that they drove for almost an hour and a half.

       During this time, Shen Huiming’s mother called, thinking that the two of them might have been too busy and forgotten about their dinner plans.

       “Who could forget when there’s good food involved?” Shen Huiming said. “It’s been a while since the two of us had hot pot.”

       Shen Huiming’s mother was happy to hear that and told them to stay safe and not to rush.

       It was useless to be anxious about the traffic jam. Fortunately, they managed to arrive before eight o’clock.

       The two stepped on the snow and walked into the neighbourhood, leaving two strings of footprints side by side on the soft snow.

       It wasn’t very cold on the snowy day, but the snow was falling heavily. They hadn’t walked far before they were covered in snow on their heads and shoulders.

       After entering the corridor, Shen Huiming raised his hand to help Suo Yang sweep the snow off his body, Suo Yang said, “Huiming, I’m still a little nervous.”

       Shen Huiming looked up at him, smiled, and then went to hug him and kiss him.

       “Now? Are you still nervous?”

       Suo Yang smiled softly, “I’m even more nervous.”

       The two stood in the corridor looking at each other like two silly boys looking at each other and smiling.

       “Let me tell you something; after I tell you, you might not be so nervous,” Shen Huiming said. “Last time, after my parents met you, they called me and talked about it.”

       Suo Yang was a little surprised, “Huh?”

       Shen Huiming originally wanted to tell Suo Yang about the phone call, and he even thought of how to complain about his parents because it was too funny.

       However, Suo Yang had gone out for work at that time, and when he returned, it was already two days later. Shen Huiming had completely forgotten about it.

       “What did Auntie say?” Suo Yang’s heart was in his throat.

       “She asked me how she had behaved.” Shen Huiming tried not to laugh. He found that his parents and his lover were very funny. Everyone wanted to make a good impression on each other, but they were all nervous and jumpy.

       Suo Yang was a little surprised.

       “I forgot to tell you before, my mother is the head nurse of the hospital. Although it’s embarrassing to praise her so much like this as a son, she is indeed the kind of outstanding female representative who is very capable of working and getting along with others.” Shen Huiming smiled, “But don’t be fooled by how confident she seems on the outside; deep down, she’s still a shy girl.”

       Suo Yang smiled, “Auntie is very cute.”

       “Yes, she is very cute, but also very fragile and sensitive,” Shen Huiming couldn’t help laughing, “I have been single for so many years. My mother thinks that it must be because there are too few homosexuals, so it’s not easy to find a partner, and she hopes that I can have a stable partner, but as you know, my parents are both looking forward to and worried about it.”

       Suo Yang nodded.

       “So when they saw you, my parents were actually relieved and felt that you had completely exceeded their expectations.”

       With that being said, Suo Yang was a little embarrassed. He felt that he was really not that good.

       If there was anything to praise about him as Shen Huiming’s partner, the only thing was that he genuinely loved Shen Huiming.

       “On the day we met, my parents were quite cautious around you too. They were afraid that they might not make a good impression and scare you away.”

       Shen Huiming couldn’t help it anymore and laughed, “Why are you both so nervous? You won’t be scared away, and they won’t dislike you.”

       After Shen Huiming finished speaking, he took Suo Yang’s hand, “Let’s go. When we meet them later, be affectionate, you can call them ‘Mom and Dad’ too.”

       Suo Yang was led into the elevator by Shen Huiming. He looked at him and then clasped his fingers tightly.

       Suo Yang had always been unsure how to define his own life. All labels are nothing more than ordinary, commonplace, and unremarkable in the end.

       But since he met Shen Huiming, he found that he finally understood that he was favoured by fate.

       When one encounters such a partner and such a family, what more could one wish for in a spouse?

       They rang the doorbell, and Shen Huiming’s father came to open the door.

       Suo Yang opened his mouth and hesitated for a while. In the end, he didn’t have the nerve to really call him ‘Dad’.

       “Hello, Uncle.” Suo Yang handed over the wine in his hand, “Huiming said you like to drink this.”

       Shen Huiming’s mother heard the sound and ran over from the dining room with an apron still on her body.

       Unlike the last time they met, this time Shen Huiming’s parents were dressed comfortably at home, and the whole atmosphere was very relaxing.

       “Come in,” Shen Huiming’s mother beckoned them to enter the door, “Is it cold outside?”

       She stood there, reaching out to take the coats that the two children had just removed.

       “I’ll take it, I’ll take it.” Shen Huiming didn’t let his mother take it. He hugged his and Suo Yang’s coats and hung them on the hanger at the door.

       “It’s not cold,” Shen Huiming said, “but it’s snowing heavily; I think it will get colder tomorrow,” Shen Huiming suggested.”

       Suo Yang followed Shen Huiming into the house. The heating here seemed to be better than the one where they lived, and the house was extremely warm.

       “Just now, your dad was saying that since you arrived late, you shouldn’t leave tonight. Stay the night and go back tomorrow during the day,” Shen Huiming’s mother asked Suo Yang, “Xiao Suo, do you have to work tomorrow?”

       Suo Yang answered diligently, “I’m off for the next few days.”

       Shen Huiming took his hand and sat down on the sofa. Each of them held a glass of warm water and took a few sips.

       Shen Huiming’s father went to the kitchen and took all the prepared dishes to the dining room.

       Suo Yang wanted to help but was stopped by Shen Huiming’s mother.

       “You guys take a rest, warm up a bit, and we’ll get dinner ready.” She got up and walked to the dining room, “It’s warm inside the house. Sweaters are too much. I’ve put two sets of pyjamas in Huiming’s room for you. After you finish your drinks, you can go change into them.”

       She went to work in the dining room, leaving the two children drinking water in the living room.

       Shen Huiming asked in a low voice, “How is it? Do you want to stay?”

       Suo Yang looked at him with a smile, “Yeah, I have no problem with that.”

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Chapter 55

      People, in their lives, all had things they dared not face. Even someone like Suo Yang, who seemed like nothing could make him bend, inevitably also had his own vulnerabilities.

       Shen Huiming gently embraced him and patted his back lightly.

       Suo Yang said, “It’s okay, it’s been so long, I’m used to it.”

       How could one ever get used to it?

       This would always be a knot in life that couldn’t be untied.

       Shen Huiming wanted to do something for him.

       “Alright,” Suo Yang smiled, “Let’s go in and watch a movie.”

       He broke free from Shen Huiming’s embrace and helped the other party straighten his shirt, “One day all problems will be solved. I’m not in a hurry.”

       “Okay.” Shen Huiming gave his shoulder a comforting squeeze, “No rush.”

       The two of them watched the movie. This time, Shen Huiming chose the movie himself and found a masterpiece that he had been watching repeatedly for years.

       Suo Yang had actually seen this movie, but it was when he was very young, probably around seven or eight years old. At that time, he was standing in the living room at home, standing in front of the TV, watching this film broadcast on the movie channel.

       His memory of this movie had become hazy, and he only remembered that the male lead seemed to have scissor-like hands. The only scene he recalled was the male lead standing in the snow, looking back at the female lead.

       At that time, he, who didn’t understand love, only felt that these hands were a little scary.

       Years later, he re-watched this movie with his lover. Although at the beginning, he couldn’t calm down to watch due to lingering melancholy, he gradually got drawn into that virtual world.

       It was only now that he realised that the ‘snow’ he remembered from his childhood was not real snow at all.

       He didn’t know if he hadn’t understood it back then or if his memories had been altered over the years.

       When that line was spoken in the movie—This city can’t see snow, so I’ll make it snow for you. Each snowflake that falls is saying, I love you.

       He sighed and leaned on Shen Huiming’s shoulder.

       Suo Yang didn’t know if he was too greedy. He wanted both snow and rain, desiring both love and the restoration of his family relationship.

       At the end of the movie, Suo Yang said, “You forgot one thing.”

       Shen Huiming turned to look at him, “Huh? What?”

       Suo Yang smiled, “You forgot to kiss me forcefully.”

       The two of them smiled at each other, and all of Suo Yang’s sorrows dissipated in Shen Huiming’s kiss.

       A lover’s kiss was the herb of forgetfulness, the remedy for all sorrows and the antidote to all ailments.


       After the National Day holiday, Shen Huiming became busier than before.

       The last two months of the year were filled with wrapping up projects and planning for the next year’s work.

       Project evaluations and new project bids, as the boss, he had to personally review everything. It was manageable when Suo Yang was around; no matter how late it was, Shen Huiming would go to see him, or Suo Yang would come to the office to keep him company during overtime. However, when Suo Yang wasn’t there, Shen Huiming wished he could simply live at the office.

       Originally, the two were discussing to find an opportunity to have dinner with Shen Huiming’s parents, but due to his busy schedule, the chance never came.

       And so, the two people who had met in early autumn walked hand in hand into the city’s first snowfall. 

       Suo Yang had just got off the plane that day when he heard his colleague say, “It’s snowing.”

       He was still wearing his uniform, standing in the airport lobby, and turned his head to look out the window.

       Almost at the same time, he received a message from Shen Huiming: Have you landed? I’m here to pick you up.

       It had been a while since Shen Huiming had come to pick Suo Yang up and take him home, not that he didn’t want to, but he really didn’t have the time.

       Suo Yang also didn’t want him to come over all the time for no other reason than fearing he’d be too tired. Suo Yang figured that during the time Shen Huiming spent driving, he might as well lie down and get some rest.

       But it was undeniable that Suo Yang was very happy when Shen Huiming came.

       He called directly, “I’m out.”

       “The old place is waiting for you.” Shen Huiming said with a smile, “Do you still remember where the ‘old place’ is?”

       Suo Yang laughed, “Of course I remember. Wait for me, I’ll be right there.”

       Suo Yang swiftly carried his suitcase and hurried to meet Shen Huiming. As he approached the other party, he felt as if his steps had become light, as if love were a cloud carrying him through the bustling streets.

       The ‘old place’ Shen Huiming mentioned was the coffee shop where he had first waited for Suo Yang when picking him up.

       Because of its remote location, this store was always sparsely populated.

       Shen Huiming sat near the door, just like the last time he had waited for Suo Yang, with his book ‘On Love’. This time, however, he had his ‘love’ with him.

       Suo Yang hurried over and spotted Shen Huiming from a distance.

       He enjoyed weaving through the crowd to observe Suo Yang, relishing the feeling that ‘the only special person in the crowd is my lover’.

       He walked over and stood beside Shen Huiming with a smile.

       “Mr. Shen, good evening.” Suo Yang said with a smile in his eyes, “Do you need something to eat?”

       Shen Huiming held back a smile and looked at him, “What do you think?”

       They locked eyes, engaging in a playful exchange of glances.

       “Can we clock out now?” Shen Huiming stood up.

       “Sure, unless you are still reluctant to part with this place.”

       “A little bit, actually.” Shen Huiming followed Suo Yang out, “After all, this place can be regarded as one of our dating places.”

       They had quite a few romantic spots—on the plane, at the coffee shop, and even in a small church in Berlin.

       Like small streams merging into the sea, their bits and pieces of affection were scattered everywhere they passed together and finally converged into this intense and lasting love.

       “I brought you a gift today.” Before today, the two hadn’t seen each other for more than a week.

       Shen Huiming had been busy, and Suo Yang had swapped shifts with a colleague, which had resulted in them not having a chance to meet for over a week.

       For over a week, when they were busy, it seemed manageable as there was no time or energy to think about each other. However, once they had some rest, they couldn’t stop thinking about one another.

       Is Suo Yang on the plane?

       Has Suo Yang eaten yet?

       What time is it over where Suo Yang is?

       Does Suo Yang miss me?

       Shen Huiming felt that he might have been bewitched by Suo Yang, as he couldn’t help but think of him whenever he had a moment to spare.

       Since being together with Suo Yang, Shen Huiming’s phone has accumulated time zones from many different countries. Those who didn’t know it would think that he had a lover in every country.

       Previously, Suo Yang had come by car, and the car was parked in the parking lot specially prepared for their internal personnel.

       Now that Shen Huiming came, he didn’t bother with the car and just followed him.

       Shen Huiming had mentioned bringing a gift earlier, but he had yet to take it out. Suo Yang didn’t inquire further, and he didn’t even ask Shen Huiming where they were headed. He placed his full trust in Shen Huiming, leaning against the passenger seat and eventually drifting off to sleep.

       When Suo Yang woke up, the car had already stopped, and he realised they were parked outside Shen Huiming’s home.

       “Are you awake now?” Shen Huiming looked at him with a smile.

       “Yeah.” Suo Yang was a bit tired, having flown back for more than ten hours, he desperately needed to catch up on his sleep.

       “In that case, go home and get some sleep first. You can eat when you wake up,” Shen Huiming helped him unbuckle his seatbelt and gave him a kiss. “Get out of the car; I have a gift for you.”

       Only then did Suo Yang remember that Shen Huiming had mentioned gifts before.

       What kind of gift required him to get out of the car to receive it?

       He got out of the car in a daze and then watched Shen Huiming take his suitcase from the trunk and lead him upstairs.

       So, the gift was upstairs?

       The two entered Shen Huiming’s house. Shen Huiming put the suitcase against the wall and said to him, “Are you ready to receive my gift?”

       Suo Yang turned to look at him.

       Shen Huiming gave his ear a kiss and said, “Stay right here, don’t move, and wait for me.”

       After Shen Huiming finished his explanation, he entered the house.

       The house was dark without the lights on, except for the moonlight coming in from the big window on the other side of the living room.

       Suo Yang was obedient and stood still, waiting for Shen Huiming’s gift.

       Soon, Shen Huiming came out, pushing a small cart with a huge bunch of roses on it, surrounded by red candles.

       Suo Yang froze in surprise. This kind of plot probably only appears in idol dramas. Where did Shen Huiming learn this from?

       “The last time I went to your house, I bought you 21 roses.” Shen Huiming said, “It’s not that I’m stingy, it’s just that they didn’t have enough roses at the flower shop to make up the number I wanted. They say 21 roses represent sincere love, so I reluctantly settled for a small bouquet.”

       Suo Yang stood there, looking at him with a smile.

       “How many flowers are there this time?” Suo Yang asked with a smile.

       “101 flowers.” Shen Huiming said, “It might be cliché, but 101 roses represent that you are the one I love the most.”


       Yes, it was pretty cliché.

       But for them, this kind of cliché was romantic and heartwarming.

       Suo Yang walked over and initiated a kiss, wrapping his arms around Shen Huiming’s neck. 

       “What made you decide to give me roses again?”

       “I knew you wouldn’t remember.” Shen Huiming said, “We have been together for 100 days.”

       100 days.

       A little over three months.

       Time seemed to pass both quickly and slowly for them.

       The first meeting between the two seemed like it had just happened, yet Suo Yang couldn’t wait to spend the rest of his life with Shen Huiming.

       “I’m not very good at preparing surprises,” Shen Huiming said. “While I was planning this, I realized I still know so little about you, I don’t even know what you like.”

       He put his arms around Suo Yang’s waist, “I should reflect on that.”

       His words made Suo Yang’s heart sour and swell. Who could really have a complete grasp of another person’s preferences? Shen Huiming was already meticulous enough.

       Rather than knowing every preference, having this kind of care was already quite rare.

       Suo Yang said, “You do know my favourite thing.”

       “I know?” Shen Huiming furrowed his brow, trying to recall seriously.

       Suo Yang laughed, raising his hand to unbutton his shirt, “It’s you, silly.”

       His ‘silly’ was teasing and somewhat flirtatious, which made Shen Huiming no longer in the mood to be romantic.

       His handsome flight attendant was still wearing his uniform at this time, standing there looking at him with eyes filled with affection.

       “Suo Yang…” Shen Huiming took a deep breath and firmly grasped the hand that was unbuttoning his shirt.

       Suo Yang looked up, thinking he might not want this.

       Unexpectedly, Shen Huiming held onto his hand, turned to blow out the candles, and then suddenly lifted Suo Yang, carrying him into the bedroom.

       Lovemaking was not the only expression of love, but it was indeed one of the ways to express love.

       Perhaps it was because they hadn’t seen each other for over a week, or perhaps it was because Suo Yang was touched by Shen Huiming’s romantic gesture the moment he arrived. Suo Yang, for once, took the initiative and led the way for this night.

       That included undressing Shen Huiming.

       That included making the sound of Shen Huiming’s breath.

       And it included Shen Huiming himself.

       He kissed his partner and then said, “Thank you.”

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Chapter 54

       Suo Yang encountered his lover’s parents completely unprepared, making it impossible for him to remain calm.

       But no matter how turbulent his heart was, he had to remain composed outside.

       Suo Yang followed Shen Huiming into his father’s car, and as soon as he got in, he obediently greeted, “Hello, Uncle.”

       Shen Huiming’s father smiled back, nodded to him, and asked, “Huiming’s friend, right?”

       Shen Huiming’s mother answered the question, “Suo Yang! Huiming mentioned it!”

       Her voice was very low, and she even patted Shen Huiming’s father as she spoke.

       The two looked at each other as if they were exchanging secret signs. Shen Huiming’s father said ‘Oh’ as if he had suddenly realised and then looked back at Suo Yang, who was sitting perfectly straight.

       Suo Yang smiled sincerely and said, “Hello.”

       Shen Huiming sat aside, holding back a smile as he watched the two.

       “Ah, hello, hello.” Shen Huiming’s father said. Having seen enough, he turned back to start the car.

       “Mom, where are we going to eat?”

       “Your Uncle Xu’s Japanese restaurant has opened a branch again, so we’re going there to try it.” Shen Huiming’s mother turned to look at Suo Yang and asked softly, “Xiao Suo, do you like Japanese food?”

       “Yes,” Suo Yang originally thought that he would just sit quietly and accompany them, but he was suddenly called upon. He quickly gathered himself and answered, “I quite like Japanese food.”

       Shen Huiming could tell that both of them were nervous as they chatted.

       After his mother turned back, Shen Huiming gently squeezed Suo Yang’s thigh, leaned into his ear and whispered, “Relax, they like you very much.”

       That being said, it was really difficult for Suo Yang to relax.

       At this time, even someone with strong mental resilience would find it hard to relax.

       However, what Suo Yang knew best was ‘getting along with people’. He was a flight attendant, so he knew how to satisfy the other party.

       On the way to the restaurant, Shen Huiming chatted with his parents, and occasionally, the conversation would turn to Suo Yang. Each time, Suo Yang responded very gracefully. He didn’t talk much but performed well.

       Shen Huiming hoped that he could relax, but he also understood.

       If he was the one who met Suo Yang’s parents by chance today, his performance might not be comparable to Suo Yang’s.

       When the four of them arrived at the restaurant, a friend of Shen Huiming’s parents specially reserved a private room for them. As soon as they entered, they were taken upstairs by the waiter.

       Upstairs, they met ‘Uncle Xu’.

       Shen Huiming’s family greeted Uncle Xu politely, and the other party glanced at Suo Yang. Shen Huiming’s father said, “My son’s good friend, we happened to meet, so we came together.”

       Suo Yang smiled obediently and also greeted Uncle Xu.

       When they were walking towards the private room, Shen Huiming’s father came over to explain to Suo Yang, “Xiao Suo, please don’t mind it.”

       He didn’t say clearly, but Suo Yang knew what he meant.

       “Uncle, why would I mind?” Suo Yang said, “We’re already very happy that you and Auntie understand.”

       Shen Huiming’s father patted Suo Yang on the back and didn’t say much.

       Suo Yang could actually sense that Shen Huiming’s parents were being cautious with him as well.

       Perhaps it was because they didn’t know how to interact with their child’s gay partner, much like he didn’t know how to interact with his lover’s parents.

       In this aspect, they were all beginners and had to learn slowly.

       But he could feel that Shen Huiming’s parents were gentle people. They took care of Suo Yang’s emotions during the conversation and actively introduced him to others, even if it was just as ‘their son’s good friend’, and that was enough for him.

       Suo Yang didn’t expect more because he already got a lot.

       Four people entered the private room and sat down in pairs.

       When ordering food, Shen Huiming’s mother began to tentatively ask Suo Yang some questions that she was concerned about.

       “I heard from Huiming that you’re a flight attendant!” Shen Huiming’s mother picked up the small teapot, and Suo Yang hurriedly took it and poured water for her and Shen Huiming’s father first, “Isn’t it very busy and tiring?”

       “It’s manageable,” Suo Yang poured water for them, then for Shen Huiming, before finally picking up his own teacup, “When you’re doing a job you love, it doesn’t feel tiring at all.”

       Shen Huiming’s mother smiled, “Huiming also said the same thing two years ago, but it’s true, young people like you should work hard and experience some hardships. If you don’t go through challenges while you’re young, you won’t learn about life.”

       “Mom, why are you giving people a lecture again?” Shen Huiming laughed and complained to his mother, “I remember you’re not a teacher either, so you really got into the wrong profession in the first place.”

       Shen Huiming’s mother gave him a playful look, “I’m chatting with Xiao Suo here, don’t interrupt!”

       Shen Huiming nodded helplessly, sat there obediently drinking water, and waited for the food to be served.

       “Between you and Huiming, who is older?”

       “Huiming is three years older than me,” Suo Yang said, “I am twenty-seven this year.”

       “Very good, you two are close in age. You both are past the time of being impulsive and reckless.”

       As a parent, they would still worry about their children no matter what. They feared that their children would fall in love on the spur of the moment, and when they broke up, they would have a bad time.

       Of course, the best outcome was not to break up, but until the story reached its conclusion, who could guarantee anything?

       “Xiao Suo, are your family from around here?”

       “Mom, are you checking his family background?” Shen Huiming interrupted again with a smile.

       “Oh dear, I’m just showing concern!” Shen Huiming’s mother turned to Suo Yang and said, “Xiao Suo, don’t be annoyed by Auntie. After all, this is the first time we have met. Huiming mentioned you before, but he didn’t say much. Since we coincidentally met today, I thought I’d ask a few more questions.”

       Suo Yang could understand, as a parent, they must be concerned.

       He pinched Shen Huiming’s leg, implying that the other party that he was okay.

       “My family is from the same province, but not from this city,” Suo Yang said, “I came here to study at the University of Foreign Languages, and I stayed here after graduation.”

       “Oh, that’s nice,” Shen Huiming’s mother said. “Living and working here on your own must not be easy.”

       Suo Yang smiled, “It’s okay.”

       Shen Huiming’s parents liked Suo Yang very much. After all, he was good-looking and behaved in an educated manner.

       When parents assessed the partners their children brought home, they typically considered factors such as qualifications and character. Suo Yang had many favourable attributes–good looks, a solid educational background, a good job, and excellent manners. It could be said that there was hardly anything to criticize.

       Shen Huiming’s parents were very satisfied. During the meal, Shen Huiming’s father suddenly asked, “Xiao Suo, how do your parents feel about all this?”

       Suo Yang’s hand holding the chopsticks suddenly paused. The two parents on the opposite side didn’t notice this subtle movement, but Shen Huiming did.

       “Oh my, you really are doing a background check, huh?” Shen Huiming took over the conversation calmly, “Speaking of which, today is your wedding anniversary. Shouldn’t we have a toast?”

       “You can drink,” Shen Huiming’s father’s conversation was hijacked by his son, “but I have to drive today, so your mom is in charge of drinking.”

       Suo Yang looked at Shen Huiming with a smile, “I’ll be the designated driver on the way back today. You can enjoy a few drinks with your mom.”

       Upon hearing this, Shen Huiming’s mood improved significantly. He didn’t hesitate to put his arm around Suo Yang’s shoulder and called over a server to order two bottles of wine.

       As they started drinking, the atmosphere changed immediately

       The conversation became more relaxed, and Shen Huiming skillfully took over all the questions Suo Yang wasn’t sure how to answer.

       After the meal, Shen Huiming’s parents seemed to have accepted Suo Yang. When they parted ways, Shen Huiming’s mother even suggested they come home for dinner another day.

       Suo Yang was very moved and grateful. He helped Shen Huiming’s mother into the car, making sure she was comfortably seated in the front passenger seat.

       With the parents gone, it was just the two of them left.

       The sky had grown dark, and Shen Huiming watched the car’s taillights as he let out a long sigh of relief.

       “Are you exhausted today?” Shen Huiming squeezed Suo Yang’s hand gently.

       “Uncle and Auntie are really nice,” Suo Yang replied. “I get a bit nervous when I’m with them, but I’m genuinely happy.”

       Shen Huiming still remembered Suo Yang’s reaction from earlier. He turned around and looked at the other party, torn between wanting to ask and not wanting to touch on Suo Yang’s sensitive spot.

       It was a sensitive topic for Suo Yang; he could tell.

       “Let’s go, we can still make it to the movies,” Shen Huiming said. “When we get to the cinema, I’ll use the alcohol as an excuse to give you a passionate kiss.”

       Suo Yang looked at him and smiled, raising her hand to straighten his hair, “It’s not like you’re not allowed to kiss. Why do you need to force a kiss?”

       “Just for some excitement,” Shen Huiming stretched lazily. “Let’s go.”

       The two of them took a taxi to a private cinema. In the car, Shen Huiming held Suo Yang’s hand the whole time, but he never asked the question he wanted to ask.

       As they exited the car and walked towards the cinema, Suo Yang suddenly grabbed Shen Huiming and said, “I haven’t gone back to see my parents for several years.”

       Shen Huiming slowed his pace and turned to look at Suo Yang.

       “In my second year of work, during the Chinese New Year, they wanted to introduce me to a girl,” Suo Yang said. “I refused and decided to come out to them.”

       On the side of the road at night, street lights watched them, pedestrians passed by them, and the evening wind lingered around them, trying to eavesdrop on their conversation.

       Suo Yang said, “It was quite an unpleasant scene then. I returned here overnight and spent New Year’s Eve on the train.”

       Shen Huiming frowned slightly.

       “At that time, I felt miserable and couldn’t understand why my parents, who had loved me for so many years, stopped loving me just because I’m gay.” Suo Yang breathed a long sigh of relief, “Now I can actually understand them. If I had been more careful with my words and considered their feelings when I came out to them, maybe things wouldn’t have turned out so badly.”

       Shen Huiming suddenly didn’t know how he should comfort the lovers in front of him. He could only hold each other’s hands despite the eyes of passers-by.

       “Later, I tried to reach out to them. Maybe they were still angry. They said they didn’t want to see me anymore and that we have nothing to do with each other anymore.” Suo Yang said, “Although I know this may not be what they truly feel, all these years, I’ve been too afraid to go back, fearing that if I did, I would find out that they really do think that way.”

       Suo Yang lowered his head, looked at Shen Huiming, who was holding his hand, and said, “I was really happy when I had dinner with Uncle and Auntie today. If possible, I would also like to introduce my lover to my parents.”

       “Suo Yang,” Shen Huiming pulled him into his arms, and the two big men hugged each other on the side of the road like that, “Take your time, don’t rush… In fact, they might be waiting for you too.”

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Chapter 53

       It was a good thing for everyone in the workplace to have a handsome guy in a dull and monotonous work environment to feast one’s eyes upon and alleviate the tension and fatigue.

       Shen Huiming, the boss, was no exception.

       However, Suo Yang was the only one who could make him find solace in this regard and achieve a state of relaxation.

       “What would you like to drink?” Shen Huiming asked.

       The assistant, aware of Suo Yang’s presence, rushed over from the office and inquired whether he wanted coffee or tea.

       Shen Huiming waved his hand, “I can do it myself.”

       Visitors were always taken care of by the assistants. However, Suo Yang was not a guest and thus would be taken care of by the boss himself.

       Suo Yang smiled, “A glass of water will do.”

       Shen Huiming brought him a glass of water and placed it on the table. He said, “I have a document here, with just one final section left to review. Once we’re done with that, we can have lunch.”

       “Okay, no rush.” Suo Yang liked to watch Shen Huiming work. When this person sat seriously and attentively in front of his computer, he looked incredibly sexy.

       Suo Yang sat there sipping his water, enjoying the cool breeze flowing in through the open window, leisurely admiring the way Mr. Shen diligently worked.

       Shen Huiming actually understood that Suo Yang was reluctant to come to his company, mainly because he was worried about affecting his work. But Shen Huiming was a very dedicated person when it came to work. If there was any effect, it was likely that because Su Yang was waiting for him, his efficiency increased.

       After Suo Yang drank a glass of water, Shen Huiming also finished the work at hand. One tidied up the coffee table, the other tidied up the desk and walked out of the office side by side.

       When they left, it wasn’t Shen Huiming’s company closing time yet, which made Suo Yang a little embarrassed.

       “I feel like I’m the kind of bad student who leads their classmates to skip classes.”

       Hearing this, Shen Huiming couldn’t help but laugh as he looked at him.

       “That means this bad student has charm.” Shen Huiming raised his hand and looked at his watch, “The time is just right. We can go to a movie after dinner.”

       Shen Huiming had been harbouring a bit of a grudge about the movie-watching part. Before the ‘24-hour date’ between the two, they ended up watching a rather absurd domestic horror movie due to his mishap. Although that movie might not be considered a failed date, it always felt like a thorn in his heart.

       He had to show his movie taste in front of Suo Yang. For this, Shen Huiming checked the nearby private theatres, and there would be no mistakes this time.

       However, plans rarely went as expected. Just as they were about to leave the building, they unexpectedly ran into two people Suo Yang never thought he’d encounter.

       At that time, Shen Huiming and Suo Yang walked out side by side, discussing going to a nearby restaurant for dinner instead of driving and just strolling over.

       After they left the office building gate, Shen Huiming let out an “Ah” just as a car stopped by the side of the road.

       Suo Yang looked at him, thinking that there should be someone Shen Huiming knew in that car.

       He was worried for a moment, thinking that the dinner between the two of them might be changed to a working meal in the office again.

       But he didn’t expect that after the car stopped, Shen Huiming looked at the car with a smile, patted Suo Yang lightly and said, “My parents.”

       This sentence made Suo Yang’s nerves tense up.

       The two of them had not been together for very long, and Suo Yang still had no knowledge about Shen Huiming’s family situation or his family’s attitude toward Shen Huiming’s sexual orientation.

       It suddenly dawned on him that he had been a bit careless and should have talked to Shen Huiming about this earlier.

       He looked nervously at Shen Huiming, but the other party seemed relaxed, walked towards the side of the road, and the people in the car also got off.

       The one who got out of the passenger seat was a very elegant aunt, wearing a simple but stylish dress with her hair tied behind her head. She smiled warmly when she saw Shen Huiming.

       “Mom, what brings you here?” Shen Huiming hadn’t been home for a while. He was busy, and his parents were occupied as well. They’d exchange greetings with each other over a phone call every two or three days, not wanting to burden each other.

       “Your dad and I came out for dinner on our wedding anniversary today, and we happened to pass by your place to see if you were there.” Shen Huiming’s mother held his son’s hand, “Have you lost weight again?”

       “It’s alright. Maybe I’ve gained some muscle, so I look leaner,” Shen Huiming replied. He turned to introduce Suo Yang. “This is my friend, Suo Yang.”

       Upon hearing Suo Yang’s name, Shen Huiming’s mother paused for a moment, then suddenly recalled, “Oh, Suo Yang, right? I’ve heard Huiming mention you before.”

       Suo Yang showed his professional smile again and greeted Shen Huiming’s mother politely.

       “What were you two planning to do?” Shen Huiming’s mother asked. “How about joining us for dinner?”

       Suo Yang’s heart was almost in his throat, and he stood beside Shen Huiming, not daring to give any reaction.

       Shen Huiming raised his hand, rubbed his nose thoughtfully, and said to his mother, “We’ll discuss it for a moment.”

       “Okay, you guys discuss it slowly, I just happened to go to the supermarket opposite to buy a lighter for your dad.” Shen Huiming’s mother smiled and glanced at Suo Yang. After closing the car door, she went around to the other side and whispered something to her husband.

       Suo Yang followed Shen Huiming to the side and licked his lips a little uneasy.

       “Nervous?” Shen Huiming looked at him with a smile.

       “A little bit.” Suo Yang did not lie.

       “I came out to my parents the year I graduated from college,” Shen Huiming confessed. “My parents are very open-minded. They didn’t give me a hard time about it and even sought counselling themselves to enlighten them.”

       Suo Yang listened and looked at Shen Huiming with a hint of envy.

       “I haven’t been in a relationship for years, so I guess they’ve subconsciously forgotten about it,” Shen Huiming said. “But I did mention you to my parents when we first got together.”

       “You told them?”

       “I did. These things need to be discussed with family. We’re not kids anymore, and if I want to spend my life with you, my family needs to know,” Shen Huiming explained. “I was worried you might feel pressured, so I didn’t bring it up with you earlier.”

       Suo Yang gazed at Shen Huiming, unable to express the emotions stirring within him.

       A responsible lover is probably really a gift of fate.

       “I was planning to find an opportunity for you to meet them sometime down the road, but today, it just happened unexpectedly. If you feel uncomfortable, we can arrange to meet another time,” Shen Huiming suggested. “My parents aren’t the type to nitpick about these things. They simply want to know who their son is with, and they definitely won’t make things difficult for you.”

       Suo Yang smiled and couldn’t help but say to him, “Huiming, why are you so nice?”

       He wasn’t seeking an answer; he just wanted to express how lucky and grateful he felt.

       Not only was Shen Huiming good, but even his family was also exceptional.

       Suo Yang suddenly understood why some people say you can tell what kind of parents someone has by looking at the child. The influence of family is very important to a person. Parents who could raise a man like Shen Huiming must also be kind, gentle, knowledgeable, and rational individuals.

       “Why did you suddenly praise me again?” Shen Huiming looked at him with a smile, “But since you praised me, then I will accept the praise.”

       Suo Yang was genuinely touched, but he was the type of person who felt a bit awkward expressing sentimental or thankful words.

       “Let’s go together,” Suo Yang said, “I also hope Uncle and Auntie can feel relieved to let you be with me when they see me.”

       He took a deep breath and then asked Shen Huiming, “Do I look handsome right now? Is my hair messy? Is my shirt wrinkled?”

       Shen Huiming laughed, “Don’t worry, you look extremely handsome. You’re the kind of charming young man my mom likes the most, the one she’d like to take home and introduce to her son.”

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Chapter 52

       Suo Yang’s soup was steaming in the pot when the doorbell rang.

       He turned down the heat, turned and ran out of the kitchen.

       Suo Yang went to open the door for Shen Huiming and was hugged as soon as the door opened.

       Shen Huiming lazily put his weight on Suo Yang, sighed and said, “Finally, I’m off work.”

       Suo Yang smiled and patted him on the back lightly, “Let me close the door.”

       Shen Huiming straightened up and turned to help him close the door.

       He changed his shoes and went inside.

       Shen Huiming said, “I’m really exhausted today.”

       “Haven’t you had dinner tonight?” Suo Yang went into the room and brought out a pair of pyjamas for him, which was a clear sign that she was leaving him to stay here for the night.

       Shen Huiming was of course happy. He took the pyjamas and directly changed into them in the living room.

       “What are you doing? It smells so good.”

       Suo Yang fetched him a glass of water and put it on the coffee table, “Sea bass fish soup, I heard that it is good for the stomach, but I don’t know if it’s true.”

       Shen Huiming quickly changed into his pyjamas, took a sip of water, and followed him into the kitchen.

       “It smells so good.” He hugged Suo Yang from behind and rested his chin on his shoulder, “Coming back late at night to a warm soup, what more could one ask for?”

       Suo Yang smiled, lifted the lid, and took a small mouthful with a spoon.

       “Want to try it?”

       “Yes.” Shen Huiming leaned over, blew on it, and drank it sizzlingly.

       “It’s over.” Shen Huiming let out a ‘tsk’.

       His reaction made Suo Yang a little nervous, “Why? Doesn’t taste good?”

       “No,” Shen Huiming said, “I showed off my culinary skills in front of you before, and I felt like a fool trying to impress a master.”

       Suo Yang heaved a sigh of relief, “You scared me.”

       He turned around and scooped up a spoonful to taste too.

       “Not bad.” Suo Yang muttered to himself softly.

       After turning off the heat, Suo Yang said to Shen Huiming, “There is a soup bowl in the cabinet at the back. Please help me get it.”

       Shen Huiming obediently followed orders, allowing the other party to command.

       “Actually, I don’t know how to do this.” Suo Yang poured out the soup and pointed to the mobile phone on the microwave, “I just look at the recipe and follow it step by step.”

       “Then you are very talented.” Shen Huiming followed Suo Yang to take out the soup, “You did it so well the first time. I’m afraid the restaurant chefs will be out of a job in the future.”

       Suo Yang turned back and laughed at him, “You don’t have to praise me like that.”

       “It’s from the bottom of my heart, I can’t help it,” he sat down and sniffed it, “I can’t control it.”

       The two sat side by side, very close to each other, and slowly drank the soup that Suo Yang carefully cooked.

       Shen Huiming said, “To be honest, getting this treatment makes me feel like I’m going to wake up in a dream with a smile.”

       “You’re exaggerating.” Suo Yang said, “It’s just when I have time. Usually I’m flying out, I don’t even have the chance to make it for you.”

       Shen Huiming finished the soup in the bowl in one gulp, pulled Suo Yang over and kissed him.

       Both of them had the smell of fish soup in their mouths, and their tongues hooked together were sticky with fragrance.

       After the kiss was over, Suo Yang asked him with a smile, “What’s wrong?”

       “I’m touched.” Shen Huiming sighed, turned around and poured himself another bowl of soup.

       In fact, he didn’t want to be too mushy in front of Suo Yang. Sometimes, certain words could come across as overly sentimental.

       However, Shen Huiming really couldn’t help it.

       Ever since he met Suo Yang, he had never expected that Suo Yang would do anything for him. In his opinion, he was the one who chased after Suo Yang first, and he was the one who stalked him. Although he knew that Suo Yang was sincere with him, he felt that people like Suo Yang, who were used to living alone, didn’t think so much about many things.

       In fact, however, it was him who was narrow-minded.

       Suo Yang was better than he imagined.

       Suo Yang was too shy to say ‘I love you’, but everything he did clearly told Shen Huiming that he loved him.

       “If you feel touched, then drink two more bowls.” Suo Yang said, “I don’t cook often.”

       After he said it, he even felt a bit embarrassed.

       Two more bowls were a must. It was already nighttime, Shen Huiming even fished out fish and shared half of it with Suo Yang.

       The two satiated and rubbed each other’s bellies on the bed, Suo Yang couldn’t laugh or cry and said, “Why are we doing this?”

       “Because we are happy, I guess.” said Shen Huiming, as he rubbed his bulging stomach lightly, “Suddenly I feel that our days are really warm.”

       Suo Yang turned to look at him. The distance between the two was very close, and he could even see the inconspicuous mole on Shen Huiming’s face.

       Suo Yang raised his hand and lightly poked the mole with his finger.

       “Do you know what a mole growing here represents?”

       Suo Yang’s voice sounded better in the quiet night. Shen Huiming looked at him, held his hand, and kissed his fingers, “What does it represent?”

       “Loneliness.” Suo Yang said, “A mole in this position on a man’s face means that he will be lonely all his life.”

       Shen Huiming laughed at him, “You still believe this?”

       Suo Yang shook his head: “I actually don’t believe in anything but myself.”

       “You are right,” Shen Huiming said, “my mole is the best proof. It says I will be lonely, but I met you.”

       Shen Huiming turned over, pressed himself against Suo Yang’s body, and gently kissed the cold tip of his nose.

       “With you, how can I still be lonely?”

       It was already midnight, and the two kissed each other.

       Outside, at some point, a light rain began to fall, pattering, falling on the windowsill and hitting the window, drenching the night even more.


       The next morning, Suo Yang got up first.

       He wouldn’t normally wake up this early during his days off, but he thought about how Shen Huiming had worked overtime yesterday and stayed up late after returning. The night before, before they went to bed, he had specifically asked Shen Huiming if they had to go to the company today.

       In Shen Huiming’s words—when it’s your own business, you naturally have to put in more effort.

       Throughout the company, the most tiring one was probably the boss.

       In order for Shen Huiming to sleep a little longer, Suo Yang got up lightly, washed up, and went into the kitchen.

       He cooked porridge, made some light side dishes, and then waited for Shen Huiming to get up and eat it afterwards.

       At 7:30, Suo Yang went back to the bedroom, lifted the quilt and lay down, and hugged Shen Huiming.

       It just so happened that the alarm clock on Shen Huiming’s mobile phone rang at this time, and the sleepy Shen Huiming subconsciously kissed Suo Yang’s forehead before reaching out to turn off the alarm clock.

       “Good morning.” Suo Yang looked at him.

       Shen Huiming obviously hadn’t slept enough. He lay there and stretched hard before hugging Suo Yang again and nestled in his arms.

       Suo Yang smiled lightly and said, “Breakfast is ready, do you want to get up and eat or sleep for a while?”

       “You did it?”

       “Well, I just cooked a simple porridge.” Suo Yang said, “I want to let you sleep more.”

       Shen Huiming hugged the person and kissed him passionately, then got up with difficulty.

       He got ready, had a meal, and then let Suo Yang pick out clothes for himself to wear.

       He didn’t go back to his own home last night, and the clothes on his body were the ones he wore when he came back from New York, so he had to change them.

       Suo Yang found Shen Huiming’s shirt and trousers and even brought him a pair of clean underwear.

       Shen Huiming smiled, “Now I’m really all yours from the inside out.”

       “Not wearing my clothes makes me not mine?” Suo Yang leaned against the wall next to him and watched him change his clothes, and said with a smile, “Does it still fit?”

       He asked about the underwear.

       “It’s okay.” Shen Huiming put on his pants, and when he got up, Suo Yang came over to help him put on his shirt.

       Shen Huiming raised his hand, let the other party put on his clothes, and let the other party button him one by one.

       He looked down at Suo Yang who was busy fastening his buttons and couldn’t resist, and wrapped his arms around Suo Yang’s waist.

       “No.” Suo Yang looked down at Shen Huiming’s crotch, “You are going to work.”

       Shen Huiming smiled wryly, “Yeah, I’m too pitiful.”

       Suo Yang buttoned the last button for him and stuffed the shirt into his trousers, “It’s still my day off today, I can wait for you to get off work.”

       What this phrase meant, the two of them tacitly understood.

       “Thank you.” Shen Huiming suppressed a smile, “You are still welcome.”

       Suo Yang raised his eyes to look at him and patted his waist lightly. “Get ready. It’s almost time.”

       From Suo Yang’s place to Shen Huiming’s company, he had to drive for a while. No matter how reluctant he was, he had to go out.

       Suo Yang sent him downstairs, stood in the clean and clear morning sunshine, smiled and waved to him.

       Shen Huiming fastened his seat belt, opened the car window and said to him, “If you’re not doing anything in the afternoon, you can come to my company, and we’ll have dinner together after my meeting.”

       “Okay.” Suo Yang looked at him with a smile in his eyes, “Go on, you will be late because of the traffic jam.”

       “I am the boss.”

       “The boss can’t be late either.”

       The two looked at each other and smiled. Shen Huiming took advantage of the lack of people around and gestured towards Suo Yang with a beckoning motion.

       Suo Yang thought he had something to do, so he bent down and moved closer, but Shen Huiming suddenly put his hand around his neck, leaned over and kissed him.

       “See you in the afternoon.” After taking advantage, Shen Huiming was in a good mood, raised his eyebrows at the blushing Suo Yang, and drove to work.

       Suo Yang stood where he was, watching Shen Huiming’s car disappear into the traffic flow. The sunshine above his head made him feel comfortable and at ease.

       Falling in love is a wonderful thing.


       Suo Yang went to Shen Huiming’s company at five o’clock in the afternoon. He received a message from the other party after three o’clock, saying that the meeting ended early and nothing was scheduled after that.

       That was what Shen Huiming said, but Suo Yang still didn’t go there too early. He was very afraid that he would affect the other party’s work routine.

       When he arrived, Shen Huiming’s company hadn’t finished work yet. As soon as he stepped out of the elevator, he noticed the receptionist at the front desk. The receptionist looked at him and stood up, asking, “Hello, sir. May I ask who you’re looking for?”

       “I’m looking for Shen Huiming.” Suo Yang answered politely.

       As a flight attendant, he had always been able to deal with any situation well, but when facing the employees of Shen Huiming’s company, he actually felt nervous and uncomfortable.

       The serious boss in front of the employees actually held him in bed in the morning. This contrast made Suo Yang feel like he was having an affair with Shen Huiming.

       “May I ask your name?”

       “Surname Suo.”

       “Okay, wait a moment!” The girl at the front desk ran to knock on Shen Huiming’s door, “Mr. Shen, Mr. Suo is looking for you.”

       Shen Huiming just hung up the phone, and when he heard the surname Suo, he knew who it was without guessing.

       When he walked out of the office and walked towards Suo Yang, he couldn’t hide the smile in his eyes.

       “When he comes in the future, just let him come into my office directly.” Shen Huiming told the front desk when he brought Suo Yang back to the room.

       “Okay Mr. Shen.” The girl at the front desk looked at the two of them curiously and then posted in the sisters’ chat group: There is a handsome guy in our company!

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